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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  April 22, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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emergency. linking i sto linking isis to the bombings on monday. >> should they impeach the president now or wait until 2020? >> maybe inseparable no more. the harry and meghan could move across the world when their baby arrives. a little known extremist group is suspected in the bombings. chances are they did not act alone. officials -- three churches and four hotels were targeted on easter sunday. within the last few hours the official death toll has risen to 310 confirmed dead. and the government announced tuesday will be a day of national mourning. with dozens arrested a state of
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emergency has been declared and the fwov nor made an apology for failing to act before the attacks although they had credible reports. for the latest cnn live this hour. it seems in terms of government screw up. this is beyond kol las sal. the intelligence was right the system failed. >> i'm having trouble hearing you because of the noise out here. but i will tell you it is a somewhat chaotic and busy scene. look at streets compared to last night. when they were empty. and the curfew was in effect. it was lifted within the last several hours now there's traffic in this neighborhood. a short distance from the shrine which is one of the churches targeted by the government calls suspects in the suicide bombings. they identified six bombers. and one church not too far from where i'm at now.
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which it was why it was surprising when we passed by this shrine. and despite warnings from the government to avoid this kind of public gathering due to safety concern and possibility there could be other suspects out there. they already arrested dozens. of members they say could be tied to a terror organization possibly inspired by isis. these people are unafraid. they are here and praying for the 300 people killed. in the horrific bombings. attacks that sources say bear the hallmarks of international terror. >> reporter: tonight a state of emergency in sri lanka. race to track down a terror net work before it strikes again. the bomb squad performing this controlled detonation of a suspicious van. one of the sanctuaries targeted in bombings on easter sunday. this video shows a man state tv calls a suspect.
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officials say a bomb in his backpack one of six suspects wearing backpacks seen walking into churches and hotels before a series of eight explosions rocked this island nation. u.s. and indian intelligence agencies warned authorities for days. a local islamic group was plotting an attack. the government apologizing for the failure. promising to compensate families. >> interpole and the fbi are assisting as nvt tors uncover evidence of a much larger terror plot. police found 87 detonator at a bus station. they diffused a six foot pipe bomb on the main road near the airport. the attacks are isis inspired.
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>> reporter: bomb after bomb. city after city. it was a terrifying easter sunday across sri lanka. the primary targets four hotels full of foreigners. and three churches full of christians. one blast rocks a church at the end of easter mass. 1,000 worshippers ran from the horror. lifeless bodies. bloodstained pews. debris and human remains propelled through the sanctuary into the streets. >> there were children. women. and all close by. all were blown off almost. we have 100 people killed. >> the violence reminiscent of the bloody 26 year civil war. of the fighting ended ten years
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ago next month. tonight, a new threat putting this entire nation on lock down. normally busy streets, empty. a nationwide curfew in effect. and growing fears and international terror group maybe silently plotting its next move. >> that was the scene last night when the streets were empty. it make the scene so remarkable today. i want to chat with with the one of the folking out here. is there any fear in footbapubl areas right now? >> on sunday morning mass. so 20 people died on the. >> are you afraid? to gather in public? >> gathering in public.
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we are mourning the dead people and praying for the -- >> thank you very much. obviously people oit here. gathering despite the fact they have been warned by the government there might be suspects out there. may say they're showing faith and solidarity. >> washington now. cnn intelligence and security analyst and former cia operative. before this weekend this local terror group. best known for mouthing off and vandalizing statues. there's reporting the u.s. believes it's identified a key terrorist operative in the attacks. and initially concluded that person has connections to international terrorism organizations including isis. according to u.s. officials. is there any way they could have made the jump to amateur hour to the big leagues without help of
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al qaeda? >> there's no way. they needed help. the group is too small. it was well coordinated. six bombings in one of them involved two suicide bombers. all the detonators went off as far as we know. explosives were full explosions. and so forth. it was just too well coordinated too professional to be anything other than a group like al qaeda. or islamic state. that couldn't have done this on their own. >> how big is this threat from isis? the administration about a month ago was dancing on the grave of isis. liberating the last piece of controlled -- >> we have taken that threat down substantially. the destruction was important and mattered. the take down of the threats from other geographies. sadly, this evil exists in the world. >> i guess the issue is what is the definition of substantial.
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>> he's misinformed. or propaganda. this group anybody who knew the islamic state or al qaeda knew that they were going to strike out somewhere else in a soft target. they weren't going to die with the cal fate. as franchises out there. it's an ideology. it continues on and as long as there's conflict in the middle east, this group will be around. you can completely wipe them off the map in syria and iraq. they will still exist in various parts of the world. >> we hear from the far right. especially now that the christians were attacked. and with the help of isis or al qaeda. the leader of frances national -- tweeted out my thoughts are with the persecuted christians. those who died on sunday were targeted for faith. fox news the headline. sri lanka highlights how christian persecution is on the
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rise akrsz the world. do people support that claim? the terror victims are muslim. >> hundreds of thousands died in iraq and syria. and you have christ church as well. very few churches have been attacked. she forgot paris. on the concert had nothing to do with chris clanty. it was the west. going back to your point. so many more people have died in drone attacks and war in syria. and even iraq. it's silly to christianity against islam. it's this clash of civilization that the far right is pushing that we have to defend ourself against immigrants and islam will invade europe. which is fa shus propaganda.
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>> listen to what one government official tells cnn. >> we will play shock therapy. to ensure terrorism will be relegated. >> it was a shock to the country. it didn't come as a shock to everyone. not even close. intelligence sources told them of the threat in late april. one member was so specific that he gave a list of suspects in the run up to the day. the warnings increased in frequency and urgency. the april memo details the house number and skrosz street where the groups recruiter could be found and the times he would be there. also reporting from the "new york times" there was evidence of a threat to way back in january. police uncovered weapons. how can such precise information be out there and not acted on? >> well, it's going back to the government. still suffering from the civil war. they are ethnic divisions there
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and it's been on the verge of the civil war breaking open again and the police services aren't sharing information. that's dwr the islamic state if they were behind it picked them. knowing that they could move people in and recruit suicide bombers. and it wouldn't come to the attention of the government. >> how should desill va said this was not the result of bad intelligence. but what we have here is a failure to communicate. >> it's not failure of the intelligence. it is a failure of implementing what had today implemented. so the question is, why was it not done? also, the prime minister was unaware. he was kept in the dark. the acting or the state minister
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for defense was not aware. and the president was over seas. >> it's a the president was over seas so he didn't tell the prime minister what was going on? >> the country has problems. stove piping existed before 9/11. when they failed to tell about hijackers in san diego. let's be fair about that. intelligence services often don't coordinate. this is especially egregious. when they identify bombers by address and name. i'm not sure how you cure it there. it's clearly a dangerous country. and more bombs are out there missing. and it's not a good place to hang out in hotel lobbies. >> if you fail to implement intelligence. intelligence failed right? >> well rk the people collecting
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it. they're doing fine. it's just they don't have way to transmit it through the government. we don't understand the political division in sri lanka which prevent this. clearly they better reform themselves. they will be in more trouble. >> thank you. investigators try to work out what happened. families are mourning. and the city a memorial service under way. dozens of worshippers attending services were killed at the church in the series of bombings left 310 people dead. we're learning more about those who died in sunday's attack. a popular tv chef in sri lanka. her daughter posted a picture from the hotel. when the plablast struck. moments later killing them both. >> she died ahong with her two children. her husband survived.
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his wife and two children could light up any room. bringing joy to the lives of all. a danish billionaire lost member of his family. he owned a clothing company best seller. three of his children died in the attack. several americans were killed in the suicide bombing attack. from colorado. he worked for a publishing company. just arrived at the hotel. his brother confirmed his death. there will be many more stories to come. the question that will not go away for democrats running for president. should donald trump being impeached? one leading candidate made a big move toward the yes. (ding) hey, who are you? oh, hey jeff, i'm a car thief... what?! i'm here to steal your car because, well, that's my job. what? what?? what?! (laughing) what?? what?! what?! [crash] what?! haha, it happens.
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get our special tv offer a 4-week trial plus postage and a digital scale go to and never go to the post office again! democrats in the u.s. congress are picking up the russia investigation where mueller left off. the chairman of the house judiciary committee subpoenaed mcgahn as part of the obstruction investigation. he told investigators he refused to fire the directive to fire mueller. whether any of this will lead to impeachment remains an open question. democrats running for 2020
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appear to remain divided. let's head to l.a. former l.a. city councilwoman and pod cast host. great to have you with us. it's been a while. thank you for coming in. for the democrats running for president this is the question not going away. we had the town halls. when asked if the house should begin impeachment there was a yeah but, out right yes and a dodge. here's california senator harris. in favor of impeachment. with a but. >> i believe congress should take the steps towards impeachment. i'm a realist. and i haven't seen evidence since i have been in the united states senate that the united states senate and the republicans hold the majority. i haven't seen evidence to suggest they will weigh on the facts instead of partisan adherence to being protective of this president. >> harris joins senator warren who is one of the first democrats running for 2020 to
10:20 pm
call for impeachment. >> this is not about politics. this is about principle. this is about what kind of a democracy we have. >> no buts from her. stark contrast to klobuchar. who dodged. >> the impeachment proceedings are up to the house. they'll have to make the decision. i'm in the this senate. and i believe that we are the jury. >> first to you. has the problem been for the democrats they are working on the politics first and deciding what's the right thing to do? shouldn't they decide on what's right and worry about politics. >> they're waiting to have the testimony from mueller directly. about possibility of whether it could pass and determining what is the best step forward. many of the candidates are talking about the fact that individuals want to hear about
10:21 pm
healthcare. the climate change. so many other issues that are impacting their dale will lives. and trying to balance that with how they feel from a moral and ethical perspective related to the report and president trump. >> there's a democrats who desperately, they want to impeach president trump. that seems a challenge for the democrats for 2020 and the speaker of the house nancy pelosi. >> right. the democrats should write a book called mastering the art of moving the goal post. all they want to do is cling to the unproven theory this conspiracy theory at this point that they feel trump should be impeached. he's done an impeachable crime and colluded with russians in order to get elected. and therefore this under mines the millions of people who voted for president trump and his policies. and under mines the president. they have been doing this from day one.
10:22 pm
i don't think it's a smart platform to run on. let's impeach trump when we have zero evidence of any kind of high crime and misdemeanor. he is testified himself from a manufactured crime that he never committed. they're saying that's obstruction of justice. they want to throw anything against the wall. until it sticks. it won't work. >> look, the mueller report was over 400 pages two years of investigation. there are clearly instances of potential of obstruction of justice. so they want to have a true conversation out in the public not redacted. out in the public in transparent. that is part of the process they will go through. does that mean that all the candidates will talk every day about impeachment? they'll talk about the most important things that are focussed on peoples lives every day. >> meanwhile at the easter egg roll at the white house.
10:23 pm
kellyanne conway found another republican the president couldn't be impeached. it's good. >> which is this ridiculous investigation that cost us $25 million. over 2,800 subpoenas. 500 witnesses. one million pieces of paper produced. and the special counsel provides the report to the attorney general. who decided there was no conduct. they couldn't bring obstruction charges. they need -- >> you speak republican. what is she talks about? >> she's talking about the fact that we already have a special counsel investigation president trump. and all of the aids for the last two years. 500 search warrants. 2,800 subpoenas. somehow the democrats feel they can do a better job of
10:24 pm
investigating trump for this supposed russian collusion. than mueller and his team have been doing for two years. the other thing is that mueller was their hero for the last two years. william barr was their hero until the point until they pointed out the facts. no obstruction of justice and he didn't collude with russia. >> i don't think william barr was their hero. >> they don't like the answer and -- >> i don't think so. it's a dumb platform to run on. >> william barr was never their hero. and you might want to listen to what president trump said about mueller. one day he's his best friend and the greatest thing since sliced bread. the role of congress is over sight. by the senate and the house. a very important role they are taking seriously.
10:25 pm
and if you look what mueller has done over two years how many people were indicted sp pleaded guilty. for many of the crimes. so i think it is important to note this was not a waste of time. it is focusing on the fact that russia was involved in the election. and that there needs to be further discussion to ensure that doesn't happen again. >> one narrative emerging from the report. this is a president who would be in more trouble if those around him did as they were told to do. this is from the mueller report. the effort to influence the investigation were unsuccessful. largely because the person declined to carry out orders or his request. not so says president trump. >> there are documents out there. documented examples. under oath.
10:26 pm
saying they refuse to follow directives. everything from firing mueller. and raises the question who is running the country. the president or senior aids? >> blooi believe the president. sometimes he gets compromised. there's things he wants to do and policies. and he can't move forward with them. he can't get the wall built or enact intelligent immigration policies. that congress is not cooperating with. that's i believe was is what the blockades are. that are preventing him from bringing forth his america first policy and the platform he ran on. the policies he promised. i believe that he is doing everything in his power to steer the country in the right direction. >> one more question for you. this is the tweet saying he's not worried about impeachment. because high crimes and misdemeanors. there were no crimes by me.
10:27 pm
no collusion no obstruction. democrats committed crimes. tables are turning with the witch hunt. we'll head to the twilight zone. justice with judge janeane. on fox news. he explains how the democrats are guilty and the president who is the victim. >> they all knew there was never russian collusion. and they concocted a pretextural intelligence reports working also with the clinton campaign as part of that. to go after president trump with the eless sit and unprecedented spying campaign. it's not just a doj fwi scandal. the cia and nsa. office of intelligence. and the state department were part of this. >> a minute left.
10:28 pm
first finish out. that is quite the conspiracy. woo. >> now the one thing that all of the entities agree on is russia was involved and engaged in our election. and they have credible information about that. and similarly, when trump fired comey, that was another instance of people saying wait a minute. it just is beyond the pale of the fact they would suggest that they colluded so to speak together to go against president trump. >> the president is angry at mcgahn. former white house counsel. he's not angry at russians. why is that? >> i don't believe the russians had people like myself walk into a voting booth and somehow elect donald trump. i don't believe he believes that the russians were responsible for having the millions of people or holding them hostage to change votes. they didn't. every time they the state they
10:29 pm
russia colluded you sound like you're under mining the millions of americans. those votes were not changed. the people he needs to be upset is the government the powers that have colluded. that said they have an insurance policy against trump. and going on tv writing books about trump. and how antipresident -- the bias is so clear. there was collusion. with the democrats. >> i'll give you the last word. we haven't seen you for a while. >> thanks guys. next up a country on edge. struggling with the after math of the easter bombing attacks. a controlled explosion sent many into panic. at fidelity, we make sure you have a clear plan
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welcome back to our viewers in the united states and around the world. u.s. house judiciary committee issued a subpoena to mcgahn. investigates whether trump obstructed justice during the russia investigation. nancy pelosi is talking about impeachment. and lawmakers should investigate first before jumping to impeachment. the easter sunday attacks in sri lanka were likely inspired by isis. u.s. believes they identified a key operative in the blast. with ties to global terrorism. the death toll risen to 310. police say they have arrested at least 40 people in connection
10:34 pm
with with the suicide bombings. sunday was one of the deadliest since 9/11. sri lanka hasn't seen violence like this since the civil war. a controlled blast by the police was enough to cause panic. >> after easter sunday's deadly wave of suicide bomb attacks, sri lanka police aren't taking any chances. nerves are very much on edge in the capitol. security forces are investigating a suspicious vehicle down there. treating it as if it could be booby trapped. moments later, the bomb squad carries out a controlled detonation. the powerful blast surprises nearly everyone. triggering panic in the neighborhood. later, police say the suspect vehicle had indeed been rigged with explosives.
10:35 pm
it was parked a stones throw away from one of the the catholic churches. this is the shrine. one of the several catholic churches to have been attacked on sunday. the mood here the day after is somber. sri lanka has extensive experience with deadly acts of political violence. yet a top official tells me the scale of these terror attacks is something entirely new for this country. >> it's a shock to the country. we will play shock therapy. to ensure terrorism will be relegated. >> while talking tough the government issued a public apology on monday. a government minister published excerpts of this memo earlier between security chiefs. citing aun unnamed foreign intelligence service. it warning that a home grown islamic extremist group was plotting attacks against
10:36 pm
catholic churches. senior government officials asking why the warning was ignored? >> there has been a breech of security. and there has been some negligence. and incompetence. >> the vicious attacks frightening members of sri lanka small christian community. sister says her father was wounded in the blast. >> if they kill me it's okay. i don't have family. i offered my whole life for them. and the love of god. killing these innocent people and families is really painful to see. >> the church clock at the shrine now appears to be frozen. to the hour when the suicide bombers struck. >> russia says it's too early to dplat ukraines president-elect. too early to talk about closer
10:37 pm
relations. after the stunning win. exit polls show he won 73% of the vote. easily defeating the current president. he played hardball with russia. moscow has been at odds since the kremlin backed regime was kicked out in 2014. that led to russia annexation of crimea. >> a royal baby is on the way and the birth could be followed by a major move. more when we get back. strong. crazy don't believe us? we got this workout class to compare them to clorox. wow! feel the strength of new lysol wipes. dude! are you looking at this? can i take those? no. lysol. what it takes to protect.® that's why with dell small business technology advisors. you'll get tailored product solutions, expert tech advice and one-on-one partnership. call an advisor today at 877-buy-dell. ♪
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savin' on this! savin' in here. rewarded! learn more at royal watch eagerly waiting the arrival of the baby number one. for harry and meghan. that life changing experience might trigger another. couple reportedly may move to africa. australia or canada. sometime next year. they haven't denied or confirmed. with us from l.a. here's the statement from
10:41 pm
buckingham palace. about the plans post baby. any future plans for the duke and dutchess are speculative. no decision has been taken about future roles. here's the problem. there's to denial. if it was total fiction they would have issued a statement to say. it keeps the story alive. as does the statement from a royal source to cnn. the duke will be supportive of his brother in whatever project he under takes. so whatever project he takes put this together. and where are you at? >> well, if it was me who had come up with this story and reported this in the sunday times. the one that broke it. two former colleagues of mine formidable journalists. i would be jumping for joy with the two statements. bingo. that confirms it. the pal lance would have come out strongly and said no this is not true. they will do that with significant stories. and at least they want to put
10:42 pm
out in the media staemt saying it isn't true. but it's very interesting to see that -- africa is among the areas that they have been talked about as a destination for the couple. there's a real strong connection that harry has. the prince with africa. dating back to after his mother died. and that was the first safari he went on. his father took him and his brother to a safari. to take thm away from it all. right after that happened. and his love affair with the continent and especially with the country it grew from there. his third date with meghan that only met twice before. and the third time they met they decided to go on a five day camping trip. and that's where they fell in love.
10:43 pm
there's a lot of talk that it will be the location for the supposed planned trip away. there is some discussion over the details of it. of course the palace may be telling the truth. in their statement. nothing has been decided yet. essentially. and the sunday times reported it was two to three years they were looking at. that will be traditional. if you look back to the queen and prince phillip. they went in 1949 for a couple years. >> so the sunday times this is where it began. here's the reporting. plans to hand the duke and dutchess a major international job. prince harry advisers are working on a role for the royal rock stars. probably in africa. the other country mentioned australia as a possibility. maybe canada.
10:44 pm
we don't want you hear even though the family is popular there. the problem is the sunday times notes this. where ever they go they'll be the king and queen of whatever that country is. >> that's right. and there is the push and pull there. that i'm sure the palace is trying to deal with. part of the political strategy of this move is to maintain some kind of control over harry and meghan while giving them freedom. the moment they have been pursuing unconventional projects for royals. a tv show. with oprah that will focus on mental he mental health. they are helping organize. something unshl for a royal couple to do. when they go abroad, they'll have more of a traditional royal family role. even though they have more freedom. it's a move for the royal family to get control. >> a rumored split between the brothers william and harry.
10:45 pm
which is the big context. amidrumored fears by palace staff they could be bigger than diana. the brothers seem to be doing everything they could to keep out of each others way. here is that photograph. harry on the left. and then to the right we can see this kate and william. and the headline describes it a distance strategy. it was this one photograph. it might be considered thin. this isn't the first time they have been seen at arms length. and speculation an instagram post from william. to celebrate his grandmothers 93rd birthday. it was taken in 2016. the official birthday of britains mop monarch. some of the comments are interesting choice of photograph. you're looking for trouble. is there not enough room and speculation.
10:46 pm
why fuel the fire. someone is missing from the photograph. passive aggressive. it's interesting. there are a thousand photographs he could have posted. it seems like royal shade. >> it's possible. i wouldn't read too much into these photographs. however, you're right. he -- the people running his instagram account i'm not sure how much involvement he has in every post. i'm sure he has ultimate sign off. yes, they would have thought how people react to this photograph. and posting something that doesn't have meghan and barely has harry in it. the comments are right. it might fan flames. also it's just over oversight. it's hard to tell. however it is clear there have been some divisions or some kind of friction between the two brothers and the spouses. >> coincidence.
10:47 pm
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well, for anyone who noticed monday april 2nd was lenin's birthday, the leader of russia's october revolution was born 149 years ago. despite almost 50 years of organized environmental events from beach clubs to entire country dimming their lights the reality is degradation of the planet not only continues but seems to have quickened to a pace which now means we're facing an am environmental apocalypse brought on from global warming probably about 1 years from now. but in the spirit of we are the world with celebrities coming together using their star powers for good not evil. climate change now has its own anthem, a call to action.
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♪ we love the earth it is our planet ♪ ♪ we love the earth it is our home ♪ ♪ hi, i am a baboon >> it was justin bieber, one of the a-list stars picked to make that video that has gone viral in just days. thanks for coming in. i know you shy away from these comparisons to we are the world, but there are so many big names on this project we're just going to start scrolling through them because we can't possibly name all of them. we also have on that list ariana grande who plays a zebra and also halsey who's a lion cub. ♪
10:53 pm
♪ i'm lion cub >> it does have that we are the world feel to it. >> it just so surreal. i'm thinking about quincy jones, just to orchestrate that whole thing it feels so surreal to me. i understand it's a lot of artists in one song coming together for a cause so i guess i'm just humble to the comparison. >> and were they pretty eager volunteers to sign-up for this the. >> honestly, yes. i started reaching out to my best friends who were artists. once you enlist five to seven of your friends it's easy to go to
10:54 pm
an artist -- >> it has a sort of disney lion king feel to it and then it sort of sound like a weird -- song because it's a parody because the language in this is so explicit. >> sometimes i am kind of comedic and i tend to push boundaries every now and then, and i thought if i made too watered down of a product -- i hate to go third person, but it wouldn't really be a little dickey song. i did put out a kids version for children because i feel like they need to see this. >> for moms and dads it's safe to watch and safe for the kids. and already you've had 26 million hits on youtube, top five on itunes. and according to the chicago
10:55 pm
tribune you've just made earth day cool. we've had decades of environmental awareness because of days like earth day and yet knowing the consequences seem to have little impact on our actions. so how can this one song change that? >> you know, what i was trying to achieve with the song was just kind of get everyone on a base level understanding of knowing the facts at hand or at least being interested in looking into the facts at hand. this song itself was a journey, a discovery process for me. like, three years ago i knew that there was this -- vaguely, i knew there was a big environmental issue on earth. i didn't know the details of it. as i made the song, i was blown away by the urgency and amedi y immediacy of the issue. i don't think people realize it's well within our lifetimes that massive things are going to start to occur. so i think i just wanted people to really -- i believe in
10:56 pm
humanity. i feel that people aren't really embracing the facts at hand. so i hope this song helps people to understand the facts. >> people tune out, so if you can make people listen, that's awesome. thanks for being with us. appreciate it, david. >> thank you for having me. >> and thank you for watching "cnn newsroom." i'm john vause. please stay with us. a lot more news after a very short break. let's be honest. it's kind of unfair that safe drivers have to pay as much for insurance... as not safe drivers! ah! that was a stunt driver. that's why esurance has this drivesense® app. the safer you drive, the more you save. don't worry, i'm not using my phone and talking to a camera while driving... i'm being towed. by the way, i'm actually a safe driver. i'm just pretending to be a not safe driver. cool. bye dennis quaid! when insurance is affordable, it's surprisingly painless.
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or get unlimited. and now get $100 back when you buy a new lg. click, call, or visit a store today. as sri lankan mourns the hundreds of victims there's still no clear answer as to who was responsible for the series of coordinated bombings on easter sunday. but suspicions are growing of links to isis. plus democrats weigh their options as the mueller report renews calls to impeach president donald trump. >> and more than 1,000 people have been evacuated as severe flooding grips major parts of canada's quebec fronts.


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