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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  August 19, 2019 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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series. monett'ne davis has moved on to college softball. but freking has no plans to switch to softball. >> i think that's a good decision. thank you very much. so a week after he publicly broke with the president on our program, does anthony scaramucci think other republicans will join him and when? "new day" continues right now. > foreign capital coming to the best game on the globe, the trump economy. >> i sometimes stay up at night worrying about what the future does hold. what do you tell your children that want to farm? >> i sure don't see a recession. >> people are nervous. this is an administration that projects instability. we must as a country buy those weapons, take them off the streets. >> we have strong background checks right now. >> three potential mass shootings foiled by police. >> all three have the commonality of having the desire to have the means to kill lots of people very quickly. >> disturbing posts in light of what we saw take place in el
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paso and dayton, ohio. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. this is "new day" and we begin with mixed messages on the economy. markets around the world are rebounding as the white house down plays any troubling signs. a new survey out this morning shows 34% of economists predict a recession by 2021. that is up nine points from february. american farmers tell us that they are feeling the brunt of president trump's trade war as his trade adviser claims tariffs are not hurting anyone in the united states despite research and those first hand accounts from farmers. >> also this morning, we have important new developments in the battle against gun violence in this country. this morning the president seems to be back peddling on the meaningful background checks. but now he says something very,
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very different. we will play you what he said and why it's a big shift from where he was just a few days ago. >> okay. and could we see someone new within the gop somehow force president trump off the ticket in 2020 or might he leave of his own accord at least one big name republican says some inside the trump administration have had enough. >> there are many people inside the white house and in the cabinet. i would ask the left to let's create an offramp for those people. because when you're trying to deprogram people from a cult, one of the first things you have to do is allow them to change their mind. >> okay. we begin this hour with that same republican anthony scaramucci, former white house communications director and author of "trump: the blue collar president." anthony, happy monday. >> welcome back, alisyn. how are you? >> i'm doing well.
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you have obviously fallen off the trump train with a loud thud. what you said over the weekend is that there are lots of other republicans who you've spoken to including some vocal supporters in the white house who want to follow suit or who believe in what you're doing. but they need an offramp. can you just tell us what that means, what that looks like? >> so it's -- so it's a little bit like a cycle. i mean, if you can get the cycle started, some people that are fear based due to the president's bullying or the nonsense on his twitter feed or how he handles himself personally, they're intimidated by him. so if we could just get the thing started, you know, one person said, well, if he goes down in the polls or is politically wounded a little bit, i'll feel more comfortable coming out. the truth of the matter is if you come out and say the truth, that will start the process. and so i don't -- it's very tough for most people. i understand that. it's a process for people because it's sort of, like, a
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loyalty trap. you're a republican. you want to serve the president. you love the country. you know the president's unstable, so you're telling reporters i'm here because it would be worse if i wasn't here. it's sort of that sort of rhetoric going on inside the white house, inside the cabinet. and up on capitol hill. they're saying well, i don't want to necessarily get primaried further to the right. what we saw over the week is the balloon is coming out of the president's bombast. the balloon is coming out of his rhetoric. there is an entire song now of -- >> what does that mean? where do you see the balloon deflating? >> okay. so number one, the crowd size, you had reporters there taking pictures of where the people were in the crowd. number two, just listen to him talk or look at the transcript that your reporter kaitlan collins just put out about the way he's rambling and disconnecting sentences and he's acting in a way that is
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irrational and unstable. what do you mean where i see that? look at the nbc/"wall street journal" report where this was even before last week he's in the 40% category on approval rating. and he's 12 points behind any democrat. i mean, that's any democrat. and so the republicans really have to wake up to this. some of them said to me over the weekend, well, what are my alternatives. we can't have elizabeth warren, they'll cut the stock market in half, capital investment will completely dry up. well, no, you can have elizabeth warren if you remove donald trump. if you get a viable candidate -- this is what i've said to people thinking of running in 2024. the time is now. what are you going to do in 2024, that you stood by with no courage to act? you know that the situation is unstable. you know that the president is off his rocker. whap are you going to say in 2024?
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well, well, i knew that but i didn't want to hurt my political prospects in the future so i kept my mouth shut. you have to operate in an environment like this without fear, alisyn. go ahead. you want to ask a skeptical question. >> but let's talk about 2020. because you've made the prediction that you think president trump will drop out of the erase by march. but that sounds like crazy talk. he doesn't -- he seems excited about 2020. he doesn't seem like he's going anywhere. what are you basing that on? >> it's not crazy talk. it's the talk of an entrepreneur that can see the future and with a little help can bend us towards that future. it's really not crazy talk. if you go into the low 30s on your approval rating and you're 20 points behind the democrat, and if you think that's not possible, i've been operating in the capital markets for 31 years. what he's done on the trade situation has totally and completely destabilized the global economy.
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and forget about the farmers for a second. i'm very sympathetic to them, but it's hurting them, but it's hurting the entire capital market system. and so the forecast for a recession now before the election is about 60%. when you invert the yield curve like what happened last week, that's a direct result on the uncertainty. he's desemiabling, becoming more unstable and erratic. the economy is rolling over. and this is not a guy who likes losing. he shows up at the polls down 20-plus percent in march. i think he pulls the plug. be what we have to do right now, you have to offer republicans a viable candidate. and you have to offer them an offramp. it's tough. you're sitting there. you want to be loyal. i was on your show a few weeks ago. you asked would i break from the president if he continue d the with some of the rhetoric that
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many believe racially divided. i'm not calling the president racist. yes, i would break. because this is -- you have to break for your children. i have five children. you can't have the social fabric of the united states disintegrate over one man. >> listen, anthony -- listen. it's very interesting to hear you because you were such a supporter and you worked in the white house. but, you know, as you know, so many people on the democratic side have thought this way for a long time. that the president was tearing at the fabric of the country. but i want to ask you this, anthony. who is that viable alternative? who is the republican you think could garner the support president trump has? >> the good news is you really have until november but you can also skip over the states of iowa, new hampshire, and south carolina and you could work on
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the bigger states. and you could start winning delegates from some of the bigger states that are sour on the president. >> yeah. but look who? give me some names. because i'm just -- i just -- >> well, i don't think it's fair -- >> what about joe walsh? former congressman joe walsh. he was on our air last weekend and he like you is quite vocal now speaking out against the president. so what about him? what about mark sanford speaking out? what about bill weld who is running? any alternatives? >> i'm in the process. i'm a very organized guy and know how to delegate. i'm in a process of putting together a team of people who feel the same way i do. this is not a never trump situation. this is not just a screeching rhetoric. this is, okay, the guy's unstable. everyone inside knows it. everyone outside knows it. let's see if we can find a viable alternative.
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moreover, i've got to get these officials in unity to speak up about it. they know it's a crisis. it goes back to things like the court marshal. if you read that book. everyone was nervous on the boat but it was a fitness to serve question and it became your patriotic duty to speak out. so this is not a never trump sort of thing. this is an organized process. well, again, it would not be fair for me to bring up their names right now. but i will predict that in the middle to late fall, there will be a trove of people that will come together in unity and say, okay, look. this is what's going on. this is how the person's acting. this is why there's nobody inside the white house he's taking any advice from. and so this is what you got to do. if you want five more years of somebody operating at the top of the government all alone, that's up to the united states and the voters to decide that. but at least people in the know
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have to express that to give the voters that information. >> so anthony, when you say that you're compiling a team of people who are like minded, are you considering a run? >> no. i told john berman, i am not considering. i told him last week, i'm running for re-election in my marriage. it's a one-day term. and i thought there were no term limits until john exposed me. now my wife is telling me there are term limits. >> i can't believe you haven't extended that to two days. you've been working on this a long time. >> thank god she loves me again, but the truth is my family is super important to me. i'm a business person. i was trying to help the president of the united states in his campaign and then when he asked me to come in -- i'll be writing a very detailed account of my odyssey of moving from a trump supporter to where i am now which is, you know, it's almost like you're on a board of directors and you're looking at
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a ceo that's gone mad. and you're sitting there saying, gee, should we expose this? like i said last week. should we cover this up? or do we have to clean this up? and responsible people know that they have to clean clings up. >> okay. >> so we're going to put a board together. but no, i have no interest in running for the presidency. >> okay. we'll -- >> i sort of love my life and job and my wife and family. >> got that. we look forward to that op-ed. >> but i love my country, alisyn. let me just say this. i love my country. and it's country over party. don't be a partisan. be a patriot. tell the truth. please, guys. you know -- and you're telling reporters off the record. tell the truth to the american people and you'll feel relieved and your family members that are tells you to tell the truth will feel relieved. >> well, as you know, hogan gidly says you're just doing this now for profit. are you making a profit now that
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you have come out so vocally? >> i mean, this is -- okay. alisyn, this couldn't be more aggravating. okay? i admire hogan because he's doing a very, very tough job. but someone would have to explain to me how i'm profiting from this. moreover as i pointed out yesterday, you know, i had to release all my financial disclosures. i don't need to profit from this. if anything, it hurts because a lot of republicans that are still tight we the president are going to disavow me and the democrats like you just mentioned are like, well, where were you three or four years ago. so i've put myself in no man's land. you have to think about that for a second. why would i do that? put myself in no man's land? because of the country. because of my children. because i know what's going on inside is horrific. remember the his or her rorror
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we were kids? everyone is hiding. no one wants to deal with the monster. then the monster is reeking havoc in the movie and so then you have to take on the monster. we're in the early stages of that situation. i don't want to be doing this. hogan is wrong about that. >> very quickly, we only have a few seconds left, but aren't you the cautionary tale? if you're saying you've lost friends, if you're saying you have on some level become a pariah, aren't you -- >> no, i'm not saying that. come on. you know and you're teaching your kids this. you've got five or ten friends in your life. everyone else is a good acquaintance. i'm not saying i've lost real friends. i'm saying i've been disavowed. getting lit up with text messages from people in the tank for the president. the flip side is they don't know what i know. so i'm going to put a coalition of people together to explain what's going on. then like minded people, i believe, will change their mind and seek an alternative, somebody that's way more normal
4:15 am
that can embrace all of the same policies but strain out all the badness going on in the country. remember, a recession is a bone break. but a tearing of the social fabric is metastatic cancer. >> all right. anthony scaramucci, thank you always. fascinating to get your perspective on this. >> welcome back, alisyn. thank you. >> thank you, anthony. all right. interesting. so last week's presidential speech in front of pennsylvania union workers with looked a heck of a lot like a campaign rally. now reports those in attendance were forced to attend. coming up, we're going to speak to tabout what are the rules wih this? should the campaign be forking other catch for this? stick around. here... or, here. kick your antacid habit with prilosec otc. one pill a day, 24 hours, zero heartburn.
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credit cards and cameras. and people inside from accidentally visiting sites that aren't secure. and if someone trys we'll let you know. xfi advanced security. if it's connected, it's protected. call, click, or visit a store today. all right. moments ago anthony scaramucci was talking about putting together a coalition of people including republicans to try to challenge president trump in a primary. on this show in the last seven days we had former congressman joe walsh saying he hasn't ruled out a primary challenge to
4:20 am
president trump. mark sanford said he will decide by labor day whether he primaries president trump. so -- >> bill weld is running. >> sorry, governor, we left you out. my former governor there is running already. when does this become a real threat to president, if ever? joining us now is michael smerconish and paul begala. paul, is this real now? and what would it take for it to be a genuine threat against president trump? >> no and a miracle. >> next question. >> they're not going to have a successful primary to donald trump. they may damage him or wound him. i don't think it would be anything at all like for example what pat buchanan did to george h.w. bush many years ago. it's not going to happen. if mr. scaramucci and other disaffected trump republicans,
4:21 am
they want to get rid of president trump, they need to find a home in the democratic party. and more importantly the democratic party needs to find a home for them. democratic party is the party of inclusion. they need to reach out and include disaffected republicans. that's how they won the house. but they're not going to challenge donald trump in his own party. he could -- remember he tragically stupidly but accurately said he could shoot a guy on 5th avenue and not lose votes. we know that's true. dick cheney shot a guy and didn't lose vote. >> he already had no more elections in front of him. >> in terms of the being embraced by the democrats, because that is what anthony is talking about. the left needs to provide them an offramp. what he was saying was stop criticizing republicans, be m withing to republicans. sort of open your arms to know that they are ready to jump ship and so he's suggesting what you are so maybe you agree there
4:22 am
will be no challenger to president trump. however, what he says is high profile republicans will come forward, he believes. he has spoken to former cabinet members. and if high profile cabinet membe members against president trump, would that have an impact? >> no. the only thing that would have an impact based on what he just said is whether you have a majority of the current cabinet stand up and say something. when we made the first thought, what was he talking about? well, we have a process for this. it's called the 25th amendment. it requires the majority of the cabinet and two-thirds of each house. that's not in the cards.
4:23 am
it's interesting to me. and paul brought it up. because it's very -- no president has ever lost in a primary. i mean, yes, lyndon johnson was pushed out. he ultimately bailed. but there is a long record of presidents being damaged by primaries. you brought up pat buchanan. there was ted kennedy against carter. it can leave a mark. so you don't even see the possibility of it leaving a mark? >> no. and here's why. in the case of all three of those buchanan, kennedy, and reagan, they came from the id logical base of the party. they caused the incumbent of not being enough of a party base.
4:24 am
donald trump is good at holding the base. what democrats need to listen to is they need to create an offramp. this is how nancy pelosi won the house. she first recruited great candidates. democrats need great candidates. i think there's a lot of talent in that field. but then they ran in trump districts on a message that welcomed and included republicans. i mean, i'm a catholic. i'm a pope francis catholic. we're seeking out converts every day. we're not hunting down heretics. >> michael, your thoughts? >> how do i follow that? i think he's absolutely right. i also think part of what much was saying was it depends what kind of a democrat was nominated. there needs to be an appeal that are not far to the left. this old practicality versus real progressivism that plays out in the party as elizabeth warren is having a real
4:25 am
ascension, i think, and is posing the most significant threat to joe biden. could the type of individual that anthony scaramucci is describing find appeal with elizabeth warren? it's an open question. >> could i declare massachusetts privilege here and ask about what i thought was the most interesting article in the last week. joe kennedy is considering a primary challenge or hasn't ruled it out against senator ed markey of massachusetts. now, these are both well-known names in the commonwealth. i think what this speaks to is something bigger happening inside the democratic party. something generational happening inside the democratic party. you think that congressman kennedy will do it? and what does it tell us about the broader picture here? >> i don't think he will do it but there is a change. you saw presley take on capuano. capuano was a terrific progressive but a tradition mall prerogative. and pressley came in with all
4:26 am
this energy and knocked him out. that's really impressive. it's a hard thing to do. i think joe kennedy may be looking at that same sort of generational change. there is arrestiveness in the party. if you want to be a successful democrat, you have to be successful with those under 30. 65-plus, that's mr. trump's base. if we want to cut into that, pointing out that he's trying to cut medicare might be great. right now the generational heart of the republican party, young people, joe kennedy can appeal to them. >> michael, paul, thank you very much. all right. "the washington post" by their count the president has made more than 12,000 false or misleading claims. and now the head of one powerful government agency is calling the president's bluff. when it comes to claims about voter fraud. we'll talk to the chair of the s.e.c. next. ♪
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so this morning there is no evidence of mass voter fraud in new hampshire in 2016. and there never has been. and now a key government official is calling on president trump to produce evidence for these claims that he continues to make. >> many, many people voted that shouldn't have been voted. some people voted many times. what i'm saying is we need voter identification. we need voter id. >> so that was just yesterday. it follows a similarly baseless claim during a rally last week in new hampshire. our next guest says it's time for the president to put his money where his mouth is. joining us now is ellen winetrop
4:32 am
the chair of the federal election admission. chair, thank you for being with us. you wrote a letter to the president that said our democracy depends on the election process. your voter fraud claims undermine that. you have not provided any proof of these allegations. there comes a time when you need to lay your cards on the table or fold. why did you write this to the president? >> hi, john. facts matter. and people of america need to be able to believe what their leaders tell them. it is damaging to our democracy to spread information that as you yourself just scribed desc baseless. there was no rampant voter fraud in 2016 or any previous election. people have studied this. academics have studied this. the government has studied this. democrats have studied this. republicans have studied this. and no one can find any evidence
4:33 am
of rampant voter fraud either historically or particularly in the 2016 elections. i think it is damaging to our democracy to spread information like that as if there is no proof. now, if there is proof, then we really need to be taking action about that these are serious allegations. law enforcement should be involved. but if there is no proof, these things shouldn't be said. >> has the white house responded to your request for further information? >> not so much. >> has the white house ever and i mean including the commission chaired by mike pence produced any evidence and handed over to you the federal election commission of fraud in new hampshire or california rather placed in 2016? >> no. and i'm not aware of them handing any evidence over to the local law enforcement authorities who would have jurisdiction over what happened in their own states. it's -- in fact, i've heard from folks at the state and local level who wereoffended by this.
4:34 am
they thought it was insulting to the way they ran their elections in each and every state to suggest that they would allow this kind of rampant voter fraud to go on. i've heard from people who said, you know, i was at the polling stations. there were no buses. we didn't have room in the parking lots for these kinds of buses. and this kind of information really to put out information that has no proof, has no evidence behind it, it's damaging to our democracy. >> how? >> it causes paeople to lose faith. it causes people to question the results. we have some threats to our democracy right now. there are threats from abroad that our national intelligence community has been warning about. there are bipartisan bills in congress that cannot get votes, that cannot get through congress that would address the serious and real threats to our democracy. that's where we need to be focusing on our attention. to be suggesting to people that if the candidate that they don't like -- if they candidate they choose doesn't win, that it's because of fraud, that
4:35 am
undermines our democracy. it undermines people's faith. once that faith is broken, it is hard to build it up again. >> since we have you here, no better to ask. the president did an event last week in pennsylvania in western pennsylvania where he spoke at a company. this was an official white house event. yet a lot of what he spoke from the podium seemed to be about the campaign and his re-election. listen to this. >> i'm going to speak to some of your union leaders to say, i hope you're going to support trump. okay? and if they don't, vote them the hell out of office because they're not doing their job. it's true. vote them out of office. >> again, this was a white house event, a government event, a taxpayer funded event. what is the law between what is a political event and a
4:36 am
government event? >> i would not want to opine on any particular issue that could become the subject of a complaint to the commission. it would be inappropriate for me to weigh in on that in advance. i can just say as a general matter, that government activities and campaign activities are supposed to be kept separate. under campaign finance laws, under ethics rules. there's supposed to be separate. it's a difficult determination sometimes. it's not always obvious in every circumstance what's official and what is. a lot of people think everything an office holder does is political. i don't want to weigh in on any particular fact and circumstances. >> i understand you don't want to talk about the specifics here and you correctly note that every president comes under some accusation for mixes events. president trump himself accused barack obama of using air force
4:37 am
one for his -- but the campaigns reimburse for events deemed political. why is this -- why is a campaign reimbursing the treasury when an event is deemed political? >> well, in the broader possible terms, you don't want to have taxpayer dollars supporting an individual candidate's campaign outside of the now largely obsolete public funding system that has its own sets of rules. you don't -- it's a concept called the abuse of state resources. and it's something that countries throughout the world worry about. whether the party and power is going to use the resources that are available to them. and this is true not just the presidency but at the state and local level. and members of congress. you don't want to have the incumbents have the -- in addition to the inherited value
4:38 am
of incumbency, to advance their own campaigns. >> you said you don't want to have a complaint. has there been a complaint on this? zb i'm not going to comment on that either. >> thank you for being with us this morning. >> thank you so much. >> so glad we had her on. meanwhile, there's a lot of talk about greenland lately. but there is more to this arctic island than meets the eye. the incredible work above and beneath the ice to address the global climate crisis. that story coming up. 12 hours? 20 dogs? where's your belly rubs? after a day of chasing dogs you shouldn't have to chase down payments. (vo) send invoices and accept payments to get paid twice as fast. (danny) it's time to get yours! (vo) quickbooks. backing you.
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ya i don't even know your phone anymore... excuse me?! what? i don't know your phone number. aw well. he doesn't know our phone number! you have our fax number, obviously... today's xfinity service. simple. easy. awesome. i'll pass. there were severe storms along the east coast overnight ripping trees from the ground in north carolina. you can see some of the aftermath on your screen. also the summer heat is gripping the area and it will for several days while more than 30 inches of rain have fallen in parts of florida. chad myers is keeping his eyes
4:43 am
on all of this for us. how's this week looking? >> pretty humid. i mean, pretty summerlike, for sure, alisyn. heat index today around new york city is going to be 101. farther south, warmer than that. it's the heat and humidity. also there's going to be showers and storms behind it. the same humidity that caused many storms in south carolina could cause more today. philadelphia going to feel like 101. down to d.c., 103. same story in baltimore. take it easy this afternoon. but the good news is there'll be a line of weather. the bad news is some of those storms may contain some wind that could knock down some of those older trees. the ones that don't have a good roots system anymore or maybe a few termites inside. those are the ones that are going to fall down today with the storms. look at the heat index in little rock today, 106. we are in the middle of what would be considered meteorological summer. 20 to 30 inches of rain in the big bend north of tampa over the weekend. we'll see a few more showers
4:44 am
today. but i think most of this is just about done. take the heat for a couple more weeks and then finally we're on the down slide to fall. >> don't rush it, chad. let's savor the last few moments of summer. thank you very much. so an iranian oil tanker is back in the sea this morning after it was detained for more than a month in gibraltar. british marines seized this ship after it was suspected of taking oil to syria in violation of eu sanctions. the u.s. tried but failed to block its release. the number of cases of lung disease possibly caused by vaping has jumped to more than 120 in at least 15 states. this is according to a cnn survey of state health departments. last week only three states reported a few dozen cases. health officials say it's still unclear whether vaping definitely caused these illnesses which led to multiple people being hospitalized.
4:45 am
president trump wants to buy greenland. greenland says it's not for sale. but american researchers are on greenland right now tracking melting glaciers and rising sea levels. cnn's fred pleitgen got a first-hand look at what nasa is doing in greenland and what it means for the rest of the planet. what are they looking at there? >> reporter: it was really interesting. they were telling us when many people think of ice melt because of global warming, they essentially think of hotter air temperatures like a blow-dryer hitting a large ice cube. but they say there's so much going on under water because of hotter water temperatures out there. that's also causing attrition especially of the glaciers in greenland. and that's going to affect us all. here's what nasa showed us. takeoff from a tiny airfield in south greenland. nasa embarking on its mission to map how warmer ocean water is melting arctic ice.
4:46 am
chief scientist josh willis shows me the probes they're launching all around greenland. it's like dropping thermometers into the sea. >> they go out of the plane right through this tube right here. they fall down to the ocean. then they separate into two parts. one part falls all the way to the sea floor. it gives a profile from the bottom. >> reporter: we've reached today's drop zone. what you're seeing from the cockpit camera, it's just the ice the glacier has lost in the past days. this goes on for miles. it is awe inspiring to see the size of this glacier, to see how much ice is coming off that glacier that's obviously then going to flow into the world's oceans. it is one of the largest glaciers in greenland. the amount of activity is overwhelming. but the scientists spot an ice-free zone at the mouth of
4:47 am
the glacier. it's unusual. with great precision, they have to drop a probe right in that pond. >> three, two, one. drop, drop, drop. 14 away. i see water. >> reporter: bullseye. >> in the drink. perfect. >> reporter: i saw it, yeah. but the readouts they get are troubling. warm water along the entire depth of the glacier. more than 2,000 feet below the surface. >> these warm waters now are in direct contact with the ice. over its entire face. . super charging. >> reporter: it's not just this glacier. the ice has been melting in all of greenland. they're on pace for ice melt here in the arctic. it's not just hotter air but also warmer ocean water that's causing a lot of the attrition
4:48 am
that's making these glaciers lose so much ice. and while it may look majestic, the ice melt is also dangerous. these billions of tons of ice are causing sea levels to rise. the scientists from nasa's oceans melting greenland project saying all of us need to pitch in to try and slow down global warming or face the consequences. >> there's enough ice in greenland to raise sea levels by 7 1/2 meters. it's an enormous amount of ice. that's about 25 feet. that would be devastating to coastlines all around the planet. >> reporter: the changes to our planet's environment can already clearly be seen here in greenland. a remote arctic paradise whose warming climate will affect us all. and i can tell you guys, flying around there and just seeing
4:49 am
that area is a really humbling experience. and if you talk to the folks there, they say the glaciers there have already gone back, already receded considerably. nasa is going to keep dropping those probes for a couple more weeks. but they say the readouts they're already getting is saying it's not just the air having a big effect but the warm water there also having a big effect driving that ice melt. >> this is the issue i think of greatest concern to the people in greenland. when the world talks about greenland, this is the area of biggest concern. not some other things that have been in the news lately. thank you for the look at the situation there. a suicide bombing at a wedding threatening to disrupt peace negotiations in afghanistan. a look at where the talks go from here. that's next. you can adjust your comfort on both sides your sleep number setting. can it help us fall asleep faster? yes, by gently warming your feet. but can it help keep us asleep? absolutely, it intelligently senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both effortlessly comfortable. so you can really promise better sleep.
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is the united states any closer to ending its 18 year long war in afghanistan. over the weekend peace talks between the u.s. and taliban were rocked by a suicide bombing at a wedding that left 63 people
4:54 am
dead and 200 people injured. >> president trump says we cannot let afghanistan become a laboratory for terror by with drawing u.s. forces prematurely. joining us susan glasser, staff writer for new yorker, cnn global affairs analyst. she has a review, and that's an understatement. new profile by secretary of state mike pompeo we'll get to in a moment. starting with afghanistan, specifically as a negotiation, what do you see as a significance of this moment? >> well, look, first of all, the timing of this terrible attack in kabul is not an accident. what's interesting is the attribution to the islamic state, a reminder we've seen the forms of these terrorist groups morph over the years. declarations of victory are premature. there's this enormous worry we could be repeating history in any kind of peace deal or american withdrawal. this is exactly what happened at the end of the soviet war in
4:55 am
afghanistan back in the '90s essentially. the soviets with drew, which meant that the americans withdraw. chaos and mayhem ensued. al qaeda rose, in effect, out of that vacuum. that's exactly the scenario that you see trump administration officials right now worried about in the risks of balancing wanting to leave after 18 years in a sense that there's no victory you can declare. the pictures are just awful and a reminder that afghanistan is not the stable place that we would want it to be. >> of course any conversation about afghanistan or so many places worldwide, secretary of state mike pompeo. your profile is so fascinating to watch his metamorphosis from trump critic to most loyal cheerleader. i want to get into how that happened and how the president believes him now when he acts as
4:56 am
the most loyal cheerleader or really has changed. first, let's remind people back in march of 2016, during the campaign, mike pompeo was a marco rubio supporter. so here he is at a caucus in wichita, kansas, criticizing donald trump. listen to this. >> donald trump the other day said that, quote, if he tells a soldier to commit a war crime, the soldier will just go do it. he says they will do as i tell them to do. we've spent seven and a half years with an authoritarian president who ignored our constitution. we don't need four more years of that. now is the time for this campaign to pivot. it's time to turn down the lights on the circus. >> was that the real mike pompeo or is what we see today the real mike pompeo? >> well, you know, it's a great question. i think the nature of the republican party's flip-flop on donald trump is so breathtaking that we tend to forget, in fact,
4:57 am
or we're inured to how breathtaking it is. in particular pompeo was an obscure congressman in wichita, very little known at the time. that speech did not get a lo lot of attention in the caucuses. his candidate marco rubio was smoked. he finished third place in the caucuses. donald trump within a few months pompeo had changed his tune dramatically. my report shows he was seeking out a job in the trump administration. he was hoping to become either cia director or isn't of the army. to me this is also a story of the breathtaking fast rise and really lack of vetting that has been the case in many of these members of congress or members of the trump cabinet who have come almost from nowhere. so those traditional vetting accountability over a long period in public life, donald trump seemed to know very little or nothing about mike pompeo when he brought him into his
4:58 am
administration. >> what's interesting to me is that now you write that you have people, sources telling you he's the most sycophant and on s.e.c. wes peop -- obsequious person around the president. the question is what is he getting for that? how is he influencing the president on foreign policy. >> that guess to the heart of the question. to what end? is he the only adult if the room now that jim mattis is gone? i had some members of foreign policy establishment told me pompeo has reached out. his private, much less combative, much less will to talk to critics of the president, talking to democrats and members of the republican establishment who are never trumpers, who tobt lidon't like trump in private. is he the adult in the room or conversely the most conservative idealogically driven secretary of state we've had in modern
4:59 am
times. that's a real division, goes to lack of transparency of the administration. look, this is a guy we just don't know very much about. he's rewritten his biography several times. >> literally. literally taken stuff out of his biography before key moments in his career. >> i'm just wondering, john, why did you leave out the last line. >> you can read it if you want to. >> where they describe what body part mike pompeo seeks out of the president. on that note, i'll leave that as a tease. everybody should read the fantastic profile. it is in the august 26th edition of the new yorker. susan, thank you very much. and thanks to international viewers for watching. "cnn newsroom" with max foster is next. four our u.s. viewers "new day" continues right now. i don't see a recession. >> we're doing tremendously well. >> this trade war is not working. it is hammering the hell out of farmers across this country.
5:00 am
>> our economy is soaring. it's the best it's ever been. >> people don't realize, we have very strong background checks now. >> the vast majority of americans still having for the done. >> three potential mass shootings filed by police. >> they are finding the community online. the fbi is nervous about this threat. >> announcer: this is "new day" with alisyn camerota and john berman. >> good morning. welcome to "new day," august 19th, 8:00 in the east. it certainly seems as if the president is retreating on gun legislation again. just ten days after calling for meaningful background checks, the president is now arguing or seems to be arguing that the status quo might be enough. >> people don't realize, we have very strong background checks right now. you go in to buy a gun, you have to sign up. there are a lot of backgro


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