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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  August 31, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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straight ahead in the newsroom starting now. all right hello again everyone and thanks for joining me this saturday. i'm fredricka whitfield following breaking news on hurricane doctor yan. moments ago we got a update and eon the path and growing stregt, the track of the category 4 putting millions more americans in the path. the strike zone widened to include georgia and the carolinas, causing the governor of south carolina to declare a state of emergency to prepare for the storm. meteorologist chad myers is in the cnn weather center. chad. what's it doing. >> what it's doing right now it's still 150 we didn't get to the category 5 everyone was participating at 2:00 p.m. still category 4. good news. 50-mile-per-hour right now. and you need to to be about 157 to get to cat five. i can't tell the difference between 150 and 157. if you can better for you.
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150-mile-per-hour but the gusts. 185 we know there are gusts because there is a hunter out there. a hurricane hunter aircraft flying through the eye for me this is a no thank you. they found a wind gust of 166. you say, why isn't it now a cat five if it's 166, because a gust. it's not sustained. we have to wait for sustained to get above 157 to get to five and hopefully it never does that. because that's not even the forecast. but it's forecast now to slow down on the way to florida. as we expected but make that turn not along the spine of florida but offshore. that's the great news. because if we only get waves and a little bit of wind with this we still will get tremendous flooding with you we're not going to get the wind damage. we're not getting wind damage of 150-mile-per-hour wind like we saw literally in homestead, florida after aurn. huge waves the wig yellow or red ball you saw there, 40 foot waves offshore. some make it over to the barrier islands.
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some make it over the reeves offshore but most will be knocked done before you get there but there will be erosion on the east coast. i've moved it ahead to 2:00 tomorrow afternoon to show you where the storm will be. everything that's white in here all those winds are over 100. >> bahamas take a direct hit especially the northern part grand bahama island. eventually that turns north. but all of the on smore flow creates high tides, way above where we were going to be with the king tide. we could see even a swell of five to 7 feet in the back bays. and that's not even storm surge as the storm crashes on shore bau it isn't crashing on shore for now. there will be surgeon the west side of the storm pushing water in florida bay. alm of you on the west side of florida watch for the water levels rising. the approach of the weather 8:00 on sunday night we'll get the first taste of any type of tropical storm force winds.
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and that will be across parts of south florida. because that's where it's closest. the ugly eye here. this thing has done everything it needs to do to get stronger. and there is nothing in the way except for the hopeful turn. >> yes, we are hoping for that. >> sometimes they're stubborn. let's hope this haven't stubborn. >> we hope for the u-turn. thank you so much. a and losing steam not threatening anybody else out there. chad, appreciate it. >> yes. >> now to florida's east coast where residents have been preparing for days now. cnn marten savage what are are residents doing to prepare. >> i think we're all feeling a little bit better than we were feeling yesterday here. in fact i was talking to the mayor a short time ago. he says the chances for hurricane force winds at least at this particular time they hear maybe 30%, down dramatically from the cat 4 worries yesterday. i'm joined by robin.
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>> how are you. >> i'm good how are you feeling. >> i feel a lot more relaxed, less stressed now it's turned a little bit. >> did you prepare? were you ready? >> i -- i got ready really fast yeah. my the shutters are up and everything is put away. no yard ornaments anything like that. so filled up my gas and did the grocery shopping. >> you did the whole thing, the whole preparation. >> yes. >> what do you do now? we're sort of in the in between. >> we just wait it out. i mean we're prepared as much as we can be. so and whatever i don't use i'll use in the future. so i'm -- you know, i'm good. >> i was making the joke, this is the hurricane shopping you're very frugal. >> i don't need a lot. no. but shows shutters are staying up until the end of november. i'm in the going through that again. so -- >> and about that fact, this is the third storm that came close. though we're not in the clear yet, do you think people can become somewhat numb to this. >> you would think so.
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but some of the new people moving to the area don't know what to expect. i've been through the back-to-backs in '04 and '17 and all that. you have to do your best. >> you take every one zblarz absolutely. >> all right robin thank you so much pleasure to meet sfwlu thank you. >> you too. >> so again the attitude here is people are cautiously opt michk minsk nobody saying they are in the clear. they feel better than yesterday. >> yes, she does sound like she is breathing a big sigh of relief indeed. martin savage thank you. joining me roint. li lisa monika. what are some of the biggest security concerns that you might have -- and a local and national level when you talk about a starm of in caliber? >> well, good afternoon, fred, and good to be with you. look, i think concern here is to make sure that people are staying vigilant.
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and that's what the having segment you just had on shows. folks have to pay attention to the latest reporting, because even a slight deviation from what's expectsed now could spell real trouble in the future. folks need to really be conscious of the updated reporting. you know, that cone that we all look at every time there is a hurricane and that we follow and we really examine, we have to remember there is a cone of uncertainty. and so at the local level people should be listening to the local reports and their guidance. and of course first responders and law enforcement -- law enforcement in particular has a real role to play, both to make sure that they're vigilant in terms of preparation but also when the storm does make landfall or when there is impact from severe storm surge -- which is what we're concerned about now as the storm moves northward
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and heads north. there can still be significant impact from storm surge. and that means first responders and law enforcement are going to be, you know, conducting their potentially rescue operations. and so there is security concerns locally both to make sure people are getting out of the path of the storm, and those staying put are safe and of course security of first responders is going to be paramount. >> right they have to board up and protect their homes. and also take care of their families at the same time they're trying to be mindful of the entire community and everybody else. so you were the white house point person under the obama administration for coordinating the federal government crisis management. and response. so, you know, at moments like this what are some of the measures that, whether the local or national level, government is doing? i mean, we have seen the sand bags. things we don't see. we see the sandbagging, coordination, the fema pressers about what to do.
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but what are the things we don't get to see that is under way? >> well, what you don't see is the coordination going on behind the scenes. so even before the storm makes landfall and even before the period now that we're focusing on, there's been a lot of preparation and coordination between fema and the region. so region 4, there is ten np there is region 4 has florida. there is a lot of coordination behind the scenes in advance of the raft several days and over the last week for sure. and that means prepositioning lots of important equipment and assets and supplies. what people don't see is a lot that's gone on in the last several days to preposition supplies like water, prepositioning heavy equipment. this is the type of equipment that can be put in place early. >> yeah because you can't wait
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until the last minute. >> to respond and repair and restore power that's present at the ready sfla all right. lisa monico. thank you so much. >> all right. coming up, a canon spraying blue die, tear gas, fire bombs part of an intense clash going on in hong kong. this is the 13th straight weekend of protests and we'll take you there live. plus why is president trump reportedly keeping his own national security adviser on the sidelines for afghanistan peace talks? details on that straight ahead. i have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. now, there's skyrizi. 3 out of 4 people achieved... ...90% clearer skin at 4 months... ...after just 2 doses. skyrizi may increase your risk of infections... ...and lower your ability to fight them. before treatment your doctor should check you for infections and tuberculosis. tell your doctor if you have an infection... ...or symptoms such as fevers,... ...sweats, chills, muscle aches or coughs... ...or if you plan to or recently received a vaccine.
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pro democracy protests in hong kong turn violent as police and demonstrators clash in the streets. police used tear gas and deployed water canons near the legislative council builds after protesters threw fire bombs on police barricades. cnn's paula hancocks in hong kong. a little after 2:00 in the morning. hong kong time. what's happening? >> well, fredricka it's a fluid situation here at the moment. we're just outside the police station. you can see the police behind me. and there are still a couple of hundred i would imagine protesters that are here. of course there is an awful lot of bystanders that want to see what's going on. now the police have been telling
11:14 am
people in the area this is an illegal gathering. you are not supposed to be here. telling them they have to disperse. now, just about half an hour ago we saw the riot police pushing down the streets and trying to disperse the protesters which they managed but then they regroup again which shows how fluid the movement is. it's all organized on social media. there is no leaders giving directives about where people should be and where they should meet. and this is why it's so difficult for police to try and crack down on it. what we have seen today fredricka is that there have been petrol bombs from protester thrown at police. there have been bricks pulled up from the sidewalk and thrown at police. police for their half have been firing tear gas. also been using the water canon to try and disperse the protesters. this is just an indication that the passions are still high. that these protests are showing absolutely no sign of calming down. fredricka. >> it looks like no end in sight
11:15 am
in what is now the 13th week and it only seems to be heightened with every week. paula hancocks we want to thank you so much. appreciate it. all right. coming up, is president trump icing out his own national security adviser? a new report says onbolton is being sidelined from afghanistan peace talks. that's nex from big cities, to small towns, we're with you. because life can take you almost anywhere,
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welcome back, as the white house reaches a critical point in its foreign policy in afghanistan, national security robert bolton is being sidelined. that's according to a report in the "washington post". the report says bolton's opposition to diplomatic efforts is what put him on the wrong side of the president. the u.s. is currently in advance negotiations over a peace deal with the taliban. and boris sanchez is at the white house for us. is? a sign of a larger issue between bolton and the president? >> well, fred, this isn't the only area where we know the president disagree was his national security adviser. the question, though, is in the way john bolton has been excluded from something so sensitive and important as the united states longest running war, the influence and the importance that he has when it comes to the president and his
11:20 am
perspective on a vast variety of issues. bolton reportedly excluded from the top level meeting on the future of afghanistan, also not able to access a draft of the peace agreement in the way that he wanted to. apparently his position on in is irritating president trump. and clearly the president has not sought out his opinion. bolton disagreed with the president on a number of issues as i alluded to, including iran. the president dropped numerous hints he would sit down with the leadership there. bomten has made hawkish compensates with iran and similar with north korea. bolton is opposed to the engagement with kim jong un and that dictatorship. but as bolton is asked about this he says he serves at the pleasure of the president and ultimately only offers input, doesn't make the decisions for trump, fred. >> all right, boris. and so now that juput that nexto
11:21 am
the president firing his assistant and essentially letting her know. >> drpg some thinly veiled hints on westerhout. she was let go, resigned earlier this week after reportedly unsafery conversations with the reporters about the president's family. this is what the president tweeted ou earlier. he wrote when madelaine westerhout has a fully enforceable confidentiality agreement and i don't thinkland be a reason to use it. she called me yesterday to apologize, had a bad night. i fully understood and forgave her. i love tiffany apparently a reference to one of president trump's daughters, doing great. the president also tweeting this as it if this wasn't clear enough, yes i'm currently suing various people for violating their confidentiality agreements. disgusting and foul mouthed omarosa is one. she was despised by everyone and
11:22 am
went for some cheap money for a book. westerhout was perhaps as close to anyone to president trump outside of his own family, especially knowledgeable about the day to day goings of this president. so it wouldn't be a surprise if she received overtours for a book deal. the president letting her know that she could potentially face a lawsuit if she decided to spill the beans, fred. >> boris sanchez thank you so much. we are talking further on this now. let's bring in jamaul snith a writer for the rolling stone and our reporter from yahoo! news. brittany. brittany, you believe that that disparate yur means a loss of sfablt in the white house. to what extent. >> well, fred, it's interesting because there are a lot of folks in the trump white house that aren't regular names to many people across the country. but they hold a very important part of president trump's daily schedule, someone like madelaine is a perfect example. when you see big names like hope
11:23 am
hicks not replaced in staffing, then you see the inner circle closing, month by month by month. and folks aren't replacing them. so in the departure offed madelaine you see the people who are originally by trump's side from the campaign are slowly going away. and in a crucial re-election year, you know, president trump needs all the allies within the white house as he can. as it's very leaky and unstable and up for grabs on any day. >> jamaul, is it the feeling that westerhout did this one thing and that was it? or might this have been the breaking point following a culmination of other things that rattled the president and that's why she is out? >> it seems considering all the things we have seen in the would you say, considering what they consider to be fireable offenses seems light. >> the only issue. >> seems light. i think in corporate america you would i could see other people
11:24 am
getting fired for such an offense. but really the key issue here is for americans watching this is does in -- is this enforceable, quote unquote, confidentiality agreement actually enforceable. >> when she is a federal employee. >> because "the new york times" reports she didn't sign such an agreement. and in fact did she sign it? is it enforceable? i know the house democrats want to talk to her. >> what is he saying when he has the tweet where he says, you know, she has a fully enforceable confidentiality agreement she is a good person and i don't think there would be a reason to use it. she called me yesterday to apologize. had a pad night. i fully understood, for give her. i love tiffany. doing great. he is saying a lot. but on the confidentiality agreement he is revealing to everybody that it's there. and then he is saying, like, you know, you don't need me. you shouldn't want me to have to enforce it because it's almost like you know better than to talk. >> yeah. it's a very, very subtle and very thinly veiled threat, i
11:25 am
think is what we should looking at this as. he is telling her to stay quiet and telling her directly stay quiet lez she incur legal consequences. >> i wonder if this is a prelewd about relations within the white house, brittany, now we have the nsa, john bolton who was, you know, frozen out, you know, of a meeting where he with that title should be part of any discussions about afghanistan and the u.s.'s commitments or, you know, change of policies towards afghanistan, and that he wasn't there. how revealing is that? what does that say? >> i think it's saying a couple of things, principally, that loyalty is the most important thing for president trump and his closest allies. i think it's going back to madelaine for a second, we might think the remarks she made allegedly to the reporter were
11:26 am
small and inconsequential. but it showed she was willing to break ranks and loyalty from the president. and he values that above all things. >> quickly, that comment at least according to politico. a meeting with other reporters at dinner, supposed to be off the record. and apparently she revealed that the president doesn't want to take pictures with his daughter tiffany and the politico says it's because of her weight. and then also there were comments about ivanka. pick up from where you left off. >> yeah, and i mean to kind of bring -- drag tiffany into this. she has kept appear low profile a she is quiet in washington and it's another thing. but going back to john bolton it reflects parallels to madelaine's situation. because john bolton with president trump not walking in lock step on north korea, iran or afghanistan. it's not a pris to people in the white house and in washington. that bolton is hawkish on trade
11:27 am
policy, war policy. what you are seeing now is a public break up. look at rex tillerson that breakup was all over television. they were calling each other morans i think you will see that here. >> often if the freeze happens in this white house, the door comes soon after. what do you think john bolton is thinking here? >> i think john bolton is thinking this is what the president does in lieu of actually firing people. >> because there is precedent. when you join the white house, i mean, and john bolton has been there under a year now, he kind of knew what preceded in terms of the dealing with. >> true. but we also know the president is notoriously averse when it comes to confronting people when he disagrees with them. this is the games they play in the administration. isolate people. >> make them uncomfortable. >> make them uncomfortable so they eventually leave. really we need to be lacking at bolton's visit to belarus as a potential source for conflict.
11:28 am
him going to belarus, that angers putin. we know that trump has a particular affinity for vladimir putin. we think that there may be a hidden source of conflict there that we're not discussing. >> the demerits might be piling up. >> potentially, yes. >> jamal, thank you. good to see you. brittany thank you as well. coming up, the track has changed, but the danger remains. florida, georgia and the carolinas on edge as dorian races towards the southeast. the latest on the track next. dough made from scratch, every day. sauce from the original giammarco recipe. and authentic toppings like crispy, old world pepperoni™. that's italian quality pizza. and it makes the moment... primo. every day at marco's, get two medium, one-topping pizzas for just $6.99 each. hello to the italian way. hello primo.
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all right quoting now the price you may pay for not evacuating is your life. that warning from the prime minister of the bahamas. hurricane dorian now a strong category 4. and it's expected to slam into the northwestern part of the islands tomorrow. cnn's patrick ottman is in free port. describe what's happening there. >> we're seeing people making their final preparations, getting the last tank of gas, going to the store to buy whatever there is left. and there is not much here, fred, left on the store shelves. people, as always as happens with the hurricanes have gone out to buy all the water and everything else they can hope to find. and even though it's beautiful here right now it's deceiving. we know the storm is approaching in the hours ahead. weather conditions will deteriorate until the point
11:33 am
people won't be able to walk outside. you will have storm sturj which is the big concern when you stalk about the low lying areas. people are being evacuated fl the island where we are because there are so many low lying keys and islands around us only a couple feet above the ocean level. where we are, the highest point is 30 feet. it's still low slying. when the prime minister talks about at least 15 feet of storm surge makes you realize all the beach area behind me is going to be completely under water. if people have time he says they need to prepare now because while the storm is going on if they call for help it will be too late, fred. >> oh, goodness. well, we are thinking all good thoughts and saying prayers for everyone there including you and crew there the bahamaa. patrick, appreciate it. from the bahama's tor yan's track becomes less clear. the national hurricane center says the coast of georgia ant
11:34 am
carolinas are now in the storm's strike zone. landfall in florida is less likely but not completely out of the question. cnn's diane gallagher is in jacksonville, florida. what's happening there? >> yeah, and so look, the idea here in jacksonville isn't necessarily about preparing for landfall. although that could be a possibility. this is preparing for flooding here. i'm on the banks of the st. john river. and today we should have a lot of boats parked here docked for tailgating. right now florida state should play boise state at the jaguar home sfaumd. but the university officials moved the game to tallahassee to prepare for dorian, because in has been such a difficult storm to track. because it has been slow. the movement of it out in the ocean has changed. and so they're trying to be as prepared as possible here. you're not seeing the panic at the gas stations or grocery
11:35 am
stores in jacksonville. they are familiar with hurricanes most of them are prepared in the late summer months. but what they are doing is paying attention to how close it's getting. and what time the hurricane will come past the city. that's because of the river storm surge here. undoubtedly they will see flooding in the city no matter what. i've covered hurricanes in the jacksonville. hurricane irma created catastrophic flooding. matthew created flooding. it doesn't have to hit this part of northern florida to be affected. that's what you have to keep in mind here. make sure people who moved her recently understand just because it by passes florida potentially doesn't mean it's not going to affect you. schools have cancelled. school already in the surrounding areas on tuesday just to make sure that they're all right, that kids won't be stuck in school. parents won't have to worry about that. it's labor day weekend. so they're hoping that's going to allow people who maybe went out of town go ahead and extend
11:36 am
the vacation instead of come coming back. let it get by here let them deal with the flooding in the jacksonville area before you come back. again, there is the potential to become complacent because you see it's moved east. but it's still just a prediction. authorities want to make sure people are aware that it's still potential for dangerous weather, potential for dangerous flooding and not to let your guard down. >> have a plan. have plan. have plan all right diane gallagher thank you so much. coming up, there is an intense battle brewing between lawmakers and the bullet billion-dollar bail bond industry. why critics say the industry is profiting off the poor and putting the vulnerable in debt for life. it's time for the biggest sale of the year on a
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all right. top to 20 democratic hopefuls promising a huge change to the criminal justice system. joe biden, elizabeth warren, bernie sanders among those calling to get rid of cash bail. they say it disproportionately
11:41 am
targets the poor where one arrest can mean a lifetime of debt, even if the charges are dismissed. here is cnn's drew griffin explaining why change will not come easy. >> $2 billion is roughly how much money the bail bond business reportedly takes into across the country every year. who pays, underprivileged people. under arrest, who find themselves facing a decision. sit in jail for months to await trial or pay a bail bondsman to get them out. >> most people who are arrested are actually low income or almost no income individuals. and when we put a ran some on a their liberty it has a dramatic impact on people. >> here is how the bail system works. let's say you are arrested and the judge sets bail at $50,000. if you have money you can pay it. go free appear get it back when you show up for the court date. if you don't have the money, you can sit in jail until trial or hire a bondsman to bail you out. the bondsman will likely charge you 10%, $5,000.
11:42 am
that's a fee. paid to a bondsman that you will never get back. even if you are not guilty, even if the charges are dropped. add on interest from payment plans and fees, often the debt can last for years. iowa district judge robert hanson says the system is flawed. >> the thing i know is that monetary bonds do not guarantee that the bad people stay in jail, and monetary bonds do not guarantee that the safe people are released. >> many states are making changes to move away from relying on money bail. but cnn found that the business that profits from the current system, the powerful bail industry, is working hard to stop reform. it has derailed stalled or killed reform efforts in at least nine states. one of the best examples, iowa, a pilot program called the public safety assessment tool gave judges more information about defendants. and those deemed low-risk could get out of jail without having
11:43 am
to pay bail. and taiwan stewart arrested for stealing beer was able to walk to his job at bakery every day waiting for trial instead of sitting in jail. >> that's what i say, it saved my life. >> cnn talked to more than a dozen officials in the iowa justice system, corrections officials, judges, public defenders, who supported the program. but here is where iowa's story takes a dark twist. because in the middle of the last year's state budget process and out of the blue this line was inserted into an appropriations bill which stopped the bill in its track. the public safety assessment pilot program shall be terminated. it turns out behind the scenes there was an explanation. you just had to follow the money. >> bail bondsman didn't like the program because there were defendants, people held in jail that were getting out of jail without having to post any type of a bond.
11:44 am
they were losing business. >> that was it. >> market share. >> leaderman bail bonds, a huge bail bonds company in iowa with 150 agents across the midwest and a drive through service just outside the gates of iowa's poke county jaj. this is jacob in des moines who told us to talk to his brother josh. josh? davenport declined interview requests. cnn did digging and it turns outs the leaderman may have decided money would do the talking. since 2017 josh leaderman has paid a powerful iowa lobbying firm more than $74,000 and also donated more than $36,000 to republican campaigns in 2018. that's more money donated in one year than he spent in the past 15 years combined. josh leaderman for the first time ever last year made a donation to a republican representative in rural storm
11:45 am
lake iowa named gary werthen. werthen's district had nothing to do with the pilot program but he submitted the amendment to the budget bill to kill the program. werthen is cochair of the justice system appropriations subcommittee. >> representative werthen, this is drew griffin with cnn thanks for picking up the call. >> werthen would speak only reluctantly by phone. >> can you just explain why you were trying to dsh why you did get rid of the public safety assessment pilot program? >> well, from your tone of voice you are a decided what direction this article is taken. and i'm not here to be misquoted or having my comments taken out of context. and this is why i don't want to be associated in any way with
11:46 am
cnn. >> this year, gary werthen once again included language in the budget bill making it nearly impossible the program will ever restart. drew griffin, cnn, des moines. >> thanks so much, drew. all right. u.s. supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg today publicly addressing her recent cancer scare at an event in washington. >> this audience can see that i am alive. [ cheers and applause ] >> and i am on my way to being very well. >> the 86-year-old justice had a tumor removed from her pancreas and received radiation treatment earliery this month. tests showed no evidence of cancer elsewhere.
11:47 am
ginsburg told the crowdty library of congress book festival that she will be ready for the start of the next u.s. supreme court session in october. all right coming up if you think vaping is a healthy alternate toef smoking cigarettes. you may want to think again. the urgent warnings from top health officials on a new disease wreaking havoc on lungs across the country next. was ahead of its time. still, we never stopped making it stronger. faster. smarter. because to be the best, is to never ever stop making it better. there's never been a better time to become part of the mercedes-benz family. lease the c 300 sedan for just $399 a month with credit toward your first month's payment at the mercedes-benz summer event. hurry in now. ♪ living well do you often wake up with chest congestion? or suffer excess mucus?
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milwaukee health officials say stop vaping now. after dozens of people were hospitalized with chemical pneumonia. a severe illness that causes lung inflammation. the warning comes after the first reported death from the vape related illness in illinois. cnn's chief medical correspondent dr. sanjay gupta breaks down the new developments. >> fred it seems like a few weeks ago we were talking about isolated cases. now you just said the numbers. over 200 people in 25 states. what exactly is going on here? the city of milwaukee basically said people who live in milwaukee should no longer vape. a u.s. city now saying this. and we know that these people we are talking about go to from healthy to hospitalized. it's frightening. we want to get a better idea what happens to them. >> that 17-year-old tristan
11:52 am
zofeld previously healthy athletic teen from texas, who is symptom z baffle the doctors and took a turn for the worse. >> the chest x-ray went from a little bit of pneumonia to complete whiteout of the lungs. >> look at the striking difference to the other scan. >> when the doctors tell you that they're worried then you get worried. i was throwing up everywhere. i couldn't breathe. my heart pounding. >> we had to put a tube down the throat because the lungs failed and weren't work. >> within 48 hours of being admitted to icu he was in a medically induced coma. >> they had me hon a machine breathing for me if that didn't work out then nothing would. >> doctors at children's medical center in ran a waert of tests looking for a mysterious cause of illness. they came back negative. >> his cousin came forward about the fact that they had been
11:53 am
vaichg. >> he immediately went open brought the vaips up to the hospital. this is what we've been doing. >> tristan's case is like many others across the country being investigated by the cdc. with health officials saying there could be a link between severe lung disease and vaping. >> we do not know what causes in at this point. the best guess is that it is inflammation within the lungs so you are not able to breathe. >> while it's notoriously difficult to prove cause and effect it's not just lung disease health officials are looking into. the fda is conducting another investigation into what could be a link between vaping and seizures. all of in in the midst of what's called an epidemic of vaping among young people. >> it doesn't matter if your kid's a straight a students, your kid is a star player on the football team, you can't be naive so what they are doing. >> fortunately for tristan after 18 days in the hospital he is recovering well. and is sharing his story because
11:54 am
he wants to enlightenen oerps around his age. >> i definitely feel like i was given the second chance for a ren. i'm definitely not the only one. i'm the one spreading the word at the moment. >> now be o, fred we don't know exactly what's going on here. is the vaping device itself? is the e-liquid, something else put into the videotape he werizer. a synthetic marijuana is suggested. that's what the investigation is hoping to uncover. the e-cigarette companies themselves, there is concern on their part about what's happening. the large -- the largest company, juul within the ceo had this to say about the concerns. >> worrisome. worrisome for the the person. worry sm for us if we contributed cdc is leading the investigations we're in close contact with them. if there was any indication that there was an adversary health conditions related to our product i think we would take very swift axe eaction associated with it. >> now, fred, clear he is not saying they are going to stop
11:55 am
selling juul. it's still for sale. there may be stricter id checks and things like that. but there is an active investigation to trien a figure out exactly what's going on and what people should do about it to best protect themselves. fred. >> that is really alarming and frightening. sanjay gupta thank you for the report. all right. they're not even teenagers yet and they're already world champions. today they get their own parade as hometown heroes. the east bank little league from river ridge, a suburb outside norms, is the first team from louisiana to win the coveted little league world series. concongrats to them. east bank defeated international champion curacao 8 to 0 in south williamsport, pennsylvania. the players celebrated in tropical style -- i'm sorry i was looking at the float. that was tropical but really
11:56 am
this typical style with dog pile. our congratulations go out to them from river ridge, louisiana. fantastic. come up waiting a new update on hurricane dorian as it races toward the u.s., florida, georgia and the carolinas all bracing for a major storm. the latest forecast next. we call it the mother standard of care.
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it's 3:00 eastern noon out west. i'm ana cabrera in new york. you're live in cnn newsroom. thanks for being here. hurricane emergency, a massive storm churning toward the east coast right now and taking direct aim at the northern most islands of the caribbean, hurricane dorian, a category 4 with winds near 150-mile-per-hour. that's not far from cat 5 status. people in south and central florida wisely making the supermarket runs even though the storm shift the east, making a direct hit there less likely. still they are keeping up the guard and watching the hurricane's every move knowing it could change direction again. and this is just due east from orlando. you can see the beaches desserted. let's get to chad myers in the weather center. before the storm reaches the united states it's going


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