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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  January 30, 2019 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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it feels like zero. this will hang around for some time. >> wind chill minus 1 here in washington, d.c. minus 22 in my hometown of buffalo, new york. it's cold out there. thanks very much. to our viewers thanks for watching. erin burnett outfront starts right now. outfront, next, robert mueller hinting at new indictments as the special counsel accusing russians of altering and publishing evidence. president trump calling his own intelligence chiefs naive and passive and saying they should go back to school. this is actually happening. some say jill stein delivered trump the presidency. does she believe howard schultz would do the same? let's go outfront. good evening. the breaking news. a stunning new court filing from robert mueller tonight. the special counsel hinting at
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what could be more indictments. according to the new document, mueller has identified quote uncharged individuals and entities that the government believes are continuing to engage in operations that interfere with lawful u.s. government functions. hold that for a second. this is uncharged individuals and entities. multiple more charges and continuing to engage. continuing to attack the united states of america. that's not all we're learning from today's filing. the special counsel accusing russians of altering documents that weren't publicly available. they got the documents, altered them and released them on to the internet to mislead, discredit mueller's investigation. it's a pretty incredible thing to think. the investigation that's so important for americans to think is fair and conclusions are legitimate that they are trying to delegitimize that fundamental thing it. let's start with the more
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charges that could be coming from mueller. that obviously is new tonight. >> right. it's a possibility according to these court documents there could be people who are still engaging in this disinformation campaign. that are still working to undermine the united states who haven't yet been charged and still under investigation. that's what is contained on page 7 of this court filing. it really goes to the disinformation campaign that apparently, according to special counsel, the russian who is are behind this were taking some of the documents that the special counsel provided to the lawyers who are representing this company, concord management, this is the company behind the troll farms behind the social media aspect of the russian interference in the 2016 election. the lawyers have been provided documents by mueller team and according to the special counsel, some of those documents ended up in the hands of the russians who altered them and
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released them back in october using a brand new twitter handle called hacking red stone and they were putting it out there to try to undermine and create disinformation about the special counsel investigation. >> i know this was a concern when mueller first brought the case against this company, the troll form company. when do you a charge, you have to share documents with the other side. mueller was concerned that this could then be used against the united states. >> right. exactly. tlp was a debate inside the justice department about whether or not to charge this company. you notice, there are 13 russian individuals who were charged as part of this case. they've never shown up in court to try to fight this out. this company hired a pittsburg law firm and managed to draw this out and use the legal system of the united states against the mueller investigation because they know that they will have to get
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discovery. they have to get information turned over. this is exactly what the mueller team was concerned about and one of the reasons they asked a judge to limit the type of information that could be shared with the russians. sensitive sources and methods could be exposed there. >> thank you very much. i want to go to the democratic congressman member of the house judiciary committee. i appreciate your time tieonigh. let's start with this breaking news on the mueller investigation. more charges are expected. we had almost 200 criminal counts brought in this investigation. now expecting more. do you think the special counsel is anywhere near done? >> i think it's hard to know. it's clear in the pleadings that were filed today that the special counsel acknowledges there are people who continue to be engaged in wrong doing that have not yet been charged. this filing is really reveal some really explosive information and that is as the intelligence community testified yesterday before the senate
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intelligence committee, the russians are engaging in an ongoing campaign to undermine american democracy, to attack our democratic institutions and to undermine the rule of law in this country. it's playing out in the context of this criminal case. >> it's incredible. what they are saying is it's happening now which you point out the intelligence community has been loud and clear. they said it was a red alert flashing were the words used. here we are. do you worry that the russians will succeed in discrediting the mueller investigation itself as they are trying to do? >> they are clearly trying to do it. it should be remembered this came to light in an effort by the counsel for this company now seeking sensitive discovery. the nonsensitive discovery has been leareleased. now they are trying to get at the more sensitive discovery that will reveal methods and
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sources and really undermine the national security interests of the united states. mr. mueller ready had no choice but to object to that and bring this to the attention of the court. this is a sophisticated campaign. the russians attacked our democracy in 2016. they are at it. they continue to be at it. what makes it difficult is the president of the united states has also attempted to undermine the mueller investigation from the very beginning. attacking mr. mueller. attacking the integrity of the investigation. what we need to do is people who are committed to preserving our democracy and protecting mr. mueller is pass legislation to protect him from any interference to complete his work. >> the president calls if the investigation a hoax and a witch hunt again and again. has his response slowed down, hindered, hurt, america's ability to defend itself against this happening again? >> i think it undermines our
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ability to protect against it. hen this happens to our country, when we were attacked in 2016 rand our democracy was attacked, the president should have committed to doing everything possible to make sure it doesn't happen. convening a national commission, developing a strategy to make sure that russians or no other foreign adversary will interfere with a presidential election and speak loudly and strongly about the consequences. the president has done everything he can to undermine this and call it a hoax and say there's nothing there. it's the same argument the russians are may recolleking. they are trying to undermine robert mueller and so is president trump. makes you wonder why. >> roger stone, obviously, who is now been arrested and charged. witness tampering, lying, obstruction of justice has warned the president publicly. his lawyers said don't talk directly to him. he goes publicly to do it via media interviews. he said there's a speeding bullet heading towards his head.
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here is roger stone. >> this isn't about me. it's about the president. they're coming for him. president wake up. this is a speeding bullet heading for his head. >> do you think roger stone is right? >> look, i think this is an incredibly serious investigation. each day it feels like we learn more that implicates another close associate of the president or important person. mr. stone is the most recent. i think this is a very serious challenge for the president. i think kneels the feels the wa closing in which is why he does everything to undermine this investigation. mr. stone is someone that has a particular closeness to the president. served as a special adviser. i think what's been in the public domain is very disturbing. raises lots of questions and i think we all await mr. mueller's final report so he can put all the pieces together. >> learning there's more charges
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to come. i want to ask you about venezuela before you go. a huge question about what the president will do there high pressure pe ju-- he just tweete. spoke to juan guaido. reenforced strong support for venezuela. large protests across venezuela. the fight for freedom has begun. maduro saying he will stay there until 2025. this picture the other day of john bolton's note pad where he wrote 5,000 troops to colombia which borders venezuela. fight for freedom from the president. 5,000 troops from his security adviser. are they trying to get the united states milltarially involved? >> i think the united states has to continue to work with our international partners and press for a diplomatic solution. we need help with our other countries to provide
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humanitarian support so the venezuelan people can have free and fair elections and elect their president. i intend to introduce legislation that will prevent the president of the united states from sending troops into venezuela without approval and will prevent funding for that purpose. i want to make sure the president does not, on his own, send military forces into venezuela. we need to support diplomatic solution, humanitarian assistance while this country goes through a difficult time and support the venezuelan people and aspirations for democracy. i do not believe another military engagement is appropriate. i'm going to introduce legislation to prevent that from happening. >> thank you very much. appreciate your time tonight. president trump slamming his own intelligence officials. people he picked. it doesn't get nastier calling them naive and they need to go back to school. it's unacceptable.
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why is he doing it? sarah sanders says it was god who wanted trump to win. >> he wanted donald trump to become president. >> just like putin. >> in 2016 green party presidential candidate jill stein is my guest. she'll talk about howard schultz and mueller. ♪ be right back. with moderate to severe crohn's disease, i was there, just not always where i needed to be.
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intelligence chiefs that they are extremely passive and naive and quote perhaps intelligence should go back to school. the twitter tirade coming after the nation's most senior intelligence officials publicly contradicted the president of the united states on the most pressing issues facing the country from isis to north korea to iran. they did so in public testimony and in a 42-page report which they released publicly. tonight, the president's insults are not going well with frankly anybody, including many republicans, which include the chairman of the senate intelligence committee which is investigating russia and the trump campaign. >> do you have faith in the intelligence members? >> i have faith. >> that was chairman. ultimate faith in the intelligence community. as the president of the united states should have. all the the people running it are the people he picked. pamela brown is out front at the white house. it's pretty incredible.
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there's some moments we need to say things are very different than they have been in anybody's recent memory. this is a stunning thing for the president of the united states to have done and his own party is coming back at him hard. >> that's right. you are seeing a growing number of republicans today publicly openly scoffing at the way the president has gone after the i tell chiefs that he hand picked. he nominated to be in their positions over seeing the cia and dni. the president tweeting about them because he was upset they contradicted what he has said publicly in congressional testimony on issues like syria and north korea and isis. now republicans are basically coming to their defense today. the number two in the senate, john thune saying the president should trust the intelligence officials and he shouldn't be tweeting about it. it is remarkable to see the way that members of the president's own party have come out rebuking
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him and this also comes at the same time that mitch mcconnell, the senate majority leader has introduced the proposal rebuking the president's withdrawal from syria. it seems to be gaining favor in the republican party. this is another example of the members of his own party going against him. some of trump's allies have been out there today basically saying the intelligence chiefs should not have been in a public setting in front of the congressional committee undermining or going against what the president has said publ publicly. they say it looks like they are acting in their own interests here. we should note, i reached out to the white house asking if there was any reaction to republicans coming out today and rebuking the president's comments on twitter and have not heard back. >> thank you very much. i want to go now to our chief political analyst gloria borger.
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david, why is the president calling his own intelligence chiefs naive and passive? that's not just inappropriate, it's belittling and demeaning. >> it sure is. there's no racial explanation, erin. only the ir racitional and emotional that goes to his instinctive response. this is more dangerous. he's undermined the intelligence community before when it comes to what the russians did. he has taken putin's word over his own intelligence community. the people who testified yesterday were basically his people. people he put in the job. they are not disloyal. they are trying to serve the country well. when the president attacks them, it credibility. i'm surprised. when he's at weakst point of his
4:19 pm
presidency and a fight is looming with mueller and he's going to go after mueller, you would think he want to prop up his credibility and not further erode it. >> ginas haspel, christopher wrey, they all went through confirmation hearings. these are people he picked. now he's slamming all of them as naive, passive, should go back to school. these are the people he should be championing as those who have been charged with public sacrifice and protecting their country. >> this is no group of deep state people. these are people the president wanted in those jobs. i keep thinking back to the president's line, i know more than the generals. well, he now knows more than the intelligence community. it makes me question whether
4:20 pm
when ghehe gets his presidentia brief, does he listen? does he absorb it? i think for trump, everything is about loyalty. if you disagree with him, whether it's on policy or whether it's on whether he should tweet or whatever it is, it's all the same. he sees disagreement, particularly in public, as disloyal. not the fact there are under oath and these people have to answer questions honestly. >> the president has gone through a lot of top officials. most recently and very appropriate important to this topic the defense secretary jim matt i mattis. he quit. trump said he have pulling troops out of syria. went against mattis. can the president afford more defections? >> no. he can't.
4:21 pm
he also is must be having trouble filling the defense position. you would have thought by now they would have had some outstanding person with a wonderful record we could find as reliable as mattis was. he was the glue that held this place together on national security front. they need another mattis in there to run foreign policy well. what the president has done here and what he's doing is launching his own disinformation campaign on issue after issue. he comes out with his version of information and particularly sensitive to the country when that happens on intelligence. intelligence, what you think is going on in the world determines whether you go to war or not. should we go into venezuela? should we stay in syria? is it right to be negotiating with the taliban and keeping the afghan government out? it's a series of sensitive questions. what do we know?
4:22 pm
the president believes some alternative reality, he's going to mike terrible mistakes. >> we're talking about the president has said kim jong-un is giving up all his nuclear weapons. the report says there's no evidence he is. the president says isis is dpeeted adpeet -- dpeefeated and the troops a coming home. the president says iran is a huge threat. the report says there's no evidence iran is pursuing a nuclear weapon right now. when the president said -- he said he was going to listen to his intelligence chiefs and everybody he picks. as long as you're my people, it's okay. i want to remind people how clearly he has spoken about this. here he is. >> i'm going to get the best people for the job. >> we're going to use our smartest and best. we'll get the best people in the world. >> now they are passive and n h
4:23 pm
naive and go back to school. >> that's absurd. >> this is not to say they are infallible. we all remember weapons of mass destruction. i think what's going on and far be it from me to get into the president ee president's head but he's had all these direct conversations without anybody there from the government, a meeting we just heard about with putin that from the russian, from the russians and that he believes that because of his personal relationships like he met with kim jong-un, he's a good buddy of putin that he knows more because he's listening to what they are telling him. if putin said he didn't hack the election, the president says he denied it. if kim jong-un says we're denuclearizing, the president believes it.
4:24 pm
>> the word naive would seem to apply more to him than them. >> he figures i talked to these guys. i know where they are coming from more than the intelligence community and it's stunning. >> it is. it is stunning. >> thank you both very much. next, why sarah sanders is saying that it is god who wanted donald trump to be president. plus what does presidential hopeful kamala harris whens when she says this. >> we need to have medicare for all. that's just the bottom line. -we're doing karaoke later, and you're gonna sing.
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at comcast we're commited to delivering the best experience possible, by being on time everytime. and if we are ever late, we'll give you a automatic twenty dollar credit. my name is antonio and i'm a technician at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. new tonight, it was god. god wanted donald trump to be president. this is according to sarah sanders who says this in a new interview with the christian broadcast network. here she is. >> i think god calls all of us to fill different roles at different times. i think that he wanted donald trump to become president and that's why he's there. i think he has done a tremendous job in supporting a lot of the
4:29 pm
things that people of faith really care about. >> outfront now scott jennings. do you think she's right? is this what god wanted? >> if it is, he wanted to punish us for taking our democracy for granted and not every person went and vote and this is what we got. i listened to the whole interview and one huge word jumped out at me, hypocrisy. there was so much hypocrisy she talked about. i can't imagine god withoould w something to be the commander in chief, somebody who doesn't understand the word truth, honest p honesty, humility, honor,
4:30 pm
forgiveness. i could go on and on about how this president is actually the a antithesis of anything real christians would put on the table >> scott, are you surprised? obviously the interview was with a christian broadcasting network. it's a big thing to say that god, whatever god may be, he she it, wanted donald trump to become president. does that make your blanch at all or are you okay with that? >> i find it quite likely that supporters of any politician who wins believes it was god plans for that politician to win. i'm not surprised to hear someone saying that. none of us can know god's plan but we all try to live up to what the bible teaches us to do. we're not perfect people and we're not going be perfect and neither is donald trump. he's not a perfect christian. that does not mean that god
4:31 pm
doesn't use imperfect vessels to achieve outcomes. he has achieved many outcomes. >> are you really okay with that? i thought we live in a democracy and now you're saying it's the will of god. there's something that seems quite jarring to me whatever you believe about god. >> i believe in our democracy and the will of the people. if you don't believe in the will of god, i happen to believe in the will of god and his will will be done on this earth whether we like it or not. >> you think god care who is is president of the united states? i'm not trying to get into some conversation but the whole thing. the interview was with a christian broadcasting network so that's why god came up to begin with. that's why the christian was asked. i think that's important to note. there were other controversial things said in this interview by sarah sanders including this. >> my oldest is a girl. i think it's very important for her to see even at this age that
4:32 pm
as a woman she can do anything that she sets out to do. while it can be incredibly difficult to find that balance, i think it's important that you don't give up one thing for the other. i think having that balance is very important. my kids getting the see that. >> maria. your reaction. >> i heard that as well and i had a couple reactions. the first one, i'm a working mom as you are, as there are millions many this country. i agree there's absolutely always a work life balance that you have to achieve and that she says she feels the mommy guilt. we all feel that when we leave our houses. yes, i give her that. here is the problem with what i had about her saying that to her little girl she feels it's important that her little girl feels that women can achieve everything. i agree with that too. sarah sanders is going to have
4:33 pm
to own up to the fact that years from now, her little girl is going to understand who donald trump was and the way that he treated women, not just many the white house but throughout his whole life. the kind of language he's used, the access hollywood tape about how he thinks he can grab women's genitals because he's a celebrity and do nothing about it. i think those are the kinds of things that at some point sarah sanners a sanders and everybody who believes trump is in the white house to do great things regardless of whatever else he's done, they will have to face themselves, their children and look in the mirror and look at what they have done to empower this kind of president who frankly as a mother, i feel ashamed of who he is and he will never be a role model to my children or the millions of children that are out there both in the country and in the world. >> scott, do you see hypocrisy
4:34 pm
in what sarah said? >> no. i listened to her words today and i'd like to salute maria and you and my wife who is at home with our four children. all these working mothers doing the best they can to take care of their kids and families and households. i salute you. it's why i'm able to do this stuff i do at the university. when i hear sarah sanders talk about feeling guilty when she has to leave her kids, i feel that same twinge. i think it's all parents. she's expressing that wane. i don't understand how anybody can be outraged. >> all of that is good. the question -- >> to judge a presidency, they will do that. they may like donald trump and they may not. i think that's what sarah is trying to do. >> i'm sorry to interrupt. we are tight in time.
4:35 pm
when she says at her age as a woman she can do anything she sets out to do. that's the role model she's trying to set. no one will dispute that. the problem is she's going out every day to defend someone who says this. >> she gets out and she starts asking me all sorts of ridiculous questions and you see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her where ever. >> a person who is flat chested is very hard to be a ten. >> i'm automatically attracted to beautiful. i just start kissing them. it's like a magnet. when you're star they let you do it. you can do anything. grab them by the [ bleep ]. do anything. >> scott, there's a hundred more where those came from. just listen to howard stern over the past 15 years. can you defend that person and set a model that a woman can do anything she wants to do? >> whi'm not going to defend th.
4:36 pm
he has apologized for the stuff that's been coming out about him. they are all bad moments. no one will sit here and defend it. that doesn't mean women aren't going to support the president. it doesn't mean he's not going to appoint a strong smart women to his administration. it doesn't mean they cannot ably serve this government even though he's had bad moments in his past. if you're position as a woman should serve the duly elected president of the united states. i want more women in government, not fewer. you see to be arguing for fewer. >> i think it's somebody who has integrity would have a problem serving this president given what he represents and what he has done throughout and what he is doing to this country. >> thank you both very much. i appreciate your time. next is former starbucks ceo howard schultz the next jill stein.
4:37 pm
tonight, a reference to a troll farm that's been linked to jill stein's campaign. plus it's become the thing were democrats with their eye on 2020. >> that's what medicare for all is all about. >> is this a campaign promise they can keep? sanjay gupta reports. isn't what goes into your soup... just as important as what you get out of it? our broccoli cheddar is made with aged melted cheddar, simmered broccoli, and no artificial flavors. enjoy 100% clean soup today. panera. food as it should be.
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tonight, the dangers of a third party candidate as howard schultz considers a bid for the white house. >> he doesn't quite grasp the depth of the impact that decision would have. >> it would provide donald trump with his best hope of getting re-elected. >> i would encourage him to get into the democratic primary and test his ideas that way. >> those were some of the tamer, more kind ways of putting it. jill stein is with us. good to have you back. you ran as a third party candidate. should howard schultz run? >> it's not for me to say. i think it's up to the voters. i think the panic, the policier panic that we're seeing is in many ways a reflection of the panic about the state of our economy, the state of our climate. the state of our health care which 30 million americans don't
4:42 pm
have any access onand those who got health insurance can't afford it. people are focusing their panic about the economic emergency that most americans are facing on this election. understandably. there's a win win solution here. we don't have to shut down debate and dialogue in our democracy. we don't have to be in the business of blaming and shaming independent and third party voters or independent and third party candidates. there's a solution called rank choice voting and everybody should know about it and demand we have it. the people in the state of maine just got it. it does away with the possibility of a split election, spoilers. mabts sure we have candidates elected by majorities and get rids of negative campaigning. it's a win win. >> when it comes to -- i understand you've been add voe indicating for that but the system is still what it is. >> two years until the next
4:43 pm
election. it's half of the panic that was focused on silencing candidates which is not good for democracy. that energy were putting into lobbying our legislature and getting state legislatures. it can be at the level of states. there's a dozen or so states that have democratic legislatures and government that can pass this in the blink of an eye. >> you dealt with it. you're not surprised by what you call the panic that is greeting howard schultz. i really understand that people are anguished. choice is essential. there's a hundred million voters who are not voting because these are largely black, brown, poor and millennial that's been locked out of our economic system and our political system. we need to bring them back in.
4:44 pm
choice is not the enemy. >> turn out in this country has long been something we should all lament how terrible it is. i want to turn to russia. you may have been important to hillary clinton's loss in some states. i don't say that negatively. you look at pennsylvania, michigan and wisconsin. the amount of you got was greater than trump's margin of victory. >> can i respond to that? that is the essence of the smear campaign. >> let me finish my point. >> it is false. >> it's not false. those are numbers. it's true. you're saying you shouldn't be may lin many lined. i'm saying you were important and you got more votes. it is what it is. >> i think that's purely wishful thinking. >> it's fact. >> democrats don't own green
4:45 pm
votes. in fact, polls, exit polls -- >> i'm not saying they own green votes. i'm saying you got more votes that are donald trump's margin of victory. i don't care whether you were for the pink, blue or purple party. you got more votes. the reason i think -- >> remember a hundred million people didn't vote at all. >> i agree with you. i completely agree that's an issue. that's a problem. >> maybe donald trump's margin would have been double what it was is what you're saying. >> let me get to the reason i'm asking you the question. in a new filing robert mueller is saying there's a pro-russian twit r accouter account that us information from his investigation. is the same russian troll farm that attempted to meddle in the 2016 election. the same russian troll farm that a report prepared for the senate intelligence econo intelligence committee tried to help you.
4:46 pm
>> shortly after putting out their report which should be repudiated. they were exposed by the new york times for -- you have to look at it. >> it's not at all repudiated this. not democrats or republicans. >> they should. just go google the new knowledge of cyber security reporting. they conducted a false flag russian interference campaign and the ceo of new knowledge has been deplatformed by facebook for interfering in our elections. you can't just pick this stuff at face value. here is the kind of stuff that they claimed. if you can see this, this is like jesus if you agree with him. these are the kinds of inept postings that were put on facebook that is being claimed persuaded voters to vote for me.
4:47 pm
we know that 90% of their postings had nothing to do with the election. this is a bs. >> donald trump doesn't think anybody persuaded the vote him wrongly. here's the thing. michael flynn -- >> i don't think you put on -- >> michael flynn has pleaded guilty to lying. i'm not saying there's anything wrong with being at the dinner. putin is there. you're there. he's there in moscow. now we're told about this report. you dispute it. i get that. my question is has anyone from robert mueller's team contacted. >> michael flynn has told state's evidence. if there was anything untoward at that dinner mueller would know about it. mueller has not contacted me. >> that is what's important. >> many of the claims made like that i was being funded by russia is false. i paid every penny and was public about the reasons from my tip trip which were about
4:48 pm
calling for a cease-fire and a peace offensive in the middle east and a global green new deal. this was public be from before the time i went. it became an issue. it became an issue eight months later after i got the green nomination. >> to be clear, you said something very important -- >> which is attempting to silence political opposition. that's not healthy for a democracy. sdp y >> you say no one from robert muell mueller's team has reached out to you. i think that's important for people to know. >> yes, absolutely. if there was a shred of wrong doing on my part, mueller would know about it. michael flynn has turned state's evidence. besides, i was completely publy througho -- public about what i was doing. tweeting my speech to a meeting which was attended by jessie
4:49 pm
ventura. it was a meeting of many peace advocates which is how i happen to be there. it was all very public. the whole thing has been really part of a smear campaign on something which i think should be a model for international relations. we need to be talking to adversaries as well as friends. >> all right. i appreciate your time. thank you. >> thank you. next, senator kamala harris says she wants medicare for all. does her plan add up? sanjay is with us. presents a bo: a way to create energy from household trash. it not only saves about 80% in carbon emissions... it helps reduce landfill waste. that's why bp is partnering with a california company:
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4:52 pm
new tonight kamala harris doubling down on medicare for all tweeting i support medicare for all. well, medicare for all is going to be something you hear a lot about in the campaign. do democrats really know what they mean when they throw the three magical words around? dr. sanjay gupta is out front. >> i feel very strongly about this that we need to have medicare for all. >> it could be medicare for all. >> that's what medicare for all is all about. >> but what exactly is medicare for all all about? it depends who you ask. medicare, which has been around since 1965, is the government run health insurance program that primarily provides americans 65 and older with
4:53 pm
basic health care coverage, covering hospital stays and doctors visits. so, put simply, this program would then expand medicare to everyone? >> it would provide essentially free care to patients when they go see a physician or go to the hospital. >> reporter: ken thorpe is a professor of health policy and management at emory university. >> free sounds wonderful. who doesn't want free care? but the reality is in order to finance this, people are going to have to pay more in taxes. >> health care in america must be a right not a privilege. >> reporter: bernie sanders introduced the medicare for all bill in 2017. in his bill health care is covered by taxpayers with no out of pocket costs at the time of service even for vision and dental. just co-pays for some prescription brand name drugs. all of that while providing access to everyone and he says dramatically reducing costs. but it is worth taking a closer
4:54 pm
look at the numbers. in the united states in 2017 we spent $3.5 trillion on health care, nearly double of what other high-income countries pay per capita. blame administrative costs, prescription drugs, lots of tests and procedures, and not enough preventative medicine. change that and sanders believes we could cut health care spending from $3.5 trillion to $1.4 trillion a year. >> those numbers dramatically underestimate the increased spending associated with providing everybody free care. >> reporter: both the conservative cleaning institute and left leaning urban institute have analyzed the proposals and estimated a medicare for all plan would cost $32 trillion in new federal spending and taxes over the next decade while saving only $22 trillion from the private sector meaning sanders' plan still needs to come up with funding for another trillion dollars a year and that
4:55 pm
even though many will pay less in premiums, many will also still pay more overall in taxes. it's something billionaires who would be most affected by those tax hikes have railed against. >> what the democrats are proposing is something that is as false as the wall and that is free health care for all. the country cannot afford. >> reporter: i think it was milton friedman who said if you want to understand how expensive something is, make it free. does that apply here? >> oh, absolutely because what sounds free has got to be paid for. >> reporter: a lot of numbers, erin, as you saw in that piece. these numbers are going to change. let me tell you something else, if you look at medicare for all in terms of popularity, more people like it than opposed to it. take a look there. if you ask about this, if you start to layer in more information, for example, you may lose your private insurance.
4:56 pm
then you see the numbers start to flip, 58% oppose it if they find their private insurance might be eliminated. taxes, again, the big one there. if you remind them taxes will go up to pay for this, 60% then oppose it. erin? >> pretty interesting, some pretty crucial information changes the numbers so very much. sanjay, thank you. and next, jeanne on trump's global whammy. ing good! at, we can't guarantee you'll good at that water jet thingy... but we can guarantee the best price on this hotel. or any accommodation, from homes to yurts. booking.yeah
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it's easy to upgrade. and you don't want to miss out on everything epix. here's jeanne. >> reporter: how cold is it? cold enough that rail crews are using fire to warm the tracks in chicago. cold enough that reporters are doing the toss steaming hot water in the air trick. >> almost turns to dust. >> reporter: cold enough to inspire another typo prone presidential tweet. >> what the hell is going on with global waming? please come back fast. we need you. >> reporter: with the president once again questioning global warming, it's safe to forecast a 100% chance of shade. >> hi, mr. president. >> reporter: kimmel had two kids
4:59 pm
school the president in science. >> weather is what happens today. climate is what happens over the long run. >> reporter: old cartoons recirculated. trump is cold, therefore global warming is a hoax. new cartoons popped up. are you crazy or just plain stupid? yes. wisconsin congressman tweeted this is something only a moron wouldn't understand. even one of his own government agencies took a swipe for the latest blast of hot air about the cold. the national oceanic atmospheric administration demonstrated winter storms don't prove global warming isn't happening. but it was the typo that declared global waming as if george michael invented it. ♪ >> reporter: is president trump fooling with us?
5:00 pm
pity this reporter after spending ten minutes outside. >> these are my pants that i just had damp this morning. >> reporter: he discovered global waming in his pants. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> thank you for joining us. "anderson" starts now. good evening. robert mueller investigating russian meddling in the 2016 election now says that russians are meddling with his investigation. that's the bottom line in yet another court filing that's just as striking and what it implies is what it alleges. secret material allegedly altered, then made public to discredit the special counsel's work. there's no shortage of twists and turns and wheels within wheels to the story. people being investigated apparently trying to derail the investigation. so what are the details of this new mueller filing? >> reporter: exactly what you pointed out there, anderson, essentially the russians were able to obtain documents from
5:01 pm