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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  August 28, 2019 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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thing they need. then all eyes will be on florida. everyone from miami to savannah, georgia, needs to be on alert good morning as dorian is forecast to gain strength to a category-two storm before it makes landfall in the governor is preparing people to prepare now. let's begin our coverage with cnn's chad myers with the new forecast track. what sit, chad? >> it is to the east side of puerto rico. almost a direct line of where maria made landfall now. yesterday at this time, we were way down here heading toward the d.r. missing ponce altogether which is right here. but now we are on the eastern side over st. croix, over the eastern part that was hit so very hard. so either this is a storm that does not follow models or models that just cannot do a good job with this storm.
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because this was out of the cone yesterday. we always say follow the cone. remember the cone is wide. st. croix wasn't even in it yesterday. what happens after that? what happens after that 70 mile-per-hour wind goes throug puerto rico? it will make a run at florida as a category 2 or higher hurricane. this is the storm right now getting a lot brighter in color overnight. that means the center is getting more intense. still a 60 mile-per-hour storm. but you can see it on radar from puerto rico. not quite there yet but it will be a center of circulation as it moves over that area 37 where does it go from there. there are models that take it up the east coast and now make landfall in north carolina. there are storms here. a lot of models here all the way down to almost west palm. so we're going to have to watch where this goes and when it gets there. right now it's on its way to
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puerto rico. >> okay, chad. we know you will get at least hourly updates and bring them to us. puerto rico's government says preparations are 90% done. and the shelters are open. cnn's polo sandoval is live in pnce on the southern coast of the island. what's the situation there? >> reporter: you know, alisyn, that's hundreds of shelters open across the island. we spoke about 24 hours ago. of course people here were expecting a smaller impact particularly because those were showing this storm that would possibly just skirt the island. now as you heard from chad with the more direct impact, there is a concern. there's bad news from plenty of people still recovering from hurricane maria. so perhaps the power grid is what is the most vulnerable. here in ponce, there were people in the dark for many months. the concern is even this tropical storm could negatively impact their lives here. and it's not just the power grid, but also the potential for heavy rains, possibly mud slides
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around the island. that's also concerning. we're told nonessential employees with the government have been told to stay home. kids too. there will be no school today on the island. as for fema learning from the past, they staged a large amount of resources. prestaged here on the island. we're told that officials certainly have learned from the past and are increasing the numbers compared to 2017. >> we note where you'll standing will look very different in just a few hours. polo sandoval in puerto rico which is now bracing for this direct hit. joining us but phone is the flight director for the noaa hurricane hunters. thank you for being with us. you've been in and out of dorian seven times including 11:00 last night. what are you seeing from this storm? >> yes, sir. we started out on monday from lakeland, ended up in st. croix. yesterday we flew st. croix and
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ended up in barbados. saw a very disorganized center, a very compact storm. it did not even have the kind of banding structure you can see from the puerto rico radar right now. very disorganized even from our altitude at 10,000 feet. the organization began to become apparent during the flight last night. and i suspect when we go through it this afternoon, we'll see even more of that organization. >> so dorian is basically getting itself together at this point. and i understand you're seeing the first signs of a consistent eye wall, yes? >> yes. that's what we did not see at all on our radar systems on monday. we began to see it during the second half of our flight last night. we are making multiple passes and using our tail doppler radar. noaa has ten doppler radars on the aircraft. it's a unique instrument to give
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you the wind field in all quadrants. and we began to see that overall banding on the east, north wrapping around to west side. that's become more apparent on puerto rico radar this morning. >> and thus getting stronger before your eyes. when you head out today it might be stronger still. and after puerto rico, the forecast puts it out over the warm water before hitting florida. what will you look for in the coming days? >> oh, yes, sir. it's very important among other things we're going to go through the center of the storm four times today going from barbados back to our home base in lakeland, noaa's aircraft center there. the biggest reason we're going back to lakeland is we can bring in our other crews on standby there. we've been doing one a day flights out here in the islands giving great coverage to the islands. but now we're going to put aircraft in twice per day. both on p-3 aircraft and the g-4
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aircraft that does the environmental flow around the storm. you can definitely say we're putting all of our teams in this. >> one of the things that's interesting about this storm is it's not big in terms of its square mileage. it's a smaller storm, but that can make it harder, i understand, sometimes to understand what's going on with it. why is that? >> one of the big confusions here has been positive and negative effects in terms of dorian's growth. a bigger storm with all that dry air surrounding it would have had greater impacts with the dry air. this one has managed to keep itself kind of a tight, compact area of positive growth. so it has kept itself together. and it leaves from a meteorologist viewpoint the less -- the core of the storm impractic interacts with puerto rico, the greater chance it has of keeping
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together. >> what has it been like to be in this storm? what has made this unique from other storms you've been inside? >> it's been kind of a tale of two storms. we were flying around 10,000 feet which is certainly in the heart of the storm. all of our flying on the south and west side has been benign. we haven't seen that much on the radar. all the flies on the north side and the east side, we've been through numerous thunderstorms. we saw a lot of lightning last night. pretty decent turbulence. nothing out of the order for what we do. but we were definitely seeing certain areas we spend a lot of time belted in nice and tight and areas that were just different. that's an asymmetric system. this one is becoming more symmetrical. >> all right. thank you so much for joining us this morning. this is a reminder of why the work you do is so important because this has been a tough storm to track and it's only by going inside the way you have
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repeatedly over the last several days that we're getting any line on where this is headed and it's getting increasingly dangerous. thanks, jack. thank goodness jack does it so the rest of us don't have to. >> didn't you hear? you're headed up in the air. >> who did i tick off? meanwhile, also breaking this morning, the queen pushing to the center of the brexit debate. why the government is now asking her to suspend parliament. all that coming up. chair is just a chair. that a handle is just a handle. or... that you can't be both inside and outside. most people haven't driven a lincoln. it's the final days of the lincoln summer invitation event. right now get 0% apr on all lincoln vehicles plus no payments for up to 90 days. only at your lincoln dealer.
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okay. breaking news now from the uk. boris johnson is asking the queen to suspend parliament before the october 31st brexit deadline. why? nic robertson is live with what all of this means. >> reporter: this is completely without recent historic precedence that the queen should have her vacation interrupted by a prime minister asking her to suspend parliament. the reason that it is broadly being viewed that boris johnson is doing this, because he wants to head off opposition in parliament from his own party and from opposition parties who want to block him having a no deal brexit. leaving the european union without having a deal agreed. what took place yesterday in london was a meeting of all the
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opposition parties. and they decided that they would not have a vote of no confidence in boris johnson's government and try to bring down his government. instead they would find a legal mechanism in parliament to block the no deal brexit. what boris johnson has woken up and done today is head that off by suspending parliament and essentially not giving parliament enough time to debate and come up with a legal formula ad framework to stop a no-deal brexit. we've heard from the speaker of the houses of parliament. we've heard from the last chancellor both saying this is outrageous what johnson is doing. they're calling it outrageous, dangerous. boris johnson is sticking to his guns saying that parliament still will have enough time to debate brexit. >> there will be ample time on
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both sides of that crucial october the 17th summit. ample time in parliament for mps to debate. the eu, brexit, and all the other issues. ample time. >> reporter: this is without recent historic precedence. this is deepening the battle lines over brexit. we are in unchartered territory here. this is going to cause and create huge anger and huge animosity. parliament will stick down again next week, be suspended a week after. >> if democratcy is not working for you, wait awhile. this is what's happening. this is causing huge outrage over the next few hours. the other breaking story this morning, puerto rico bracing for a direct hit from what will be hurricane dorian. and puerto rico is still recovering from maria nearly two years ago. now, overnight, president trump did approve an emergency
3:16 am
declaration. but before that, this is what he wrote. for some reason congress approved $92 billion for puerto rico last year. an all-time record of its kind anywhere. it's not a record and it's not true. it was a lie. it was not $92 million. it was $42 million. he's off by more than a factor of two. and only about $12 million has been spent and he knows that. now, in response to that tweet, which again we don't know why the president sent it, this is what the san juan mayor -- you want to go? >> i know where he's getting that number. it's an internal omb report that says over the lifetime of the storm, of maria. in other words, 10 years out, 20 years out it could on the outside get to $92 million. that is not what congress has sent. >> it's not even what congress has appropriated. >> i understand. but sometimes people think out of thin air. >> he knows. >> that's the origin of that.
3:17 am
>> he knows this isn't true. it's been out for a long time. he has to know at this point. if he doesn't, someone needs to tell him. the mayor of san juan in puerto rico said this overnight. >> his behavior, his lack of understanding, and it is ludicrous. 3,000 puerto ricans did not open their eyes this morning because this racist man did not have it within him to cohdo his job. so get out of the way, president trump, and let me people that can do the job get the job done. >> want to bring in joe lockhart, elena plot, and john avalon. let me read the tweet from the president again. he lied about the amount $92 billion. he said it's an all-time record high for anywhere. and the point is, john, what message is he trying to send? how does this help the people of
3:18 am
puerto rico? "a," by lying, and "b," by sort of suggesting well it's puerto rico's fault for being in the way of the hurricane? >> yeah. he's not trying to help. let's just be very clear about this. he's not trying to help. he's insulting the victims of a past hurricane that's cost more lives than 9/11. for which there's not been nearly enough government reflection. and in the face of an oncoming hurricane, he's basically -- he's blaming them preemptively. and it is an utter abandonment about that basic role of the president to be km. he's causing harm by blaming victims ahead of another hurricane. >> he said wow, quote, yet another big storm. will it ever end? if he's tired of them, imagine how the people in puerto rico feel. >> i agree with john. i was really struck by the beginning of that. as in, wow, i'm powerless here.
3:19 am
i've got nothing to do with this. i remember from my time in the white house, what we'd be doing is we wouldn't be saying wow. we'd be talking about all of the material we prepositioned, all of the things fema's doing, all of the efforts to help people. instead you read the president is diverting money from fema, from disaster relief, to build the wall that's not going to get built that the mexicans with for supposed to pay for. that's a wow to me. >> i have to say, there's new reporting overnight in "the washington post" stunning on the issue of the wall and shows just how important a priority it is for the president. how important? according to "the washington post," he's telling his staff to break the law if that's what it takes to get parts of the wall built. others report this, when aides suggested some of the orders are illegal or unworkable, trump suggested he would wpardon the officials if they would just go
3:20 am
ahead. he's waved off the use of imminent domain. saying just build the wall. what had happened if another president just said take the land, imminent domain? >> thank god fox news channel is not still around to hear this. they would have freaked out any time president obama used imminent domain for anything. roger ailes and therefore fox news blew a gask et about the idea of seizing private land. this is a democracy. how dare he be an emperor. i don't remember there ever being a story of the president saying even if it is illegal, i would pardon you. i can't wait to hear what fox says about this this morning. >> and i think more than anything this just goes to show how important the wall is as an issue for the president heading into the election. >> well, there are a few things going on here.
3:21 am
the first is that, you know, the other day i was speaking to a white house official actually well before this report came out about why it is that this president seems so willing to instruct aides, because he has done it before on other projects to do what needs to be done regardless of whether it's legal. and this person told me, you know, donald trump is a businessman. he ran his companies by just knowing you get sued over things. and it's another example -- take jared kushner's office of americanization or whatever they're calling it these days, that being a businessman, an outsider doesn't translate perfectly to the role of a bureaucrat. and especially when you're dealing with the army corps of engineers, this is an apt point. the other thing is he's also hearing from his campaign manager, he's hearing from br others on his re-election
3:22 am
campaign that says we can't tout as much about a wall. this is your most concrete promise heading into the 2016 election and we felt less than 60 miles of replacement wall. most of which was appropriated under the obama administration. so yes, it's important to tout. but he has surrogates on the trail that says we don't know what to tell supporters about why this structure doesn't exist yet. >> right. but let's be careful not to normalize this either, because the political pressures the president might be facing or this idea a businessman doesn't fully appreciate the niceties of law and is just a guy rolling up his sleeves doing whatever it takes to get it done. the reality is this. the president of the united states is instructing aides to break the law to achieve his goals and floating a pardon, a presidential pardon for them if they do so when they express concerns about the legality of his orders. that's insane, folks. >> and by the way, to elena's
3:23 am
point, how they're frustrated the wall hasn't been built and they know many supporters, that was one of their single issues. probably their single issue. what do you do if you can't legally do something and a campaign is approaching? you claim it's being done. they've sent out millions of these press releases that they claim the wall is already being built. but they're refurbishing an existing wall. but they're claiming that this is new walls. because they know, i guess they're worried that this is such a big campaign promise. >> there's no doubt he's going to continue to use immigration as his number one issue. he wouldn't be diverting money from fema ahead of a hurricane if they didn't believe that that was their rock solid issue. he'll do what he's done on everything. he'll either make up facts. or, you know, he'll do what john was talking about. he'll tell people, break the
3:24 am
law. i'll give you a blanket presidential pardon. my guess is that story will have more legs in washington than some of the others. and might move, you know, more democrats toward the impeachment, you know, more of a majority of democrats. because that's not a hard thing to prove. you don't need to read 484 pages. that's the president telling people, break the law. people get that. >> right. >> thank you, all, very much for this conversation. so much news this morning. meanwhile, tropical storm dorian's track has changed overnight in a big way. what it means for puerto rico and what it means for the east coast of the u.s. next. you're turning onto the street
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all right. the world will be breaking the weather news. the national hurricane center says dorian is getting stronger. they expect the eastern side of puerto rico to take a direct hit. forecasters now say the storm could strengthen into a category 2 hurricane by the time it hits florida this weekend. meteorologist chad myers has the latest forecast. >> and many models, alisyn, well above category 2 approaching the east coast of florida. no question about that. national hurricane center being conservative, not really wanting to alarm anyone. that's still five days away. it's never a good thing when you can see a hurricane or tropical storm on radar. that means it's getting close to land. we always like to watch them on satellite because it's just in the middle of nowhere. now we can actually see the center of circulation trying to become an eye here. about 85 miles to the south and southeast of st. croix.
3:30 am
u.s. virgin islands. this storm is going to run right across the virgin islands and into the eastern half of puerto rico that's what was hit so hard last time by maria. the cone is wide. five days away, the cone is 200 miles on either side. even one of the models i've been looking at, the american model takes this and misses florida altogether a lot like matthew. so we have a lot more options here and 120 hours away in a model is a long, long time. gusts of 70. hurricane hunter just left curac curacao. they are on the way to check for pressures and how the wind has been doing in the overnight hours. there are the models. there are the ones that miss the u.s. altogether. let's hope that's the answer. >> you have your work cut out for you. stand by. keep us posted.
3:31 am
more breaking news for you this morning. numerous reports that the sackler family who joins the purdue pharma could settle a lawsuit. the settlement could cause the family billions of dollars of their own money. alexander field joins us now with all the details. you just got back from oklahoma where there was a judge who ruled on this case. now it seems the sacklers may see the writing on the wall. >> reporter: what we're learning is the sacklers could be paying $3 billion of their own money according to reports from "the washington post" and nbc news. nbc also reporting that number could be part of a much larger sttlement to the tune of some $10 billion to $12 billion. that's money that would go towards resolving thousands of state and federal claims against the drug maker all alleging that they fueled the country's opioid epidemic. this is set to kick off involving some 2,000 cities and
3:32 am
counties who all say that pharmaceutical companies like purdue should be held responsible. purdue has, of course, been facing these kinds of allegations for years. video obtained shows dr. richard sackler's deposition from a 2015 lawsuit. >> do you know how much the sackler family has made off the sale of oxycontin? >> i don't know. >> but fair to say it's over a billion dollars? >> it would be fair to say that, yes. >> do you know if it's over $10 billion? i don't think so. >> do you know if it's over $5 billion? >> i don't know. >> all right. >> reporter: that suit was resolved with the settlement. as for the latest talks of a settlement, purdue put out a statement saying this. while purdue pharma is prepared to defend itself vigorously, the company sees little good coming from years of wasteful litigation and appeals. the people and communities affected by the opioid crisis need help now.
3:33 am
and john and alisyn, as you point out, all of these details about a possible settlement breaking just on the heels of that important decision in oklahoma in which a judge decided that johnson & johnson needed to be held responsible saying they should pay $572 million. >> all right. stay on this for us. it seems it's developing very quickly. >> thank you. the attorney general of the united states william barr is hosting a 200-person holiday party at a washington, d.c., hotel. he's paying $30,000 out of his own pocket. guess who's going to get it. the trump family. we'll discuss next. if you have moderate to thsevere rheumatoid arthritis, month after month, the clock is ticking on irreversible joint damage. ongoing pain and stiffness are signs of joint erosion. humira can help stop the clock. prescribed for 15 years, humira targets and blocks a source of inflammation
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attorney general bill barr is planning a big holiday bash for about 200 people at a price tag of $30,000. his choice of venue is important because that will make a lot of money for that venue. and it's the trump international hotel. back with us is joe lockhart,
3:38 am
ele elena, and john avalon. bill barr wanted to work for him, he issued in that unsolicited statement. he has mischaracterized facts for the president. and now he wants to give the president's family $30,000. >> yeah. and he's joining a long list of foreign governments, republican operatives that, you know, have lined the pockets of the president. it's not the $30,000 number that's important. it's the idea the attorney general of the united states is supposed to be above politics. and since he's taken the job, he's acted like the president's defense attorney. and the optics of this are awful. it just sends the message that it's okay to go ahead and line the pockets of the president and, you know, he had no credibility, so i guess this doesn't hurt him much. but it's just -- it just stinks.
3:39 am
>> it's about much more than optics though. it's about more than incredibly bad judgment. it's about undercutting the independence and credibility of the justice department from the top. the justice department right now is engaged in a series of lawsuits defending the trump hotels against charges it's breaking the emoluments clause. for the attorney germ of the united states to choose to give the trump organiation $30,000 of his own money so his guests could have a $100 a head buffet -- >> pigs in a blanket. >> -- when there are hundreds of other hotels the washington, d.c., it undercuts the integrity of the office. >> elena, if you're still with us out there. inside "the washington post" story, they say he checked other hotels first. they couldn't get in with the wi willard and the may flower.
3:40 am
walter schaub says probably not illegal, but that's not the issue here as our friends have been pointing out. it just sort of smells. >> i'm old enough to remember when rudy giuliani tried to say on a sunday show, i believe it was, that even if he had ultimately colluded with russia, that wouldn't necessarily be illegal. so i think this is another case where yes, it is about more than optics. but optics is not just a null term. this is a very clear case where bill barr right now is tasked with providing over cases in which others have said clearly they have issues with this president and his willingness to post in an official capacity, foreign governments, and others throughout this administration. yes, is this an official party for bill barr? no. but i do think it's a case where even a judge back home in alabama where i'm from at the county level might say, i'm not
3:41 am
going to go to this bed and breakfast because i'm currently involved in a case which, you know, might preclude me from doing that. because it doesn't look great. the fact we're having this conversation about the attorney general of the united states really is, i think, a bit astonishing. >> no bedbugs at the trump international hotel, by the way. the president has been et twooing one of the things he's concerned about the idea there are no bedbugs at doral where he wants to host the g7. >> plus there have been claims of bedbugs at doral. but why is the trump hotel the only hotel available for a holiday party if that's what bill barr is claiming? >> no bedbugs in proximity to the justice department. >> but it's the same concept when you have -- it's bill barr is the micro, donald trump is the macro example. for the rest of the world, he
3:42 am
wants to showcase one of his properties. he wants to bring the leaders of the major democracies around the world to one of his properties. >> and we are defining dooef ei now. does deutsche bank have them or not? deutsche bank has something, but it's so redacted that we can't tell what information they pulled. >> right. and they needed to be subpoenaed to admit they may even have something. which shows they're either really -- they're concerned about giving forward the information they have. but it raises a lot of questions about what might be on these pages. and what it could show. because that private bank did it when no one else would, who were the cosigners? interesting questions. >> it seems the story isn't that deutsche bank is saying without saying that they have the tax
3:43 am
returns. it's that it had to go through an entire court process. this shows how every inch of this is going to be litigated and delayed as much as the white house can possibly make it happen. >> well, you have to remember, too, that the person leading the defense for the trump administration and this inquiries is the former deputy counsel of the white house under don mcgahn. this is somebody who has been aligned with this administration from the beginning. according to a source who has been directly involved in these proceedings has told me they ultimately see this going to the supreme court. the timeline being one they believe will be wrapped up a ahead of 2020. as reluctant as deutsche bank and the accounting firm may be now to confirm or reveal any details about the president's business dealings or tax returns, it may ultimately be that we know more about this ahead of 2020 which is when it
3:44 am
could matter most. >> why are they slow rolling this? why would deutsche bank slow roll this information? >> they're looking after their own interests. they've been accused of money laundering. the bombshell in this was that donald trump was a player with the russians at deutsche bank in laundering money. we don't know. they're protecting themselves. >> thank you, all, very much. so how do you get a good graded from chris cillizza in your political mid-week grades? >> i think you butter him up with cookies and pizza i think is what he likes right now. >> all right. there's been a lot of developments on the campaign trail over the last week. one candidate earns an "a." >> what did elizabeth warren give clhris cillizza? >> that's next. you wouldn't accept an incomplete job
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what a week on the campaign trail. for some candidates it might be the last or close to the last. in other candidates it could be the beginning of some new momentum. so who's getting the good grades from the most important
3:49 am
professor in america? chris cillizza joins us now. >> he takes on that title with pride. >> yeah, john. thanks for that. check's in the mail. >> well done. all right. so let's start at the beginning, professor. who earns an "a" this week? >> okay. i like when we start positive. yes, "a" for elizabeth warren. i just don't think you can see it any other way. 15,000 people in seattle over the weekend. 6500 in st. paul. earlier last week she had 4,000 in a town hall. plus polling that shows her across the board moving upward passing bernie sanders in some places, challenging joe biden in other places. she has the best organization in iowa. she's going to be very well funded. and she has the most important thing in a campaign. momentum. >> it's your turn now. >> all right. who's next? >> okay. this is sort of a -- i went back and forth on this a couple times in terms what to give him. but joe walsh is now in the republican primary presidential
3:50 am
race. he joins bill weld in it. i give him a b-minus and i'll tell you why. i think his approach has been strategically smart. get on as many cable tv shows as you can and talk as much as you can about your willingness to get in donald trump's face. trump responded last night. you know, he basically called his opponents the three stooges. why doesn't he get a higher grade? because he's just not going to win. this campaign is about annoying trump and offering an alternative message to trump. it's not about winning. >> but the fact he got trump to respond overnight is a big deal. there are people around the president saying don't pay any attention to him, but he couldn't resist. >> and bill weld and mark sanford who are -- mark sanford is not announced. bill weld has been in since december. he hasn't mentioned either of
3:51 am
them. >> let's move on. the next grades you are not kind to our friends steve bullock, michael bennet, and gillibrand. >> today is a big day. by midnight tonight if you haven't raised -- if you don't have 130,000 individual donors at 2% in either polls, you're not making the september 12th debate in houston, texas. none of the three of those people on the screen have any chance of making it now. and that's two united states senators and the governor of a state. the state of montana. that's a remarkable resumes, n their campaigns aren't going to make a stage. number one, the field is huge. but people at least at some level are looking for something different. remember, andrew yang who no one knew about is going to be on the stage.
3:52 am
these three are not. hard to keep the campaign going. >> they might make the october debate. >> they might. but you have to last through the desert. >> you're throwing out an incomplete this week? >> two again to your point. related to today's qualify deadline. tulsi gabbard and tom steyer are the only two who have a chance. actually, i did this last night. tulsi gabbard, not a chance. because two polls with for coming out today. one usa today suffolk comes out, gabbard did not get 2%. she needed two qualifying polls. there's only one other big poll left to come out. so gabbard out. put her in the "d" category, if you'd like. steyer really is the incomplete at this point. he has all the fund raising numbers and three qualified polls. he needs 2% in this poll that comes out later by quinnipiac university. shoutout to my people in connecticut. if not, we have ten candidates. if so, we have 11 and that would make for an awkward. six and five? maybe add an extra podium.
3:53 am
>> that poll you're talking about comes out at 8:00 a.m. live. we'll cover it live. >> i will be watching. >> and only because we raised this scandal during the tease, chris, i feel i have to address this. are you bribable for these grades? >> of course not. >> i said you were. >> i am a pure academic. i'm not the coach of some random team. >> chris cillizza not bribable and no bedbugs. >> absolutely not. >> thank you. >> thank you. puerto rico is bracing for a direct hit from tropical storm dorian. it's gaining strength at this hour and posing a much bigger threat to florida now. so we have the very latest on the storm's track next. sir, you're a broker. what do you charge for online equity trades? uh, i'll look into it. (phone rings) lisa jones! lisa: (on phone) hey carl, what are you charging me for online equity trades? (nervous chuckle) lisa: and do i get my fees back if i'm not happy? like a satisfaction guarantee? ugh. schwab!
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3:58 am
cnn's senior medical correspondent elizabeth cohen has more. >> the incidence of diseases such as measles, mumps, and rubella are at an all-time low. >> reporter: so low, the health organization declared measles was eliminated in the united states. now cnn is first to report that the u.s. center for disease control and prevention says there's a reasonable chance the u.s. will lose its measles elimination status as early as october 1st. dr. william shaftner. >> losing the elimination of measles status is an embarrassment. >> reporter: so why did measles return? in part because some orthodox jews in new york refuse to vaccinate their children. outbreaks here have been going on for nearly a year now. >> if that continues to the one-year cutoff point, they take
3:59 am
back the elimination card. >> reporter: and that could cause trouble world wooitd. >> i think it will reduce the willingness of other health ministers around the world to eliminate measles in their country. they'll think if the u.s. couldn't maintain it, why should we work so hard on this? >> reporter: and that could lead to more deaths. already tens of thousands of people, mostly young children, die of measles globally each year. hoping the cdc will do a better job of combatting anti-vaccination information on the internet. elizabeth cohen, cnn reporting. >> that's an important moment. okay. we get some breaking news overnight. tropical storm dorian which will be a hurricane soon has changed its track. direct impact twice in the united states. "new day" continues right now.
4:00 am
all right. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and all around the world. this is "new day" and we do begin with big breaking weather news for you. puerto rico is now bracing for a direct hit from tropical storm dorian. the national hurricane center says dorian's track has significantly changed overnight. dorian is now expected to strike the eastern side of the island of puerto rico. then the storm is forecast to strengthen into a category 2 or stronger hurricane making landfall on florida's east coast this weekend. >> the updated forecast track puts millions of americans, look at that map there, from miami all the way up to savannah, georgia, in the path of potentially a major hurricane. what makes dorian such a wild card is high uncertainty about how intense it will be and where it's going to go. we will speak with the director of the national hurricane center in just


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