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tv   S.E. Cupp Unfiltered  CNN  August 10, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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welcome to unfiltered where tonight we address the united states of hate. it's been one week since 31 people were killed in mass shootings in el paso and dayton. it's worth pointing out those two shootings followed another one week earlier in california where three people including a 6-year-old and 13-year-old were killed by an angry guy with a gun. amidst all this many americans are calling for more gun laws. democrats have offered universal background checks, to raising the age equipmerequirements.
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some republicans have shown an openness, but how serious they are remains to be seen. for years i've made the case for the second amendment, the right to bear arms, i've defended the nra and its members, law abiding gun owners like me who have nothing to do with gun shootings. i'm a gun owner and a gun right's advocate. i believed it was true. i'm no longer an nra member. being right no longer feels righteous because in the wake of more mass shootings, agents of senseless violence that send innocent people running for their lives, leaving children orphaned and loved ones dead on the ground. we must do something about guns. we have a problem in this
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country and that problem is hate. one of the things we must do to begin to solve our hate problem is to put down our metaphor weapons, our defense, our special interests and be honest about the role that guns play in this culture of hate in america and the honest, simple answer is it's too many for too many sick people to get their hands on guns. people with the kind of hate in their hearts as the el paso and h dayton shooters, las vegas, san bernardino shooters are not going to be cured of their hate by taking away their guns, but we also don't need to hand them a killing device and 100 rounds of ammo and say please don't do anything bad. a kid who shows videos of mass killings on a first date and had
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a hate list should never have access to a gun. domestic abusers should never have access to guns. people who make violent threats should be taken dead seriously and maybe never have access to a gun of any kind. gun laws should make it harder if not impossible for people who hate to carry out their violent fantasies. right now our gun lies make it too damn easy. universal background checks, restraining orders, raising the age of gun purchases to 21, banning 100 round drums, fixing mental health these things cannot wait. i'm so sick and tired of participating in this predictable cycle of politics where a mass shooting happens. the left calls for new gun laws, some meaningful, some
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unproductive. the right yells slippery slope and hides behind the constitution. nothing changes. with the next mass shooting we do it all again. i love the constitution. it's a document meant to protect human beings, real people, life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness. what happiness are we protecting if our kids are scared to go to school? what liberty are we protecting if we're scared to walk down the street? what are we protecting if we arm a white supremacist so he can shoot up a walmart? i know i'll be accused of letting my emotions getting in the way of facts. this is an emotional issue. how could it not be? in fact it should be more emotional. to my friends in the republican party, in the nra, if you're not
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emotional about this, join me. let's start with emotion. there's a lot we can accomplish if we start as humans. moms, dads, brothers, sisters, friends, colleagues. we have everything to lose if we don't. i'm joined by peggy laynard who is a congresswoman. you're in dayton. how is the community a week after this horrific tragedy? >> the community is still in shock. you don't begin to comprehend just how horrible this is until it lands on your door step. as we stand here, part of the community, we just feel the pain that's down here. i talked to the 6-year-old son
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who attended the funeral of his mother today. your words were so powerful. i appreciate everything you just said. >> our hearts are with you and the victims and their families. i want to keep them front and center in our conversations. naturally the conversation shifts to politics. you have said you're personally embarrassed that common sense gun laws are only proposed by democrats. what are you calling for now? >> well, i'm getting behind the governor -- the governor came out on tuesday with a 14-point proposal that's everything from background checks, red flag legislation, dealing with mental health issues, dealing with some of our laws around what occurred -- what happens when a
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criminal uses a gun. i think that's a good list. you know, it's certainly a great place to start. i don't have the highest of hopes we'll get it through. i have the same concern you do. we'll cry about it today. we'll shake our heads and say something has to be done. two weeks from now the cameras move to another community and we're left no different than we were. maybe this time it will be different in ohio. maybe. >> as you mention, your republican governor has proposed gun control legislation. the governor out of illinois called for the same thing as well as banning 100-round drums. the republican governor of arizona is raising laws for severe threat order of protections. i'm seeing movement among
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republicans that i haven't always seen in the past. is this the time for republicans to break with the usual cycle of resistance and come to the table? >> you know, i hate to say that it takes three mass shootings in one week to get people to change their minds, but maybe that's what it's going to take. you know, i'm slightly more hopeful. i've been working to pick up co-sponsors of some of the legislation the governor has proposed. i'm not having a lot of luck so far. we'll be back in session shortly. i'll have more opportunity to talk to folks. hopefully they'll come around. >> an overwhelming of americans support universal background checks. a majority of gun owners and nra members support them. i'm not suggesting they'll stop every mass shooting. shouldn't this be a question of
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whether the president has the will to get that passed federally? >> there's no question we'll need the president to stick to his promises. i hope he isn't going to backtrack on background checks as he has in the past. hopefully this time he means it. it's going to take that kind of support from washington to move the party, to keep the nra from stepping in and dominating the conversation. let's hope he stays where he's at. >> you said you hoped that the president would be moved when he came to dayton in the shooting aftermath. as you know he visited dayton and el paso and bragged about crowd sizes and started fights in the local media. did that offend you? >> you know, i wish there had not been a political slant to the whole thing. you know, if we allow this to become overly politicized we're
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not going to make the progress we need to make. we need all americans to come together. we need them to leave politics at home and look for the constructive concrete solutions to this problem that is going to make a difference. if we're just pointing at each other yelling and screaming about party politics, that's not going to happen. >> well, ohio state senator peggy laynard i hope people on both sides of the aisle and the president are listening. i appreciate you coming on tonight. >> thank you so much. >> next in our conversation about hate in the america it's one thing to say the right th g things, it's quite another to do them. republicans, including the president, don't seem concerned about the urgency of now. later law officials say accused sex trafficker jeffrey epstein
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they made. >> for decades the nra has been the democrats boggiman, the hurdle between all gun legislation. the nra is not the strongman it once was. last week three board members resigned over shattered confidence in leadership. there are a number of lawsuits. there are dual investigations by state ags. there was a russian spy scandal. a steep 22% drop in membership dues to a five-year low, not to mention money woes. revenue fell by $54 million in 2017. this is the back drop for democratic law makers for new gun laws. president trump said he'll support background checks.
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mitch mcconnell said red flag laws and background checks will be front and center. the nra is warning trump to not take any action writing the nra opposes any legislation that unfairly infringes upon the rights of law abiding citizens. is it now or never? joining me now to discuss is david swerlic and michael singleton. david, do you think this time is different? is there too much public pressure and the nra doesn't have the leverage it once did? >> never say never on gun legislation. i think it's going to be an uphill climb mostly because of the senate and mitch mcconnell. >> something or something big? >> two things, timingwise. congress is in recess. republicans are counting on people moving on by the time they're back. the second thing is democrats
3:17 pm
will have their initial offer being a whole package, red flag, waiting periods, background checks. if the republicans are saying maybe we'll do red flag laws and the nra is saying don't do anything, you have a nonstarter. >> where trump sits, he can do anything. >> 97% approval within the republican party. >> i don't think anybody in his base is going to go away if he goes for background checks. >> they're not. a vast majority of registered republicans support this and gun owners like myself and like you. i think the nra is in a weaker position than we've seen in a very long time with many of the financial issues, former members
3:18 pm
have joined gun owners of america. they don't think the nra speaks to them. when you take away the issue of liberty and talk to gun owners at a personal level, you have kids, you have grandkids, you have relatives. do you want those individuals to be safe in a public space? the answer would be yes. you can put pressure on republicans in the senate and say we're not asking for too much, but let's do common sense things. >> polls show that americans what some gun control. what it is, we're not sure. it's members of congress who take money from the nra that that speaks louder. >> there's less of it to go around. >> but it's still there. the nra knows that you don't have a lot of moderate districts
3:19 pm
now. people are firmly fixed in republican or democrat. >> if trump can give a republican law maker cover -- >> trump is not a conservative. >> i don't disagree with that. >> he thinks like a democrat. that's why you had that meeting where he was sitting around the conference table with democratic and republican leaders saying, sure, background checks. why you afraid of the nra? then they reeled him back in. >> you talked about the nra not having a lot of money. >> they have a lot of money, but not like they did. >> they're responsible for members. i used to be a member of the nra. i get all their emails. every day i'm getting an email to donate something which indicates there are financial woes. if i was a democrat, i would speak directly to the republicans who polled stricter background checks.
3:20 pm
>> michael, they're not worried about democrats. they're worried about the primaries from the right. >> the strategy would be to speak to those voters to in turn put pressure on those republicans. >> let me ask you one more question. michael, you might be too young to remember 1994. >> i was only 4. >> a lot of democrats in congress remember 1994. they lost 54 seats in the house due to an assault weapons bill. do you think that's a problem for democrats? >> you have your conner lambs. you have the gentleman from staten island. yes, maybe in some of those districts. there's just fewer of them. >> s.e., it's all in how the question is posed. >> that was my point too. can we talk about this as humans? it's so hard to do because we're used to talking about it in political terms.
3:21 pm
>> right. they have to stop saying we're going to take all your weapons. >> david and michael, you're sticking around. coming up in our continued discussion on the united states of hate, how are important conversations about hate and mass shootings taking over the 2020 election. politically-connected businessman jeffrey epstein is found dead by apparent suicide. stay with us. ♪ living well do you often wake up with chest congestion? or suffer excess mucus? try mucinex 12 hour.
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people say to me did donald trump cause those folks to be killed? well, no, of course he didn't pull the trigger. he's certainly been tweeting out the ammunition. >> if more guns on the street made everybody safe, we would be the safest place in the world. >> we'll reduce gun deaths. we'll make this a government responsive to the will of the people. that's why we're here. >> who in god's name needs a weapon that can handle 100 rounds? for god's sake. >> that was just four of the 16 2020 candidates speaking at the gun sense forum in iowa today. 21 democrats in total are making stops at the iowa state fair. this year the usually upbeat and folksy event feels different. it's just a week after two mass shootings.
3:26 pm
how does this change the calculus for 2020 or doesn't it? back with me david swardlick and michael singleton. half of the 2020 candidates have called the president a white supremacist or white nationalist. is that going too far? >> i don't know. if you have that in your mind that's the way you want to frame it as congressman o'rourke has and senator warren has, you should say it. i don't think you need to attach that label. the president is a garden variety racist and leave it at that. he's a race baiter. he delights in race baiting. do we know what's in his heart? no. >> the president himself has said call me a nationalist. that's not a bad word.
3:27 pm
>> i would sort of caution democrats here. we know 2020 is going to come down to turn out. that's it. turn out. can you maximize voters in swing states? telling people the same thing that agree with you -- they made this determination two years ago. what about the voters deciding to stay home? i'm giving you a, b, c to change your lives. i'm not seeing attention paid to those issues. >> the trump campaign according to axios love this. they see this as alienating his base. one trump campaign official said democrats are trying to make the case that anyone who supports this president is a racist. they're talking about half the country. i don't think that's totally genuine. are they right about the
3:28 pm
political implications? >> they're right to say the president feels comfortable playing on this ground. he doesn't feel comfortable talking about health care or environment. he's comfortable in the race debate because he knows where he stands in it. whether it's 3d chess that's going to help trump hold on to swing voters who might be on the fence, i'm not sure. we'll see. if you're a democrat maybe you don't use the term white supremacist. if at some point you're not calling out the racist statements, the racism, you're not serving your con switstitue. >> there a lot of people who support donald trump who are not racists. >> yeah. >> when you make broad sweeping statements you isolate a lot of people. democrats need to be clear on that distinction. >> i haven't heard anybody say
3:29 pm
trump is a white supremacist and so are his voters. >> a lot of people across america are interpreting it that way. you need to give people a reason to vote for you. if i'm a kamala harris or elizabeth warren and i'm looking at those candidates, i'm thinking i know trump is a horrible person. i get that. what else are you going to do for the bread and butter issues to make my life better? they're not talking about that. >> you're a republican strategist. you don't like the green new deal and medicare for all. that makes sense. they are talking about those issues. >> all i've heard about how terrible trump is and he's a racist. >> i think the democrats mistake is they're not running more on obama's record. obama has an easy record to run on especially for the moderates.
3:30 pm
>> obama is too much of a centrist for today's democrats. that was clear in the -- >> i think he would get elected today. >> i don't think so. >> he's a generationally talented retail politician. i think he could. his lane of centrist is represented by congressman delaney than say senator warren. >> that may be clear. it's clear that folks like kamala harris, cory booker all attacked obama's record on various things. >> i just wonder as much as you are suggests republicans and moderates are turned off by all the talk of trump is racist, i wonder if you underestimate how much people are turned off by trump attacking immigrants and minority members of congress. is that maybe more impactful than you or i might know? >> i certainly give credence to
3:31 pm
that idea, s.e. beyond saying how horrible something is, how are you going to improve it? what are you going to do if elected to make it better? i'm not hearing a lot of arguments articulating that. >> this will not be the last conversation we'll have on this. we'll have to continue this another time. thanks for joining me. is white supremacy a hoax? i wonder what a former white supremacist would say about that. i'll ask one. more on the united states of hate coming up. (groans) hmph... (food grunting menacingly) when the food you love doesn't love you back, stay smooth and fight heartburn fast with tums smoothies. ♪ tum tum-tum tum tums
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in the red files tonight hate in america. officials say it was a white supremacist that gunned down 22 people and injured more than two dozen in el paso, texas because he said he hated mexicans. hardly an isolated incident. we can remember recent violent attacks on a black church, the tree of life synagogue shooting. the rise in white supremacy is real. there are more racist hate groups in america than ever before. the fbi made more domestic terrorism arrests in 2019 than
3:36 pm
all of 2018. to some the growing threat of white supremacy is just a hoax. >> the whole thing is a lie. if you were to assemble a list, a hierarchy of concerns, of problems this country faces where would white supremacy be on the list? it's not a real problem in america. >> this is -- i'm being generous -- disingenuous. just because white supremacy isn't the leading cause of death or our greatest threat doesn't mean it's real. it's real and terrifying entire communities. >> we've seen a lot of fear in the community because of that and because it's real now. it's not like we can't connect those dots. people are hated just because of the color of our skin. >> the leader of the country has
3:37 pm
had opportunities to disavow the scourge of white supremacy. here's how he responded as a candidate. >> will you condemn david duke and say you don't want his vote or that of other white supremacists in this election? >> just so you understand, i don't know anything about david duke or anything about what you're talking about with white supremacy or white supremacists. i don't know. i mean, did he endorse me? what's going on? i know nothing about david duke or white supremacists. >> then as president came this remark after a violent crash between a neo-nazi gathering where a person was killed. >> excuse me. you had some very bad people in
3:38 pm
that group. but you also had people that were very fine people, on both sides. >> then on wednesday trump said this on his way to visit with the communities of dayton and el pa paso. >> i am concerned about the rise of any group of hate. i don't like it. any group of hate whether it's white supremacy, whether it's any other kind of supremacy. >> you have to work real hard to avoid denouncing david duke, neo-nazis and white supremacy. it's easy to say i don't support them and i don't want them supporting me. did not. he has not. he will not. with me is the founder of the free radical project and anti-racism writer tim wise.
3:39 pm
is white supremacy is a hoax? >> it's not a hoax. neither is white supremacist violence. we've had a string of years, over a a decade where we saw violent act after violent act that have even spurred copy cat acts. we're not living in a post racial society. we're in a nation full of racism and white supremacy. >> you say that as someone who lived it. you were part of this movement. you say actually the worst is yet to come. what do you mean? >> i was involved for eight years in my youth. the things i hear out of the president's mouth are identical to things i would have been very happy about when i was part of that movement. everything from an immigration ban, to a muslim ban, building a way, to the way we talk about other countries. i can pull that out of the
3:40 pm
lyrics i wrote 30 years ago today. to believe that people aren't acting on those things, i used to say those things in order for people to act. those things are causing people to die. there has to be responsibility for that. >> tim, how does today stack up against past eras in this country? racial tensions were even greater then. put today in context. >> number one the denial of a large segment of white america that the problem is a problem is something we've seen in every generation. you can go back to precivil rights years, before the civil rights law were on the books. two third to three quarters of americans told pollsters that black people were treated equally in employment, in housing, in education. white denial about the problem goes all the way back to slavery. most slave owners would have
3:41 pm
told you we treat our slaves well. white supremacy and the denial of its impact is as american as apple pie. the second thing that's similar -- carole anderson wrote a book called "white rage." she writes when there is progress made by people of color, there has been this white backla backlash. it happened after the reconstruction, after the end of segregation and now the end of the obama era. part of this is the growing pains of becoming a multi-cultural democracy. some is inevitable. the question is how do we respond to this moment? that's where i feel the administration is failing. >> christian, who do you think are the most vulnerable to
3:42 pm
extremism. i'll use the president's favorite word. how does this extreme in fest the mind of white americans? >> we'll all susceptible to this. every person is if the circumstances align correctly. we hit potholes in the road of life's journey. if those potholes stay unfilled, they can detour us to the fringes where somebody is waiting with a narrative to blame somebody else for our pain. we're dealing with a lot of pain in america. >> as you know, christian, it's not illegal to hate another race. it's not illegal to be racist. how do we combat the ideology? what do we do? >> that's a complicated question. some of the things we can do is acknowledge we're failing young people. everything from early childhood mental health care, to education, to lack of
3:43 pm
opportunities, to not having their passions fulfilled and having adults not support them. we underestimate young people. frankly we should give them more voice today. >> i hear this argument a lot that one reason trump got elected is because a lot of white american voters were sick of being called racist because they were worried about their jobs or wanted strong borders. some argue there's a vilifying of white america. is there some truth to that? >> i don't think so. the reality is if you're afraid of being called racist, don't berbe racist. if you believe that, the thing to do is join in the fight for multi-cultural democracy. i'm sure white people don't like being called racists. i'm sure black folks don't like
3:44 pm
being called what they're called. i'm ready to give them sympathy. that opoid crisis is real. if you want sympathy, you have to give sympathy. it has to be a two-way street. the irony is the same white folks who ignored the pain in black and brown communities are reaping the whirlwind of that denial. they would have been better to listen to what people of color are saying and join with them to create a new future for the country. >> thank you both for coming on to have a really important conversation. i appreciate it. by now you know the headline. convicted sex offender jeffrey epstein took his own life this morning. the story isn't over, not even close. stay with me.
3:45 pm
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jeffrey epstein is dead. the businessman and accused sex trafficker was found unresponsive in his jail cell and died in an area hospital.
3:49 pm
no foul play is suspected and the fbi is investigating how in the hell this happened to a high risk, high profile inmate who had just weeks ago reportedly attempted suicide. he had been jailed since early july when he pleaded not guilty. this comes less than 24 hours after court documents were unsealed that described in detail allegations against epstein and several associates. epstein's lawyer released a statement saying i call for a full investigation into the circumstances surrounding mr. epstein's death. the public needs to know what happened and why and how his custodians could have let it occur. with me now cnn legal analyst paul calan. this is shocking news, not for just the victims of his alleged crimes who were hoping to see him go to trial. it's hard to imagine
3:50 pm
>> well it's absolutely stunning really. because first of all this is a federal facility. we have this picture of federal facilities as being very well run and very humane. and in fact, of course, mcc, the closest thing it can be compared to a gulag or guantanamo pay. it's horrible place. but when you have a well-known person like jeffrey epstein who has tried to commit suicide. when he winds up dead it looks suspicious. it doesn't read right. >> the time too. just yesterday a document drops naming many other high profile people connected to epstein. but those people aren't out of the woods, right? they are still going to be under an investigation spotlight. >> absolutely in the out of the woods because even though the criminal case will now be be
3:51 pm
dropped against him because he is dead obviously. there will be civil cases going forward in which the names will come out. and there is also the possibility of criminal charges brought against his coconspiratorers. so his death will not stop that. i think the fascinating thing to me -- why i was focused on the same thing you were with the document coming out a couple days aigt, naming bill richardson, former governor of new mexico, former maine senator. george mitchell. of course president clinton and president trump both guests on the plane. and he knows a lot of people in a lot of high places. auchlds he winds up dead in m.c.c. very suspicious. >> state there because there are more -- i have more questions when we come back. ♪
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3:55 pm
okay. back with paul cowen discussing the news that jeffrey epstein is dead by suicide. you have been to m.c.c. to visit clients. >> yes. >> somebody like jeffrey epstein would he have contacts with other inmates, unobservation 24-7? what would he live in. >> usually someone like epstein would be in solitary confinement. el chapo was confined that way because of the great danger he might be hurt or killed by a fellow inmate. they're held in very, very tiny cells. the lights are usually on all day in the cells and they're terrible conditions. but he would then be moved when he tried to commit suicide two weeks ago. >> right. >> thought to have tried to
3:56 pm
commit suicide to a different situation where he would be monitored very closely. where there would be attempt to makes tour sure he couldn't get ahold of sheets or other things that could be used to hang jorz. >> right. >> what's astonishing here is he manages to hang himself while he had just been released from the suicide watch but he should have been under intense scrutiny. and conspiracy theorists are going to say he could have made a kacie against higher ups and he winds up dead. there are a lot of questions to be answered here. >> all right that's it for me. thanks, paul. >> thank you. >> one quick programming note before i go, our ornl series the movies continues monday night. the movies tomorrow night at 9:00. ana cabrera has the latest headlines next on cnn newsroom. too many people in pain settle for
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