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tv   S.E. Cupp Unfiltered  CNN  January 19, 2019 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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. welcome to unfiltered. here's tonight's headline, deal or no deal? just over an hour ago, president trump made his first public offer to democrats since the partial government shutdown began 29 days ago. the president proposed temporary extension of protections for daca and temporary protected status recipients in exchange for his border wall. take a listen. >> in order to build the trust and goodwill necessary to begin real immigration reform, there are two more elements to my plan. number one is three years of legislative relief for 700,000
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daca recipients brought here unlawfully by their parents at a young age many years ago. secondly, our proposal provides a three year extension of temporary protected status or tps. >> for more on the president's announcement let's go to cnn white house reporter sarah westwood. what do we know, sarah? >> reporter: as what we saw from president trump today, it was the broadest deal we've seen so far in this shutdown but right now there's little indication that any democrats are biting. in fact, many of them started rejecting the idea of this kind of proposal earlier today before the president even made his speech here at the white house and house speaker nancy pelosi also throwing cold water on the prospects for this kind of deal in the house, saying in part in a statement, initial reports make clear that his proposal is a compilation of several previously rejected initiatives, each of which is unacceptable
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and in total do not represent a good faith effort to restore certainty to peoples' lives. it is unlikely that any one of these provisions alone would pass the house and taken together, they are a nonstarter. the president's proposal, of course, doesn't do anything to solve the fundamental issue at work here which is the democrats have said they won't negotiate on a deal until the government is reopened. president trump said he won't reopen the government until a deal is negotiated. it's important to note that even though they can't agree on a starting point, president trump also previously said that he would not support this kind of proposal, a daca for wall funding trade. the president decided to support this kind of proposal after hearing from rank and file members on both sides of the aisle. >> sarah, thanks. so what does the president's offer to democrats really change? is the shutdown over? is the wall coming? i'm going to get right to the deal tonight.
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to quote frank cos stanza, this deal isn't my kind of deal. it's hardly a deal at all. here's why. for one, it still includes $5.7 billion in funding for a wall, a wall pelosi has said again today she will not consider. for another it doesn't reopen the government. democrats have also been clear they won't negotiate an immigration deal while the government is shutdown. then there's the daca element. democrats and even trump himself have previously moved away from a temporary extension of protection for daca recipients because that very issue has moved into the court system, but the real reason this deal is no deal, it comes at the end of a very bad week for the president. as the very real shutdown affects come into sharp focus and the white house struggles to spin this in their favor, this deal seems more like a distraction and less like a real solution. just look at the president's
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very bad week. there were those shutdown polls, all of them, which showed american placed the blame for the government shutdown squarely on the shoulders of president trump. these are just four of the polls. it was also a week of terrible optics and terrible pain. the u.s. coast guard became the first branch of the military to go without pay as a result of a government shutdown more than 40,000 members of that service branch got no paycheck on friday. some were told to hold garage sales to make some extra cash. the coast guard also accepted a donation from usaa to assist service members in need. what a disgrace to our men and women in uniform there was also that cringe worthy tit for tat between the president and pelosi that began with pelosi's state of the union gimmick suggesting trump submitted in writing over so-called security concerns. instead of leaving that to ratio on twitter, though, the president matched it with a cancelation of pelosi's overseas
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congressional delegation trip. drawing the ire of many including republicans like trump wingman senator lindsey graham who tweeted, one sophomoric response does not deserve another. finally, of course, the president had rudy giuliani to contend with, his eyebrow raising interview with our chris cuomo on wednesday in which the lawyer lied and said he never said the trump campaign hadn't colluded with russians surely didn't do the president any favors. though, buzzfeed did. the president seems to be paying a hefty price for failing to get his wall when he more easily could've. failing to avert a government shutdown and now failing to get it back open quickly. will this nondeal turn the tide? let me ask a democratic lawmaker, connecticut congressman jim heinz, welcome. was this deal to democrats which includes the whole funding for the wall, was it a nonstarter? >> it is a nonstarter but let's
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step away because i think there's some good news to be gleaned from this and that is -- there is a negotiation going on and remember, i'm not usually in the habit of praising the president, we've come a long way from a 30 foot beautiful, solid wall from sea to shining sea that the mexicans would pay for. that's obviously an absurd starting point and we're not there. particularly the daca provisions, the wall is problematic. now we've gotten away from a wall to steel slats. if you go to san diego or el paso, you'll see we have steel slat barriers. my point is -- it's a nonstarter. chief amongst, you know, the daca recipients, to say to these young people, you've been living a hell of uncertainty for two years and now you get certainty for three more years, that's a nonstarter. this is something that's not a democratic thing or a trump thing or anti-trump thing, you can't negotiate when the president says or anybody says, i'm only going to negotiate as
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long as 800,000 people are up in the air about whether they'll be able to put food on the table, the coast guard not getting paid, nobody can use that as a tool and the president said i would be proud to shutdown the government, he has. that needs to turn around. >> so deal -- the nuts and bolts of the deal nonstarter but you heard in his speech maybe some openings for give and take. do you think that democrats risk seeming petulant if they don't at least appear to consider this deal? >> i've been in a lot of negotiations. until you reach a deal, the deal is not acceptable. i give the president credit for coming off the mexican paid for wall, you know, across the entire border. he has moved. the problem is and again, this is important to the country and i tell my republican colleagues, you know, there will be a democratic president some day and you don't want a democratic president saying i'm not going to pay our soldiers and sailors
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until you give me legalized marijuana or single-payer health care. you know what? i actually -- i think the president needs to come some way on daca and on the wall, but we're having a conversation. we're having a negotiation. that's a good thing. >> let's talk about daca. you mention the three year temporary is a nonstarter, daca was a very urgent issue for a lot of democrats a couple of years ago. do you feel like it's not as urgent now that you can take this pause, not accept a three year temporary fix, do you have some more room that you didn't think you had a few years ago? >> the good news is that the courts have basically put the dreamers into suspended animation. i say that's good news because they're not being sent to countries that they would not even remember. it's not good news in the sense that if you're a young person with a lawmaker degree or a dreamer, you wonder if that's true tomorrow or the next day. it's just a degree of
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uncertainty that nobody should have to live with. at the end of the day the deal for the dreamers is going to need to permanently normalize their status. that's not a democratic thing. you've met these young people. they're energetic and they want to contribute to the country. they don't know in many cases the countries they've came from. a permanent solution for them is essential. >> you're absolutely right about that. democrats are reportedly set to add more money to a number of spending bills that the house is going to consider next week, including $524 million to improve ports of entry in california and arizona and another 563 million to hire more immigration judges. pelosi has said there will be no negotiating on the border while the government is shutdown. is that though something of a negotiation, sweetening the pot? >> again, not to beat a dead horse, but you -- we have to accept -- i've been doing this
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for a while. i've seen three government shutdowns. we have to for once and for all say, you can't get petulant as a president, as a senator or congressman and say if you don't repeal the affordable care act i'm shutting down the government, if you don't give me my wall, i'm shutting down the government. there will be democrats who if the president succeeds some day, maybe soon, say, well, that looks like a pretty good weapon. i'm going to use it too and that's just not the way we should run a government. >> you seem optimistic about this getting resolved soon. >> my optimism stems from the fact that we are now talking about is it daca for three years or permanent? is it money for more lawyers, for more judges? is it technology? we're a long way from a 30 foot solid wall from the pacific to the caribbean. i think if the president -- i understand the president has to play to his base, but if the president can just say, we're
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going to reopen this government, we're going to start paying the people who are hungry tonight, you would find that the democrats would be very happy to enter into a negotiation and let the legislative process work its will. >> we'll see if that bears out if either party makes that theoryum true. much more analysis and reaction to trump's deal making attempt next and later, teens in maga hats mock a native american elder at the indigenous peoples' march. chest congestion, headache, nasal congestion, body pain... all in one. did you really need the caps lock? get tough on cold and flu symptoms. mucinex cold and flu all-in-one. and the golden retriever er are very different. they eat, digest, and process energy differently. at royal canin, we developed over 200 precise formulas to transform every cat and dog into a magnificent animal. royal canin
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this is a common sense compromise both parties should embrace. the radical left can never control our borders. i will never let it happen. >> president trump seems to have flinched first making an offer to democrats on daca but is it an offer they can't refuse. to sort through the politics let me bring in cnn political commentary republican strategist doug high and democratic strategist basil smikle. you heard jim hines right here
3:16 pm
seconds ago. you want your reaction to his take which was that he actually heard a lot of movement in trump's speech, sort of the walking back from the sea to shine seawall. >> sure. >> did you hear those high notes as well? >> i've heard them but i heard them before because he used to talk about a wall and he moved to border security and now he's offering us this deal. the truth is -- >> but is that progress? >> i don't think so only because you can't trust it. that's the problem and for democrats, this is a tough situation, too, because daca's very important -- it's very important to the country but certainly important to us. >> yes. >> we were at the precipice of this before we fell off that cliff. we're not -- it didn't get done, but and the truth is, accepting a wall is really a proxy for acceptance of the racism and xenophobia that's come out of this white house. so cutting a deal that includes
3:17 pm
the wall is tantamount to accepting that sort of position that the white house has been taking. it's very difficult for us to do that as much as we want daca to be something that we -- >> to be solved. doug, do you think trump is operating here from a defensive position or an offensive position? was this move, because he's feeling the pressure of the shutdown or do you think he's trying to sort of trap democrats, box them in to coming back to the table? >> it's a bit of both. he's on defense. here's something i've never said to you probably, donald trump is reasonable and correct here. it's the reality and unfortunately you reference the godfather earlier, the democrats are coming back at this and saying, here's my offer, senator, nothing, and i want you to pay for the casino. the reality is donald trump is changed his position. he is -- if they want to view this as an opening negotiating
3:18 pm
ploy, maybe we'll get to an end of this, but trump's trying to reset the ground and show he's being reasonable. its unfamiliar territory for donald trump. >> do you think the democrats will see it that way? will see this as an opening? >> clearly leadership is not. learn from republicans in 2013 when we were -- one half of one-third of government. democrats don't have the leverage here other than donald trump opening his big mouth in the meeting and saying we can call it the trump shutdown. >> while republicans got the lion share of the blame for that shutdown, polling morphed to include all of congress and eventually democrats got a lot of blame too. this is sort of like a waiting game. >> i agree with that. >> and democrats cannot prolong this too long before they start to get ensnared in the wide net. >> i absolutely agree with that. you had all these members of congress that got there talking about all these progressive policies that we want to promote, can't do that when we're stuck talking about the wall and the shutdown. we need to get back to work also. i think you're right.
3:19 pm
we have a window in which we start to be drawn in to the full blame for everything that's happened, but, you know, i do think that the fact that the president kept owning this does give us some wiggle room here to keep pushing and pushing and pushing, but, you know, again, it continues to detract from the things that we want to talk about. >> it's true, of course, he insisted that he owned it but at some point it becomes a semantic argument and the american people get a little tired -- i've said this before, how did we get pregnant kind of argument? we're pregnant. we're there. what are we going to do about it? doug, who won the battle of the cancelations? the state of the union is off and the plane is canceled. who won that? >> nobody. the voters lost. i'll go back to 2013.
3:20 pm
house leadership we canceled all of our congressional delegation trips. i helped to plan an asia trip that was off and i couldn't go to a tony bennett concert on a more personal level. i can't imagine what pelosi and the depends were thinking and our trip would have been a bipartisan one as opposed to what the democrats were planning. i can't imagine why they thought they would be able to take this trip. it's important trip that they wanted to go on but during a shutdown, you don't do that things. >> except that melania ended up taking the exact same plane to mar-a-lago. it looks incredibly petty. not what you want to see your president doing. nobody wins. the people are still out of work. >> if either of these people were my child, i would say both go to your rooms and don't come down, you're not getting dinner. i got to ask you about ann coulter, sorry, gotta. she has already responded to trump's offer and she's not for
3:21 pm
it. she said basically what's the point of a wall if you're just going to, her words, amnesty, if you're going to legalize dreamers. is her opinion ultimately more important than anyone else's? >> that's part of why we've gotten here, i would say to my democratic fans, if ann coulter is opposed to this deal, you might want to take a second look at it? >> i don't know. i don't know. i don't think we should be taking ann coulter's advice in any -- >> but the president clearly does. >> yes, but that doesn't mean that we should, but i will say -- i will state this interesting point. over the last 80 years, this country's natural population growth has slowed considerably. the worst its been in 80 years. immigrants are going to be an important critical part of this country's prosperity going forward. why not do this and make it permanent so that these dreamers are not hanging by a thread and that at the whim of the courts?
3:22 pm
>> this is a three year deal that trump has offered. in three years we may not have president trump. >> that is very true. >> another opportunity for democrats. >> that's why i asked congressman hine, i remember when daca was a very urgent do it this minute conversation that we were having and i was with them. suddenly it seems a little less urgent, now we can wait on it. the courts have given a reprieve, that's true. but it does seem like this particular population has been sort of furloughed, marginalized as like a talking point. >> it's going to be something we'll have to deal with. we're in the 2020 cycle right now. this is something that democrats, if we're going to be the party of social and economic justice, we have to deal with this now. >> all right, thanks to you both as always. great stuff, doug, basil. pleasure. whether or not a deal is ironed out in the coming days, the shutdown has already done a month of damage. i'll speak to a governor of one state about the very real impact
3:23 pm
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in a clinical study, 4 out of 5 users felt better joint comfort. move free ultra. movement keeps us connected. could trump be facing a primary? one governor, one very popular governor is considering it. maryland governor has reportedly been completing with never trumpers and planning a march trip to the primary battleground state of iowa and in his inaugural address this week, he mentioned his father who was the first gop congressman to support the removal of president nixon. >> party loyalty, he said, and personal affection and precedence of the past must fall before the arbiter of men's actions, the law itself. no man, not even the president
3:26 pm
of the united states, is above the law. >> wow. well, trump's aides took notice reportedly calling the speech an act of aggression. hogan easily won a second term despite maryland's blue make-up and i want him to know he is officially invited to come on the show and let us in on any 2020 plans he's hatching. we'll be right back.
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in the red file tonight despite the latest files efforts to bring the standoff to an end, the consequences of the shutdown continue to take their toll, not just on thousands of federal workers but on you as well. how? let's start with the food you eat. inspections by the food and drug
3:29 pm
administration have been sharply reduced during the shutdown, increasing the chances of food borne illnesses. the fda is also running short on money for new drugs making their way through the approval process and if the shutdown continues to drag out, patients could see a delay in new life saving treatments. then there's the impact the shutdowns having on small businesses and entrepreneurs. the life blood of the u.s. economy. small business administration which loans money to start-ups and guarantees loans for small businesses has been forced to close its doors leaving in limbo billions of dollars earmarked for main street. the shutdown's impact on the economy is also far more serious than initially projected. it showed that lost economic growth due to the shutdown is double initial estimates and perhaps ironically the shutdown has disproportionately hit the very people who helped put president trump in office. of the ten states with the most
3:30 pm
affected federal employees per 10,000, six of them went for trump in 2016. joining me now is the governor of one of those states, republican governor of south dakota kristi noem. governor, welcome. before we get to the shutdown, i just want to mention you have done something historic. in election cycle full of first, you became the first woman governor in south dakota and you don't get nearly the attention that alexandria ocasio-cortez and other women on the left get. tell me is that by default or by design do you think. >> well, i didn't campaign on my gender. i campaigned on my experience, my background and my vision for the state of south dakota. it certainly has been very special to be the first woman elected as governor in south dakota and i'm beginning to realize what it means to the women in our state but the young children that this was the first time they had the opportunity to really see it in their hometown and in their state, but really,
3:31 pm
it is my vision for the state that resonated with folks and that's what we talked about out on the campaign trail and i'm looking forward to putting into place. >> congratulations. >> thank you. i'm really excited for you and for what this means for south dakota and women. all right. let's get to the impact of the shutdown on your state. as you know the department of the interior and ag, those are both major employers in south dakota and provide vital services to other sectors and businesses in your state. what are you hearing from people being impacted by this shutdown? >> uh-hum. there are folks that are impacted and we've certainly heard those stories and have seen it, but i don't want people to forget that we were being impacted by a poorest southern border as well. one of the biggest challenges we have in south dakota is a meth epidemic and the vast majority of that meth came across that southern border illegally from mexico. we're fighting the breakdown of families, addiction, rising crime.
3:32 pm
in fact, it took up a big portion of my state of the state address just last week. so that porous southern border is a huge issue as well and so the deal that the president put on the table today, it's a reasonable proposal. it has items in there for republicans and democrats and i'd encourage the democrats and pelosi to come to the table. >> i'm -- i want to get to your advice to your former colleagues in congress in a second, but first i want to go back to what you just said. it's a good point and an interesting one. is there a calculation made by say, farmers, who have been hit particularly hard by the shutdown in your state many of whom voted for the president, do you think they make the calculation that we support the fight for this border wall even if it comes at the expense of their own livelihoods? >> well, the vast majority of the people in south dakota want a secure border. they believe in upholding the laws of this country and that was very important to them
3:33 pm
during the last election cycle and since then and -- >> even if it means missing pay cuts -- missing paychecks? >> the biggest challenge that we have faced in south dakota is the federal workers that haven't gotten their paychecks and also some of our farmers have not been able to get their checks endorsed or cashed. i was very appreciative of the secretary of agriculture opening up offices so that that could happen this week. that was incredibly helpful so they could go in there and do paper work and get some things done. i don't want to diminish the fact that we are feeling the impacts, but we also feel the impacts of illegal immigration and that is very real every day in south dakota as well. >> so as i mentioned, you spent a couple of years in washington, d.c. and now you're on the outside looking in. what would you say to your former colleagues in congress quickly about resolving the shutdown? >> well, i was there for eight years, four terms in the house and during that time the republicans were in the majority
3:34 pm
so we had a lot of opportunities to get things done for the people of this country. i was part of the negotiation team in the finalizing team to get tax cuts done that have greatly helped the people in the state of south dakota. i would encourage them to still to continue to solve problems. i was one person in my delegation in the house. i wasn't like florida or california when i was there. they have dozens of members that could work for their states. i was the only one from south dakota. >> right. >> yet i got dozens of bills done for my state and i did it by reaching across the aisle, by talking to people that i could build coalitions with and focusing on what we could do together to get solutions accomplished, so we did farm bills, two farm bills while i was there. i got bills passed that took federal land gave it back to local communities, human trafficking legislation, a women's peace and security bill. those things can be done if they decide to work with everyone they can build a coalition with. >> good advice to republicans, democrats, the guy in the white house. reach across the aisle and get
3:35 pm
things done. governor noem, thank you for coming on. appreciate it. >> absolutely. thank you. have a great day. up next, the shocking video that's breaking the internet. students in maga gear harassing a native american elder. i'll speak to someone who saw the whole shameful thing. higher! parents aren't perfect, but then they make us kraft mac & cheese and everything's good again.
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you've probably seen it by now, the viral video sweeping the internet of a mob of maga hat wearing high school students surrounding a native american chanting and drumming in the nation's capital at the indigenous peoples' march. the native elder was identified
3:40 pm
as nathan phillips and a vietnam vet. he and others were harassed and taunted by students from covington catholic high school, a private all-boy school in kentucky who, according to the school's facebook page, were in d.c. attending the march for life. as the students clashed with another group, phillips walked between them in an attempt to defuse the situation. the videos have drawn outrage from all corners. the communications director with the roman catholic diocese of covington, released a brief statement today saying in part, we condemn the actions of the kofgton catholic high school students towards phillips specifically and native americans in general. the matter is being investigated and we will take the appropriate action up to and including expulsion. congresswoman deb holland of new mexico also tweeted, this veteran put his life on the line for our country. the students display of blatant hate say signal of how common
3:41 pm
decency has decayed under this administration. heartbreaking. and my cnn colleague kristen powers tweeted at the school's superintendent, what are you going to do about this, superintendent mike klines. this is absolutely contrary to catholic teaching and you know it. do something. these boys need a better education. you are failing them. those are some tough words and clearly these boys are not getting a good education because it makes little sense to angrily chant build the wall with literally zero immigrants who were here long before we were. their parents have failed them. we should teach our kids to treat people with respect regardless of our politics. i wish i could say to these students, there's no place for this in our society. you can't do this when you get older. but unfortunately, i'm wrong. adults model this very behavior
3:42 pm
all the time on social media and on the street and it's awful. so what i would say to these kids, don't be like us. be better. i'm sorry that you see a president who talks gleefully about knocking people out and body slamming reporters. i'm sorry you see your elected officials inciting citizens to harass public officials at their homes and in restaurants. i'm sorry you see bigotry, not only being tolerated but being boasted about. i'm sorry you live in a time when going viral is more rewarded than being moral. this is our fault, but you don't have to repeat our mistakes. please don't. to discuss this i'm joined by chase iron eyes spokesperson for the indigenous peoples' march and attorney for the law project. welcome and thanks for joining me. nathan phillips has told cnn that these kids originally started shouting at a group of
3:43 pm
african-americans and he walked between them trying to break up the shouting match that followed. what did you think when you saw these kids starting to circle nathan phillips? >> as an attorney i felt that this qualified as a legal definition of assault. they were causing an apprehensi apprehension, an objective fear of offensive contact or harm. they were very loud and very aggressive, very vocal and they were disrupting. they were trying to drown out not only the group of african-americans but nathan phillips, raymond king fishfisk some of our elders closing out a beautiful day and it's unfortunate that it had to end this way but it's emblematic of i think where we're at in terms of race relations in our country. we feel that president trump is giving license to some of this
3:44 pm
behavior in his rhetoric, in his behavior. he sets the tone for a lot of our citizens in this country and when he says things like using pocahontas as a racial slur, time and time again, making light of our genocide where my family literally survived that massacre. it's unfortunate but it shows us where we're at and shows us how many work we have to do. >> what you mentioned, they originally started by taunting a group of african-americans, they moved over to nathan phillips and your group. what message do you think they were trying to send? what point do you think they were trying to make? >> i think they were expressing a lot of internal fear and angst about the potential race relations in this country. i think what we're seeing is a fear about losing their power dynamic. some of their privilege with the increasing diversity, 100 new women on congress, two new native americans.
3:45 pm
what we see the policies of president trump calling denigrating mexicans, locking up children in, you know, concentration camps. we're talking about indigenous children that have a right to cross these colonially imposed borders. i think president trump -- he's not taking us back 50 years. that's what it reminded me of. it reminded me of the jeers that people face when had they were integrating schools but it's exposing where the work that we have to do in terms of our social and racial relations and evolution. >> i'm glad you bring that up, because, as you mention, i know you've seen a lot of racism in your day and in generations past, but were you surprised to see it coming from such a young generation? >> yes. i was right there and these were high school kids but there was about 60 of them and they all knew how to chant the same cheers and it was very -- it was aggressive. it was just a very tense
3:46 pm
environment. it was so good to see nathan phillips right here in the studio. he's okay. we avoided any physical confrontation, any violence and that was the most important thing, so -- these are young impressionable people who i don't know -- i looked for adults. i wanted to speak to an adult. there was no adult in sight, no chaperones. it's encouraging them to take responsibility for these children and we need to -- >> i hope that it was at least some relief to you to know that this video -- these videos went viral because we are horrified by them. thank you so much for being on with me. up next, i'll speak to the nba star who was wanted in turkey after criticizing the erdogan government. i like your card, but i'm absolutely not paying an annual fee. discover has no annual fees. really? yeah. we just don't believe in them. oh nice. you would not believe how long i've been rehearsing that.
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president trump was at dover air force base in delaware today to pay respects to the returning remains of four americans killed in a suicide bombing in syria. isis has claimed responsibility for the deadly suicide bombing on wednesday in the northern city of manbij weeks after trump officials declared isis was defeated. elsewhere in the region, turkey is asking for an international arrest warrant for an nba player claiming he's a terrorist. while the new york knicks flew overseas for a gape against the washington wizards, in london this week ennis canter stayed home afraid of what might happen while abroad. that's because he is wanted by the turkish government which is reportedly seeking his extradition from the united states. why is hard to explain.
3:52 pm
canter has been a vocal critic of turkish president erdogan, even calling him the hitler of our century. the turkish newspaper says istanbul prosecutors are seeking an interpol red notice, citing canter's ties to exiled muslim cleric ghulan and accusing him of providing financial support to his group. his turkish passport was revoked in 2017. joining me is ennis canter. thank you for joining me. >> thank you for allowing me to be here. >> that's what i want to start with. you have been vocal. you've been on television. you've written an op-ed. is talking about this partly you're way of ensuring your own safety? >> well, first, i will say this -- i play in the nba and have a big platform. i'm using this platform to be the voice of all those innocent people who don't have a voice. >> yeah. >> that's why i talk about the human rights issues in turkey and the prepare issues and democracy issues in turkey. >> yeah. and you talk about in this op-ed
3:53 pm
that i encourage everyone to read, you talk about the scariest day of your life in 2017. >> right. >> you were in indonesia running a child's basketball camp for your charity. you were awakened in the middle of the night by someone. >> right. >> knocking on the door saying the indonesian police were searching for you. what was that like? >> well, it was very scary because you're in a country that you don't know the language. and the intelligence service and army was looking for me. luckily with my manager's help, i escaped in the middle of the night. we took the 5:30 flight to singapore. i landed in romania after that, and they revoked my passport. >> did you know before that moment that erdogan had targeted you? >> well, i was because i was talking about these issues. >> right. >> then again, about this red notices, erdogan uses the red notice system to hunt down his opposition and scare them.
3:54 pm
>> so i'm wondering, i know you've talked to members of congress. >> right. >> and you've gotten support and help there. have you been talking to anyone inside the white house or in the administration? >> well, i mean, i would love to because i have not reached out to them yet, or they haven't reached out to me yet. if i have a chance, i would love to sit down with mr. trump and talk about how erdogan uses his power to abuse human rights in turkey. and i would love to do that because they know my story because i play in the nba. there are thousands and thousands of stories out there waiting to be heard -- >> to be told -- >> in turkey, yes. that's why i would love to sit down with mr. trump and talk about these issues. >> i hope he hears that plea. >> i hope so. >> you still have family in turkey. >> yes, i do. >> has this put a strain on you and your family there? >> it's tough because while it was two years ago, the police came to my house and raided my whole house. they took every electronic away, phones away, computers, away, laptops away. they wanted to see if i'm still in contact with my family or not. if they were to see any little
3:55 pm
text, they would be all in jail. i haven't seen my family since 2015. and you know, the crazy part is they don't even show new york knicks games in turkey just because i play for new york knicks. >> just because of you. >> my mom and dad cannot even watch my game. >> that's horrifying and very sad. maybe they get cnn international, maybe they'll see some of your appearances. i hope so. >> definitely. >> mr. kanter, thank you very much. appreciate it. >> appreciate it, you guys. up next, former secretary of state john kerry joins david axelrod on "the axe files." stay right there. that's it for us. have a good night. thanks to move free ultra 2in1... i keep up with this little one. see the world with this guy.
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tonight on "the axe files," former secretary of state john kerry sounds off on president trump. >> this is the pull-out, walk-away presidency. and it is not enhancing the interests of the united states of america. >> the current state of congress. >> our democracy is threatened today. our democracy is threatened. we are dysfunctional. let's be honest about it. >> and reflects on his life of public service from the battlefield to the senate floor to the campaign trail. >> i do regret -- i think i was a little bit constrained in some ways that i shouldn't have been. >> welcome to "the axe files." secretary kerry, great to be with you here in your old and new haunt, yale university. a seminal place in your .


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