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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  September 3, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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hello and welcome to our viewers joining us here in the united states and from all around the world, i'm rosemary church, at cnn headquarters in atlanta. hurricane dorian weakened slightly over the past several hours. now, a category 3. as you can see from this image, from the international space station, it remains a very large and a very dangerous storm. it's the biggest storm ever to strike the bahamas. and at least five deaths are reported there. and it hasn't quit. dorian has been stalled for more than a day over grand bahama island, after delivering a
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crushing blow to abaco island to the east. the prime minister said the islands suffered a historic tragedy. >> the initial reports from abaco, is that the devastation is unprecedented and unextensive. they are deeply worried. the images and videos we are seeing are heartbreaking. many homes and businesses and other buildings have been completely or partially destroyed. >> and in the united states, mandatory evacuations are under way in four states. the storm is predicted to turn north at some point. but people along the u.s. coast are urged not to take any chances. cnn is covering this hurricane from all the angles. patrick altman is in freeport on grand bahama island.
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nick valencia is in melbourne, florida. let's hear from our meteorologist, adam cabrera, in our studio. the big news, you're sensing, from what you're seeing, that dorian could very well move, start to move, in five or six hours. >> it will start moving to the north. it's too late for the bahamas. it's been stalled, 24 hours, category 5 or category 4 storm winds. it's dark. there's no power. all you can hear is the wind howling out there. the water, has been wous, going over the western part of the island. on the other population here, the extreme. 120 mph, if you're just joining us. that is down. it is not a weaker hurricane. it's a category 3. wind gusts at 150.
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they could be experiencing that in freeport. we don't know. the instruments are not talking to us. there's no power. it will take a while. we have been seeing pictures from the ground. it will be something we'll see from the next couple of days. look at this spin here. it's stationary. it has not moved. the outer rain bands have continued. we have the reporters we're going to be talking to. it's a windy night and we have some gusty showers rolling through. nothing dangerous here. but that's going to change. we are expecting this to begin to move. as it does so, the water will push in. the chances of coastal flooding is there. that's going to be an issue, not just today. but look at wednesday, it's east of jacksonville.
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then, it heads up to the north. we have a potential for this. it makes a complete hook to the right possibility. the other possibilities, it makes landfall some time on thursday, along the carolina coasts, south and north carolina are in play for that. 18 to 23 feet, some of the islands below that, you can imagine, the devastation. four to seven-foot potential. i want to show you this map. 119 gusting. watch the clock. tuesday evening. as we head throughout the day on tuesday and wednesday, still tropical storm force wind gusts. as we get into hatteras, we'll see the 70s and 80s, as far as wind gusts, not sustained winds. that remains to be seen. compared to what the bahamas are going through, nothing like that. not a complete miss for florida. but my goodness, compared to where we were last week, we thought there was a cat 4 on the way there. they dodged a bullet with dorian.
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grand bahama island did not. they took the brunt of it. >> it will change the landscape forever. thank you, ivan. and grand bahama island has been getting the worst of dorian. patrick has been there in the resort town of freeport. >> it has been hours, now, that during dorian has been battering the island of grand bahama. still, the winds continue to rise. gusts of hurricane-force winds continue to come in. trees are bending over my shoulder there. there are waves out behind me. a storm surge flooding people's homes. things are only getting worse, not better, on this island. that's the situation. a little while ago, some people whose homes had been flooded,
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near where we are staying, came in asking for water and towels. we gave it to them. they are bringing their pets, carrying them in their arms. there was one woman who had broken her hip. they were carrying her. people are desperate. there's no way to get help to them. officials are overstretched, as well. it's too dangerous for emergency officials to come into the area, where so much of the weather is raging. so, despite the fact that it's been almost two days since dorian first hit the bahamas, in many, many places, the weather conditions are getting worse. they're not getting better. as more and more people are increasingly getting desperate, need assistance, there is no relief in sight. patrick oppmann, freeport, on the island of grand bahama.
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>> watching the bahamas there, let's turn to the united states and meteorologist derek van dam, in stewart, florida. and nick valencia. derek, we're hearing that dorian will start moving in five to six hours now. what does that mean for florida? and talk about the current situation, where you are, in stuart. >> well, what that means is it is a slow pace. a slow crawl for a dangerous category 3 hurricane. the closer it edges or wobbles westward toward the coast of florida, the more intense the elements become, especially along the coast. we are in stuart, florida. just to give you an indication of what we're experiencing here, every 30, 45 minutes, we get lashed by one of the outer rain bands from the center of the storm, which, by the way, is 100
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miles offshore. it's taking that energy, and transporting it to the coastline and creating the strong, gusty winds you see occasionally in the live shots you see in the overnight period. martin county, that's the county i'm located in, there's massive evacuations for the low lying areas, the susceptible houses, like mobile homes, that are susceptible to flooding. there are evacuation centers and shelters that have opened up here. unfortunately, if people have not evacuated yet, it is too late to do so because tropical storm force winds have set in. they are sustained at the local airport here. they are no longer accepting residents into those shelters. the causeway, the bridges that connect with barrier islands with the main florida peninsula -- there's one of the gusts i mentioned -- the causeways are closed with the
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gusts we're seeing now. it is too dangerous. if people decided to ride out the storm on the barrier islands where the mandatory evacuations are out, it is time for them to shelter in place. wait for the storm to pass. unfortunately, rosemary, we understand that this is moving at a snail's pace. they may be in for the long haul, 24 to 36 hours, before the storm pulls away. back to you. >> absolutely. derek van dam reporting from stuart, florida. many thanks to you. let's turn to nick valencia, in melbourne, florida, further north, of course. people nearby where you are, they're no longer concerned, are they? they're not worried because they looked at the trajectory and it's not going to come close to us. we've been talking about the storm surges, the flooding, and how dangerous that can be. but how prepared is that part of florida for those surges?
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>> i was in holiday, florida, last week. and residents were getting prepared because they saw the dangerous storm. they thought it would make a direct impact on coastal florida. by wednesday and thursday, there were news reports that some stores had run out of water because there was a rush to gather supplies. last week, people were taking this seriously because itwas making a direct impact, going through central florida. as soon as the track changed, though, i think people started to let their guard down. what officials are dealing with, is fatigue. for days and days, residents have been expecting this major storm event. the track shows, it will grind up the coast of florida. it is tremendously difficult for emergency management officials to get in front of this. to emphasize, that you're not out of the woods yet, that the storm could bring a major impact. we've seen the steady wind, the
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winds stay steady the last hour that we're out here. and in the last 30 minutes, we felt the first drops of rain. that's only going to get worse as the hours progress. long-sometime floridians have been through worse storms that dorian to be, is shrugging their shoulders at it. i talked to someone who had been in florida for a couple of months. and they were anxious for the veteran storms that i mentioned earlier on in the day. those individuals, we're expecting all of them to hunker down and ride the storm out. and from the conversations i had, that's the overall theme, that people were going to wait and see how this is, and stick around and stick this out, rosemary. >> yeah. absolutely. it's understandable that if you think there's a way that this could be avoided that you're going to be happy about that. but never let your guard down. nick valencia, reporting from melbourne. derek van dam in stuart. thanks to both of you.
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the mayor of palm beach county, florida, mac bernard, joins me now on the phone. thank you for talking with us. >> thank you for having me, rosemary. >> as your state braces for hurricane dorian. you have some evacuations for some structures and made shelters available. where do things stand right now? >> well, right now, the evacuations were for two zones in palm beechl county. that's for mobile homes and our substandard housing and low-lying areas that are prone to water intrusion and the barrier islands. we opened up nine shelters. we also opened up a special needs shelter for our most vulnerable population. we have 3,000 people in our
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shelters in palm beach county. >> those people have gone to the shelters or elsewhere, then. >> we've been sounding the alarm for all of our residents. this is a dangerous storm, as we're speaking right now. this storm is battering the bahamas. and our thoughts and prayers are with the residents of the bahamas. specifically, we have a lot of residents in palm beach county, and in south florida, that are bahamian. after this storm passes in palm beach county, we are looking to help the bahamas in short and long-term relief. >> let's talk about that. some of the footage that we've seen come in from the bahamas, and this is catastrophic consequences there for people. it is deadly. we know that there's been loss of life at this point. and it is horrifying to think what we will find once dorian
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moves on. but at this stage, dorian is sitting there moving at one mile per hour and that is causing more devastation. what are your thoughts as you look at what's happening in the bahamas? we're concerned because it's not moving. it's static. it's 105 miles east of us. and with the wind gusts at 165 miles per hour, and it's 140 miles per hour, you know, wind speed. and so, we're really concerned. you know, because it's stalling, we're concerned -- our major concern, as we're speaking right now, is storm surge, in the coastal part of our county. that's because of the fact that some parts we have two sorts of water. the intercoastal waterways and
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the atlantic ocean. and we're expecting four to seven feet of potential storm surge. and also, we do have high tide, which is an additional three feet. these are some of the things that we're watching. as of tonight, we're concerned about some of the feeder bands because this storm is stalling. some areas are going to see wind speeds of over 44 miles per hour. >> that's all terrifying, isn't it? do you feel ready to deal with this? >> rosemary, because of the fact we are in florida, we prepare on a daily basis, on hurricane preparedness. two years ago, we were impacted by hurricane irma, in palm beach county. we tried to improve some of the things that went wrong during you can never be 100% for mother nature. but our team in palm beach county, we've been activated at
12:16 am
level one. i'm not the emergency operation center, as we speak right now, monitoring the situation, to make sure that we save the lives of every resident in palm beach county. >> and tell me how much coordination is there with other florida counties, in the lead-up to a massive storm like this? and what plans do you have in place from after dorian has left? or do you not think about that at this point? >> well, when we're planning for a hurricane, first of all, we think of, you know, our plans before the storm, during the storm, and after the storm. and before the storm, we work with our emergency operation center, where we have daily conference calls with our state emergency operation in tallahassee. and so -- and also, the governor is always on those phone calls. we're communicating with our emergency operation.
12:17 am
and also, the president issued an emergency order, we're able to have fema involved. this is a coordination between palm beach county -- our local municipality, we have 39 different partners that work with us at the local level. and we work with the state, fema and administration. that way, we can execute our hurricane plans to save as many lives of our residents in the county. >> that's exactly the goal. myor mac bernard, thank you for talking with us. our thoughts are with you, in your county and your state. we watch hurricane dorian hovering over the bahamas. so many people in its path. it is a real worry for everybody. thank you so much for talking with us. we appreciate it. >> thanks for having me, rosemary. thank you.
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we'll take a short break here. still to come, a holiday trip turns into a deadly nightmare for a boatload of scuba divers, with more than a dozen passengers still missing and many questions unanswered. we're back with that in a moment.
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welcome back, everyone. we continue to track this powerful storm. hurricane dorian has been slamming the bahamas for more than 24 hours now, killing at least five people. and dorian is moving at a painfully slow pace, not even one miles per hour. and that means some areas have gotten no relief from the winds and the rain for a full day. dorian is set to shift on the u.s. state of florida in the coming hours. the images show the storm from the international space station.
12:23 am
you can see florida and cuba, but what you don't see are the bahamas. that means that the islands are completely covered by that storm. another story we were watching closely. what was supposed to be a fun, overnight scuba diving trip, off the coast, turned into a nightmare as a fire burned on deck. 15 people are confirmed dead. a dozen more are unaccounted for. that's according to u.s. coast guard officials who spoke to "the los angeles times." there's many unanswered questions about what went wrong. >> mayday. mayday. >> reporter: tonight, the desperate search for survivors, after a 75-foot dive boat caught fire off santa cruz island. >> los angeles channel 16. what is your position and number of persons onboard?
12:24 am
>> i can't hear you. >> the coast guard has received a mayday call from an unknown vessel. all are supposed to keep a sharp lookout. >> reporter: the 34 passengers were below deck, in an area used for sleeping. >> are they locked inside the boat? roger, are they locked on the boat? >> reporter: all five of the crew members onboard, in the main cabin, escaped. >> the crew was already awake and on the bridge and they jumped off. five people were evacuated aboard a good samaritan pleasure craft, known as "the great escape." >> reporter: the boat was burned down to the water line. >> you notice fire extinguishers or anything? >> reporter: it's believed that the passengers below deck may have been trapped there by the flames. >> the fire was so intense, that even after it was put out, we're not able to embark the vessel
12:25 am
and look for survivors. >> reporter: "the conception" is owned by truth aquatics. "the conception" left saturday on a three-day cruise and was scheduled to return this evening. the coast guard says the owner-operator is cooperating with them at this time. james cole's brother works on the boat. he hasn't heard if he made it off okay. >> he's the galley cook and the deck hand. they do a lot of research and diving and fishing trips on it. it holds about 30 people, maybe. >> reporter: we've been told that crew's family has been reunited with the crew member. but the devastation is felt by 26 others. taken to the coroner's office on monday. four more bodies were seen but remain at the bottom of the
12:26 am
ocean. sara sidner, cnn, ventura county. new details are emerging about the man who went on a shooting rampage in west texas saturday. seven people were killed and more than two dozen injured. cnn's ryan young has more on what authorities are learning about the gunman. >> this investigation continues. and the fbi is putting out new information about the shooter and how he was acting before the shooting even started. when he arrived at work, he seemed to be in mental distress. during that point, he was fired. he called 911 and so did the employer. he left before authorities could arrive. once he was inside his car, he called the fbi tip line. and according to the fbi, he was rambling on how unfair they had been to him. he pulled out an ar-15-style
12:27 am
weapon and started firing, hitting the back window at a trooper. through all this, with the driving and the shooting, he called 911 two other times to say he was the shooter. let's not forget, the numbers have been updated. 25 people injured in the shooting. seven people killed. the youngest was 15. the oldest was 57. the fbi talked about how they were moving this investigation forward. >> he showed up to work in a very distressed mental state. it's not because he got fired. right? this did not happen because he was fired, which other active shooters have occurred. when he showed up to work, he was already enraged. >> as this community tries to come together to heal, there's so many questions about this investigation. the fbi is drilling down on the gun. apparently, the shooter had been denied a gun license two other times. when he tried to purchase a gun, he was denied due to a background check. how did he get the gun?
12:28 am
that's the question that investigators are trying to answer at this point. ryan young, cnn, odessa, texas. the latest on hurricane dorian is straight ahead. we'll take you live to florida, where residents and tourists are nervously waiting to see what this monster storm will do next. we're back in a moment. - in the last year, there were three victims of cybercrime every second. when a criminal has your personal information, they can do all sorts of things in your name. criminals can use ransomware, spyware, or malware to gain access to information like your name, your birthday, and even your social security number.
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welcome back, everyone. we want to update you on our top story. hurricane dorian has weakened slightly, but remains a major threat, churning over the bahamas. the storm has battered the island for more than 24 hours now, killing at least five
12:33 am
people. it is now a category 3, but still packing fierce winds. dorian is set to shift toward florida in the coming hours. we think five to six hours. millions of residents are being ordered to evacuate. and people are stocking up onin preparing for the worst. let's bring in derek van dam. and nick valencia is in florida. good to see you're still up. what is the latest for dorian, as people prepare for possible storm surges and possible flash flooding. >> yeah. it's nothing like the never-e never-ending nightmare that's happening to the east of my grand bahama island. where i'm standing now, in martin county, in stuart, as you mentioned, we're getting the
12:34 am
periodic outer rain bands that come in and smack us with strong, gusty, tropical storm force winds. brief, heavy rainfall. and a few flashes of lightning, as well, in the distance, from time-to-time. there's been transformers that have blown behind us, as well. we're fortunate to have electricity still at this hotel where we're at. let's talk about the threats that are posed to this particular area. storm surge, as you mentioned, rosemary, three to seven feet along the immediate coastline. 1 1/2 to 2 meters, approximately. there's evacuations along the barrier islands where they're susceptible to this storm surge. the storm surge will create the coastal erosion, which is a major hazard here. as the storm starts to weaken, i know it's a strong category 3. as typical, when they weaken, it becomes larger, the storm itself. the tropical force winds expend
12:35 am
further from the center. the storm, as it gets closer and closer to the florida coastline, it means we'll feel more and more of the winds. the threats there, obviously, gusts that could take down tree limbs and electrical poles, as well. we can't forget about the potential of flash flooding. we have five inches of rain in the frosorecast. that's 120 millimeters. that's a lot of rain in a day's time. stuart makes the closest approach in the next 24 hours in stuart, florida. as hurricane dorian comes. >> you're tired. appreciate that. nick valencia, let's go to you. you're further north in melbourne, florida, where people are feeling less threatened than they were by dorian. and there are dangers to consider. they must remember that. >> absolutely. that has to be at the top of everyone's mind.
12:36 am
now, if they're waking up, they are starting to feel the wind gusts. they're not the strength of tropical storm force winds. certainly, you can feel for the first time here, the effects of hurricane dorian. i think the storm has been -- the key word has been uncertainty about this storm. and the uncertainty about this storm, really kept a lot of people's attention. but as the days changed, people started to go about their lives. a story yesterday. i was talking to a resident at our hotel who had evacuated. i asked, are you going to stay here for the storm? and she said she was planning to go back and taking her chances and hunkering down. this county is under mandatory evacuation at 1:00 p.m. yesterday. you couldn't tell that from the sights on the beach. there were people out there, with the seas churning and seeing what the storm had been doing. it was moving so slow, a lot of people had been fatigued, just waiting for this storm to come.
12:37 am
now, i mentioned, the track has changed. it will grind up the coastal part of florida. they've gone through storms worse than this before. worse than this is expected to be. they're going to take their chances. and that's upsetting and it's unsettling to the emergency management officials, who have gone through so much, to emphasize that you need to be prepared for the worst, efven i it's not going to come. residents don't think this is as significant as they thought it was last week. >> it is a concern. we hope they will take care. the problems with flooding and the storm surges, that can be deadly. nick valencia, bringing us the latest from melbourne, florida. and before that, derek van dam in stuart, florida. many thanks to both of you. we'll take a short break here. still to come, as british m.p.s get back to work after the summer holiday, many are gearing
12:38 am
up for last-ditch face-off with the prime minister over brexit. we have a live report for you next.
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welcome back, everyone. we want to update you on hurricane dorian. it's been parked over the island of grand bahama, for over a day
12:43 am
now, and might not move for five or six hours. dorian has weakened slightly to a category 3. it remains a powerful and treacherous storm. it's blamed for five deaths in the bahamas and some people are unaccounted for. the prime minister says the destruction is unprecedented. hong kong's chief executive, carrey lam said she never discussed the possibility of resigning with the central government. that's after a leaked audio recording by reuters saying she would quit if she had the chance. lam said quitting would be an easy out but not one for her. she says she deeply regrets pushing the bill that sparked months of protests against the government but it had been her decision to do so. the first day of classes at one chinese elementary school began in horror after a man
12:44 am
killed eight young children and injured two others. the attack is a 40-year-old man. the children's ages were not released. but the school ranges from 6 to 13 years. police say they have the attacker in custody. we turn to the united kingdom. and prime minister boris johnson has looked to seek an early election, to keep members in his own party from blocking a no-deal brexit. immedia media reports say a snap election can come as soon as september 13th. as british lawmakers return to parliament, the e.u. will be watching what happens. and nina dos santos joins us live from brussels.
12:45 am
let's look at boris johnson and his strategy and his likely response from the e.u.? >> reporter: this has been all smoke and mirrors, if you like, at least from the e.u.'s perspective. on the one hand, boris johnson, the u.k. prime minister, who took over from theresa may, hasn't been popularly elected yet. he was saying, i don't want to call an election. i don't want to put you, the british people, through another process of voting again. there's a certain amount of voting fatigue in the u.k. that set in after three votes, including the e.u. referendum over the last four years. having said that, though, he said, if i'm backed into a corner by this so-called rebel alliance, with about 20 members of his own party, who want the u.k. to avoid a no-deal scenario and all of the opposition parties who gang up against him, they are going to be presenting a bill that will force the government to ask brussels for
12:46 am
another delay to brexit until the end of january next week. he says, there's no point in me continuing without getting a popular mandate and calling a snap election. that means the u.k. could be heading towards the polls in six weeks' time. that date you mentioned, the potential date has been widely reported in u.k. media over the last 12 hours, rosemary. it's significant. it would give boris johnson enough time to know whether or not he had been re-elected and had a no-deal mandate before a summit is supposed to take place on the 17th of october. but the other thing that people don't know in westminster, is whether or not this could be a trap here. the idea that boris johnson could shift the electoral base all the way back to the next exit date for brexit, which is the 31st of october. that is the big gamble for the rebels voting today. also, the gamble for boris
12:47 am
johnson, whether or not he would win a snap election, in october, if he were to call one in the next 72 hours. rosemary? >> it has been a tortured journey, hasn't it, with brexit? we will see what comes out on tuesday, in the united kingdom. nina dos santos, bringing us the latest from brussels. the u.s. special envoy to afghanistan, says he has reached an agreement with the taliban, pending the final approval of the u.s. president. he says the u.s. could start pulling troops from five bases across afghanistan, so long as the taliban meet conditions set in the agreement. this comes as the taliban claimed responsibility for a massive blast in kabul on monday. the explosion killed at least 16 people and wounded more than 100 others. on saturday, taliban militants attacked the city of
12:48 am
kunduz from multiple angles. militants were killed in clashes with afghan security forces. we'll take another short break. still ahead, hurricane dorian has stalled over the bahamas. but there are dark clouds on the horizon in florida. the latest on this deadly storm's path. that's coming up in a moment. id& gentle. it's gentle on her skin, and dermatologist recommended. tide free and gentle. safe for skin with psoriasis, and eczema.
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hurricane dorian is parked over the bahamas right now, pounding the islands with heavy rains and winds of 120 miles per hour. that's 193 kilometers an hour. the storm surge has caused widespread flooding and at least five deaths are reported. the prime minister calls it a historic tragedy. officials say dorian will move dangerously close to florida over the coming hours. let's get more on this with our meteorologi meteorologist, ivan cabrera. >> the island getting pounded with hurricane-force wind gusts, perhaps up to 150 miles per hour. look at this, rosemary. this is the eye of the storm here. it just stays there. you see it moving north.
12:54 am
it's not a movement, it's a wobble here because of the eye and the things inside it. not moving at all. stationary. we've been checking in with our reporters along route 95. we have been seeing tropical storm force wind gusts, 39 miles per hour-plus. if you get a sustained wind, that will eventually cause problems with outages, as far as power. the concern, at least right now that i see, is storm surge potential because you will have a category 3, perhaps a 2, paralleling the florida coast. the water has nowhere to go but inland. we have the potential here for florida, the seven-foot storm surge over the next several days. and i've been talking about, potential landfall in the carolinas. that's the next threat after florida. rosemary? >> thank you so much, ivan, for
12:55 am
keep aing an eye on that for th last few hours. thank you for your company. i'm rosemary church. "early start" is next, with more of our special hurricane dorian coverage. do stay with us.
12:56 am
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devastating hurricane dorian parked over the bahamas. the damage unprecedented. the death toll expected to climb. today the storm heads for the east coast with a new path. may day, may day, may day. >> dive boat disaster. dozens feared dead after a holiday boat fire off the california coast. the search effort turns to recovery this morning. he was on a long spiral of going down. >> new insights


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