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tv   Inside Politics  CNN  May 20, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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access netflix, prime video, youtube and more, all with the sound of your voice. click, call or visit a store today. welcome to "inside politics." i'm john king. thank you for sharing your day with us. president trump off to pennsylvania for a re-election rally and one of the electoral prizes he turned from blue to red. the aides want him to talk the economy and he says that puts his crowds to sleep. lightweight and loser, twitter insults dished out by the president after michigan's justin amash becomes the first republican member of congress to say the mueller report details impeachable offenses. and 2020 democratic hopeful senator kamala harris invokes her single mom as she pushes a new plan to guarantee women
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equal pay for equal work. >> we were often there before she came home from school, before she came home from work. she would cook dinner and stay up at the kitchen table doing work, figuring out how to pay the bills, so it is my intention to correct what has been wrong about the way we have designed the system. >> we begin the hour with the president hitting the road looking to recreate this, his 2016 map amid some signs of 2020 trouble. pennsylvania is the venue tonight, and the president will be there just days after being told by his campaign team that if the election were today, he would lose. now team trump believes there's plenty of time to right the ship and plenty to sell voters from the president's first term. the booming economy is the most obvious calling card. let's look at the venues for the last four trump rallies including tonight, pennsylvania, michigan, wisconsin and florida, all four of these states went for president obama. see the blue in 2012.
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went for trump in his big surprise win in 2016. they are absolutely critical to the president's map coming 2020, and look at these numbers. look at these numbers. why should the president talk the economy, in those four states alone all four key to his electoral map, all four have lower unemployment right now than when the president took office, so aides say talk it up. the president says it's not a crowd pleaser. >> i actually do talk a lot about the economy. i don't get credit for this, but you can always say we have the greatest economy. if i stood in front of 25,000 people, because you would say nobody is every in the history politics gotten the crowds that we get. if i stood there and talked about the economy for that long a period, let's say the economy is great, unemployment is low, we're doing wonderful. we have the most number of people -- >> just talk about that. >> they would start falling asleep. >> with me this day to share their reporting and their insights, jackie kucinich with "the daily beast and michael
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schar, manu raju. >> he's fashions himself as a producer from his tv history and he thinks it puts people to sleep. it's his best asset in a campaign. we're going to see him on the trail tonight. he just had a political briefing today, don't get me wrong, there's plenty of time and plenty of room in the polls to get there but if the election were today, mr. president, you'll lose. what are we going to see? >> he's there to put on a show. we forget what rallies were like before trump, these political rallies that even president obama would have when they were on the trail. they bear no resem fwloons what we have now. you know, if the president -- i mean, his advisers probably want him to focus on the economy, but that's not this president, and it backfired in 2018 with the focus on immigration. we'll see what they decide to focus on this time, but, i mean, you're right. exactly what he said there. he doesn't think it's exciting to talk about the economy. >> and the question is especially because he's in pennsylvania. he maybe doesn't like to talk up the economy. he does like a fight. this is joe biden, the democrat
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team trump view as the biggest threat. joe biden in pennsylvania saying, sorry, mr. president, you don't get the credit. >> president trump inherited an economy from obama/biden administration that was given to him. just like he inherited everything else in his life. [ cheers and applause ] just like -- just like everything else he's been given in his life, he's in the process of squandering that as well. >> looking to get under his skin with that one. >> yeah. >> and he's looking to undercut his central message for re-election. this is the one area in which voters give the president credit for the economy, over 50% in most polls, unlike virtually every other issue, and if the president were to be successful going against joe biden who he's losing in against pennsylvania according to one poll, quinnipiac has biden up big, the
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president should draw a contrast on issues like trade where biden has been a supporter of free trade policies in the past, supporter of nafta. in the administration that pushed the transpacific partnership. the president can draw a contrast and can he stay on message doing that? >> interesting to see on that point. will he in the rally talk about what he talked about on twitter, to your point about trade. looks like bernie sanders is ahead and it looks like sleepy joe biden is pulling ahead. you mentioned the quinnipiac poll, let take a look at it here in pennsylvania. and, again, biden 53%, trump 4/542. widen running well ahead of white voters with a college degree, biden running behind with no college degree and hillary clinton lost pennsylvania she got 32% so biden running a little bit stronger in the trump base. >> this is an area where, you know, trump kind of whiffed in 2018, even though he wasn't on the ballot. the senate candidate that hugged
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himself as tightly to trump as he could got beat by double digits by bob casey, so obviously the president's team says we're not worried. there's a lot of time but they are laying their groundwork to try to go back to the rustbelt states to keep the base engaged that elected him. >> the aides get it, they know the president wants to do immigration and his wall lines and insults because that's what he does and that's what fires up his giroud crowd, but look back here. look at the president's numbers in pennsylvania. 54% disapprove of his job performance in the state of pens person, a state that he won last time, that is critical to his map. 54% disapprove and yet 54% of pennsylvanians say they are doing better. the ronald reagan are you better off now than you were four years ago? he has a case to make. you're doing bet per. give me some credit. yes, joe biden is right. we have 100 plus consecutive months of job growth so it goes back to the obama years but any president would love these economic numbers. why can't he make the
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connection? >> well, he can make the connection. he -- but we think of these rallies as one-way messaging where the president talks at the people. for this president it's a two-way dine mix and he gets as much from these rails as he gave, and he call berets what he does by the response that he gets. that's how he feeds. it's the political energy that he feeds on, so if he can get to the point. if joe biden ends up attacking him on the economy and the other democrats attack him on the economy and that becomes the kind of message that whips up the crowds, that he can attack and the crowds feed him back, then you'll see more of it, and if not, he'll go back to the immigration arguments and hi eel go back to the attacks and the personal insults because he needs that from the crowd. >> people going to a trump real aren't the ones whose minds are going to be changed going into this election. those are the base of the base and that's -- if that's who he's
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pulling his cheers from, if they are cheering on the immigration lines, that doesn't necessarily reflect independents, maybe some softer trump voters who aren't happy. i'm not just saying just on the issue of immigration. what that tells me is that the president himself is hurting himself. >> that's the challenge because if he goes -- levies those insults that actually energizes his crowd it does put off the same voters he wants to attract and it goes to the character argument that joe biden is making in particular saying, you know, may not be -- the economy may be doing well but look at the president, the man in office. >> people don't -- when he's -- when his advisers deliver him those numbers, he doesn't believe them. he doesn't internalize them because he just thinks that they are wrong. >> he thinks he's on the ballot this time so it won't be the same as 2018. here's why again. if you're president trump and you look at this now, 54% of the people of pennsylvania think they are better off and yet the president has a 54% disapproval rate if you look at those news. on the one hand the democrats
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are happy, that's why joe biden is winning in the state. that's why most of the other states are winning in the state but we're very early in the campaign. if you're the trump campaign you say, okay, we need to tell these people you're better off. they will raise your taxes. they will do -- the socialist line. they will do things that will undermine, that so that's why team trump, they told the president today you lose, but they see a lot of things in these numbers they think they can use to the advantage. who is your democrat and how do you frame the argument against that democrat. >> and let's face it, the campaign ads haven't started so even if -- as a campaign you have multiple ways of talking to people. the president is obviously one and probably the best way of talking to people, but they will run zillions of dollars of ads in pennsylvania tell them about the taxes that are going to go up and the like. >> and our white house team reporting today look for more these rallies, that the president is tired of looking at television and seeing the democrats on tv. he wants to get out on the road because the democrats are getting attention. you know, we've seen him in the rose garden. it's interesting. he's an incumbent president. he has a great economy. yes, he has problems out there,
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but he also -- it's not easy to beat an incumbent. three two-term presidents in a row. it's not easy to beat an incumbent. is that the right approach, get out there in america or stay back in washington? >> it makes him feel better. he needs to hear the crowds gushing over him. he does not like to be holed up in the white house dealing with all the incoming and the daily fights now with democrats and feeling like he's under siege. he needs the crowd to adore him, and this is what will help him personally to get that reinforcement on the campaign trail, and, look, he may just be -- i'm surprised actually that we haven't seen more of these rallies. he's been running for re-election since basically he came into office. >> right. >> up for us next, one of the democrats senator kamala harris looking for a plan to close the pay gap. will that help her close in on her 2020 rivals? parse get to the register. introducing new lower prices on produce.
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the best financial habits. so we changed that. as a financial health coach, i help people every day. i try to put myself in their shoes from my own experience. i connect to them because i've been there. that we haven't seen more of her 2020 rivaler 2020 rivals? democratic presidential hopeful senator kamala harris hoping a new economic proposal will give her campaign a boost. her proposal aimed at closing the gender pay gap the senator says for good. here's what's in the plan. corporations will be required to hand over their employee pay day to the government proving that women and men are paid equally for equal work. the government would then certify that the company is complaint and companies would have to prove any gaps in pay are not based on gender. for every 1% gap in pay the harris administration would fine companies 1% of their daily promise. the penltsd would help increase
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funding for guaranteed medical and family low of. you spoke to senator harris about this plan. >> reporter: if congress fails to act she said she will move forward on this via executive action. she hasn't put a timeline on how long she would take that action but would move unilaterally if congress fails to act. here is her plan. you went over the bullet points there, john, but it essentially shifts the burden from the employee who had to file the complaint, who had to file the lawsuit to now aiming it at corporate america. here's what harris said. >> what i am proposing is we shift the burden. it should not be on that working woman to prove it. it should instead be on that large corporation to prove they are paying people for equal work equally. it's that simple. it's literally that simple, and
9:17 am
this then is not only about fairness and equality, it's about transparency. let's show us what you got. that's it. >> reporter: and so when we asked her are you prepared for the looming battle should she even get to this point from tech companies, from banks? she said she is used to making these fights and used to winning them. john. one other thing is that she also says that you just have to look around the globe. there are at least two examples, the uk and iceland and have taken this and scaled that up in their countries. >> appreciate it. an interesting plan. we'll see what it does in the race, and to this point we're headed into the debate phase here. senator harris has been struggling in the polls a bit, but you want to have something to talk about on the debate stapling and you have an equal pay proposal in a democratic primary in which we know the majority and in some cases 60% of the primary voters in early states are going to be women. >> i just want to point out one
9:18 am
thing really quickly before we get into that is the fact it's the second time she's talked about using executive action if she can't get it through congress. a sitting member of congress who is talking about bypassing congress. >> yeah. >> and that i just think -- i haven't heard that from presidential contenders until right now. >> she said on guns as well. >> and it just speaks to how little faith people have in congress and maybe that's obvious, and it did strike me that this is the second time. >> also. it's, you know, they are using what trump did over the border wall. this is exactly what republicans have been concerned about, that a democrat would come in and use executive action, ignore congress, do everything on their own to try to just essentially implement a very liberal agenda. now we'll see what the courts ultimately do on the fight over the border wall. maybe that will prevent kamala harris of doing something similar if they win but they are looking what the trump are doing and some are emulating it. >> the approach is kind of like you mentioned trump, like e-verify. you have a system on immigration
9:19 am
where the employers are supposed to validate that they have correct information. if someone says a man is getting paid more money and essentially the woman burden is on the woma prove it. >> for harris that's an important point she's trying to make because we've seen other candidates address gender pay gaps and hers is the most aggressive because she would find the companies whereas the other companies are like we would require them to be more transparent. for her in a way she hopes that that allows her to stand out about all the others talking about this. i'm the most aggressive. she wants to be above the fray and the other point i want to make is last week she spent time answering questions about if she wanted to be joe biden's vice president which is obviously not position she wants to be in, and i think this helps her change that narrative a little bit. >> that's a good point the problem is receipt. it's up to the voters to decide what they want in a solution and to listen to the candidates and here's the national median, man
9:20 am
52,000 and women 41,977 so the issue is real, will people view her plan as credible and can she use that in the primaries to move up? >> this is the kind of challenge that democrats will ultimately face whoever faces off against trumpet the further they embrace more aggressive responses to a problem, i mean, there's clearly a problem, so the question is how do you respond to it, the more they embrace the more extreme, more left-leaning answers to that. the more opportunity they give president trump ultimately to run against them because the country may not be -- the full country when the general election comes around may not be, and it's likely not going to be where the electorate is during the democratic primaries. >> this is one. questions in the primary where you've had senator warren, for example, who more than any other candidate, again at home you can agree or disagree, has put out detailed positions on a number
9:21 am
of issues and how to pay for them other candidates saying we're still in the getting to know you phase here. we're now just a few weeks, a little more than a month away, month plus from the first debate and the democrats are having an interesting policy debate. whether it's climate change or fix obamacare or go to medicare for all, a whole host of issues, a lot of issues on the table and a lot of disagreements between these contenders. >> right, and the question is where do they end up, and do the candidates that embrace the more left-leaning ideas win the primary and then put themselves in a position that they can't win? >> that's going to be interesting to see who gets the most agreements on their proposals. >> right. >> because you will see some candidates look at this, on what kamala harris put out and said that's a good idea. you'll see it with elizabeth warren and bernie sanders so who ticks up the most people on their side will be really fascinating to watch. >> if you're senator harris or warren for that matter, joe biden at 35%, bernie sanders at 17%, warren at 9, buttigieg at 6 and harris at 5 and o'rourke at 4.
9:22 am
if joe biden stands around and says that's a great idea, that's a great idea. where is -- where is it going to be? how do you take away? how do you slink him and grow you? >> they have to push into detail exactly where he wants to take the country. you've seen a little bit of joe biden start to roll out some of his ideas, but he is a late contender in this race and besides being the most electable candidate which is what he's trying to pitch voters on, what is he going to implement, and that's where some of the democrats may see some vulnerabilities with him like an elizabeth warren and here with kamala harris. that's going to be -- it will be interesting to see how he deals with that because he probably will agree with both of these ideas. >> i'm not sure which school i buy into, those who say the first two rounds of debates in june or july critical for the lesser phones to take biden down a little bit or wait a minute, nobody votes until january or february of next year. i'm not sure which school is right. a big debate among the democrats. next up, a big twitter
9:23 am
threat and is the president looking for an off ramp when it comes to iran? don't tell your mother.
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9:28 am
president caused what you might call whiplash. quote, if iran wants to fight, that will be the official end of iran. never threaten the united states again. that warning to iran coupled with what the administration believes is an olive branch to the rest arab world. the president owes long promised middle east peace plan starts with an economic pitch. he wants to secure tens of billions of dollars in investments in the palestinians. one problem. the palestinians say they have not been consulted and they have no interested in working with the white house until it stops leaning so heavily pro-israel. cnn's michelle kosinski and cnn diplomatic analyst john kirby joining our conversation. let start with iraq. the president's tweet muscular, after a week in which -- the week ended with us hearing that the president was telling the defense secretary i don't want a war. let's dial it back. he tweets that. don't you dare essentially from the president. the iranian foreign minister tweeting back goaded by the "b" team, trump hopes to achieve what other axwresors failed to
9:29 am
do. iranians have stood tell and aggressors all gone. economic terrorism and genocidal taunts will never end iran. never threat everyone an iranian. try respect. it works. forgive me. are these just belligerent tweets or does this matter in the sense of what's the off ramp here? >> it's both, john. it is belligerent tweets and rhetoric, but it does have an actual impact because not -- you can't count on everybody reading into the message of those tweets accurately, and so there's a real risk of miscalculation by proxies, by militias that aren't sort of completely controlled by iran who can go off and do something dangerous. we don't even know who it was that now fired rockets at our embassy in baghdad. could be one of these proxies. there's a real impact to this. never threaten an iranian. i've heard zarif actually say that in the room during the iran deal. that is a frequent tirade of his. >> yeah. it's just going up and down. i mean, just when you think that the president is the one who is
9:30 am
going to keep saying oh, i'm the one who tempers the hawks on board. i'm the one who tempers john bolton, the renowned iran hawk and says i want to talk to iran and repeats that message, then you get these tweets that are hardline and you have people backing him up on it and that dials up the tension again and that becomes the story line as a result so you get this kind of up and down, and now you have each side saying that the other one doesn't even know what they are doing or where to stand on. >> at this time of tension with iran, a u.s. aircraft care ye group in the region, the iranian foreign minister saying essentially don't talk to us, try respect, the president was asked in an interview that aired sunday on fox news to sort of define, you know, war. how does he view war in the answer is interesting i think is a neutral word. let's listen. >> i'm not somebody that wants to go into war because war hurts economies. war kills people most importantly, by far most importantly. >> why would you want to invade?
9:31 am
>> i'd invade if i have to economically. >> i'm not sure where do you want to invade? it's an odd question to ask any president. i don't want to put president trump on the spot here. i want to invade if i have to economically. what does that mean? >> i think he's trying to find his way to an economic answer from pressure and influence, which is in this case sanctions which is what i think he's talking about. clearly a freudian slip when he said war hurts economies and follows up about people being killed and that's a look as how cavalier the minds et cetera is. >> whether that's a trade war or ultimately trying to effect regime change through sanctions. you see his strategy here. the questions of course, is it working at all right now, and will it ultimately work, and then what's the next step? if it does work on iran, for example. >> help me see the strategy when this comes to this middle east peace plan. you're not even talking to the
9:32 am
palestinians and yet you say you're going to start -- you talk about investment in the palestinian areas. >> right. >> great. if you could get the palestinians on board, but -- help me around the corner here to see around the corner. what is the point is or is there one? >> to me, this is just another piece of evidence that they don't really have any serious commitment to fostering a peace plan and to getting to any kind of measurable peace in the region. i don't think they are taking this very seriously. they have put their thumb so heavily on the scale of israel and the gulf states in this -- in this initiative that there's absolutely no way you'll be able to bring the palestinians on board and without bringing them on board you won't get there, and oh, by the way i'd be interested to know what corporations and businesses would be willing to invest in an area that's still riff with insecurity. you can't have economic stability and investment until there's some kind of security on the ground. >> trying to get something that would lure the palestinians to
9:33 am
get everybody something that they are not going to go for. parts of this plan have leaked out and the administration says that they are trying to have something economic as a carrot or a sweetener to say look at all you can get if only you go with this plan that by the way we're not talking about. >> you're reading the palestinian interests wrong. that's not what the palestinians are worried about is economic vitality, they are worried about the status of jerusalem and statehood. >> they are hoping that the palestinians can ultimately be bought. that's the trump approach tom things and they feel, and some others feel, too, that this what the palestinians will be order. you don't get what you want politically. get a big chunk of money, take it or leave it and if it doesn't work we can say we tried. >> okay. we'll see. appreciate boast you coming in. up next, ford motor company announces big layoffs. we'll talk about who is affected. that's next. my avocado. and a dressing fit for a goddess. come taste what a salad should be. and with panera catering, there's more to go around.
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topping our political radar, trump taking issue with a "new york times" story saying that employees at the deutch bake once noticed suspicious transactions of business activities controlled by the president and his son-in-law. anti-money laundering exports at the bank were ignored or fired after recommending the transactions be reported to the government. the president slams the story as, quote, fake news. deutsche bank says at no time was any employee prevented from escalating their concerns about suspicious activity. 7,000 white collar workers at ford motor company about to be laid off as part of a major cost-cutting effort. about 2,400 of those jobs being cut are in north america. the automaker says workers affected will be notified as
9:39 am
early as tomorrow and that the terminations will be completed by august. democratic presidential hopeful senator michael bennett unveiling his plan to combat climate change saying his administration would set a target to achieve 100% net zero emissions by 2050. among other goals in the plan a so-called climate bank that would dedicate $1 trillion in federal money for infrastructure to fight climate change f.fully umpmented, he believes his plan would create 10 million jobs over a decade. japanese joe biden officially kicking off his campaign in philadelphia painting the 2020 contest as a battle for the soul of the country and says democrats shed focus on a singular task, removing president trump, but the man behind him in the polls, number two in the field, says 2020 should not be about trump alone. >> beating trump is not good enough. you've got to beat the fossil fuel industry. have you to take on all of those forces of the status quo who do not want to move this country to
9:40 am
energy efficiency and sustainable energy. >> biden also mentions climate and the like and there's a different in emphasis there. what's the right way to put that? >> yeah. this is the debate within the party right now, exactly how to go after trump. you'll see it on the campaign trail. you'll see it on capitol hill. you'll see people calling for impeachment. you see people like nancy pelosi saying let's focus on our agenda. we don't want to necessarily go down the road of impeachment. that's the strategy of how to take on this president that some of the democrats have not quite figured out yet. they think -- they point to 2018 and say, look, we ran on healthcare and that was the winning issue. not necessarily all the scandals of this administration, but others want to take a tough ter approach than the president. >> also a debate about how to take on biden if you're behind biden in the polls. >> well, right in, terms of going right at him or in terms of -- or in terms of tuning him out, but i think with trump one of the challenges is, it's tough to take down an incumbent,
9:41 am
particularly new don't give something voters to vote for rather than just against. in terms of biden you do see some friction starting to build, but he's talking about everyone uniting and not going after each other. it's early. it's going to happen. it's who is going to go after biden, the king the hardest first. >> and you heard the word establishment from senator sanders, that's one of the labels that he'll try even though he's been around a while, not new. we'll see up next mayor pete makes his pitch to conservative media. >> i get that a millenial midwestern mayor is not what leaps to mind when you think about a prototypical candidate for president. it's hard to figure out what's going on right now because we are living on one of those blank pages in between chapters in american history and what comes next could be ugly or it could be amazing. my time is thin, but so is my lawn. now there's scotts thick'r lawn 3-in-1 solution. with a soil improver! seed! and fertilizer to feed! now yard time is our time.
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it's a lightning rod issue in the democratic party, the first the decision to not allow the fox news channel to moderate a primary debate and following bernie sanders' high rating town hall with the networks these candidates signed on for theirs including mayor buttigieg, senator amy klobuchar and
9:47 am
kirsten gillibrand and sharply declining invitations senator elizabeth warren and kamala harris which brings us last night when the south bend, indiana mayor was there and had this message for his party. >> even though some of those hosts are not always in good faith and a lot of people tune into this network who do it in good faith and a lot of americans that my party can't blame if they are ignoring our message because they will never hear it. if we don't go on and talk about it, and so that's why whether it's going into the viewership of fox news or whether geographically it's going into places where democrats haven't been seen much, i think we have to find people where we are, not change our value but update our vocabulary so we're truly connecting with americans from coast to coast. >> cnn's jeff zeleny joins our conversation. we've been talking about this all day. the mayor has used these town halls, he had one on cnn to catapult him at first and then this one here. this has been part of his rise. the question is can he keep
9:48 am
building? >> we'll see about that. it's very much on brand for him. he's the mayor of south bend, indiana, a red state. he's saying, look, i'm a candidate from the middle of the country. i'm not from california like some others. i'm not from massachusetts like some others. i'm from the middle of the country so going on a fox town hall is very much on brand like this. fox has a very large audience. some of that audience are political junkies. some of those junkies are democrats or independents open to this, so i think it makes perfect sense for him to go on there. i think he's doing it to great effect. he's already released a lot more issues on his website that the had been kind of a bulletin before so it's a win-win for him on this. who knows how far his rise will go. nobody has tried to swat him down yet, one of his fellow democrats. that's coming because he's, you know, replacing some of those people in a lane like beto o'rouke maybe. >> we'll see on a debate stable. political junkies watch fox news including the president of the united states who is a political junkie and avid viewer. >> you don't say. >> this just in.
9:49 am
hard to believe that @foxnews is wasting time on mayor pete. they got dumped from the democrats' boring debate and just want in. they forgot the people. he's not happy. >> he takes that as a personal affront. >> i think he says fox as being on his team, and there are people who work for fox that are on his team, so we saw this during the bernie town half he was very upset that bernie sanders was on his stories, and -- and that -- that's something that you -- that fox really has to figure out because -- but it definitely upsets the president. probably one of the reasons he's hitting the road again. >> i think that's why also it's a strategic mistake for some of these candidates to not do a fox town hall. nationally televised audience. you can get a different audience of viewers and the questions are coming from voters who are -- who may vote for you. the people in these town halls who actually have questions that are pressing, and if you do
9:50 am
well, then you get a lot out of it like you saw with booegtearl buttigieg and bernie sanders. >> what you need is political oxygen. what better way to get political oxygen than to have the president of the united states who you're challenging tweet but and tweet about what you're doing and kind of raise your profile. >> he was asked, mayor buttigieg was, about the president's tweets and he says he doesn't care, but listen and he kind of does. >> the tweets are -- i don't >> the tweets are -- i don't care. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> that's a very effective way to command attention of the media, and i think, that you know, we need to make sure that we're changing the channel from this show that he's created. it is the nature of grotesque things that you can't look away. [ applause ] >> just to add to the conversation, we'll talk a little. here's the president describing, and listen closely, why he loves
9:51 am
twitter. >> i've destroyed bills that were going to be voted on that were bad, and i've gotten bills passed that were good by using twitter, and twitter is really a typewriter for me. it's really not twitter. twitter goes on television. they have breaking news. i'll tweet. watch this, boo. i did the golan heights to israel and i put it out on twitter. if i put out a news release, nobody is even going to see it. >> bomb. >> truer words have not been spoken because he does program the debate and the narrative every bit. he changes the subject by twitter. he amplifies his own position there, but i thought mayor buttigieg was actually -- he packed quite a bit in there. he called him grotesque and said we shouldn't turn away but, of course, he admits everyone is watching and at the same time he managed to draw the president in as well, so i'm fascinating by this sort of back and forth between the white house and the president and mayor buttigieg. it's very interesting for dynamic because the president is taking a soft approach to him. says he does not mind seeing him
9:52 am
holding hands with his husband. it's a fascinating dynamic i think. >> i thought the dynamic was also interesting that the crowds' response to his critique of twitter. i mean, there is, even among conservatives, even among people who are fans of trump, i think are tired of the tweets. >> a lot of them are in congress. >> a lot of them are in congress. >> a lot of them just live in the country and people are just sick of it. >> those are democratic voters or independent voters in new hampshire where that town was last night so your point, why not go where the vote remembers. >> you're right. a lot of them are in congress. >> quick update for all of you about the president's upcoming state visit to the uk. we've learned that prince charles has agreed to meet with the president during that visit. we don't know what they will talk about. charles is a staunch environmentalist and president trump skeptical about what causes climate change. one. issues they might talk about. we look forward to covering it. a republican congressman says president trump crossed the impeachment line, but will anyone join justin amash?
9:53 am
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but it only covers about 80% of your medicare part b costs. a medicare supplement plan may help pay for some of the rest. two: this type of plan allows you to keep your doctor - as long as he or she accepts medicare patients. and three: these are the only medicare supplement plans endorsed by aarp. learn more about why you should choose an aarp medicare supplement plan. call today for a free guide. today republican congressman justin amash has a republican primary challenger and two not so nice twitter nicknames. that the quick reaction after amash became the first and still only republican member of congress to say the mueller report documents impeachable offenses by the president. the michigan congressman detailed his take on the mueller report in a long twitter series he posted saturday. the president responded with trademark scorn, lightweight and
9:58 am
loser his labels for the congressman. he's always been an outlier, but democrats are thrilled now that they have one republican -- one republican saying the mueller report shows impeachable offenses is this just going to be a one-day 24 or 72-hour story or is this going to matter? >> you've got 1 out of 250ish in congress total, you know. i think the big question for democrats over the weekend, the rank and file was does this change speaker pelosi's calculus as well? she said she needs bipartisan buy-in and public support to pursue impeachment and i don't think one outlier republican is going to do that. >> look, she -- he's gone farther than pelosi has in his comments over the weekend. in some ways it puts her in a little bit of an awkward spot because there's a republican saying that he's engaged in impeachable conduct. why can't you go as far as this conservative? what's interesting to see the blowback that amash is getting to. hear kevin mccarthy, the house republican leader, just tear
9:59 am
apart his own member of his conference makes it very clear where their allegiances lie in this party and the fact that even though he's one member, they want to make sure that the party does not accept this kind of -- these kind of comments. it will be interesting to see if the republican establishment, the white house gets behind a primary challenge. >> he's been primaried -- >> amash, they haven't liked amash. it will be interesting to see if amash can hang on. we've seen other republicans dared to speak up against trump resign or lose, and will he -- he's someone who has been marching to his own drummer since he walked through those drummers. is he the one that can hang on and can weather the onslaught of criticism in. >> he's been primaried before. all primaried, the state legislature slater announced he's running now. can he hold senator. >> the other part of issue is what happens, that will be an
10:00 am
indication of where the electorate is in the election. this is a presidential election year. >> in michigan in a part of michigan that the president very much needs. interesting if nothing else. thanks for joining us on "inside politics." we'll see you tomorrow. phil mattingly is in for brianna keilar. he starts right now. have a great afternoon. ♪ >> i'm phil mattingly in for brianna keilar live from cnn's washington headquarters. under way right now, a crack in the president's impeachment shield from a republican, but this is the question. is justin amash a man alone, lore others jump on board and fire and furry, the sequel? president trump's new threat that war would be the end of iran, but does the rhetoric match the reality? plus, it's a story that is clearly getting under the president's skin. deutsche bank employees who specialize in detecting monday laundering reportingly flagging suspicious activity by the prid


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