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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  September 5, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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. hello and welcome to our viewers joining us here in the united states and all around the world. i'm natalie allen. we are following breaking news at this hour as hurricane dorian makes its way along the southeastern coast of the united states. right now the core of the storm is battering north carolina with high winds and heavy rain. dorian is a dangerous category 2 storm that's winds of 100 miles or 155 kilometers per hour. since hitting the carolinas the storm has caused flooding. spawned a number of tornadoes and left hundreds of thousands
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in the dark. and of course in the bahamas each new day brings a clearer view of just how bad the destruction there is. hundreds of people are still missing. and while the official death toll has risen to 30, the country's health minister warns the final number will be, in his words, huge. well, we have the story covered for you. our paula newton and patrick oppmann are both in the bahamas for us and meteorologist derek van dam is standing by in charleston, south carolina. first, let's get more on what's going on with the storm right now and who is in the cross harris. our meteorologist karen maginnis joins us from the cnn weather center with that. karen, hello. >> natalie, yes, we just received an update from the national hurricane center as we continue to track hurricane dorian which has travelled in excess of 3,000 miles all the way from barbados across the atlantic through the caribbean
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all the way through the bahamas, as you've seen that devastation, and now has been threatening the coast of the southeast for the better part of several days. it is battering mostly the coastline of north carolina. a little bit here right around myrtle beach and surf side. beautiful area. this is environmentally a very fragile region, so as the winds here between 100 to 120 miles per hour continue to be battered throughout the night, we're looking at the potential for some storm surge. could between 5 and 7 feet. rainfall, 6 to 12 inches. maybe some locally heavier amounts than that. there is currently a hurricane warning out that extends from the vicinity of charleston along the santee river up towards the border of north carolina and virginia. what do we expect? will it make landfall? everyone has been asking that question ever since it took aim at florida, and what has dorian done? dorian has done nothing but just
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hug the coast following right along with that jet stream is. now it looks like it's going to be picking up some speed and then pulling away from the coast, but you can better believe there is going to be a rip current here. you may see bands of heavy rainfall. we're going to see it gradually weaken. it is currently a category 2. we anticipate by morning it's going to be a category 1 hurricane, but still the impacts are going to be felt across this region. cape hatteras, moorhead city, wilmington, myrtle beach, south carolina, hurricane warnings in effect until we see hurricane dorian go down on its last legs, perhaps by the morning hours a much weaker system. natalie? >> many people will be breathing a sigh of relief when that happens. all right. karen, thanks so much for bringing us the latest there. well, some of the worst destruction we've seen so far has been in the abaco islands of the bahamas. paula newton and her crew made it to abaco and saw the
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devastating power of nature along with the amazing resilience of human nature. here's her exclusive report. >> reporter: the people on the abaco islands that we spoke to are still trying to process everything they've gone through. and now trying to figure out what happens next. when they look at their own city, their own towns, their own streets, they cannot believe what they survived. take a listen. >> it is so much worse than they had feared. the abaco islands forever scarred now by mass destruction. home after home, entire rooftops blown away, debris the scattered in unrecognizable heaps. boats tossed like confetti. images belie the obvious question, how could anyone survive this? >> i told you we'd get here. it's okay. >> i'm paula.
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>> you're o.kay. you're okay. you're going to be okay. >> i know. i know. >> reporter: we arrive by helicopter in abaco with billy aubrey embracing his wife shauna after days of not knowing if she was dead or alive. shauna hunkered down with friends in their seaside home until the roof blew off and they all scramblinged ed to find any still standing. >> so, nancy, this is what kept you alive? >> this little bathroom. we came in and hunkered down. shauna was on the ground crying. >> i was hysterical. >> what did it sound like in here at the time? >> it was loud. >> well, there was a lot of crashing. all the crashing and banging and whirling. >> stuff was coming through this wall. >> reporter: so many in the abaco islands lived through hours that resembled a horror
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movie. winds up to 215 miles an hour like tornadoes touching down every minute. >> words can't describe it. i don't wish it on nobody. nobody. words don't describe it. >> do you mind if i say something real quick. my grandfather -- >> they could never categorize this. never. >> my grandfather ran out in the middle -- >> it was like an atomic bomb went off. >> reporter: residents here tell me their little island paradise is unrecognizable even to them. they're resourceful and self-reliant, they say, but they could never have imagined a storm as powerful as dorian. >> you know, there's no better way to describe to you the force of hurricane dorian to be right here where people rode out the storm in their living rooms, in their dining rooms. look at this, the roof blew off the house here. the entire kitchen came down. their entire refrigerator landed on the ground. their living room and dining
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room furniture is strewn across. people described items being tossed around like projectiles. >> there are now the beginnings of recovery but only the basics. medical attention, private helicopters to take out those who are sick, the elderly, young families. >> i'm sure it will never be the same again, but, i mean, the people are strong here and we're going to try to do our best to rebuild the best way we can, but we know it will never be the same. >> reporter: this was a storm of biblical proportions, abaconians tell me and, yes, they worry it will take a madam speaker toll recover from it all. >> now, these people are terrified about what comes next. still traumatized by this storm. it is the death toll, of course, that worries them. they know it will rise anecdotally. they've heard from many people who have loved ones missing. that's a problem. they're wondering whether or not it will be possible to rebuild
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given the magnitude of the destruction. paula newton, cnn, nassau. >> of course so many islands in the bahamas were hit by this storm. for more about it, i want to bring in sam tisher. he's the founder and chief officer at an organization that works to restore and repair damaged and dying reefs. he joins me live from freeport in the bahamas. sam, thanks so much for joining us. we are sure that you've been through a lot. what can you tell us about what you experienced and what is the situation there in freeport for many of the people around you? >> well, i and my friends who i stayed with fortunately were very safe during the storm. that cannot be said for most other folks. there was catastrophic flooding, wind damage, storm surge that ripped across freeport and all across the island. we've been able to start getting
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out efforts. the coast guard was here rescuing people with urgent medical needs via helicopter, but we were out today -- yesterday we tried to get to the roads, they were too flooded. today we teamed up with a group called bahamas adventures. they had kind of an off-road safari vehicle. our friends luke and joe were able to get all the way to pelican point. still out to the eastern end of the island. there is absolute devastation. people are in desperate need of water. lots of missing people still. a few dead bodies. but people still with resilient spirits. the community coming together. people hearing that they were giving jugs of water even if they only had one or two days of supplies. people in the bahamas come together in an emergency. >> i already talked to someone in freeport who said the exact same thing. she said it's people helping
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people. you know, we see the video, we see the aerial videos and it looks like utter devastation, but i can't imagine what it's like seeing what this storm was able to do there in person. >> yeah, it's tragic. it's terrify. that we're living in a time where unprecedented storms can arrive. this is a climate emergency. these are unnatural storms happening more frequently. and it's threatening people's lives, let alone the planet. but, again, i'm an american living here. this has been my home for a year and a half. for many people this has been their home for their whole lives, their grandparents, so it hurt hurts to see people hurting. we're definitely seeing a lot of progress being made in terms of how rescue efforts are being made. people communicating with each other. sending out gps points for people to be rescued. how things can be delivered.
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people saying they're going to be rebuilding, but still shellshocked in many ways. no one has seen anything like this before. >> just looking at it you can certainly comp henrehend that. people are helping people. as you say there's been coast guard rescues. do you feel there is a presence yet from the government to get on the island and to get people food and water and other things that they need? >> it's a matter of perspective. for example, deputy prime minister peter turnquest, we actually ran into him today out at the high rock settlement, which maybe 5% of those homes are still habitable. he's from grand bahama. he's definitely doing everything he can. he cares a lot about this community. this was obviously much worse circumstance. to see him, by chance, the same settlement we were at, one of our coral tanks from the farm about 35 miles away washed up.
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it was quite remarkable. but, yeah, there are definitely people -- a guy i went out with today was a volunteer police officer. i don't know what the situation is in nassau. i know that right now, though, all eight must be let into t-- d must be let into the country immediately with no strings attached, no delays because time is of the essence. we have friends here in the grand bahama port authority responsible for a good portion of the island helping to coordinate efforts along with the lots of volunteers together with different people throughothroughout the government helping people. >> we certainly hope help arrives in abundance sooner rather than later. people are truly, truly hurting and we know your organization is helping with that. we thank you so much, sam. >> and i'll just say thank you to all the people from around
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the world whether you're a person on the street. i heard ludacris was giving money to organizations liven carnival and, you know, ngos like jose andres and others. please continue sending aid and help. it's going to be a long rebuilding process, but the bahamian people are ready to get their lives back together. >> they're wonderful, wonderful people there in the bahamas. all right. we appreciate it. thank you, sam. all the best. >> thank you. the united states, north carolina is feeling the effects of dorian right now. we have a live video from the city of wilmington. but even before the sun went down, it had already seen a good deal of nasty weather from the storm. it's been hit with a number of tornadoes. more than one dozen reported so far. one passed by a fire station near wilmington. another near there tore siding and roofs off several homes. dorian spawned this waterspout
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off emerald isle, an outlying barrier island north of wilmington, north carolina. that is not a very comforting site. on land, a tornado ripped through a mobile home park, ripping some to shreds and scattering debris. this man describes what it was like. >> showed up probably 10, 15 seconds, real hard. i felt like it was going to flip over and all of a sudden i didn't feel it no more. i walked outside and the tornado literally started going through the back and bouncing away back there. debris flying everywhere. i've never seen anything like this in my entire life. >> we've heard that over and over again. charleston, south carolina was expected to take a heavy hit from dorian. meteorologist derek van dam has been there for more than a day and joins us now with how the city fared. hello to you, derek. >> yeah, hello, natalie. you know, you've expressed your
9:15 pm
love for the city of charleston. i think you and the residents here can breathe a collective sigh of leaf tonight because it was spared the direct hit from hurricane dorian. we drove around. we saw swamped roads, electrical lines down, but that's really the extent of the damage aside from some nuisance damage we've seen across here. i'm in the historic district downtown. you see some of the street lamps taken down by the strong winds which, by the way, were the biggest concerns aside from the flooding. that actually ended up being the biggest problem, but i managed to talk to the mayor of charleston earlier today. he was actually on "new day" with john berman and came to the hotel that we were at earlier. he said his city is well-equipped and well-prepared for storms like hurricane dorian. you can see the efforts some of the businesses here in the district decided to do. put up sandbags and boarded up the windows. at the height of the storm, 110 street corners, there were 50
9:16 pm
streetlights that were completely out and over 160 trees that were taken down from the strong wind, but, of course, we know this particular town is so susceptible to street flooding. it has receded across the city of charleston. we're left with this nuisance damage. quintessential charleston here. the spice and tea exchange co dealing with a bit of awning damage but that's about it. evacuation order lifting tomorrow, too. by the way. natalie? >> derek van dam, thanks very much. >> all right. boris johnson says he would rather be dead in a ditch than delay brexit even more one day, but if the british prime minister fails to sort things out soon he could end up at the european union cap in hand. that's coming next. also -- >> alabama could even be in for at least some very strong winds.
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can you make a promise today to the british public that you will not go back to brussels and ask for another delay to brexit? >> yes. i can. >> sorry -- >> i'd rather be dead in a ditch. >> boris johnson, he'd rather be dead in a ditch. despite the prime minister's colorful language, he may have no choice. the high court could rule friday on whether the prime minister's decision to suspend parliament is legal. that suspension is set for next week, and if it stands it could happen as early as tuesday. meantime, legislation outlawing a hard brexit, an exit from the european union without a deal is expected to clear the house of lords and it could all be wrapped up and signed into law
9:22 pm
in a few days. but you still cannot rule out a general election. the house of commons will again debate and vote on the prime minister's call for an early election. that happens monday. and to top it off, while mr. johnson's hardline brexit strategy cost him his majority and a divided parliament, now it has divided his family. this is his brother right here, joe johnson, who was an mp but has quit the governmentjohnson, prime minister shrugged it off. >> people disagree about it. the way to reunite the country is to get this thing done. that is the reality. the longer this goes on, the more auditor and delay we have from parliament, jeremy corbin, the worst thing will be what people want to see is a resolution and getting this thing done and that's what we're going to do.
9:23 pm
>> cnn's donovan thomas always with strong opinions. he'll join us next hour. with the latest on hurricane dorian,s a category ii storm with winds of 100 miles or 155 kilometers per hour. right now it is battering the carolinas with high winds and heavy rain. meantime, the u.s. president is unwilling to give up the ghost of past storm predictions as the actual hurricane dorian ravages the carolina klein mr. trump is giving warnings based on very old information in the state of alabama. here's the story. >> reporter: president trump is on day five insisting that alabama was in the path. >> that was the original charts.
9:24 pm
>> afttrump tweeted that alabam was going to be hit or grazed and hurricane dorian took a different path. he said he was referencing early predictions when he claimed alabama could be impacted. >> i know alabama was in the original forecast. >> he first made that assertion sunday, long after the state was ruled out as a potential target. while the gulf coast was shown as a possible threat, in early projections by friday, the focus had sthifted to florida's east coast, two days before he said this. >> this just came up unfortunately. >> reporter: the white house said the president was being updated every hour, meaning he would have known that information. instead of admitting the error and moving on, trump is insisting he's right. even tweeting out projections last night from over a week ago with dated information.
9:25 pm
the spaghetti models are being updated. on sunday. >> alabama could be in for at least some very strong winds. it could be. >> being updated at least 15 times. it's against the law to knowingly issue or publish a false wetter forecast. right now both noah are referring back to the white house. aides won't rule out that the map was altered by the president. >> i don't know, i don't know, i don't know. >> regardless of who made the alteration to the map, the president made clear he has no intention of backing off or admitting he was wrong about alabama, continuing to tweet maps that said the chance was strong that the storm could hit alabama when it was hitting the carolinas on thursday.
9:26 pm
>> let's talk about this aspect of this hurricane with michael. first up, the president is fixated on this speak. what do you make of that? >> you know, the president took a one news cycle story, mailed it into day five. and he did it because as you suggested, as the story tells us, he's obsessed with his image. he's not obsessed with managing a crisis in the eastern circuit board. he's not worried about leading the country. he's worried about protecting his mistake. and trying to make the mistake into something plausible or
9:27 pm
believable. the whole facade of his manliness, he thinks, will crumble if he's made a mistake. it's becoming orwellian that we're trying to parse words. the president should be spending his time managing the crisis instead of worried about his reputation on an off hand remark that wasn't central that he's made central. >> with what you just said former fbi chief james comey tweeted this: americans are in harm's way and the president is laser focussed on covering up a small mistake he made. narciss
9:28 pm
narcissim. he writes that we're the once that have the false news. >> he's going to claim it's fake news but it's really the president. does it matter? it seems like a trivial story in some respects. >> right. >> but people are admittedly making tons of jokes, quite funny, often. it's not a joke. it could be deadly serious. if there is a genuine criss and the president needs to be believed, he needs to be believed and he needs to lead. when you get in situations like this where the president fabricates or changes the truth, how can you trust him and when a different crisis occurs when we need to reline the president, like chicken little saying "the sky is falling," he'll not be believableble. his word is supposed to be
9:29 pm
golden. it's difficult to get that back and you might need it when a crisis is threatening a wide swath of our countries. >> often his foibles ends up at late fodder on the talk shows, but sometimes it can be very, very serious if the president is not on track with the facts. here's presidential candidate bud such talking about this issue. >> i'm really worried about it. i feel sorry for the president. and that is not the way we should feel about the most powerful figure in this country. somebody on whose wisdom and judgment our lives literally depend. i don't know if he felt it necessary to pull out a sharpie and change the map. i don't know if one of his aides had to do that to protect his ego. no matter how you figure it, this is an unbelievably sad
9:30 pm
state of affairs for our country. if our presidency is not in good shape, then our country is not in good shape. >> he's saying this is a bigger picture that could have long lasting negative effects, things like this. >> and i'm no psychiatrist, so i can't make a diagnosis of what the problem is nor will i try to. clearly, that's something wrong. this is not something new, this is not something unusual. this happens time after time after time. the president claims that his inauguration drew the biggest crowds ever, bigger than alabamaalabam obama's. of course, he didn't. why does he do this? there's something seriously wrong and the president is the most important political leader not just in the u.s. but in the world. when the emperor has no clothes, everyone's going to suffer. >> we'll see how much longer he
9:31 pm
continues to tweet about this. we really preach uruguay insights on this. michael, thank you. >> tlaing, natalie. >> apocalyptic scenes in the bahamas. we take you to grand bahama. [music playing] (vo) this is jerry.
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. some areas in the bahamas have been cut off since hurricane dorian tore through the island days ago. no one can get to one place to
9:36 pm
see the level of destruction until now. cnn's patrick of theman shows us what's left in 24 exclusive film. >> only about an hour from freeport but it took us longer to get here, driving around debris like this. see, in every direction for miles, all the power lines are down. dorian came and ripped the roof clean off. it's hard to imagine anybody could survive here because residents say the storm surge, you can see the line just up there, not -- got this high, almost all the way to the roof. 17 feet, they said. they measured it. you can see the water stanz all
9:37 pm
the -- stains all the way down to the ground. devastation everywhere you look. it goes back to the water. 300 homes here, every home is damaged or destroyed. you can see where the wind smashed into the sign but somehow didn't tear it off. there's slabs of concrete. they've been thrown around like they were nothing, like they weigh nothing. this is the high rock prison. only one jail cell and it's not holding anybody now. we don't know if anybody was here when the storm came behind bars. they didn't stick around. there's nothing left in this town and the people say they've yet to receive any help from the government like so many bahamians, they're waiting for the assistance to come.
9:38 pm
patrick ottman, cnn, grand bahama island. >> such an incredible amount of devastation, it is hard to comprehend. if you would like to help the victims of the storm, head to our special impact your world website. there, you'll find a list of aid organizations working to help those devastated. the address the center of hurricane dorian is brushing the north carolina coast at this moment. the storm has already produced several tornadoes in the area like this waterspout in emerald isle, north carolina. they are common in thunderstorm bands of hurricanes and call -- give little, if any warning. they are still fright nipping to look at. karen mcginnis can tell us more an that. we seem to see more as this storm went up the coast today. >> it's still a category ii,
9:39 pm
still has 100-mile-an-hour wind. still battering the coast of carolina. this proves you don't have to have landfall for things to be dangerous. and impending in the storm of very heavy rainfall with flooding. we saw that in charleston where they set a record rainfall amount, also in mount pleasant. also the wind speeds were up around hurricane force there. as it has really taunted the coast of carolina, most importantly now, north carolina, we are seeing the threat of tornadoes. primarily from the outer bands. you see them spin up. they typically don't last that long but they're there nonetheless and that produces damage. like at emerald isle, widespread damage associated with the tornadoes. here's the eye county here. what do we think is going to happen? it is just going to tauntd the coast.
9:40 pm
and it has been for days now, lifting off towards the northeast at just about 13 miles per hour. it's picking up speed. the eye is looking ragged. not that clearly defined eye over the bahamas. it was so fierce looking and imposing. now as it begins to move look the north carolina coast we start out right now, wind gusts upwards of close to 50 miles an hour. we take you into the morning hours, cape hatteras, very vulnerable, this klein. it's a national seashore. you can go to kitty hawk and see is this gorgeous shoreline. residents are expected to see wind busts of -- gusts of maybe 1,000 miles an hour. cape rat ras -- 100 miles an hour. then and then i think within the next 15, 18 hours wer going to
9:41 pm
sydorian move far enough away that we can almost breathe a little bit of a sigh of relief. there are about 2 million people, natalie, currently under hurricane warnings. 10 million total between the tropical storm warnings and hurricane warnings. mostly in the carolinas. back to you. >> we've still got a little ways to go before that. karp, thanks very much. here's an astonishing sight in the wake of hurricane dorian. we've not edited those clouds right there. the skies over florida turned vibrant purple after the storm passed by. these pictures on social media captured the phenomenon which sometimes happens after a hurricane. scientists say the storm's low-level clouds scattered light from the sun in a particular way giving the sunset this purple look. one resident said it was a reminder. >> we'll take that. i like that. >> next here, the united states
9:42 pm
says it has a tentative peace deal with the taliban in afghanistan but america's top diplomat isn't sold on the details. we'll tell you why when we return.
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. > the two sides are said to have reached an agreement principle. now you're hearing that u.s. secretary of state mike pompeo is refusing to sign it. cnn's global affairs analyst kimberly dozier broke this story with time mag zoob and talked with us about it. >> what happened was that the taliban wanted secretary of state, mike pompeo to sign it and look, he wanted to lend the signature from his office to a final deal that might come out of oslo, an appeal between the afghan government and the taliban but not directly with
9:47 pm
the taliban. a spokesperson reached out in reaction to their reaction to the story. produced a stage on record saying that he -- the 79 and all the necessary parties agree and he's the appropriate person to sign the taliban deal. he'll sign it. but it took us a lot of, well, just attention to this issue out there and a big reaction in kabul before he was willing to say that. >> the peace talks are taking place against a backdrop of violence in afghanistan. the latest incident, a car bomb attack in kabul that killed a u.s. service member. cnn's michael holmes has that. >> debris and blown-out cars strewn across the road after another attack in the afghan capital. dozens are injured or dead. mom those killed, two nato service members, one iran and one american.
9:48 pm
the can suicide bomb car bomb detonated there. it's a message as they try to broker a deal with the u.s. >> in eastern kabul, the charred remains of a separate attack just days before are still being cleared. that car bomb so powerful it left this trait crater. the taliban's apparent target, the green village, the heavily fortified complex housing foreigners living or working in afghanistan. but the victims of monday's attack were civilians, all too familiar with attacks, ravaging this area. >> people want the foreigner count to be moved from here. blasts have happened not just once or twice but seven or eight times. >> the attacks on kabul and two region regional capitals.
9:49 pm
at the same time monday's explosion sent smoke rising above the city. the u.s. announcing they tainted a pack. >> in principle we have gallon there and the document is closed but it's not finalized until we get the agreement of the u.s. president. he said a draft deal needs donald trump's approval. that could see some of the 14,000 american troops there leaving within 135 days. marking the beginning of the end of a nearly 18-year conflict for the u.s. on which america has spent hundreds of billions of dollars and lost more than 2,000 american lives. in exchange for america's withdrawal, the taliban would commit to giving other militant groups from using afghanistan as a base for ie fax on the u.s. or allies. government officials were not part of the negotiations. the country's president is
9:50 pm
revying the deal. his spokesman writes that they need more clarity on the agreement and are concerned of potentially dangerous consequences of the peace deal. it's one that may offer little hope for peace in afghanistan. even after the u.s. has left and another violent attack claims more lives. michael holmes, cnn. >> one of the defendants charged in california's ghost ship warehouse fire was found not guilty on thursday. max harris was acquitted on 36 charges of involuntary manslaughter, one charge for each person who died when the building caught fire during a dance party in 2016. harris collected rent from tenants in the building which was used as an art collective. the prosecutors also charged derek hah mina. his case ended in hung jury and
9:51 pm
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hurricane dorian continues to march up the east coast of the u.s. the category 2 storm battering north carolina with maximum sustained winds of 100-miles-an-hour, that's 155 kilometers per hour. in addition to wind and rain, tornados were also thrown into the mix thursday. throughout the day, north carolina had reports of twisters smashing communities. but it is nothing like the situation in the bahamas where entire towns are decimated. at least 30 people have been killed, but that is likely to rise as hundreds of people remain unaccounted for. we'll have more on the storm coming up in the next hour of
9:56 pm
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the most common side effect is bone and muscle ache. if you'd rather be home ask your doctor about neulasta® onpro. pay no more than $5 per dose with copay card. -- captions by vitac -- hello and welcome to cnn. i'm natalie allen. we begin the dorian. north carolina is in for a long night as the hurricane slowly moves up the coast. well, the past few hours, the core of the storm has been brushing the eastern edge of the state. currently it is a category 2 hurricane with winds of 100 miles or 155 kilometers per hour. you're looking at live video from wilmington, north carolina. and you can appreciate the sound there of the winds. but even though the center of the storm has not crossed the coastline,