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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  January 14, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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russia, i think it's a disgrace that you even asked that question. because it's a whole big fat hoax. it's just a hoax. >> this is what we're talk iing about. as 800,000 federal workers struggle the make ends meet k the longest government shutdown now in day 24 with no end in sight. >> i don't know if we're close to a deal. this should be the easiest deal that i've ever seen. border security. who could be against it? and the democrats don't want to do anything about it. they say oh, the it's immor article. but wasn't three three, five, six years ago and ten years ago when they all raised their hands to approve a wall. >> we'll get into this government shutdown in our coverage of that in a moment, but first to the news that the fbi opened an investigation into whether trump was working for russia. cnn has obtained transcripts from closed door congressional interviews that james baker told
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lawmakers there were two opposing views. on the one hand, that trump when he fired james comey, was quote somehow followi ining direction executing russia's will. the other view was that trump was quoting baker, completely innocent. and as we're learn iing about ts debate, "the washington post" is reporting president trump has been hiding information on five face-to-face meetings with russian president putin. on one occasion, reportedly, even taking the notes of his own interpreter and directing him not to discuss what happened with other officials. so let's start this hour with garrett graph, author of the threat matrix inside robert mueller's fbi and the war on global terror. so garrett, always great to have you on. good to see you. just starting with today's extraordinary headline, you know that the fbi questioned whether the president of the united
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states is a russian agent. >> yeah, it really is hard to overstate how extraordinary this is. the fbi has plenty of experience unfortunately investigating the president over the years for criminal matters. this is something that we have seen during the nixon administration, iran contra, during the clinton years. but idea of a counterintelligence investigation, which is a separate lane of an fbi investigation, meant to neutralize foreign influence inside the united states. that's extraordinary. i am unaware of any moment in fbi history where they have ever opened a counterintelligence investigation targeting the president of the united states before. this is a truly historic moment. >> and these historic
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developments, prompting basically an i told you so from hillary clinton who claimed during the campaign that trump was a puppet for russia and certain ly not the only one. remember this? >> from everything i see has no respect. for this person. >> well, that's because he'd rather have a puppet as president. >> no puppet. >> it's pretty clear. >> you're the puppet. >> what donald trump is saying ta s that he would unilaterally surrender to russia and putin, give putin a massive foreign policy victory. >> this guy's already doing enormous damage to us around the world. this is a race between a man who praises putin, purrsues putin. >> and he thinks putin's a good guy. i just can't go there. >> donald trump has all these weird connections with russian. >> says he add mis putin. at the same type, calleded
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george w. bush a liar. that is a twisted example of evil trumped good. >> i do think that a trump victory is gift to putin. >> and now you have putin basically pulling out the old kgb playbook on how to manipulate trump and it appears trump has fallen right into it. >> mr. trump's continued n ed flattery of mr. putin and the degree to he appears to model many of his policies. and approaches to politics on mr. putin. is unprecedent eed in american politics. >> so again, you know, people on both sides saying that. i just had max boot on last hour. one through 18 of all the reasons he is a russian agent. reason number one is trump's long financial history with
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russia. do you think that's the center of this? >> yeah, and it's something that we don't know nearly as much as we should know. remember this is a president who has been historically oddly secret about his finances as president. refusing to release his tax returns. we still don't have a good understanding of what business deals he may have with russians. what debt he might owe to russians. and that this is something where we have the president's own family, his son saying that most of their money, much of their money, has come from russia in recent years. but we have no actual proof of what that actually means or who is involved. and in many ways, we think, we've sort of gotten very caught up over the last two years as we've been debating this with the idea that the comp mott that russia may have over the president and his family. the compromising material, some
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sort of salacious video, but it's more likely to be more mundane. these intertwined business relationships. russia has been continually press iing the trump administration through these back channels to ease sanctions. that's the core of the conversations with michael flynn. the core of the conversations at the trump tower in june of 2016 and russia is really trying to maneuver their way to regain their access to the world financial markets. >> you and i talked so many times about trump and russia and this veinvestigation. you've been following the investigation is closely. do you think mueller has moved to interview the interpreter? >> i'm not sure that he would necessarily even need to. remember mueller has access to classified intelligence information. that doesn't u necessary hi h e necessary will have to come out
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in a criminal proceeding. i'm shaur that mueller has access to sources and methods that we literally cannot imagine? >> but the interpreter told by the commander in chief to toss the notes and not talk to his own administration. >> well, for instance, if you were a intelligence agency that was seeking to eves drop on that conversation, as i'm sure many were seeking at the g-20 to ooecheves drop on the conversations of other heads of state. >> interesting. thank you very much. we'll continue this conversation. extraordinary, garrett said historic, unprecedented. if president trump's interpreter is forced to testify about what happened in the president's private meetings with with putin last hour jerry connolly told me they are still deciding whether to subpoena the interpreter who was in the room when the president met with putin.
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watch this. >> this is a very grave matter. getting to the truth frankly is more important than precedent or executive privilege. the only person besides putin who witnessed and was privy to the conversation is the translator. she has to be heard from under oath before our committee. >> my next guest knows the ins and outs of being an inthe interpreter fehr trt most powerful people of the world. he served for reagan, h.p. bush bill clinton. welcome, sir. >> thank you. >> i just want to ask you first just how historic, how unprecedented is it that the current president of the united states went to such great lengths to take the notes from his private meeting with putin in hamburg in 2017.
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>> you know, we assume that actually happened and of course, we don't know the sources that that information comes from. i'm always a little leery about believing everything i read in the press because specifically i was once interviewed by npr about why there was no interpreter in the hamburg banquet and i explained in detail then on the internet the next day what came out was the opposite o what i had said. so therefore, in order to -- >> i hear you. and not every, i love npr, but not every press outlet gets it right. but can we take "the washington post" reporting as truth? putting it on their sources? if this were fact, i just want to hear your comment. not only on again their reporting, that this president told the interpreter to you
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know, do away with the notes, but not to tell anyone about the meeting, anyone within his own administration. >> okay, i guess against, i have to assume that that took place. that's always a difficult thing to do to base one's opinion on a assumptio assumptions. as far as could he have done that, maybe and why? well, the leaks coming out of this white house are so unprecedented. i mean it's just mind boggling. the president can't sneeze without it coming into the press. and therefore, maybe the reaction of you know trump is to try to prevent this, as much possible. buy the way, during the nixon administration, they not only didn't take the interpreter's notes, there was no american interpreter in the room at all. you know they totally -- somehow, nobody seemed to pay much attention to that.
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so in other words, that was i assume to keep things secret as much b possible. by kissinger, by knicks b ben and maybe this is the motivation if it happened on the part of trump. >> all right. listen, i understand that so much of this is about trust. right. this is about trust between world leaders. about trust between a translator and the president of the united states. i don't have to ask you to put yourself in your shoes because you've done this for years with several presidents. if you were to be in a high level meeting between world leaders and you heard something that was compromising to national security, and you took the notes and you left. would you then and if this president told you not to say a word, would you then be beholden to the president or to the united states of america? >> you know when you say compromising to national security, that whole concept to
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me is totally impossible. >> we are in the realm, we're there. so if you will allow me to present you with this hypothetical, what would you do? >> okay. you know, hypothetical, that's too crazy to even think that the president would you know endanger national security. for me, that's like well, what would happen if the moon exploded. it's not b possible. there's no point in my you know, speculating on that'ven. >> but you were dealing with president's like reagan and bush. we're dealing with president trump. and there's so much we don't know. >> well, that's right. of course we don't know. but your hypothetical is just too much for me to speculate. i talked about this possibility of the interpreter being subpoenaed a few months ago after thelsinki meeting.
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if any foreign leader thinks that the interpreter can be subpoenaed to testify, he will not want to have that meeting and mor over, if the interpreter can be summoned to testify, why would the president even want to have our interpreter at the meeting faring that he's going to be summoned? and that would be a crazy situation. >> excellent question. so many questions. who knows if this interpretersu. i know it's laughable because the realm of impossible, but who knows if we're there or not. thank you very much. coming up mex, real world impact. the affect this government shutdown is now having at the world's busiest airports . travelers in atlanta met with extremely long lines as screeners are now calling out. the former head of the tsa will join me live next and growing
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o outrage over the widely reported racest comments made by steve king. president trump was asked about it today and says he knows nothing about it. why is that is a problem and what the trial of cartel leader el chapo is revealing about how drugs are actually smuggled into the united states. would a southern border wall make much of a difference? you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. hi i'm joan lunden. today's senior living communities have never been better, with amazing amenities like movie theaters, exercise rooms and swimming pools, public cafes, bars and bistros even pet care services. and there's never been an easier way to get great advice. a place for mom is a free service that pairs you with a local advisor to help you sort through your options and find a perfect place.
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the partisan blame game is in full swing in washington as the longest u.s. shutdown in history drags on. caught in the middle. 800,000 federal workers. if you think you won't p affected because you're not among them, think again. this was the scene this morning in atlanta. security lines at the world's busiest airport stretched to baggage claim. one of those passengers told cnn he had been waiting if an hour and had another half hour to go. they say tsa is struggling with staff shortages because of the shutdown. it's similar in miami and houston which have temporarily closed some check points. my next guest was responsible for the safety of millions as an administrator. he joins me live. currently the president of
12:20 pm
anderson university. a pleasure. welcome, sir. >> thank you. good to be with you. >> you blink and think back to 2013 and the government shutdown. you and the tsa chief then. how would you compare what you had to deal with then versus now? >> that was for 16 days. this is longer. there's a greater sense of uncertainty as to how long this will go on given the information from the white house and congress. obviously an increase, a spike today in the number of tsa employees who called in sick, call outs, unskrcheduled absenc that you may have seen or reported on. double what it was a year ago when there was no shutdown. 7.6 called in six versus 3.2
12:21 pm
last wreyear. it's just the uncertainty. i traveled through four airports this weekend and very low call out rate and talked to a number of employees. obviously frustrated they didn't get paid on friday. that may help explain some of the reason why there's higher call out today, but people focus on security, trying to do the right thing in challenging circumstances. >> how about this. the security breach in atlanta, passenger was able to board a flight and travel to japan with a firearm in his carry on. now i know the tsa is pushing back and claim this wasn't shutdown, saying a normal amount of staffers were working this day and that the callout rate for that day was higher a year ago, but they do acknowledge the standard procedures weren't followed. between staffing and sick outs
12:22 pm
and a guy carrying a gun on a plane. that's not fwoipg to make anyone feel better b about flying. >> that's for sure. i'll be flying to d.c. tomorrow, so i'm part of that crowd. little bit of context. the flight from atlanta to tokyo was on january 2nd. almost two weeks ago. and part of it is that last year, nearly 4,000 guns were seized at check points. fact is, during my years as administrator, every year, sh there are some that are not found. they should be. 100% of the guns should be found. in every instance, it's been documented it's not a terrorist. it's somebody who literally forgot or say i didn't pack my bag, my spouse or girlfriend did. 80% of them are men between 30
12:23 pm
and 50 years old and so the good news is they're not terrorists. but concern is somebody missed it and tsa says that they've held that person or persons accountable. but yeah, clearly unacceptable. >> here's another concern. what one of the president's top advisers said about the shutdown and the impact it's having on all of the workers. here it was. >> the share of government workers were going to take vacation days and then we have a shutdown. so they can't go to work so then they have the vacation. but they don't have to use their vacation days then come back and get their back pay, in some sense, they're better off. >> what's your response? >> well, i would just like to put a person in a position making maybe $30,000 a year who
12:24 pm
lives almost paycheck to paycheck then is is required to work as essential personnel and is not getting paid and so they're looking for oh work to try to make ends meet. the child care or to buy groceries. i think a disconnect there, the people working hard to protect the safety and security of the b public, what they're doing, what their work is all b about and how important that is. because obviously if row don't get it right, forget a handgun, but with an improvised explosive device, christmas day, 2009, then that will get everybody's attention and hopefully nothing like that happens and this shutdown can be resolved quickly and people get back to work with pay. >> yeah.
12:25 pm
a disconnect with with one way to put it. thank you very much. day 24. appreciate you. >> thank you. coming up, a democratic congresswoman off to a rough start after announcing her bid for president for 2020. how she's responding to questions about her past working against lgbtq right, plus steve king meeting with his own party today in the wake of his racist comments defending white nationalism. higher! parents aren't perfect, but then they make us kraft mac & cheese and everything's good again. these days we're (horn honking) i hear you, sister. that's why i'm partnering with cigna to remind you to go in for your annual check-up. and be open with your doctor about anything you feel. physically, and emotionally. body and mind.
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controversy surrounding one congresswoman. cnn found while running there she lined herself with her father who was an antigay activist. he promoted converse therapy, which is banned in many states and he worked to pass legislation to posing same sex marriage in hawaii. she responded to. ladies, good to see you. kirsten, starting with the congresswoman.
12:31 pm
given her past, past, will they matter for democratic voters. conversion therapy is insane and abusive. it nevada should ha many people were tortured with this horrible streemt. treatment. it's true many didn't support same sex legalized marriage. she was very young and she says sort of following the lead of her father so we're talking like in her early 20s or you know, younger. and so i think that people can
12:32 pm
bear that in mind and if her record was more pro lgbtq it's not going to matter as much. i wouldn't say it doesn't matter at all because i think this is an extreme position taken. >> what do you think? >> you know, i know her. i was surprised by this because it is inconsistent with what i've seen in her. i disagree on the syria issue, but i have been with her and mutual gay friends, so this to me was surprising. here's on this evolution on gay rights and gay issues. when people apologize genuinely, you have got to let people evolve. what's the point of evolving? what's the point of changing your thinking? the point of apoll swrizing if
12:33 pm
those are not accepted? she has done more than apologize. she has a 100% voting record from the human rights campaign. she is a member of the equality k caucus in congress. she has walked back the talk. done it with actions in the, in her years in kopg. i agree with kirsten. the gay conversion therapy is abominable. should be con dedemned. abolished, should be erased from our history and vocabulary, but also, people evolve. i think she has shown she's evolved. >> okay. on the other side. >> now that guy hasn't evolved. >> congressman steve king. he's challenchatting with mccar. i don't know what number he is on, racist comment, the latest one with "the new york times" defending white nationalism.
12:34 pm
what could he say or do that would satisfy you and a lot of other republicans who realize this wasn't the first time he said something like this. >> first of all, every republican being asked about this including people like ted cruz who have been hunting with the guy, who sucked up to the guy when he was running in iowa. should say they regret not having done it earlier. they have enabled steve king, looked the other way. this is a guy who has not evolved. what he said is consistent with oh statements he has made throughout his career. it's only thing he knows how to do. it's a racist thing. it is his reason for being. what could he do? take away his committee assignments. do you know steve king is in the judiciary committee and he is the chairman of the subcommittee on the constitution and civil justice?
12:35 pm
you want somebody who's questioneding what's wrong with white supremacy to chair the committee, the subcommittee on civil justice? i think not. so you know, that's the one thing that could be done very quickly. and could be a very concrete action. as far as steve king, really, it's up to the people of iowa. i don't understand how they keep re-electing somebody that's so grossly ineffective. i think he needs to be cut off from the party. people need to stop giving him donations. the nrcc should figure out a primary opponent. he won very narrow ly this year. there's a loft things they can do and they should. >> the one republican yet to do so, this guy. roll it. >> who? >> i haven't been following it. i really haven't been following it. >> so kirsten, this president
12:36 pm
who apparently knowing everything about jeff bezos' divorce, what do ta call him on twitter, jeff bozo, but doesn't know what's going on with a member of his own party as anna mentioned with those prominent rol roles in congress? doesn't know? >> i'm sure he knows. >> when f he's given an tun to condemn racism, he chooses not to or does the both sides. find people on both sides or during the campaign. when the alt right was saying all sorts things and being a huge supporter his. just declineded to condemn them. one of the questions we should all be asking is what's the difference between him and donald trump. there's not na much difference. i think he has been like this for a long time. you could ask a republican party why they're now deciding he's a
12:37 pm
problem. are they just under pressure? he's been talk iing about undocumented immigrants like they're animals. putti inting a fence on the boa saying this is how we control livestock, so comparing them to livestock. so this is a much bigger problem for the republican party than just a few comments. >> waiting for word after this meeting. really quickly. >> senator ted cruz -- >> tim scott. >> the only african-american republican in the u.s. senate penned a very powerful op-ed basically saying what kirsten just said. the reason people talk about the republican party and ask whether they are a racist party is because when faced with discrimination and racist statement frs ts is for too lon. >> ladies, thank you very much. and as new headlines emerge over the weekend about the
12:38 pm
president's relationship with putin, he was on quite a tweet storm from within the white house walls going after elizabeth warren, jeff bezos, e even called into fox news an made sefl dubious claims. we'll talk b about this interview, next. ultimate feast time it'sat red lobster.r own pick four of ten favorites to create the ultimate feast you've been dreaming of. like lobster mac & cheese. or tender snow crab. so hurry in before new create your own ultimate feast ends.
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i'm thrilled to be b here in a state i've had a lot of luck
12:43 pm
with and i love a lot of people in this state. i know a lot of pea. >> that was moments ago professing his love for louisiana. but this morning, he was touting his love for nashville in a now deleted tweet. it seems as though that is where he thought the event would be taking place. woops. that is just the latest in the barrage of tweeting coming out of the white house in the past 48 hours as new revelations are piling on in this russia ve investigati investigation. we go to chris cillizza in d.c. here to walk us through what is on your list of trump things today. >> that nashville new orleans thing made me think of the scene in spinal tap where they say hello cleveland even though they're not there. a lot going on. okay. donald trump sunday night. okay. starting a -- will devastate
12:44 pm
turkey economically. turkey is a nato ally, but wait, broo brooke, that's just the start. to the next one. it was a busy evening. sorry to hear the news about jeff bozo taken down by a competitor who's far more accurate. he's talki ining ining b about national enquirer. we know jeff bezos, richest man in the world is get iting divorced. $140 billion. he's not done. if elizabeth warren referred to me pocahontas, what commercial? warren after she announced in an instagram live in which she has a beer, she's trying to be a normal person, so that's three tweets. now you think who would be involved in that kind of tweet storm number one the president of the united states, but maybe it's because he was stuck. we all go a little stir crazy.
12:45 pm
it was snow iing in washington. now he claims he's been there for a lopg time. this is what we told fox news saturday night. >> well i haven't actually left the white house in months and in all fairness, i'm doing a lot of other work. that's a very important element of what i'm doing because we have to get the southern border done and i've been here virtually every night, i guess ef night over than one day. i flew to iraq and then to germany to see our troops. >> nope. that is in fact not true. i love how he says in all fairness. in all fairness, i've been working hard. that's what i tell our boss, brooke. he has been away from the white house a number of times. two days before he gave this interview. he was in texas at the border. which he said it was pointless. at the army navy game in philadelphia and this is a speech that december 7th to law enforcement conference in kansas
12:46 pm
city. so he's definitely been out of the white house. pu wait, there's more. same interview. i want to play one other thing. he said this about michael cohen. >> he should give information maybe on his father-in-law. because that's the one that people want to look at because where does that money? the money in the family. i guess he didn't want to talk about his father-in-law. trying to get his sentence reduceded. it's pretty sad. weak. very sad to watch a thing like that. >> what is his father-in-law's name? >> i don't know but you'll find out and look into it because nobody knows what's going on other there. >> yeah, that definite happened in real life. again, michael cohen's father-in-law a private citizen being called out by something by the president of the united states on a cable network. so irresponsible. but swrjust one of the many thi
12:47 pm
in the last 48 to 72 hours have held for donald trump. i shutter to think of what the next 24 hours holds. >> i think you're really great, chris. >> many people are saying that. some of the best people. >> thank you very much. for running through all the things in case you blink edblin. just in, absolutely horrific new details as the suspect of kidnapping jayme closs reveals why he chose to target her. this is according to prosecutors as the suspect is about to face a judge. so stand by for that.
12:48 pm
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now stepping into national security. lucky is the 230u7founder of th company. he says his latest device will turn soldiers into super heros. we have our senior tech correspondent. she introduces us in the latest of the human code. what's the new technology? >> yes. he wears this hawaiian tropics shirt all of the time. she he got pushed out of facebook. it is a virtual reality company. his next big act is creating defense technology. think of this as almost an artificial intelligence meets virtual reality.
12:53 pm
>> it can take it and use it in large areas. you news machine to filter it and process it and push it out to people in command centers and out in the field in realtime they can set up rules and say tell me if someone is crossing this per imter. it can say hey, there is this thing we think is worth a person looking at. they can pop it into their mobile device and they are able to respond appropriately. >> does it help you see a paem crossing the border? >> this is a tool for knowing everything that is going on. i think more information is always better. think when the united states military has more information i think they make better
12:54 pm
decisions. >> you guys are working with the government right now. this is the trump administration that has been known for the administration ban and policies including family separation. >> we have strong rule of law. we have a free press. is it? >> i think it is a very serious risk. that's why i started this company. it is very acutely. >> and now he wants to build this technology to make sure america stays at the forefront with china and russia building all types of technology. you have to think about this. it is notably liberal.
12:55 pm
a lot of folks don't want to work with this and build tech tools. >> thank you. why would the president of the united states reportedly take his interpreters notes and tell the person not to talk about it? what he and putin discussed. democrats close to deciding whether to subpoena that translator. we have details ahead. it's a long-distance journey, and you have the determination to keep going. humira has a proven track record of being prescribed for over 10 years. humira works inside the body to target and help block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to symptoms. most adults taking humira were clear or almost clear and many saw 75% and even 90% clearance in just 4 months. and the kind of clearance that can last. humira can lower your ability to fight infections,
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we just learned horrific details including how she and her mother hid in the bathtub while he murdered her father. the lead with jake tapper starts right now. the lead starts right now. president trump forced to deny he's not a puppet including what the fbi feared and what trump may not be telling us. does furlough mean vacation in russian? every day of the shutdown now sets a new national record the white house makes a stunningly out of touch statement about the thousands who are not being paid. plus he hid her under the bed for hours at a time, a sick plan as the man accused of kidnapping a teenager and murdering her parents