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tv   The Van Jones Show  CNN  September 7, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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every day at marco's, get two medium, one-topping pizzas for just $6.99 each. hello to the italian way. hello primo. good evening, welcome to the van jones show. you know, the democrats have so many exciting and talented leaders. two of the most nirping voices in the party are going to be with us tonight. we have one who is a star of the amazing new freshman class in the house of representatives. she just keeps going viral viral for all the right reasons. congresswoman katie porter is in the house on the van jones show. can't believe it. [ cheers and applause ] >> plus, my longtime personal friend and presidential hopeful cory booker is also in the house. two for the price of one. greatness to come. there is the guy. love the guy. but let's talk.
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look, this week you had death andes mediation from hurricane dorian. this storm just parked itself on parts of the bahamas and just dumped down rain and misery on people for days and days. to recover we are going to need the help for years. going to take years of help. the hurricane also caused flooding in the carolinas and created tons of anxiety for millions of americans constantly watching the forecast wondering when is this storm making landfall? at the same time that was happening, a wildfire was stoerching par stoer scorching california. you got floods and fires and extreme weather. the climate catastrophe is here and it's time to act. there is a silver lining be which is that the democrats actually want to meet the crisis head on. we had 10 presidential candidates come into this room on this stage this week and they had answers. they say, we want to tax pollution, invest trillions in clean energy. maybe a cap and trade system. maybe have safer nuclear power.
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doesn't matter. pick any serious science-based solution at least one democrat had a thoughtful plan to implement it they are ready to go. meanwhile, someone in the oval office, someone in the white house was doctoring weather maps with a sharpie trying to protect the president's ego. this is not going to work, folks. you got one party with a smorgasbord of positive solutions. the republicans pretending we don't have a problem. congress is coming back into session next week. guess how much time the republican controlled senate is going to dedicate to the climate crisis. don't waste your time guessing it's zero, felon. to my republican friends, it does not have to be this way. a decade ago addressing the climate crisis was a bipartisan issue. and it's got to become that again. come on my republican friends if you don't like the democratic proposals put forward your own but it's tame for conservative america to speak up. this is not a hoax, all right.
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i challenge our veterans, our retired generals, sitting generals, put forward a statement to president trump demanding action. you know that every scenario over at the pentagon has climate chaos stirring up wars, they are going to threaten our national security. it's time to speak up. i challenge our red state form farmers facing floods and drauts and fires, tell your congressional representatives to get to work dealing with this. and i call upon young republicans, conservatives and libertiarians believing in science to speak out. you don't like the green new deal, that's fine. put forward your own proposals but do not be silent. we cannot tackle a problem this big with only half of america's leaders participating. but together we can get something done. and there is one person who has been pulling people together to get stuff done for his entire adult life. he is here tonight. he is running for president. please welcome to the van jones show, my friend of 25 years,
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cory booker. [ cheers and applause ] look the now, baby. look at you now. >> oh, my god. >> thank you very much. >> hello, everybody. >> yeah. [ cheers and applause ] >> i got some friends up in here. >> yeah. >> friendly audience. >> you got friends in a lot of places. i have known you 25 years. >> when we both had hair. >> we both had hair. you always had more than me. and, you know, people think they any you. they don't know you. i know you. i want to go all the way back 25 years ago there base, you left yale law scoop. i got a phone call saying cory booker lost his mind and moved into a housing project in newark. why did you do that? >> look you and i are here because civil rights active afts from all bifrpt different backgrounds put lives on the line. i grou up where i did because my
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family were denied housing because of the color of the skin. a white couple posed and as them to we don't walk around the house like you hit a triple you were born on third base. you have to prove it by going out and struggling. >> i decided to move to the toughest neighborhood i could find in newark and, part of struggle and met a community schooled me more than yale. what it means to make things happen. >> what it said to me about you then and what it said now. you got courage. the rap on you and see you're too soft to be president, too nice to beat trump. too nice to be president. as the former mayor of newark, new jersey, who had to knock off the democratic party corrupt establishment to be the mayor, and see guy too soft? >> as a former football player, as a guy who had to come up
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against machine politics literally there is a documentary about me called street fight. >> not street hug. street fight. >> not street hug. i don't think there is in the field huss to fight harder and take down more difficult challenges than i have. but the thing people confuse is they think sometimes to be tough you got to be mean. be restraining you got to be cruel. no. >> yeah. >> and what i've seen in your career because you are a model of this and my success has been by being able to respond people's moral imagination of what's possible and bring together new coalitions to get things done. we bet a machine not because we took away votes. but we got more people active and engaged in the community. >> and you had the whole country watching in young, tough, urban action hero mayor, you know, you were running in the buildings saving people. literally burning buildings. part of the thing i'm curious about there is a mood mismatch. are you out of step with the mood of the democratic
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electorate being so high minded in the way that you approach things. >> i was jumping upon a stage in iowa we were psyched about just getting big crowds in iowa. the big guy sees former stanford tighten, the older i get the better i was at football he puts his armand around me he says dude i want to you punch donald trump in the face. >> i look at him and go dude that's a felony. i go, i'm hoping -- and i find this with people who will sit in my townhalls and realize we are not beating him on his turf on his terms using his tactics. we're not beating showing the worst of who we are. this is a moral moment in america. in past ones like the civil rights movement we didn't descend into the same tactics the demagogues and fear amongers and bigots use. we won the energy and spirit. you lived this spirit too. we got to heal and find kevon ground and bring people together. the next president has to be
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about that. >> [ cheers and applause ] >> something positive, i agree with that. you know, right after trump was elected i started something called the love army. and and liberals starting hating on the love. i had never seen so much haired directed at us because we used the term love. i sometimes worry that the democratic party that we might accidentally become what we are fighting feed what we are fighting by being so angry and may become what we are fighting. sometimes people have to go through a period of being upset. what are you seeing in iowa? what are you seeing on the ground that gives you the confidence that this party can rise above the reaction and to be as positive as you want in party to be. >> i think it's important -- and you do this with me in the private conversations we define what we mean by love. because people mistake that. i think patriotism is love of country. you can't love your country unless you love your fellow countrymen and women. but love is not sentiment, it's not sentimenty will if your
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children don't have cigarette public schools my children are lesser off. we explain this we explain to folks we are being torn about. i see intelligence reports the russia. s are using the social media platform to make us hate each other more. i could writ dissertations on my disagreements with people across the aisle. but i work across the aisle to get big things done. this is -- we are -- our biggest threat in this country and i know people are going to -- the existential threat of climate change. i can talk about the issues. but we can't solve the issues if we can't find ways to have the kind of leadership that can produce new american coalitions whether the coalitions we had to create to do something like going to the moon, or to beat the nazis or beat jim crow. they always involve incredible inspiring leaders and inspiring us to higher angels and coming together. not everybody but this country is at its best when we have leaders when we reminded are that the ties binding us are stronger than the lines dividing us. >> yes. >> [ cheers and applause ]
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>> i think it takes -- you're a courageous dude. it takes courage to speak out on climate change and speak out around the nuclear question. >> yes. >> i'm a strong green and have been anti-nuclear most of my career. as you look at numbers it's hard to figure out how you keep powering the world carbon free without nuclear. you could skipped that question. why did you put your fork in that socket and talk about nuclear power in the climate summit? >> you know, i learned from my community if the inner city which is go -- be about the people not the politics. so you and i both know, hell, i looked at school reform issues. i look at issues that. >> charter? >> yeah. >> they -month-old. >> the democratic party orthodoxy but my loyalty was black kids shove great schools. it's one of the reasons on our turf we created solutions working for us. >> once i was arguing about the charter school stuff and you took -- you said well malcom said by any means necessary.
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that includes charter schools. i couldn't say nothing. it's like this, this guy is zbloors i've seen from michigan to other states where the charter laws are bad but we found a solution working for us. and one -- not one size fits all. i just have a very central view of the world. it's like -- when i was mayor i used to say this. in god we trust everybody else bring data. over 50% of our cashen free power comes from nuclear. these folks wanting to close the plants down is not working. but even more so they are closing off the future. the scientific breakthroughs are dramatically safer don't risk meltdowns. we have to be open to cashen free solutions. i think eventually we'll get there wrp nuclear is faced out as well. but i have a vision for this country the electrification in
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2030 is net zero emissions. the only way to get to that goal is involving nuclear. >> it takes a lot of guts to be in a democratic party making that case. i think the case is correct. but it's not popular. and you have you know done a lot of stuff that's not popular but later turned out to be correct. well talk about that. but also talk about the important disagreement we have to settle when we get back. >> all right. get free smartphones too! get 4 new lines of unlimited and 4 free phones for just 30 bucks a line! ♪
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> "i" back with new jersey senator and 2020 democratic presidential candidate cory booker. it's so amazing to say, presidential candidate be, cory booker. >> folks are flipping around seeing two big black guys saying what. >> if you make it through the democratic primary you have to go up against donald trump. >> yes. >> and you have the detailed plans, very smart plans. and he has a sharpie.
4:16 pm
okay. how is this going to work? how are you going to beat donald trump? well, literally i've been looking forward to this opportunity since i decided to run for president and stand head to head with somebody like that. >> why? >> because, look, we are -- it will be a very clear contrast. you know, first ex-gener up against in person from a different era, who says things that are offensive to all americans from all eras. i just think the contrast will be clear and the way i've been taught all my life to take on people like him to shut them down, defeat them unseat them, to get them out of office. i'm excited about that fight. it isn't all about him either. because i think this is not a referendum on one guy and one office. i think ultimately this is a referendum on who we are as a nation. >> do you think the age matters? does it matter in this primary as well? >> look, i think that you can't paint with a broad brush and say that that is an issue. i do know that my generation who
4:17 pm
is never ascended to on the white house yet. we haven't had an ex-gen or millennial. we have a lot of new ideas for a vastly and quickly changing world. and experience nas i think at this point -- that are needed. >> but trump has cards to play including the economy. and the numbers just came out, not good for democrats saying african-americans are doing really rl well in the economy and black women maybe doing better than ever on unemployment. how due are do you deal with that as a democrat when black wrim are your core vote. >> if you ask barak women what they think about their situation in the as a guy limping in the majorities black area. they're not feeling it. we are seeing corporate profits in the 85 year high and richest getting richer and a lot of folks coming working not just one job. hustling and needing food stamps. >> yeah. >> the bargain of the country is gone. prescription drug costs up over $1,000 on average per year per person.
4:18 pm
>> so it's not just. >> child care, i can go through the things making life difficult. >> you are so connected to what's going on in the black community. you lived there. you walk there. you were elected from that base. and yet at the national level, the black voters are still hanging with biden and hanging with bernie. >> yeah. >> what's up? what's happening. >> hemmati give you simple facts. no president in our lifetime from the democratic party has ever been ahead in the polls this far out. they were all people that were considered long shots, carter, clinton. this far out, obama was nearly 20 points secretary clinton and behind a in african-american voteders this far out. while we have a lot of people from bernie to biden have 100% name recognition we're still browsing ourselves to voters. and i'm very confident on the ground in iowa where -- where people are a lot closer to the candidates -- right now we have more endorsements from state lerpgts than owling the states combined. >> in iowa. >> people getting a chance to know me quicker we're doing well. we believe when we upset in iowa
4:19 pm
we're setting a standard to win this primary and be the nominee. >> i want -- listen -- [ cheers and applause ] >> i want to talk to you about iowa. you are such an urban guy. and not just because -- i mean you are an urban dude. >> yes. >> i don't see you farming that much, you know what i mean. >> right. >> you're an urban dude. what are you learning, leaving new jersey, leaving washington, d.c. and talking to folks on the ground in iowa. >> i want to give you one correction. my grandma born and raised in des moines, iowa. been going to family reunion in the state all my life. >> you got a leg up. >> yeah, yeah. but there is this false narrative in the country that divides us. and i sat yesterday undecided voters, farmer and a philly inner city muslim woman what i found from the conversation is their concerns, so many are related. when we understand in this nation that we have more common cause we have a lot of common pain, even though often we are
4:20 pm
told we are so different but we have common pain, my goal as president of the united states is to turn that common pain into common purpose. and not let people think in any way that there is but one american destiny all in this together. >> beautiful. that's beautiful. [ cheers and applause ] >> well as you you said too much agreement messes up the conversation. >> yes. >> it's time for the disagreement. >> yes. >> you like star trek. >> i do. >> and i like "star wars." >> yes. >> and i have never had this argument with you. i know -- why do you like star trek? do you think that's going to help with you the space force? help me understand. you and this star trek thing sfl first of all i love "star wars" but you had to make me choose hands down star trek. >> boo. >> well, but you have to understand this came out in the 60s. >> yes. >> we both were kids when stwarps came out. this is my father sitting me down literally saying you are going to watch this program. >> why. >> because for my father who grew up in the jim crow south.
4:21 pm
he said i can't afford to be poor. i was just po, p-o. >> for him to see black people on the bridge with asian-american, with a captain that not only firps interracial kiss ever but kissing green people too. he thought it was the bold optimistic of the future. my father uls always told me. he goes the art places dreams in the hearts of humanity. he wanted me to see the boldest most optimistic view of the future and he turned me onto tor trek because of that. >> i can never win an argument with you. i never win with cory booker. okay, fine i still say may the force be with you. however, last question. i have known you a long long time. i have known roe sahr owe prince introduced us. i would have never predicted that you guys would date how did it happen?
4:22 pm
>> it's actually a really good story. most of which i'll tell you off air. >> fair enough. >> we met -- i was dead tired. >> yes. >> out in los angeles. a painful recent break upand went to a party she was there i was there. we lingered until it was over and got into a conversation that went on for hours and hours. >> wow. >> i feel very blessed. it's putting this whole world in perspective about what really is important. i know how valuable is your children are. these bonds of humanity that we all can relate to are so important. i know where a he out of time. i got to say something a lot of americans know you as now through cnn like your commentary. the truths of your life, my brother is that you have from the time i have known you three decades of experience we have had with each other. you have been one of the most advocates for social justice
4:23 pm
there is. >> thank you. [ cheers and applause ] >> and i want -- i hope people don't look you in refrps. i hope people look the you a as clalg no matter what's paying the bills we all have the obligation. >> i won't take any more compliments. but i will say i left the white house ten years ago this week. and you were one of the few people standing with me. and you said -- in that moment you know what you should do van is get a tv show here you are on my tv show thank you, brother. thank you. >> thank you. >> cory booker. cory booker on the van jones show. oh, my god. up next. congress going to be back next we can are they go do doing anything on guns? also on impeachment? i'm getting the answer to the question turbthe rising star in the democrat irk party. the katie porter is here. so much to talk about when we get back. let's be honest, insurance can feel a little outdated. the paperwork, the searching for id cards...
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[ cheers and applause ] my next guest is a freshman congresswoman making waves in washington, d.c. becoming a viral sensation with a signature style sticking up for working people from orange county, california. please welcome to the van jones show congresswoman katie porter in the house [ cheers and applause ]
4:28 pm
>> i'm so glad to finally meet you face-to-face. now, you are a part of this extraordinary freshman class or fresh people class. what is it like? you guys are making so much noise. people talk you guys more than anybody else what's is it like to be in the class. >> it's amazing. one of the things uniting our class is that most of us had never been elected before. so we're ordinary americans who came from lots of different walks of life. we have lots of different backgrounds there's been a lot of talk about in diverse class. that's certainly true along things like race and religion buts are terms in terms of other qualities. i'm the first single mother of young children to serve in the u.s. congress. >> how good is that. >> i often laugh because my colleagues are raised by single moms. see they were raised by a single mom and they turned out in congress. but i'm the first single mother to actually do it. sometimes things haven't been done before for a reason which is that they're really hard. >> yes. >> and also rewarding because
4:29 pm
this is a another voice we haven't been hearing. >> what do you think congress should be focusing on coming back in. >> we know we are talking about gun violence because we are reacting to the continued horrible mass shootings we have been seeing as well as the daily deaths from gun suicide. and other kinds of preventible gun violence. i think personally we should to focus on pharmaceutical drugs and drug pricing [ cheers and applause ] >> this is something when you look across the freshman class and the progressive and moderate members. this is something all of us will tell you that we ran on and that matters. >> yes. >> and if we are showing the american people we are for them and not for special interests and when we talk about special interests which is one of the washington buzz words i think it's important to name who we are talking about. one cht people i'm talking about is big pharma and the way they created the unaffordable health care system. i hope we take this on i think they are seeing huge support from across the country on both sides of the aisle on the issue. >> isn't it frustrating? i mean mitch mcconnell is not letting you do anything on drugs
4:30 pm
or guns or anything else. does it feel like a fools errened. you passed a bunch of good bills on one side of the building. >> a couple of things, one i don't think we can let mitch mcconnell determine our agenda. >> okay. >> we have a duty to the american people. if i only got out of bed on days that mitch mcconnell was going to do something i would have bed sores. i have to get up every day and fight because that's my job, the responsibility that i took on for the people. second i think is that, i have seen over my time in congress and before that that a lot of the things becoming law take time. ideas take time to socialize and not just within theless congress but with the american people some ideas may not become law. let's face if, mitch mcconnell >> right. >> but we're going to see them become law in 2020. >> speaking of progress, you are from orange county, california. this is -- this is not hollywood, okay. this is -- we call it calibama,
4:31 pm
where nixon and raying. your seat hasn't been held by a democrat since 1953 what can national democrats learn from your candidacy and experience in one of the reddest parts of california. >> one of the things we did successfully in the campaign was recognize that there is no american who likes to be cheated, were a democrat, republican, independent, voter non-voter, professional, stupt nobody like to feel taken advantage of and cheated. and the recent research we have seen is about half of americans have been victims of corporate abuse. they've been victims of wage theft had the cable company rip them off. the health insurance company not pay dlams they know were legitimate when we realize there are all the ordinary experiences of companies taking advantage of us and we all are consumers. i as a consumer protection attorney that gives me a lenz into that that fits into the campaign finance platform i ran on. another thing i would say about the freshman class when you look
4:32 pm
at the potential of the freshman class to change things, the most enduring change is that the vast majority of don't take corporate pac money. >> wow. [ cheers and applause ] >> and that doesn't -- >> you know, you sound -- i can hear both of your mentors in your voice. you sound tough like kamala harris one of yorp friends and one the of the mentors and also like elizabeth warren actually your professor. what do you wish people knew about kamala harris that they don't know right now? ? that you know? >> oh, i would say it's the same thing about the two of them. which is they both share a kind much courage that i think is so important. so nobody is going to knock kamala harris or elizabeth warren around. and i think one of the things i've learned in washington on the short-time is a lot of people are going to try and those are two of the toughest, bravest women on the planet. so i couldn't be prouder of how they are both doing in this race
4:33 pm
[ cheers and applause ] >> speaking about standing up to people donald trump is there. you are saying you're ready now to impeach him. how is that playing in orange county where -- you still have you know half red half half blue in your district. >> yeah, there is a lot of concern about donald trump's behavior even among the republicans in my district. many of the people are traditional republicans. they believe in the values. frankly that are across our country. values of patriotism, making sure we are supporting our troops. making sure we're responsible with tax dollars. i don't think those are republican values those are american values donald trump is repudiating with miss actions. for me this is about making sure we are signaling that nobody is above the law and that includes donald trump. >> yeah. [ cheers and applause ] >> with the election -- listen, that's all tough strong talk with the election coming up what do you do with the fact you are now looking at an election we have never had an impeachment during election? >> two things on a personal level when i thought about what to do i looked at the evidence
4:34 pm
and i concluded that i had to do what was right. not what necessarily was going to get me re-elected. i think i got elected because i'm willing to do what's right. >> that's right. >> because i wasn't worried about my re-election. that's my personal decision. in terms of what's going on in the house, honestly, i don't know. this is one of our big questions. are we already in an impeachment inquire? as soon as i know i'll let you know. this is actually one of the things i think we are trying to figure out where are we? and we're in this uncharted territory precisely because donald trump is taking us into uncharted territory with his constant and consistent misbehavior and disrespect for the law. >> well, listen, i got a lot more to talk about with tate o kait i porter including the moment leaving her and the country in tears on capitol hill. and how she uses her personal experience to help people along the way. that's next. i can. the two words whispered at the start of every race.
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> i am back with congresswoman katie porter. now look, most congressional hearings are just plain boring, okay. but her interaction with kablt secretaries and big bank executives seem to become big national moments. take a look. >> mr. diamond, you know how to spend $31 million a year in salary and can't figure out how to make up a $567 a month sthort
4:39 pm
fall. this is a budget problem you cannot solve. why are your lawyers arguing in federal court that there was no injury and no harm created by your dat breach? are you lying to a federal judge? or are you lying to me and this congress right now about whether we can rely on those statements? >> do you know what an reo zbloochlt an other owe. >> an not an other owe, reo, reo. >> real estate. >> what's the o stand for. >> organization. >> real estate owned that's what happens with when a property goes to foreclosure we call it an reo. >> so that was beautiful. so what is it like for your friends and your family when auchlds you're going viral, the phones are blowing up? what is the experience like you're doing your job and suddenly trending all around the world. >> i have no idea because i'm doing my job. so i remember with the exchange with mr. carson, after i was
4:40 pm
leaving my chief saying like this is going viral. and i remember immediately thinking, why? like he gave such bad answers, right. it was such a bad performance on his part. why would anyone want to learn nothing from mr. carson. what we learned is he don't know about the criticalry important issues how we house american families which is important. so important to orange county and california. but around the country. and housing affordability is actually his main job. >> yeah. >> and so the fact that he doesn't know about it itself is an important outcome from that hearing. >> but, you know, you're tough on trump too. he doesn't come after you. the way that he comes after the squad. these like four women of color. why do you think trump doesn't come after you the same way. >> i think give him some time. this is something -- like every morning like this could be the day. because, you know, who knows, i mean every day it's somebody new. >> right. >> my time may come. but the real issue we should ask ourselves is why is this a
4:41 pm
president who find make and keep allies? why is he using his time to make personal attacks on a branch of government he is supposed to be cooperating with. we see this front and center with the budget, the reauthorization of the national defense act. when i started in january, i actually thought there might be two things that i could work with president trump on. one of them was transportation and infrastructure. and the other one was prescription drug pricing. >> right. >> yet we have seen no willingness to do so from the president. >> you show real courage in your personal life. i want to show a moment that i think touched the whole country. we'll talk about it. >> the first time i called for help the officer who arrived told me that i called for protection again my children would be taken away from me. each year millions suffer in
4:42 pm
silence. for fear that getting help will result in their being blamed. >> you know, that was such a powerful moment. and i just wonder as you see that now and you think about it what's present for you as a survivor of domestic violence. >> the fact that our congress isn't stepping up to reauthorize the vinyl against women act. >> even now. >> so many of us now talking about the experiences. we know how widespread intimate partner violence is. we know this is an issue affecting children long-term development stwremt. affects the lgbt community and yet congress, the senate is not moving it forward and this is historically appear bipartisan issue. fear for what's happening in american families, fear for our future if we don't take action even on the issues like protecting people in their own home. >> yeah, you know, you've talked about the -- the impacts of the diversity of the freshman class. and when you talk about what happened to you with domestic
4:43 pm
violence you talk about your experience with so many of these things, you say that there are people in congress who are just shocked to even hear that the cost of child care is what it is. what is that like being -- almost like an economic minority? the house? >> i think this is one of the most surprising things for me is i think i understood i was being elected to a position of privilege and of power and responsibility. i think i didn't understand the extent to which congress is kind of set up for and run by wealthy. and i'm certainly not at the bottom of the economic spectrum. i have a good job. as a professor. like i'm very, very fortunate and very conscious of that. but some of the things that i'm told really reveal what a privileged institution it is. when i was looking for a district office. i said well, you know, how do i pay a security deposit? they said we don't provide funds for a security deposit. i said how do i get an office? and they said use your personal funds. >> wow. >> and so like the health care we start the job january third,
4:44 pm
our health care as members doesn't start until february 1st. i said well how do my children and i have insurance as i'm ethically prohibited from working in another job how do my kids and i have hurns unser insurance in that period? they said go on your husband's. i said i don't have an husband the answer was personal funds. and so i don't know where the personal funds are. but i would love to find them and have them. but i think this -- this economic diversity is important. i have a bill i'm excited about that i believe is going to have bipartisan support called the help america run act. and what it does it is is allow candidates to use campaign donations to pay for health insurance premiums and childcare costs so we can continue to diversify thes voices representing the diversity of the american people [ cheers and applause ] >> i love it. i love it. keep going. we're lucky to have you. up next are the 2020 candidates sparking excitement like you spark excitement with a key group of voters? now this could be a make or
4:45 pm
break constituency for the democrats in the next election. see what i found out in an important swing state when we get back. if you have moderate to thsevere rheumatoid arthritis, month after month, the clock is ticking on irreversible joint damage. ongoing pain and stiffness are signs of joint erosion. humira can help stop the clock. prescribed for 15 years, humira targets and blocks a source of inflammation
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. all right. look, a key group that's going to help decide the 2020 race is actually black men. and in 2016 a lot of black
4:49 pm
voteners the general election were turned off by donald trump but uninspired by hillary clinton so they stayed home. they were 1.6 few err black voters than in 2012. nasa huge swing in a state like say, michigan where 14% of the population is black. now, remember, trump won minivan by only about 10,000 votes. trump says he is doing great with black voters because of the strong economy and low employment. but the democrats are still counting on anger and outrage over trump's racist attacks to get over the finish line. so i stopped by the social club grooming company in detroit. hosting this program called shop talk where locals talk about politics and race. here is what the people there had to say about the 2020 presidential campaign. >> what role are we going to wind up playing? trump keeps saying he has the black folks on his side. he is saying that unemployment for black folks is low, doing criminal justice why not give him a chance. how do young black men in
4:50 pm
michigan hear it when trump says that. >> frankly i think trump is playing a game of manipulation. and so we don't agree with it because you look at what he has done over the past years he has been elected and all of his so far, his words are not matching up his actions. >> you feel the same way? >> i do. trump is extremely racist. it's not just about black men. it's all people of color. people talked about giving him a chance. i think that chance is over. >> you're an entrepreneur, you're a business guy. >> yeah. >> he's giving tax breaks to business people. why wouldn't you as an entrepreneur want to be with trump? >> it's not just about making money or sheltering taxes. the main purpose of an entrepreneur is to solve problems. it seems like under his regime,
4:51 pm
so to speak, he's creating more problems. his morals don't align with mine. >> kamala harris, is she cutting through with the true grass roots or not? >> i would say no. >> why not? >> i don't think she resonates with the grass root black person. the obama experience was bad for us. >> why you say that? >> i don't think he really impacted our issues enough for us to lift him up. i know a lot of personal people that did well but the masses didn't feel his affect. >> does that open the door for a donald trump to get to some of the people you're talking about? >> no. they're not listening to trump. most of the people i deal with has no connection with the presidential race. they think it doesn't include them or involve them and specific black men. they feel not marginalized,
4:52 pm
minimized which means they're not on the radar. s >> how do you think young black men are looking at the election? >> i think the thing that's making it a slow walk up to the line is that it's not a candidate who speaks to a group specifically. everybody is pandering. everybody wants to black vote. you want tuition, i got you. you want reparations, i got you. it's no one who is coming with this is the solution. this is how we're going to get there. i'm going to walk this up to congress. they're going to vote for this and this will work in your favor. it's just more politics and more things happening. we're looking for real person to say i'll represent the people. >> donald trump says he's the least racist person ever. who based on that to give him chance, consider voting for him? lowest black unemployment in the history of black people,
4:53 pm
according to donald trump. who is willing to give him a chance? why are you not willing to give him chance? >> it's probably three to four miles from here it's children in cages because they are immigrants and sending i.c.e. out. we have a big population of people who are scared to leave their homes because a think might get snatched up. it's home of the free. you should be able to come here to start and live a good life. >> you're one of the more prominent muslim politicians in the country. you got the president of the united states saying send her home to one of the only muslims in congress. how does that land for you? >> i've heard that so many times. >> you've heard what in. >> go back to your country. all the time. i think about my daughter. i have a 19-month-old baby girl. i know because of her last name, because of how she prays and the
4:54 pm
color of her skin. she's liable to grow up in america and people tell her go back to her country. she's a fourth, fifth, depends on how you count, generation american. we have to get past this. it's this racism that's existed. you look at the history of our country, it's baked into the fabric of the country. we have done a lot of work to try to move beyond and we have this individual in the white house who wants to exacerbate that. >> michigan voted for trump by 10,000 votes. is that going to happen again? does trump have a shot here? >> anybody who thinks that trump has no shot hasn't been paying attention? anybody that thinks he has it in the bag hasn't been paying attention. are we going to be able to inspire young people in these communities to stand up because we're having a conversation relevant to their lives. a lot of people watch a debate and say that doesn't speak to anything i'm feeling. >> democrats i hope you're
4:55 pm
listening. so important to show up. this week marks a personal milestone for me. exactly ten years ago, i quit my job many the obama white house under fire. the administration named me the special adviser for green jobs. in the middle of the recession i was helping to steer billions of dollars to creating green energy jobs. a dream come true. it didn't last. his right wing opponent went after my left wing past. they took statements out of context and created a big media circus. my dream job became a national media nightmare. i quit and fell into a very dark place. i was a father of two little boys who didn't have a job. my reputation was in the toilet. thought my career was over and might end up homeless. friends say i would bounce back. i didn't believe them. i was too depressed. small handful of people did rally around me and help me. just as important i got counsel, therapy and it helped me a lot.
4:56 pm
somebody out there right now is going through a tough time. you might think there's no hope for you but if you had told me ten years ago today that i had my own cnn show, be working at highest levels for criminal justice reform and all the other good stuff in my life, i would have said that's impossible. my life is over. here i am. don't you give up. don't be afraid to get therapy. don't be afraid to ask for help. break downs can become breakthroughs if you use them right. i'm van jones. peace and love to one another. new super stay ink crayon from maybelline new york. precision tip. up to 8-hour wear. draw on all-day matte intensity. new super stay ink crayon. only from maybelline new york. new super stay ink crayon. you wouldn't accept from any one else. why accept it from your allergy pills? flonase relieves your worst symptoms including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. flonase helps block 6 key inflammatory substances.
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welcome to our viewers in united states and around the world. you're live in the cnn newsroom. breaking news tonight, the president revealing he was going to have a secret meeting tomorrow at camp david with tleeders the leaders of the taliban. he's decided to cancel and suspend the peace negotiations laying out his entire rationale on twitter. let's get to sarah westwood. what is the president saying? >> reporter: revealing that tomorrow he did have high level talks, a high level meeting at camp david with the taliban with the president of afghanistan but in a surprising series of tweets tonight he's


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