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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  January 21, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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inspires me is he was aspirational. like our country. we know that we've not yet reached those ideal, but our strength that we fight to reach those ideals. >> senator harris joins a growing field of democrats lo looking to take on trump. among them, you have four women who have either announced exploratory committees or full on campaigns. so, you know, there have been talk that perhaps she would throw her hat in the ring. she's capitalizing on her experience as a prosecutor. her pitch so r far to voters? >> you heard it there on gma today, that she's going to make sure her biography is front and r center. that she is is the one who embodied the candidate that is essentially antitrump. she comes from a diverse state. she is a woman of color.
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a prosecutor. ultimately a fighter. when asked what is it about her that puts her uniquely in the position where she could take on trump, here's what she said. >> we are a diverse country. yes. and some people would suggest that in diversity, when there's a diverse population, one cannot achieve unity. i reject that because this is my belief. yes, we are diverse. and we have so much more in common than what separates us and when we emphasize that commonality, when we recognize that commonality, we will achieve greater unity. >> big themes, broad themes on this martin luther king jr. holiday as she launches her presidential race. something we should point out is that when it comes to specifics, there's not a lot of daylight between her and the other candidates that are putting themselves out there as progressive candidates. she says she's looking forward to getting into those and a full debate in the future. >> you mentioned of course she's
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announcing here on r dr. king's day, but she's also honoring another civil right's icon by announcing now. >> it was 47 years ago this week that shirley chism declared her candidacy. the first policewoman woman to seek the presidential office. to declare her candidacy. so in a nod to shirley, she is also declaring her candidacy on this week on this very special day, but also if you look at her campaign video, her announcement video today, she's also borrowing some of the themes and colors in a nod to that history. so some powerful messaging as she pushes forward on this. we're anticipating to see many of these continue as she pushes further into her presidential campaign. >> thank you so much. meanwhile, other contenders are stumping across the country here. michael bloomberg and joe biden are in washington. cory booker and bersy saany sanr
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rs in columbia, south carolina. we're follow iing those democra frs any big announcements there. rebecca? >> that's right. well, no big announcements here in columbia, south carolina today. but bernie sanders and cory booker sending a very clear message by being here today at the naacp dl's mlk event that t are taking south carolina seriously. this is the home of the first in the south primary, a key democratic contest in the primary process so these two candidates showing that they are seriously giving a look at running for president in 2020. cory booker telling us today he's close to making a decision, but did not go after president trump directly in his remarks today. he said he wants to focus on what democrats are for, not what he's against. sanders though taking a very different approach. listen to what he had to say. >> today, we talk about justice and today we talk about racist. and i must tell you it gets me
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no pleasure to tell you that we now have a president of the united states who is a racist. >> now the key constituency here in south carolina is the african-american vote. they made up 60% of the electorate in the 2016 election. bernie sanders struggled with those voters last time around. his appearance here today trying to make enroads with this key community and cory booker, an african-american candidate himself, also trying to rally those voters ahead of his presidential decision. brooke. >> this morning, joe biden and michael bloomberg both spoke at an mlk breakfast. they talked about carrying on king's legacy, but also each acknowledged political mistakes they've made in the past. here's former vice president joe biden. >> i've been in the fight for a long time. it goes not just to voting
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rights, to the criminal justice system. i haven't always been right. i know we haven't always gotten things right. but i've always tried. >> in a similar light, michael bloomberg said he can't say any decision he made as mayor of new york was perfect. these come as the two men are considering white house bids in 2020. neither offered any clue into their current think, but bloomberg said no matter what the next year bliripg, they'll both be focused on bringing a democrat to the white house. >> thank you. also massachusetts senator elizabeth warren rallied with boston airport workers today to highlight the government shutdown on this mlk holiday. here's part of her message today. >> the path to economic security is steep and rocky for millions of working people in america. and it is steeper and rockier for black and brown americans.
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when we ignore that fact, when we turn a blind eye, then we don't move this nation toward greater equality and it isn't just black and brown people who suffer, all of us suffer. all of us lose when we allow the powerful to use race as a tool to divide us. we will not stand silently by and be a party to perpetuating discrimination for another generation. >> and new york senator kirsten gillibrand is in new york. athena jones is there. >> hi, brooke, you can see the speeches are still going on in a jam packed room with an enthusiastic crowd. not surprising we heard her talk about he own faith, quoting from the bible. even as she made the case for her candidacy. she said dr. king's legacy
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called what am i doing with my time here on earth to serve others. she said she's going to run for president of the united states because as a person of faith, as mother, i cannot csit idly by ad not fight for your children like i do my open. she slammed president trump what she calls his divisive rhetoric, tearing at the moral fabric of the coup tri. listen to what she said about fighting racism as a community u. >> fighting against this would take all of us. it cannot be left to people of color alone. white women like me must bear part of this burden and commit to amplifying your voices. >> she went on to talk about the many biases of minorities. talked about black and brown men being ten times more likely to be arrested for marijuana possession. black women in new york being 12
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times more likely to die in childbirth. it was a direct appeal to the black community. something we've heard her do over the weekend at the women's march in des moines over the weekend, she gave a shoutout to the black women who helped alabama senator doug jones. democrat. beat roy moore. saying that they made sure that a credibly accused pedophile did not win alabama. so we heard her make her case to the crowd, quoting the bible and working together. brooke. >> got you. lively room there in new york. thank you very much. let's discuss all of the above, all these contenders. tiffany cross is the managing editor of the beat d.c. and patell. thank you guys for joining me here. such important conversations. i want to start with you and senator harris and her announcement today.
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i was reading of course i read your piece. hearn deny's piece in the time, i was struck by how he referred to her as a bridge. she's a bit of a bridge. like the bidens and bernie sanders and cory booker in a party that's going through some shall we say identity challenges. so what did you make of his assessment of a bridge and might that be what the democrats need right now? >> well, the country is is certainly changing demographically. the party represents that. it's becoming young. more nonwhite. more socially liberal and yes, harris at 54 represents something of that being a daughter of a jamaican father and indian immigrant mother, so she represents this so-called rising american electorate and i think african-american voters in particular are going b to be her ace in the hole. she's not necessarily going to win them, but if she can and she's very formidable then this community could power her path to the democratic nomination. she were instrumental in
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nominating barack obama in 2008. in making sure hillary clinton was the nominee in 2016. they are formidable presence within the party and she's speaking directly to this community by announcing on mlk day, by speaking to reporters at howard, her alma mater, a historically black university. this is a message, a a she's trying follow to the nomination. >> makes sense she'll be in south carolina this friday. she's capitalizing on her prosecutorial skills and her past in law enforcement, but she's getting criticism about her record as ag this california. there was a dramatic increase in the state's prison population and some are arguing she wasn't tough enough on big banks. do you see this as the beginning of attack lines from competitors against he? >> i don't know if a pushback is going to come from her competitors. i think it's going to come from the rank and file progressive
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movement itself. she has a criminal justice background in california she's going to have to reconcile with. she's going to have a compelling story to get over that hump. i don't think that will be enough -- of a very important voting demographic and that's black women. black women, i don't think that's going to be enough to break them from some of her most loyal people. i think it says something that kamala, senator harris likes to say. went to howard university for her alma mater. it says something that she's not going the off to iowa or new hampshire, but going to south carolina, the first southern primary state. sizable african-american population there. we also have to consider though that the way the primaries are set up, california has moved up u. texas has moved u. it's repositioned california. so you have somebody like eric gar sety getting in, it's going to be a battle and it's a very
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expensive primary, so you're talking baseline $5 million to be competitive there. i've got say, i think senator harris, her sister st maya. very recognizable in political circles. she's married to tony west. executive at uber. god father reggie hudland, talent executive and director. oscar nominated in hollywood. i think he can shore up some hollywood money. so i think she's going to be quite the force to be reckoned with. >> that's senator kamala harris. what about bernie sanders? because we just heard, we played the clip where senator b sanders calls president trump racist. at this event in south carolina. we certainly, we know why senator sanders would want to be in south carolina, but my question to you is if he wereto do this again, what would be different for bernie sanders this go around?
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>> the single big thing that he would try to do differently if he runs this time is appeal more directly and do better with african-american voters. as i was saying before, this community overwhelmingly supported hillary clinton in 2016 and that was probably the singular reason that he did not win the 2016 presidential nomination. which i think is why you hear him speaking so directly on issues like racism in you know, the country. i think in terms of bernie sanders and i would say senator warren, this is going to be one of the bigger challenges for someone like harris because they have captured the economic populous wing of the democratic party because they've been crewing on the safety net for decades now and senator harris has a thinner paper trail on this. not as much of ard record. so this is a significant challenge that i think senator harris and many others are going to have. the bernie sanders and elizabeth warren are very strong.
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>> thank you so much. i am sure we'll be talking about more and more people tloiing their hat in the ring on the democratic side and to you, a programming note. cnn will be hosting a town hall with kamala harris. it's jake tapper moderating this one. next monday, 10:00 p.m. eastern from des moines, iowa here on cnn. coming up next, tomorrow marks one month in this government shutdown and the last food stamp payments just went out. president trump and the democrats both seem to have a lot to say about it, but not to one another. where do the negotiations stand as people face more and more hardships? those hardships certainly include air travel. tsa officials say they are in unchartered territory with more and more employees calling out sick and another new piece of video showing what happened between this native american elder and a group of lick school studecatholic school students f
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kentucky. now we're getting new insight into how this whole situation turned ugly and what, if any punishment there should be. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. hi i'm joan lunden. today's senior living communities have never been better, with amazing amenities like movie theaters, exercise rooms and swimming pools, public cafes, bars and bistros even pet care services. and there's never been an easier way to get great advice. a place for mom is a free service that pairs you with a local advisor to help you sort through your options and find a perfect place. a place for mom. you know your family we know senior living. together we'll make the right choice.
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more than a month has passed since the government partially shut down and the needle doesn't seem to be moving much many washington, d.c. where president trump's pitch is hitting a blue wall of resistance. he says he will offer temporary protections to daca recipients and immigrants, something he got
12:20 pm
rid of about a year after ago. democrats say they weren't consulted on the plan and won't vote for it. their message to the white house, open the government first. so josh is with me. wrote about this, the deal maker who can't seem to make a deal. so josh, you write about the, this shutdown has brought out several straitraits of the trum presidency. >> one month in and two years into the presidency, has plooufed elusive for the president. we're right where he started. he came out saturday and pitched a temporary reprieve. democrats saying you're holding the government hostage over a wall. we're not coming to a deal with
12:21 pm
you. 30 days in, we're nowhere close to having anything done. i think both sides are digging in for this. >> what about the democrats? this is something your paper points out. he's offering these protections for dreamers lasting three years. an a lot of people are saying that's not good enough, but where are the democrats? >> they rejected a plan before he announced it on saturday. they're not negotiating with him at all. nancy pelosi, more liberal members of the caucus and members who don't want to give a dollar for the wall who say it's immoral who would put her in political peril if he compromised with him. right now, the democrats are say ing the public is blaming the president for the shutdown and they're just not feeling a lot of pressure to negotiate with him. now whether that can continue, it's unclear. we're going into another paycheck what's going to be missed for 800 or so thousand people. some of the real world effects
12:22 pm
are going to keep pulling more and more. whether that stance is palatable, i don't know. for now, democrats say they're not interesteded in negotiating with him at all. >> sounds like you ran through the polls and the president isn't winning the pr game, that he's fully aware of the numbers and you talk to trump's 2016 pollster and he told you that there's something that the white house should be dangling every day. this is what he said. we need to remind the voters every day that the president is willing to compromise and gif legal status to daca recipients, but the democrats are too intense about trying to defeat trump right now. is this see dangle something. >> well the president and his team are looking for a way out of the shutdown. according to our sources and
12:23 pm
reporting, they would be willing to take you know some sort of compromise to basically end this. it's gone on and on for them and it's not been good for the polling and their data. they're looking to dangle things out there to make democrats come to the table. whether or not that will move the number, it seems unclear to me. but what they're trying to do is change the perception from the president. remember when he was in the oval office with schumer saying i'm proud to shut down the government. i'm very happy to do that. they're trying to change that perception from where the president is owning the shutdown to look, we're being reasonable, giving proposals, compromises n and the democrats aren't there. polling shows that hasn't been successful. i think you're goung to see more of that as they try to change how people view their shutdown. >> i was talking to phil on capitol hill last hour and i can't remember how many days it's been, but neither side is literal ly talking to one another.
12:24 pm
there's this issue of a lack of urgency and you end your piece with this quote from john tn te who told you what. >> this the president's life of privilege meant he didn't understand the life of government workers and lived paycheck to paycheck. i don't know if that's true. i think the president certainly has been briefed on the number of folks who are are out of work, but what he's telling his advisers is a lot of these folks are democrats. he doesn't understand why they're all necessary. i think they're trying to mitt dp gait some of the effects on the shutdown. he hasn't really shown that much. he's posted a couple of tweeting, but really most of his public comments have had a lack of bringing up and concern for those who are out of work. >> josh, "washington post," thank you, sir, very much. coming up next, it is a story that grew more complicated
12:25 pm
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not what it seems. so many people are describing this now viral video that shows
12:30 pm
a teenager from kentucky with this made america great again red ball cap staring down a native american elder. social media was quick to call the students racist, but as more videos emerge, we are seeing a different side of the confrontation that is much more complicated than first thought. sara sidner explains. >> the catholic high school student who comes face-to-face with a native american elder in a viral video is now responding. in a statement, he says the video does not reflect the true nature of events when the stupts arriveded at the linkening memorial. when we arrive d, we noticed for african-american protestors on the steps, he said. the protestors said hateful things. indeed. a small group of black men who identify as hebrew israelites to everyone around them including a
12:31 pm
priest. >> a bunch of child molesters -- >> and the students. >> see how you got these pompous b bastards with their dirty hat on. >> you got all these dirty ass crackers behind you with a red, with a red make america great hat again on and you want to fight your brother. >> at first, the catholic students there for the march for life are still in small numbers, but more and more show up, watch, but not engaging. the men continue taunting them. >> a bunch of babies made out of incest. >> he says the rhetoric was startling because we were being loudly attacked and taunted in public, a student accused one of our teacher chaperons to begin permission to begin school spirit chants.
12:32 pm
and they do. at one point, the student removes his shirt and the chants drown everything out. two minutes later, you hear a drum beat. that's nathan phillips, an omaha tribe elder and another drummer. they said it was their attempt to twlart violence. they began doing a tomahawk, which some native americans consider offensive. >> i realized i put myself in a really dangerous situation. here is a groum of people who were angry at somebody else and i put myself in front of that. >> phillips, a vietnam veteran, walks around. other students avoid him. until you see him come face-to-face with a student who has gone viral. he said he was the one trying to deescalate the situation, not fiphillip phillips. i realized that by staying calm, i would diffuse the situation.
12:33 pm
everyone had cameras and that perhaps adults were trying to provoke a group of teenagers. they have every opportunity to move back. so does phillips. while they faced off, the kids faced more taunting from the he brew group. >> while he said he felt the kids were mocking him, he says it was the adults using hateful r words and try iing to provoke the kids, not the other way around. they initially came out and condemned the students for their behavior between them and the native american elder and native americans in general and said they would be investigating. they have not changed the statement. the it's on their front page of their website. the mayor of the city condemned the students. we have not heard from the mayor, but now congressman
12:34 pm
massey has said look, i am proud of these students because in the face of racism and home phobic slur, they didn't respond. you'll see his tweet there. he talks about them even after being taunted, they kept to themselves and they were bewilder bewildered, but did not respond. he said he was proud of them. >> i was reading about it this morning. it's like snapshot of america, 2019. sarah s sidner, thank you so mu. you can read so much of her reporting on this one. still ahead from tsa workers calling out sick, to food banks, a look at the real life impact of this government shutdown as the situation is going from bad to worse. at&t provides edge-to-edge intelligence, covering virtually every part of your manufacturing business.
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all right. getting some b additional comments now just in from rudy giuliani as he is really what appears to be on clean up duty today. made comments to pamela brown in morning. all pertaining to the trump moscow project and how long they have been in talks for this trump moscow project. was it through the election or not. so pamela brown is up with me. our senior white house correspondent. we talked you know a sec ago, so let me just getting everyone caught up. so initial ly, the reporting wa they had talked about this project as deep into november of 2016. so into the election. then it became rudy giuliani said that trump didn't remember
12:40 pm
and now it's hypothetical conversations? am i getting that right? >> you are getting it right. it is a bit confusing. this is certainly rudy giuliani, the president's attorney, playing clean up. because what happened is he did a round of interviews yesterday and "the new york times" reported that he told them that the president had told rudy that the con vversations happened through november 2016. happened until the election. which was significant. he also told nbc that the discussions could have happened up through october, november. now the reason why that mattered is because that's a b longer timeline than previously known. michael cohen told congress those conversations ended in june of 2016. and then it also overlaps when the president was making certain comments that appeared to be cozied toward russia. getting rid of russian
12:41 pm
sanctions. no rudy giuliani told me today look, i was saying this was a hypothetical. the president doesn't have a recollection of it, but that it could have happened through the campaign, but it doesn't matter because it was so insignificant. here's the statement released. he said my recent statements about the 2016 campaign between cohen and trump about a a possibly trump tower moscow project were hypothetical and not based on conversations i had with the president. my comments did not represent the actual timing or circumstances of any such discussions. the point is that the proposals in the earlier stage and did not advance beyond the rhetter of intent. so he doesn't say the discussions ended x date because he claims they don't know. what i also think he's trying to do here is lieave some wiggle room in case new revelations come to lifgt discussions happening throughout the campaign or beyond. >> wiggle room.
12:42 pm
it's one way to put it. thank you so much reporting that out for us. i do want to get to the real life impact of this shutdown now u. nerves are fray, tensions are rising for hundreds of thousands of americans who are at risk of losing their second straight paycheck. tsa is reporting that callouts jumped to 10%. that is triple the number from a year ago. employees are having trouble coming into work because of financial limitations and those same limitations are forcing workers to a place they never thought they would go. their local food bank. renee marsh is in washington. vanessa is in the bronx in new york where volunteers are preparing those itemses for those folks in need. renee, these folks calling out sick. they need money. they need to make some sort of money. i imagine. how is the tsa handling that? >> well, we're seeing airports
12:43 pm
be force ede d to shut down the security check points because they don't have the manpower to staff them because of excessive callouts. we'll also see tsa is flying out back up officers to some of these airports where they're having these staffing shortages. this is an issue that is not t getting better the lopg rer this all drags on. for the agency. you mentioneded t the 10% numbe. more than three times it was the year before. the agency saying there has not been any impact on security. i have been talking to employees since the shutdown began and that's their number one concern. they say there's no other way to look at this. they're doing the same mission. they have fewer people. you have to be concerned that at some point, this agency reaches its breaking as it relates to these sickouts that continue to stack up. >> so this is the issue that the tsa is face iing and really jus
12:44 pm
air travelers are facing as they go through the longer lines then vanessa over to you, as these lines are forming, you're at a place that processes food and sends it out to the pantries and soup kitchens. tell me what you're hearing? >> yeah, we just spent a day with hundreds of volunteers that were taking the time to pack food for federal workers. this is the first time the food bank for new york city has done something like this for federal workers in particular. there's cans here. there's bags that are going to be distributed to local food banks. one in particular on staten island, which is right here a coast guard base. so coast guards who we know are not getting paid right now can come to those local food banks once these bags get there and pick up food. i want to talk to one volunteer who hung around for us. this is nikkied all day with hey sisters. how did it feel to be here
12:45 pm
preparing food for federal workers? >> it felt wonderful. we volunteered for four years in a row and this is the first year we would have needed to prepare food for federal workers who are employed by our government. it's troubling to us. sxwl did you ever think you know that you sort of would see the irony this this that these with people are supposed to be getting paid. they have jobs, but yet you're preparing food for them. >> absolutely. it's extremely ironic and also that it's mlk day and this is a day of service. normally for us to help those that are in need. these are work eers that are he supporting our federal government and supporting individuals that live in this country. and it really is a shame that we have to prepare food for them rng but we want them to know we are really with them and we're behind them. >> we're hearing that from a lot of people we spoke to here today e. just trying to do anything they can to give back to their fellow americans. and brooke as i'm sure you've been talking to a lot of people on the show, there are americanses that are really
12:46 pm
struggling now and the people here today were happy to lend their hand to help. >> yep. rent's due, mortgage, credit card bills. they're feeling it for sure. vanessa and renee. it is martin luther king day. but it's also turning out to be a pretty significant day for potential presidential candidates. we'll take a look at what they're doing to court african-american voters. to be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing it's best to make you everybody else... ♪ ♪ means to fight the hardest battle, which any human being can fight and never stop. does this sound dismal? it isn't. ♪ ♪ it's the most wonderful life on earth. ♪ ♪
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on this martin luther king jr. holiday several potential democratic contenders have been appearing. cnn's victor blackwell tells the story today. >> give us a call 783-996-wwbm. >> it is more than a year away but it's already the hottest topic on cynthia's call-in show in south carolina. >> the current administration and current president has lit a fire under african american people. >> people are introducing people across the country today hoping to capture that heat. senators bernie sanders and booker will attend columbia's king day at the dome. of it is the first major test
12:52 pm
among african american voters who accounted for more than 60% of democratic primary votes in 2016. >> he is associate chair and former chair of the south carolina state democratic party. >> part of the success we saw in 2018 in the midterm elections came as a result of african americans mobilizing and cohesion of the african american vote has been the real engine and the driver of the democratic party. >> at zion baptist church. >> he had one purpose that was to build a wall. >> they are ready for change. >> who do you like? >> booker. >> why?
12:53 pm
>> i like his principles and what he stands for. >> biden would be one person i'm interested? >> i like kamala. she a black woman. it is time for one of us to step up to the plate. >> she will speak to her african american sorority. >> you have to get out there and work. earn votes one at a time. the interactions that she had here last year and senator booker has had here in the past have all been left very positive feelings for the citizens here but there will be lots of other very credible candidates. we have nothing to chance. >> all democratic hopefuls are making passionate pitches. >> we have had too many instances where young black men have been the victims of state violence. >> the government itself has
12:54 pm
systemmatically. >> you are never going accomplish any of these things if you don't take on the systems of power that make all of that impossible which is taking on constitutional racism. >> local experts say the key to earning votes here, tone and striking the wrong tone could be more than getting it right. >> you know how some times you might not flknow what you want t you know certainly what you don't? i helps you to determine how you'll examine the candidates. >> it is really focused on the primary. the last time they won at a general election was jimmy carter more than 40 years ago. when it come to that president trump was very optimistic when as a candidate he promised he would win more than 90% of the african american vote in 2020.
12:55 pm
the latest polls show his approval rating among african american voters is at 9%. back to you. >> thank you. isn't that note worthy? don't get it wrong. coming up riffraff chris ttie announcing some of the biggest names in the administration. we are back in just a moment. a- -family recipe. can i see it? no. new philadelphia dips. so good, you'll take all the credit. it's a revolution in sleep. the sleep number 360 smart bed is on sale now during the january savings event. it senses your movement, and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. it even helps with this. so you wake up ready to put your pedal to the metal. save up to $500 on select sleep number 360 smart beds, now ranked #1 in customer satisfaction with mattresses by j.d. power.
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48 hours after walking away uninjured prince phillip caught driving without his seat belt. they say suitable words of advice have been give ton prince phillip. thursday he collided with
1:00 pm
another vehicle carrying two women and an infant. wi while he was unhurt the others did suffer minor injuries. police have not asked her for a statement. the lead with jake tapper starts right now. so who has the low approval rating right now the u.s. government or nfl referees? the lead starts right now. she is in. kamala harris wants to be president kamala harris. does she have what it takes to beat trump? and breaking news for the second time just today the president's lawyer backing away from his own comments on the moscow trump tower deal. it is almost as if he is trying intentionally to confuse us. plus ripping the riffraff surrounding president trump. one of the earliest supporters