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tv   CNN Right Now With Brianna Keilar  CNN  August 8, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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album? >> it's a culturally significant beverage. >> he's with queen bey. >> thanks, guys. thanks for joining us on "inside politics." brianna keilar starts right now. i'm pamela brown in for brianna keel areilarkeilar. under way right now his mother called police and told them she was worried about her son. but in the wake of two mass shootings, the white house rebuffs attempts to make domestic terror and white supremacy a priority. the question is why? plus, what happens to the children? heartbreaking images of children left alone. we begin at the white house. president trump is back in washington today after visiting the grieving cities of dayton, ohio, and el paso, texas.
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it was a moment for the president to focus on the victims, the survivors, the families, but new behind-the-scenes video shows it still comes back to him. the video from the president's visit to el paso where 22 people are dead and more than two dozen injured, eight still in the hospital. cnn white house correspondent kaitlin collins is live for us at the white house. if you would, tell bus this new video and what it shows. >> reporter: if you remember the white house didn't let cameras into the hospital because they didn't want it to turn into a photo opportunity though they did release videos of their own. now we're getting a look at what the president said beyond those videos that came from the white house. this is coming from someone who was inside the hospital where at the beginning of this video, the president thanked the medical staff for their response, their quick response to that shooting, but then the president quickly pivoted to talking about himself. >> i was here three months ago, we made a speech and we had -- what was the name of the arena?
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that place was packed, right? the judge is a respected guy. what was the name? oh, good. that was some -- that was some crowd. we had twice the number outside and then you had this crazy beto. beto had like 400 people in a parking lot. they said his crowd was wonderful. >> reporter: now, pam, i was at that rally for the president back in february when beto o'rourke was outside his supporters. the president was bragging about getting illegal immigrants the hell out of our country, something the crowd inside was cheering but people outside were protesting the president's visit to ohio, months before this tragedy was going to strike. that's also a rally where the president still owes the city of el paso over half a million dollars, something they initially billed him for and added on a late fee because it has not been paid. those fees are because of police officers having to be paid for working that event, public safety costs that the city has
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to consider when the president visits. that's something that still hasn't been paid. but of course this video and the president's tone there bragging about his crowd size versus beto o'rourke's is going to contribute to this criticism that the president is seeing, saying essentially when he goes to meet with these victims, he doesn't always strike the right tone. >> right. we've heard the president talk about crowd sizes time and time again. at times he seems obsessed with it. but what makes this so startling, i guess, is that he was saying it while he's visiting a hospital in el paso after this mass shooting. you know, there were times where he struck a somber tone, as you pointed out, he did thank the first responders and talked about the victims and families, but he also spent the day insulting people and sparking feuds, right? >> reporter: yeah, the president essentially isn't able to restrain himself when he's facing criticism. this is what people who are not just critics of the president will say but also some of his closest allies, including some of his top aides inside the white house. when someone says something
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critical of him, even in a time like this, the president is unable to resist by responding. even when you watch in the wake of when he left dayton, ohio, and you saw the mayor of dayton and senator sherrod brown where they praised him saying the victims were grateful the president was there. they said he struck the right tone behind those closed doors as did the first lady, melania trump, but they were critical of the president's stance on gun control, which isn't surprising because they are democrats. nan whaley just witnessed this mass shooting, just had nine of her residents gunned down. but the president and his aides watched that and they responded, pushing back saying they were being unfairly critical of the president and his visit. you continue to see the president lash out about that throughout the day. i spoke with several trump advisers and they say they don't think that's a wise idea because of course he is the president. >> as we've seen time and time again, he can't be restrained in the face of criticism. kaitlin collins, thank you for
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bringing that to us from the white house. now we want to turn to cnn's exclusive reporting on the accused el paso gunman. an attorney for the family tells us that the suspect's own mother called police just weeks before the massacre out of concern that her son had purchased an ak-type rifle. ed lavandera is live for us in el paso. so, ed, tell us more about this phone call and how police followed up on it. >> reporter: this was a phone call the mother placed to the allen police department, which is a suburb north of dallas where the gunman was living with his grandparents. the mother, and this is all according to lawyers for the gunman's family, says that the mother made that call because she was concerned about her son owning that type of weapon, his maturity level and whether or not he was capable -- mature enough to handle that kind of weaponry. the lawyer says that the mother spoke with an officer there who was basically told that the man was able to legally own that
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weapon and doesn't appear to be much follow-up after that. the lawyers do go on to say, pamela, that this was not a situation where the mother believed that her son was acting in a volatile way, in erratic behavior. it's not like alarm bells were going off, but that was a call that we understand was made several weeks before this massacre happened here in el paso. >> but to find out now after the fact that the mother had concern and reached out to police, it is just so sad that once again there was a potential concern and it wasn't followed up on. ed lavandera, thank you very much. 2020 democratic candidate beto o'rourke has been off the campaign trail this entire week, also meeting with survivors in el paso in his hometown. that's where he met 20-year-old sean nixon who was inside the walmart shopping when he heard the shots go off. the two shared this emotional moment as nixon struggled to describe to o'rourke the horror
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he was forced to witness. watch. >> are you able to see a counselor or a therapist? yeah? okay. talk to me. >> it's too much. i don't know why this dude is doing this to us. >> it's all right. come here. come here, man. this is my cell phone, it goes directly to me. there have been a number of people who have reached out to me, counselors, therapists, who want to be helpful. if that additional help would be good for you, let me know and i'll put you in touch.
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if you can think of anything i can do for you or your family i want to do it, okay? i'm grateful that you said hello and grateful that you're okay. thank you for being there. appreciate it, bud. >> well, the pressure is now mounting on senator mitch mcconnell to do something on gun reform. right now ohio congressman and presidential candidate tim ryan is leading a caravan of protesters now headed to mcconnell's hometown in louisville to pound on the senator leader's door and demand that he bring gun violence legislation to the floor for a vote. lauren fox is in louisville right now. what are you hearing, lauren? >> reporter: well, you know, democrats are not the only ones who are putting that pressure on majority leader mitch mcconnell. we heard, pam, yesterday the president talking about the need to expand background checks. that's something that he is also privately pushing for, i'm told, from republican sources on capitol hill. and it's just a good reminder of where the strategy is at this point.
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members are gone, they have a congressional recess right now. a lot of folks are telling me that behind the scenes conversations are happening. they're trying to get a sense of what could actually pass and what could have stopped these tragedies in the first place. i'll tell you that the background checks piece of this is a bit more controversial for republican members. it's a little hard to stomach. a lot of concerns about it. but the president has had repeated calls with senator pat toomey, a big advocate and republican advocate for background checks legislation. i'm told there is more promise that there could be something passed on red-flag laws. it would give states incentives to pass those kinds of laws to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous individuals. so that gives you a little bit of a sense of what's happening behind the scenes. but there is a little concern that the nra just isn't as strong as they once were and in a sense that may open the door for republicans to do more on guns than they have in the past. but again, it's several weeks
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until members return to washington. it's just unclear whether or not the president will keep the pressure on to keep republicans to pass something on the floor. pam. >> yeah, it's interesting you say that there's concern among some lawmakers that the nra isn't as powerful as it has been before. we know the nra's wayne la pierre has been speaking to president trump as well expressing concern about background checks. we'll have to see how all of this plays out, lauren. thank you for breaking it all down for us, we appreciate it. in light of all of this, new revelations that the white house has been rebuffing attempts by homeland security to prioritize domestic terror. but why? plus, children right now alone after the trump administration arrests their parents in massive immigration raids. i'll speak live with the school superintendent. and, the owner of soul cycle and the miami dolphins facing backlash for a fund-raiser he's hosting for the president. it's tough to quit smoking cold turkey.
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heart, let my parents see me. anybody else, don't leave the childs with cryingness and everything. my dad didn't do nothing, he's not a criminal. >> many of the children, some as young as toddlers, relied on friends, neighbors, even strangers to take them in after officials detained nearly 700 people in a series of raids across the state, including at a food processing plant in morton where an 11-year-old girl watched as her mom was detained and begged officials to let her go. >> please, can i just see my mother, please? please? >> her mom is the only one she has. that's her guardian. >> that's her only legal guardian. >> no other papa, no other family, no other nothing.
10:17 am
>> diane gallagher is in morton. diane, what more can you tell us about these raids and is there a plan in place to take care of these kids who have now been separated from their parents? >> reporter: so, pam, first i want to talk about that little girl that you just saw talking outside of this particular plant right here. i apologize, the train is going by right now, but this particular plant right here where her mother was detained from. i just got done speaking with her mother. she and her 12-year-old daughter have been reunited. she was dropped off at a different plant overnight more than an hour away from this location. a family friend went and picked her up. she says to me that she was allowed to leave. she does not have an ankle monitor on because she had her daughter. she was her daughter's only way of caring for her. her daughter is a u.s. citizen but she does have a court date in 2020 january. we don't know if that's the case for so many more of these parents. there were children who were
10:18 am
just simply left at day care, children who were sitting at school waiting for their parents to pick them up. instead their parents had been taken to a processing center. i do know from talking to individuals who were detained that some of those people who were detained along with them may have been sent to other locations. one woman told me that she believes that her husband has been sent to new orleans at this point. but at this time right now, pamela, there are people just sitting here in front of this plant waiting for buses to arrive, hoping that their loved ones are on there. some of these people have been here since overnight. 8:00 p.m., 9:00 p.m. a couple buses came around 11:00 p.m. and 2:00 in the morning but they haven't had anything since then. rumors keep coming around more buses will show up and drop them off and everybody gets worked into this emotional frenzy hoping it's their brother, their mother, their child that will show up but we haven't seen one at this location all day, since the very early morning hours. now, as far as the individuals who are the owners, the
10:19 am
managers, the u.s.-born citizens who are in power at these particular plants, there are seven different locations and six different cities around jackson, we don't know if they are charged with anything, if there were any sort of punishment that happened. the u.s. attorney just told us that it is an ongoing criminal investigation at this point. but again, you had over 680 undocumented people who were boarded onto these buses, taken to a processing center. some of them have been returned, some with ankle bracelets, some with court dates. others, their families are waiting to find out where they are and that does include some of those children right now. >> your heart goes out to the children just wondering what's going to happen with their parents. i did speak to a senior administration official. this official said that they're trying to reunite the kids with their parents as quickly as possible, saying any arrestee who identifies a child care issue an is not being criminally arrested or subject to mandatory
10:20 am
detention will be expeditiously processed and returned to the point of apprehension so they can get their child or other dependent. but you're seeing a case there, diane, where the reunification hasn't happened yet for some of these kids, right? >> reporter: the truth is we don't know what those circumstances are. some of those cases could be an individual who had a final deportation order or who has a criminal background of some sort. we don't know all the specifics of each individual case. i can tell you that the quote you just read there does match with what the woman i just spoke to, the mother of that girl in the video, what she said about what they told her, that she was being released to her child. they kept her i.d., she said, but she was being released to her child because she was the primary caretaker, the only caretaker of her u.s.-born citizen daughter and they were working to do so. she told me there were so many parents, some who had small babies, and they were put in the same sort of area. she said everybody was divide up. the area that she was in, that
10:21 am
those individuals had children, they were people who she said did not say they had any criminal past or deportation order. so it was her assumption that they had been split off from those other individuals who had been detained. she said there were about 50 buses sitting outside of that processing area that they made for them and that some of those buses she was told were going off to other states at that time, which again matches what some of these other wives, spouses have been told by attorneys and people who have been in contact with their loved ones. >> all right, diane gallagher, thank you so much for the latest there on the ground there in mississippi. i'm going to speak live with a school superintendent who's dealing with all of this. plus, the owner of soul cycle and the miami dolphins facing backlash for a fund-raiser he's hosting for the president. but is that fair? we're going to discuss. and why the house judiciary committee may be closer to breaking the summer recess to take action on gun control legislation. my insurance rates are probably gonna double.
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well, the owner of the miami dolphins and soul cycle is under fire over his decision to host a fund-raiser for president trump. stephen ross, who also owns equinox, is now facing a number of calls for boycotts to his businesses with many on social media threatening to cancel their gym memberships. joining me now to discuss is usa today sports columnist and cnn
10:27 am
sports analyst christine brennan. christine, thanks for coming on. you know, this is not the first time a business owner has faced backlash for supporting trump. you saw it with under armour, home depot, new balance. are you surprised in this case? >> i'm actually not, pam, because of the intense emotional outburst and reaction that we've had to this week, this tragic and horrific week. what the nfl always has been, and frankly sports has been, is this national conversation. it's almost -- the nfl is a window into our culture. and so -- and reflects it back. so the fact that you've got ross, who is hosting this event for -- fund-raiser for trump that probably in any other week would have gone unnoticed, but this week of all weeks when we are focusing so much on the president's racist words and white supremacist involvement and all the things that we know politically, obviously then the spotlight is now shining even more on this fund-raiser and
10:28 am
then on the owner and then on his team. >> critiques of the president's rhetoric in the wake of the mass shootings in el paso. and it's interesting because steve ross also has this organization dedicated to equality called rise. dolphins wide receiver kenny stills tweeted by hosting this fund-raiser, ross is essentially undermining the nonprofit's mission. >> right. >> do you agree with that? >> i do. i understand the controversy. i've actually been on panels for rise out at the super bowl a few years ago. it's a wonderful group. i know some of the people who work there and they're working very hard on the issue of racial equality and all those issues involved with that, social justice, et cetera. so the fact that ross is so associated -- this is his nonprofit. i think that adds another layer and that's why i think it's fair game and this conversation is not over by any means. he is a man who has this kind of other side to him. most owners don't, pam. most owners are not involved with nonprofits, so he has done that and it's admirable.
10:29 am
but now obviously you can see the contradiction and in many ways that is another point of contention for his players, as i think any of us would expect it would be. >> and here's what he said in a statement to cnn. he says i have been and will continue to be an outspoken champion of racial equality, inclusion, diversity, public education and environmental sustainability. and i have and will continue to support leaders on both sides of the aisle to address these challenges. he also says he's known donald trump for many, many years. but what do you think, is ross trying to have it both ways here? >> i think he is. probably again before this week, before the tragedies in el paso and dayton, he may have been able to get away with it. but i think because of the fact that he's been so involved on both of these sides, it would be wrong i think not only for the players but also for journalists to not question this and bring it to light. that's where we are in our country today. as the country goes, obviously so goes the national football league. and what this portends, pam,
10:30 am
moving forward as the season approaches, i think we are going to see protests again. i think we'll see all the things we saw with colin kaepernick a few years ago and that continuing saga. the story of athletes speaking out and kneeling or other kinds of protests. i think we're going to see a lot of it in the wake of what's happened with the president, his rhetoric, and this is just i think a tiny piece -- >> a preview of what we could be seeing down the road. >> absolutely. >> christine brennan, thank you so much. >> thank you, pam. we are continuing to follow the developing story out of mississippi where i.c.e. officials arrested nearly 700 people during a series of raids across the state. they used confidential informants to help them round out undocumented workers. when those workers were detained, their children were left behind, relying on friends, neighbors and even strangers to take them in. i'm going to bring in tony mcgee, the superintendent for scott county schools in mississippi.
10:31 am
tony, thanks for coming on. what was your reaction to the raids when you first learned about them? >> well, just to be honest with you, it was a very emotional day, very emotional for our children, very emotional for our staff. it's hard to believe. you hear of those type things happening, but when it actually happens to your kids, to your boys and girls, to your parents, to your families, it takes on a whole new meaning. >> and we're seeing -- we were just seeing the split screen of this little 11-year-old girl moments ago who was crying after her mother was taken away. apparently they have been reunited. but if you could just give us a sense of how many families in your county have been impacted by the raids? >> i can say within our district, we're the sky county schools and forest municipal schools in scott county n scott county we had 12 to 15 families that we have confirmed that had some type of displacement because of this. and so we have been working with
10:32 am
those families in particular to try to make sure boys and girls are safe and families are taken care of. not only that, it reaches out further than that. it just puts a fear in our latino and hispanic community and so not only affects those that may have been directly affected by the raids, so to speak, but also those that may not have been. so it's a lot of families, a lot of families. >> paint a picture for us. so i.c.e. goes in, arrests some of these parents. were kids left abandoned at their summer camp or day care or wherever they were and who jumped in to take care of them? was there a plan in place? what happened? >> it's hard to plan for something like that, especially prior to not knowing it's going to happen. >> did the administration have any plan? not you in particular but -- >> yeah, we have an individual plan that we put in place with our school security as we do
10:33 am
with most things. but, no, we had some kids that didn't have anywhere to go so we did work with local community organizations to make sure that the boys and girls had a safe place to go, working through some people that are deeply engrained in the hispanic community. so we've had a lot of community support. i will tell you we've had support all over the nation, from california to new jersey to toronto. so we thank you for the outpouring support for our boys and girls here in scott county. >> just quickly, i did speak to a senior administration official who did say i.c.e. is assessing child care issues and trying to reunite kids with their parents as quick lly as possible if circumstances allow for that and the parents are given a court date and processed. have you seen that play out and have you heard that from i.c.e. directly? >> i'll be honest with you, i did speak with them yesterday afternoon after the raid happened. one agent in particular, he'll
10:34 am
verify that maybe some of the people that were being detained had children in school and they wanted to try to make sure that they tried to reunite families as quickly as possible. we do appreciate them reaching out to do that because we know that it's never good. no matter what the situation is, for children not to be with moms and dads. >> all right, tony mcgee, thank you so much. we appreciate it. >> thank you. meantime, the department of homeland security wanted to make fighting domestic terrorism a priority, so why did the white house push back? plus, in the middle of visiting a hospital full of mass shooting victims, the president bragged about his crowd size. video up next. me for making bucket lists. bookers know summer is for booking it. (chime, slam, chime) like booking a beachside resort and ordering two more tacos than you need to. check. showing the deep end who's boss. check. starting a scooter gang with the fam. check. awesome.
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well, despite his call for unity after the mass shootings in two american cities, the president has spent the last several days insulting and attacking people and groups, including a flurry of insults during his trips to el paso and dayton. and now new video shows the president meeting with hospital staff in el paso, the site of the first attack, and this is what's on the president's mind. >> was here three months ago, we made a speech and we had a -- what was the name of the arena? that place was packed, right? the judge is a respected guy. what was the name? oh, good. that was some -- that was some crowd.
10:40 am
we had twice the number outside. and then you had this crazy beto. beto had like 400 people in a parking lot. they said his crowd was wonderful. >> so we were told that the president started off thanking the first responders and acknowledging the victims and so forth and then pivoted to beto o'rourke, who has been critical of the president, and the crowd sizes there in the hospital in el paso. 22 people were murdered there in el paso, more than two dozen were injured. at least eight victims are still in the hospital. all eight refused to meet with the president, according to "the washington post." democratic congresswoman jackie speier joins us now. shees a survivor of gun violence. congresswoman, you were shot five times during the jonestown massacre, so you know more about this and what victims and families are going through than most. what is your reaction to what we just heard there from the president? >> well, once again we have a president who has no emotive qualities whatsoever.
10:41 am
it's about crowd size. it always comes back to him. what these grieving families need right now is consolation, someone that's going give them hope that this is not going to happen again, that there will be a way forward for their families. unfortunately, the president does not have the capacity to be a true leader in this country. >> we're going to talk about what a potential way forward is in just a moment, but first i want to ask you about this new cnn reporting that the white house spent the last year rebuffing efforts by colleagues at the department of homeland security to make combatting domestic terror threats a priority. what is your reaction to that? >> well, clearly we have a problem. we have a problem with the white house that does not assess danger for people here in our country as much as he is focused on dangers elsewhere. and domestic terrorism is real. and as we have seen, just in such graphic ways, it is happening on a regular basis.
10:42 am
you know, before the assault weapon ban went into effect that was universal in this country for ten years, there had been something like seven mass shootings of eight people or more. during the ban, there were only two. since then there have been over 15 -- excuse me, over 25 mass shootings since we got rid of the assault weapon ban. we do not need weapons of war that can be used by young disaffected men to mow down people in this country. it's not safe anymore and that's what we need to address. >> we've seen various weapons used in these mass shootings. president trump addressed this idea of an assault weapons ban. he said yesterday as he was leaving the white house that there isn't an appetite for that. he did talk about background checks and we'll get to that in just a second, but it was interesting because we heard the president in his speech, his
10:43 am
address to the nation on monday, condemn white supremacy. then you heard both elizabeth warren and beto o'rourke calling president trump a white supremacist. you previously called the president racist. do you think he's a white supremacist? >> you know, i think the president is very clearly a biased person. i don't know that i would call him a white supremacist, but he has biases against african-americans an he has biases against latinos and he shows that over and over and over again. what we need to do is try and get the president focused on coming up with some solutions to this, what is a true crisis in this country right now around guns. >> and of course the president says he is the least racist person he knows. so that is what he says when he is faced with that criticism, but let's talk about what's going to happen next in the wake of these mass shootings. there's talk of bringing congress back into session. give it to us straight. what gun control measures actually have a chance of making it to the president's desk and
10:44 am
being signed into law? >> there is no bill that's going to make it to the president's desk unless he personally engaging with the lordsheadersh the house and the senate to come up with a bill that he will sign. unfortunately, he listens more to wayne la pierre, who is the ceo and president of the national rifle association, than he does to the american people. 92% of americans, including the majority of nra members, support a comprehensive background check. that bill has passed the house of representatives with a bipartisan vote, is now sitting on mitch mcconnell's desk and he has refused to take it up. but we can't even stop there. we really need to do much more around high-capacity magazines and these weapons of war that we know as assault weapons. >> but let's talk about what the president has signalled he's willing to do this time around. the red flag laws that would allow family members and law enforcement to petition the court to take guns away or
10:45 am
confiscate guns for those that are dangerous, considered a danger tomorrow themselves or others, and he has talked about the idea of enforcing broader background checks. what do you think, he has signalled that he is willing to do these things. it would be unpopular among some of his supporters. in fact wayne la pierre warned him against universal background checks. the president does seem to be willing to do something this time around, do you agree with that? >> he always talks like he's willing to do something and then he does nothing. he said the same thing after the parkland shootings. god bless those young people who went to tallahassee to the state capitol and in three weeks got legislation passed that band the purchase of guns for those under 21, bump stocks and had background checks passed. we need to be serious about doing something, otherwise everyone will be afraid to go out. >> it's true. i mean -- well, i'm just saying there is -- you have a right to be skeptical because after parkland he did back down under
10:46 am
pressure from the nra on raising the age limit for rifles, on background checks. so you hear it this time around and you wonder if the same thing will happen after parkland. >> i think that wayne la pierre got his ear and said, you know, you're going to be affecting your base. the president is all about his base. and he's going to do nothing to erode that base. and if his base is all about not doing anything on guns, he's not going to do anything on guns. and that should be the principal reason to get him out of office. that's how serious this issue is. as a gun victim survivor, i know what it's like. i mean you are scarred for the rest of your life, emotionally and physically. but you at least survive. how about all the families now that are dealing with the loss of loved ones. how about that infant who is now parentless because the parents decided to go get birthday party supplies at a walmart. i mean this is not normal. >> i want to get to politics before we let you go.
10:47 am
presidential candidate and montana governor steve bullock says the president is closer to being re-elected with each passing minute when democrats went after each other and president obama. take a listen. >> we cannot defeat donald trump's politics of personal destruction if we practice the politics of self-destruction. the fact is we are well on our way to losing this election long before it ever really even has started. >> well, for whatever reason and while it's obviously early, do you agree that the president is closer and closer to re-election -- to being re-elected? >> you know, the november election is a long, long way away. but i would agree with governor bullock that it is time for the democrats to stop sniping at each other and downgrading the president that was responsible for creating the affordable care
10:48 am
act. i think that what we have going on right now is warfare trying to gain half a point here or there on the polls and that's not going to help us succeed. the american people, i think the independents and the democrats, wanting to elect a democrat. they're not interested necessarily in their politics anymore, just the fact that they can beat donald trump. >> all right, congresswoman jackie speier, thank you so much for coming on. >> thank you, pam. well, at least eight mexican nationals were killed in el paso and now mexico wants answers from the u.s. plus, what the fbi wants social media giants to do to help them prevent mass shootings. itow we or our patients- like job. his team at ctca treated his cancer and side effects. so job can stay strong for his family. cancer treatment centers of america. appointments available now.
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well, this just in to cnn. in the wake of the two mass shootings in texas and ohio, the fbi has taken steps to start monitoring facebook and instagram in realtime for domestic threats. what more can you tell us about this, brian? >> last month the fbi put out a call for vendors who could help them monitor social media including facebook, twitter and
10:54 am
instagram in realtime for not just domestic threats but for terrorist groups, and criminal organizations all around the world. the winning vendor would be responsible for, you know, not only watching for social media exchanges that could tip the fbi off to potential criminal activity, but also potentially users phone numbers, i.d. numbers, i.p. addresses and other identifying information that could help the fbi conduct forensic investigations. twitter and facebook are not commenting on this. this is not the first time the fbi engaged in this activity. in 2016 they announced a deal with data miner, which monitoring twitter for trending activity as a way to accomplish some of these national security and law enforcement goals. we don't know whether the fbi has contracts already with other vendors to look at facebook and
10:55 am
instagram specifically. if they don't have contracts governing looking at those platforms, this could be an expansion of their monitori ini activity. >> it's a balance between security concerns and civil liberties. still ahead, how a montana man is defending himself after body slamming a 13-year-old who failed to remove his hat for the national anthem. and a new poll showing some big movement in the top tier of the 2020 race. one candidate rises. another falls.
10:56 am
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hi there, i'm brooke baldwin. you're watching cnn. we begin with a snapshot from el paso, texas where 22 families are planning funerals and wounded survivors still lay in hospital beds traumatized. one day ago the president of the united states visited that same hospital and bragged about himself. once again bragged about the crowd size at one of his recent rallies there. >> i was here three months ago, we made a speech. what was the name of the arena? >> the coliseum. >> pack.


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