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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  June 19, 2019 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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meet the old bosnew boss, same old boss. the question this morning will playing strictly to his base be enough? >> nice reference. hope hicks will testify before the house judiciary. this will be behind closed doors. but the white house will still assert immunity about her time in the white house. democrats want to ask her for details on several incidents of possible obstruction of justice outlined in the mueller report. so how much will she say? >> too far. >> not this morning. it's not too far. you're a pinball wizard. we have it all covered. let's begin with joe johns. he's live traveling with the president. we'll see what he has to add to this. >> reporter: good morning. the president's campaign had to have a reset moment and this was it. but the implied message was they
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didn't see anything wrong with what they've been doing over the last several years, so they decided to stick with it. it was the same old story. the same old song and dance. the same grievances the president has aired over the last two and a half, three years. including some of his favorite themes that he's picked up along me way. robert mueller, border security, fake news, immigration. >> our immigration laws are a disgrace. we went through the greatest witch hunt in political history. no collusion, no obstruction. many times i said we would drain the swamp. we are building the wall. our radical democrat opponents are driven by hatred, prejudice, and rage. tell sleepy joe we found the magic wand. sleepy guy. more than 120 democrats in congress have also signed up to support crazy bernie sanders'
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socialist government takeover of health care. >> reporter: the president starts his day at his doral resort here in the miami area. he's going to have a fund raiser, then back to washington by mid-afternoon. he's also in washington, d.c., going to give an award to arthur laffer who created the laffer curve. back to you, john. >> joe johns for us in florida, thank you. new developments this morning on the democratic side of the race just a week out from the first debates. a new poll in florida shows president trump behind most of the leading democrats including joe biden. biden is the clear front runner on the democratic side, but he's taking a brand new approach to these polls. we're live where biden will be raising money later today. i'm sure biden likes the polls. >> it's not the same as the
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president saying the polls are fake news, but joe biden is not taking anything for granted. telling fund raisers yesterday that he realizes it's early in the race, these polls will change, the race will change. and also he understands that as the front runner in this race he does have a target on his back. we're starting to see other democrats go after him. elsewhere on the trail yesterday, vice president joe biden visiting the stonewall inn marking pride month there. but he did not respond last night to the -- to rather the president relaunching his campaign and going after joe biden as well as the president's son. but other candidates did respond. i want to play some of that sound for you right now. >> i can understand that he attacks me or other democratic candidates because poll after poll is showing the country that trump is falling further behind in terms of his ability to get re-elected.
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>> this president doesn't understand i don't think the importance and significance of his job. which the job of the president should be to lift people up. not to keep beating people down. that's the only thing he knows how to do, to beat people down. >> meantime, puth buttigieg remains in south bend. he returned after an officer-involved shooting. he has implemented an order that all officers in south bend need to turn their body cameras on when dealing with pedestrians. we'll be watching that, see what he has to say. >> thank you very much for that report. meanwhile, president trump's pick to lead the pentagon patrick shanahan was forced to withdraw his nomination over domestic violence issues. so who will lead? barbara starr is live from the pentagon with more. >> reporter: good morning. at midnight on sunday, it will be mark esper, the current secretary of the army who will move down the hall and become the new acting defense
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secretary. now the third defense chief here if the pentagon in the last seven months. mark esper very expeerngsed is an army veteran, knows mike pompeo very well. but he has to get up to speed fast. he will be part of the national command authority. that means he has to know everything there is to know about writing legal orders, about nuclear command and control, about covert special operations, about the threats out there that he will now very quickly be dealing with. iran, russia, china, north korea. esper could face his first test as early as nest week. he is expected to attend. as for shanahan, he is out. there were very significant issues in his family regarding abuse that his ex-wife had been when they were married, arrested for domestic abuse. that at least one of his sons
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had been also involved in the domestic abuse incident. it is worth knowing that his ex-wife's family issued a statement strongly in his defense saying in part, we give zero credence to kimberly's allegation that patrick hit her in august 2010 or ever physically harmed her in any way. you can go on and read the rest of that statement. shanahan now will be out of office as we say as of sunday midnight. mark esper now in charge and it remains to be seen if president trump goes ahead and tries to nominate esper to be the permanent secretary. >> we are watching that. also raising questions about vetting issues. thank you, barbara. it's a very important morning on capitol hill. we are waiting for hope hicks to arrive for testimony to the house judiciary committee. this will be behind closed doors, but there will be a transcript made public. she'll face tough questions
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about episodes of alleged obstruction in the mueller report. but the answers might be few and far between. lauren fox live on capitol hill. and lauren, we're learning this morning the president will exert executive privilege to keep hicks from talking at least some. >> reporter: that's right. a lot of anticipation this morning just a couple of hours before hope hicks goes behind closed doors with the house judiciary committee. we expect the democratic staff wants to ask her a few questions including the payments that were made in the leadup to the 2016 elections to cover up the president's alleged extramarital affairs. that's not all. we also expect that house democrats want to ask about a few incidents relating to the firing of james comey and allegations that trump trying to curtail the mueller report. sending that letter to jerry nadler arguing that hope hicks was immune from answering questions about her time
3:08 am
specifically in the white house writing in that letter, quote, because of this constitutional immunity and in order to protect the prerogatives of the office of the president, the president has directed ms. hicks not to answer questions before the committee relating to the time of her services as an senior adviser. we expect a transcript to be released. >> that will be interesting to read that transcript. lauren, thank you very much. now to this grisly story. she is accused of murdering her close friend because someone said they would pay her for photos of that crime. we explore that next. oh, could you, uh, make me a burger? -poof -- you're a burger. [ laughter ] -everyone acts like their parents. -you have a tattoo. -yes. -fun. do you not work? -so, what kind of mower you got, seth? -i don't know. some kid comes over. we pay him to do it.
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play it cool and escape heartburn fast with new tums chewy bites cooling sensation. ♪ tum tum tum tums we do have breaking news right now because the u.n. special investigator has just released the findings of the first independent international inquiry into the murder of jamal khashoggi. clarissaward is live in london with the breaking details. >> reporter: there's a lot of details in this. the investigator is not pulling any punches. she said there is credible evidence that saudi officials including the crown prince were involved in ordering the premeditated murder of jamal khashoggi. she recommends there should be targeted sanctions against vasai
3:14 am
arabia as a result. and they should be forced to pay reparations to the family of jamal khashoggi. it appears she actually listened to the tapes, the famous tapes of the execution that took place in the saudi consulate which really punches a hole in this theory that the saudis tried to float that essentially this was a rendition that had gone wrong. she said 13 minutes before khashoggi even enters the consulate, the saudi doctor starts talking about a dissecti dissection. he expresses hope the dissection would be easy and goes on to comment that he had never cut something on the ground. he then goes into some lurid details i'm not even going to repeat about the torso being too heavy. then another person in the group asks whether the sacrificial animal has arrived. that's thought to be a reference
3:15 am
to khashoggi. he's told to write a text messages to his sons telling them he's coming back to saudi arabia. he sees a syringe and says, are you going to drug me? at which point, there's a seven-minute struggle during which it is believed he was asphyxiated with a plastic bag. lurid and damning details. >> shocking and vile details. thank you for that breaking news. we'll try to get reaction from the white house to see if it moves them off their passive response to the khashoggi murder. breaking overnight, a new attack on oil production in the middle east. the compound houses u.s. energy giant exxonmobil and other firms. frederick pleitgen is live in tehran. there are militias with iranian ties in the area. any claim of responsibility yet? >> reporter: so far no claim of responsibility at all. however, of course this attack
3:16 am
is significant because it is another attack on oil and gas companies and in the production of the wider area where the attack on the two tankers happened last week. the iranians today just a couple of hours ago came forward. and for the first time commented on that video evidence that the u.s. allegedly put forward. that video showing an iranian boat coming up to one of those stricken tankers. iran's defense minister came out and called the accusations by the u.s. cowardly. he said when they go out to help a vessel that was stricken, they have all sorts of checks to secure that area. all of that can be videotaped but the iranians say all this proves nothing. meanwhile, the iranians are also defending their decision to ramp up their civilian nuclear program once again and curtail the things they knew under the agreement. hasan rouhani came out and said this was the minimum iran could do because they feel they're not getting any of the benefits for
3:17 am
abiding by the nuclear deal. they say what the u.s. is doing is economic warfare. >> fred pleitgen, thank you for the update from there. a macabre murder case in alaska. a teenage girl is accused of murdering her close friend after a friend offered to send her millions of dollars to send photos of this gruesome crime. dan joins us with more. what have you learned? >> reporter: hi. we've seen these catfish schemes play out again and again. it's because of the manipulation and deception running deep. in this case it took a fatal turn involving an unsuspecting teenager in alaska. this young woman is at the center of a disturbing catfish scheme induced online, prosec e prosecutors say, to murder her supposed best friend. >> i know what i did was wrong. and i know i could have probably done something different. >> reporter: the arraignment at
3:18 am
an alaska courtroom turned into something of a confession. authorities say it began after bremer struck an online relationship with someone she thought was a man named tyler from kansas who offered bremer at least $9 million to rape and murder someone in alaska and to have photos and videos of the murder sent to him. what bremer didn't know is that tyler was a fraud. a catfisher. his real identity police say, 21-year-old darren shillmiller from indiana. the victim of this twisted scheme? cynthia hoffman. the 19-year-old was bound with duct tape, then shot and killed. >> all i know is my daughter didn't deserve all this. she should have had the friends she wanted. >> reporter: hoffman's father said she had a learning disability that could have made her vulnerable. the killing was carried out by bremer and four of her friends include twog juveniles. all including shillmiller have
3:19 am
been charged with first degree murder. under the guise of going on a hike, hoffman was taken to the bank of an alaskan river. she was shot one time in the back of the head. her body then thrown into the river. >> i have one thing in my mind right now. and that's to send all six of them to hell. and i ain't going to rest until it's done. and then after it's all done, i'll show my emotions. >> reporter: court documents say that shillmiller, the alleged ring leader of all this directed bremer to sexually assault young girls one of whom was 8 or 9 years old. there was video evidence of those crimes. right now he is in indiana. he's going to be extradited to alaska. this is a jaw-dropping case with a lot of unanswered questioned. >> yes, it is so grizzly sly tok about. and that dad has been so rational. it was interesting to hear him
3:20 am
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so this morning, did he move the needle? the president's approval ratings in the low 40s. overnight he held his kickoff rally in orlando. listen to a sample. >> our radical democrat opponents are driven by hatred,
3:25 am
prejudice, and rage. they want to destroy you and they want to destroy our country as we know it. not acceptable. it's not going to happen. >> joining us now, alex burns for "the new york times." sara isger. sara, you are the new kid on the block here. welcome to "new day." >> thank you. >> thank you for joining us as the new kid. if the goal is to expand the base, did the president do that last night? because it really was as alisyn so eloquently said, same as it ever was. >> i know. i've been humming that since she said it. it's been annoying people around here. it's interesting. he really redefined campaigning in 2016, nationalized the primary in a way. we're now seeing repeat again in 2020. another thing in 2016 was he didn't try to expand his base from the primary. i think he's going to run that same playbook again.
3:26 am
on the flip side, the polls we're seeing i don't find particularly compelling because we're so far out. we still have over a billion dollars that's going to get spent defining candidates' narratives, issues voters have yet to grapple with. i don't think they're particularly concerned about the polls, i guess, behind the scenes. but clearly last night was the same playbook we saw in 2016 that we're going to see in 2020 which is base turnout model. and i actually bet that you'll see something similar on the left as well. >> i think that sarah makes an interesting point. polls are irrelevant right now. interesting to look at but irrelevant. so play the hits. that's what got him there. that's what got him there. so why would you change the playbook now? >> he was playing free bird. he was going back to the deep cuts. the thing about it is you see his version of expanding the base is indulging in negative partisanship and projection. talking about how democrats are motivated by hatred, prejudice,
3:27 am
and rage. it's a fear-fueled festival out there. and that's what the folks were responding to last night. >> she said solidified the base. >> his version of reaching out to swing voters is trying to tell them that democrats are un-american and want to destroy the country. >> i don't think the polls are irrelevant. i beg to differ. i don't think the polls are necessarily -- >> good day, sir. >> i don't think they're predictive. >> interesting but not predictive. okay. >> but shows you where things are right now. right now the president is under water. we had an election in 2018 where the republicans lost a lot of seats in the house. i think that shows how voters are responding to the president's behavior. i know he won and election on this, but he risks giving democrats an opportunity, a window here, a lane to run in if he's not going to pivot at all. and if he's not going to talk about the economy more than he is. >> it's more than risking giving democrats that lane. he has given democrats that
3:28 am
lane. there is space for democrats and for a challenger. even for a pretty left wing challenger if you trust the polls which maybe we should, maybe we shouldn't. that wouldn't have existed if the president had played his cards differently. the number i'm looking at in the polls right now is not whether joe biden is leading him by six or nine or warren is leading him by one or two. it's the president's number. and the president's number is very, very consistently in the very low 40s. he's got to get that number higher. he's got to get it probably over the 46% he got in 2016 if not at least to the 46% number. and he's just not there right now. the last president we have for a president who did not win a plurality of the popular vote and then won re-election, george w. bush, he spent four years trying to talk to voters in the middle to persuade them he was listening to them, that he could trust them, that he could keep them safe. we don't have the president doing that right now. >> let's talk about what
3:29 am
aexandria ocasio-cortez spoke about. she likened the situation at the brder to concentration camps. listen to her. >> the united states is running concentration camps on our southern border. and that is exactly what they are. they are concentration camps. i want to talk to the people that are concerned enough with humanity to say that never again means something. >> it's been interesting to listen to some republicans who are outraged by the language that she's using. because they don't think that it's anywhere similar. but who were silent when the president talks about nazis. i mean, everybody gets into trouble when they go in this direction, but what do you think of the blowback she's getting? >> i do feel like every few months, we're on television talking about how nazi
3:30 am
comparisons don't work well. and here we are back again nazi comparisons don't work that well. that being said, if there -- if 2020 is, you know, football in the arena. this is like some dudes out in the tailgate kind of bickering with each other about who's going to win the game. this is everyone picking their own side and, you know, rallying around their person, hypocrisy runs amok in these situations. i think that's what we're seeing again. and there's some real outrage out there, perhaps, but a lot of faux outrage, i would say. >> i think it's more serious than that. first of all, the holocaust is the holocaust. holocaust metaphors are beyond problematic. and it's unclear because she said never again means something. that she was referring to it. she said later she meant to make the comparison to internment camps. internment camps are horrible. the different is millions being murdered by a state. that doesn't fly. when we put it in context, we're saying words don't matter
3:31 am
anymore in politics. we've become numb to it. this is across the line. it's not that hard to apologize. she should do it. >> i would say it was the never again that is the controversy. we've been talking about concentration camps in china with the uighurs. it's part of a bill, you know, the assistant secretary defense has talked about concentration camps in china recently. so that phrase in and of itself isn't the problem. it may be the way she used it. i want to talk about the project "the new york times" is doing. but it's 18 questions for -- >> 16 questions, 21 candidates. we brought through basically every single candidate in the field to ask them the same set of questions. it was, you know, what you said before was the comfort food project because we did ask what their favorite comfort food is. >> and we have it. >> all right. >> when you're a vegan, that's lots of veggies on the go. >> i try to stay away from it,
3:32 am
but vegan cupcakes. >> any kind of fast food. >> i love to good hamburger. >> a big burger. >> grilled chicken sandwich from mcdonald's, no sauce. two of them. >> a baked potato. >> you don't go to mcdonald's for chicken. >> you got to respect his decisiveness there. >> no sauce. two. >> it's forceful. >> there's a lot of interesting stuff there. >> that's right. we asked probably three or four of the softer personality driven questions which were pretty revealing in some cases. who's your political hero, a lot of roosevelts involved there. >> how much sleep do you get. i like these. >> i don't think everyone was honest about that one. but a lot of substantive answers about afghanistan, how they believe the tech companies ought to be regulated, about expanding the supreme court. one of the big takeaways for me was there is not as much support in this field of democrats for single payer medicare for all legislation as you might think based on the number of people
3:33 am
who sort of speak vaguely about the concept of medicare for all. even some very liberal candidates in this race. people like elizabeth warren, people like kamala harris. talk about it as a concept but quickly get away from the bernie sanders version of the idea. >> when is joe biden going to sit down with you. >> you know, we're watching the clock. hoping any time. >> he didn't say no there. all right. sarah isgur, hope we didn't scare you away. is this connected to the nationwide college admissions scandal? this is a crazy story next. there are roadside attractions. and then there's our world-famous on-road attraction.
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3:37 am
. a federal grand jury is now investigating a harvard fencing coach after he sold his home to a wealthy businessman who was trying to get his son into -- wait for it -- harvard. is this connected to the college admissions scandal? brynn gingras joins us. sounds like it could be connected. >> it has the same attorney looking into it. that's important to note.
3:38 am
we reported before that harvard was looking into this independently but now a federal grand jury is too. the same u.s. attorney who leads the college admissions scam sent a subpoena to a board in massachusetts asking for years of tax documents on a specific party as part of its investigation. let's back up a little bit. in 2016 the property in question was owned by the harvard fencing coach peter brand. he sold it to a man named zhao for almost twice what tax records say it was worth. then brand bought a condo for close to the price zhao paid him for the home. at the time his sons were part of the fencing community. 17 months after buying the house, zhao sold the property at a $300,000 loss. quoted zhao saying he was trying
3:39 am
to help his friend the coach. brand denies any wrong doing. certainly we may hear more about this. >> double the price and fencing has got all the ingredients to be suspicious. all right, brynn. thank you very much. as the president begins deporting millions of undocumented immigrants next week, an important breakthrough overnight. key senators reached an emergency deal to address the humanitarian crisis at the border. we'll speak with one of the senators who helped cut that deal. that's next. woman: (on phone) discover. hi.
3:40 am
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president trump appears to have revealed a federal law enforcement operation to deport undocumented families living in the u.s. cnn reports that there were not a lot of happy faces at the department of homeland security with this revelation. this morning, though, senators have reached a deal to address the humanitarian crisis at the border. what does that look like? joining us now to talk about all of this is republican senator shelly capito, part of the committee that had this emergency funding.
3:44 am
good morning. >> good morning. >> president trump's late night announcement about deporting millions of undocumented families here in the u.s., do you think this is the way to go? the right way to stop the crisis at the border? >> i think what you're going to see us voting for today is where we feel the greater emphasis needs to be. that is with the border patrol at the border. we are overwhelmed with those 133,000 people that came across last month. that's what you're going to see reflected in the emergency appropriation that we're going to do. i think that's where the better consensus is among republicans and democrats where we need to meet the crisis. >> and before we get to the appropriations because i really want to hear where that money is going to, but are you saying the president should not redirect the border patrol agents to begin deporting the millions of undocumented people that he announced he would start
3:45 am
deporting next week? >> i still think we need internal enforcement, but i think the greatest amount of our resources, man power and other resources need to be at the border because that's where we're sort of breaking apart at the seams. i would rather see our dollars and that's what you're going to see reflected move towards those kind of efforts. >> last question on this. do you think the plan is going to happen next week? given that do you think the president is going to go through with the plan he announced? >> i think he's going to have a hard time enforcing that with the way we're seeing lack of resources, lack of people to be able to enforce the numbers of children that we see coming across which takes a greater amount of people and resources to be able to care for them properly. i think we need to still look in this country and those folks particularly the ones that are breaking the law again need to be and already face deportation notice ts, need to be removed from the country, yes. but the border is where i want to put my focus. >> okay. so let's talk about this emergency funding. this was a bipartisan effort
3:46 am
which is encouraging that democrats and republicans are coming together to do something at the border. $4.6 billion. how will that solve the problem of migrants coming to the b border? >> right now we're holding children who are unaccompanied for longer than we really should. we should have them placed. we should have the resources through health and human services to be able to place those children. this will give us those resources. we're also housing people and you've seen the pictures. in areas that are less than desirable. this will also provide the resources for us to do temporary facilities that i think match what our humanitarian philosophy is better to take care of people while they're being processed. it also has medical supplies. it also has, you know, diapers and food and other things like that that we're finding because there's so many families. we're finding we need the resources for. and those are the -- we'll also
3:47 am
have some i.t. in there that will help us go with quicker processes so we can move people to a better situation for them as they're waiting to have their cases heard. >> and owl all of those things sound like they will ameliorate the crisis. however, they don't sound like they'd address the root cause. so how would spending the $4.6 billion here on helping kids address the fact that so many in unprecedented numbers at least since 2006 are showing up at the boarder? would the $4.6 billion be better spent in guatemala and honduras to try to solve some of the violence and the problems happening there that are causing the influx of migrants? >> well, i think that's what the president tried to address two weeks ago when he forged the agreement with mexico saying to mexico, we need more help, your help, more robust help.
3:48 am
i think that's what mexico has agreed to in terms of tightening up their southern boarder from those countries you mentioned. but also allowing us to work with mexico to help us hold people to try to deter the flood of people coming into this country. but the bottom line is, we need to change our asylum laws. they are too loose. we're being taken advantage of. you're seeing the children coming in as part of families. thap is in reflection of a very loophole part of our law that says you can only hold children for 20 days. so this is a bigger issue, yes. but right now we need to meet the humanitarian crisis. >> yes. understood. but let's be clear. the enforcement -- mexico's enforcement also doesn't address the root problems and the president is cutting funding to those three countries. >> you know, we're still working with those countries to try to -- and i think in some of the immigration bills you're going to see coming forward, working with those countries to allow people to declare for their asylum before they leave the
3:49 am
country. trying to work with them to find a system where if you are under tremendous duress in your country and you can no longer -- you're no longer safe to stay in your country, to have that option. but the flood of people that we see coming now, it's obvious to me and many others and i think reflected in our bill this has got to be addressed and stopped. >> very quickly, the whole ugly and embarrassing episode with patrick shanahan, do you think there's a vetting problem? >> you know, i just read that yesterday. quite honestly, shockingly so. and a sad story, really, for his family and others related to that. i think the right thing was done. he stepped down and moved forward. i guess i'm a little surprised it got as far as it did. i know the secretary of the army is a great guy. >> he was confirmed for the senate commission. how do you think the senate missed it? that i can't answer. i think that's a good question.
3:50 am
>> are you concerned there's vetting problems with the white house's choices. >> i think we've seen at times it's been maybe too quick. and folks have had to pull back or the white house has pulled nomination. that's troublesome, but i don't think that's the first time it's happened. we need to find great leaders in all these areas. i think the president's trying to find that and has great leaders now. you know, i would like to see the vetting be more in-depth, of course, so these things don't come up at the last minute. but, you know, the right thing was done here. he pulled his nomination and we're moving forward. >> shelley moore capito, thank you for being on to explain everything. great to talk to you. >> that was a great discussion. nice to be able to talk about bipartisanship for a change. >> so rare. >> absolutely. >> with should put the breaking news banner up. bipartisan exists. the reaction is pouring in for the president's 2020 kickoff. how did he fair in the daunting
3:51 am
stephen colbert primary? that's next. this is the couple who wanted to get away
3:52 am
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all right. a first for major league baseball. chicago white sox have announced they're extending the protective netting all the way to the foul ball. >> after more fans have been injured by foul balls this season, teams all around baseball said they will look at extending netting at their stadium. the white sox for first to announce to take that all the way to the foul poles. currently they have them to the end of the dugouts. after a girl was recently hurt at the astros/cubs game, there were new calls to extend further. the white sox announced their change it's going to happen as soon as possible. rob manfred said this is something baseball will look
3:57 am
into. but changes during this season are tough because it's a structural issue. at nationals park, max scherzer was working on his bunting. scherzer didn't lay that one down. the ball hitting him right in the face. breaking his nose. the ct scan was negative. the cy young award winner was scheduled to pitch today. but status to be determined. meet julia hurricane hawkins. taking gold at the national senior games. hawkins said running has helped keep her mind and body sharp. >> i hope i'm inspiring them to be healthy and to realize you can still be doing it at this kind of an age. >> hurricane hawkins started running competitively just two years ago. she holds the record for fasters 100 meter by a woman over 100 years old. and guys, she says she's practices by running around in her garden in louisiana. and she actually preferred not
3:58 am
to be called hurricane hawkins. she'd rather be called flower lady. >> we'll do it. whatever she wants to be called. >> it's like grease lightning. look at that. seriously. that is super impressive. good for her. i've seen alisyn trying to run -- >> and that woman runs faster. that is absolutely tremendous. >> you said it. i'm not going to deny it. >> thanks, andy. thanks for international viewers. for you "cnn newsroom" is next. for our viewers here, "new day" continues right now. the democrat agenda of open borders is morally reprehensible. >> he shows no desire whatsoever to try and actually seize this moment to do something different. >> the idea that trump should listen to some speech writer rather than his own political instinct seems crazy to me. this is who he is. this is how he won. why should he change?
3:59 am
>> president trump announcing his pick to lead the pentagon will withdraw before he's even been formally nominated. >> questions were being raised about his ex-wife, what had happened there. this was a nomination that was dragging on. >> it says something about the vetting process in this white house. they have a problem here. >> maybe he thought it would be too hard to get through the confirmation battle. sounds like he did the right thing for his family. good morning, everyone. welcome to your "new day." president trump launching his re-election campaign, rehashing some of the greatest hits from 2016. they were filled with grievances and attacks on his foes. mr. trump offering no new policies or vision for his second term other than that keep insulting his opponents and the democrats and the press. >> meantime, this is developing this morning. patrick shanahan is out. he decided not to go forward with the confirmation process.
4:00 am
the pp"the washington post" putt first, the allegations of domestic abuse with his family. senators from both parties are questioning the white house vetting of nominees. want to discuss, joining us this morning, david gregory. on the set in new york, paul, you among us has worked to get a president re-elected. bill clinton in 1996. i want your take on what we saw from president trump at this rally which was the same. it didn't seem as if he hit on any new message. i don't know if he needed to, but what do you need to do if you're going to win re-election and did he hit the mark? >> typically if you got fewer votes than the last guy. or woman in this case. bush's re-election slogan, by the way, was a safer world, a more hopeful america. barack obama's was, forward.


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