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tv   New Day Weekend With Victor Blackwell and Christi Paul  CNN  June 15, 2019 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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try febreze plug. but, of course, you give it to the fbi or report it to the attorney general or somebody like that. >> it's an attempt at damage control after sounding curious about collusion. >> i think i said i'd do both. but how are you going -- if you don't hear what it is, you don't know what it is. >> nobody should ever, ever take any foreign intelligence or any information from any foreign government. a tanker still smolders in the gulf of oman. a u.s. official tells cnn's barbara starr iran is trying to prevent it from being towed. >> they're a nation of terror. they were unstoppable. and now they're in deep, deep trouble. another strange twist in the investigation into the shooting of david ortiz, the alleged trigger man rolfi ferriera cruz yells to reporters ortiz was not his intended target.
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>> there's a potential organization here. it's not just a case of mistaken identity. ♪ welcome to the wkd. so glad to have you here. >> and i'm martin savidge in for victor blackwell. and so admitting that the president handled election interference, quote, poorly. the president tried to walk back a statement earlier this week about what he'd do if given dirt on an opponent. >> here's jim acosta with the president's words and walkback. >> reporter: president trump has caused collusion confusion. now saying he would inform the fbi if a foreign operative tried to offer dirt on an opponent. he's all over the place
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appearing to say he was pro-collusion after months saying there was no collusion. president trump is doing collusion cleanup, insisting he would go to the fbi if a foreign power handed him damaging information about a political rival. but the president has wiggle room conceding he might look at it first. >> of course, you give it to the fbi or report it to the attorney general or somebody like that. but, of course, you do that. you couldn't have that happen with our country. everybody understands that. i thought it was made clear, in fact i actually said at the beginning, i think i said i'd do both. but how are you going -- if you don't hear what it is, you don't know what it is. >> reporter: still, it's an attempt at damage control after sounding curious about collusion. >> i think you might want to listen. there's nothing wrong with listening. it's not an interference. they have information. i think i'd take it. if i thought there was something wrong, i'd go maybe to the fbi. if i thought there was something wrong. >> reporter: one trump aide sees it as a directive. >> the president's directive, a case-by-case basis but report it also to the fbi.
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>> reporter: as senate majority leader mitch mcconnell appeared to disthe president's remarks. >> they just can't let it go. i said weeks ago, case closed. we got the mueller report. >> reporter: some republicans are taking issue with the idea of accepting foreign dirt. >> nobody should ever, ever take any foreign intelligence or any information from any foreign government. if that's not the law, and i think it is, if that's not the law, we need to make that express and clear. >> reporter: the president also got testing with the notion that he evaded questions on the russia investigation. >> i answered a lot of questions. they gave me questions, i answered them in writing. >> not an obstruction. >> look, george, you're being a little wise guy which is typical for you. just so you understand, it's very simple, there was no crime, no collusion. >> reporter: and president trump rejected the claim of don mcgahn that he was asked to fire special counsel robert mueller.
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>> i don't care what anyone says. that was should show what a good counsel he was. >> why would he lie under oath? why would he lie? >> to make himself sound like a good lawyer. >> reporter: the president is standing by kellyanne conway after a government watchdog asked that she be removed from her position, for accusations of evading the hack act. >> it looks to me like they're trying to take away her right of free speech and that's just not fair. >> reporter: but that's not exactly true, as the law does limit political advocacy for federal employees. the president also talked up vice president mike pence, but not enough to guarantee he'd support him in 2024. >> i love mike. we're running again, you know, you're talking about a long time. you can't put me in that position. but i certainly would give it very strong consideration. >> reporter: the president's re-election campaign is now acknowledging that it's seen polling numbers from back in march that show former vice president joe biden leading
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president trump in key states. in the states with the campaign, aides a lot has changed since march. and these numbers are ancient in campaign terms. jim acosta, cnn, the white house. >> thanks, jim. well, it wasn't just the president's handling of the interview. >> no a source close to the white house said before it was announced she was leaving frustration was growing within the white house with press secretary sarah sanders. we'll go to boris sanchez at the white house. boris, good morning to you, happy saturday. what are you hearing? >> hey, good morning, martin and christi. yeah, we're hearing from sources inside the white house saying there is frustration over this interview that president trump gave to abc news. with questions swirling why this amount of access was given to the president. one source was suggesting that was not the brightest thing to do. and you're right, it falls along the same time line of sarah sanders announcing she's departing the white house towards the end of this month. however, sources indicate she's
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not leaving because of this interview. and ultimately the decision to have that interview and have as much access to the president was the president's decision. as we heard from the very early part of this administration, the president does what he wants. he does not listen to the advice or counsel of his most trusted advisers. and if he was set on doing this interview, he would. there is some concern about the potential fallout between republicans and democrats on capitol hill. but officials at the white house don't believe that the president's base is going to shift support because of this. one source saying they do not take this literally. essentially, any criticism is baked in. the president's allies have suggested that this is further evidence of some of the president's critics in the media. and democrats trying to go after him over very basic issues. despite that, you heard the president himself try to walk this back on fox news. saying, of course, he would call
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the fbi if he were in that situation of being offered dirt on an opponent. >> i want to go back to sarah sanders. there are a lot of rumors that stephanie grisham is on the short list to replace her. what do you know about that? >> the president was asked about this. we asked questions of the president about this. he had signed things to say. hogan diddley, the deputy press secretary will fill the sbir ri inter interim. the president weighs in on it constantly, therefore the office responding to it and being reactive, often we get the sense that they're hesitant in trying to put her perspective on things out there before the president does. because he may come around just a few minutes later and contradict them on twitter. martin and christi.
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>> yes. and with the lack of press briefings that we've seen in the last six, seven, eight, nine months. >> 95-ish. >> yeah, i don't know. boris sanchez, thank you. joining me now daniel lippman, author of political playbook. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> not a good week for the president. clearly, he's trying to walk back some of the remarks he's made. how well do you think he's doing on that? >> well, i think he had this whole controversy that was totally needless. he should have been prepared for this question. and republicans on the hill really slammed him for saying this. because it seemed to open up the president to charges of inviting foreign interference. in our elections. and so, the fact that he had to clean it up on friday indicates that this is not a headache that they needed, given that their
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own internal polling has shown them down to biden, you know, in a number of key states. >> to your point which you make and that is that it appears to sort of put the white house up for sale when it comes to outside government agencies. i want you to listen to former defense secretary nci director leon panetta. here's what he had to say, when asked if the president was a security threat. >> well, he's a national security threat in the sense that when he says things like that, he is inviting russia and china and north korea and iran and other adversaries to find ways to be able to directly influence our election process in this country. and by doing that, there's no question that he undermines our security. >> do you agree with that? do you think that is a legitimate portrayal of the president? >> well, i think, you know, if
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you look at the traffic record of president trump in meetings with vladimir putin, where he really don't have other aides in the room to kind of get a sense of what they're talking about, that raises a lot of questions. and so, remember, house democrats have tried to haul up the interpreter who was actually in the room taking notes. but the trump administration tried to block that. and so, i think if you're a foreign country, and you want to get on the president's good side, then offering something of value such as opposition research on joe biden that they think he might want, then you could get a chip with the president. but, of course, those foreign governments to -- they're looking at the same polls as well. and so if, you know, they offer something, and then a democrat wins, they don't want to be caught on the wrong side of that either.
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>> very interesting point. as far as the president himself move ing forward on this issue,o you think he's learned a lesson here? and more importantly, i suppose, do you think his base is worried about it? >> this base is going to be there until, you know, the cows come home. they're not -- you know, they're pretty rock solid. it's those independents, those moderates, who may not watch every show, or may not read politico. but they do catch glimpses here and there. and, you know, most americans would not want a foreign government interfering. but that's not to say that democrats should keep focusing on this issue for 2020. pocketbook issues like health care and the economy. we had a bad jobs report last month, those are much more important for americans when they're deciding who to vote for. the mueller report and russia as an issue in general, that has
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not caught as much attraction, at least, among average voters. >> well, it remains to be seen. i mean, how this plays out. daniel lippman, great to talk to you. thanks very much. i can't believe you said not all moderates are reading politico. >> we want all of them, though. >> i'm sure they will eventually come around. thanks very much. >> thanks. be sure to watch ana cabrera's full interview with former director leon panetta here on "cnn newsroom" on cnn. i don't know if you've seen this video. this arizona family planning to sue the city of phoenix now over an arrest that a lot of people online are just outraged about. what we're learning about that case. plus, it was nearly destroyed just two months ago. today, the notre dame cathedral will hold a first official mass, since that devastating fire. and nearly four years since
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and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ready to treat differently with a pill? otezla. show more of you. 15 minutes past the hour. so grateful to have you here with us this morning. i want to tell you about this arizona couple that plans to sue the city of phoenix now after officers pulled a gun on them and their two young children. we're going to see this video. i want to warn you, this is hard to watch. there's a lot of language in it, you'll hear a lost of bleeping. take a look at what happened. >> get your [ bleep ] up! get your [ bleep ] up! get your hands up! [ bleep ]. >> get them up. >> are you recording it? >> yeah, i'm recording it.
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>> put your hands up. >> you have to open it. >> put your hands up. >> don't point it at my kids. >> get your [ bleep ]. >> the couple says officers approached their vehicle with guns drawn after their young daughter accidentally walked out of a dollar store with a doll. the video shows a woman five months' pregnant struggling to comply with the officers' commands. all of this time, the officers are heard there cursing at the couple, they're making violent threats. i want to discuss this with federal and prosecuting attorney page pate. you heard the video. what stood out, first of all? >> they completely overreacted. they believe someone is harmed, there is a report of a violent murder. this is a shoplifting call.
4:18 am
and it appears an intent to take these folks down. when the people don't respond to the commands which seem unreasonable from the beginning then they really owe gopher tgo top. >> the parents have a case for their 10 million jdz. >>. >> well, they have a case. $10 million is certainly high when someone lost their life. no shooting or they didn't fire their weapons. i think $10 million is to grab the attention of people to say it's serious. to say it's worth $10 million, i think is excessive. >> i only have a couple seconds left here. what we see here is different than what we saw in the police report, comparatively. >> this is what happened when we have video. i can't count the times i've been in court and i've questioned an officer about apprehending a suspect.
4:19 am
i approached him in a calm demeanor. i asked him to get out of the car. now, we see what happens. it's very different than the police report. i want to talk to you about another video that has made its way online. actor cuba gooding jr. he's pled not guilty to forcibly touching a woman. we point it out. his girlfriend is sitting next to him. the accuser comes and sits next to her. the attorney says this video is going to vindicate our client. can you tell anything in this video, pate? >> christi, it looks to me like cuba gooding jr. touches the person making the accusation. it's hard to tell because there's a distance there. but it appears there was some touch. the question is was there a
4:20 am
concession there. we see the accuser sit down to cuba gooding jr.'s wife. she doesn't push him away. the lawyer is saying maybe a touch occurred but it was consensual, but no crime. it appears he's reaching over to her in some way. the hand goes towards her leg. i don't see the hand touch the breast. i think maybe a closer examination of the video may show that. but either way, it doesn't appear to be the kind of forceable touching that we normally see. >> so, other than this video, what would have to be proven for her to win this case? >> well, first, you have to have her statement. she has to say, look, i in no way intended for him to touch me. it was not consensual. that's going to be difficult to say watching the video. most people would say, wait a minute if that was not consensual, why didn't you get
4:21 am
up and move away. why didn't you push his hand away. we didn't see any verbal from the accuser. >> again, we're in a situation where video could make or break this case? >> absolutely, yes. >> what we see here, perhaps a touching but the absence of any sort of reaction to it that would suggest it was not consensual. a lot of people think he's been charged with sexual abuse. >> that's what i wanted to ask you about. i think there are images of what sexual abuse is. >> right. >> as an attorney, how would you hear this woman's story, see this video and say that's sexual abuse? >> well, different states call it different things. in georgia, it's called sexual battery. all it has to be is a touch. it could be a very light touch, brushed up against you. if that touch was not consensual and there was a sexual purpose. either i'm touching an intimate part or i'm doing it for sexual
4:22 am
gratification. that's all it takes. it doesn't to be persistent. it doesn't have to happen more than once, as long as it happens. that's a crime. >> page pate, thank you. martin. california prosecutors say they're going to retry a former nfl player who was just convicted of raping a 59-year-old woman. they plan to now go after him on the other charges that the jury was deadlocked on. that's kellen winslow on monday was convicted of raping the woman. the eight other counts include kidnapping, elder abuse. winslow was once the highest paid tight end in the nfl. with the rape, winslow faces up to nine years in prison and life in prison if he's convicted on the remaining counts. still to come, a u.s. official says that iran tried to shoot down a u.s. drone, shortly before that attack on the oil tankers in the gulf of oman.
4:23 am
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a u.s. official says that iran tried to shoot down a u.s. drone flying owe the gulf hours
4:27 am
before that attack on two tankers in the gulf of oman. the missile missed and fell into the water. >> the drone was able to capture images of iranian boats. take a look at them here. closing in on the tankers, the official did not say whether they were actually seen carrying out the attacks but cnn international correspondent fred pleitgen has more details, fred. >> reporter: good morning, guys. so far, the iranians have not commented on the allegations that allegedly iran shot at a u.s. drone flying other the persian gulf area and also hasn't commented on the video released by the u.s. military allegedly showing an inrarian patrol boat going up to one of the stricken tankers and seemingly taking something off the side of that tanker which the u.s. said could be an unexploded mine. however, the iranians adamantly sticking by their story that they had absolutely nothing to do with the attacks on the tankers. one of the things that's playing
4:28 am
out really big here in iran, the company that owns one of the tankers, in fact, the one in that video is apparently saying that its sailors are saying that they don't believe the ship was hit by a mine. in fact, some of those sailors apparently saying they believe it was projectiles fired at the ship. of course, unclear how much situational awareness those sailors would have had leading up to the moments before the explosion. and the iranians firing back at the u.s. the foreign minister javad zarif trying to accuse of united states of undermining diplomacy in the middle east. and that took place while iran's prime minister was meeting the prime minister of japan. one that they say is clear, that they've said in the past, they say if this confrontation escalates, they're not the ones who are going to back down, martin and christi. >> fred, thank you so much.
4:29 am
we're hearing from prosecutors in the david ortiz shooting as well. and they say they're hoping to release details on the motive sometime next week. nine suspects are in custody after the baseball star was shot in the back. dominican police are looking for a possible tenth suspect now. >> accused gunman said that ortiz was really not his intended target, and that he got confused by ortiz's clothing. according to dominican media outlets, rolfi ferriera cruz told reporters that he was hired to carry out a hit, but he was only told the color of the victim's clothing which ortiz happened to be wearing that night. prosecutors say that he is making all of that up. cruz is also wanted in new jersey on armed robbery and other charges. ortiz is recovering from his injuries. he's in boston. and in just a few hoyurs, te notre dame cathedral will hold
4:30 am
its first mass, almost two months after destroyed in a fire. >> we're told it's going to be small, 10 or 20 priests are allowed to attend. >> reporter: it was a moment that no one in paris or even the world expected that evening back in april. france's beloved 850-year-old notre dame cathedral bursting into flames. bits of embers flying off its roof and incending the ground below. just a couple hours the cathedral's iconic spire burned to a blackened shell. parisiansn horror. a police officer running in telling everybody to evacuate.
4:31 am
three workers were injured but no one else hurt. the investigation into the fire's cause continues. nearly two months after the blaze, the church once again opens its doors saturday evening for mass. the first time since the tragedy. only about 20 to 30 people will be allowed inside out of safety concerns. the church remains under construction. within day of the inferno, donations were pouring in from all around the world. the notre dame foundation reports as of wednesday it's received $17 million. and an additional $425 million have been pledged. saturday's mass, a small step in not only rebuilding the structure itself, but the faith of those who will step inside. cyril vigier, cnn. beto o'rourke is making a swing through new york on the campaign trail. and today, he's talking about
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4:36 am
investigation from scratch. here's cnn's jean casarez. >> reporter: the attorney general for the case for what happened in the tainting of the water for the residents of flint michigan. the attorney general in doing this is saying that the investigative approach under the former office of special counsel appointed by the former attorney general was flawed. the legal theories were wrong and the cases were built on flawed foundations. here is where the investigations stood before the cases were dropped. 15 states and local officials were originally accused of crimes as serious as involuntary manslaughter. seven officials took plea deals and eight officials including some of the highest ranked in the state of michigan, they were
4:37 am
awaiting trial. it was those eight cases dismissed. here's the caveat, the attorney general has told me they have found 20 million more pages of official documents and papers that they want to go through that were never looked at before. they say because of this, she can refile charges against these officials and even more people. listen to what she said. >> and what i expect to see the criminal team do is after they've done a comprehensive review of all of these new documents, they will make a decision as to whether or not there are, you know, whether these same cases need to be refiled. or whether or not there are perhaps additional defendants that need to be charged and never have been before. the state of michigan will have to work fast because attorney general nessel tells me the statute of limitations will actually run out next year on the alleged crimes. and it was yesterday that a circuit court judge was set to rule on a defense rule to quash
4:38 am
the cases, nessel told me that entered into the decision to do this on their own, because based on the principle of double jeopardy, they would never be able to bring the cases again. now the former attorney general for michigan bill schuette issued a response to all of this saying, during my tenure as attorney general the department initiate lead investigations, nassar, the catholic church and the flint water crisis. all three were staffed with and conducted with the highest level of expertise. residents of flint, michigan, tell cnn, they are horrified. they cannot believe that the criminal cases at least for the short term have been out and out dismissed. jean casarez, cnn, new york. now, some of the top 2020 democratic hopefuls are in charleston for the presidential forum.
4:39 am
beto o'rourke, pete buttigieg, they're all going to be there. >> and beto o'rourke got a head start yesterday, addressing climate change at a town hall. here's what he had to say. >> the answer is yes. pass through telling, learning and sharing this american story with everyone, then i think we define what reparations look like and how he begin to make that repair. >> on the subject of climate change, we'll have an interview coming up. because there are countries that say that they are facing extinction as a result of what is going on in the atmosphere. we'll talk about that, right after this. you see clear skin. you see me. but if you saw me before cosentyx... ♪ i was covered. it was awful. but i didn't give up. i kept fighting.
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a village in fiji once the home of 100 people had to be
4:44 am
abandoned entirely, and later cause because of climate change, overrun because of sea levels have made that town basically a ghost town. the prime minister of fiji says he'll have to move 40 fijian villages to try to save the public here. what we're talking about is raising awareness to vulnerable states. not only to fiji, but the marshall islands. and they have launched a campaign and have tremendous impact on much larger nations. let's talk about this. he wrote about this in a new piece for our sinking planet. what's interesting about this here, everybody sort of talking about what climate change could mean in the future. but these nations are facing it right now. and the sequences aconsequences. >> yeah. that's absolutely right. it's amazing to go there, to be on the ground and see a town that was once a vibrant town of
4:45 am
more than 100 people that is a ghost town. these are effects happening now, not just in fiji, but across the island countries around the world. >> you also point out how the leaders of the countries, very small countries who would that have much in terms of political clout but they were able to influence things such as the paris accord? >> absolutely. before the paris climate happened, president obama met with prime minister xi and president modi. a couple others, he met with them and leaders from five island countries. and after negotiations, he said it was them that sort of made the difference that allowed this to happen. they did it with the force of their story, when you hear what's happening to them. and you visit them and see what's happening, and you have
4:46 am
to come up with pose that directly impacts their lives it's a moving thing that i said president obama talked about. and others on the ground talked about. i mean, it's a very moving story that helped shape policy there. and they really found other ways to insert themselves since. >> the problem for many of these nations, these island nations, is that they only have a couple feet when it comes to any kind of elevation. and the water's rising very quickly, as we know. do they believe that they can be saved? or is it that their extinction is say lesson for other nations? >> yeah, it's an interesting question. there's sort of a diversity of opinion. and i think there are some folks, one country, kyrabas, where the president, the former president, bought land in fiji at a higher elevation at essentially a place where people could relocate.
4:47 am
there was a big backlash from that. a lot of people in the pacific feel they shouldn't have to move. they shouldn't have to relocate. that there should still be a very vibrant mission in time to kind of save them. the truth is that the science is such that sort of action would be very difficult. it's still possible but very difficult. so, there is an interesting debate about whether they should try to relocate. or whether they should, you know, focus on other countries to cut emissions. >> real quick, there is a message not only to the small islands but, say, to a big city like miami, right? >> absolutely. i mean, one of the things in the village i visited in fiji, i was walking through and i thought, well, really, it wasn't built well. it wasn't built in a place where they probably should have built a village. then i thought about miami, where you have the exact same situation, where the limestone surface in miami is porous.
4:48 am
it allows water to seep in. we probably shouldn't have built a big major city in miami, but we did. we have to figure out how to adapt or move. and that's what they did there, they just have human resources and more urgent. >> it's a fascinating piece. thank you for writing it. it puts a human face on what is sometimes we don't always see. >> thank you. >> thanks for joining us. the president showing off mock-ups of his very own redesign of air force one paint job. kind of how much it looks like his personal plane. jeanne moos has her take, next. . ♪ ...every curve, every innovation, every feeling... ...a product of mastery. lease the 2019 es 350 for $379/month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. don't just dream book your next vacation..
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it's not how you sit, but it's how you sit down. >> finding a way to sit down properly has been huge. i had been having for lower back pain off and on for years at that point. >> how you sit down is important because that's usually the moment where you decide how to place your pelvis which is the foundation to your spine. put all of the bend into the hip socket so the tail is out and free. and then allow the knees to bend without changing the tail position. and placing your pelvis down. all your fold is in the hip socket. and then you basically relax your chest down. this is a good sitting position because you're holding your body weight in your bones and not in your muscles. >> when the structures of your back, your back bones which are supposed to be holding your body up, when they're in the proper place and properly aligned and
4:54 am
doing their job, the rest of your body can relax. >> go ahead, start bending your knees. >> now, that i can sikind of si down well, i can maintain that posture to stay comfortable that way for the whole stretch of time which is really great. and you may want to sit down for this next story. president trump says he wants to ditch the current air force one color scheme and go for something a little more, red, white and blueish. >> jeanne moos reports do these look familiar? >> reporter: favoriten your seat belt. >> air force one declaring a emergency. >> reporter: makeover emergency. now the country going to fight over what colors to paint air force one. abc got the sneak peek. >> here's your new air force one. and i'm doing that for other presidents, not for me. >> reporter: the two new planes won't be ready until 2024.
4:55 am
president trump said the color scheme is his own red, white and blue patriotic design. people started noticing, it looks familiar, sort of like his own plane but inverted. someone turned the trump upside down to make the point. others came up with their own designs. i like it, tweeted someone else. we are not a light blue country. the current blue over robin's egg blue. where did that come from? here's a hint, do not touch jackie blue. it's said that jackie kennedy preferred blue. working with one of the best known industrial designers of the time who said jfk called blue his favorite color. since then, it's become an iconic backdrop. what else with a revamped air force one? >> everyone wants to know there there's a pod? you know, have you seen "air
4:56 am
force one"? >> reporter: you know, harrison ford was hustled into the pod if air force one comes understand attack. >> there are a couple of secrets, i don't think we're supposed to -- >> reporter: when they open the pod, hairston ford stayed to fight the bad guys. if congressional democrats have their way. the house voted to limit changes on air force one without congressional approval probably leaving president trump fuming. >> get off my plane. >> reporter: jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> alrighty. it's good. it's a good scene. still ahead, listen, we have some disturbing video to show you. phoenix police threatening to shoot a pregnant woman after her daughter reportedly stole a doll from the dollar store.
4:57 am
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