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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  July 1, 2019 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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negotiation with north korea. the president returned to the white house where the president game the first sitting u.s. leader to step foot in north korea. it was a remarkable picture. but a more lasting impact might be the substance of what's happening behind the scenes. "the new york times" this morning is reporting that the trump administration might be headed towards the acceptance of north korea as a nuclear power. in other words, kim jong-un could keep his nuclear weapons and the united states might be willing. this is something the administration has previously said it would not stand for. >> many rivals are criticizinin it of nothing more than a photo op. speaking of 2020, mayor pete buttigieg's campaign just
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announced a huge fund raising haul making him a formidable candidate. >> is buttigieg's is too hard. >> you're right. that was a mistake. let's begin in seoul with more on this north korea news. will? >> reporter: good morning, alisyn. the mood here is cautious optimism as the news comes that the united states and north korea could resume working level denuclearization talks in the coming weeks. now there's new reporting from "the new york times" of a major concession by the trump administration. something they said they would never consider before. allowing north korea to keep their entire nuclear arsenal as long as they agree to not create more weapons. the stepping into history. president trump becoming the first sitting u.s. president to walk onto north korean soil.
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>> stepping across that line is a great honor. a lot of progress has been made. this has been in particular a great friendship. >> reporter: that historic one-minute crossing from the demilitarized zone sparked by a tweet invitation the day before. the president where ig, if chairman kim of north korea seeing this, i would meet him at the border dmz just to shake his hand and say hello. kim jong-un saying the proposition was a surprise. telling president trump through an interpreter saying i never expected to meet you in this place. >> we liked each other from day one. that was important. >> reporter: even extending this invitation to the north korean leader. >> i would invite him right now to come to the white house. absolutely. >> reporter: despite the warm greeting between both men, a moment of chaos erupted at their third meeting. >> stop. no. let go. i need help here. >> reporter: new white house
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press secretary steph snee grisham caught in a brawl. american media tried to capture the leaders entering the freedom house. behind closed doors, the president spoke with kim for nearly an hour. >> i think the relationship that we developed has meant so much to so many people. but it was an honor that you asked me to step over that line and i was proud to step over the line. >> reporter: but moving forward will likely be difficult. despite two previous summits between the two sides, north korea's nuclear program remains intact and short range missile testing restarted in may. president trump's 2020 rivals condemning his embracing kim. >> i don't know why he's so bent on elevating the profile of a dictator like kim jong-un when
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he has not lived up to his promise from the first summit. >> i don't have a problem with him sitting down with our adversaries. i don't want him to think it's a photo opportunity. >> reporter: the photo opportunity at the demilitarized zone was designed to show off the friendship between the two leaders. which they seem to be banking on to get them bast the big differences they want. north korea gave the u.s. a deadline of the end of the year to change its position or all policy could be thrown out the window. if the u.s. is willing to make a major shift and consider a nuclear fleez, it may give kim jong-un exactly what he's been wanting this whole time. >> thank you very much. stay with us. we'll have more questions for you. we're also joined by senior bloomberg news who went to the dmz with the president. before we get to the significance of all of this, margaret, because you were there
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you witnessed all of this. history in the making. just give us some color of what that was like. >> it was an extraordinary day as you could imagine. you know, i think for weeks as we prepared for this trip, we assumed the president would go to the dmz. in those discussions trying to understand from officials beforehand what would happen there, the closest we had heard was there would be a call from inside the house to chairman kim. then told no it's just a dmz visit. there was certainly a surprise element. there was sort of a chaotic element as well because the meeting had come together so quickly. and you saw some together in that scrum where the new press secretary got pushed around and so did many of my colleagues. there was just sort of that gasp moment as the president stepped over into north korea.
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and as the two kind of coordinated the steps off that line, for the president it obviously was -- whatever you want to say about the legitimacy of the foreign policy element -- there was a photo op element to it, that the president himself was very keen on choreographing. in fact, at the very end, i don't know if the cameras captured it but for those of us standing there at the end the president was so excited hichls that as chairman kim crossed back over, we saw the president from behind clap like this. very excited. he couldn't contain his own excitement with what he had pulled off. so nobody is really sure where it goes. we're not even sure who was in the meeting with chairman kim and the u.s. president or for how long and how much of that meeting was just the two men one-on-one. a lot we're still trying to unpack about yesterday. >> it was a remarkable image for
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many reasons. applauding a dictator kim jong-un. but to what end? what does the united states get out of it? and let me read just a little bit of this. it says the concept would amount to a nuclear freeze, one that especially enshrines the status quo and accepts the north as a nuclear power. presumably the freeze would have to be a permanent one or he would have gotten less from kim than barack obama got from iran in a deal mr. trump dismissed as disastrous. what they want is the complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula. right? >> sure. >> this is different than that. >> it certainly is. and you know, this reporting is consistent with a lot of what we know. so, for instance, we were all assuming that the united states wants to disarm north korea. if you love what trump's been
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doing, you can say what really he's been trying tootd is to isolate china. to take away kim jong-un from the chinese. and you can say his russian diplomacy is along the same thing. we've got to remember this is an administration, it is only one person who makes a decision. and that is the president, of course. so i think it's premature to say there's been this shift. by the way, you go back to clinton, bush, and obama. everyone said the same thing about them. they were accepting north korea' program. that turned out not to be true. >> i will say this though. if the president's priority is the picture, if he president's priority is continuing discussions with kim jong-un, then it matters what he's giving up in return. if what he's giving up is the tacit acceptance. >> we've also got to remember we're not the only actor here. the north koreans will press -- even if this is true, the north koreans will press the
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advantage. and they'll do something horrible. even if we accepted a freeze, we'll go back on that because if the north koreans use violence against foes they don't like and they will do something. >> one thing more. what north koreans want is relief from all sanctions. president trump were to relieve the most punishing sanctions could that be seen as a capitulation to north korea? >> it certainly would be a capitulation to the north koreans. one thing the administration talks about is they're using maximum pressure on the north koreans. that was true up to the middle of may last year. since then, we've allowed open sanctions by the north koreans, chinese, russians, and south koreans. we've not done much about it. >> will ripley, i want to go back to you. again, that picture, there's no question president trump wanted to picture. but that's a picture that kim
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jong-un is desperately wanted and is already using. and one other thing that kim desperately wants is to be a nuclear power. and if he gets both of those things from the united states, it's extraordinary. >> it certainly is. in my repeated trips to north korea. one thing officials told me time and time again is kim jong-un didn't -- it moved a mountain at the nuclear test site. this reporting the "new york times" would allow north korea to have that type of a weapon in their arsenal but promise not to produce new ones. but what the north koreans have always said was those weapons were to get them to the negotiating table from a position of strength. and arguably he's gotten that in spades meeting with president trump, xi jingping, vladimir
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putin. desperate to keep diplomacy with the united states alive. so there would arguably be a lot of people here in south korea accepting of the state. >> all right, friends. stand by. we're going to keep following this story all morning long. meantime, we have breaking news in the 2020 campaign. south behind mayor pooeft booet buttigieg just announced a huge fund raising haul. this is an eye-popping number. >> this is a big one, john. the second quarter fund raising coming to a close. pete buttigieg with a big number. $24.8 million for the second quarter fund raising in this 2020 race. let's compare that to last quarter for pete buttigieg when
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he raised $7.1 million. then to give you a little context, what does $24.8 million mean? take a look at the wider field. this is from last quarter but you see that bernie sanders leading with $18.2 million. to compare that to $24.8 million, just a huge number for pete buttigieg. if you look at the trajectory of his campaign, it makes it even more remarkable. he launched his exploratory committee. then had that breakout moment at a cnn town hall in march. then this is like a horse race to talk about numbers but why they mean something is because what it does is cement him as a top tier candidate. and alisyn, as we head into the summer, that's going to be really important as you try to stay on this debate stage and stay front of mind. it's just a really big number from him. and over 70 fund raisers he did
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in order to get there. >> well it seems to be working. thank you very much. we have more breaking news for you. hundreds of protesters are clashing with police, some trying to break into hong kong's legislature. the demonstrations come on the second anniversary. nic robertson is live outside the council. he is in the thick of it with breaking details. what's the situation there? >> reporter: alisyn, i'm just going to turn the camera around and point to the protesters moving up the barricade here. the umbrellas are being used so we don't identify any of the protesters. we are outside the government building here. the legislative council building. over my shoulder you can probably hear what sounds like a battering ram. it is a battering ram of sorts. it is one of those bare kids you just saw being used to try to batter into this government building. this is the main government
3:14 am
building in hong kong. it has been the focus of the anger for thousands of violent protesters today who are focusing their anger on the government because of the government's decision to extradite some criminals to china for trial. now, this is a bill that the government has had to suspend. these protesters want that bill completely repealed. they're also protesting against the police inside this building, barricaded inside the building. they're protesting against violence shown to protesters three or four weeks ago when millions of people came onto the street. but today is a day of traditional protest in hong kong. it's the 22nd anniversary of when the british handed over sovereignty on 150 years of law. 22 years ago they handed it over. but the protest today, unlike
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anything witnessed here in recent years. there are hundreds of thousands of people. this protest here is violent, determined, angry, and quite extraordinary. >> nic robertson on the ground in hong kong, i have to say that is a remarkable picture behind you. thank you for your calm reporting. if i can ask you a question, we've obviously seen the damage to the building there and the chaos behind you. have there been any injuries or harm to people themselves? all right. we just lost nic robertson. we'll get back to him again. remarkable reporting from nic as those protests continue. we'll bring you the latest when we can. meantime, new questions after a mysterious plane crash in texas leaves ten people dead. investigators are on the scene
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>> reporter: good morning. this plane was to fly to st. petersburg, florida. but it barely got off the ground. it veered into this hangar here killing all ten people on board. you can still see this morning some of the -- what looks to be smoke or fire damage in a couple of missing windows on that hangar there. luckily there was nobody inside that hangar at the time. there was just a plane and a helicopter in there. it's also lucky the fire department was about 220 yards away. just barely further from where i'm standing right now. so the response was fairly immediate. now, the victims have not yet been identified. because as of late yesterday, their families were being notified. two crew members and eight passengers on board. the plane itself is a beach craft super king air 350. when you think of a private jet, you probably think of a plane just like this one. cnn safety analyst says it has a good safety record, it's reliable. he even called it the cadillac
3:22 am
of turbo props. it's usually used to shuttle corporate executives from place to place. in this case the plane was recently owned by a charter company outside of chicago that had recently changed hands. the investigators who arrived here yesterday are not entirely certain what the tail number was or what the tail number was supposed to be. that ntsb preliminary report is due in the next two weeks. the faa is also looking into this. >> everyone wants to know what happened. thank you very much. so two of the texas democrats running for president is taking on the humanitarian crisis at the border. julian castro and beto o'rourke both visiting the detention center. natasha is live with more. what's the latest? >> reporter: good morning. a flurry of politicians coming to this spot in clint, texas. and including the more than dozen members of the house today. this comes about a week after
3:23 am
the initial reports of really inhumane conditions of children being held in custody. cnn did get to tour this facility inside last week. but with no cameras. just pen and paper only. and at that time, we did see a sanitized space with resources for kids to wash up and get food. however, this did spark a lot of outrage in this community and across the country. and you saw that in the people coming to see these two presidential candidates this weekend julian castro and beto o'rourke. they both held events in this spot over the weekend speaking about their imabrasion reform plans. o'rourke talked about wanting to see people be able to apply for asylum in their own countries. i asked whether that would put them at greater risk staying in those countries to apply for asylum rather than coming to the united states. he said the journey to the u.s. is just as dangerous and he used the example of a woman who risked her life in coming here.
3:24 am
>> if she could apply for asylum back home in guatemala and we would handle that with respect to her and allow her to come to the country if she meets the conditions, that spares her and her children that dangerous journey. but if she nonetheless decides to make that journey, i don't think in that should undermine her claim of asylum. >> it used to be in this country if you came to the port of entry and made an asylum claim, you were allowed to do that. and then this administration started playing games with people. stopping them from being able to do that. and then people get desperate. >> reporter: more than a dozen members of the house mostly democrats are visiting several sites today ending up here in clint and they include more progressive members of the party as well including alexandria ocasio-cortez. >> ngaatasha chen for us. thank you for that reporting. we've got sad news to report
3:25 am
this morning. nypd 9/11 hero luis alvarez has died. he made this plea in really his last days for more benefits for 9/11 first responders. he died saturday from complications with cancer linked to his time at the rubble of ground zero. just look at the before and after pictures there. >> i've been lucky enough to have had 68 rounds of chemo. yeah, you heard me right. 68 rounds. many others haven't had the opportunity to have five. and some have had none. their families would love to have time with them the way mine
3:26 am
have had time with me. >> amazing. just last week john feel said he gave mitch mcconnell the badge, luis alvarez's badge as a symbol of importance for extending the victims compensation fund, the current proposal would authorize it through 2089. has a lot of support in the house. and leader mcconnell said the senate will take up the fund but when, that is still unclear. just on luis alvarez, again that was june 11th. the day before his scheduled 69th chemo. he never did receive it after he testified his body just gave way. this is a man who really in a way gave his life twice when you think about it. >> yes. >> when you look at that photo, you realize he gave his life twice because of how stunning it is when he was a healthy, robust man. and then on his last legs, in the waning days of his life, he made that trip to congress.
3:27 am
>> after 9/11 he was down in the rubble and on rooftops looking for all of his friends and colleagues there. we'll have john later on in the show to talk about the legacy of luis alvarez. back to publolitics. big story. pete buttigieg raising huge numbers. what that means for all the candidates next. dear lexus, dear lexus, it is with a very gratesful heart that i write you about your amazing employees. eric volunteered to come to my rescue that evening. a mom, these things really matter. from this day forward, i'm a lexus customer for life. thank you. sincerely... ivy, kim, david, greg. crafting every experience for our guests with the same level of care we craft our vehicles. that's what makes lexus,
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all right. breaking just moments ago, an announcement from the campaign of south bend mayor pete buttigieg. huge fund raising numbers. $25 million in the second quarter. joining us now, bacarri sellars. he has endorsed kamala harris, we should note. and jess mcintosh, former director of communications outreach for the hillary clinton campaign. jess, look. $25 million is a ton of money,
3:32 am
period. and then also just $25 million for a guy no one really had heard of six months ago, even more extraordinary. >> he had a wonderful debate performance. i was expecting him to bring in a large haul. this is a very large haul. i think it reminds us that most americans had not tuned in before this debate. probably still most americans haven't tuned in. but those who did watch the debate, we saw that pete buttigieg was the second most googled candidate after kamala in that second round. they were just learning who this man was. he comported himself amazingly. he called out republicans very thoughtfully for hypocrisy on christianity. which given the deaths at the border and the detention centers, people were looking for that argument to be made. the people who tuned in saw somebody they didn't know they would like to get to know more. >> what does that mean for the
3:33 am
other candidates including of course kamala harris? >> well, i think what he's doing is he's solidified himself amongst the top tier. that's what these numbers are about. this is a usual seven-day period for every candidate. you're coming off the debate and then you have to post these numbers. so you're going to see pete buttigieg, senator harris, bernie sanders and joe biden. that is going to be a very solid top tier. the question is about cory booker or elizabeth warren as well as julian castro. that is going to be the question. bathe toe o'rourke was once part of the question. i don't think his debate performance was awesome by any measure. people have to remember you have to reach that $330,000 goal and a polling metric in order to get to the stage for the third debate. there are a lot of figures
3:34 am
falling short of that today. >> harris raised $2 million just after the debate. just after the debate. so her fund raising numbers will probably be pretty big as well. and pete buttigieg, we understand, has $22 million cash on hand. he's got a lot of money to spend. in a way this was -- go ahead. you're laughing? >> i was laughing because i was going to say that i love senator harris, but her number ain't going to be $25 million. i mean, pete buttigieg put up an awesome number. the only one that could out-raise him is joe biden. and at bernie sanders movement, they print money over there anyway. >> he is here to stay and a force to be reckoned with. i think this is a message to the other candidates. >> absolutely. first of all, you're right.
3:35 am
he is now done meeting debate metrics at this point. he would be guaranteed a place on the debate stage from this place forward, i would guess. when you're a senator, a governor, you have a fund raising apparatus that you built over time. you're the mayor of south bend, you don't have any of that going into this race. it takes money to raise money. they did it with none of that. if that's a sign of things to come and the sort of smart choices they're making along the way, i think that's a message to other candidates that they're doing this really fast and really well. now on the flip side, what we saw, you know, if this were 2008, 2012, the fund raising primary is a thing and it's real. what we saw in 2016 is that it wasn't. that there are other ways to get your message out. so it's important to raise money but also important how you spend that money, whether you spend it smartly and if someone can do
3:36 am
what you're doing without money. >> let's move onto what don jr. had to say about kamala harris. this must suggest that the trump campaign is concerned about kamala harris. oerss why would don jr. repost this racist tweet. kamala harris is not an american black. she's half indian and half jamaican. i'm sick of people robbing american blacks of our history. it's disgusting. now using it for debate time. these are my people, not her people. freaking disgusting. don jr. then posted it then deleted it i guess when -- i can't imagine who taps don jr. on the shoulder saying what are you doing dude? but somebody must have. >> he realized he had done something racist and felt shame is pretty out of the question. his family, his father started -- he was the chief birther, the chief person who tried to smear president obama
3:37 am
with a racist lie. and they're obviously contining that through kamala harris. aside from don jr. retweeting it which is disgusting and appalling and must be bigger news but we're living with the trumps. ergo, it's what we're seeing on a monday. there is this digital black face that gets performed. it happened in 2016 where a bunch of accounts start up, they purport to be black americans and then they engage in racist content. we saw that exact message pop up on multiple accounts right after the debate. so this is not a real human being who said this. this is not a real black american upset about kamala harris. this is a coordinated attack. we don't know by who. >> really helpful context. thank you for opening everyone's eyes to that. we've been talking about big
3:38 am
fund raising numbers in the fund raising. nothing compared to some of the money being thrown around in the nba right now. two of the league's biggest stars not going to the new york knicks. the bleacher report next. ♪
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let me kemba walker era begin. the nba saw a seismic shift in power as free agency got underway sunday night. coy wire has more in the bleacher report. they're going everywhere. >> they are. the celtics certainly got an upgrade there. looking good with that one. but this brand new superteam forming in the nba right there in brooklyn, the nets landing arguably the biggest prize on the free agent market. kevin durant from the warriors. the 30-year-old is a ten-time all-star, four-time scoring champ. he's played 12 seasons. he'll likely miss all of next season, though, healing the ruptured achilles. the team also reportedly landing all-star kyrie irving from the celtics. both he and durant reportedly taking less money so they can
3:43 am
also bring in former all-star deandre jordan. the nets last in the league in the nba's attendance last season. but there's a new big three in brooklyn. let's go to mlb's first-ever series on european soil. it ends with a bang. the yankees and berman's red sox combining for 15 runs. the yankees runs were losing until they're go ahead two-run single started after avalanche. nine runs in the seventh. extending the yankees mlb home run streak to 31 straight games. the yankees beat the red sox 12-8. your red sox scored 21 runs over those two games. but they did present baby archie a red onesie and a baseball bat. even alisyn will tell you that is a win. >> because mookie betts is apparently a distant relative of
3:44 am
meghan markle. >> is that true? >> yes. what kind of debate performance changes for a campaign? a lot. we discuss next. sun care is self care. i used to not love wearing an spf just because i felt like it was so oily and greasy. but with olay regenerist whip spf 25, it's so lightweight. i love it. i'm busy philipps, and i'm fearless to face anything.
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pete buttigieg just annou e announced his campaign raised nearly $25 million in the second quarter. that is more than triple his haul last quarter. so let's get our forecast with our analyst. it's a monday morning. >> it's a monday morning. coffee, coffee, coffee. except i don't drink coffee. so yeah, look. there it is. the second quarter, you knew they were going to list a big number base odden the numbers leaking to the press. $24.8 million in the second quarter. that is up from $7.1 million in the first quarter. that is a big raise, though, as john and i were talking about beforehand. it's not historic. >> why because hillary clinton raised more in the second quarter in. >> exactly right. but he's the mayor of south
3:49 am
bend, indiana. so this is impressive. one thing i point out with this is he's raised a lot of money, but in the polls, look. he's up from 0% when he entered in january, but he's only at 5% now just before the debate. look, money is money and money helps you build a campaign. >> maybe the debate changed that number. >> it may. based on the preliminary signs i've seen, i'm not sure he's going up too much. >> but the fund raising means he's here to stay. let's talk about the debates. people have been looking at kamala harris. will she get a bump out of her performance? >> yeah. look at this. talk about fund raising as we just were. in the first 24 hours of her campaign, she raised $1.5 million. in the 24 hours after the debate, she reported raising $2 million. this was her best fund raising day during the campaign. and i think one of the questions is is how is this going to translate to the polling data,
3:50 am
right? when she entered he was in third place at 11%. by june only around 8% and fourth place in the polls. she's been stagnant. there are preliminary signs. she's got two more endorsements from black caucus members just in the last 24 hours. sop i think this number after the debate, i would not be surprised if she got back up to the 11% or even higher. remember last week we were talking about debate funds. and we could see a bump 5%, 6%. it would not be shocking if she gets in the double digits. one other person we're talking about in terms of debates and whether or not people are going to go for it. i think there's a real question what's going to happen with joe biden's polling. i think we can all agree his debate performance was really meh to poor. it was not particularly strong. but he has been rather strong in the polls so far. >> rather? that's huge compared to everybody else. >> that is true. he's been very strong so far. but more than that, he's been
3:51 am
steady. and i think the one question is with black voters. african-american voters. will he be able to hold what has been a huge lead? this is combining our april and may cnn polls. he was at 49%. 49%. and that was well ahead of the field. can kamala harris jump up from that 6%, eat into that joe biden base with african-americans, i think that's part of what we saw with the busing situation going on. and also those congressional black caucus members endorsing her. >> all right. and tomorrow the u.s. soccer team in the world cup semifinals. >> you know what? i've been doing this all along as i keep going through and comparing the women versus the men. this is their eighth consecutive semifinal appearance. that's every single women's world cup they've appeared in the semifinals. the u.s. men since 1934, just zero. so the women are kicking butt, folks. doing much better than our men. >> and yet the men make more. >> it's not based on
3:52 am
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a milestone this morning. for the first time in 30 years japan has resumed commercial whale hunting in its coastal waters. it is a practice steeped in tradition and controversy. cnn's ivan watson live in japan with the very latest. ivan? >>. >> reporter: hi there, john. this is a controversy that goes back decades. but japan continues to stand by its practice of hunting the largest animals that live on the planet. and we were here as the hunters brought their catch in today. for the hunters this has been a success. just hours into japan's first commercial whaling expedition in 30 years, the team harpooned not one but two minky whales. for some in japan, this is a moment of national pride. japan's relationship with whales is controversial. to better understand, we head
3:57 am
out to sea with captain mitsuhiko maida. it's cold, windy, and wet. but people are paying money because they want to see these whales out in the wild. they're delighted when we spot a minky whale. here's the thing about the brothers, more than 30 years ago, they weren't whale watchers. they were whale hunters. this is captain maida back in the 1960s when he worked with a team harpooning whales. that hunt came to an end in 1986 when the international whaling commission of which japan was a member imposed a worldwide ban on commercial whaling. that decision was unacceptable, he tells me. because suddenly we lost our jobs. but, in fact, some japanese
3:58 am
whalers continued killing hundreds of whales every year mostly in the antarctic. under a special permit classifying the hunt as scientific research. animal rights grouped condemned the practice. last year japan announced its abrupt withdrawal from the international whaling commission declaring it would resume commercial whaling again within its own coastal waters. >> i was waiting for the day for the commercial whaling to restart again. >> reporter: keyoshi applauds the decision. >> i shouldn't say victory. it's a kickoff point. >> reporter: do you eat whale meat? >> sure. of course. >> reporter: they're also celebrating the new whale hunt here at a tokyo restaurant that has whale steak and fried whale.
3:59 am
after world war ii, whale meat was a vital source of protein in japan. but government statistics show these days very few japanese eat any whale meat at all. >> there are fragile whale populations around japan that cannot sustain commercial hunting, that cannot feed a meaningful japanese market even if there were one for whale meat. >> reporter: japanese supporters of whaling include captain maida. the whale hunter turned whale watcher. >> translator: i will continue whale watching tours, but the whale hunters should catch the whales. i want both to coexist. >> reporter: one wondering how long these two completely contradictory impulses can coexist in the waters around japan. the japanese authorities have announced their quota for the next six months. they plan to harpoon at least 227 whales include up to 25 saved whales on the endangered
4:00 am
species list. >> ivan, great report. much of it hard to watch, but really eye opening. thank you very much for that report. all right. back to politics here. a big fund raising haul for one of the 2020 candidates. "new day" continues right now. stepping across that line has been a great honor. this has been a great friendship. >> what the united states needs to get out of this is an agreement from north korea to take steps to denuclearize. >> i'm glad president trump is exploring it. >> i personally don't believe the north koreans have any long-term decision. >> the tweet of donald jr. was a coward. >> the campaign is where things get deep down in the mud. >> these are the same racist attacks that daddy tried on barack obama. they're not going to work now. >> kamala harris, she's got game. she'll be a force to be reckoned with.


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