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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  January 28, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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>> huge. but you know, there's over 300,000 chinese students that study in the u.s. every year. this has taken off on their version of twitter. webo, with many saying this is racism. why would you ask so many and recruit not only duke, but other university, recruit chinese student ifs you don't want them to speak chinese and bring their culture. has a very strong whiff of hypocrisy here and you know many calling it racist and what would american students think if when they're study iing abroad and ty were forced to speak speake only the language they were there. >> sounds like a to be continued situation. >> yeah. >> thank you. we continue on. hour two, i'm brooke baldwin. about an hour from now, the
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white house press secretary will be answering questioning. it comes as president trump told "the wall street journal" there's a 50-50 chance that negotiations will succeed. if they fail, they could lead to either another government shutdown in about 18 days time or to the president declaring a national emergency to get the money to build his border wall. let's go live to jim acosta. so jim, it's still stunning to me to see this new u report from the cbo that the government shutdown has so far cost the u.s. economy $11 billion. >> that's right. and that's a dollar figure that's double what the president was asking for for his border wall down on the border with mexico. now some of that will be recoupeded according to the cbo. once these federal workers start receiving their back pay, but at the end of the day, there is going to be a big hit to this economy and i suspect sarah
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sanders will be asked about t t that. that's the latest time estimate as to when this is going to get started and as you were just saying, it has been a long time since we've had a white house briefing over here in the briefing room. it's been 41 days. since december 18th. that was the last time she had a briefing. that's such a long period of time that we had a government shutdown, the longest in u.s. history in the middle of that time frame. and so there's going to be a lot of questions asked. it will be interesting to see just how long sarah sanders devotes to this briefing. some of the latest briefings we saw at the end of 2018 were running on average in the ballpark of 20 or 25 minutes. and so, that may go pretty quickly when we see her come to the podium in about half an hour from now. but obviously the government shutdown is going to be top of mine in that briefing room. just 18 days to go before the next deadline for a lapse in government funding and we could be back where we r started all over again and the president as
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you said, in that interview with "the wall street journal," that he's only putting the odds of prevent iing this shutdown or another standoff with democrats at less than 50-50. those are not good odd. it comes just at the beginning of this negotiation with democrats. and so that obviously is going to come up. i think the other thing that's going to come up with is indictment on roger stone, which sort of caused a fire storm last friday with him giving the ni n nixon salute. the president was trying to down play the relationship over the weekend saying he wasn't really near me or us during the election as it got close to election time. that is something that the president, kind of an excuse u the president has used with respect to other people who have been indicted in the russia investigation. he sort of said the same thing b about paul manafort and others. who have been targeted in the mueller probe. so it will be interesting to see how sarah sanders frames this. we've noticed she's just trying
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to stay away from those questions about the russia investigation all together. and one thing final lly back to the shutdown, nancy pelosi, the house speaker, really emergeded at the end of the process late friday as somebody who you know, even conservative allies of the president agreed that had really just sort of taught the president a lesson and so one of the things i'll be listening to keenly is whether or not the white house will even admit that they did not come out ahead on this whole standoff over government funding and the wall down on the border. they've been trying to insist over the last few days and the president did this over the weekend in a tweet that this was not a con scession on the part the president. that's kind of an assessment, just not dealing with reality. we were talking about this on friday when watch iing the rose garen speech from the president. it will be interesting to see whether b sanders and the team here have come back to the real world when she steps out to the
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podium in about 30 minutes. >> the upside down world of which you spoke on friday. shout out to stranger things. also be listening to whether there's a date for a rescheduled state of the union. we'll see you in less than half an hour. 35 a days of partisan bickering. hundreds of thousands of americans forced to make desperate choices after going without pay for more than a month. our government is broken and it could be one reason why former ceo of starbucks is thinking b about making a bid for the white house. >> i am seriously thinking of running for president. i will run as a centrist independent. outside of the two party system. we're living at a most fragile time. not only the fact that this president is not qualified to be the president, but the fact that both parties are consistently not doing what's necessary on behalf of the american people
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and are engage every single day in in e veng politics. >> millions may love his coffee, it's a hard pass on his politics. the news is lighting up social media and sparking fears for many ton left, they think his white house ambitions mean donald trump could stay there another four years. check out this response, sent him a four word message featuring a twist. quoting don't do it, howard. dave is in des moines. it's funny. maybe not so much for him. we should also mention before i ask you my question, you're in iowa where a potential opponent, camekamala harris, will take pan a cnn town hall tonight. i want to drill down on the schultz news with you. he hasn't formally jumped in the race. michael bloomberg is saying no
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way. tell me why. >> right. so fascinating. this race has barely started and this news is really the biggest earthquake we've seen already. one republican strategist was describing it to me this morning as the democrats worst nightmare and you saw even michael bloomberg, another billionaire, who may run as a democrat, tweeting today, we must remain united and we must not allow any candidate to divide or fracture us. the stakes couldn't be higher. so obviously so much pressure coming straight at schultz just at the moment he is talking about these plans. he obviously has a fascinating biography, incredible success in the business world, but there are so many democrats out there, particularly voters that i've talked to, who think they have like a pretty fabulous field to choose from and they are terrified that this announcement
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by schultz will mean he will peel off some independent votes, democratic votes and perhaps make donald trump's play to his base look like the smartest political move that he ever made if it's a three-way race. >> which is perhaps one of the reasons why it was howard and not kamala harris that the president took on on twitter. sort of his way of saying bring it. so says jon king last hour. come on in, the water is fine. look forward to all your reporting. loved your pieces from oakland over the weekend and speaking of in her bid to be the 46th president of the united states, democratic senator kamala harris is pulling no punches when it comes to where she thinks president trump falls short. >> when we have leaders, who bully and attack a free press and undermine our democratic institutions, that's not our america. we must seek truth, speak truth
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and fight for the truth. we will deliver the largest working and middle class tax cut in a generation. climate change is real. and it is happening now. from mass incarceration to cash bail to policing our criminal justice system needs drastic repair. we will secure our elections and our critical infrastructure to protect our democracy. health care is a fundamental right and we will deliver that right with medicare for all. education is a fundamental right. we will guarantee that right with universal prek and debt free college and folks, on the subject of transnational gangs, let's be perfectly clear. the president's vanity project is not going to stop them. >> senator harris multiracial background, jamaican, indian and have led some to call her the
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female obama. and harris has quite a bit of company among democrats eager to replicate the success of the first black president. bill is a contributor, editor, to political magazine and in his newest piece, he writes about what he calls the foolish quest to be the next barack obama, so bi bill, thank you so much for being on, welcome. out of the gate, you point out. >> the female obama, o'rourke was called barack obama but white by one democratic donor to politico a few weeks ago.
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that ended up being a binary choice between hillary clinton and barack obama. we're going to have possibly 20 candidates the most people of color, the most women. people are going to have choices and you can't fuse the way obama did after the americans did and boom, you got the nomination. we got much more complicated jigsaw puzzle that they're going to have to figure out. >> so on the complexities of this country, of the american vote and how you talk about how it shouldn't be treat ed at monolithic block. i love this line from you. the democratic path obama chartered in the primary is a tantalizing one. african-americans with young voters and white liberals who live near whole foods and you can send every other democratic packing. but you say, bill, that these candidates cannot recreate obama's '08 success. why?
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>> african-americans voted for obama 90% over hillary clinton in 2008. south carolina, louisiana and mississippi, alabama, georgia, that was the ball game. hillary clinton versus bernie sanders. she got 85 to 90% of the african-american vote in those states as well. that fagave her a good portion it m if that vote's going to split between kamala harris, cory booker, jim clyburn, the dean of the democratic delegation, he predicts biden is going to win south carolina. even if it's not true. >> aren't you saying because if you look at the polls you provide in your piece in politico, it's biden who has the biggest numbers. when you talk about the primary
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and it's those names, harris, booker and biden, but isn't the point even though that's the indication now in january 2019, like so many people are still, they're still shopping. well, that's it, they're shopping. there's not place that you can say every black voter is going to go here. there's going to be a much more complicated and clyburn himself said when i talk to african-american voters, what i hear are biden, harris and booker. that's just today. maybe the list gets bigger over the course over the next year and a half. i can't say this is what's going to happen, but we're at a point where there are choices and you can't assume that entire vote is going to go in one u place. it might come county down to differences in education level. in gender. and age. bernie sanders won a decent amount of the african-american vote against young african-americans. maybe he keeps that. this time. early polling says he's running second with african-americans behind biden, kamala harris is
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at 7% in the political poll with african-americans left before her announcement. that could go up or down. but if once you have harris and booker, maybe eric holder, another candidate who could jump in, if no one's going to own that black vote, a white candidate is going to say maybe i get a piece of it. and if no one gets it, it doesn't materialize. >> this is going to be absolutely incredible to cover. when you look at obviously what happened in elections past and look ahead for 2020, what do you think the thing will be to spell success for the candidate in 2020. >> it can't be boiled down to a single issue or philosophy. we don't know yet. what i think is going to matter most is who understands the come
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plebl plexty of the democratic party. not the caricature. who could understand the differences in all these subgroups and piece together the winning coalition. howard schultz said he's not winning the primary because they've moved left. it may be the nominee doesn't wlooef tharks but that's not a certainty. he took a crude analysis of the party and decided he couldn't compete. but michael bloomberg, terry mcauliffe, john hickenlooper from colorado, even joe biden, these folks are not in the bernie wing mand do well. we'll have to see and the candidate that understands it's not a one size democratic party, that candidate going to do the best. >> and it's just january of 2019. it's so exciting. bring it all on. thank you so much. appreciate you and your voice and all the thought. just again, senator harris joins jake tapper for a live town hall
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from iowa tonight. 10:00 eastern only here on cnn. moments from now, the first white house press briefing in over a month. so we'll take that live. the moment she steps behind podium. also is roger stone willing to cut a deal with special counsel robert mueller? why stone is now comparing his arrest by the fbi to the raids of bin laden and el chapo. and it was the moment that president trump and jared kushner thought quote, the russia thing was finally behind them. what chris christie is now revealing. hi i'm joan lunden. today's senior living communities have never been better, with amazing amenities like movie theaters, exercise rooms and swimming pools, public cafes, bars and bistros even pet care services. and there's never been an easier way to get great advice. a place for mom is a free service that pairs you with a local advisor
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we're learning the fbi raided a third location related to the indictment of roger stoep. so in addition to his homes in florida and new york, a storage unit in florida got raided. this is happening as his shall we call it media blitz continues. stone spoke with camera crews outside his florida home today before heading to washington for harraignment tomorrow. he also used the opportunity to blast the special council after his indictment on seven federal charges. >> i must say i don't understand who mr. mueller is account bable to if not congress or the exec ty and he has broad authority because our special counsel law has expired. you can see the kind of travesty that you saw last week. to storm my house with greater force than was used to take down bin laden or el chapo or pablo
12:22 pm
escobar, to terrorize my wife and dogs. it's unconscionable. >> the layup of fact checks, the fbi knocked on his door. l let's bring in gloria borger and jeff zeleny. so good to see you. and as we wait for this press briefing at the white house in just minutes from now, gloria, let me start with you. roger stone says he has no intention of cutting a deal with mueller, but the question is, would mueller even want to cut a deal with him? >> i don't think so. i really don't. i can't imagine that anyone would think roger stone would be a credible witness. particularly after mueller's office has just indicted him for lying for heaven's sakes. so i think what mueller would like from roger stone and we saw they gathered more things today from a storage place owned by stone, i think they want his
12:23 pm
devices. i think they want his information that he has and his cell phone. and his computer. and all kinds of things. i think roger stone per se is not somebody they would want. >> on the mueller probe, jeff, we just learned that senators blumenthal and grassley introduced this deal to require that the special counsel's report be made public. do you expect pushback from the white house on that? >> i think there could be because this all along has been something that i mean the president has done nothing but try to discredit, be little, demean the whole integrity of this report. so the fact that now you have a bipartisan effort in the senate, which is unusual, there are probably you can count the number of times on one hand there's been a bipartisan effort on this topic with the exception of the senate intelligence committee, so i think it's something that's a bit unusual. we've not yet heard from the white house on this. my guess is that this is not
12:24 pm
something they would like because we know the president was not thrilled with some of the testimony from his attorney general nominee about a, his friendlyness with mueller, but b b, his forthrightness sayi inin does believe most of this should be released. we'll see where this goes if mcconnell would bring this up to a vote. an open question. this among with many, many things could be a topic of question iing at today's briefi from sanders. >> we are minutes away tr that. stay with me. because as we wait this press briefing, which again, the last time there was a press brief, it was december 18th, we want to talk chris christie. in this extraordinary tidbit from his book where he says jared kushner thought the russia investigation would be over as soon as michael flynn was fired. we'll discuss whether president trump should be questioning the advice of his son-in-law. this is not a bed.
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12:30 pm
trump a day after flynn's firing when he told trump quote, the russia thing is far from over and trump said this to him. what do you mean, flynn met with the russia ps, that was the b problem, i fired flynn, it's over. gloria? >> how did that work out? he thought it was a good idea because democrats would support it and it would create the big storm it created. so you know, kushner and christie don't get along well because christie prosecuted jared kushner's father. we know that history. but i think if you go through chris christie's book, one of the threads you will see is that these are people who didn't understand washington.
12:31 pm
and who were very naive about how things would play out politically. >> what about the politics of the shutdown, jeff? we know it hurt the president. i was read oefg the weekend that mark meadows says that building a wall is really key to trump's base looking ahead to 2020. obviously the mueller investigation. that could have a real impact on trying to get through the primariment and now some republicans are courting others to challenge him. how likely is that that he faces a primary challenge sner. >> well, i think that's a little unlikely at this point. i've been talking to iowa reasons out here as well. and they aren't thrilled by everything that's been done, but boy, president trump has done one thing better than almost anything and that's holding on to his base of support. consolidating that. so yes, there is some disappointment. yes, there are a few cracks in there and i expect a republican or two will explore the option of this. and maybe larry hogan, the governor of maryland, which is a
12:32 pm
blue state and he's a republican governor, but i think the idea of a challenge for president trump right now is entirely premature, but we are at the beginning of the year, who knows what this will bring, but going back to the shutdown, there's a sense among republicans that the breaking point last week as we know as we've been reporting was that phone kaulg, series of phone calls from mcconnell to the white house saying i am losing senate republicans on this. we can't hold them. inl that would be the same situation three week frs now. you saw leader mcconnell saying that again today. i do not believe shutdowns are good. so that is why bill others are talking to commentators on the right saying the president could still declare a national emergency. so i would say at this point that is more likely than a shutdown. but again, you have lamar alexander say iing the presiden and speaker pelosi should stay out of it and allow this conference committee to work. so we'll see how this three weeks play out.
12:33 pm
i think the politics of a shutdown would be even worse for president trump. we'll see if he learned a low son and agrees. >> okay. thank you both so much and we're going to take a quick break. we'll come back. we'll go to the white house. sarah sanders speaking to the white house press pool answering some key questions. we'll be right back. hi, i'm joan lunden with a place for mom,
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zblncht on january 23rd, the
12:38 pm
president recognized the interim president of venezuela. venezuela's r national assembly invoke e ed article 233 to make maduro illegitimate. people of venezuela have had enough of oppression and economic hardship. since then, 21 other governments in the region and across the world had joined the united states in recognize iing him as venezuela venezuela's. today we're going to announce sections to venezuela's -- as it's known by its spanish acronym. the state owned oil monopoly. we have continued -- >> the trump administration vocally backing venezuela's self-proclaimed leader.
12:39 pm
my next guest warns venezuela may be heading toward a catastrophic conflict. jeffrey, the drirector for sustainable development at columbia in new york. also the author of the price of civilization, reawakening american virtue and prosperity. your reaction to that first. >> this is a very dangerous, they're very confident about what they're doing.
12:40 pm
very often, washington says somebody must go. this is how our foreign policy often works. very arrogant. maduro is not a decent, pleasant man, but on the other hand, for washington to announce that self-declared politician is the president is a kind of american regime change tradition. the problem here is that these efforts by the united states to change other coup country's governments often lead to catastrophe and does happen through the middle east in recent years. you remember a few years ago, president obama said assad must go. well that led to years of civil war and this is what worries me very much. >> right to think of the reverberations of this kind of message would send not just in latin america, but around the
12:41 pm
world. in reading your piece, it sounded to me, you have one solution to this. which isn't really a matter of choosing who, it's a matter of sharing sovereignty. explain that. well, this is a deep lly divide country. not just maduro versus guido, but actually a lot of supporters of maduro probably many fewer than a few years ago because of the economic atz fecatastrophe, also the military. history shows that sometimes you need a transition, not just announcing the other side has won. because when you announce one side wins and the other side loses, that can lead to war. i was out in the 30 years ago in 19 -- peaceful transition from communism in poland when the
12:42 pm
opposition, the democratic forces shared power for a while with the communists to allow for a gradual, peaceful negotiated transition. but this kind of thinking seems very far from washington these days, which always just wants winners and losers and gets a lot of people into trouble with that kind of black and white thinking. >> thank you. go to and michelle kosinski is at the state department for us. she's been listening in to the news that's been made there at the podium tat white house. so we heard ambassador bolton talking about these sanctions. can you just put this newsspect. this is a real, given what is going on in venezuela right now, the deterioration we've seen, it seems as if this next big step was going to be just a when and
12:43 pm
not an if. but it is a significant step. the criticism and worries surrounding venezuela's oil production is over how it affects people. over the humanitarian crisis that could escalate as well as disruption in oil markets. so what they're saying is what is targeted right now. venezuela's state controlled oil conglomerate. this will freeze $7 billion in assets now. they said this will mean $11 billion worth of lost exports over the next year, so what the administration is banking on is that this is the final step to clamp down on revenue going to the maduro government, what he clings to at this point and this will escalate to the point that he finally gives up power. that is what they're hoping.
12:44 pm
of course if that doesn't happen, it's that big question mark as to what happens next. does this escalate further in the bad way that nobody wants to see through violence. so for a long time, you know over the last year and a half, and even before that, we've seen this slow build in u.s. sanctions. first on certain high ranking government officials. then took the extraordinary step of sanctioning maduro himself, but they still held off on targeting oil. that was considered kind of a last resort to put pressure on maduro and now we see this starting. that this administration is targeting state owned oil production and that is a big deal. >> fears of a civil war breaking out. depending on what this happens b, a humanitarian crisis, the economic crisis. this crisis over leadership in venezuela. michelle kosinski for us with
12:45 pm
the smart analysis on that. michelle thank you so much. we have one air to this white house briefing. we're waiting for the q and a portion. that's happening as right wing media blasts the president for his deal to temporarily end the shutdown. and his long time associate roger stone gets ready to be arraigned tomorrow. we'll take that live. stay with us. what makes this simple salad
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according to an a r report, republican senator lindsey graham confirmed that president trump is mused about possible military intervention in venezuela, but he said he warned
12:50 pm
the president that could be a problem, but listen to a national security adviser john bolton speak frg the white house press room moments ago. >> well if the president has made it very clear on this, on this matter that all options are on the table. >> all options on the table. fellow republican senator agrees with graham on that as an option. >> i don't have anyone calling for military intervention. i'm calling for the constitution to be followed. for guido to be able to act as interim president so we can support the new democratic government. the united states always retains the right. always. anywhere in the world, in any instance, to protect itself i'm not going to justify military intervention. i don't know who is calling for that. >> barbara, this idea of military action seems farfetched, right? >> i think it really does work.
12:51 pm
i think you also have to remember that president trump himself said a few days ago i'm not considering anything to paraphrase him. look, national leaders, the president, any president of the united states is always going to say all options are on the table to preserve that ability to defend the u.s. and defend national security interest. it is to sound tough, if you will. it is a very standard line that you hear from a white house from pentagon from the state department. do you want to put troops on the ground and take him out of the country like the u.s. military did several years ago. . the least of the problem is panama is a much smaller country. they could operate freely there in venezuela.
12:52 pm
you have an active military force that will not let the u.s. march in and seize maduro. >> you run the risk of hitting civilian targets, power, food, agriculture such as it is the very things the people of venezuela are struggling to get. so i think that all of those reasons you probably are limited at this point to tough rhetoric but really an emphasis on economic action which is what we saw a short time ago.
12:53 pm
we are waiting to hear white house press secretary answer questions on a variety of top s topics. friday's huge news, the arrest of roger stone. we are standing by for that. place, the xfinity xfi gateway.
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cast of black panther and the incredible team lead by actor won for outstanding performance. >> that is what we went to work with every day. we knew not that we would be around during award season but that we knew we had something special. >> it is the top super hero taking in more than a billion dollars. it is the worst to be nominated for best picture oscar. moments ago said there is more than a 50/50 chance they
12:59 pm
will make a deal. what did they say? >> well, a number of republicans that i have spoken to today are hopeful that they will get out of this mess and they won't run into another shutdown situation like we saw for the past 35 days. i talked for the senate majority leader. he said i think it remains a bad idea and i'm optimistic we will be in the position again. it's an option. he is making it clear he does not want anything to do with the shutdown. >> what was he saying? back off and let's let the conference figure it out and let
1:00 pm
them do the negotiating. we'll see if that works. i'm brook baldwin. thanks for being with me. >> the lead starts right now. will voters see harris as the one they want to take the white house for president trump? the first major test will be tonight. some americans went hungry and the country lost billions. could the federal government shutdown happen all over again? why president trump is saying he might have to shut it all down ag