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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  July 1, 2019 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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species list. >> ivan, great report. much of it hard to watch, but really eye opening. thank you very much for that report. all right. back to politics here. a big fund raising haul for one of the 2020 candidates. "new day" continues right now. stepping across that line has been a great honor. this has been a great friendship. >> what the united states needs to get out of this is an agreement from north korea to take steps to denuclearize. >> i'm glad president trump is exploring it. >> i personally don't believe the north koreans have any long-term decision. >> the tweet of donald jr. was a coward. >> the campaign is where things get deep down in the mud. >> these are the same racist attacks that daddy tried on barack obama. they're not going to work now. >> kamala harris, she's got game. she'll be a force to be reckoned with.
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we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. you're watching "new day" this morning. new reporting of a possible major concession in nuclear negotiations with north korea. president trump is back at the white house after this historic meeting with kim jong-un at the dmz. mr. trump becoming the first sitting u.s. president to set foot in north korea. this morning "the new york times" reports that the trump administration might be headed towards accepting north korea as a nuclear power and allowing kim jong-un to keep his nuclear weapons in exchange for a freeze of new weapons. now, that is a position the administration previously said it would not stand for. we also have breaking 2020 news. south bend mayor pete buttigieg has announced a monster fund raising haul in the second quarter just high of $25 million. this really cements his status in the top tier of democratic
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presidential candidates. let's break down those new fund raising numbers and the message it sends. joining us now, jess mcintosh, david shalian, and bianna. if one year ago i had told you in the second quarter pete buttigieg would raise $25 million, if i had told the average american. they would say wow and then they would say who. >> that's exactly right, john. this is just an eye popping number. and not only as you said does it cement his status in the top tier, but what it really does here is guarantees his longevity in this race. he may not be sitting atop the polls right now. but when you have a number like this and by the way, i think they've got $22 million cash on hand. so a lot of that money that they're raising is actually in the bank there.
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and able to be used. this guarantees that this is a candidate not going anywhere. he's going to have the ability to fund the organization that they're building as the votes begin. as for all candidates, rules still apply. you've got to start winning some contests as the look at viability. but pete buttigieg out of nowhere is going nowhere out of this race any time soon. >> and jess, you were part of the hillary clinton campaign. she raised more than that in her second quarter. but she didn't have 24 other candidates. >> she also started with a strong existing fund raising infrastructure which is mayor or a relatively small city does not. so this is more impressive for him. i think the first debate was a moment for a lot to tune in to see whether the people they were thinking about supporting could pass a major hurdle. i think we saw a lot of support to kamala harris after that debate.
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a lot of black women were waiting for the moment to see her shine. she did that. ang lot of people were looking at mayor pete thinking he seems great. but i just met him a week ago. then he absolutely -- i probably think the clear second winner of the debate. they saw that, they realized they could hold his own at the top tier. >> it is a break outnumber. in the meanwhile, in the past few weeks he has had some stumbles particularly with hope he's handled racial issues. most americans didn't know who he was a few months ago. >> lagging indicator, spoken like an economics reporter. also there's a question for joe biden who's had a challenging few weeks. i don't know where the biden number will come in. i suspect it might be around this, but it's not going to be
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double it. and so you're going to have the comparison where you've got someone who's been in the political game for longer than pete buttigieg has been alive raising perhaps comparable numbers to a guy who's mayor of south bend. >> yeah. there's no doubt. and i agree with you. the joe biden number is going to be a big number. remember, this is the first time we see a joe biden number. he got into this race in this quarter. so this is going to be the first fund raising metric. we had seen buttigieg race more money than i think many expected in the first quarter. and obviously -- what is this? more than triple that this quarter? you're right. joe biden will be around this number, but his expectations are to be around this number. that is the difference here as you look at what a candidate that expectation matters. i would also note joe biden has been a dominant force in this race in the polls in a way buttigieg hasn't been yet. joe biden has a reservoir of
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support in the party that we've seen over these last several months. pete buttigieg is trying to build that. i don't want to say they hold the same position in the race. >> kamala harris' performance i guess has gotten the attention of donald trump jr. possibly i don't know threatening them because they're putting out -- he retweeted sort of a nasty tweet about her. i'll read it because in the last hour, you told us what we need to look for when we see tweets like this. and that it is part of something more organized. here is what don jr. retweeted from a guy named ali alexander. kamala harris is not an american black. she is half indian and half jamaican. i'm sick of people robbing american blacks like myself of our history. it's disgusting. now using it for debate time. these are my people, not her people. freaking disgusting. what would you like us to see between the lines here? >> see the coordinated attack behind this. ali alexander is an actual person, a black american. but that exact message was
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written out on almost a dozen tweets immediately following the debate. so this was something that we saw in 2016 where the right, russia, we don't know who's doing it at this point but they would engage in digital blackface where they would pretend to be black americans who are angry about something racist perceived in the democratic primary. we're starting to see this happen again. and we saw it with that tweet which populated across twitter coming from different places. some are bots, some are real. we don't know. but when you see things like this, it's important to recognize that there is a coordinated attack behind it and it's not just bunches of black americans suddenly saying we're angry at kamala harris. >> and for him to post wow the s this true. the campaign spokesman said he didn't know kamala harris was half indian. that's what he was asking there.
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>> really he can't go to google and ask about the background? he just tweets something he sees? that's inexcusable and he should know better. going back to the coordinated efforts, the russians were notorious for honing in on u.s. issues, social issues. specifically race legislations issues in 2016. the first to focus on the black lives matter movement and take advantage of it. >> the kamala harris campaign put out this is the same type of racist attack his father used to attack barack obama. it didn't work then and it won't work now. >> you saw this weekend all of her competitors sort of coming to her defense speaking out exactly to the issues that jess and bianna were just getting at. but also because much like the obama campaign had to deal with those, these campaigns have learned you have to fight them
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back at its inception right away. you can't allow one of these false narratives to take hold because it has a life of its own despite the fact it is totally not based in any fact. >> all right. the major news over the weekend and my major i mean historic, is the picture of the president of the united states donald trump stepping into north korea over the dmz. took about 19 or 20 steps then met for an hour with kim jong-un inside the militarized zone. it is a remarkable picture. this is their third meeting. there are questions this morning about the substance behind what's going on in these discussions. and reporting from "the new york times," david sanger and michael krolly, that the united states is considering instead of the complete denuclearization, something like a freeze. they can keep what they have. that may lead to peace.
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>> and obviously i'm not the expert that clap clapper is. it seemed like at every turn, trump bowed to authoritarianism saying he was honored to be in north korea. he joked with putin about getting rid of the press and meddling in our elections. he seemed to annoy the leaders of the g20 by bringing his daughter who didn't have any reason to be there and wound up bumping shoulders with some really high-level conversations that were embarrassing she was around. this was just a disaster of a trip. on par with the helsinki summit. so i might be willing to say that there could be some good in having reached an agreement with north korea. but i don't believe that donald trump is working in america's interests at any turn. so i'm highly skeptical. >> it is historic. but one has to remember that the reason why so many u.s.
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presidents never set foot in north korea prior to donald trump is because they did not believe that they would denuclearize. right? so if they now say we are going to work towards denuclearization, perhaps that's not even our ultimate goal, a freeze is an ultimate goal, it's a huge shift in our foreign policy. what does that mean for allies and what does that mean for iran? iran's watching this saying we're in the midst of our own nuclear debate here with the u.s. and internationally. if the u.s. is willing to step back and what they were demandings from north korea, what does that mean for us? i think a lot of depatail needso come forward. but what makes this historic is not that this is the first to come to north korea just because they're the first to get along. it's because president trump has been willing to take this huge risk. >> and if donald trump didn't like the iran deal that president obama had put together, why would he like this deal that "the new york times" is reporting is the same thing as what has been spelled out if they get to keep it.
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and furthermore, she's making claims they haven't done any missiles testing. but the adviser a month ago said they have been and in violation of the security council. >> why? because his name would be attached to this one, not president obama's. to answer your question. i think it raises the question does donald trump on the world stage in these kinds of negotiations, is in his new york real estate mentality deal making with public relations sort of fully locked together  that is driving this. or is there more a geopolitical strategic thing that he's doing here? and i don't know that we have the answer to that. >> i want to read a statement from john bolton who put this out moments ago. he said, i read this "new york times" story with curiosity. neither the staff nor i have discussed or heard to settle for a nuclear freeze by north korea. this was a reprehensible attempt by someone to box in the president. there should be consequences.
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i will note he wasn't next to the president. tucker carlson was from fox. i don't know if john bolton is in the inner circle in this. he may be, but he may not know the most right now. thank you, friends. we have more breaking news. hundreds of protesters are clashing with police. some trying to break into hong kong's legislature. the demonstrations come on the 22nd anniversary of the british return to china. our nic robertson has been in the middle of this witnessing some remarkable scenes. he's outside the legislative council right now with with the latest details. in nic? >> reporter: this has been an extraordinary day. every year for the last 22 years on the first of july, the people of hong kong come out to demonstrate to have a show of their thoughts about the britain handing over to chinese mainland hong kong.
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this a symbolic protest. what we've witnessed today is absolutely the opposite of that. what we have witnessed, hundreds of thousands of people in peaceful protest and tens, perhaps of thousands of others gathered outside the government building behind me. the legislative council building. they have been trying to smash their way into the building and literally been standing by the windows as they've been smashing through them. they've been breaking up barricades that police have put out there to keep them back. they've been using whatever they can find. big creates full of rocks to drive into those thick, thick glass windows. and the windows have slowly over a period of time shattered and then been forced back and broken down. and the police who have been on the inside have rushed forward with pepper spray to hold the crowd back. the amazing thing is that the crowds haven't then tried to get into the building. right now they have moved to
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another part of the building. this is a systematic effort to smash this building as much as they can. the government building. >> oh, my gosh, nic. what remarkable pictures you've shown us. please stay safe as you report. back in the u.s., a florida man is facing attempted murder charges after dragging a deputy about a hundred yards. these scary moechlts were caught on camera. you can see what happened here. the sheriff's deputy pulled over the driver of the suv over his tinted windows. but the officer eventually thought he smelled marijuana. he asked him about it, that's when things began to escalate. >> listen, listen. do me a favor. do me a favor. i'm telling you right now. i'm telling you right now! stop! stop! stop! stop! put it in park! put your hands up! put your hands up! put your freaking hands up! you just tried to take off with
4:16 am
me! put them up now! >> i didn't do nothing. >> i'm telling you put your hands up i! put your hands up! put your hands up! i swear to god! put your hands up! put it in park. >> okay. that's terrifying. he dragged the deputy. the deputy was eventually thrown from the suv. we're happy to report he was treated for minor injury. the suspect was caught a short time later. he's scheduled to appear in the afternoon. this is why police say there's no such thing as a routine traffic stop. any time -- they're just taking their lives in their hands. whenever they pull someone over and they don't know what they're going to encounter. that's just one of the things they have to be prepared for. >> terrifying.
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. breaking this morning, the trump administration might be headed toward accepting north korea as a nuclear power allowing kim jong-un to keep his nuclear weapons in exchange for a freeze on production of new weapons. joining us now is james clapper. thanks for being with us. let us read you the reporting from david sanger which broke about two hours ago. it would amount to a nuclear freeze. one that enshrines the status quo and -- i want to note. this is something for some time you've been saying you believe
4:22 am
might be the only logical outcome. why? >> well, john, a lot of people are uneasy with the fact the likes of india and pakistan have nuclear weapons. but the reality is they have them and the reality is they've been responsible with them. so i came around to the position some months ago as least in the interest of getting something done, it might be worth considering capping what the north koreans have now. and then maybe on a much, much longer term basis, you know, trying to get them to reduce their nuclear holdings to zero which i think is going to be very difficult. you know, for the north koreans, their nuclear weapons capability is their ticket to survival. they know no one would be paying any attention to them at all were it not for their nuclear
4:23 am
capability. so i think the likelihood of them giving up their entire nuclear arsenal on a short-term basis is just not realistic. >> what does the u.s. get in return for this? because this is something that is truly diametrically opposed to what the trump administration said it was going for in these negotiations. >> well, the quick pro quo here, you know, what the north koreans do would be to induce them to institutionalize behaving responsibly. which for the most part they've done lately. i think this would get -- this would require some very complex negotiations. i think it wouldn't be realistic or sailable unless there were some verification regime which would be a hard pill for the north koreans to swallow. i do think the general idea of accepting the current nuclear arsenal, whatever it is, is a
4:24 am
good starting point. >> and it may be. ultimately that may be where it's headed. you don't argue it would be a concession based on what terms have been talking about up to this point. >> clearly. the long held position and it's not unique to this administration has been a complete elimination of the nuclear enterprise of north korea. which particularly after my encounters with north koreans i think has kind of been possible. >> i also want to note, this is a concession to north korea. and frankly stepping into north korea was a concession to north korea. this is something that kim jong-un and north korean leaders would have wanted for generations and something no u.s. president would do until donald trump. so this is giving the north koreans something they wanted. it came on the heels of president trump giving china something it wanted too which is some of the restriction of technology sales to huawei. yes, the united states got a trip back to the negotiating table with china, but that's a
4:25 am
major concession. after the president said he was going to basically try to starve huawei of this technology. >> yeah, i think a common lesson learned here is not be so bold about the mountain top pronouncements about the ultimate full monty on any issue. so i think it's not all that bad to be flexible and provided you get something in return. >> just reflect on this trip. because we have seen a lot of images. whether it was president trump with kim jong-un, a dictator. president trump and mohammed bin salman. and all kinds of other reports responsible for the death of jamal khashoggi. these are pictures that the president was all too willing to be seen in over the last week or so. what's the lasting impact, do you think, of this? >> well, i don't know what the
4:26 am
lasting impact would be. i do think it's -- it doesn't reflect well, this deference joking with putin about not meddling in our election process, giving prominence to the likes of mohammed bin salman on the heels of the khashoggi murder which in my view clearly mbs is implicated. and so this is so counter to -- and then of course honoring kim jong-un who is one of the most brutal despots in the world. there's been a lot of activity of the internet just recalling otto warmbier which i think is completely appropriate. someone was probably tortured to death by the north krooeoreans. so i think it's not good in the context of advancing and defending the values this
4:27 am
country has long stood for. >> james clapper, thank you for being with us this morning. >> thanks, john. john, a congresswoman hoping to help others after her loss. her new push to save people from suicide. this is rick blomquist. his life is pretty comfortable. then, he laid on a serta and realized his life was only just sorta comfortable. i've been living a lie. (laughs) the serta icomfort hybrid mattress. not just sorta comfortable, serta comfortable.
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democratic congresswoman susan wild revealed on the house floor last week that her long-time partner had taken his own life in may. >> today mark this one-month anniversary of the death of my
4:32 am
beloved life partner. what most people don't know is that kerry's death was a suicide. kerry was 63 years old. he shouldn't have had a care in the world. he was financially secure and had a warm, loving family and dozens of friends. he loved them all. and yet incomprehensibly he seemingly did not grasp the toll his absence would have on those who loved him. >> wild says that she's speaking out to remove the stigma surrounding suicide and mental health. and joining us now is congresswoman wild. we're so sorry for your loss. we know what a shock a death from suicide can be. i just wonder why you decided to share your pain so publicly. >> i decided to share the pain because i realize i have a public platform from which i can
4:33 am
speak about an issue that i think is too often swept under the rug. we pay a lot of lip service to mental health and then yet i don't think we as a country really recognize the toll that it takes on people and how prevalent it is. >> i read that up until the very last moment, you didn't know if you, i guess, would or could make that speech. and what turned it around for you? >> that's correct. well, you know, i just -- that's correct. i was on the floor. we were in the middle of legislative business. it was late at night because we were taking late votes. and these speeches are typically given at the end of the day. and right up to the last minute, i was afraid i wouldn't be able to get through it. but i just pushed through because i felt so strongly about doing it. there were some of my colleagues who knew that i was going to and they had gathered around and were there to support me. i was very appreciative of that. >> that is really nice.
4:34 am
why do you think there is such a stigma around suicide? >> you know, i've been grappling with that myself. i honestly -- it's not something i've given a lot of thought to until the last month. you know, i think that we just don't have a recognition of the fact that mental illness has, i believe, some sort of chemical component to it. that it is to be treated as seriously as a physical ailment. you know, you wouldn't hesitate to tell your neighbor, perhaps, that you have cancer. but you would never tell your neighbor about your psychological turmoil or what's going on. the other issue i don't think we pay attention to is the issue of chronic pain and how that plays into mental health issues and specifically to suicide. it's one of the leading causes of suicides, i believe. >> did you know that your partner was struggling?
4:35 am
>> that's a really hard question. he was one of the people that suffered from chronic pain. his chronic pain was related to a surgery he had years earlier. it never imagined it took this kind of toll on him. he was very adept at concealing it. chronic physical pain is such a crux for people to bear. people soldier through it, you know? or they try to. but they don't want to burden their loved ones. >> and he did for many, many years. for many years he did. and you know, i'm not suggesting that was the only issue. and for many people it's not, but i think when it's coupled with any other type of struggle, it just makes it unbearable. as i said in my floor speech, to all outward appearances, there was absolutely nothing that
4:36 am
should have caused this. he didn't have the financial insecurities that a lot of people have. he did have a warm, loving family. he wasn't alone in life. and -- so i've struggled to try to make sense of this. and i may never make sense of it, but if i can help one person or one family avoid this kind of pain, i intend to use my public platform to do so. >> here are the numbers and they're really stunning. a 33% increase in suicides from the year 1999. 47,000 deaths by suicide in 2017. it's the second leading cause of death for people aged 10 through 44. why do you think we've seen this spike in suicide in recent years? >> i am no expert on this subject yet. i intend to become one. and i don't know. we often talk about things like
4:37 am
veteran suicide. we talk about suicide among lgbt youth. but we don't talk about the mainstream population and what's going on. and we need to find out. i think it's an underreported cause of death. i think the numbers you just cited are probably lower than they really should be. and i think until we start to talk about it openly and honestly that we're not going to get to the root cause and prevention of it. i will tell you and i feel the need to say this, i did receive a phone call from a gentleman in the midwest the day after i gave that floor speech. he had seen it on twitter. and he told me that he had been suicidal for months. but that after watching it, he felt he could not do it to his wife. and he promised me that he would seek treatment. i hope that he has. but as i said, you know, if i saved one life by being public about it, then obviously i'd rather not be in a position to be able to talk about this but i
4:38 am
want to do something that brings light to it and makes people feel like they're not alone. >> and i think that you are doing that. i mean, just by coming on tv and talking about something so painful and so private, i believe you are saving lives. thank you very much for your candor and for sharing your personal story with us. and we just want to let anyone know, if you or someone you know is struggling with mental illness or feelings of suicide, please know you are not alone. there are professionals standing by at the national suicide prevention lifeline. they would be happy to talk any time. 24/7. the number 1-800-273-8255. >> also she is doing the one most important thing you can do to save lives which is to talk about it. just talk about it. >> which removes the stigma. every time we talk about it on national television, it removes the stigma. >> it's really, really hard. the beginnings of a new potential dustup involving former vice president joe biden.
4:39 am
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new york city overflowing with pride. tens of thousands of people. you can see them all there in rainbow colors filling the streets of new york as the city held the first world pride celebration in the united states. the celebrations also honored 50 years after the stonewall riots galvanized the modern lgbtq rights. former vice president joe biden is taking heat for comments he made about gay rights. he was at a private fund raiser in seattle in the city's gay community. according to press reports, he
4:44 am
said public sentiment have come very far in just a short period of time. he said five years ago if someone at a business meeting in seattle made fun of a gay waiter they -- he publicly supported same-sex marriage before president obama did. >> which is true. >> it is true. so how are joe biden and the other candidates fighting for equality? >> it's probably going to happen in a few minutes. >> reporter: a short walk through san francisco city haul. >> the information on this marriage license is true and correct to the best of your knowledge? >> i do. >> today we witness not only the joining of chris and sandy but the realization of their dream.
4:45 am
>> reporter: the first same-sex couple to marry after the supreme court decision. >> we saw kamala harris run to greet us. she was full of energy and smiling and embracing us and saying congratulations. this is going to be the best day ever. >> by virtue of the power and authority -- >> reporter: then california's attorney general, she officiated they wedding. >> i now declare you spouses for life. >> reporter: believing it was unconstitutional, harris had chosen not to defend proposition 8. the state's law prohibiting same-sex marriage. >> any day that justice is delayed, justice is denied. >> reporter: and helped forge the legal path to this moment. had she defended that law, what would have happened to marriage equality in this country? >> we would not have had her marry us. she played a pivotal role. >> reporter: from long-time
4:46 am
supporters like harris -- >> i'm pretty fond of him too. >> reporter: -- to newcomers on the national stage like mayor pete buttigieg. the first gay contend we are a serious shot at winning a major party nomination. >> there's no going back to normal. don't listen to anybody in either party who says we can just go back to what we were doing. because we in the lgbtq community know when we hear phrases like make america great again, that that american past was never quite as great as advertised. >> reporter: there's a reason why the 2020 democratic hopefuls are courting these voters. in 2020, characterize the power of the lgbtq vote. >> there are 10 million lgbtq voters across this country. and we're not just a powerful voting bloc. we're a voting bloc that turns out. >> reporter: and 2020 faces
4:47 am
numerous choices. one after the other, the candidates have spoken before the largest lgbtq advocacy group talking about their records digging deep to stand out. >> nearly every one of them on the democratic side stands for equality, speaks out consistently for equality. that is remarkable. it shows how far we have come as a country. >> reporter: joe biden represents a part of that evolution. in 2012 biden jumped ahead of president obama on marriage equality on national television. >> i am absolutely comfortable with the fact that men married men, women marrying women are entitled to the same exact rights. all the civil rights, all the civil liblts. >> reporter: staunch backers of bernie sanders says his support dates back to the '70s. had he called to abolish all laws dealing with homosexuality. then in the '90s engaged in
4:48 am
fierce debates in congress. >> the same people that would vote to cut defense $177 billion, the same ones that would put homos in the military. >> you have insulted thousands of men and women who have put their lives on the line. i think they're owed an apology. >> reporter: ahead of pride month, elizabeth warren and beto o'rourke rolled out platforms including laws protecting lgbtq americans from discrimination. gillibrand highlights her plans rolling back trump administration restrictions on transgender troops serving in the military and halting taxpayer funded adoption centers from discriminating against gay couples. sandy and chris perry witnessed and livered through progress. hopeful their marriage was one but not the last step towards equal rights. >> we have more solidarity than we ever had.
4:49 am
now we have to take that and make it impactful in this next election. >> reporter: cnn, berkeley, california. >> our thanks to her for that. meanwhile, the white house's new press secretary was bruised in a scuffle with north korean security. we'll show you the video and more of what happened next. we ho repair the enamel on a daily basis. with the new pronamel repair toothpaste we can help actively repair enamel in its weakened state. it's innovative. my go-to toothpaste is going to be pronamel repair.
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this melting pot of impacted species. everywhere is going to get touched by climate change.
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scenes at the dmz. new white house press secretary stephanie grisham physically bruised after getting into a scuffle with north korean security. take a look. >> stop. let go. i need help here. >> joining me joe lockhart, press secretary for clinton white house and brian stelter chief media correspondent. joe, this is one of the jobs of
4:54 am
the white house secretary. she put her body on the line to give the press access and get the cameras in. i understand there's two sides to that but to get the cameras into part of this historic meeti meeting. >> yeah, it is part of the job. i think people would be surprised about how common this is, particularly in places where there's authoritarian government, state-run tv. i think it got an enormous amount of attention because of the combination of it being her first couple of days on the job and being in north korea, which had never happened before. i certainly had scraps with security people. it just gets a little bit messy. part of the job is just getting your people in. it's the right thing to do. they have a right to cover it and they wanted the picture. it's part of their stage craft. this happens in russia, china,
4:55 am
in the gulf. i think she got a taste of what the next couple of years might be like. >> brian, we don't know if this means she will go to those lengths to go to bat for reporters or if they just wanted -- she knew this was important for president trump and he wanted to have this video. i guess it will remain to be seen if she has daily press briefings and accessible to reporters. >> this is a good sign. this the beginning of her role as white house press secretary. she deserves a lot of credit getting the american press in. it was good for the president but also good for the president. it's been 120 days without a white house press briefing. we don't know if they will bring that back or not. in the next few weeks, they will reveal her plan and how open she will be to the public. think how sean spicer started as secretary, lying about the crowd
4:56 am
sizes. at least she's showing she understands the important of press access. >> you can make the case press freedom is always good for u.s. presidency. >> the idea especially when you're in the place of north korea or dmz, it's vital to show those values, american values on displaymaki displaymaking. >> speaking of the media, we need to talk about the bald hypocrisy. >> talking about me? >> no. [ laughter ] >> the naked hypocrisy. >> talking about me. that's my outside voice. go ahead. >> president trump was quite excited to meet with kim jong-un, as he has been. i think it's important to go back in the time machine and show how over at fox the commentators were appalled when candidate barack obama suggested that he might ever sit down with
4:57 am
kim jong-un. we have a little clip, courtesy of the internet, of then, their feelings, and now. >> obama would personally negotiate with leaders of terrorist nations like iran and north korea without preconditions. wow. the world will probably be a little bit safer. the media should be giving president trump credit for that. >> bad idea for the president to speak to kim jong-un. >> why wait to the end of may. let's do this by the end of march. >> would you as president meet with leaders like north korea. obama historically said he might meet with them. >> if it worked, he should get the nobel peace prize. >> from this is horrible to nobel peace prize. that clips goes on for three minutes. >> all the obama years that do prove the hypocrisy. two things going on. conservative apparatus that is critical and props up trump and the rest of the media is grading trump on a curve.
4:58 am
strange comments on the asia trip, not knowing what busing means, western style liberalism, thinking it means california, some attention over. >> mike bolton. >> yes, great singer. i think those kind of comments never get caught up by fox, strange behavior never get noticed by conservative outlets but also the rest of the media. over at fox, it's much more hermetically sealed chamber when it comes to hypocrisy. >> one thing, what if obama did this. >> there you go. >> we know how he was treated because he was treated a certain way for had some of this. >> it makes your head hurt thinking about all those answers. what if chelsea clinton had been front and center like ivanka was during g-20 meetings. we live -- if north korea is the hermit kingdom, fox is the hermit network. they don't let anything, just the story.
4:59 am
one of the really think things about yesterday, it was historic, the president going to north korea, but the president's comments weren't about how historic it was, it was about how freight the media was, how great his coverage was. i think the media often -- and the president certainly misstates motion and activity for progress. if you read "the new york times" this morning, we've not only not made progress, we've actually taken a step back as far as our negotiating position. so a lot of chaos doesn't necessarily mean diplomatic success. >> joe, brian, thank you very much for the analysis. thanks for international viewers, for you "cnn newsroom" with metroplex mofoster is next. next fundraising hall for 2020 candidate. president donald trump made history at the dmz. >> we're not looking for speed. we're looking to get it right. there's been a lot of goodwill. >> keeps having these summits and meetings that really don't
5:00 am
produce anything. >> it's very unusual, bizarre diplomacy. the danger is we've legitimized kim jong-un and he's given up nothing. >> donald trump's retweeted and deleted a tweet questioning kamala harris's blackness. >> i was born black and i'm proud of being black. >> the president has seen a potential threat in rising kamala harris. >> trump family trying every way they can to divide this. they haven't delivered what they promised. >> this is "new day" with alisyn camerota. >> welcome to "new day," it is july 1st. breaking this morning, reports of a possible major concession in the nuclear talks with north korea. president trump is back at the white house after his historic meeting with kim jong-un where he became the first sitting u.s. president to step


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