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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  June 27, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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to the washington, d.c. we go. "the lead with jake tapper" starts right now. mayor pete may have to break out not only his spanish tonight, bus his french, his italian, maltese? maybe even the norwegian? in the immortal words of ernie banks, let's play two. if night 1 is any indication, there could be a lot of left hooks being thrown. on the world stage, president trump at the g20, publicly griping about the post world war ii pact with japan, railing against germany, against india. you'll never guess which world leader he did not atam, comrade. plus a case of politicians choosing their voters.
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a supreme court decision that could decide how votes are counted for generations to come. welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. we begin with the second round of candidates to get their chance. you'll see biden and bernie, the top two candidates in national and most states polling. joining them are a group of elected officials. some of the, shall we say, wildcard contenders? the lineup and how they will stand is auth-- cnn's jeff zeleny reports on what the candidates saw last night that may have someone in the second round reconsidering their strategies. >> reporter: joe biden and bernie sanders side by side for wound 2 of the democratic
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debates. the two 2020 front-runners offering a too, choice. on stage tonight the party's generational and ideological divide on full display, with biden and sanders flanked by buttigieg and kamala harris and joined by six other rivals. sanders paid a visit to the homestead children's shelter. when asked about his debate strategy, he chose a boxing metaphor. >> i'm thinking of like muhammad ali, he noticed the weakness in his opponent. aides say biden tends to tack a forward-looking approach, with one adviser telling cnn there's no need to draw a contrast. the contrast couldn't be more obvious or stark, yet that is biden's challenge. it was sanders ease proposals
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that were largely driving the opening round. elizabeth warren raising her hand along with bill de blasio when asked if they would abolish private insurance. >> there's a lot of politicians who say it's not possible, we can't do it, a lot of political reasons. what they were telling you is they just won't fight for it. as warren emurgeed unscathed, cory booker snagged the most airtime as he still trying to introduce himself. >> when i got our law school, i moved to the inner city of newark to fight as a tenant lawyer. >> hewlejulian castro stepping the spotlight. >> some, like congressman o'rourke have no. >> reporter: it was amy klobuchar who offered a reality check. >> i don't make all the promises
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that everyone up here makes. >> reporter: those promises from progressives will be front and center once again tonight, particularly because many of them in fact are bernie sanders ease own idea, but joe biden will project an electability he argument. we know joe biden and bernie sanders were watching last night for style and the way -- they are expecting other rivals to jump in, but one biden aide tells us if other candidates want to make it by joe biden and his record, they're happy to do so, because every time he's mentioned, he gets rebuttal time. >> let's chew over there. jen psaki, let me ask you, what lesson could the candidates tonight learn from last night? >> it is an advantage to go the second night, especially since there hasn't been a debate yet this season. if i was a candidate i learned two big things.
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one, you have to be specific in your answers. it's not going to fly to try to skirt a question. it comes across poorly. obvious lip the moderators will go back at you. beto o'rourke is a perfect example. the other pieces, the moderators will go right at the kearns on their vulnerabilities. it's quite predictable, but if your mayor pete's team, you should by prepared to talk about the shooting this week. if you're biden's team, you should be ready to talk about buddying up with segregationists. the third thing i would say is they need to find ways to jump in. tonight i would say trump is going to be much more present earlier, because biden will want to make him more present. the candidates need to be prepared for that and figure out ways and be prepared to jump in with their best trump contrast that will help them draw themselves out. >> karen, it wasn't just
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savannah guthrie and other moderators that went after beto orock for not answering the question, it was a lot of democrats. take a listen to our montage. >> private insurance is not working for tens of millions of americans with deep respect to the congressman. look, we have learned painful lessons as americans that we have gone to war without congressional authorization. >> i just think it's a mistake. if you did your home work, you would know -- >> he wasn't -- elizabeth warren is the poll lead on or about that stage, but they doesn't go after her. do you think that will happen to biden? >> possibly, we were talking about the gender dynamic, nobody went after the women, which we thought was interesting. beto was -- pablum, he was trying to do speeches of his stump speech in his 60 seconds or 30 seconds. he had very little subsustains. i think they may try to do it
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tonight, but i think it will be less effective. number one, what you heard de blasio so that's a classic tactic of interrupt, and he raised his voice and the moderator shifted to him. i don't think the biden will give up the time. i think one of the things that will be interesting to see, the gender gap is going to be so obvious on the stage visually. i'm curious to see if it will sound like a gender gap. when biden talks about his old buddies or, you know, when bernie talks about the '60s it just sounds like not the reality, the future we're trying to build. >> first of all, i'll be damned if i didn't sort of enjoy that. >> come on over, you're welcome. >> just like the -- it was fun to watch. sinchtsds i think biden could
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learn from tulsi gabbard's on answer about lgbtq warriors, and i would die for them. that's something that biden should look at as he's trying to repent for past transgressions. thengd talk more about the fact they can beat trump. i enjoyed the debate. it was a lot about issues, but if you look at polls, democrat voters actually want to hear how you can beat trump. for that reason i think amy klobuchar's closing was quite strong. >> take a look at our count of notable names. candidates only mentioned trump 19 times in two hours. that's not a lot. mcconnell's name came up four times.
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joe biden's name not mentioned at all. should they we pressen the case more against trump? >> i think they will tonight. this is joe biden's case is very simple -- i can beat donald trump. the rest of this crowd has to earn the right to get where i am right now. in a lane that's small in the progressive democrats of today, but at the same time he's making this electability case which frankly has gone on far longer. i would tell you tonight joe biden will mention donald trump a lot. i think there had about a lot of engagement, because the biden people want this about the bigger prize, which is beating donald trump. >> you know what, the road to going after donald trump runs through the democratic primary. biden too oftentimes on the trail is so focused on the general, he is not speaking to or doesn't seem to understand the democratic party, where we are today. this is all about, you know, you have to win the primary in order to get on that stage where
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trump. this is his first opportunity i think also to prove that he understands where the party is today. >> jewel want castro had a breakout night. it makes people wonders if it would have been different if appear hillary clinton had picked him instead. >> kiersten gillibrand, i would say she's -- i've known her since she ran for congress. she's somebody who is probably the strongest advocate on abortion rights and on many women's issues that hasn't broken through or broken out. she needs a moment to get on the debate stage in september. if she doesn't, i don't know what her path forward is. it's so early that even keats in
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the higher tier, they also need to introduce themselves to the public. i'm less about breakout moments than how they are able to weave in their bios. some candidates did that quite well like elizabeth warren did. i think cory booker did it well, but this is their introduction to the public. they need to acknowledge the moderator question, answer it and figure out a way to bring in their bio. >> i think by july or august of 2015, trump was first in the polls within the republican ranking and never went away after that. everyone stick around. debate standout julian castro will join me live and asked if there's a feud grow iing. david axelrod joins ugh. stay with us. not even our competitor's best battery
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into in our 2020 lead, we're just hours away from biden, sanders, harris and buttigieg facing off. what do they and the other six need to do this evening? joining me is david axelrod, former chief strategist for barack obama's presidential campaign. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> what's the main thing you're looking for? >> obviously all eyes will be on biden. there is some expectation that bernie sanders will try to engage him. i think that's probably true, not so much to upsit biden's support, but a way to certify himself, bernie as the champion of the left. i think he'll use biden as a foil, but biden himself has some imperatives. the greatest vulnerability he has, as far as i'm concerned are
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questions about age, and so his first imperative is to stand on that stage for two hours and look actively engaged and in command. i think that's very, very important. the second is to not sound like a guy living in a sepia-toned reminiscens of the past, but a candidates who can lead the country into the future. the third is to take those attacks from bernie sanders, respond to them, but also deflect back to his fundamental argument, which is this is about donald trump. donald trump has to be replaced, and i'm the man who can do it. i think that would be central -- that's been central to his rhetoric from the beginning of his campaign. i think it will be central to his message tonight. >> before he joined the ticket as vice president, he participated in a series of debates. he was running for president himself. there were a couple standout moments. >> on we want to know if our babies are safe.
1:18 pm
this is my baby, purchased under the 1994 gun ban. >> if that's his baby, he needs help. >> popular with that audience of democrats, but that's the vice president -- or soon to be vice president essential mocking a voter. >> yeah. look, there will be those moments. with joe biden you get the whole package. he's authentic. sometimes that gets him into trouble, but i will tell you this, jake. i witnessed every one of those debates close at mand in 2007. joe biden was, on the whole, a very disciplined debater. i think he's underrated in this regard. it was in fact the way he performed in those debates that prompted senator obama to say, i think we ought to consider him for vice president, because
1:19 pm
heunder toad that one of the obligations of the vice presidential nominee was going to be a national debate. there were many other reasons why he chose biden. so, there is no substitute for experience. he does have an advantage on this stage. he knows what it likes to be on these stages. most of the other candidates have never been there. >> you talked about how he's more disciplined than given credit for. here's an example of that from a 2007-2008 debate. take a listen. >> an editorial in "los angeles times" said, in addition to his uncontrol verbosity, biden is a gaff machine. can you reassure voters that you would have the discipline you would need on the world stage, senator? >> yes. >> that's pretty good. >> that was a great moment. i will say this.
1:20 pm
i suspect that that was a prepared moment, and, you know, that his team -- he has a very experienced debate team. i'm sure they have spent a lot of time on this, rehearsing the obvious questions that will come up, to try to produce moments like that. if he delivers a few moments like that, he can help solidify his front-runner status. >> david axelrod, always great talking with you. good to see you, jake. an unprecedented day on the supreme court, but is that unprecedented request legal? stay with us. fun fact: 1 in 4 of us millennials have debt we might die with. and most of that debt is actually from credit cards.
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a potentially monumental move in the politics lede. president trump has asked his lawyers to try to delay the 2020 census in the wake of a consequential supreme court decision. the strategist once wrote about the question possibly giving the republicans an advantage, another important decision kept the court's out of state disputes regarding redistricting. the two huge decisions came down to one man who could. >> reporter: two supreme court decisions dropping on the last day of the term, sure to impact who is representing you in
1:26 pm
congress form the conservative justice led by chief justice john roberts, ruling that courts cannot decide when politicians have drawn congressionalor state legislative district lines to gains. partial gerrymandering claims present political questions. federal judges have no license to -- among the two major parties. the decision will leave in place any challenge maps across the country right now that means republicans have the advantage. the gop currently controls both the governorship and legislature in 22 states. democrats control just 14. when results from the 2020 census roll around, the party in power will picket how district lines are drawn. >> that means all of these seats in both the u.s. house and state houses will be about the primary, where the candidate who
1:27 pm
is going to win will be the one who can run furthest to the base of the party and less about the general elections trying to be a mooed rat. >> justice kagan wrote the dissent remarking -- with deep sadness that the practices challenge imperil or it system of government. while the chief justice sided with conservatives. he lined up partly with the liberals when it came to the 2020 census, a question asking people regarding citizenship will not be added, sending the indicates back to new york federal court to try to determine the administration's true intend. it's a setback for the trump administration with presenting set to begin in just days. commerce secretary ross insisted it will help --, but opponents say -- maeve a driving force for
1:28 pm
adding the question. >> despite the trump administration's attempt to politicize the census and divide our nation, we the people prevailed. >> reporter: but there's still an uphill battle for groups challenging this question. the supreme court did say the commerce department has the authority to add this question. it just has to better explain the rationale, but this is an inquiry playing out in the lower court for days, if not weeks, making it unclear when and ultimately if this politically charged question will actually be presented on the 2020 census. >> jessica schneider, thank you very much. kim is out with a brand-new book "how to read the constitution and why." i like the book so much. >> so president trump tweeted,
1:29 pm
as in response, i have asked the lawyers, until the united states supreme court is given additional information from which it can make a final and decisi decisive. >> can he do that? >> april 1st is the date on which the census has to occur under the statute, so i don't know how he can change an act of congress. this is another stands joup. that's a slow process. >> in the other decision about redistricting, ronts sided with the conservatives.
1:30 pm
basically saying the gale is the limit a. >> how do you see this going forward? is this going to mean we have the most divided state governments going forward? >> this is a disaster for the democracy. basically what the court says is the cord can't take this question period, no federal coring can answer this. it's too vague.
1:31 pm
justice kagan said, wait a minute, we said up tests all the time, that's not consistent with why we have a democracy that empowers we the people. >> in your book, you write we are now at a he as a truly representative body. >> what is the bickest threat? >> i think it's the amazing of power. >> i'm in chan of the census and it's congress not functioning. that requires sun d. he then the
1:32 pm
people limit become irrelevant, as he wrote famously, it's not going to come as a slow drip. it happens on both sides. the book is how to read the constitution, by kim wehli. >> thank you, jake. one hopeful is cashing in. former housing senior julian castro joins me live. stay with us. five deals. for fifteen dollars get a different deal every weekday til six pm like endless shrimp monday admiral's feast tuesday four course feast wednesday and more. five days. five deals. fifteen dollars. see you before six. do you battery sound. want a charge?
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in just minutes, we expect the house of representatives to vote on the senate version of the aid to the migrants at the border. nance pelosi says the house will pass the senate version, which gives 4.6 billion for help. more progressive members are almost slamming the decision, alexandria ocasio-cortez saying, quote -- joining me to talk about this and much more, democratic presidential candidate julian castro, a former hud secretary. he's also as i mentioned former
1:38 pm
housing secretary under president obama. do you agree with alexandria ocasio-cortez or nancy pelosi, who's saying i don't like it, but we need money for the kids at the border, the kids come first. >> as you know, the news just came down. i haven't had the opportunity to look at the senate version. however, i will say i would only support this type of funding if there's strong enough guardrails, strong enough measures so that the administration has to use any money that's appropriated specifically to improve the living conditions of the children who are being impacted by this detention. we need to end this detention. i also recognize that we want to make sure that children have what they need. the problem is that this administration has a habit and a pattern of taking money that was meant to be spent in one way, and using it in another way.
1:39 pm
a good example of that is a few months ago the president hobbled together a billion dollars that was supposed to be spent for other things, to be spent for the wall that he wants to build. so i understand the concern very much that, you know, you need to be sure that there are enough guard rails in place that they could take this money that's suppose to do go to the living conditions of children and spend it in another way, and they need to accelerate getting thinks children out of these facilities and into the homes of relatives that live in the united states, or care complain givers in their homes that will be better living conditions. we don't want to prolong children living in these types of conditions. last night you and beto o'rourke got into a proposal that others are now backing to decriminalize the act of crossing the border illegally. making it a civil steve matter.
1:40 pm
the system is, fair to say, overwhelmed with the number of people entering the country illegally, by taking away the criminality, are you not worried you would be incentivizing even more people to -- thus overwhelming the system even more. >> not at all. in fact, if you remember, about a year ago this administration basically told us that as americans, if we could just be cruel enough to separate little children from their parents, that that would deter more central american families from coming. that's what they said, their way of doing things, this cruelty would deter more families from coming. instead, more families actually came. so i believe that that has nothing to do with whether these families are going to come. what i would do, number one, i would make sure we put more judges and staff into an inns immigration judiciary court system. people would still be in the court system so we can get
1:41 pm
through the backlog of asylum cases and other cases so people are not waiting in limbo for years. secondly, i would make sure we partner with honduras and el salvador, and these northern triangle countries, so people can find safety and opportunity there, instead of having to come to the united states. >> during eight years of obama, it also happened not to the same degree, but that there were other tragedies, other horrors, other things that shocked our system. during obama, minors were put in cages. during obama hundreds were found dead trying to come into this country. i've heard immigration activists say where was the democratic party then? where was the outrage then? sure, it's good to have it now, but how come it wasn't there when obama was in charge? >> well, to the credit of immigration activists, they have been proposing things like the
1:42 pm
rebale of things like section 1325 for years. when i was mayor of san antonio, i was at times critical of the obama administration, critical of the bush administration before that, and certainly i've been critical of the trump administration, i don't see this first in terms of party. what i'm concerned about are the people that are involved. i will say, though, you know, i believes there was a real difference between the intention of president obama and the coombs passion that he had for people who were seeking a better life in this country than what donald trump does. i mean, this is a feature of his administration. this cruelty is a feature of his administration. that wasn't the case, i don't believe with barack obama. >> julian castro, have fun, and good luck out there on the campaign trail. >> thank you, jake. nancy pelosi announces the house will pass the senate
1:43 pm
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in minutes the house of representatives will vote on the senate's version of the bill. house speaker nance ploysi saying the house will pass the bill, but more progressive members are slamming the decision, including alexandria ocasio-cortez from new york, who joins me now. you tweeted with no negotiation, hell no, that's an abdication of power. they will keep hurting kids if we do. those are strong words against speaker pelosi. that bill, as you know, passed
1:48 pm
84-8 in the senate. a lot of liberal democrats voted for t why such a strong stance here? >> this is an issue not just of the substance of the bill, but the process of how we got here. we passed a house version of this bill which had far more humanitarian at the time provisions, and accountability for the facilities that are abusing kids. mitch mcconnell immediately smacked it down in order to pass and ram through a senate bill with an enormous amount of funding for military as well as no guard railings or accountability for facilities abusing our kids. that's the bill in front of us. however, we didn't even bother to negotiate. there are house amendments. we could have negotiated, we could have conferenced. we could have tried to get humanitarian in, to get consequences in, instead we're immediately going to just saying yes to what got passed out of
1:49 pm
the senate. these are two completely different dynamics. the senate, you have a minority democratic party there, and here we are the house of representatives, and we are a house majority. we need to act like it. >> congresswoman, didn't you vote against the house version, too? >> i did. the reason i did as well -- i understand you had julian castro before, he disagreed with the house version as do i. i do not believe we should be throwing more money to i.c.e. my district is 50% immigrant. i have an obligation and responsibility to protect them. i believe what we should ideally be do is passing a pure humanitarian bill to get money straight to the kids. no tricks, for riders, no poison pills. toothpaste, toos brushes, soap and make sure the kids are protected as well as having the resources funded. the fact this is even a game is frankly a huge, huge disappointment. >> if you opposed senate bill
1:50 pm
and also the house bill. i'm wondering what it is that you're willing to support that could pass in either the house or the senate. >> once again, i think a pure humanitarian bill could pass. i do not believe that republican voters are interested back home in preventing kids from getting toothbrushes and toothpaste. pass just the money for these kids. in addition, if the president wanted to, he could declare an emergency right now and get the money to those kids. right now what he's ability to do is put billions from the pentagon, withhold funds from getting dispersed in puerto rico in order for him to build a wall. he will not lift a finger in the same capacity in order to get toothpaste to the kids. so i think what we can do, a, there's that provision with the president. also what we can do is pass a pure humanitarian bill. even if it came down to brass
1:51 pm
tacks and we had to negotiate in an imperfect bill with house amendments, that at least is better than the situation we have right now. >> i guess my point is, isn't your desire for your vision of this bigll -- the the departmen of homeland security hag warning about this for month, it's going to be overcrowded, 3 billion of the 4.6 is going to housing for migrant kids, another 800,000 going for other undocumented immigrants. by opposing both bills, aren't you just ultimately deprives they kids of housing facilities they need? >> whether you look at how both these bills happened, jake, i think it's important that we have members of congress that stand up and actually caught truth to the situation. the house bill passed resoundingly. there were only four democrat that is defected, including
1:52 pm
myself. the roe i defected, i needed to send a message to my folks back home. in fact my constituents asked me to vote no on the bill. if it ultimately dame down to it, if we needed 100% every single democrat to vote on this bill we could do it with the amendments. the problem right now and the question at hand right now is mitch mcconnell sent us a bill and we're putting a big checkmark without even trying to negotiate. i'm willing to indicate to stay here. i don't need to go home on vacation. i will stay here all weekend to make sure we get this things done. instead what mitch mcconnell is doing is relies on the time pressure of recess to try to ram through a bill that's completely irresponsible to the american people and to those kids on the border. last night you tweeted, quote, last week we called the concentration camps at the border. in the week since the acting director resigned, bank of america announced they will stop financing for-profit dizzy
1:53 pm
tension. words matter, unquote. two questions here. one, you're taking credit for calling these camp -- taking credit for the developments by using the term "concentration camp." and two, what do you say to members of holocaust or members related who say, look, academically you're right, the term "concentration camp" did not mean death camp, bcolock yale, you're hurting our emotions, memories, what do you say? >> absolutely. you know, i have many in my district and in on you jewelish community has rallied around this issue, because when we talk about concentration camps, if we do not also talk about japanese internment, if we don't talk about the bora war, if we don't
1:54 pm
talk about the many times this has happened in the history of humanity, we also erase the suffering of those people. i believe we also have made sure that we explicitly use the term "concentration camp" and we have to learn from the slow process, the slow dehumanizing process that leads to horrible things happening to people. i know that my folks back home and in my district in queens and the bronx, our community has rallied around it. we absolutely have communicated with survivors to indicate that this is not the same thing, as you have mentioned academically. in fact, this is an opportunity for us to talk about how we learn from our history in order to prevent it from ever happening in any form at any step, whether it's a concentration camp, or whether it's the final steps of that phase from happening and even at the earl ye stitching we have to make sure that dehumanizing and
1:55 pm
never again means never again for anyone. when you retweeted a story from "esquire" discussing all this, talking about the academic definition versus the local colloquyial, using that definition there were concentration camps under obama and under bill clinton. that's in the story you retweeted. did you call them concentration camps at the time when obama was president? >> well, at the time i was working in a restaurant, but i do -- i absolutely was outspoken against obama's immigration policies and the detention of families then. i this think it's a remarkably consistent position. i'm here to speak truth to power. if it's wrong, it's wrong. i frankly don't care what president does it.
1:56 pm
>> congresswoman ocasio-cortez, thank you for your time. always good to see you. >> thank you so much. we'll be right back. we got the idea that if we took two dimensional patient imaging and put it in holographic displays, we could dissect around the tumor so we can safely remove it. when we first started, we felt like this might just not be possible but verizon 5g ultra wideband will give us the ability to do this. ♪ who used expedia to book the vacation rental which led to the discovery that sometimes a little down time can lift you right up. expedia. everything you need to go.
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♪ more than 15 million people tuned into last night's debate, those president trump's focus was to criticize for technical issues. he called it unprofessional. we aren't here to poke fun, but the bout of tv grim lynn did remind us of a far worse snafu, when this glitch hard between governor jimmy carter and then president gerald ford. >> there's a great deal of trust among or people, in that -- >> the pool of broadcasters have temporarily lost the audio. it's not a conspiracy against governor carter or against president ford. >> that lasted for 27 long and awkward minutes.
2:00 pm
>> both candidates are waiting. they have been tooled that they're on the air with a picture, but they are off the air -- >> it should be noted at no point did they take to twitter to attack the media. our coverage on cnn continues right now. happening now, breaking news, border revolt. the house is set to pass the senate's version of an emergency -- despite a revolt by progressives, who feared funds will be diverted to immigration enforcement. threatening a delay, president trump says he's asking lawyers to try to delay the 2020 census, after the u.s. supreme court stopsed administration from adding a citizenship question, a move seen to -- ready to rumble, front-runners take to the