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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  September 23, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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confessed that he knows how to make improvised explosive devices. these are postings on facebook where he's giving them information knowing full well that they intend to use some of this information to cause harm to others. he did this to cause chaos, he wanted to create chaos. he told them that if chaos results in the death of people, even through information. he provided it doesn't affect him. beto o'rourke in response to the fbi arrest said basically, that this isn't about any one person. he thanked the fbi for what they did. the key here is that he's saying, this season the about any one person or one campaign. we won't let this scare us to back down in fighting for what's right. very concerning here. this is an example of what the fbi is now doing. going back, scrubbing their systems. looking to see if there could be problems for them.
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people they may have missed. it wasn't until august that they went back and said, what's going on. clearly very concerning, they arrested him two weeks ago. >> this is one thwarted. >> now to this, as he stares down the latest firestorm to engulf his white house, president trump is not backing down from the controversy, he's doing something familiar. pointing the finger elsewhere. the current target, joe biden and his son hunter who trump claims engaged in corruption in ukraine. he's made that claim to ukraine's president during a phone call late in july. a phone call that took place the day after robert mueller testified to congress, which happened to be the same day, when trump came out and cried again.
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no collusion. he was totally vindicate d. the day after he's on the phone with the president of ukraine, and despite president trump's insistence to the contrary. there is no evidence of wrongdoing by joe biden or his son. kaitlan collins is there in new york. on this topic of religious freedom. the president said he wanted the public to see the calls transcript, is he changing his mind? >> he seems to be wavering on it, he's gone back and forth over whether or not that transcript should be released. there was no wrongdoing or inappropriate conversations during that call. just a few moments ago, the president talked about this topic, and he seemed to be echoing what we heard from aids.
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they're worried if they did release this transcript, it could lead to them being forced to release a slew of others. >> you could authorize the release of the transcript. >> i could do it easily. but i'd rather not do it. i may do it. we had a nice call. it was a congratulatory call. he had had just won. >> now, brooke, as they're wrestling with whether they should release the transcript, they should release the transcripts. they say it's not gone so far. people have gone back and forth over that saying, it's the law. you have to release this complaint. as it's going on, the president is insisting he did not threaten
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to withhold that aid as he was bushing them to talk about joe biden, pushing joe biden with the ukrainian. now another thing, focusing on that whistle blower's complaint. the question on twitter is questioning this person's patriotism. he didn't know what the identity of this person is, he was asking whether or not they are on the country's side. >> it sounds like we're hearing from some range of reactions, ranging from worried to one white house official brushed it off calling it mueller 2. we've seen this movie before. >> that's what the president said earlier, if he's worried about these new calls for his impeachment. we may start to see new calls from democrats that haven't gone that far yet. he said he wasn't. this is a redue of the mueller
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investigation. he declared vindication on it. it's going back and forth in the white house, there are some people that see this as a problem for the president to be talking to another foreign leader about investigating his political rival. aids have denied they were pressuring him. they're waiting to see what republicans are going to say about this, and whether or not it's going to become a bicker issue for trump. >> we'll talk about what republicans are saying or not saying in this next conversation we're about to have. kaitlyn, thank you very much at the u.n. cnn has learned the ukraine call has pushed some house democrats to what one lawmaker says is the tipping point on impeachment after they were opposed to it in the past. my next guest left the republican party nearly one year ago, after the kavanaugh confirmation hearings, saying republicans had been a threat to the rule of law, if it is true, that president trump tried to
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get the ukraine to investigate joe biden, the president should be impeached. and removed from office. and now he is tom nichols, the author of the death of the expertise, and in a new column for the atlantic, he writes about trump's ukraine call. the headline is, if this isn't impeachable. nothing is. >> thank you very much. >> i have no never made my intention to impeach trump. why now? >> this is the clear case of impeachable behavior. >> they didn't understand why some of the things in the mueller report were impeachable. the president and his advisers have con sti skated.
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did the president of the united states investigate, ask the president of the ukraine to investigate biden the president simply confirming there was a quid pro quo. this is an abuse of power. >> you don't want to give money to someone who's corrupt i think it's really important to point out. if you're waiting for $250 million in aid, the president says apropos of nothing, here's this thing i'd like you to care about. that sure would -- if i were a foreign leader, i would understand the clarity. even without that. if the president asked for one
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of his interests to be put in jeopardy in a foreign country. >> this would be inevitable not only for president trump, but speaker pelosi. >> i don't speak for speaker pelosi or anyone else i guess my only question to the democrats is, if if not this, what. i mean, at this point, if this is not impeachable kbee hav yore, maybe we should strip that part right out of the constitution and forget about it. i know the answer is, the senate will never convict. at some point there is a constitutional duty to engage in this, and put the senate on record as either approving this kind of behavior or rejecting it. i don't think this should be a raw calculation. impeaching richard nixon was
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unpopular in 1973 and didn't hit the 50% mark until the summer of 1974. i think the behavior itself is so obvious, and the president has copped to it, he simply said we're never going to see that transcript, and if we do, i'm not sure i would trust the version that comes out of the white house. >> let me read. we'll get to -- >> the president has said i brought it up with him i believe him. you write, there is no spin, no deflection, no alternative theory of the case that can get around the central fact that president trump attempted to use his office for his own gain and that he put the foreign policy and the national security of the united states at risk while doing so, you go on, by comparison, watergate was a complicated judgment call. and tom the republican party probably won't call this out.
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what do you think? >> it's remarkable to me senator romney said it would be troubling. >> would be troubling. hasn't trump admitted it? >> it would be troubling in the extreme if this were true. already, there are other republicans walking away from him, senator holly has already started with this is a deep state attack. this is mueller too, and no one cares. i think i would hope that there is some remnant of the republican party that cares about the constitution and national security. if i believe that, i would be a republican and i'm not. >> tom nichols, thank you so much for coming on. we'll talk again. thank you. >> thank you. coming up next, we'll breakdown what seems to be a formula president trump has to responding to these types of scandals. deny, deflect and admit this
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pattern. coming up, police speaking out about two 6-year-olds arrested at their elementary school. you heard me right. a lot of questions about why this escalated to this point. and later, the new england patriots head coach still refusing to answer questions about antonio brown days after brown was fired from the team amid rape allegations. you will see the tense exchange he had with the reporter. ly. but allstate actually helps you drive safely... with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost. unfortunately, it can't do anything about that. now that you know the truth... are you in good hands? ♪ (music plays throughout)♪
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if russia, if china, if someone else offers you information on an opponent, should they accept it or call the fbi? >> i think maybe you do both. i think you might want to listen. there's nothing wrong with listening. if someone called from a country, norway, we have information on your opponent, oh, i think i'd want to hear that. >> you want that kind of interference in our elections? >> it's not interference, they have information, i think i'd take it. >> that was president trump just a couple months ago essentially saying he'd be open to foreign interference in the u.s. election in 2020. maybe we shouldn't be so surprised that is exactly what he's accused of doing right now, asking the president of the
12:17 pm
ukraine, to investigate his potential opponent, joe biden. perhaps as predictable, the way president trump has handled this and many many other scandals. chris cillizza is with me now. you have broken down the trump response into four basic steps. >>. >> we have a large sample. >> which conversation? >> july 25th with the president -- >> i don't know. i really don't know. >> this is the stormy daniels, $130,000 payoff. he was asked directly. he backed over michael cohen, no, no. what else, there was this, the tweet about trump tower and the russia meeting, i did not know the meeting with my son don junior, remember, he wrote the statement in don junior's name that came out of that meeting.
12:18 pm
sound two. let's play a clip, we'll come back and talk about it. >> it doesn't matter what i discussed. it's a partisan whistle blower. shouldn't have information. i had conversations with many leaders that are always appropriate. i think scott can tell you that. always appropriate, at the highest level always appropriate. >> not sure what at the highest level always appropriate means. michael cohen said, i was the one that made these payments. >> the meeting was about russian adoptions. >> let's play the clip.
12:19 pm
>> largely corruption, all the corruption taking place. we don't want our people like vice president biden and his son creating the corruption already in the ukraine. >> right there, getting pretty close to saying, yeah, i had the conversation, it was totally appropriate. here's twitter, nothing was said that was in anyway wrong. he's said the same things. received a monthly container. again, end run around campaign finance law. this is a contribution. then there was this, trump tower meeting, son don perfectly legal. again, owning up to it, nothing happened. last one, deflect and accused someone else. here we go, last sound. >> it's just a democrat witch hunt, here we go again. they failed with russia, they failed with recessions, and everything. the one who's got the problem is
12:20 pm
biden. you look at what biden did. biden did what they would like to have me do. except one problem, i didn't do it. >> right. okay. now, so on the deflect, the ukrainian witch hunt. he does this all time. this was a democratic ploy. nothing was there, this is democrats in the media. it's joe biden who has done the things wrong. there is a pattern here, this is an approach. it's one of the things that's consistent about. none of what i ran through are facts. and that's what we need, facts. what was on that call, what specifically did they talk about. why not release the whistle-blower complaint to congress. these are things that donald trump could make happen. he is choosing not to. >> that was fascinating. shout out to chelsea for producing that one.
12:21 pm
>> shout out to the producer. >> chelsea cook. coming up next, a story that has a lot of people asking how could this happen. two 6-year-olds arrested in separate incidents at the same elementary school on the same day. hear what police are saying about this now. at fidelity, we believe your money
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moments ago, we heard from officials in orlando after a police officer arrested two 6-year-old students at their elementary school. six. one of those students was sent to the office for throwing a tantrum, and then placed in handcuffs. i don't even -- how does this even happen. what do they say? >> i know, brooke, i'm trying to process all of this. let me take you through this. the grandmother of one of these children was shock ed, the 6-year-old girl suffers from sleep apnea, they're trying to get that under control. thursday, she gets a phone call
12:27 pm
from the little girl's charter school, saying she had had a temper tantrum and had been arrested by police. take a listen. >> what do you mean she was arrested. there was an incident and she kicked somebody. she's arrested and she has a charge. how do you do that to a 6-year-old child? >> the state attorney had had a press conference. a 6-year-old had been arrested and charged, the state attorney made it clear she does not plan to prosecute, saying that instead, she's going to work to drop the charges on this child. take a listen. >> there have been outcries for justice, and i want this community to know that i hear you. >> i want you to know that when it comes to little elementary aged children, we will not negotiate justice ever. today the healing can start. i can assure you there will be
12:28 pm
no criminal prosecution for a misdemeanor battery for these elementary children in my name or on my watch. i will not presume guilt or dangerousness of a child based upon any democratic. >> brooke, how did this happen in the first place? according to orlando police, they have a protocol that any officer that arrests a child under the age of 12 needs to get approval, and apparently in this case. the approval was not obtained, needless to say there's an internal investigation going on according to the police, for now the officer's duties have been suspended. >> has been suspended. rosa florez, thank you very much. let's bring in charles coleman jr. civil rights attorney, you were fired up reading about this this morning. thank you so much for coming on. how do you arrest a 6-year-old? >> i think this is appalling, i'm appalled. i think that most people with their common sensibilities would
12:29 pm
be appalled. when you talk about the school pipeline, this is exactly what we're referring to. we're talking about the criminalization of behavior by myers, by school aged children whose primary education for things that they would normally do. this is normal behavior. a 6-year-old had a tantrum, she's a baby, she's a child. this happens. i really need for viewers to understand to con tech tullize this in a larger conversation about what is happening across america with respect to schools, involving school resource officers around things they should not be involved in. they were put in place to deal with things like mass shootings or gang violence or things of that nature. they're not in place for classroom management, this is a total aberration on a number of different levels. >> just a little bit of background we're reading the officer involved, his name is dennis turner, he was assigned
12:30 pm
to the reserve officer program. he retired, in 2016 he was reprimanded for excessive force after he tasered a man five times. this is all according to the orlando cen continual. they didn't get the approval, he has been suspended. how does a guy with that kind of background end up working around kids. >> there are two issues with that. this is not someone who should have ever been in a position, retired or not, to be a school resource officer or safety resource officer with children. that's bar none. when you have an officer who has a history of excessive use of force, that's not the situation you want to put this officer in. not to mention there were two arrests of minors of 6-year-olds that this officer made in the same week, right? we can already understand this is not someone individually who should be there. i think there's an important conversation that has to be thrown in the context of larger, what's going on in florida, in particular. they have had on a repeated basis, for years now, a serious
12:31 pm
problem with students, particularly students of color being referred to law enforcement. florida has approximately 30% learners of color, black learners, brown learners in their school system. of that 30%, approximately 60 of the referrals to law enforcement are constituted by black and latino children. this is a real problem. even if you want to put this off to the side and say, he was a bad apple in the bunch, this is a systemic issue that needs to be addressed and examined. >> i appreciate you bringing it to light, and wanting to come on and talk to me about it. i appreciate you very much. thank you very much. coming up next, president trump makes a surprise appearance at the u.n. climate meeting today, after first saying he would not attend. this as he complains once again he should get a nobel prize instead of president obama. shrimp yeah!
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we're back, you're watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin. >> a meeting president trump had not planned on attending whatsoever. the president stopped by for 15 minutes as world leaders discussed the issue on day one of this year's united nations general assembly. he left to attend a meeting on religious persecution. today sets up a week for president trump who will go before the assembly tomorrow.
12:37 pm
wolf blitzer, nice to see you. >> big week, he shows up within the first 30 seconds. he starts talking about joe biden talking about meeting with the president of the ukraine. it's clear what's on the man's mind this week. >> the controversy is hovering over the general assembly. as far as trump is concerned, there's a lot of concern over what happened, why aren't they making all this information from the whistle blower available as they're required to do what's going to happen thursday when the acting director testifies in open session. there's a lot of questions, and whether or not the trump administration is willing to make available the transcript of that conversation the president had with the new ukrainian leader. if he makes that available that will clarify a lot. they also want that whistle blower complaint. what's in therep p he this want to that be available on
12:38 pm
classified confidential basis before the house and senate intelligence committee. >> i wanted to ask you something that came out friday evening. trump is sending troops to saudi arabia, we heard the announcement from the pentagon. >> it's a serious development late friday night, all of a sudden the secretary of defense appears at an on camera press briefing which is rare over the department of defense. they announce the u.s. is going to be deploying troops to to saudi arab in a. the saudi oil facilities, they're going to be making available some very sophisticated defense systems. there are a lot of questions about how many troops will be going, a lot of democrats are asking, is there going to be mission crete. does the president have the authority to deploy these troops who will clearly be in harm's way. and specifically how many troops were involved.
12:39 pm
it was sewn as a way for the president to avoid any direct military action, which could lead to all out war, but it's still potentially a risky maneuver to start deploying additional u.s. troops to the region, especially saudi arabia and the united arab emirates which could be a target for the iranians. >> one last question. this is the moment that the president sat down with pakistan's prime minister. >> i think i'm going to get a nobel prize for a lot of things, because they give it out fairly. they gave one to obama aupon his assent to the office and he had no idea why he got one. that's the only thing i agree with him on. >> he's always going after president obama, he doesn't like him. he doesn't like the fact that
12:40 pm
president obama won the nobel peace prize. he thinks he deserves it. let's see if he can make peace with north korea, the middle east. then he clearly deserves it. if he gets an israeli palestinian deal of the century and gets that done and there's peace between the israelis and palestini palestinians. then he deserves the nobel peace prize. right now it's premature. >> we'll see you in the situation room. thank you very much. you'll see the tense moments between a reporter and bill belichick when she asked him about antonio brown. a former nfl star fired amid rape allegations. this as we get new details about what brown plans to do next. dam. with portfolio managers focused on the long term. who look beyond the spreadsheets to understand companies, from breakroom to boardroom.
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antonio brown says he will not be playing in the nfl any more. that has not stopped the questions for patriots coach bill belichick. first, some of his thoughts on brown. brown is being sued for raping
12:46 pm
his personal trainer. and now a second woman says brown approached her while wearing a hand towel over his groin area. it's not clear why he was released. it happened after the second accuser received photos from brown. ben roethlisberger received a four-game suspension a couple weeks ago. we will see if the players union will hold the team owners account ab accountable sad. as brown molds his own future. we do not want to get into what led to brown's departure. to the death stare. >> i think i'd be remiss if ien did the ask, what was the final straw with antonio brown. >> we'll focus on the jets today. >> thank you, coach.
12:47 pm
>> christine brennen. >> he had to know the question was coming. come on? >> absolutely, brooke. and dana did her job and did it magnificently. you had to know this was coming. lovely question. perfect question. journalists are not fans. we're there to ask the question. bravo to dana. bill belichick did his job also, but he did not do it anywhere near as well as dana did hers. he's glared. i've had many a coach glare at me. he doesn't look good there, and dana looks great there. if belichick doesn't like the question, look at your owner. he signed antonio brown. he didn't have to do that. think about what could have
12:48 pm
happened if belichick said, it's a big issue in our country. i understand that. we do care about issues -- >> we do care. with this second woman, i mean, how can the pats just like are they not going to address this at all? >> apparently not. and they made a big mistake here. the patriots take flyers on players and they've had some great successes. this was an epic fail for the patriots. the nfl co exists in the world with me too. things have changed. the nfl's listening i think we give them pause. he may go on the commissioner's exempt list, which is paid leave. >> that's good news. patriots, the mistakes here
12:49 pm
are -- they're numerous. it's all about football for the patriots. there are no repercussions for the patriots to act this way. >> when you read these. what he says about bob craft, ben roethlisberger, how big is the nfl's problem? >> i think it's significant and it has been for some time. the difference is, we're five years after the ray rice punch, the elevator punch. that is a separate conversation on domestic violence. not domestic assault or rape as we're talking about here with antonio brown. the nfl has an ability to investigate themselves. there have been some advances. to say it's altherrible would be wrong. the nfl, they have done some
12:50 pm
things. they have a commissioner's exempt list. what needs to be done. again, with 45% of the fan base according to the nfl being women and girls, obviously, the other 55% men and boys care just as much about these issues. the nfl is living in a world that cares about women, we should be listening to women. we should be believing women. and the nfl when fans will start getting angry and marching on the stadium, i don't know, probably never. but there's also something called doing the right thing and that's what the patriots did not do in this case. >> christine brennan, thank you very much. >> brooke, thank you. just in, as the president admits he talked to a former power about investigating joe biden, the senate leader just weighed in on this. and three house committees just demanded that secretary of state mike pompeo give answers or expect subpoenas. what would it look like if we listened more?
12:51 pm
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enhanced up to 48 hours. unbelieva-brow longwear brow gel, by l'oreal paris. no smudge. sweat resistant. waterproof. it's unbelievable. unbelieva-brow longwear brow gel. l'oréal paris. the emmy awards celebrate all that television has to offer rp , and this year it was a little bittersweet. fans said a final goodbye to series like "veep," "game of
12:56 pm
thrones," "big bang theory." but women used the stage to talk about women's issues, lgbtq issues, et cetera. take a look. >> to my grandmother, nudgie, they were immigrants, they were holocaust survivors. my grandmother was about to be shot spinto a pit, and she said what happens if i step out of line? he said, i won't shoot you, but someone will. because of her, i'm here. step out of line, ladies. step out of line. >> so good. between that, michelle williams deserves an emmy for her speech, and amazon's "fleabag" took home the best comedy award. a one-woman show by its creator,
12:57 pm
phoebe wallenberg, who took home three trophies. such a big night for women. >> such a big night. they not only gave great award acceptance speeches, but they had the best projects. "fleabag" is an incredible show. phoebe is a phenomenon. a lot of people don't know she was the show writer for "killing eve" first season. she's doing it. she's working on a new bond film. when you have michelle williams taking time to speak about women of color, she totally gets invited to the cookout. we love her. alex borstein, i want a t-shirt that says, "step out of line, ladies." i was moved. it was a phenomenal night for women. in a show that was a little interesting, but women definitely stepped up and they had great work this year and got recognized for it. >> how about billy porter? he had his moment, the first openly gay black man to win for lead actor in a drama series for
12:58 pm
his role in "pose." now he's oscar shy. >> i am so overwhelmed and i am so overjoyed to have lived long enough to see this day. james baldwin said, it took many years of vomiting up all the fifth th filth that i had been taught about myself and halfway believed before i could walk around this earth like i had the right to be here. i have the right, you have the right, we all have the ight. >> quoting james baldwin. i know, i know. what does that moment mean? >> it means everything, because last night felt like the night of other. you had women, you had a gay black man who gave poignant, pointed speeches, especially where we're at right now in this country. for him to win and have this historic win, forget about the fact he's already won a tony for
12:59 pm
kinky boots and he's already won a grammy and now he's one step closer to egot, it was a historic moment. also it says so much about where television is in hollywood. we often talk about the lack of diversity in tv and movies, but tv, we're going to give you lgbtq stories, we're going to give you women of color stories, you're going to get all of it. >> it's moving along, slowly but surely. >> we're going to make it happen, brooke. >> i have no segue. just roll the sound. >> our family knows firsthand how truly compelling television comes from real people just being themselves. >> telling their stories unfiltered and unscripted. >> so, yes, there actually is an award for best reality competition series. do you think they're in on the joke? you hear the laughter. >> i felt like that was a girl
1:00 pm
bi-laugh. i don't think they were laughing with the kardashian girls, they were laughing at them. i think it was like, you girls don't really count as real people, so yeah. >> lisa france, thank you for all things emmys. have a great rest of your day. thank you for being with me. i'm brooke baldwin. "the lead" starts right now. this is a serious problem for us. he admitted it, a trump adviser just told us. "the lead" starts right now. breaking news, president trump at the united nations seeming to admit more damning information about that phone call with the leader of ukraine. this is a key democrat saying the house may now be at the point of no return on impeachment. also, breaking today, the fbi arrests a u.s. soldier accused of talking seriously about targeting a 2020 candidate and bombing a major news network. and he likes the pop-in. huge pop-in guy. president trump popping in on a day-long meeting on climate