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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  April 22, 2019 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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the government now blames a little known jihadi group for the bombings >> the government there is admitting they knew about warnings before the attacks. it is issuing an apology to victims and families. authorities were warned ten days ago about a potential attack. ivan watson is live in sri lanka with the details. >> reporter: good morning, john. the situation here is still fluid and tense. there is a vehicle down the road and the authorities, soldiers here cleared out. they are clearly suspicious about the vehicle right now. that gives you a sense of some of the insecurity on the streets now in a country that is declared a curfew starting at 8:00 p.m. and cut off access to social media sites for the population in sri lanka. i'm in front of one of three catholic churches bombed on
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easter sunday. there is still rubble in front of here. the clock tower is stuck at 8:45 a.m. that's when the bomber is believed to have attacked when worshippers gathered here. the death toll is staggering here. more than 500 wond unded. a memo cites a foreign intelligence agency saying they had chatter of possible threats coming from a sri lankan group and the possibility that they were planning suicide attacks against catholic churches and against the indian high commission here. despite the warning, nothing was in place to protect this church from the deadly attack and the other two churches nor the three
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luxury hotels also attacked. one government minister called it negligence and in competenco. the government has apologized for letting the crucial piece of information slip through the cracks. there has not yet been a claim of responsibility. this is a country that's still very much in shock and mourning. one government minister said this is a new type of terrorism for sri lanka. that says a lot in a country that fought a civil war for decades here. >> eye cthank you very much. joining us is the editor and editorial board member ott bloomberg, bobby gosch. what do we know about the local terror group? >> we know little about them. they are so small they have barely registered on the radarov
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radarover -- radar of counter terrorism officials. they were known for vandalism, attacks on buddhist statues. one of the leaders was arrested and charged for inciting racial hatred. this is a huge leap to go from there to pull off a massive multi pronged terrorism attack. one of the biggest, deadliest terrorist attacks in asia. 300 people killed. seven suicide bombers, six targets, three cities. this is an enormous group for a group that small. my sense is we are just beginning to hear the first >> when you say that you means the possible they coordinated with a larger outfit? >> that would be the immediate suggestion. in january police there found a weapons cache and a bunch of explosives in another town, not one of those attacked.
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at that time they said these weapons and this ammunition had something to do with the islamic state. there was no mention. they thought these would be used against buddhist targets, not the christian minority. people will be tempted to join dots together. it's too early to tell. we don't know enough >> it sounds like not enough dots were connected. there were red flags. a police source said they had a warning that something was coming. now the top cabinet official says we are sorry as a government. we have to apologize to the. fas a families and institutions. i don't know if they were out of practice because they haven't had something electronic this for a long time. they didn't sound out the proper alerts >> they hadn't had practice for a long time. suicide bombings familiar to those of a certain age.
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you have a generation of young people who have small memories of that war. that was connected to a small group with no real history. that allowed the authorities. >> we'll continue to follow it throughout the morning. thank you very much for being here. john? democrats are grappling with the next move after the mueller report. at least two democratic presidential hopefuls are calling for impeachment. saab abby philip is live at the white house with the latest. >> reporter: president trump turned his anger to the testimony of those contributing to the second portion of the mueller report. democrats are grappling with the
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idea that they may need to begin impeachment proceedings against president trump. house speaker nancy pelosi scheduling a conference call with the democratic caucus today insisting congress won't be silent after a redacted version of the special counsel's. report was released last week. house intelligence committee chairman adam schiff said the caucus will weigh the option of impeachment over the coming weeks. >> we have to decide the best thing for the country. is the best thing for the country to take up an impeachment proceeding or is it in the best interest of the country not to take up impeachment we know won't be successful because the republican leadership won't do its duty. >> reporter: jerry nadler saying he wants to hear mueller testify first. >> if proving some of this would be impeachable, yes. obstruction would be
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impeachable. >> reporter: mueller outlined places where the president tried to thwart his probe. as a handful of the caucus's more progressive members and two 2020 candidates call for impeachment proceedings to begin >> this isn't politics. this is about what the president of the united states should be able to do and what the role of congress is in saying, no, a president doesn't get to come in and stop an investigation about a foreign power that attacked this country. >> reporter: president trump respond how you impeach a republican president for a crime committed by democrats? as members of the administration falsely insist the president was exonerated >> the president is not going to jail. he's staying in the white house for five and a half more years. >> reporter: rudy giuliani
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raising eyebrows with this defense of the willingness to accept political help from russians. >> any candidate in the world in america would take information -- >> from a foreign source? a hostile foreign source? >> who says it's illegal? there is nothing wrong with taking information from russi s russians. depends on where it came from. >> reporter: it would require 20 senate republicans to join with democrats to impeach president trump. a high bar. one republican senator mitt romney did criticize president trump for conduct described in the mueller report only to be attacked by rudy giuliani on the sunday morning shows and by president trump. >> thanks, abby. we'll dig deeper now with sun min kim, democrats at the crossroads. how do they see the risk-reward
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ratio? >> it's a delicate balancing act for nancy pelosi and her leadership team. the consensus they have is they want to continue to investigation. they want to continue digging. it's the impeachment question. since the redacted mueller report was released you saw a caucus struggling with this. they look at the report and see information about the president's conduct they feel they cannot ignore. they also recognize the reality that he's not going to be removed from office except through the normal electoral process. so they are wrestling with this question. now it will be debated later in calls and meetings. what elijah cummings of the oversight committee said was interesting when he said history
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will smile on democrats in the house if they proceed with this, even if it doesn't have a chance in the senate >> history may smile, politics may not. that's the rub. is the consensus among the leadership to let the investigations go forward and how much pressure will the left exert on presidential candidates? >> it's a lot of pressure coming from some of the presidential candidates. i'm not sure what elizabeth warren and jouulian castro have said will rain down on the other candidates. the drumbeat you will continue to hear from house democrats now is the requests for more information. we know democrats were not satisfied with the redacted report. they were asking for the entire report for weeks now, including the underlying information. you see how that demand serves an -- they can punt the
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impeachment question saying to make a full determine first nation on whether we pursue impeachment we need more information. we need the full up redacted report. the public supports them on this. a recent poll said 60% of voters support congress getting the full report. but the public doesn't support them on the impeachment question >> not even a little. stand on triprinciple, risk political backlash? we'll see. wait for this story. a comedian who rose to fame playing the president of ukraine on tv is about to become the new president of ukraine. exit polls show the comic beating the incumbent in a landslide victory. phil black is live in kiev with more. tell us how this happens, phil. >> reporter: it looks like a spectacular victory for vladimir
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zalinsky. it was an extraordinary campaign. he's not a politician. he has no experience. s he became famous through pretending to be the president on television. through playing the character of a regular guy who accidentally becomes president and goes about fighti fighting corruption. he did it in a vague way. no detailed policy, no real public discussions or rallies. rather slick online videos where he mocked the old guard of ukrainian politics. it really resonated across ukraine either with people who were desperate for change. the protest vote, if you like. or those who were sold on him and are looking to him to deliver on their hopes and dreams. on day one of his presidency he'll face a long list of big
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problems -- including the economy, quality of life and poverty. there is the war in the east of the country against russian-backed separatists. that's a significant problem. we are now looking at a scenario where the man who has become famous as a professional clown is the person who will be standing up to, negotiating with a man not known for his easy smiles, the russian president vladimir putin. an cr an incredibly experienced leader. president trump has called him to congratulate him. the last president was kicked out of office through a violent, hard won roevolution. that was only five years ago >> very interesting times. >> to say the least. >> alec baldwin is on line two. wants to me the when he'll get
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we have breaking 2020 news. seth mollton of massachusetts is rouning for president. >> we need to restore our moral authority. whether it's appointing a cabinet member, negotiating a treaty or signing an executive
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or order. i will uphold america's values. i want us to beat donald trump because i love this country. >> we have never been a country that gets everything right. at our best, we think we might. i would be honored if you would join me in this mission >> it is a crowded field of democrats. i think that's fair to say >> 19. >> exactly right. these are the people challenging donald trump. we are joined by abby philip. great to see you this morning. we have had seth moulton on the program. he's an impressive guy with an impressive background. seung min, what is the mental calculation somebody undertakes when they say there are 18 other people, but there is still a lane. what's the thinking here? >> the phrase has been ever
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senator gets up in the morning and sees the president. i guess every house member also sees that. this is a crowded lane. what congressman moulton is seeking to do is to. create a platform centered on national security. no candidate made it his or her specific lane, specific focus. there are two other veterans in the race. mayor pete buttigieg and tulsi gabbard. they have been focused on broader issues. congressman moulton wants to see how that resonates in this crowded field. he's gotten some backlash at home. it will be an interesting candidacy to watch >> fascinating. 40 years old, former marine.
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only politician i'm aware of who didn't talk about medals he'd won. the folks on national security are letting someone else make the argument will be joe biden. you are hearing this will make his big announcement this week. tell us more. >> john, we expect joe biden to make things official after months of deliberation and deadlines that seemed to pass. i'm told by those involved in the discussions that he will li likely be announcing via video followed by a series of events. really, biden's entry in the race will answer the biggest remaining question about what the field will look like. we could see other candidates enter into the coming weeks as well. biden is one big name people are waiting so see how he'll shake up the race. he's the front runner in the
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polls. one interesting thing is that biden has never run as a frontrunner. how will he handle the status as he expects arrows to come his way. also from his fellow democrats >> do folks at the white house put joe biden in a different category from the rest of the candidates? >> they do. unlike most of the candidates biden has what president trump has which is universal name recognition. it's important in a race where you have 19 candidates, all at various levels of notoriety in the public sphere. biden for one is at the top of the pack. people know who he is. beyond that there is a really issue for the white house about biden's potential platform, his ris nan resonance with working class voters. the hold on households that
3:22 am
shifted to president trump in the last election. trump advisers, if they are being honest, will tell you that's a big piece of the puzzle. if he's going to recite it, he's going to hold onto many of the people in the industrial midwest and states like pennsylvania and elsewhere. biden is one person they think has the best chance of doing that in the next race >> how is biding being seen in the democratic field? obviously an icon as president obama's vice president. he would be one of the oldest. might he be on the wrong side of the timeline and not liberal enough? >> he's leading in democratic polling. him and senator bernie sanders. a lot of that seems to be universal name recognition. there is no doubt he's the front runner. there is also no doubt he'll have to contend with a lot of
3:23 am
questions about his past, whether it's behavior. we know there's been a lot of stories about different women who said they weren't comfortable with his physical affection in recent years. also questions about his policies and how he handled certain high profile issues as a senator looking at financial policy, looking at how he handled the anita hill hearing as a member of the judiciary committee. they are questions that as the democratic party has shifted more progressive. they are questions that biden is preparing for and has to answer. once he officially gets in the race >> as this is happening, there is also the question as we start the new week of what democrats are going to do now that they have seen, for the most part, robert mueller's findings. they are all having meetings, debating what their next course of action is. let me play for you what one of
3:24 am
the presidential candidates, senator elizabeth warren said she's been the most vocal about calling for impeachment investigations. listen to this. >> i took an oath to the constitution of the united states and the constitution makes it clear that the accountability of the president lies through congress. that's the impeachment process >> is there a feeling that the idea is gaining momentum. >> we are see iing different strategies. you have elizabeth warren and julian castro saying they should begin impeachment proceedings. it's basically not saying they have to push for impeachment. they need to have hearings and let the process play out. what's interesting to watch is
3:25 am
whether the bet that someone like elizabeth warren is making on gloioing ahead and making th impeachment proceedings, putting that front and center. whether it will play off with a core base of voters who feel they would like to see the president impeached. one thing the democratic primary candidates are noting is they are not getting questions about the mueller report or impeachment on the campaign trail. we'll see how it plays out as we await fallout from the report >> speaking of defining the debate. i have to ask you what the reaction is to rudy giuliani going on the show this weekend and telling jake tapper getting information from russia is no big deal >> there is nothing wrong with taking information from russians. >> nothing wrong -- >> depends on where it came from. you're assuming that the giving of information is a campaign trail campaign contribution. the law is pretty much against
3:26 am
that. people get information from this person, that person >> you would have accepted information from russians against a candidate if you were running in the presidential election? >> i probably wouldn't. i wasn't asked. i would have advised out of an excess of caution, don't do it >> is this the new white house line? >> people have been saying for weeks that rudy giuliani maybe lost it. some people say he's crazy like a fox. this might be one of the examples where rudy giuliani is doing what he's done for the president for the last year and change which is basically moving the goal posts in the public sphere. changing the debate about what's wrong and what's right. on pen and paper, what he's saying in the clip is it is not illegal. as a result of that it's
3:27 am
permissib permissible. you can't criticize president trump for that. that's a political argument aimed at undermining the talk about impeachment we have been talking about. i wouldn't be surprised if you hear the president's allies echoing that. at the same time there are people who are president trump's allies who have been saying for a long time. this is obviously inappropriate. it was clearly something they should not have been open to. you can't get around it. they are trying to change the public narrative to tamp down criticism leading to the impeachment debate, particularly in the house >> but on pen and paper it is illegal. this is the law. let me read it so everybody is on the same page. contributions and donations by foreign nationals in connection with elections shall not directly or indirectly make a contribution or direction of money or other thing of value like, say, information that helps you win or expressly
3:28 am
implied promise to make a continribution or donation in connection with any federal, state, or local election. it is on paper and they thought it was a thing of value because they wanted to use it to win >> quickly, the thing giuliani is trying to say is even though they were open to it, they may have sought out where it was coming from. they didn't collude or conspire with the effort to undermine the election. he's making a fine line argument here. it's about the fact that even though they were open to it maybe they didn't engage in the act itself of taking the information >> but they did. they had ha mea meeting and the >> yeah. >> what could possibly go down the road. american elections are open for business. lots to discuss going forward. thank you very much >> we have a big night ahead on
3:29 am
cnn. there are five democratic presidential candidates in back-to-back town halls in new hampshire. this begins at 7:00 p.m. with senator amy klobuchar followed by senator elizabeth warren, senator bernie sanders, senator kamala harris and mayor pete buttigieg. this is must see tv. we'll have to be up until midnight >> it's a town hall-a-palooza. >> tomorrow the irs facing a deadline to turn over tax returns. what if they don't comply? a live report is next. anyone can go fast. the question is... is fast enough? ♪ or, do you want speed
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lauren fox is live on capitol hill with more. >> reporter: the deadline is approaching. it's tomorrow at 5:00 that the irs has to hand over six years of the president's personal and business tax returns. now we don't expect they'll comply because trump's associates have been clear they don't want democrats to get the president's tax returns and the president's personal lawyer sent two letters to the treasury department demanding they don't comply. the house of representatives could sue arguing that the irs is not complying with the law or they could issue a subpoena on top of the request for the president's tax returns and go to court. we have long expected it to be an extended court battle. this comes as democrats launch investigations into the president's finances that are broader than his tax returns. last week we learned that the house intelligence committee and the house financial services committee issued nine subpoenas
3:35 am
to financial institutions looking for information about the president's business dealings. we know the house oversight committee issued a subpoena to the accounting term asking for the financial disclosure information the firm put together for the president. a lot to unpack here. that deadline coming up again tomorrow at 5:00. john? >> fascinating stuff, lauren. thank you. up next, sarah sanders denies lying though she admitted it to mueller investigators. n b. for relief that lasts... you want soothe xp from bausch + lomb. soothe xp helps restore the eyes' lipid layer... ...seal in moisture... ...and protect against further irritation. soothe xp. the right choice for dry eyes.
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white house press secretary sarah sanders denies lying despite admitting to lying. the redacted mueller report revealed sanders made misleading statements to the press about the firing of james comey. sanders said countless rank and file agents had lost faith in him >> the rank and file of the fbi lost confidence in their
3:40 am
director. >> what about the rank and file who disagree that they lost faith. >> we have heard from countless members of the fbi that say different things. >> they hadn't. >> sanders told mueller's team she, quote, spoke in haste, a slip of the tongue, quote, not founded on anything. here's how she tried to clean it up. >> i said a slip of the tongue was in using the word countless. i'm sorry i wasn't a robot like the democrat party that went out for two and a half years and stated time and time again that there was definitely russian collusion between the president and his campaign. i said it was in the heat of the moment meaning it wasn't a scripted thing. it was something that i said. the big takeaway here is the sentiment is 100% accurate. >> no. it actually was wrong. the sentiment was wrong that countless people she had spoken to >> less than 100%. >> zero. >> just checking. >> joining us now.
3:41 am
joe lockhart and generajen sack. there is a line to walk here pushing the president's agenda and his version of events and not straying into outright lying. where is the line and do you think sarah sanders has the credibility to build it back? >> the job is to be the go-between of the press and the president. they are lacking a big half of that. watching the clips again, what's jarring to me is he was reading from something when she was at the podium. the fact that she's going out and saying this was spur of the moment or a slip of the tongue is also likely a lie. joe probably feels the same way. i talked to and regularly engage in with democrats and republicans who had my job in the past. one thing we had in common was
3:42 am
you were honored no serve. watching her go through two years though i rooted for her in the beginning, the reputation for public service >> the mueller team caught her in several lies to the public. it's interesting how once you are under oath where there are possible punishments for lying to investigators, her tune changes. in the mueller report here's what she told them. there were countless fbi agents who felt that way. she said sanders told this office her reference to hearing from, quote, countless members of the fbi was a, quote, slip of the tongue. she recalled her statement in a separate press interview that rank and file fbi agents had lost confidence in comey was a comment she made in the heat of the moment that was not founded on anything. there is a question. some people think, are they so
3:43 am
morally bankrupt they don't know they are lying anymore? no. when they are under oath they have to admit it. >> when she knew a byline, she could go to jail, join paul manafort in a jail cell it became clear to her that she needed to tell the truth. i agree with everything jen said. the press secretary job is hard. you have an obligation to tell the truth to the public. as things are moving quickly in the white house. there are bad actors in the white house, any white house and multiple agendas. what we haven't spent time on is the actual lie she told. if you look at the lie she told, she knew james comey was being fired because of the russia investigation. she participated in the obstruction of justice to smear james comey in order to slow
3:44 am
down or stop this investigation. yes, she has no credibility. i think there is a much bigger thing here she participated in the effort with president trump in order to obstruct justice >> to that end, another lie revealed by the mueller report is president trump, quote, certainly didn't dictate the statement on air force one regarding the trump tower meeting with russians that his son put out. given all this and given the pattern do you think sarah sanders should resign? >> i would say as a general rule that nobody should serve in that job or should be allowed to serve in that job who has play tantly lied to the public and done so in a way that's making fun of the job. i don't know that she has that much power. i think there is a lot of power the white house press corps has. if the president trusts her, he doesn't prepare her to provide
3:45 am
information that's of interest to the public. no. i think she should resign. the press has the power here and the white house to not take what she says and what she needs as fact and to challenge it. they have a responsibility to do it for the public, too. >> they are not taking what she says. it is helpful to have a reminder that taxpayers pay her salary to lie to them. >> that matters. >> if you are not cool with that, it's just important to know that's the business arrangement happening now. >> if you're not down with that. >> you shouldn't be down with it. >> what did you unearth in the wayback machine? >> we went to the cnn archives and pulled out a little viewed clip from 1994 from one bill barr and joe, look at this. he has a different interpretation of executive power and it is about president
3:46 am
bill clinton >> i think everyone can agree there are certain cases that are so sensitive and serious they shouldn't be treated asbusiness as usual. something extra has to be done to ensure the public there is not going to be political fixing in the case. here is a case where in order to develop it and these cases are difficult, one has to blow through roadblocks. maybe challenge privileges, ask the president to come before a grand jury >> come before a grand jury. sure, there's no political fixing. what's your reaction? >> he was smarter as a younger guy guy, i guess. i don't know bill barr. i don't know that i believe all of the stories before his confirmation that he was some incredibly principled man. he was the guy for the job. if anyone believed that and they still believe it, they are just naive.
3:47 am
what he did was an incredible disservice to the country. the way he did it. the way he withheld the report and then on three separate occasions told the american public this is what the report says. so that everybody read it in that frame of mind. the fact is the report said just the opposite. you can call it misleading, spin. i call it lying. when you have the president of the united states, the press secretary, the attorney general all effortlessly lying something's not to change >> wow. >> jen, joe, thank you both very much. it's a new week. it brings a new threat of severe weather. chad myers has the forecast next. the best simple dishes ever? great tasting, heart-healthy california walnuts. so simple, so good. get the recipes at
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when heartburn hits, fight back fast with tums smoothies. it neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ♪tum tum tum tum smoothies. also available tums sugar-free. bleacher report update brought to you by tums. fights heartburn fast. >> the warriors taking a commanding 3-1 lead over the clippers after a win on sunday. andy has more with the bleacher report >> this game is a perfect example of why the warriors are basically unbeatable. steph curry goes 1 for 9 yesterday from three-point range. didn't matter. if steph is having an off game, thompson and durant won't be. thompson was red hot in the
3:58 am
first half, scoring 27 points. he finished with 32. warriors win 113-105. thompson saying after the game a dip in the pacific helped him break out of the slump. >> went to the beach to play volleyba volleyball. said i'm going to jump in the ocean to reset myself. i don't know if i eel jump up north. it's freezing. something i will con ttemplate i don't shoot well >> the pacific ocean is undefeated. >> raptor and mavs yesterday. toronto head coach nick nurse has an awesome reaction to the team being called for a three-second violation. check out the face. he would hold that face for 11 seconds before eventually giving the official a piece of his mind. i can't tell you the last time i made that face. maybe the red wedding on "game
3:59 am
of thrones." awesome reaction to a call. >> that's my expression most morni mornings. >> that you have to go through the day. >> insane is the new normal. >> thank you, andy. >> thanks, guys. >> thank you to our international viewers. for you, talk is next. for u.s. viewers we have breaking news on the bombings in sri lanka. "new day" continues now. >> this is cnn breaking news. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to "new day." john berman is off. john avlon joins me. sri lankan government announcing ab international terrorist network is likely behind the easter sunday bombings on churches and hotels there. the death toll soared to near l 300 people. the blast targeted christians at catholic churches and tourists at luxury hotels.
4:00 am
a state of emergency is set to go into effect there today >> government officials say they had warning before the attacks and are issuing anies of the vc. moments ago there was another explosion. ivan? >> reporter: we are all coming down from that pretty massive controlled explosion. very close to a church that was targeted just yesterday. they blew up a suspicious vehicle around the corner from where i am. it's shattered glass and sent nervous residents of the neighborhood that was so recently targeted into a real panic here and sent bits of the van flying into the


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