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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  July 26, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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>> i feel honored to honor her in a significant way. >> i was proud of myself because i was like, oh, my goodness, for everything she's done for me, i did something for her, you know. >> again, you have until wednesday night to nominate someone just log on to ike erica hill in for brooke baldwin. "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. president trump just declared american wine better than french wine, an expert opinion from someone who does not drink. "the lead" starts right now. we've only just begun. after robert mueller said his piece, democrats taking a step closer to impeachment. what are the democrats plans to investigate the president's conduct and lies and possible crimes detailed by the former special counsel. posturing, policy, pointed attacks. new apointing on democrat plans for your home, health care and playbooks joe biden is throwing out from the first showdown on stage. plus -- rocky diplomacy.
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president trump focused on -- an american rapper arrested in sweden with nothing to say about the american kid in dallas who starved for weeks in an immigrant detention facility. welcome to the leed. i'm jake tapper. we begin with the politics lead. a significant development as house democrats take a major step toward launching an impeachment inquiry into president trump. today the chairman of the judiciary jerry nadler filed a lawsuit to get access to secret grand jury material from former special counsel robert mueller investigation including interviews with key associates of president trump. nadler insists that information will help inform democrats on whether to introduce articles of impeachment in congress. this is all coming as house speaker nancy pelosi reiterated democrats will only move forward on impeachment based on the facts and law. she insists she's not trying to run out the clock. though she is opposes as of now
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to impeachment. sunlen serfaty starts us off from capitol hill on this very public democratic divide. >> reporter: significant development from the house judiciary committee today. taking a big step forward toward opening up an impeachment inquiry. >> there is no difference between what you are doing now and impeachment inquiry, correct? >> in effect, we are going to see what remedies we could recommend including the possibility of articles of impeachment. >> reporter: the chairman threatening impeachment proceedings. >> the house must have access to the facts and consider whether to exercise the article one powers. >> reporter: spelling it out in the grand jury report and readying a second case to require don mcgahn to comply with his subpoena. >> this court filing is the first time you're seeing us telegraph to the court that one of the remedies that we have is impeachment.
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>> i would say we are an impeachment investigation. >> reporter: this is as 100 democrats support opening up an impeachment inquiry and some are growing impatient with the speaker pelosi approach, worried the window for starting impeachment proceedings may be closing. >> no, i'm not trying to run out the clock. we will proceed when we have what we need to proceed. not one day sooner. >> reporter: but pressure is coming behind closed doors from even her top deputies like chairman nadler who has pleaded with pelosi privately to allow him to lean into impeachment. >> we may decide to recommend articles of impeachment at some point. we may not. that remains to be seen. and there is no point in speculating on whether the speaker or anybody else will agree with our decision at that point. >> reporter: meantime pelosi today trying to minimize another rift with a fellow democrat. >> i don't think there ever was any hatchet. >> meeting one-on-one with progressive freshman alexandria ocasio-cortez for the first time in months. >> i've always felt -- again, it
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is like you're in a family. and a family you have your differences. but you're still family. >> reporter: after the two have been openly feuding in public. >> looking forward to us completing our work. as always i think the speaker respects the fact that we're coming together as a party. >> reporter: and democratic aids ant the house judiciary committee said the house doesn't need to formally open up an impeachment impeachment inquiry for the committee to consider articles of impeachment so essentially they are already conducting an investigation into exactly that. jake. >> sunlen serfaty on capitol hill. let's chew over this. paul, let me start with you. 100 democrats in the house support impeachment according to the cnn count, about 43% and jerry nadler is now going to court to try to get more material from the grand jury. take a listen to what he had to say today. >> i believe that the hearing
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with director mueller was an inflection point. we are considering the malfeasance of the president, we're considering what remedies we can do. including the possibility of articles of impeachment. >> paul, so he called it an inflection point. i don't know if i would use that term. 100 democrats support impeachment as of now in the house. i think it was about the high 80s before mueller spoke. so about a dozen have joined the call. that is not a stampede to impeachment. >> and 100 support and 135 don't. so that is a long way to tip. you have to get to 218 and i don't think that is an inflection point with respect to the chairman who i think did a terrific job running the hearing, the optics of -- >> not on this network. >> chairman nadler did a good job of running a professional and serious hearing. and this is what i think is the reflection point but the turning
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point, they are going to the courts to try to get grand jury information. that is not suing donald trump. just trying to get material from mueller. they're also in court trying to compel testimony, abduction of witnesses and evidence. if president trump is ordered by a court to comply, the way nixon was and the way clinton -- we never took it to court so i shouldn't say that, but if he defies a court order, that will trigger impeachment. i don't support impeachment. if the president of the united states tells the courts and the congress to go pound sand, then i think there will be an inflection point. >> amanda, let me ask you, if your in congress and you don't support impeachment after the mueller report and after mueller's testimony, what could be in the grand jury materials that would make you want to support impeachment? >> it feels like they're looking for a smoking gun that will sway public opinion. and they have the information. they keep talking about obstruction. the public doesn't understand what obstruction is. i think they can make a case there. they know the president lies. they know you can't trust them. but if you are going to remove a president from office, you have to raise the bar. they should be able to look into
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the camera and say, president trump warrants impeachment because of his embrace of illegally obtained information from our foreign adversaries poses unacceptable risk to our elections and national security. that might meet the bar. but unless they could look at the camera and say it and believe it, walk away. >> well that is better than -- save that tape, democrats. >> what is holding democrats back? is it pure politics and afraid it will hurt them in 2020 at the polls? >> house speaker nancy pelosi has been fairly open in stating she thinks impeachment is politically divisive that it does play into the president's hands as he gears up for re-election but they're also making the case that they really want to be able to examine all of the evidence and because they only had a redacted version of the mueller report they are trying to seek the grand jury information. they have some more questions about paul manafort having exchanged internal polling data with konstantin kilimnik and want to hear from don mcgahn,
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who was the star witness for mueller and his team. but to amanda's point -- >> on the obstruction charges. >> the question is when you have the 448-page report that lays out first some of the coordination between the trump campaign and moscow that did not rise to criminal conspiracy or mueller did not find evidence to establish criminal conspiracy but did create this through-line of trump interference and the trump campaign susceptible of that and aides having charges, that is what the 100 or democrats are asking and a faction of the democratic base is asking. if democrats don't pursue impeachment are they normalizing that behavior and that is the challenge that they face politically. >> everyone stick around. we have more to talk about. good news for joe biden from president trump's favorite channel. what the president is saying about it, next. ♪
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back with our 2020 lead. the countdown to the democratic debates is on with former vice president joe biden hoping to cement the front-runner status with a more aggressive approach this time around. one biden campaign source tells cnn that the former vice president genuinely believes he was too polite in the last debate. senator kamala harris asked about that today said she was raised to be polite. meantime president trump setting his sights on joe biden complaining about a new pole showing biden the only candidate outside of the margin of error who beats donald trump, from the president's favorite channel which is awkward. kyung lah reports from the campaign trail. >> he tells them to go back to where they came from. what do we say? we're not going back. we're not going back. and, in fact, i'll tell you where we're going. we're going to the white house. >> reporter: kamala harris on the attack against president trump. just days before the second
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democratic debate, she did not swipe at joe biden. or mention their much-anticipated rematch on the stage. and asked if she'll be polite at the face-off, harris told one reporter, i was raised to be polite after biden said this about his approach at the first debate. >> i was probably overly polite. >> reporter: ahead of next week's debate biden has previewed a more aggressive posture against harris and cory booker. a senior campaign official said it is being driven by the former vice president. >> i think donald trump is the floor, it is not the ceiling. >> reporter: biden still has the front-runner status in a new fox news poll with bernie sanders and elizabeth warren all in double-digits. in the run-up to the debate, the top candidates are jockeying with competing policy rollouts. harris for the primarily black audience of the urban league. >> i will make a $60 billion investment in stem education at
1:15 pm
hbcus and other minority serving institutions. >> reporter: that is aimed at closing the racial wealth gap, investing in black colleges and universities and an additional $12 billion to support black entrepreneurship, before the same audience pete buttigieg also attacked trump. >> my generation saw this country elect its first black president and then turn around and elect a racist to the white house. and we ought to call that what it is. >> reporter: and today rolls out a new economic policy to help gig economy workers unionize. buttigieg is targeting big tech for outsourcing employees and benefits. elizabeth warren announced she crossed a threshold, receiving more than 1 million donations this election. bernie sanders previously crossed 1 million donations, both have rejected high-dollar fundraisers. now warren is campaigning in new
1:16 pm
hampshire this weekend. bernie sanders will be holding a fundraiser in detroit. pete buttigieg, cory booker are both out campaigning but joe biden, kamala harris, they are dialing back their public appearances as they focus on debate prep. jake. >> kyung lah on the campaign trail. thank you. let's talk about this and start with the new poll showing the hypothetical match-ups. biden and sanders are the only two that beat donald trump in this hypothetical match-up but biden is outside of the polls margin of error. how much stock do you put in this? >> it is early, right. but i do think it reinforced a narrative among voters already is they do feel like joe biden is the most electable candidate, the one that could beat trump and that is what they're concerned about. there is an urgency, a fear, a desperation among democrats to get over sort of whatever ideological fights there are and figure out who they can line up behind and that is why you see biden consistently ahead in all
1:17 pm
of the polls. he's at 30% which is pretty good when you're in a field of 20 people in the next -- the next -- >> more than 20. >> exactly. >> only 20 allowed on the stage. >> and then you have the second group of people, about four or five people and then everyone else instead of 1%ers and there was a ohio poll showing him beating donald trump in that crucial state and then unlikely he could ascend to a second term. that is good for biden. i don't think it is good for biden if he keeps telegraphing his strategy about the debate because can he deliver. he set up this fireworks between him and presumably kamala harris and maybe even cory booker and it is deliver on stage and we'll see if he can. >> there was a funny moment if we could go to question six because andrew yang who is running for president and michael bennet had a little funny moment on twitter trying to get in on this telegraphing thing with yang tweeting, i would like to signal to the press that i will be attacking michael bennet at next week's
1:18 pm
debate. sorry michael bennet but you know what you did and he responded, and rue, how do you know i got a "c" in calculus. and i want to ask you about the poll. it is early. july 2019. and it is not that early. e eyo wans will vote in a few months. >> it is so early. 36 days before iowa voted in -- >> hold it up. >> dean pulls away in a democratic race. >> a cbs poll and said president dean pulled on and he served two serves and great for our country. it is way too early. and we could talk about it. but it is absurd. i'm much more upset about this telegraphing that you were talking about. and i think about this myself. it has been a long time. monday is my 30th wedding anniversary since i've dated. i haven't had a date since the
1:19 pm
reagan administration but i remember i did not say, diane, i'm going to blow in your ear. just blow in her stupid ear. joe, kamala, cory, just blow in her ear. put your best move on. >> that is a lot of information. >> i'm feeling the air over here. >> but speaking of losing that loving feeling -- president trump is complaining about the poll because it comes from fox news. tweeting, quote, fox news is at it again. so different from what they used to be during the 2016 primaries and before. proud warriors now new fox polls which has always been terrible to me, they have me losing big to crooked hillary have me down to sleepy joe. very weird that he's complaining fox -- this is so different from what you used to be just because they're presenting the facts of a poll which reaffirms what we've seen in a lot of other polling. >> he feels that fox news should be an arm of the rnc. listen, he did this in 2016. he went after perceived weak spots at fox by going after
1:20 pm
megyn kelly because of his strong relationship with roger ails and whether he talked about "fox and friends" on the week or n napolitano and he managed to say something critical and now he doesn't have the connection with robert ails. >> and president trump was briefed about the state of the campaign and he asked his top adviser to assess and brad parscale noted that elizabeth warren is rising,i ranna talked about the threat of harris and bill steppy an believes biden is a big threat. what do you think? >> i think they're looking at the same data that these other polls are reflecting in terms of the hypothetical match-ups. and it is very early for the public to make an assessment as it is for any campaign. but those are certainly the people that they think they should keep an eye on. do you think while you can only put so much stock into these polls at this stage, one thing about joe biden who obviously
1:21 pm
the president spent -- spends a lot of time tweeting about, but his name is beyond poll recognition and people said because he's the most known entity in the race but after he took a stumble in the first debate he managed to rise up again but that is why he has the most to lose going into this debate. because he will once again be a target for some of the candidates who need to break through and i think they will once again scrutinize his record on a litany of issues and i think there was an allowance after the first debate but if he has a few more stumbles that could be very problematic for biden moving forward. >> on the subject of the debate, take a look at debate stage set for wednesday night. and this key trio, that is the position that they're going to be standing. you see joe biden is sandwiched in between cory booker and kamala harris. harris saying she was raised to be polite. it could get nasty on the stage. >> it has only gotten nasty off stage with booker going after biden over his criminal justice
1:22 pm
past, the crime bill in 1994 and biden hitting back at cory booker saying, well what about what happened when you were mayor of new york with the police there -- >> newark. >> newark there and stopping and frisking of african-american folks in newark. so i think it is also tough, you got biden who is running away with the black vote so far, last poll showed him 51% of block voters in south carolina support him, 12% support kamala harris. i don't even know if booker is on their radar down there. but if they're there, your biden and fighting over issues that are pertinent to african-american voters with two african-american candidates, it is a tricky situation. >> everyone stick around. the candidates are taking the stage for the cnn democratic presidential debates in just four days. i'll moderate along with dana bash and don lemon next tuesday and wednesday night at 8:00 p.m. eastern. both nights only on cnn. coming up, north korea launching a new missile and the signal president trump's reaction might be sending to the world. stay with us. man: i've been diagnosed with
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our world lead now, no biggie. that is the message president trump delivered on his favorite network last night. no biggie. downplaying and dismissing missile tests by north korea. >> they really haven't tested missiles other than, you know, smaller ones. the -- which is something that lots test. >> but defense officials tell cnn they believe these are a new
1:28 pm
type of missile. north korea released these images showing kim jong-un overseeing thursday's launch. state media reporting it was a warning to south korea, a key u.s. ally, to stop conducting joint military drills with the u.s. i want to bring in former fbi and cia analyst phil mudd. he has a new book coming out next week, "black sight", the cia in the post 9/11 world. so let me ask you, what do you think of president trump dismissing the importance of the missile tests? is he right. >> i don't think he's right. the question isn't about missile, it is about messives and messages and these are messages the president of the united states met with the leader of north korea several times and the message is simple. there is a short-term message on the exercises but i don't think that is the real story but the real story is if we want to have the conversation the president said we would have about making america safe from nuclear and long-range missiles from north korea, then north korea will say you have to show a little leg and break down some sanctions
1:29 pm
for us a bit. i think this is just a quick message to the president that says if you don't come to the table eventually, we have options too. >> speaking of options, the south korea military assessed the missiles flew nearly 400 miles which puts japan and south korea well within striking distance. that is significant, you think. >> i do because into you're talking about why the americans have a presence out there, including obviously a military presence on the ground, in south korea the reason is to prevent a north korean incursion physically but to help defend the countries, our allies against ballistic missiles. we were concerned during this presidency about missile shots to u.s. territory so if you are japan or south korea, you have to say, mr. president, please stick with us. don't take the birthday card from kim jong-un and pretend like he's your ally. he's not. >> phil, let's move west and i want to ask you about iran. they test fired a medium range missile on wednesday.
1:30 pm
take a listen to president trump when he skaz -- asked about the possible use of military force against iran on fox news last night. >> i do believe that it pushed the military might you would unleash will be mighty and it wouldn't require boots on the ground, am i right? >> well, i think that in the case of iran they know that better than even you do and probably even stronger than you said it. >> as a former cia analyst who knows the mentality of the iranian regime, do you think that we are, in fact, closer to war? >> i don't. but i cannot believe that anybody in this administration believes another war in the middle east is a good idea. even if you thought it were a good idea, you're dealing with one of the most powerful militaries in the middle east, as soon's touch ground you give authorization to the iranians to say, hey, we have to defend ourselves and let's get our ballistic missile program getting again and wrack up nuclear tip missiles over the course of years. i don't understand why you would have this conversation because
1:31 pm
the end game will never be, i don't think within years, that americans will show up in iran. i don't know why you threaten it if it is an empty threat. >> phil mudd, thank you so much. congrats on the book. president trump called out for going to bat for an american hip-hop artist locked up in jail while not saying anything about the detention of an american at his own u.s. border. stay with us. lzheimer's associan walk to end alzheimer's, we carry flowers that signify why we want to end the disease. and we walk so that one day, there will be a white flower for alzheimer's first survivor. join the fight at but allstate actually helps you drive safely... with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost. unfortunately, it can't do anything about that.
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if you look at his twitter feed it is clear that president trump has bones to pick with sweden for charging rap star asap rocky with assault, with the federal reserve for the economic numbers, and with
1:36 pm
france for taxing american technology companies tweeting, quote, we will announce a substantial reciprocal action on macron's foolishness shortly. i've always said american wine is better than french wine. cnn abby phillip has more on the summer of president trump's discontent. >> reporter: after another mixed economic report today, president trump is spinning the numbers and blaming the federal reserve. tweeting the second quarter gdp numbers were not bad considering we have the very heavy weight of the federal reserve anchor wrapped around our neck. with his re-election prospects hinging on a booming economy, trump showing his frustration the federal reserve has not cut interest rates more aggressively. although other economists say some of the slowing growth is due to his trade wars. and trump even lashing out at fox news for a new poll showing him trailing his democratic rivals. the president complaining that the network is behaving so differently from what they used to be during the 2016 primaries
1:37 pm
and before when they were proud warriors. trump adding, there can be no way with the greatest economy in u.s. history that i can be losing to joe biden. who trump labels the sleepy one. none of that stopped the president from calling into his favorite tv show on that same network thursday night. >> mr. president, just -- i'm just going to open it up to you owe -- to you to go wherever you want. >> reporter: the president admitted he did watch the testimony of robert mueller. >> i couldn't believe what i was saying -- i ended up watching more than i wanted to. and then i watched the afternoon because you know it was such a big crater at the beginning and i said, now i have to watch -- >> reporter: this coming hours after trump received a 75-minute briefing on his 2020 campaign from his top political advisers. the message, joe biden remains a major threat to the re-election prospects but kamala harris might also put up a fight in michigan. meantime, trump continuing to
1:38 pm
weigh in on the fate of rapper asap rocky. who has been held in a swedish jail since july 5th. after sweden prime minister told trump he can't intervene in the case, trump firing back tweeting, sweden has let our african-american community down. and just a few minutes ago president trump unexpectedly called reporters into the oval office to announce what he said was a new safe third agreement with guatemala. now this is a change to how the u.s. would be dealing with sile em from migrants coming up from central america and forcing them to claim asylum in the countries they pass through like guatemala before getting to the united states. earlier such a plans had been rejected or postponed by the guatemalans saying they couldn't do it because of a court decision and we're still awaiting more details of how they got around that but it sounds like from what president trump told reporters a few minutes ago in the oval office, they have come to a new agreement that would allow a safe third country agreement
1:39 pm
with the united states to go forward, jake. >> abby, i understand as the president does, he took this opportunity to air other grievances. anything pop out at you about his new gripes? >> reporter: yeah, well he took a lot of different questions but one thing that caught my ear, something i don't think i have ever heard from president trump before, in addition to all of the things that he said he wants investigated about how the russia probe got its start and all of the people that he said were behind it, he now told reporters that he wants someone to look into how president obama, former president obama got his book deal. i am not sure, jake, what that has to do with anything but president trump said it in the oval office a few minutes ago. he wants an investigation into that. we'll see what comes of it. jake. >> okay, abby phillip. thanks so much. appreciate it. i mean, whatever. let's talk about rocky -- asap rocky for one second. do you have any concerns? this is brought to his attention by kanye west. do you have any concerns about
1:40 pm
the president kind of popping off on twitter? i'm sure if asap rocky is innocent he should be freed and we all agree and i don't have the details of the case. do you have any concerns about the way he does this? a friend of his or somebody is friendly with him and says hey can you do this and he sends a tweet to sweden. >> i do think there is a concern over the fact that powerful friends of his call him up and that is when he's able to take these cases more seriously. as well as the fact that the president has not shown a meaningful investigate in the african-american community. he did sign a bipartisan criminal justice bill that was worked on by jared kushner but most of the time we look at the case with kim kardashian west and his attention to the case of alice mary johnson serving a life sentence for nonviolent offenses and now this with kanye west. he hasn't made a meaningful investment beyond that in the african-american community so i don't think he has a lot of ground to gain when he makes decisions like this. >> and it is clear that he just thinks he can call sweden and sweden can just intervene in the
1:41 pm
judicial process because he's phoning a friend and that seems to be the way he thinks the judicial process should work here. i do think it is very strange. he obviously is drawn to the people because famous people pass the names on to him. obviously asap rocky is famous as well. other people have called for him to be freed tao. but he's going through the judicial system there and it might not work how it does here. they don't have bail there which the ambassador is trying to explain and this is how the president works. >> and john conway said now do khashoggi, the saudi columnist killed by the saudi regime. >> and as you noted at the start, this young american citizen born in dallas -- locked up in a cage. i saw something like he lost 25 pounds because he was treat and fed so poorly. how about all of the children locked up in cages, not accused of beating up anybody, some of
1:42 pm
them are babies so this rings hollow for the president. it is clearly opportunistic. >> all presidents are in bubbles but this is an interesting one. >> this favor for rocky asap is random and preferential and i didn't say a sap rocky but this isn't how the system is supposed to work. >> stick around. the hail mary attempt to derail jeff bezos and amazon targets of president trump now in line to get a $10 billion contract from the trump administration. stay with us. my experience with usaa has been excellent. they really appreciate the military family and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" we're the webber family. we're the tenney's we're the hayles, and we're usaa members for life. ♪ get your usaa auto insurance quote today. ♪
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the world lead now. we may now know why president trump seems willing to weigh in on amazon's chances at winning a
1:47 pm
$10 billion contract from the government. last week the president said he's looking to get involved. >> some of the greatest companies in the world are complaining about it. having to do with amazon and the department of defense and i will be asking them to look at it very closely to see what i going on. >> cnn has learned that a competitor of amazon has been lobbying like mad to get president trump involved. i want to bring in kylie atwood and michael warner breaking the story. michael, what are you learning about efforts to influence the president and is it working? >> right, so, jake, cnn can report that president trump has seen a document prepared by a amazon competitor for this big contract or acle, the big tech giant. the document suggests some kind of conspiracy at the pentagon, talking about conflicts of interest toward this massive cloud computing contract to amazon. the document itself is a flow chart with pictures of amazon employees, former pentagon officials and including a
1:48 pm
picture of former defense secretary jim mattis. so we should emphasis that an internal d.o.d. investigation and a lawsuit brought by oracle, they both found no substance to the claims that there is any untoward action the the pentagon toward this contract. but to your point, that doesn't mean that donald trump is not paying attention to these. you talked about his words last week, he's also tweeted out a video from fox news calling this the bezos bailout. >> interesting. and kylie, the problem is politics is not supposed to interfere with government contract decisions and it is improper for president trump to be weighing in like this. >> it creates the perception of improper political influence here. because we don't know that president trump has had a conversation with the secretary of defense mark esper about this. he has made public pronouncements he's looking into it and a source close to the white house told us this isses
1:49 pm
per's first test. does he make a decision along the guideline of what the pentagon would do because the secretary of defense makes the decision on these things but also under pressure because we know president trump has some animosity with amazon and doesn't want them to get the contract. >> as you noted, oracle sued trying to stop the process and they lost and is this a hail mary by oracle. >> it is. but that doesn't mean it can't work. the pressure that president trump brings on to mark esper the new defense secretary and to the pentagon by speaking out about this publicly. that is a lot of pressure. and it is not as if the president can waive his hand and make this contract go away but he can put pressure on to the secretary to delay this. that brings all sorts of other problems to the pentagon if mark esper does decide to delay this contract, there is lawsuits after that as well. but we can't -- we can say that
1:50 pm
amazon is watching this and concerned about the future of the contract. we should point out amazon considered to be the leading bidder for this contract. >> and speaking of amazon, jeff bezos, the owner of amazon, who also owns washington post, president trump has been attacking him for years now going after his marriage, acting as though the washington post is a lobbying arm. how is oracle using this -- and you mentioned in the document, how is he using his hate for bezos to squash the amazon deal. >> of course he is. we have amazon employees on this chart that trump has seen alongside former pentagon officials. they are painting this picture of a conspiracy that we cannot say is for sure something that is legitimate or not. but that is what president trump is seeing. they're appealing to trump in the way that he likes to take in information. it is a visual presentation, not a thick binder of information. >> fascinating stuff. michael and kylie, thank you so much. appreciate it. coming up, all sides agree
1:51 pm
the u.s. immigration is messy but can democrats fix it. the ideas on that subject for the 2020 election coming up next. you're turning onto the street when you barely clip a passing car. minor accident -no big deal, right? wrong. your insurance company is gonna raise your rate after the other car got a scratch so small you coulda fixed it with a pen. maybe you should take that pen and use it to sign up with a different insurance company. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. liberty mutual insurance.
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1:56 pm
as for as policy issues, ed lavandera looks at how they are trying to distinguish their approach. >> reporter: what happens here along the u.s. southern boarder casts a long shadow over the 2020 presidential election and democrats are pushing their own immigration vision in the age of trump. >> the president thinks that he could turn people against immigrants in order to distract them from the things making it so hard to get ahead in the country right now. >> reporter: the constant theme with democrats is they are the opposite of president trump vowing to end of what they see as trump using immigrants to stoke the fears of americans. >> we could enforce our obligations, humanitarian obligations and the values of the nation. >> reporter: the two texans cast themselves as the strongest voices on the issue. in april julian castro, the former san antonio mayor who served as housing and urban development secretary under president obama was the first to
1:57 pm
unveil a detailed immigration plan. while immigration is also a constant theme of former congressman beto o'rourke campaign stops. both and others in the field call for a pathway to citizenship for underimmigrants already country and citizenship for undocumented immigrants brought to the u.s. known as dreamers and funning for por border wall construction and close private for-profit detention centers and reform the immigration judicial system. they are clashed over a section of the law that makes it a crime to enter the u.s. illegally. castro wants to repeal the law making illegal entry a simple civil violation. >> they're using section 1325 of that act which criminalizes coming across the border to incarcerate the parents and then separate them. some of us on this stage have called to end that section -- to terminate it. some, like congressman o'rourke have not. >> i helped to introduce legislation to ensure we don't
1:58 pm
criminalize those seeking asylum and refuge in this country. >> i'm not talking about those seeking asylum. >> reporter: the detention over the last year has shaped the rhetoric of most democrats. elizabeth warren is like most of the candidates calling for families not to be detained while immigration cases are being processed. >> no great nation tears families apart. no great nation locks up children. we need -- we must at the border respect the dignity of every human being who comes here. >> reporter: the trump administration's hard-line approach on the reducing the number of undocumented immigrants have inspired some candidates to call for the end of the immigration and custom enforcement agency. >> we don't need this i.c.e. it should be abolished. >> reporter: most candidates are calling for i.c.e. to be reformed and the immigration enforcement duties to be passed
1:59 pm
off to other agencies. >> i think it is not just i.c.e. it is very clear that the immigration system itself, you've heard some of it and there is more we haven't discussed today, is completely broken. it is absolutely broken. >> reporter: democrats are facing accusations from president trump of pushing for open borders and being weak on security, it is a question that will follow the candidates. >> it is part of what this president is trying to do to really misinform the american people. to say that democrats don't care about border security. we have to enforce our laws. and keep our borders safe. >> reporter: a shadow of the border is casting a deep divide on the presidential campaign trail. ed lavandera, cnn, dallas. >> and our thanks to ed lavandera. join me for a big weekend on state of the union live from detroit, michigan, my guest will be senator bernie sanders, the house judiciary committee
2:00 pm
chairman jerry nadler and rashida tlaib at 9:00 a.m. at noon eastern on sunday. follow me on facebook, twitter and instagram and tweet at "the lead" and our coverage continues right now. i'll see you sunday morning. happening now, breaking news, whether to recommend. democrats are already calling it an impeachment investigation as the house judiciary committee goes to court to obtain secret grand jury information from the mueller report saying the material is needed to determine, quote, whether to recommend articles of impeachment. president trump slams fox news for a poll that shows him losing to joe biden. the president tweeting no way. and just moments ago the president called reporters in for an impromptu rant lashing out at biden and the impeachment investigation and robert mueller. no hatchet to bury.