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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  June 11, 2019 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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i'm having an alallergy a i -- attack. >> it is contagious. we both have it now. the split screen will give voters a glimpse of what a potential biden/trump matchup would be like in 2020. we have new poll numbers on how iowa voters feel about this crowded field. meanwhile, watergate's star witness went to congress yesterday to draw parallels between president trump and president nixon. did dean's testimony move the needle? federal investigators and the nypd are on the scene on a helicopter crash on a high-rise. this was an emotionally and psychologically jarring day for so many people in new york city. you and i heard from people who were in the building that got out the minute they felt the building shake.
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why? so many of us remember september 11th. the building is closed this morning, and we're learning more about the pilot who died in the crash. we have it all covered. we're going to begin in iowa, where there are three more important people today. the president, joe biden, and cnn's jeff zeleny, live in des moines with the top story. jeff? >> reporter: hey, john. good morning. this is the day that joe biden has been waiting for, to take on donald trump in this critical swing state, where six electoral votes are on the line. joe biden must first get through the big democratic primary, but he is here today, as donald trump say rivalin ins arriving, go one on one in a match where they've been sparring, for now, from afar. it is a matchup both men have been craving. >> i don't see biden as a threat, no. i don't see him as a threat. i think he is only a threat to himself. >> president trump inherited an economy from obama/biden administration. that was given to him, just like
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he inherited everything else in his life. >> reporter: it's hardly a duel at high noon, but president trump and joe biden are both heading so iowa today, bringing their long distance feud into closer range. it is the president's first trip of the year to a state heavily inundated with democratic presidential candidates. he's not only watching that race closely, but he is working to influence it. >> have a choice between slippy joe and crazy bernie. i'll take any of them. let's pick somebody, please, and let's start this thing. >> reporter: for biden, it is his second visit to iowa since launching his candidacy. >> it is good to be back in hawkeye country. >> reporter: he's like nothing more than to focus on trump, trying to prove his own electability. he is facing a competitive democratic primary, as he tries to prove he is the front runner in the race. his first stop is home to one of 32 counties in the state that voted for he and barack obama in 2012 before flipping to trump in 2016. iowa had more of the blue to red
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counties than any other state in the country. >> we love the people of iowa. >> reporter: iowa say mois amon of trump's most treasured victories. he went on to defeat clinton in a state that obama and biden carried twice. former iowa governor, who served in obama's cabinet eight years, said democrats underestimate trump at their own peril. >> it would be foolish to assume a sitting president is easily defeated. i think we need to understand, this is going to be a very, very difficult fight. >> what is joe biden's biggest challenge, do you think? >> well, obviously, when you're the front runner, you have 18 or 19 people taking shots at you every day, and it'll wear on you. we know joe biden. there is a comfort that comes with that. >> reporter: trump locked in most republicans and escaped a primary challenge. biden is beginning to wage his.
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democratic leaders here say he has to prove him. is joe biden a strong front runner? >> again, he is a leader. it is anybody's game at this point. you have to come here and retail politics and earn votes. >> reporter: that is the sense from democratic leaders here, that joe biden has to prove himself as a front runner. i am told by aides to the former vice president, he plans to talk about trade, tariffs, and go directly after president trump on his policy on this. john and alisyn, one thing is clear, joe biden has wanted to go after donald trump for so long. again, that competitive democratic primary here comes first. >> thank you very much. back in washington, house democrats are expected to vote today to enforce subpoenas on attorney general william barr and former counsel don mcgahn. this after the star witness who took down president nixon during watergate drew parallels between
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that president and president trump. cnn's lauren fox is live on capitol hill with more. tell us the highlights. >> reporter: well, alisyn, democrats intensifying their push to re-cast the fallout from the mueller report, as they're getting more documents from the department of justice. republicans and democrats have already begun reviewing new documents related to the mueller report's obstruction of justice probe. multiple sources tell cnn that the access to the documents was brokered between the house judiciary committee and the justice department monday. because of the deal, judiciary chairman jerry nadler saying, now, there is no need to hold attorney general william barr criminally in contempt of congress. but adding, the committee must proceed with the original contempt resolution to enforce other congressional subpoenas. >> it does not include grand jury information, nor extend to
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the fact that mcgahn, a key fact witness, testified before this committee. >> reporter: nadler hosting president nixon's former white house counsel and cnn contributor john dean to discuss the mueller report. >> the last time i appeared before your committee was july 11, 1974, during the impeachment inquiry of richard nixon. clearly, i am not here today as a fact witness. >> reporter: his testimony during the watergate hearings was crucial to nixon resigning. >> i thought, yes, i can share, with particularly a lot of the people who are on the committee who were not born or they were very young when watergate occurred. it's quite striking and startling to me that history is repeating itself. and with a vengeance. >> reporter: the hearing quickly turning into a partisan food fight, with loyal trump allies taking aim at dean's credibility. >> you are functionally here as a prop because they can't impeach president trump because 70% of democrats want something
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that 60% of americans don't. >> reporter: then republicans levying attacks on dean himself. >> now, we have john dean, 45 years ago, went to -- pled guilty to obstruction of justice. now coming in to enlighten the judiciary committee on obstruction of justice. we could be going to the start of how this started. >> dean made an industry of accusing presidents of acting like nixon. >> it appreciate you were not born at the time this all happened. the -- it's not by choice that i've done a lot of this. it is that i've been dragged into it. >> reporter: dean shaking off the blows, attempting to turn the focus back on the mueller report. >> in many ways, the mueller report is to president trump what the so-called watergate road map was to president richard nixon. stated differently, special
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counsel mueller has provided this committee with a road map. >> reporter: and drawing more comparisons between president nixon and president trump. >> would you say there was a future administration that committed more crimes than the nixon administration, as far as obstruction? >> i would say the trump administration is in fast competition with what happened in the nixon administration. i certainly hope don mcgahn is a key witness before this committee. his client is the office of the president. i think he owes that office his testimony before this committee. >> reporter: president trump also taking swings at the watergate figure. >> john has been a loser for a long time. we know that. i think he was disbarred, and he went to prison. other than that, he's doing a great job. >> reporter: dean responding with humor. >> well, i'm honored to be on his enemies list. i was able to make nixon's at the end. so i'm pleased that i'm on
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trump's. >> reporter: more tension, of course, between congress and the trump administration. the house oversight committee is slated to vote tomorrow in committee to hold wilbur ross and attorney general bill barr in contempt of congress for not cooperating with their investigation into how a question about u.s. citizenship ended up on the census. john? >> lauren fox on capitol hill, thank you very much. this morning, red sox legend david ortiz is back in boston, hospitalized after being shot in the dominican republic. his injuries appear to be more serious than first reported. he was flown overnight from the dominican republic to boston on a plane provided by the red sox. we go to boston with the latest. a very rainy boston, alexander. what do we know about ortiz this morning? >> reporter: he is in a city that he, for a long time, considered home. he'll always be one of boston's own. that's why he is in mass general recovering now.
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we know david ortiz, big papi, was shot in the back with the bullet entering his stomach. doctors rushed him into emergency surgery, repairing parts of his intestine, his galbladder, his colon, extensive injuries. they decided he was out of danger and in stable condition. that's when the red sox were able to send in an air ambulance that took him all the way back to boston for more treatment. at fenway park in boston last night, crib utributes to davido who left a mark on the city, this team, the fans, and these loving words from a manager. >> keep praying, stay positive, and when he comes back, he will be taken care of. he'll be back with us. he'll be in the clubhouse with a big smile and that huge heart. back home, they talk about superheros without capes. he's a superhero without a cape. that's the way we see him, you
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know? he'll be okay. >> reporter: big papi retired from baseball in 2016. the red sox retired his number in 2017. you heard it there, he is always going to be a part of that team. when he woke up from surgery, we understand the first thing he asked was to see his family and even right here in boston, we absolutely know there are a lot of people that big papi must certainly consider to be a part of his family. alisyn? >> please keep us posted on his progress. we' we're learning more details about the shooting and thege patrick, what have you learned? >> reporter: david ortiz has left, but the investigation here continues. one man in custody. eddie garcia. other than a drug charge from a few years ago, police say they don't know much about him. they're seeking an accomplice of his. someone who managed to flee the scene, running away. eddie garcia was tackled by some of the bystanders. of course, david ortiz was
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sitting at this nightclub with friends and fans, admirers. many of them just tackled the alleged gunman here, grabbed him, threw him on the ground, beat him up very badly before turning him over to the police. police are interrogating him now. all representatives of david ortiz will tell us is this does not appear to be a robbery. there was never an attempt to get any money from david ortiz or anybody else. the individual who approaches him in the video shoots him in the back, then attempts to flee. they feel, without knowing why, that this was some sort of deliberate attack on david ortiz. he, like in boston, is a legend here. everyone i talk to says they can't imagine why anybody would want to hurt this famed baseball player who is beloved by so many year. >> patrick ottman for us down in the dominican republic, keep asking the questions. obviously, why this happened. still a giant unknown. i want to give credit to someone
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for breaking the story about the red sox flying david ortiz back to boston. my mother broke the story, at least to me. called me to tell me, did you hear the red sox are flying david ortiz to boston? it may have been reported somewhere else first. >> i doubt it. >> faras far as i'm concerned - >> thank you for revealing your sources. helpful for all of us. now to this. it gripped the city of new york yesterday, this crash that reminded so many people of 9/11. >> look at the pictures. the helicopter making a crash landing on top of a high-rise. it raises so many questions about the rules of flying these vehicles all around the city. you see them all the time. we have a live report next. >> announcer: "new day" brought to you by kind. for snack bars that are tasty and healthy, do the kind thing. s brown rice syrup? which is just another name for sugar. this kind bar's first ingredient is almonds. which is just another name for... almonds.
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award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century. the ntsb is investigating the deadly helicopter crash landing on the roof of a new york city skyscraper. investigators are trying to figure out why it was flying in restricted areas over the city. brynn gingras is live in times square with more. what a day. >> reporter: what a day. still a lot of questions this morning. mccormick, the pilot of the helicopter, the only fatality in this crash, was an experienced pilot from all accounts. for the last five years, he was flying for a company called american continental properties
3:19 am
group, a real estate company. it was an executive plane. it is registered in new jersey. however, the helicopter yesterday, in that terrible weather, took off at a heliport on 34th street, midtown manhattan's west side here in the city. it flew, according to a law enforcement source, south, around near the statue of liberty and then back up the east side before cutting across the heart of the city and having that crash landing 11 minutes later from take-off on the building behind me. now, this is restricted air space. it is not far from trump tower where, of course, the president stays when he is in new york city. as you can imagine the scene here for people inside the building at that time. >> you could feel the building shake. >> it wasn't until we got outside the building that we understood it was a helicopter that hit the building. >> if you're a new yorker, you have a level of btspptsd from 9.
3:20 am
as soon as an aircraft hits the building, i think my mind goes where every new yorker's mind goes. >> reporter: the big questions this morning, why did that pilot take off in that weather? what sort of communication, if any, did he have with air traffic control? the ntsb will be on scene investigating today. john? >> brynn gingras at the site of the crash. my first reaction is, you have to be kidding, there was an helicopter in the weather yesterday. >> it is reminiscent for friends in the building and us watching. remember on 9/11, the first reports were it seemed like, oh, maybe this was a little tourist plane that flew into a building. having those same thoughts yesterday. it turns out, we don't know the answer of what happened to this helicopter. >> no. you heard the guy in that piece right there, i have a friend who was in there who said the minute he felt something shake, he got right out. you don't take chances. golden state warriors stave
3:21 am
off elimination in the finals. the decision to play kevin durant in this game. coy wire has more in the "bleacher report." it was awful. >> no doubt. sometimes athletes, you face these inner demons. do you come back and help your team, or do you rest with your career on the line. durant was back in the starting lineup after miss 3g 3 ding 33 with a calf injury. his return lasted 12 minutes. he lit it up with 11 points, then durant grabbing his lower leg. he knew he was done. he was helped off the court. raptors players showing support. the fear being a torn achilles. how did the warriors respond? like champs. from playing with durant again for playing for him. they ripped the 106-105 win from the raptors. afterwards, the gm fights back tears, talking about durant's injury. >> i don't believe there is somebody to blame, but i
3:22 am
understand it's this world. if you have to, you can blame me. i run our operations department. >> warriors force a game six on thursday with durant likely out. the defending champs are here. the usa just hours from making their women's world cup debut in france. a favorite to win it all. 12 players from the 2015 world cup winning team returning. they've lost just once since 2019. that was to host nation france in january. usa taking on thailand today at 3:00 eastern. back to you. >> my daughters are so excited about that one. >> so is my son. >> they've been glued. >> we're all watching. >> us, too. the witness who helped bring down richard nixon says robert mueller handed congress a road map to investigate president trump. how well did they follow that road map yesterday? >> announcer: this "bleacher
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breaking news. president trump and democratic front runner joe biden are both campaigning in iowa today. we have just gotten a copy of the former vice president's speech in our hot, moist, little hands. joining us now -- >> what have you been doing with your hands? >> i'm having an allergy attack. i'm referencing that throughout the show, in case i sneeze. joining us now, congress that will reporter for the "washington post" and former counsel to the attorney general.
3:28 am
and jim acosta, white house correspondent. great to have all of you. this split screen will be interesting today, to watch the president campaign and joe biden. here are a couple of things. we'll read it fresh, since john and i are just going through it. here's what joe biden plans to say. you know, trump nmsz adonald tre both in iowa today. it wasn't planned that way. we speculated maybe he was planning to follow donald trump around. i hope trump's presence will be a clarifying event. america's farmers have been crushed by his tariff war with china. no one knows it better than iowa. he thinks he is being tough. it is easy to be tough when someone else is feeling the pain. it sounds like joe biden is going to go right after president trump from the jump. >> right. and on potentially his vulnerableabilivu vulnerabili vulnerability, how this will affect trump voters. the president has kept many of the folks in his tent. he's provided relief to farmers and so on. a lot of the farmers have been
3:29 am
telling us here on cnn, no matter what happens, i'll stay with donald trump. there have been some who said they won't do that. i think joe biden is wisely going in there and testing the waters to see, can he exploit this? the question is whether or not this passionate, very loyal base will ever defect from this president. joe biden is smart to go after the base this early on and in a state as important as iowa. >> it is a tried and true strategy of the campaign, saying, this is about you and what you're going through. it has to do with the farmers, he says, how many farmers across the state and nation has to face the prospect of losing their business, losing their farm because of trump's tariffs? how many had to stare at the ceiling at night, wondering how they're going to make it? how many sleepless nights do you think trump has had over what he's doing to american farmers? rachel, i went through this speech. it's all about president trump. the whole speech is. it is very interesting to me. joe biden, who has been criticized by some of his
3:30 am
counterparts for not being on the campaign trail, doing his own thing, is going to iowa to make a splash, and he is delivering a stemwinder exclusively about the president. >> this could help cement his potential front runner status. this is good for biden. he doesn't want to be seen as somebody out there trying to get attention from the other 20 democratic candidates who are also running. he wants to look like the front runner. today, he's going to be out there blasting trump, as if he is the front runner. of course, we know he is leading in the polls. i think the next two days, they have the potential to be good for actually both men. you know, the "new york times" is reporting this morning that the trump campaign has had a problem getting the president to focus on his own campaign. actually going after an opponent like biden, and being in a state at the same time as him, gives him this opportunity to really rejuvenate his energy and focus on 2020. this could help him, as well. both men could really benefit from this in their own very ways. >> it is interesting, he is also talking about values. that's something that joe biden has been talking a lot about on
3:31 am
the campaign. he's bringing up again charlottesville, of course. he's bringing up, again, the family separation, ripping children from their parents at the border. this is really interesting because yesterday, of course, we watched john dean, the sort of star witness from the watergate hearings, testify to congress about -- i mean, the democrats, as you know, are sort of trying to animate the mueller report. it wasn't that effective for a series of reasons. primarily because breaking news sort of squashed it all. it's getting mixed reviews. joe biden is taking it directly to voters and, you know, telling them how he sees the president. oh, carrie? >> oh, yes. sorry. i didn't realize you were coming to me. >> my mistake. i should have said your name. i'm out of it. >> it's the aller eleallergies
3:32 am
>> he should be taking it to voters. in terms of the hearing yesterday, my understanding, what democrats are trying to do on the committee is they are trying to tell the story of the mueller report. they haven't been able to get the special counsel to come testify before them. they haven't been able to get the witnesses, the actual fact witnesses that they want to have from -- who were actually involved in the activities in the white house. so a don mcgahn, an annie donaldson, his counsel, hope hicks, former adviser to the president. they haven't been able to get these people in. they recognize most americans haven't had time to be able to sit down and sidigest the 400 ps pages of this report. they're trying the to bring in people who have read the report, who have been thinking a lot about this report and what's in it it, what the consequences are, both in terms of volume 1, the national security issues and foreign involvement, and also
3:33 am
the impeachment issues. >> watergate, they attacked dean for obstructing justice. i wonder, carrie, if you think they're trying to send a message to robert mueller himself, who is reluctant to testify, if they're trying to say to him, you know, mr. former director, if you come up here, this is what you're going to get. >> i don't know they're trying to send that message directly, but certainly someone who observes the hearings new york city y-- you come away thinking i wish i was hearing from the people who were here directly. i think john dean provided a foil for the republicans to be able to just attack him based on his history and sort of take things back to the watergate. i do think the former prosecutors -- there were two other witnesses who are former u.s. attorneys. they were able to methodically go through elements of obstruction and how the facts laid out in the report, some of them at least, constitute instances of obstruction. i think that piece was informative.
3:34 am
>> so, jim, back to how president trump is feeling about all of this. what he saw with john dean as well as what he is about to see with joe biden. maggie haberman, our friend at the "new york times," has an interesting article out today about president trump's mindset, what he's been doing behind the scenes. he's apparently calling, using his old, private cell phone, his old advisers, to talk about some of the internal polling that the white house has that we've not seen yet, that show about 17 state states shows joe biden posing a threat to president trump. >> that hasn't changed, that the president reaches out to the outside team of advisers. he does this all the time. it is one of the things that drives his own team crazy. you know, one of the things that i picked up on, talking to my sources, is that, yes, they are concerned about joe biden. they see joe biden as somebody who is potentially going to cut into trump's base of support. he can speak to people in pennsylvania, wisconsin, michigan, and the blue wall states that crumbled in 2016.
3:35 am
yes, it is no surprise to me that he is hyper focused on joe biden. i suppose, as you were seeing in the remarks laidr today, you'll trump go after biden big-time. i think because of how the campaign focused on joe biden, you're seeing whispers, shameful whispers about joe biden's health and some of the same stuff they tried to do to hillary clinton in 2016. as the president pointed out on d-day in normandy, referring to nancy ploelosi as nervous nancy he'll now talk about joe as sleepy joe. he sees him as the threat in the field for candidates. >> i think the biden campaign knows this and is trying to egg the president on, perhaps, to see even more when he goes iowa today. we've all covered campaigns. i haven't seen a full speech
3:36 am
released at 6:00 a.m. for a long time. it's been a long time since we've been given a full speech. >> won't see one from trump. >> never do. >> the biden campaign wants this out there and wants the president to know when he arrives in iowa what he is facing. >> yeah, exactly right. again, it goes back to making himself look like the front runner. he is ahead of the pack. the president -- he's the threat to the president. he's the one that trump is worried about. that's what we're seeing reflected in the reporting. i think we got a preview of this a couple of weeks ago when the president was in tokyo and basically was like, i agree with kim jong-un, the dictator, who said that he was making fun of joe biden, that he has a low iq. that was so rare to see a president attack a political foe on foreign soil. again, it speaks to the president seeing biden as a threat. >> if he's willing to say that, what he said in normandy, iowa, all bets are off. you're allowed to say stuff in iowa.
3:37 am
>> and he will. >> carrie, jim, rachel, thank you. a nerve gas was used to murder kim jong-un's half brother. a new report gives a shocking clue as to why. just between us, cleaning with a mop and bucket is such a hassle. well i switched to swiffer wet jet and it's awesome. it's an all-in-one that absorbs dirt and grime deep inside. and it helps prevent streaks and haze. stop cleaning. start swiffering
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the most common side effect is nausea. quit smoking slow turkey. talk to your doctor about chantix.
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the "wall street journal" is reporting kim jong-un's murdered half brother was a source for the cia. he was poisoned in a nerve agent attack at malaysia's airport two years ago. paula hancocks is live in seoul, south korea, with more. what have you learned, paula? >> reporter: well, alisyn, according to the "wall street journal," they are saying there was a connection between the cia and kim jong-nam. although they admit there are details about this relationship that they simply don't know about at this point. we do know when the case was ongoing for the two women who smeared the nerve agent on kim jong-nam's face back in february 2017, in that international airport in malaysia, the defense lawyer brought this up in court and said he believed kim jong-nam had met with what he suggested could be an intelligent agent.
3:42 am
we didn't have confirmation at that point from the police. they weren't keen to make comments on that in public. certainly, this is something that has been around for a while. the suggestion of it. it is also something that "washington post" has mentioned in a book about kim jong-un, the great successor. certainly, it is something that officials would be looking at. some experts we've been speaking to today say they'd be surprised if the cia hadn't spoken to the half brother of kim jong-un. john, back to you. >> what a story. new twists every day. thanks so much. the u.s. ambassador to israel facing a backlash this morning after saying israel has the right to annex parts of the west bank. cnn's oren lieberman is live in tel-aviv with the details on this. what have you learned? >> reporter: john, it's the word you used there that has raised eyebrows and infuriated palestinians, that israel has the right to annex parts of the west bank. he made the comments in an
3:43 am
interview with the "new york times." if he said nothing other than this line, it would have made headlines on its own. under certain circumstances, he said israel has the right to annex parts, but unlikely all of the west bank. it is known that he is right-wing, pro-israel, and a supporter of jewish sell lme settlements on the west bank. this bucks foreign policy and goes against the position of the international community and international law, which holds the west bank is occupied territory and part of a future palestinian state. palestinian leaders were infuriated. the secretary general said on twitter of the trump administration, their vision is of annexation of occupied territory, a war crime under international law. the timing of these comments also can't be ignored. it is two weeks before the bahrain conference, where the trump administration will unveil parts of the peace plan. one has to wonder if this is part of the plan, annexation of parts of the west bank. >> thank you for that reporting. president trump's war with
3:44 am
the press started during his campaign and never ended. cnn's chief white house correspondent jim acosta has a new book out today with insight into what it is like to work as a journalist in this white house. jim acosta is back with us next. award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century. from whole blendsare, the volvo xc90. blended with purpose,
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breaking news this morning, we've been given the full speech that joe biden, the former vice president, plans to deliver when hes iowa today. it is a speech all about president trump. going by issue by issue and drawing a line between his candidacy and the current president. one of the things that the vice president will do is talk about the attacks on the press. let me read you a little bit of this. he goes, enemy of the people, these aren't words to be laughed at or dismissed. just look at what's happening around the world. dictators and tyrants are using trump's words to justify their own abuses of power in their countries. trump's goal is simple, discredit the news, discredit the free press, and he gets to run rough shot over america. it just so happens, there is a brand-new book out today entitled "enemy of the people" written by our friend and colleague, cnn's chief white house correspondent, jim acosta.
3:49 am
"enemy of the people," a dangerous time to tell the truth in america. it was interesting to hear the former vice president highlight the very same thing you do in your book. why is the book titled this? what argument are you making? >> the book is not about me. it's not an autobiography. i don't consider me to be the enemy of the people. i don't consider us to be the enemy of the people. really, the book is a call to the country to say, do we want to go down this road, where we refer to other people as our enemy? in this case, i'm talking about the press. we've all grown up in a country over the last couple of generations where, yes, both sides, republicans and democrats, they get frustrated with us from time to time, but they've never elevated their attacks on the press to this level. as i write throughout the book, and as i detail in various episodes, you know, there's been an escalation in the volatility directed at us. we're receiving death threats and all sorts of things. you know, reporters should not be going to trump rallies with
3:50 am
bodyguards. that is not the world we want to live in. if we have an incident where a reporter is injured or, god forbid, killed in this country, i think we cross over into a new category of countries. we're going to join another league of nations around the world where the press is not safe to do its job. my goodness, can we imagine a way of life like that, that's not like the one we have now? >> one episode that continues to get so much attention between you and the president is in the aftermath at the tragedy at charlottesville. an innocent woman going to protest was mowed down by someone sympathetic to the neo-nazi side. you tried to ask the president about that. let's remind people of what happened and what he said at that moment. >> they showed up in charlottesville to protest -- >> excuse me. you had some very bad people in that group. you also had people that were very fine people, on both sides.
3:51 am
>> that has continued to, obviously, make news. the fact that president trump thought there were very fine people on both sides. >> right. >> already, you could see that he was annoyed with you and your question. >> right. >> what was it? what was the moment where he started singling you out, where he started to think that you, in particular, were enemy of the people, as he says? >> well, we should point out in that moment there, i said right back to the president, mr. president, there are no fine people in the nazis. i didn't put it in the form of a question because i don't think there is a debate there. there are no two sides when it is right versus wrong. a lot of this started, and you'll remember, at the press conference before president trump was sworn into office. he called all of us fake news. what was the story about? what was he so upset about? it was the story that cnn broke that said the intelligence community had gone to the president-elect and said, mr. president, the russians may have compromising information on you, and it may be a problem for your
3:52 am
presidency, and he blew up at us. it continues to be a legitimate story where legitimate questions had to be asked. >> you address it in your book, you know there is criticism of the way you personally have decided to do your job. people say, jim, you shouldn't make yourself the center of the story. you make it too much about you, grand standing is a term that's thrown out there. again, i'm saying that because you write about it in the book. the book is an answer to that. what is the answer? >> well, i mean, i do want to mention, there is one funny episode during a press pass case, when ted olson of the bush v gore case, he was an attorney representing us in that whole ordeal. he came up to me at one point and said, grand standing in washington, jim, i can't believe there was grand standing going on at the white house. >> shocked. >> shocked, yeah, that there is gambling going on at the casino. no, to deal with that question seriously, i mean, one of the things we've been up against, you know, the "washington post" fact-checker recently found the president made approximately 10,000 false or misleading
3:53 am
statements since coming into office. can you imagine a world if we lived in where we didn't fact-check those things, where we allowed all of that to go on into the ether? what kind of a world would we be in right now? what would be our concept of the truth and reality? one of the things that upsets the president, his team, his supporters, apologists, prop began dis propagandists, is we check this in real time. no, mr. president, pants on fire. no, that is a lie. when things are said over and over again, and the fact-checkers say, mr. president, this is not true, guess what? those are lies. that put us in the crosshairs of this administration. what i hope that people around the country and around the world who read this book take away from this book is that we are just here to do our jobs. it's a job. >> we're here to hold their feet to the fire and make sure the leaders are held accountable. i think that task is more important than ever. >> the book is fantastic. "the enemy of the book." you peel back the curtain for
3:54 am
what it is like to really have our jobs at the moment and for what it is like behind the scenes at the white house. i think the readers will really enjoy it. >> i'm grateful to all of you, too. >> it is a great read, honestly. i enjoyed reading it. >> thanks so much, guys. we're getting a first glimpse of what would be the 2020 matchup, or certainly the matchup bow jiden wants to see 2020, between the president and former vice president. we received a copy of the remarks the former vp will give later today. they are searing. he's doing it for a reason. he gez rigoes right at the pres. that's next. high protein. low sugar. so good! high protein. low sugar. mmmm, birthday cake! pure protein. the best combination for every fitness routine. when crabe stronger...strong, with new nicorette coated ice mint. layered with flavor... it's the first and only coated nicotine lozenge. for an amazing taste... ...that outlasts your craving. new nicorette ice mint.
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are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. help stop the clock on further irreversible joint damage. talk to your rheumatologist. right here. right now. humira. is there a secret agreement between the u.s. and mexico? >> is there? >> well, the president says yes. mexico says no. here's what the late-night comics think. >> do they know? >> yes. >> trump now says there is a secret agreement with mexico that nobody knows about, not even him. i don't think trump's base would have had any awareness of the story if he hadn't brought it up. it is like texting everyone in your phone, don't look at this picture of my pants falling down, which is attached. >> on saturday, the "new york times" reported that mexico agreed to take the border actions months before trump announced the tariff deal.
3:59 am
so the threats of tariffs, the negotiations, the deal itself, were all fake. it was like some sort of theater. in this case, the lying king. trump was taking credit for deals already in place. i am so proud to announce that the berlin wall is coming down. >> that's pretty funny. >> hakuna matata. i love the song. >> who doesn't? it is catchy. >> thanks to the international viewers for watching. "cnn talk" is next. for u.s. viewers, former vice president, we were just given a speech he plans to deliver tonight. it goes right after the president. they are both in iowa today. "new day" continues right now. president trump and joe biden both heading to iowa today. >> our president is the divider in chief. >> it would be foolish to assume a sitting president is easily
4:00 am
defeated. it'll be a very difficult fight. >> democrats have finally started to get documents they have been demanding for some time. >> you sit before us with no knowledge of a single fact on the mueller report. >> the trump administration is in fast competition with what happened in the nixon administration. >> t the events shook our red sox family to its core. our thoughts and our prayers are with david. >> we will always be one of boston's own. he is back here recovering now. >> he'll be back with us in the clubhouse with a big smile and that huge heart. he is is superhero without a cape. that's the way we see him. >> announcer: this is "new day" with alisyn camerota and john berman. >> good morning and welcome to your new day. we have breaking campaign news. in some ways, a new day on the campaign trail. the former vice president, joe biden, is going to deliver a speech that goes right after president trump. it is a primetime speech. we were just given a full copy. ask yourself why the


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