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tv   Tricky Dick  CNN  March 31, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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in iraq. >> with katrina, iraq and the economic collapse, george w. bush was staggering out of the white house. >> tonight, i am suspending my campaign. >> is this the long good-bye of the bush family dynasty? ♪ get out of miller street. >> i am aware of the intense
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interest concerning developments over the last few days. this has of course not been a -- has been a difficult time. tonight at 9:00 eastern daylight time the president of the united states will address the nation on radio and television from his oval office. >> people have begun to just sort of gather outside the white house, to stand near the gate there on pennsylvania avenue and across the street. >> this applause you hear, what has happened is that a moving van has just pulled up over at the white house. >> but the hard fact is no one knows what's going on in the president's mind. one thing is certain. it's difficult for everyone to live with this tension much
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longer. >> i don't think it is. i've got a -- >> okay. >> hey, you're better-looking than i am. why don't you stay here? let me see. get these lights properly -- my eyes always have -- you'll find as you get past 60 -- that's enough. thanks. any friend olly likes to take a lot of pictures. i'm afraid he'll catch me picking my nose. yes, yes. good evening. this is the 37th time i have spoken to you from this office. need any more? each time i have done so to discuss with you some matter that i believe affected the national interest.
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okay. >> we are standing by now for president richard milhous nixon, 37th president of the united states. >> the explanation of this man and what has happened to him i think maybe we won't all fully understand. we never knew really who he was. >> good evening. this is the 37th time i have spoken to you from this office. >> it's as though he has needed enemies from the beginning, not only for political reasons but to give him his own identity. ♪
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♪ ♪ my mother was a quaker, and my father was a methodist. but when they married they compromised. they both became quakers, of course. >> we were poor. we had very little. we all used hand-me-down clothes. i wore my brother's shoes, and my brother below me wore mine. when i was 10 years old we had the store and service station. it was mostly study and work. not much play.
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>> they knew that when father told them to do something there wasn't any question about it. when he spoke, he meant exactly what he said. >> i'll put it this way. he doesn't believe in any of the modern ways of raising children. he said you spare the rod you spoil the child. it was a happy home. a happy home -- let me describe it another way. sometimes i think we judge happiness in these days as being a life in which there are no problems. that isn't my estimate of happiness. in our family we had many great problems. we had many great crises. when i was in high school, my youngest brother, arthur, died
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of tubercular meningitis very suddenly. within a week he was dead. and then my oldest brother harold had tuberculosis. and my mother for three years stayed with him in arizona. it was a rather difficult time, actually, from the standpoint of the family being pulled apart. >> he and dick were real buddies. but the tuberculosis got him. harold died. i think when you lose an older brother you suddenly have to take on the role of elder son. ♪ >> i always had the drive o >> i always had the drive of
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my father behind me, saying i had to quit when i was in the sixth grade so, you're going to do better. >> when we came in as freshmen, dick nixon was something of an opportunist. he wasn't athletic, but he went out for the football team. this was deliberate because the image served him well since this would contribute to his election as student body president, as a leader on campus. >> i worked my way through college and through law school. >> in 1940 probably the best
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thing that ever happened to me happened. i married pat. she was a beautiful girl, and she was a very remarkable person too. her mother died when she was about 9 years of age. her father died when she was 16. and still graduated from usc with honors. >> in 1942 i went into the service. >> i enlisted in the navy. i was convinced that with this aggression that was sweeping across the globe that no one could stand aside. >> how jubilant was the taste of victory, how sweet the rewards of peace. >> i received a wire from an old friend. the banker in our hometown, whittier, california, saying we're looking for candidates to run for congress. i was off.
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was given a chance to run for congress from his home district in california. >> gary voorhis had been the incumbent for 10 years in a relatively conservative district. >> for us -- was to tear down your opponent every way you can. >> the anti-communist democratic incumbent gary voorhis was made to seem pro communist. >> of course the first campaign was the most exciting of all. there's nothing like winning the first one. >> as far as mrs. nixon was concerned, she liked adventure. she thought it was very important to live an exciting
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life. and frankly, going to congress would be exciting, she thought. >> representative nixon, what do you think congress can and congress must do to deal with this problem of foreign
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espionage within our own government? >> i think the first thing that congress must do is to continue to expose these activities through the committee on un-american activities. >> the facts regarding this sinister communist conspiracy and other subversive activities should be brought to the american public. >> i am not and never have been a member of the communist party. >> the question here today is whether or not mr. hiss has committed perjury before this committee. >> mr. nixon, i urge that your committee members abandon such verdict first and testimony later tactics. >> hiss was good-looking, suave, sophisticated, ivy league manner. he was a very effective witness. at the time everybody was backing hiss. the committee wanted to drop it completely. everybody was advising nixon to drop it. that it would kill his career.
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>> but somehow i had a feeling. i said there's something about that fellow that doesn't ring true. >> it is the intention of the committee on un-american activities to pursue this investigation until we put the spotlight on those high officials in the state department who are responsible for selling this country down the river. >> i am holding in my hand a microfilm of the most confidential highly secret state department documents. this microfilm was made for the purpose of transmitting these documents in reduced form to the soviet union. >> we knew that we had there the
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hard evidence that we had lacked before. and this involved espionage. that was what eventually brought hiss's indictment and his conviction of perjury. >> alger hiss, one-time high government official, will lose all civil rights after a year in prison. >> got a great deal of political mileage out of the conviction of alger hiss. had a great deal to do with his future career. >> i'm dick nixon, one of your united states congressmen from california. i'm now applying for a new job, that of united states senator. >> in 1950 nixon ran against
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congresswoman helen gahagan douglas. it was a very rough campaign. filled with a certain amount of innuendo. he called helen douglas a pink lady. >> saying i was against the committee on un-american activities i was for communism. dirty tricks designed to avoid a discussion of issues. >> and anything was acceptable if it guaranteed success. >> in california congressman richard nixon wins easily.
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>> i know of no person who could have been selected for this high position and high honor by the republican party of the nation. is there any objection? declares richard nixon republican nominee for vice president.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> it's a good day for the little town of whittier, california. there she is. that's mrs. nixon. he is a very personable young man. and will undoubtedly be a great asset to the republican ticket. >> the whole nixon family considers it a great privilege to work for the election of the presidency of general eisenhower. and although trisha and julie are a little too young for active campaigning mrs. nixon will travel with me throughout the country and i think you will find that she is one of the best campaigners on record. >> well, i certainly will do all i can. >> after all, i was only 39 years old.
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and to even be considered for vice president, particularly running with general eisenhower, for whom i had enormous respect, was to me something you only dreamed about. >> a headline in the "new york post" newspaper said "secret rich men's trust fund keeps nixon in style far beyond his salary." >> the revelation that senator nixon, republican vice presidential candidate, was receiving what amounted to a private salary, an extra salary from private persons in california-s becoming a major political story. some republicans are embarrassed. and of course the democrats are demanding that nixon withdraw from the race. >> in my judgment men in government that are dishonest should be punished and -- >> demand his resignation as vice presidential candidate --
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>> everyone who thought that i could not survive on the ticket. but you know something about miracles in politics. miracles don't happen. they don't happen unless you make them happen.
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♪ the clock is striking 9 ♪ but just before we sign off senator richard nixon has interrupted his nationwide campaign tour to be with you tonight for this important
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message. >> my fellow americans, i come before you tonight as a man whose honesty and integrity has been questioned. i want to tell you my side of the case. not one cent of the $18,000 or any other money of that type ever went to me for my personal use. i am going at this time to give a complete financial history. first of all, i've had my salary as a congressman and as a senator. i have received a total of $1,600 from a state -- $1,500 a
8:27 pm
year from a non-political -- we got a house in washington. we have a house in whittier, california which cost 13,000 -- i own a 1950 oldsmobile -- >> we have no stocks and bonds of any type. my wife's sitting over here. pat doesn't have a mink coat. but she does have a respectable republican cloth coat. and i always tell her that she'd look good in anything. one other thing i probably should tell you because if i don't they'll probably be saying this about me too, we did get something, a gift after the election. you know what it was? it was a little cocker spaniel dog, black and white spotted. and our little girl trisha, the 6-year-old, named it checkers. and you know, the kids like all kids love the dog, and i just want to say this right now, that regardless of what they say
8:28 pm
about it we're going to keep it. and now finally, i know that you wonder, whether or not i am going to stay on the republican ticket or resign. let me say this. i don't believe that i ought to quit. because i'm not a quitter. and incidentally, pat's not a quitter. but the decision, my friends, is not mine. and i'm going to ask you to help wire and write the republican national committee whether you think i should stay on or whether i should get off. and whatever their decision is, i will abide by it. ♪ >> all those in favor of nixon continuing as a candidate will say aye! >> aye! >> he is not only completely vindicated.
8:29 pm
i feel that he acted as a man of courage and of honor and as far as i'm concerned stands higher than ever before. >> once you have fought the battle and once you have won -- >> last night at wheeling, west virginia -- >> then you have a letdown. >> nixon in the high peak of emotion that brought nixon to tears. that was that. and a short time later nixon was back on his chartered airplane with his wife going back to the speaking tour in the west he had interrupted. ♪ president ike, president ike ♪ you like ike, i like ike, ev likes ike ♪ ♪ for president ♪ we'll take ike to washington >> it was a landslide for the eisenhower and nixon ticket. ♪ hang out the banner beat the drum ♪ ♪ we'll take ike to washington >> we leave washington on the midnight october the 5th.
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from there we go down through the pacific to new zealand, then over to australia, up to indonesia, to jakarta. to saigon and into china, to hong kong, korea, to japan, then down to manila. >> for the sake of millions in the world who depend upon our leadership we must never falter. >> washington, d.c. in a four-week goodwill tour of the -- >> a tour of eight south american nations. its purpose -- >> the communists are making an all-out effort to win. if they do, the free world eventually will be forced to its
8:31 pm
knees. >> for four days now some of the 20th century's most extraordinary diplomatic maneuvers have been taking place in moscow. >> khrushchev was a very, very capable, tough, unpredictable leader who would test my mettle. >> this, mr. khrushchev, is one of the most advanced developments in communication that we have in our country. it is color television, of course. >> translator: we wish you
8:32 pm
success. you can show us american possibilities, and then we could say -- >> the soviets will overtake america and then wave bye-bye. >> this indicates the possibilities of increasing communication. and this increasing communication will teach us some things and it will teach you some things too. because after all, you don't know everything. >> translator: if i don't know everything, then i would say that you know absolutely nothing about communism. >> all that i can say from the way you talk and the way you dominate the conversation, you would have made a good lawyer yourself. >> i've seen khrushchev in action many times. i think he felt that here at last he met a man of his own mettle and worth arguing with. >> it was common for reporters who followed him to say i hate the guy but -- and then would come a reluctant statement that nixon was representing his nation well. emerging from the long shadow of
8:33 pm
eisenhower, he became leader of the republican party. and after eight long years nixon's supreme chance came in 1960. >> your first joint appearance. the two leading candidates for 1960. brap
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declares that vice president richard m. nixon has been unanimously nominated to be the candidate of the republican party for the office of president of the united states. >> he's been downtown in his suite at the sheraton blackstone
8:38 pm
watching on television looking at us looking at him looking at us. >> could we have a word from mrs. nixon, please? >> i still feel it's all a dream. when i was teaching school 20 years ago, i never knew that this event would happen tonight. >> mr. vice president, why do you want to be president of the united states? >> these lights are a little warm. i think this nation has a destiny. i think every individual has a destiny. >> richard nixon. >> and i am convinced that if america does not give the world, the free world, the leadership that it needs that the clouds of freedom will die forever. >> you're going to have dick nixon. >> with faith in america and in her people i accept your nomination for president of the
8:39 pm
united states. [ cheers and applause ] >> it's the centennial convention of the republican party. 100 years since the nomination of lincoln. it's come now from abraham lincoln to richard nixon. ♪ everyone is voting for jack ♪ 'cause he's got what all the rest lack ♪ ♪ everyone wants to back jack ♪ jack is on the right track ♪ 'cause he's got high hopes ♪ he's got high hopes >> when i first met kennedy, he was a congressman. he was very intelligent.
8:40 pm
he was very personable. however, i sensed that he was very shy. frankly as i was. i rather thought that we were alike in that respect. but we were very different in many ways. he of course had all the money he needed for personal purposes. he never had to fight his way up. he never had to worry about losing in a campaign. or fear that he wouldn't have a job. >> it is time in short for a new generation of leadership. >> he was one that attracted the people that wanted a young, courageous man in the presidency. and yet one who was suave, smooth, debonair, and graceful. basically, that's the mark of royalty.
8:41 pm
>> the next president of the united states, richard m. nixon. >> thank you very much. ♪ ♪ he's the man to lead the usa >> the reason advanced by people who intend to vote for nixon was he has more experience than kennedy, particularly in foreign affairs. ♪ when he is sure he's right ♪ >> based on the crowds, and they have been record crowds, press, please note bigger than anybody that anybody's ever had. ♪ when he is sure he's right ♪ >> this isn't a test of looks. it's a test of what you've got upstairs. >> tell him i see him. >> what do you want me to do?
8:42 pm
>> one, two, three. >> how are you? good to see you again. >> good to see you. >> mr. nixon arrived at the studios first. >> i'm on this side? >> if he's agreeable i think we both just stand here. >> once the -- >> you say we have questions, gentlemen, then we move over here, right? >> yes. >> good. >> but the master tactician made one major tactical mistake. >> david, will you hit the one-minute button, please? and the cut, please. >> you want it quickly or -- >> we figure when you see 30-second you -- >> all right. cycling...
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come on. >> look right at the camera there. do that again. >> nixon was famous. he was the world famous vice president. kennedy was a rather unknown
8:47 pm
senator. >> he was thought to be untested politically, bit of a political lightweight. and richard nixon was the great debater. >> you hear me now speaking? is that about the right tone of voice? >> it's like a brick wall. >> good evening. and now for the first opening statement by senator john f. kennedy. >> we discuss tonight domestic issues. but i would not want that to be any implication to be given that this does not involve directly our struggle with mr. khrushchev for survival. therefore, i think the question before the american people is are we doing as much as we can do? i should make it very clear that i do not think we're doing enough, that i am not satisfied as an american with the progress that we are making. this is a great country. >> kennedy was standing out there very comfortably. >> if the united states fails -- >> and i expected the tiger to
8:48 pm
go out of his corner and rip apart this young challenger. >> i think it's time america started moving again. >> the things that senator kennedy has said many of us can agree with. there's no question but that this nation cannot stand still. and i subscribe completely to the spirit that senator kennedy has expressed tonight. our disagreement son about the goals for america but only about the means to reach those goals. >> within the first two minutes i was convinced that nixon simply was not going to fight back. >> he went in with the idea he had to come through as the nice guy, not the tough guy. >> he was trying to be too polite. he was afraid of the tricky dick thing. >> senator, the vice president and his campaign has said that you are naive and at times immature. he has raised the question of leadership. on this issue why do you think people should vote for you rather than the vice president? >> the vice president and i came
8:49 pm
to the congress together. i've been there now for 14 years, the same period of time that he has. so that our experience in government is comparable. >> i can only say that my experience is there for the people to consider. senator kennedy is there for the people to consider. >> nixon was not up for the game. >> i think one party is ready to move in these programs. the other party does lip service. >> while senator kennedy says we are for the status quo, i do believe that he would agree that my proposals are just as sincerely held as his. >> he was soft. he was evading punches. >> he had a gray suit on against a gray background. he looked sallow. >> a two-term vice president thoroughly wilted. >> i don't want his story ten years if now to say these were the years when the time ran out for the united states. i want them to say these are the ears when the tide came in.
8:50 pm
>> in one hour nixon elevated his opponent to his own level of fame that he had worked eight years to attain himself. >> silly damn thing anyways. >> it is interesting. it's as vivid as that. >> you see the other point is that it was -- if it had been in color it would have been different. the white suit is fan. black and white always wear a dark suit. oh well. hell. >> what's jack got that the rest haven't got? >> because, of course, many in the media are more, frankly, suckers for style than the average people. >> and his lovely wife
8:51 pm
jacquelin. >> but the media being a, shall we say, not particularly in my corner. generally speaking they're just against me. >> mr. vice president, there are some who say i don't know what it is, but i just don't like the man. >> mr. nixon, in that first debate, a great deal was made of your appearance on television. >> well, i've often said there wasn't much that could be done with my face. >> sometimes it's very important for a potential leader to go through the fire. that's how you learn how to win. >> whatever has happened up to this point, you haven't seen anything yet. >> this election is still wide open and could be close or it could be a landslide either way. >> i do not believe that we can afford to use the white house as the training school to give a man experience at the expense of the american people.
8:52 pm
>> 65 million americans or more will step into booths and secretly vote their choice. >> i run against a candidate who reminds me of the bowl of his party, the circus elephant. >> whom will the voters choose? >> it's a tremendous decision. it might well be the most crucial one they'll ever make. >> the people of the united states realize that it's a pied piper from boston, and they're not going to go down that road. ♪ looking to simplify your skin care routine without sacrificing results? try olay total effects for a 7-in-1 solution. its unique formula is packed with vitamin b3, e, and c to naturally renew skin cells for a visibly healthy glow. in fact, a single dose provides more vitamin b3 than 50 cups of kale which is proven to improve 7 key areas of visibly healthy skin.
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♪ tuesday, november 8th is election day all over the country. everyone has said this would be a close election. >> across the united states it's been a very calm day despite this record turnout across the entire nation. >> it's been one of the most arduous campaigns we've ever had, and vice president nixon when he ended it was gray with fatigue. he said he hoped some time he would write a book about running for president and he said the title of it should be "the
8:57 pm
exquisite agony." now begins the exquisite agony of waiting to see how it all turned out. >> the very first returns are now beginning to pour in substantially. >> and it is a very close race, indeed, as you see on the board. 415,000 votes for nixon with 2% of the nation's precincts counted. and for nixon, he's leading in states that would give him 173 electoral votes. it is just neck and neck. let's see how the ibm 7090 is looking. >> the first forecast we can make is with 1% of the nation's precincts reporting, the trend indicates that richard m. nixon will be elected tonight. >> suppose we direct your attention to -- first to the popular vote as it now stands. >> kennedy has moved ahead in the popular vote. on the electoral board, nixon is
8:58 pm
still holding on to the lead, but it is so narrow at this point. >> in maryland nixon has jumped into the lead. >> new hampshire, surprise, kennedy ahead with 10% of the votes in. >> missouri has flopped over to the nixon column. that state was supposed to be for kennedy. >> kennedy has a light lead in texas. this will be important. >> this has turned into a seesaw battle in quite a few of the states all night long. >> the vote has now roughly reached 14 million. >> kennedy in the lead by about a million. >> 60% shows kennedy ahead. very close still. >> charles, we just heard from los angeles, from vice president nixon's election night headquarters, that his aides say he remains confident of victory. >> i have a philosophy that this country is a country of destiny. i happen to believe that through the years our people some way know how to select the man for
8:59 pm
president that the times need and that the country needs. >> we want nixon! we want nixon! >> a hundred hands go up in a peace sign, which nixon himself has been using. >> our great presidents have really articulated what people felt at the time. and it was because they were representative of the tide of the times that they were president. >> mr. president -- mr. vice president, you almost convinced me there for a moment. >> john f. kennedy becomes president-elect of the united states. >> just think how much you're going to be missed. you don't have nixon to kick around anymore. >> we see cities enveloped in smoke and flame.
9:00 pm
we see americans hating each other. fighting each other. killing each other at home. >> a long dark night for america is about to end. vice president and mr. nixon are just heading back down the stairs. >> 3:27 a.m. on this morning after the election, november the 9th. >> we want nixon! we want nixon! >> and kennedy is very, very slowly pulling away in this very close election.


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