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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  April 6, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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>> whether it's asylum, whether illegal immigration, can't take you anymore. >> u.s. president trump's stark message for migrants at the border. he says the country is full. also this hour, tense moments as renegade forces in will i libya close in on tripoli. and mick jagger undergoes successful heart surgery. he says he's on the mend after postponing a big tour. >> he will be back. they always are. welcome, everyone. coming to you live from atlanta, i'm natalie allen. >> i'm george howell.
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from cnn world headquarters, "newsroom" starts now. and we begin with president trump and his harsh message for those wanting to imgreat to the u.s. turn around, the united states is full. >> those words as the president visited the u.s. border with mexico. while there, he toured the b border wall calling the idea of seeking asylum a hoax and said basically to stay out of the country. >> our country is full. our area is full, the sector is full. can't take you anymore, i'm sorry. can't happen. so turn around. that's the way it is. >> despite backing down from his earlier threat to close the southern border, he repeated other threats to mexico like imposing economic penalties for drug smuggling. a 25% tariff or cars coming from mexico. and if that doesn't stop illegal
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immigration within a year, closing the border. >> despite the tough talk on immigration, migrants still head to the u.s. southern border as they have for decades. the pace has slowed in recent years, though there has been a recent spike in the numbers. >> and as for that wall the president keeps mentioning? our nick watt separates fact from hyperbole. >> reporter: president trump's message here was the country is full, you can't come in, turn around, and go back to where you came from. and that there is an emergency on the border right now. he said that the apprehension of families trying to cross over has gone up by 400% and he is right on that. he was also here to see this, which has been hailed by the trump administration as the first completed section of president trump's wall. it is not quite what they say it is. this is in fact replacement fence that was earmarked for
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read placement back in 2009. the funding did come through in 2017 when president trump was in office, but it is a bit of a stretch to say this is the first part of his wall. president trump today said that they will have built 400 miles of wall in the next two years. now, they have actually begun construction on president trump's wall but over in texas in the rio grande valley, they began construction on a 13 mile stretch. protesters here, their message is we don't want a wall and please do not close the border, which is something that president trump has been threatening to do. this little town calexico really needs mexicali for the economy. they rely on people coming across here to shop in the stores, they say that without the mexican border crossing, without people coming over, this town would die. they say yeah, we have problems in this area.
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but our problems are not the border, the problems are unemployment, the problems are health care and our problems are the environment. so there were some people here to support president trump , a few red hat, but generally people are saying we're two nations but one community. we don't want your wall and we don't want you to close the border. >> nick watt there. the border battle isn't the only thing on the president's mind. the cloud of the russia investigation still hanging over the white house despite his claims the mueller report k3 on rat rates him. >> and now questions coming to the forefrond, demands to see his tax returns. pamela brown has this report. >> reporter: the democrats have escalated fight over president trump's tax returns sending a letter to the treasury department general counsel saying the request from the house ways and means committee
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for the president's tax returns the past six years is a gross abuse of power, that this is all about politics, that the democrats don't have a legitimate reason here. and essentially that it is harassment. the lawyers also point out that the president's taxes are under audit, something that has not been independently confirmed, but even if the taxes are under audit, they can still be released publicly. but about the line here, the president's lawyers are urging the treasury department's general counsel to reach out to the department of justice lawyers for consultation to get legal advice on this because the outside lawyers, that is really all they can do at this point is make their case. now, democrats on the hill for their part, they are also digging in their heels. they believe they are on solid legal footing, that this is all part of their oversight responsibility. but an administration official telling jim acosta that basically officials, lawyers for mr. trump, for president trump, are ready to fight this all the way to the supreme court.
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so this appears to just be the beginning. pamela brown, cnn, washington. let's talk about these developments with leslie vinjamuri joining us from london. >> thank you for having me. >> let's tart with the president's comments at the border saying the country is full, turn around. is he making gains with his tough stance on immigration? >> well, it is very interesting to see the reversal on just recently because of course although he is using this rhetoric and he's used it throughout his campaign and increasingly during the midterms to stoke division and to really rally his base, he hasn't had the support of senior republican leaders, senior business leader, especially those advising him on economic policy who see the potentially devastating effects on the economy not only for mexico, but for the united
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states. so there has been a lot of push back and i think this is why of course he has walked back from that claim that he would close the border quickly. >> right. i was going to ask you about that. he has beat that drum for the past few weeks and all of a sudden as we've seen he sometimes talks tough and then backs away from taking concrete action. but he is talking about tariffs. he is trying to hurt mexico somewhat here. but could he also hurt american consumers? >> that's right. last year there were reportedly $500 billion worth of goods that legally crossed that border. that is a tremendously important border for trade between the united states and mexico. it is a very important border for workers to cross over. these are highly integrated economies. and again, this is the reason that the president has clearly walked away because at the end of the day regardless of how of
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the anti-immigration, the anti-migrant rhetoric has been, the strength of the economy certainly overrides that. so i think despite the threat now that he will consider auto tariffs against mexico, the likelihood that he goes forward, i think that he will get aback e generally on his side. >> let's talk about the fact that people from central america keep making that long trek to the u.s. border despite the president saying there is no room here, please go back. they keep coming and there are more and more caravans. what does that say about the issue at the border as well? >> well, why do people leave their countries? most people have no interest in leaving their families and leaving the places, their homes, people tend to leave because there are fewer opportunities, because they are at risk, violence, criminality. so the response of course should be to invest in the region, to work for the united states --
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for the united states to work with mexico, to develop a robust and fair system. strong borders are clearly important, but if you go back to when the president said that he was going to cut america's foreign assistance to central america to those countries where a lot of the caravans are originating, that is likely to make the problem far worse, not to invest in the region is a tremendously short sighted and with potentially devastating humanitarian consequences. >> yes, we know that the wall wasn't being built, that that sesks of the wa section of the wall was approved by a former administration. but let's pivot to the other issue that we heard more about on friday and that is his refusal to release his tax returns. why do you believe that he is digging in his heels on this one and willing to fight all the way to the supreme court? >> well, as we know, the
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president -- the first president in decades not to have released his tax returns either on the campaign trail or since he was inaugurated is highly unusual, but he has dug in his heels and now that we have the democrats in charge of the house with the very clear legal authority to request those tax returns, the president is not changing his position. and the obvious and simple answer is that he doesn't want people to know what is in his tax returns. obviously that raises a whole series of questions about what is there. and we simply don't know. but i think that the irs is going to have to turn those tax returns over. >> it brings more attention to the fact that he just won't renege on that situation, doesn't it. leslie vinjamuri, we always appreciate your ininsights. thanks so much for giving us the
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time. now to libya, that nation spiraling into more chaos as a renegade general there tleedsle offensive toward tripoli. a battle is under way. the u.n. backed libyan government says forces took the international airport but it has since been liberated. libya has faced power struggle since its 2011 civil war, are warring militias have prevented the government from taking control. let's go live to london. salma abdelaziz, help our viewers understand what is happening right now on the ground. >> reporter: the last few days, the military commander who has very much emerged as a strong man in the country's east, he controls large parts of that country including its very lucrative oil reserves, he called on his men to march on
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tripoli. they did exactly that, launching a multifront advance. you now, the u.n. secretary-general guttierez was actually in tripoli at the time to try to prepare for peace negotiations. he found himself very much caught in the middle. he scrambled to the east of the country to speak to him to try to calm tensions. take a listen to what he said yesterday. >> i want to make a very strong appeal, an appeal for all military movements to stop, an appeal for containment, calm, deescalation both military and verbal deescalation. >> reporter: so you can hear him there calling for calm. and there has been a chorus of criticism from the u.s., from europe, from others. but general haftar is not slowing down on this. again, they are on the outskirt
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of the city. there was an airport that they briefly had claimed to have taken control of which now the u.n. backed government seems to have. this is all very unsettling for the people of tripoli. analysts will tell you that he could be just posturing, he could be grand standing to try to get himself a bigger slice of the pie when it comes to u.n. talks or any future settlement of the country. but if its just posturing, it is very dangerous. >> all right. salma, we'll continue to follow this story with you. thank you so much. britain's space industry one of the many victims of brexit uncertainty. we'll explain the negative impacts that it's having. also ahead, falsely impersonating a young boy could land a young man behind bars if years. oh! oh!
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british prime minister theresa may is again trying to buy more time. >> and it may be her only option to avoid crashing out come april 12th. she has asked the european council to give her until the end of june to get an agreement through parliament, but already there is resistance among eu members. council is set to meet wednesday. all the uncertainty is taking a toll on britt continue busineis. brexit has become quite an obstacle. >> one case in point, a small startup in the space industry. nina dos santos has that story. >> here we have the beam and structure. >> reporter: 60 miles from westminster, some of the world top engineers are trying to solve a problem, their aim, to build something flexible, durable and able to function in a hostile environment. like brexit, it is a delicate
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balancing act. >> everybody knows that solid compone component, but what we've done is how to make it something that we could actually deploy and flex without it shattering. >> reporter: brexit may not be rocket science, but it could have an impact on the burgeoning space sector populated by small businesses developing unique technologies. oxford space systems makes high tech equipment for satellite, its products have been showcased to the british prime minister and unveiled by members of the royal family. since launching in 2013 with just three employees, the fill now has 47 staff and $26 million in private and public sector funding. >> here you see the -- >> reporter: but the signal potential hires are picking up from politicians is not favorable and that is a risk for
1:20 am
an enterprise that is expanding. >> brexit is becoming a little bit of a challenge. in europe people don't know whether they can come to the uk. it is so much uncertainty that we've even had to turn down jobs to come here. >> reporter: the firm is one of 89 space startups based in a technology park in the outskirts of oxford. businesses familiar with sending their wares into the unknown, but with the uk set to leave the eu, there are concerns that some parts of the space industry may have to relocate. >> we did have some business in europe and some of that european business is around some of these satellite programs like global positioning network. and the uk has now found out that we're not going to be able to get involved in that like we used to. and that runs the risk of us losing some of the expertise. >> reporter: with brexit once
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again coming down to the wire, space companies like others up and down the country are hoping for clarity soon. so at least in terms of their future, they aren't left operating in the dark. nina dos santos, cnn. and assange is about it on being expelled. >> the foreign ministry calls the report falsehoods meant to insult ecuador. the reports started after ecuador and he president says assange repeatedly violated an asylum agreement they had. >> assange has been hold up in the embassy there for almost 7 years. he is trying to avoid extradition to the united states. saudi arabia has launched a new crackdown on dissent. sources say the kingdom has detained seven activists including two u.s. citizens. it is the first sweep of its kind since the killing of jamal khashoggi last year.
1:22 am
our michelle kosinski has this. >> reporter: if you thought the brutal murder of jamal khashoggi by saudi officials would keep the crown prince on his best behavior for a while, it didn't last long. now the kingdom has rounded up a group of activists including two american citizens, journalist and a physician, seven people in total according to cnn sources under arrest all writers and bloggers interested in social reforms and women's rights in this latest saudi crackdown. >> don't give up, we will not. >> reporter: just this week secretary of state mike pompeo spoke to family members of american hostages like austin tice in syria and those who lost loved ones like otto warmbier. >> i'm not here to instill any false hope. sometimes our best simply is not enough. >> reporter: the trump administration has made some energetic efforts to bring
1:23 am
americans home. more than a dozen in the last two years. and some tough cases. the coleman fact from pakistan, pastor brunson from turkey. the president clearly revels in the successes yet still many nations remain undeterred to armor americans both friends and foes, saudi arabia, turkey, russia, china, iran. not long after trump publicly said the arrest of a chinese telecoms executive on u.s. charges might help in trade talks with china as if this was politically motivated, cnn learned there are now multiple american residents believed held in china's vast internment camps. >> trump is shows disdain and disrespect for the rule of law that there is not going to be any repercussions if they do the same. the administration has not done well and therefore has a mikszed reputation. >> reporter: for example not yet
1:24 am
opening a hostage only channel with iran. a former official says the u.s. has been insisting that at least five americans held there need to be released before there can be discussion of anything else, a stance some experts feel won't work. and trump's refufs al fusals tom jung-un for otto warmbier's death are on the saudi's crown prince for the murder of khashoggi sends a message that some things no matter how brutal can be explained away for those at the top. just this week the state department indicated that they may start trying to talk to iran again specifically about hostages. and as for americans detained around the world, it is always tough to know exactly how many there are. some are never made public, some just held for a short amount of time. but top experts tell us that the best estimates they go by are that currently about 3,000 americans are held globally and about 100 of them are considered
1:25 am
hostages. michelle kosinski, cnn, state department. now we turn to the bizarre story of a young man pretending to be a boy who disappeared almost eight years ago at the age of 6. >> authorities are trying to figure out why he came up with the hoax. athena jones has this story. >> reporter: brian michael rini, the man who pretended to be 14-year-old timmothy pitzen is facing a federal charge of making false statements to federal agents and could be facing up to eight years in prison. an affidavit filed in support of the criminal complaint says rini repeatedly claimed to be pitzen. the newport, kentucky police chief saying when officers encountered rini, he was clean shaven, acting child like and speaking in a childish voice. the 23-year-old rini who also says he was a text trafficking victim complained of abdominal pain and was examined by doctors and also interviewed by a
1:26 am
forensic psychologist. rini refused to be fingerprinted and was only properly identified when he agreed to submit to dna testing. when confronted, he admitted that he was not pitzen and said he had seen a story about the missing boy on a tv program. he wanted to get away from his family allegedly saying he wished he had a father like tim anywhere oig timmothy's. >> rini had actually on two prior occasions claimed to be a victim of juvenile sex trafficking. >> reporter: in both cases he was only identified after being finger printed. he has a history of run-ins with the law. last year he was sentenced to a year and a half on burglary and vandalism charges and just released from prison march 7. rini's brother saying he hasn't seen or spoken to his brother in years. he used expletives to describe him and said he even
1:27 am
impersonated him two years ago. jonathan telling an affiliate -- >> he's been doing stupid stuff, not in serious, but is stupid stuff for as long as i can remember. i would tell the family that i'm sorry for what he's done, but for him, i wouldn't speak to him. i'd tell him he's going down a dark road. >> reporter: when rini claimed to be pitzen, pitzen's family was hopeful that was really timmothy. >> cautiously if it turns out we're thrilled. >> reporter: hopes soon dashed, his aupts snt saying it was lik reliving the disappearance all over again. >> unfortunately this child is not our beloved timmothy. we know that you are out there somewhere, tim, and we will never stop looking for you, praying for you and loving you. >> what a terrible thing to put
1:28 am
that family through again. threats of border closures to threats of tariffs, we'll get mexico's perspective on president trump's ever changing positions ahead here. plus the former u.s. vice president joe biden is apologizing for his behavior, kind of. what the former vice president says he is sorry for and where he is doubling down.
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. welcome back to our viewers here in the u.s. and around the world. you're watching "cnn newsroom." i'm natalie allen. >> and i'm george howell with the headlines we're following for you. forces of ren xwa renegade gene libya are advancing on their
1:32 am
capitalit ity capital. the security inside the city is good. u.n. security council has called on khalifa haftar to stop the advance. boeing has temporarily cut production of its 737 jets, most are the grounded 737 max. instead of making 52 airplanes a month, it will make 42. the entire max fleet was grounded after two crashes killed 346 people. the u.s. president has harsh words for those wanting to immigrate into the united states. speaking near the u.s.-mexico border on friday, he said, quote, turn around, our country is full. and he toutded the touted the b and called the idea of seeking asylum a hoax. >>. businesses are still trying to figure out what president trump's ever changing positions and threats of tariffs and
1:33 am
border closures mean for them. >> mexico is after all the united states third biggest trading partner. pa paula newton has part of the story from mexico city. >> reporter: here in mexico of course they are relieved that the border won't be closed today, but they are taking donald trump's threats seriously and of course that includes slapping the 25% tariff on automobiles. now, trump was very clear the president saying that, look, he thought mexico had been doing a better job in the last few days, we understand from officials here that they have been very close collaboration with the trump administration over the last few days. but they are not saying that in fact they changed their policy here at all, only that they are highlighting what they are doing in timps of apprehensions of the central american migrants at the southern border. listen to the president of mexico as he tries to calm down the situation. take a listen. >> translator: the only thing that i can say is that we have a good relationship. there are no confrontations with the u.s. government. we are financially stable.
1:34 am
this is what the data shows. >> reporter: mexico will grappling with this for months to come even if they have a year. and as one mexican commentator put it, the president has basically shot a missile into the usmca, the free trade agreement, and this government here, a very new government, will be trying to make sure that their humanitarian approach will work but also not undermine their own economy. paula newton, cnn, mexico city. earlier mr. trump weighed in on another issue making headlines, the recent allegations that the former vice president joe biden invaded women's personal space. >> the president who has been accused of misconduct himself says he is the right person to criticize the former vice president. >> what exactly is offensive about joe biden's behavior and are you the right messenger for that? >> i think i'm a very good
1:35 am
messenger. people got a kick out of it. he is going through a situation. let's see what happens. but people got a kick. we got to sort of smile a little bit, right? >> mr. biden now says that he is sorry he didn't understand more about how his behavior made others feel. >> his comments came during his first public appearance since he was accused of invading personal space, but as cnn's arrest l arrest let signs reports -- >> i'm not sorry for anything that i have ever done. i've never been disrespectfulle >> i'm not sorry for anything that i have ever done. i've never been disrespectful intentionally to a man or a woman. >> reporter: the former vice president still grappling with how to respond to claims that he made women feel uncomfortable and acknowledging more people could come forward. >> i wouldn't be surprised, but i've had hundreds and hundreds of people contact me who i don't
1:36 am
know and, you know, say the exact opposite. >> reporter: as he took the stage at his first public appearance since the allegations, biden gave out a hug and made this joke. >> i had permission to hug lonnie. >> reporter: and then did it a second time after calling a group of children up to the stage. >> by the way, he gave me permission to touch him. >> reporter: but shortly after, he scrambled in to cleanup mode telling reporters he wasn't making light of people's feelings. >> i hope it wasn't taken that way. >> reporter: biden also appearing to inch closer to that 2020 bid. hinting it is not a matter of if, but when. >> i'm told by the lawyer that i've got to be careful what i say so that i don't start a clock ticking and change my status. i get a shot and then we're off to the races.
1:37 am
>> reporter: with a large and historically diverse field of candidates already taking shape, biden shared how he would brand himself. biden has already drawn the attention of president trump. >> no, i don't see joe biden as a threat. no. i don't see him as a threat. i think that he is only a threat to himself. >> reporter: he is hitting back. >> he doesn't have time to do his job, but look, everybody knows who donald trump is. >> reporter: with his white house run just around the corner, biden says these allegations make it clear something has to be different. >> i think it will have to change somewhat how i campaign. it is not a bad thing. >> reporter: and lucy flores tweeted out a statement saying that it is clear that he hasn't reflected enough. we'll see if biden offers any other response as he gets closer to that 2020 run. the former vice president told
1:38 am
me that he will be announcing his decision very soon. that is the 2020 election. let's look at one here in 2019. israel's election is right around the corner. and the plm rime minister is trg to cling to his seat as he faces corruption sandals. that is coming up next. also -- it doesn't negate his responsibility to firstly let people know that they are being surveilled. >> the shock of finding a hidden camera transmitting a live video signal at a i havevacation rent. imagine that. d a leg for postag. i remember setting up shipstation. one or two clicks and everything was up and running. i was printing out labels and saving money. shipstation saves us so much time. it makes it really easy and seamless. pick an order, print everything you need, slap the label onto the box, and it's ready to go. our costs for shipping were cut in half.
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1:42 am
netanyahu's main rival has a slight edge. >> his blue and white party is projected to win more seats than the prime minister's likud party, but here is the catch. as usual, israel's next leader will likely have to form a coalition and mr. netanyahu has the upper hand there. let's talk more about it with oren liebermann joining from us jerusalem. what are the issues dominating this election? all rig >> reporter: biggest issues haven't really changed, and that is security which is always an issue and the economy itself. israel has a very high cost of living and that always weighs on voters' minds. biggest issue perhaps is netanyahu as well. he has made himself the center of the campaign partially because of the vetss he faces, the corruption probes against him. and his attacks on those corruption probes. and an attempt to delegitimize that. but as you point out, it is not simply a function of who has the biggest party here.
1:43 am
if it is at least according to the latest polls this would be the election of netanyahu's rival. instead it is who can form a and who can woo the potential king maker. and this might be the surprise story of the election. identity came out of nowhere and may decide the next prime minister. this is what israel's anti-establishment vote looks like. a diverse mix of young pot smoking renegades and older religious voters. the followers of the zehut party are the surprise story of the 2019 elections and they have one big demand, legalizing marijuana. they see weed as the tip of a libertarian platform. but beyond the bong is a very different agenda. this man entered politics as a religion zionist.
1:44 am
he wants to build a third temple on a site holly to muslims where even a slight change can spark tensions. he says palestinians and nonjews should have a choice, declare allegiance to israel or the country will help you leave. >> there are plenty of palestinians who don't want to declare loyalty and didn't want to leave. >> so you are touching a different point, a point of justice, who the land belongs to. and we know from history, from the basic history of israel, that the land of israel belongs to the people of israel. >> and what do you plan do with those who don't declare allegiance? >> she will have they wi . >> they will have to decide. it is not a question of security. it is a question of justice. who the land of israel belongs to. >> no one in the international community has accepted international sovereignty? >> that is nonsense.
1:45 am
>> that is a statement of fact. no one in the international community has accepted international sovereignty. >> that is nonsense. go back to your history lessons. >> reporter: the party's platforms spans the political spectrum. on the right they favor a one state solution, a jewish israel from the mediterranean sea to the jordan arrive including the palestinian territories. on the left they had vow cat a separation of religion and state. they could make them equally unpalatab unpalatable. zehut has forced itself into the political conversation and they could decide the next prime minister. >> whoever will give us more, that is where we'll go. >> reporter: he seems to relish the role, but for now, he is focused on election day and making sure that his upstart campaign doesn't go up in smoke. having watched this election
1:46 am
transform and move from the very beginning, i'll tell you, that i wouldn't be surprised if the zehut party has zero seats or ten seats. the next actual view of where everyone stands will be exit polls tuesday at 10:00 p.m. local time. >> we'll wait to hear from you then. thanks, oren. three weeks after a cyclone slammed into africa, the situation is more dire. >> u.s. aid says nearly 2 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance in mozambique alone and the cholera outbreak is spreading rapidly. becky anderson traveled to mozambique after the storm to show us the devastation. ♪ >> reporter: when the cyclone
1:47 am
made land, a coastal city took the bankrupt of trunt of the st flooding that followed has decimated huge tracts of land in mozambique, zimbabwe and malawi. when we arrived 11, 12 days after the cyclone, it was only becoming clear just how destructive this storm had been. levels have dropped so quickly now that that this is becoming a much more dangerous trip. you could see just tracts of muddy brown water. this is one of the most impoverished areas in the world. how were these hundreds of thousands people across these areas going to cope. they don't contribute anything in life the developed world to
1:48 am
issues of climate change. and yet they bear the brunt. the water, 8 meters high. so the wall would have been up towards the top of these trees. wfp has set up a distribution center and this was in a village which was on higher ground. when we arrived, there were thousands of people from small children to grandmothers and grandfathers who were desperate. they were absorbing people from outlying areas who had lost everything. in this village, school gone, houses were wrecked, they had very little food. they needed water. we were shown by one old lady the crock that had survived, a
1:49 am
moldy piece of corn. that was it. how was she going to feed her family. if we are to believe the climate change scientists, it is likely that areas like this will see more extreme events, not less. these communities need help to become more resilient. these are people who get very little help on a regular basis. as long as they have survived this initial phase of cyclone, they will survive, you can see it, but they need an awful lot of help. >> if you would like to do something to help the victims of this massive cyclone and its impact, impact your world has the details you need. you will find a full list of organizations working to help those affected at we'll be right back.
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a family from new zealand is describing the shocking feeling they had when they discovered a hidden camera in the airbnb vacation home that they were
1:54 am
renting. >> it happened just after the barker family, there you see them, checked into their rental in ireland. when the high tech savvy dad scanned for a wi-fi signal, he found a camera actually live streaming video from the living room. cnn's isa soares asked the mom what she thought about it. >> it was one of those sort of adrenalin rush moments. he looked at me across the table and i could see that he had seen something shocking and i peered over to have a look and i saw essentially myself looking at his mobile phone at the kitchen table. so it was such a shock. >> and for your children, we're looking at a photo there of the family, how did they take to it? >> different reactions. they are a fair mix of ages. but safe to say that couple of them were actually really worried and afraid. this particular house had quite a sophisticated i.t. system and he could also access the front
1:55 am
door remotely and open it and i guess worse case scenario things went straight to their mind and they were quite worried. >> wow. airbnb permanently banned the rental's host. but the family says the company took the action only after the public was alerted on facebook and by the media. ♪ mick jagger may be in full swing on stage again soon. >> the rolling stones legend says he is feeling much better now that he's had surgery. the operation forced the band to postpone a big tour. more about it from polo sandoval. >> reporter: a representative for the rolling stones front man confirmed mick jagger is, quote, doing very well and is expected to make a full recovery. on thursday, the 75-year-old underwent heart surgery. this coming after a source close
1:56 am
to the band told cnn that jagger would be treated to replace a valve in his heart. a representative for the performer however declining to elaborate more. the recovering jagger however taking to twitter on friday with a message of appreciation for not just his fans but also his medical staff tweeting, quote, thank yo messages of support. he writes i'm feeling much better now and on the mend. and also a huge thank you to all the hospital staff for doing a superb job. reminder about a week ago, jagger also took to twitter apologizing saying that he was devastated having to announce that he would have to push back the scheduled tour throughout parts of north america and canada. jagger said however that he would work as hard as he can to get back on stage as soon as possible. based on what we're hearing from his representatives, that devastation could be short lived as he could be rocking on the stage again very soon. polo sandoval, cnn, new york. >> he better. the day's top stories are
1:57 am
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