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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  August 18, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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hello again, everyone. developing now, cnn has learned about three major arrests across-countacross kocounty the country all of whi may have been prevented. >> matt: shootings. in florida, an arrest caught on camera of man who was fascinate ing with mass shooting. according to investigators, he detailed plans to quote shoot as many people as he could in a large crowd end quote. police reportedly hailing that man's exgirlfriend as a hero saying she tipped them off. in connecticut, fbi arrested another man in his 20s after
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attempting to purchase large capacity rifle magazines from out of state. upon raiding his home, authorities found a stockpile of illegal weapons including rifles, a handgun and titanium body armor. in ohio, the fbi seized an arsenal of weapons from a 20-year-old man they say threaten ed to attack jewish community center. police say that man is a white nationalist, self-proclaimed, who had racist and anti-semitic posts on his social media. we're following all of these developments. what more can can you tell us? >> let's start in ohio. james reardon is the man in police custody there. investigators saying he made instagram posts of a video which shows a man shooting a rifle which would be illegal on the surface. however one of the things that really caught the attention of police in new middletown is is that the yjewish community centr was tagged in the kangs. that caption also implying the gunman in the video would be the
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shooter behind a potential attack on the center before charging reardon, police served a search warrant at his mother's home removing rifles, a gas mask, a bayonette. they're analyzing to see if they were purchased illegally. the fbi have not pressed any federal charges their own. the youngstown federation saying in a statement they have already arranged for additional security as a precaution at the jcc and all synagogues in the area. now to florida where police body camera video showing the arrest of 25-year-old who was believed to have threatened the to commit a mass shooting. tristin wicks of daytona beach. he was detained by police. he's suspected of sending text messages threatening to open fire on large crowds. one that i read reads quote a
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school is a weak target. i'd be more likely to open fire on a large crowd of people from over three miles away. aye want to break a world record for lopgest confirmed kill ever. that's the actual text messages that police were able to recover accord tog a release from the county sheriff's office, he told detectives he doesn't actually own any firearms, however he was supposedly fascinated with mass shootings, fred. >> then tell us more about this connecticut case. >> yeah, closer here to new york in connecticut. a man was arrested on thursday, fred. he also showed some interest according to investigators for carrying out a mass shooting. police say iing that 2-year-old brandon waxshall was arrested on various weapons charges. in connecticut. police saying that they received a tip that was, that he was apparently buying different rifle parts and trying to assemble his own weapon. police also discovered he had posted to facebook indicating that he wanted to carry out a
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mass shoots. he does remain in custody. many of these individuals maybe the actual in the initial actions may not be against the law here where there's potential possession of these firearms or posting using those firearms online, but it's the context in some of captions and what police are describing as threats that popped up on their radar. >> thank you so much. meantime, president trump is wrapping up his vacation in new jersey and returning to the white house today. waiting for him back in washington, fears of a looming recession along with the u.s. china trade war. both of trump's top economic advisers on full-court press this morning in an effort to squash investors and voter's concerns. their unified message to americans, it's china, not the u.s. that will feel the pain. >> i sure don't see a recession. we had some blockbuster retail sales consumer numbers towards the back end of last week.
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really blockbuster numbers and in fact, despite a lot of worries with the volatile stock market, most economists on wall street towards the end of the week had been marking up their forecast. for the third and fourth quarter. that echoes our view. >> the tariffs are hurting china. china's bearing the entire burden of the tariffs. hang on. this is what this expert says. what we see here is that china is bearing the burden by lower ing their prices. lower the value of the yuan by 12% to off set the teariffs. >> kristen holmes is on the story for us. so the president just tweeted on this very matter. what did he say? >> well that's right. he says we are doing very well with china and talking exclamation point. this has been the strategy for the white house. really for some time now.
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particularly we saw that in effect this morning. it was really deny that anything is is wrong, that the u.s. is bearing any sort of burden because of this trade war and one thing he was really pressed on today are these advisers were on farm eers. they really towed the line here. they use those trump talking points saying farmers support the points. these farmers are behind the farmers. trump is behind the farmers as well. i have to say here, fred, we have talked to hundreds of farmers across the country and they're not doing fine. they are struggle ling and this government aid isn't enough. i want to play an exchange between jake an peter navarro where he directly responded ee farmer. >> listen to the president of the minnesota farm er's ewan yon who told cnn this week that even the president's supporters are being hurt and struggle ng this trade war even with the money that the administration is
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giving them to help them through tough u passage. take a listen. >> words and twitters and tweets, that doesn't pay the farmer's bills. doesn't solve the problem we're dealing with. you know, like i said earlier, this one is self-inflicted by our president. we definitely agreed at the beginning, but it doesn't appear there's a plan b. >> these are people on the front lines saying the trade war is directly hurting them and china is not bearing all the burden of this, they are. couple of thing, first of all, this president has the backs of farmers. all the money we're taking, tariffs, make no mistake about it. china is targeting those farmers to buckle our knees. >> whether or not china is in fact targeting these farmers, this fact remains the farmers are feeling this burden trump administration is expected to
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pass out $14.5 billion in aid to those farmers on top of the 10 billion they've already given out. but then, e they tell us this money is not enough to get by. >> all right. thank you so much. let's talk further on this democratic strategist and cofounder of the progressive change committee, adam green and former republican representative of utah, mia love, good to see you. you heard the president's team arguing that there's nothing to see here. it's china. who will be suffering the most in this trade war. do you see it that way? >> right. well i think that he's, he has a growing problem. you've got to farmers that have been supportive of the president. you've got so many others that have been waiting and waiting, but after a while when you can't put food on the table when you're having a really hard time, eventually, they're going to have to turn that on to the president and so you know whatever the words he has with china, he has to reconcile that with the american people,
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especially the farmers. >> and you heard larry kudlow say the economy is strong. we are not heading towards a recession, so how will that strategy play out if the economy takes a turn? last week, the economy was topsy tur vi with markets. >> there are some indicators the economic elites in both political parties look at then there are the economic realities that regular people face and feel. the elites will say oh, unemployment is down, the economy's great. but tell that to a mom who's working three jobs or dad who had his job b shift overseas and now had to take a 50% pay cut. tell that to a farmer who's working longer hours and having his or her market gobbled up by big ad monopolies. this is the message many democratic candidates are mentioning on the campaign trail. while the economy being debated in economic circles has not been working for working people. that's where democrats need to focus energy and frankly, where
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trump focused his energy in 2016 as he riled up so much anxiety. >> and the president has had a lot of support along the farm belt, but then you know you heard the one farmer. you know and here he is again on the front lines. of this trade war. describing the kind of impact that it's having. take a listen. >> i sometimes stay up at night worrying about what the future does hold. you know, what do you tell your children that want a farm? >> different farmer, but similar sentiment. the worry about you know really putting food on the table and the worry about the next generation of farmers. >> right. so you've got again, you've got to farmers that are really starting to feel the hurt of it. although the majority of them did support the president. you also have, you have to be very clear that are some people feeling that unemployment is actually down. there are people that have actually have jobs.
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there are people that the president promised that he would make sure he brought jobs back to the united states. utah has the lowest unemployment rate it's had in i think a ten-year history. if you look at utah. we've got less than 2% unemployment. so there are areas where the economy's doing well and the president should talk about that, but he also needs to make sure he keeps the promises he made to the farmers and end this trade war with china as soon as b possible because if you can't feed your family, you will not re-elect that president. you will not re-elect president donald trump. so that's going to be an issue for him. >> and so adam, are democratic rivals perhaps are seizing on this. just take a listen. >> i'm concerned because i think 2.0 is a disaster. i think it was f the give away to drug companies in mexico. it's going the harm our jobs. president trump said no bad trade deals. not only has he entered into them, but he started a trade war with china. >> it's also a feels errand to think you're going to get china
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to change the fundamentals of their economic model by poke in them in the eye with some tariffs. by the way, despite all of the noise from that previous interview, there's some basic facts here that you can't escape and one is that american farmers are getting killed. >> this current trade war that the president has entered our country into is not working. it is hammering the hell out of farmers across this country who do not want bailouts or payoffs. they just want to make a profit in what they're growing and be able to have those markets again that they worked a lifetime to create. >> so adam, is this seemingly unified strategy. one that could work? >> well, yeah. obviously i agree with all those points r that were made. but i might go a step further. beyond calling it a fool es errand, i'll say something a little provocative. as with all things trump, you need to follow the corruption. where is he putting his own
12:13 pm
political interests and family financial bristow interests above the american people or in this case, the american farmer. what we've seen over the years is just recently, actually on election day in 2018, ivanka trump got 16 new patents approved in china. there are many trump business deals in china just like he had business deals in russia. he's very submissive to these dig na torre yal leaders then he lashes out with something brash. enough to give himself cover in the election to pretend that he's being strong when he's being very weak and submissive. one more to the trump corruption that will be prosecuted by democratic candidates on many issues in the 2020 debate and now we're seeing an unfortunate by-product. it's a lose lose for the people. who win, potentially donald trump, we'll see. >> we'll leave it there. thanks to both of you. appreciate it. >> thank you. still ahead, isis claps responsibility for bombing a wedding in afghanistan. killing dozens. this as president trump weighs whether to pull u.s. troops out of that country.
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welcome back. in hong kong, hundreds of thousands of antigovernment protestors braved torrential rain and a police ban for another weekend of mass demonstrations. this huge and largely peaceful protest follows the ugly scenes of violence tuesday at the
12:18 pm
airport. ben wedeman was in the midst of the crowd and has more on what's driving these demonstrations. >> sunday saw hong kong's second largest protest since these demonstrations began in early june. according to the civil human rights front, which organize d this protest today, 1.7 million people parparticipateded. that's 24% of hong kong's population. these numbers should always be taken with a grain of salt. we haven't heard from the police, their estimates, but what is significant accord iingo the organizers is that this protest and the one on saturday proved that hong kong people can protest peacefully and calmly. so far this weekend, no tear gas has been fired. this is in reaction to the events at the airport, which was
12:19 pm
closed earlier this week for two days. and this was an opportunity for the protest movement to prove that they can do this peacefully. and so far, that has been the case. now what's going on over here is that the protestors for the de facto organizers are telling people go home. go to dinner. we've hamade our point, but it' not clear what comes next. the government isn't budging on the demands of the protestors. the protestors are now saying that when school begins on the 2nd of september, they are going to go on strike. every monday until their demands are met, so plans are being made for this movement to carry on not just in the coming weeks, but for months ahead. i'm ben wedeman, cnn, reporting from hong kong. >> and still ahead, isis claiming responsibility for a horrific bombing at a wedding
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there has been a devastating attack in afghanistan. 63 are dead and 182 wounded after a suicide bomb was debt fated at a weddinging celebration in kabul.
12:24 pm
isis is taking responsibility saying it was targeting shia muslims. becky anderson has more and we want to warn you, this report is disturbing. >> a pile of victims' shoes, blood coating chairs, all in a shattered banquet hall. in afghanistan's unend l maelstrom of violence, this is how weddings can end. >> translator: i've lost hope. i lost my brother, my friends who came to join my wedding party. >> the day after his wedding party, the groom recounts what happened when a suicide bomber snuckd a massive bomb that had been strapped to his body, shaking the neighborhood. >> translator: i was in the wedding party when a blast occurred. it was very powerful and the situation was terrible. >> translator: we were sitting in our home when the strong sound of the blast came up. we came to the site of the blast and i saw that many women and children were screaming and
12:25 pm
crying. many mar tirs ainjured people were transferred by the ambulances and it was a really terrible situation. >> it's not unfamiliar. in afghanistan, death is a familiar business. murdered by terrorism at night, the next morning, families already bury iing their dead. as the wounded badly hurt, st g struggle to cling to life in delap tated hospitals while afghan suffered through the bloodshed, the politics of finger pointing goes on. the taliban condemning the attack, deny any involvement. but afghanistan's president insists the group must share in the blame. saying quote, they provide a platform for terrorists and later, as it often does, isis claiming responsibility. but offering no evidence. this latest episode of violence, horrific, but unsurprise iing at is, comes as peace talks seem on the cusp of coming together.
12:26 pm
america could be about to agree to pulling out its forces. the deal is supposedly meant to be finalized in the coming days. yet it is unclear what that will mean for ordinary people. the country is driven by religious and political factions, flooded with weapons, not to mention, battle hardened fighters, all after nearly 20 years of american involvement. everything that seems certain looking ahead is that these will be far from the last innocent deaths in afghanistan. becky anderson, cnn, lonen. >> this weekend's attack comes as the trump administration dials up peace talks and the president himself says he wants u.s. troops to be out of the country. but lindsey graham, a trumpal high and member of the senate foreign relations committee is pushing back on that idea. >> every national security
12:27 pm
adviser for president trump is recommending unanimously that if we do a peace agreement with a taliban, we must maintain the ability to have a counterterrorism force with intel capability as long as conditions on the ground warrant. the idea of leaving it a date certain is a disaster for the united states because isis andal al qaeda will regenerate. zpl i want to bring in lieutenant general hurtling and daily beast contributor, kim. good to see you both. so general, is a quick pull out from afghanistan a, with with a clear time b table, a good idea? >> with a clear timetable with some conditions, yes. conditions based, that would be a good idea. we've been fighting this war for 19 years, but you're going to see over the next couple of weeks, fred, there's going to be debate on both sides. many people are going to be saying it's the longest war ever
12:28 pm
we've got to get out. where the other wills say we have to leave some kind of residual force as senator graham said some type of counterterrorism force and that's critically important. we don't know the details of what's been negotiated with the ambassador and the taliban. whatever it was, it was certainly a complex negotiation because he had to deal with a force, the taliban, a government entity if you will, that's grow ing in strength as well as an afghan government that hasn't been part of those deliberations that's declining in strent and with a lack of a security force. so there has to be some type of counterterrorism potential within afghanistan and the only one that can provide that is the united states not only with shooters, but also with intelligence! and so kim, you know a peace deal with the taliban would include a cease fire, but the taliban is fractureded. the afghan government has really been part of the negotiations, so could any peace deal really
12:29 pm
happen? >> well, from my own reporting, a peace deal is close, but not in a form that most people would recognize it. the cease fire would be selective. taliban contacts have told me they won't fire on u.s. troops who are packing up and leaving, but if the u.s. troops who are still staying and patrolling, they're fair game. afghan national securities are fair game and at the heart of it what still needs to be decided in the coming days or weeks where the talks are going to take place again is the size of that counterterrorism force if it stays at all. people like senator graham have stress ed to president trump wh has made it known to am bathe ambassador, there is a concern that we, that u.s. should not agree to wrap up all its counterterrorism forces along with its conventional forces some time next year. but from the taliban's point of view they can't sit down for the next round of talks with the
12:30 pm
afghan government and others until they tell their followers we have secured the departure of all foreign troops. and then on top of all that, the ambassador has been b trying to reassure people, afghans, europeans and officials here, don't worry. in a few month's time, if we're in the middle of packing up and the taliban aren't honoring the agreement they made with us, we can freeze this and turn it around. there are a lot of skeptics who think this president isn't going to do that. >> so then general, if the majority of the troops are pulled out and there are some that remain, how does the size, how do you determine the correct size of that force? >> you don't, fred. that's a key point. i'd like to pring up another piece. you know there are about 14,000 u.s. forces in afghanistan. and rumor has been well they
12:31 pm
draw down to between 8 and 9,000 or withdraw. that's not considering there's also about 17,000 partner forces from various, from 39 different nato nations that are conducting training. they're going to be watching what the u.s. does. if the u.s. pulls out completely, they will pull out completely and it will be bar the door at that point. kim brings up an interesting point as part of the dynamics o of the negotiation. the taliban saying hey, if the american troops are k pabing up and we see them doing that, we won't shoot at them, but everyone else is is fair game. how do you tell that on the ground? you just don't throw up your hands and say hey, i'm not doing anything, i'm just packing, leave me alone. it will be massively confusing on the ground for the waring forces. then you also have the dynamic between are these taliban forces in conjunction with afghan security and government against the united states? is there confusion? does the afghan government think that we have actually thrown
12:32 pm
them under a bus to a degree by dealing only with the taliban? there are all sort of complex dynamics to this that haven't been addressed real well. >> all right. general, kim, thanks to both of you. appreciate it. >> thank you. all right up next, democrats running for president. a dash to south carolina, hoping to gain support from a key voting block in a key primary state. but what do voters want to see the candidates bring to the table? four lines, it's all included for the whole family, starting with unlimited data. use as much as you want, when you want. and if you like netflix, it's included on us. plus no surprises on your bill. taxes and fees are included. and now for a limited time, with each new line, get one of our latest smartphones included. that's right, only $40/line for four lines and smartphones are included for the whole family. imagine. megared omega-3 power for your whole body.
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right now, three of the top five democratic presidential candidates are in south carolina courting the african-american vote which makes up 60% of that e key primary state's electorate. and they're making their pitches to south carolina voters. >> might it not be a better idea to start taking some of that $80 billion spent to lock people up and maybe just maybe start investing in our young people. investing in good education for our kids. investing in job training for our kids. so they don't end up in jail in the first place. >> national security in the 21st century means dealing with cybersecurity and election securitiment it means keeping us safe in the face of violent white nationalism that is a threat to us here in the homeland.
12:37 pm
it means making sure that the second amendment is never twisted into an excuse not to act on common sense gun safety reform that we need in order to be secure in our communities. >> i finished my four year diploma and became a special needs teacher. i've lived my dream job. the best. never in a million years did i think i would end up running for office. first for the united states senate. for massachusetts. and now for president of the united states. but the reason i do is i have been call ed to act. not just to see good, but to act. >> cnn's layla santiago is covering these campaign pushes in south carolina. so layla, what are voters saying? how are they reacting to these candidates being right in front of them? >> yeah. so i talked to a few voters. those who saw her speak from the
12:38 pm
pulpit said she was now on their short list. you know this is something that she's really been trying to focus on. court uing that black votement on friday, she was at the black church pack then yesterday at aiken at a predominantly black church and talked about something you typically don't hear her mention in her stump speech she talked about faith and then took the opportunity to sort of introduce herself an tell people her personal story. >> social security. it's one of the things. our retirement. and just basically keeping the economy going. if the economy is good, then everybody seem to be a little bit of pie. >> she was trying to let us know how show grew up and we kind of grew up the same way.
12:39 pm
i live right down the street. i grew up right down the street so i knew exactly what she was talk iing about and how you kno to be in the community and tb be a part of the community. >> and so what you just heard rebah say there, that she e connected with warren, that is gold for these campaigns and these candidates that are trying to find any way to connect with voters here, specifically the black community because they make up more than 60% of the electorate here for the democratic primary. whether or not that works, we'll have to wait and see what actually happens when i ask most people about it, they said it's too early to make a stigs. >> all right. layla, thank you so much. in colombiumbia u, south caroli. still to come as we see a spike in hate crimes in the u.s., one state lawmaker wants students to learn about the history of hate symbols. we'll ask him why he thinks it's so important, next. [ music: "i am" by club yoko plays ]
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all right, the past month the country has come face-to-face with hate crime b and white nationalism with deadly consequences. two weeks ago in el paso, texas, a man killed 22 at a walmart and police say he admitted to targeting immigrants. just yesterday, far right and far left extremist groups faced off in portland, oregon. one of those groups, the proud boys as they call themselves, has been dedes designated a hate group by the southern poverty law center. fear of violence at the duelling rally forced businesses to close and the mayor to urge residents to stay in their homes. then earlier this month in new york, anti-semitic graffiti was found sprawled across a park pavilion in long island and now, one democratic state senator is taking action. he is introducing a bill that would require six through 12th graders to learn about the meaning of hate symbols and he's joining me right now. good to see you. >> thank you. >> so talk to me about you know,
12:45 pm
if this is an issue in your view of a teaching history differently in schools. >> sure. i think government has to have a lot of weapons at its disposal to deal with this and i think prevention has to be one of them and education can be a huge part of that. when the district attorney in my area has arrested people for hate graffiti, a lot of time, it's youngsters and a lot of time, they're not even really understanding of the gravity of their actions or sometimes what the symbols even mean. >> so how do you know that? why is it you feel that some of these people are using this without knowing what it evokes? >> sure, because i mean look, they know they're doing something wrong, but when you talk to the actual prosecutors and law enforcement officers who debrief some of the people after they're arrested, you know they don't even really know what they're doing and after they're sent to this very interesting diversion program that we have here on long island, where kids
12:46 pm
have to go to the holocaust museum and learn, many are ashamed and astounded at their own actions. we're graduating many who don't know the history of the noose or the swaths kai and holocaust. so if we're able to incorporate teaching about the symbols and hate speech general ly, we'll have a much more educated populous and a lot less of the extreme hate behavior. >> so you're talking about legislating history being taught when there's a presumption tra in schools, american history is is is taught and you were saying it's either o not being done effectively and that is happening to promote using symbols they don't understand
12:47 pm
the meaning of. >> the social studies teachers i've talked to are really xooted about this. the haul cost is something they believe they don't teach enough about and when we talk b about retruxover jim crow, there are many who don't understand the significance of the noose. this isn't rocket science. this is basic, but spending some time learning about these sym l symbols is very, very important and good government means putting the traffic light on the corner not after and inn we're doing everything we can we should be trying to get at white supremacists and other people who are trying to use hate to motivate their actions. you just announced a number of arrests over the weekend, but went to have young people that don't go there and education has to be a part of that. >> can it be legislated how young people are going to be taught these things responsibly. >> sure. we have all types of requirements. even that the holocaust should be taught in schools, which is appropriate and necessary. they' there are all types of th that we make young people learn about. adding the word certain symbols
12:48 pm
to that requirement is not onerous. something that should be done. to know that in this day and age because we have young people not understanding this history is extremely troubling and it's something we can't forget. we're not learning from history. we're certainly going to repeat it and to have young people not even know what a swats kai means or what it comes from is very troubling and something we can do something about. >> new york state senator, thank you so much for your time. >> thank you so much for having me on. coming up, he's wu of the funniest people on television, but his life was not always full of laughs. stephen colbert opens up in a revealing interview next. discover card.
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as families across the country lay their loved ones to arrest after the recent mass shootings, grief is on the minds of so many americans. the late show's stephen colbert lost his father and two brothers in a plane crash when he was just 10. he sat down with cnn's anderson cooper who recently lost his mother. here's a portion of that interview. >> you told an interviewer that you have learned to love the thing that i most wish had not happen happened. you went on to say, what punishments of god are -- -- >> yes. it's a gift to exist. it's a gift to exist. and with existence comes suffering. there's no escaping that.
12:53 pm
and i guess i'm either a catholic or a buddhist when i say that because i've heard that from both traditions. but i didn't learn it that i was grateful for the thing i most wish hadn't happened is that i realized it. is that -- and it's an oddly guilty feeling. >> it doesn't mean you're happy -- >> i don't want it to have happened. i want it to not have happened, but if you are grateful for your life, which i think is a positive thing to do. not everybody is. i am not always. but it's the most positive thing to do. then you have to be grateful for all of it. you can't pick and choose what you're grateful for and then, so what do you get from loss? you get awareness of other people's loss. >> that's true. empathy. >> which allows you to connect to that other person, which allows you to love more deeply and to understand what it's like
12:54 pm
to be a human being if it's true that all humans suffer. my parents' anniversary is around now. i'm not exactly sure. 1943, i think. so -- and mom and dad would be 100 at this point this year, or next year. we don't celebrate their anniversary. and i thought, why don't we celebrate their anniversary. we should celebrate their anniversary. why don't we celebrate pops and mimi's anniversary. mom's parents? why don't we celebrate their anniversary. we owe our existence to all the people that came behind us and that anniversary was so important to those people. it seems odd that that important celebratory happy thing just gets lost by the next generation. we're not talking about their history. we're not necessarily celebrating their lives. and that's like a responsibility that we have. you just can't do it all. >> i have to look up the date of my dad's birthday, but i can tell you his death day. and those are the days that i
12:55 pm
think about. and i think i feel like that's totally inverted and wrong that i have a friend whose brother died by suicide. and he was saying, i had a cake for my brother's birthday. it just blew me away that he would do that. i mean, i like that idea, but it's not something -- i don't know. i'm not sure that i can. >> i have a friend, allison silverman, who suggested i light a candle on the anniversary of my mother's death every year and think about her. and i do that. >> i mean, i was going to talk about democratic candidates, but -- >> they're all great. all of the democratic candidates are fantastic. i would vote for any of them. any of them! >> but it's interesting when you -- >> i talked to biden recently and watched the interview that you do with biden. communicating with him about loss and about grief, he's -- he is, whatever you think of his politics, he is extraordinary in his ability and willingness to
12:56 pm
connect with you on loss. to connect with other people. >> cannot doubt that the guy has a good heart. >> and you can watch the entire conversation between anderson and stephen colbert, tonight 8:00 eastern on cnn. ♪ ♪ applebee's handcrafted burgers now with endless fries starting at $7.99. and get more bites for your buck with late night half-priced apps. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. motor? nope. not motor?
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hello again. thank you for joining me. i'm fredricka whitfield. cnn is learning laumts m ining may have thwarted as many as three mass shootings in the last five days. in florida, an arrest caught on camera of a man deputies say was fascinated with mass shootings. according to investigators, the man detailed plans to, quote, shoot as many people as he could in a large crowd. police reportedly hailing that man's ex-girlfriend as a hero saying she tipped them off. and in connecticut, the fbi arrested another man in his 20s after receiving a tip that he was attempting to purchase large capacity rifle magazines from out of state. upon raiding his home, authorities say they found a stockpile of illegal weapons, including rifles, a handgun and titanium body armor. and in ohio, the fbi


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