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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  June 14, 2019 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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this morning, analyzing this new video obtained by cnn, that the pentagon says implicates iran in the attacks on two tankers in the gulf of oman. u.s. officials say the new images show an iranian navy vessel removing an unexploded mine from one of the tankers. again, the easternians appear to be removing the devices in the video, not putting on and we will tell you why the u.s. believes this still makes them culpable. iran denies culpability. the second time in a month the tankers have been seriously damaged and the question is will the u.s. respond with military action? >> meanwhile president trump's stunning assertion that he would again accept dirt on political rivals on foreign adversaries has ricochetted through washington. even the head of the u.s. election system felt the need to again explain the law. republicans are trying to defend his comments, but the trump campaign is standing by them. and the president himself acting
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as his own spokesperson, and that's something that he will have to do more of, with sarah sanders leaving her post. so we expect to hear from the president any moment about these topics and more. we have it all covered for you. first to michelle kosinski in our washington bureau with more on the top story. michelle. >> reporter: if you remember weeks ago when other ships were attacked in the persian gulf, it was more than a week later and the secretary of state was saying, well maybe iran could have been behind this. well, this time, you see the administration waste zero time, in getting out and very publicly definitively calling out iran for it. the pentagon even releasing some evidence. this dramatic new video released overnight shows a small boat approaching the tanker. you can see an individual removing an object from the tanker's hull. u.s. military officials say that object is likely an unexploded mine. removed by iranians, just hours
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after the initial explosion. secretary of state mike pompeo accusing iran of carrying out the attacks. using the video as his evidence. >> iran is lashing out. because of the regime wants our successful maximum pressure campaign lifted. >> reporter: u.s. defense officials believe iran recovered the device to remove any evidence of their involvement in the attack. the military also releasing this foe toef the ship's hull that they say shows the damage from one explosion and the likely unexploded mine. the japanese owned ship was one of two tankers attacked in the gulf of oman thursday. as japan's prime minister abe visited iran in an attempt to calm tensions between tehran and washington. iran has denied involvement. the iranian prime minister saying in a tweet, quote, suspicious doesn't each begin to describe what likely transpired this morning. the secretary of state firing back. >> foreign minister sharif may
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think this is funny, but no one else in the world does. >> the japanese are coordinating with the united states, in investigating the attack on its tanker, but at this point, are not blaming iran. the incident in the gulf of oman follows months of escalation in the region. in may national security adviser john bolton accusing iran of executing an attack on four oil tankers in the united emirates point and a state actor was likely to blame. >> and that same month, the u.s. deployed the u system s abraham lincoln to the region to combat other threats from iran. >> over the last few week, the administration has faced a lot of questions and some criticism for not releasing proof of why they say iran was behind certain threats or attacks. now, we see them do that immediately. so it does raise the question, are they doing this so quickly to head off some of that criticism, or is this part of the justification for whatever
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the response will be, and we did see the secretary of state meet yesterday with the acting secretary of defense. john? >> michelle kosinski, stand by. let us know what more you hear from officials this morning. in the meantime, another major story developing this morning. a stunning new policy from the trump campaign. as stunning as the prey's initial comment that inspired. it a trump campaign official announced they are following the president's directives to listen to outreach to foreign governments that offer dirt on political opponents. overnight, this led to an unprecedented call of alarm from the federal election commission chair. cnn's lauren fox is live on capitol hill for us, and there is a lot of concern in congress that they need to take steps immediately on this. >> reporter: well, that's right, john, it is really, really bad. that's what one senior gop source told cnn about the president's comments about how he would accept dirt from a foreign entity if they came to him and the person went on to say, if a president took information from a foreign
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government, that would impeachable. president trump quickly launching into damage control mode after admitting he would accept political dirt about an opponent from a foreign government instead of immediately informing the fbi. >> it is not an interference. they have information. i think i'd take it. if i thought there was something wrong, i would go maybe to the fbi. >> reporter: the president on the defensive, comparing possible foreign interference into u.s. affairs with having talks with international leaders. like the queen of england, or president of france. tweeting, quote, should i immediately call the fbi about these calls and meetings? how ridiculous. i would never be trusted again. the trump campaign saying the president will handle processing information about political rivals on a case by case basis. >> if we're following the president's lead, we're following his directive. >> reporter: the federal election commission chair woman firing back tweeting quote i would not thought that i needed to say this, adding that she
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wanted to make it 100% clear that it is illegal for any person to solicit, accept, or receive anything of value from a foreign national, in connection with a u.s. election. >> there is nothing wrong with listening. >> reporter: the president's comments sending a wave of criticism crashing over capitol hill from democratic lawmakers. >> we got to protect our democracy. the one thing we know, russia and others will be back. >> reporter: house speaker nancy pelosi advancing legislation to require candidates to report efforts from foreign governments to influence elections. senate democrats tried to pass a similar bill yesterday, but republicans blocked it. >> how disgraceful it is that a republican, that our republican friends cower before this president, when they know that the things he does severely damage democracy. this one is a new low. >> reporter: many gop congressional members, including key trump allies, like senator lindsey graham, distancing themselves from the president.
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>> if a foreign government comes to you as a public official, and offers to help your campaign, giving you anything of value, whether it be money or information on your opponent, the right answer is no. >> reporter: but the south carolina republican quickly pointing the finger at the democrats. >> i'm hoping some of my democratic colleagues will take more seriously the fact that christopher still was a foreign agent paid for by the democratic party to gather dirt on trump. dult unverified, he needs to get a warrant. >> reporter: there is a big difference, democrats say, between what that steel dossier was, christopher steel of course, a former british spy, for british intelligence services, and the british government of course being one of the u.s.'s closest allies and of course that dossier only a piece of evidence in fisa court to get a warrant on carter page. allison? >> thank you very much for all of that. any minute, we expect to
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hear from president trump whether he will follow a recommendation from a federal watchdog to fire senior counselor kellyanne conway. she is accused of violating the hatch act, which bars employees from official government politics in their official rules. joe johns has more from the white house. >> reporter: part of the significance of this is that it plays into the narrative that this administration essentially picks and chooses whether to come ply with federal laws it disagree williams the office of the special counsel is there to essentially enforce whether what is called the hatch act. the hatch act is designed to keep federal employees from using their job for partisan politics. well, the office of the special counsel said that kellyanne conway, the president's counselor, ought to be removed from federal service for using
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her job for partisan political purposes, by making statements against democratic candidates, while she was working for the president on social media, as well as right out here in the driveway at the white house, and also on television frequently, and appearances on fox news. it is not likely that anything is going to happen to kellyanne conway. the white house vigorously defended her and said her first amendment rights of free speech were being violated. the president is a person who is supposed to enforce the hatch act. not likely he is going to do anything with that. there is also the news today of course that sarah sanders, the president's press secretary, sarah sanders, is going to leave office. that is something that is very much expected here at the white house. we've been expecting it for a long time. the president did make an announcement on twitter, saying she is going, her legacy is that she has been defending the president who has been very fact
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challenged over the course of his administration. back to you. >> joe johns for us at the white house. stand by. let us know if you hear from the president. we are waiting to hear if he will in fact follow the recommendations to fire kellyanne conway, although i won't bet on it. thanks, joe. breaking overnight. king of the north, for the first time ever. a team outside the united states is the champion of the national basketball association. the toronto raptors dethroned the golden state warriors who ended the game with yet another superstar sidelined. andy scholes with all of the action in the bleacher report. >> the party still going in toronto this morning. what aer were for the raptors. last summer, fired their coach and traded for superstar kawhi leonard and those moves certainly paying off big time. kawhi solid in game six. in the third quarter, hits the bucket to go. plus the foul. now, moments later, just another brutal injury for the warriors. klay thompson having a fantastic game, goes down here after
3:11 am
getting fouled. klay would have to leave the game with a knee injury and the warriors announcing afterwards he did in fact tear his acl. now when the raptors needed a big shot late, it was undrafted guard fred van bleek, and warriors in a hans to win in the closing seconds and got the ball to the man they wanted to, steph curry but his shot no good. 114-110 raptors win the nba finals 4-2 games and the hockey-crazed country of canada has its first nba title. kawhi the first player ever to win finals mvp in both conferences. >> i just kept working hard. working hard. and had my mind set on this goal right here. i was trying to get that over there. and this is what i play basketball for. this is what i work out for all summer, during the season and
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i'm happy that my hard work paid off. >> and tens of thousands of fans taking to the streets of toronto, to celebrate the team's first championship. people are setting off fireworks in the crowd. others decided to climb the light poles. because that's when you do when you win championship, apparently. this is the city's first title in the four major pro sports leagues after the blue jays won it in 1993. 26 years to let that out right there. >> partying like it's boston, man. >> what was that? >> they just let out the celebration. >> let it out. >> they have been waiting a long time. >> it is not like boston where you celebrate every year. >> that's right. >> we're waiting for the duck boat parade in boston to celebrate the toronto championship. andy, thank you very much. the first democratic debates are just two weeks ago. that snuck up on me, we will find out what the lineup will look like. ♪
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divided into two groups in a dramatic lottery drawing. this morning. today the candidates head to key early states with you in arguments in some cases about each other. cnn's rebecca buck is live with the latest. what do we expect. >> reporter: good morning, a very dramatic day ahead for these candidates as they are set to find out who they are going to be up against on debate night. at noon today, the dnc and nbc will meet in new york to draw the names with one representative from each of qual fied cam, qualified campaigns and then look at strategies, who they're on stage with and how to amplify their message on the very crowded stages, and they are not waiting for debate night to get their message out and a very busy day ahead on campaign trail, already, today, kamala harris heading to nevada, kirsten gillibrand and elizabeth warren in new hampshire, and beto o'rourke heading to south carolina.
3:19 am
but no question that elizabeth warren is the candidate of the moment, in the polling we've seen this month, her support has roughly tripled from march. she is in the same league now as bernie sanders. of course, right below joe biden. both of them clearly in the top tier of this race. and she will be the candidate we will be watching to see if she can continue this momentum in the debates and after. >> rebecca, stand by for us. excited to see that dramatic drawing, who will be standing next to woman. also this morning actor cuba gooding jr. is charged with groping a woman in a bar in new york city. he has pleaded not guilty but now we're seeing video of the incident which is central to the case. chloe joins us and what does the video show? >> reporter: this video is from tmz, they obtained surveillance footage from the imagimagic hou rooftop bar in new york city. and cuba gooding jr. is sitting with his girlfriend and in a relationship with a girlfriend,
3:20 am
and next to hem is a woman who, his team tells me last night is a fan that approached cuba, and claudine, and you see like another man walk up to them, in the video, it is up to interpretation, you see cuba gooding jr. reach over to the woman but it is unclear whether or not he actually did grope her, did he actually touch her breast, this is what this woman is alleging she then called 911 shortly after this, around 10:00 p.m., an she filed this police report claiming he groped her against her will. and obviously he is denying any sort of wrongdoing. but afterwards, yesterday, guys, mark heller, the attorney for cuba gooding jr., he came out swinging against the nypd for charging cuba gooding jr., and this is what he had to say. >> i have never seen a case like this one because there is not a
3:21 am
sin till la of criminal cull ability that can be created to mr. cuba gooding jr. after i have extensively, with my staff, reviewed the video, looking at the video, and make your own choice, rather than relying on the over zealous policing in this matter. >> so as you can see, his team is incredibly upset because they feel like he is being wrongfully charged, that this woman allegedly made all of this up, and that there had been alcohol and drinking involved on her part, and that they claim that they are now going to be going after her, and trying to press charges against her, hopefully once these charges are dropped against cuba gooding jr. >> the video also central to this. please keep us updated. >> i will. >> thanks. reality star kim kardashian west speaking at the white house about a new ride share initiative to help former inmates get jobs. she is looking to build off the criminal justice reform that president trump signed last
3:22 am
year. kardashian was a big proponent of that legislation. she talked about what surprised her about the experience of former prisoners coming home. >> the reentry of people coming home, and seeing the lack of support that really existed, whether it's housing, or the amount of letters that i get with people just needing transportation to job interviews, to jobs, these people want to work. >> kardashian began a four-year apprenticeship with the san francisco law firm earlier this year, she says she plans to take the california bar exam in 2020. i'm sorry, 2022. and people who underestimate kim kardashian which i think are tempting sometimes are sometimes proven wrong. >> and underestimating reality tv stars quite a bit over the last few years. brand new video of the president attacking former white
3:23 am
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just released moments ago, new sound from president trump to abc news in which he attacks his own former white house counsel don mcgahn. you will remember, it was mcgahn who told rocket mueller that the president, robert mueller that the president wanted the special counsel fired. >> i was never going to fire mueller. i never suggested firing mueller. do i think -- excuse me, i don't care what he says. it doesn't matter. that was to show everyone what a good counsel he was. >> why would done mcgahn lie under oath, why would he lie under oath -- >> he wanted to make himself look like a good lawyer. or, he believed it because i would constantly tell anybody
3:28 am
that would listen, including you, including the media, that robert mueller was conflicted. >> if you answer these questions to me now, why not answer them to robert mueller under oath? >> because they were looking to get us for lies, for slight misstatements, i look at what happened to people, and it was very unfair. i answered a lot of questions. they gave me questions, i answered them in writing. >> not an obstruction. >> look, george, you're being a little wise guy, okay, which is typical for you. just so you understand, very simple, it is very simple, there was no crime. >> let's bring in michael smerconish and jackie kucinich and cnn political analyst and joe lockhart former white house press spect for secretary
3:29 am
clinton and political chen tate commentator. is that a wise idea to go after don mcgahn on national tv when don mcgahn has been subpoenaed by the house judiciary and has information they would like to hear? >> i'm not sure the president uses wise as a criteria for his comments and he seems to lash out whenever someone will come after him and puts the blame on somebody else. i don't think it will affect don mcgahn -- >> you don't think it will motivate him? >> i think don mcgahn wants to continue to be a washington lawyer and they will have to compel it testimony and he will not confirm it out of spite and his law firm jones day does millions of dollars of work every year in the rnc and work for the trump campaign but he will eventually tell his stories and i think he will defend himself. just by telling the truth. i don't think he will be vindictive with the president. i think he's got, he's not the
3:30 am
same character type as president trump. but he will tell a fascinating story to the public at some point. >> i have to say, this is further than i have ever heard the president go outloud, where he says that don mcgahn was confused or he was trying to make himself look like a good lawyer, and michael smerconish, this now gives democrats more of a reason, even more, of a reason, to try to get don mcgahn in front of them, because they have two public conflicting stories. you know, don mcgahn, mr. mcgahn, why is the president saying that you were wrong in your testimony. >> so the president said, and i think correctly so, to george stephanopoulos, that he was telling anybody who would listen that he thought that robert mueller was conflicted. you can see that i again pulled out my copy of the mueller report to remind myself of what mueller had to say on this issue. what the president didn't respond is that those staff members to who he said repeatedly there were conflicts, ha was not the case. page 81 of volume two, you have steve bannon telling the
3:31 am
president that's ridiculous, when the president put forth his reasons that he thought that mueller was conflicted. i think joe just laid it out beautifully, there is a part two for don mcgahn, and that is earning a nice income in washington, so i think he will be loathe to come in and cross swords with the president. but there is no mystery as to what mcgahn has to say on this, because it is all spelled out in the mueller report. >> jackie, we just need to revisit again what the stunning comments that were revealed yesterday, in george stephanopoulos's interview with the president, who said yes, we do it all over again, despite the investigation, from robert mueller, about russia's interference in the election, yes, if the opportunity popped up, the president would again be open to hearing from russia, any dirt on a political opponent, or any country, basically, that had any dirt, and so the chair felt the need to clarify the law
3:32 am
outloud. here is what the chair said. and let me make it clear, to anyone running for public office, it is illegal for any person to, solicit, accept or receive anything of value from a foreign casual in connection with a u.s. election. this is not a novel concept. electoral intervention from foreign governments has been considered unacceptable since the beginnings of our nation. and yet, you know, i don't know, you're in washington, do you hear many republicans crying foul? >> no. on the hill, there seems to be a, i wouldn't do it, no one should do it, and in fact, you have the s.e.c. chair, i think the beginning of that quote was i can't believe i have to say this. but no, of course, this isn't a practice that happens, but the president has a philosophy, that you know, everyone does it, and if you don't do it, you're an idiot, kind of in his view of politics. and yes, politics can be dirty, but there are guardrails.
3:33 am
whether or not the president chooses to acknowledge them. what he said yesterday now, as far as the legislative push on the hill, to make it into, make it so you do receive information, you have to go to the federal authorities if you're a campaign, within a week of receiving it. and now, that he is kind of in line with the debate, and giving it new oxygen, a lot of that legislation is sure to protect u.s. elections has gone to the senate to die. and we will see if this does, too. but he certainly gave democrats a really powerful talking point. and put republicans on the defensive yet again. >> joe, i just want to go back to the video we just saw. again, that video just in. the president attacked george stephanopoulos, which in and of itself is a tell, it is a tell when the president resorts to that, you can tell he doesn't want to answer a question, the question is why didn't you answer questions about obstruction under oath. don mcgahn has answered questions under eth about
3:34 am
obstruction. president trump hasn't and when pressed on it he attacked the journalist. >> i don't want to minimize what the president said. what i was talking about is what i think don mcgahn's motivation is. it is hard to be stunned, but he stuns you every day with this. you could tell that he wasn't expecting that question from george, and rather than be thoughtful about it, he attacked george. and you have a situation where the president has, any time he has gotten in front of a credible journalist, he makes these admissions. remember the lester holt interview, where he admitted that he fired james comey, because of russia. you know, he spent two days with george stephanopoulos, we see all of the news coming out of this, but it is, you know, this is the president, and his team, that says the press is the enemy of the people. and you see it every day. >> yes, and women, michael smerconish are nasty and men are
3:35 am
wise guys. there's a pattern. there's a pattern cribbed from a different decade. >> well, i think we just saw an example of why the president didn't want to respond to robert mueller in verbal testimony, and instead went the route of writing interrogatory answers because he likes to fire from the hip, the loose talk gets him in trouble and that's what we've seen time and again and i'm sure that's why attorneys were insistent he not have a face to face with robert mueller. >> he did not answer questions about obstruction. and sarah sanders on the way out. quick lightning round. legacy, and what happens next? jackie? >> you know, so she will go down as someone who was very loyal to the president and not very loyal to the truth. >> joe? >> i think failure, the most important parts of the job, one
3:36 am
week keeping the public informed which she didn't do with the briefings and jackie said, being truthful. her legacy is in the mueller report as a liar and would only tell the truth under oath. and the only question for me is, whether this damage is permanent or transient. >> michael? >> she will be very hard to replace. say what you will about her veracity and the way she went about the job, but she was a tough defender of the president, and i'm not sure who they will put in that role, if anyone. >> that would be really interesting if there is just a void, if they never fill that vacuum. >> anything is possible. >> i'm not laughing. >> thank you very much. thank you, everyone. check out michael smerconish, at 9:00 eastern on cnn. an issue that could help decide the 2020 election. it is a state that tipped the scales in 2016.
3:37 am
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gun rights of course are a contentious topics among americans and now, two michigan men on different sides of the aisle are trying to find common ground on guns. cnn's erica hill introduces them to us. >> reporter: since opening freedom firearms in 2002, joe fulton has a front row seat to the intersection of politics and guns. while business soared under president obama, it is the opposite with president trump. >> this is ridiculous how they fear monger to the american people, and how they take positions, and they pit us against each other. >> who is that? >> the political elitists. >> fulton, a small "l" libertarian and his friend randy johnson, a democrat, are strong supporters of second amendment, though they're not in lock-step. >> you and i, we have civil discussions and why doesn't that translate upward? >> for a conversation that feels increasingly polarized, part of
3:42 am
the problem, maybe the starting point. >> we need to just start from a perspective of respecting that i have a difference of opinion, but first of all, we're americans. and the right to bear arms is for everybody. >> the side that comes out first is usually the anti-gun side. why? because the amendment is already in place. this side is firm and solid. and it's not going anywhere. this side is what is trying to change that. >> getting rid of firearms is not the solution to the violence that we're facing. as a matter of fact, it makes us more ready victims. what we need to make sure we do is harden our targets. just like we would for a military base or anything else. >> positions that johnson shares. >> you would think twice if you thought when i went in, there maybe the school lady, or the parent dropping somebody off, or a teacher, may have a firearm. >> less than a third of american adults own a firearm.
3:43 am
yet it is consistently a focus. especially with a looming election. more than half say gun laws should be stricter. when broken down by party, and gun ownership, the numbers shift dramatically. so how could that translate at the polls? >> when i go and cast my vote, i believe in the fundamental principles of my constitution, wherever they stand on the second amendment generally tells me where they stand on liberty. >> you don't go down a checklist to see who supports the guns, but the other side makes that up, it's america, i support gun, i support guns, too, but that's not why i elect somebody. >> as for politicians, neither has any help for that, despite the continued violence. all the more reason to make your voices heard. >> you need to hold people accountable and go to the polls, and whether or not you believe
3:44 am
it, it affects your life. >> battle creek, michigan. does don mcgahn's testimony appear to be more likely before congress? and new video, the pentagon says implicates iran on two tankers in the middle east. we will show you much more of the brand new video next. award . award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century.
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dramatic new images obtained by cnn overnight, look at them here, which u.s. officials prove that iran was responsible for the attack on two oil tankers in a key shipping lane. we're told that this video actually shows the iranians removing a mine from one of the vessels but u.s. officials say they were doing that to cover up evidence of the attack. i'm joined now by democratic congressman tom malinowski of new jersey, a member of the house foreign affairs committee, you were watching that video along with us right now, do you think that is evidence that iran is behind the attack in the gulf? >> that is the likely heft explanation and the biggest
3:49 am
question is how did we get here and the administration has been thumping its chest and saying they restored the tariffs against iran and if this is an iranian attack, it doesn't look like that iran is deterred, it looks like provoked in maximum pressure policy in doing increasingly dangerous things. >> if iran is attacking tankers in the gulf, is the appropriate reaction by the u.s. military action? do you think we're closer to that? >> we have to defend our partners in the gulf. we have to defend shipping in the gulf. but the administration's focus is not that, it is to sell arms to saudi arabia, to continue the war in yemen, which is absolutely nothing to do with defending shipping. and so we need to focus on defending what needs to be defended, but also trying to have a diplomatic climb-down from a war that president trump himself says that he does not want. >> very quickly, you're on the foreign affairs committee. have you been briefed yet on the intelligence that the secretary of state says proves that the iranians were behind this attack?
3:50 am
>> we were briefed before this latest -- >> not this new round. >> not this new round. and what we were briefed on before, really did not amount to a major new threat from iran. i mean look, this has been a threat for years and years. we've been managing this. now attacks on shipping, that would be an escalation, if it is iran but it is not exactly an advertisement for the success of the administration policy. >> breaking overnight, haily, an official with the trump campaign, said that the trump campaign, will follow the directive from the president, to listen to outreach from foreign countries offering dirt on political opponents, and on a case by case basis, choose whether to report that to the fbi. as it stands now, is that a violation of the current law? >> so, it apparently, based on the mueller investigation, it would not necessarily be a violation of law to solicit that kind of help, and there is no legal obligation to report it to
3:51 am
the fbi, if a foreign government offers that sort of thing to you. we never thought we needed a law, because we assumed people would behave in a reasonably responsible way. clearly, this needs to be not put into the law, but you can't do this. >> but before i ask you about the legislation, you're proposing, what is your reaction from hearing that from a trump campaign official? >> completely amoral, cynical and very reveelg. i think the president said something really important yesterday. he said everybody does this. i think he sincerely believes everybody is crooked, everybody is dishonest, and he would be a chump if he wasn't himself. we need to establish that's not true. >> morning, you're here to tell us about a new law that you're proposing that would make this explicitly illegal. >> so the law does two things. number one says if you receive an of help from a foreign power or anybody who is offering hacked information, you have a duty to report it to the justice
3:52 am
department. number two, it would prohibit campaigns from doing what paul manafort did when he was trump's campaign manager, offering the russian, offering the power private polling information. >> has any republican signed on to the legislation? >> no but some have told me they would absolutely support. it i think it would be very difficult for republicans, if this were to be put to a vote, to say that well, there is just anything goes in america. >> i don't know about that, because in the senate side, mark warner proposed legislation that was similar, there are some differences yesterday that would create a duty to report if you were given information from a foreign country, on a political adversary, and marcia blackburn blocked it. >> so look, this is the grim reaper's problem in the united states senate. mitch mcconnell has to decide what he is going to do. we are going to protect the country. i am going to protect the country. we were going to propose this legislation. and mcconnell can go to the voters in 2020 and say we have
3:53 am
done our duty, or we are blocking every reasonable proposal to protect the united states of america. that is his problem. >> what does it say if mitch mcconnell doesn't come to the floor a fairly simple piece of legislation, if you're offered dirt for giving dirt on a political opponent, from another country, that you need to report it. >> it is evenly divided between democrats and republicans and not evenly divided when it comes to patriotism and protecting the united states. i think the american people will reject that approach. >> we saw brand new video released moments ago, of the president with george stephanopoulos going after don mcgahn, saying don mcgahn was maybe confused and trying to protect his image as a lawyer when he said that president trump told him to fire robert mueller. does this require don mcgahn to come testify now before congress? >> everything has already required don mcgahn to come testify. and you know what, don mcgahn was under oath when he said those things, donald trump has refused to say anything under
3:54 am
oath. there is no question in my mind that we will have don mcgahn at some point one way or another testifying. you do not refuse a legally binding subpoena in the united states of america. we will enforce that. we are going to hear from him. >> tom malinowski, congressman from new jersey, thank you very much for being with us. >> thank you. this morning, the trump campaign says it has a new directive. and that is to listen to outreach from foreign governments with dirt on political opponents. the fcc says that is illegal. that's next. can you love wearing powerful sunscreen? yes! neutrogena® ultra sheer. unbeatable protection helps prevent early skin aging and skin cancer with a clean feel. the best for your skin. ultra sheer®. neutrogena®.
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sarah huckabee sanders departure from the white house proving to be comedy gold. >> president trump announced on twitter this afternoon that press secretary sarah huckabee sanders will be stepping down at the end of the month. she will leave the way she usually does, in the middle of someone's question. >> trump's tweet about prince charles, but when he wrote the official title, prince of wales, trump spelled wales wrong. he added an "h" and trump is like prince charles is in charge of all of the whales. he is the british aqua man.
3:59 am
>> the prince of wales, with an "h". >> prince of wales, fantastic guy. i threaten him with plankton tariffs, okay. i scare this guy. i got right up in his krill. but he says wonderful things about me, like -- >> i wouldn't have known that whale sounds could be so funny but stephen colbert proved me wrong. >> translating exactly what that meant. >> thank you for our international viewers for watching, cnn talk is next. for u.s. viewers, we are prepping new video from the president where he attacks white house counsel don mcgahn and new video overnight that the u.s. says proves iran was behind the attack on two tankers. this is the latest in the series of attacks instigated by the islamic republic of iran and
4:00 am
its surrogates. >> if you apply maximum pressure to iran, they will strike back. >> we will in fact, if we're going to blame iran, we need to have rock solid evidence. >> the message i got from the president's own words is, it is open season on u.s. political figures in 2020. >> there is nothing wrong with listening. >> it is shocking to think that an american president will publicly solicit a crime. >> he gets picked up every day. the fundamental point is they're trying to keep the 2016 election alive. >> this is "new day." with alisyn camerota. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to your new day and we do begin with breaking news overnight. because we have this new video from the pentagon to show you. the u.s. says that this shows iranian forces removing an unexploded mine from a tanker in the gulf of oman. defense


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