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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  October 31, 2019 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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nationals. >> it was amazing. >> a come from behind world series victory to give washington, the first world series, in 95 years. >> i know you remember it well. >> yes. >> look at this. it was amazing. they were down 2-0 until the 7th inning. they came back. you know, back in may, they had a 1.5% chance of winning the world series. they were 19-31. they lost 31 of the first 50 games. >> oh, my gosh. >> everyone counted them out. but this team kept on fighting and fighting and fighting. and last night, winning the fourth game on the road, in the world series, that has never been done before. >> miracles do happen. including that wolf blizzer will be live on our air, very shortly. >> we have teams going to check on him to make sure he made it through the night. >> because that didn't happen until about midnight. >> around midnight, yes. >> much more on that, meanwhile, welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. this is "new day," thursday, octoberer 31.
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halloween. 6:00. here in new york. i know we often say it is a big day in the impeachment inquiry. but today, we have hit what could be the most consequential one yet. in just hours tim morrison, president trump's top adviser on russia will testify behind closed doors. he is expected to corroborate key elements of witness testimony that alleges a quid pro quo in which president trump pressed for ukraine to publicly announce investigations into the bidens, and use military aid as leverage. and this morning, the house of representatives will hold its first vote on the impeachment procedures. as democrats prepare to take this investigation public. >> so there's major action in court, as well, at 4:00 p.m. a federal judge will hear arguments about whether former deputy national security adviser charles kupperman must comply with congressional subpoenas to testify. the real impact might be on john bolton, the president's former national security adviser. bolton has now been invited to
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testify next week. witnesses have said that bolton was alarmed by rudy giuliani's back channel work with ukraine, describing the alleged quid pro quo as a drug deal. but bolton's lawyer has been cagey about whether he will comply with the subpoena, or testify without being forced. so we have action everywhere today. let's begin with cnn's suzanne malveaux live on capitol hill, where we are awaiting not long from now the arrival of tim morrison. >> reporter: john, we have a big, big day, as you would say, i mean we're talking about just hours away from the first vote on the impeachment inquiry. that is scheduled to happen at 10:30 this morning. it has dramatic consequences for this president. it really is an escalation of the process, if you will. really raising the stakes for both sides, at the same time in just a few hours, we also have a critical testimony from the first white house appointee to go behind closed doors, and we expect to corroborate much of the stories from previous
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testimony. >> another key witness testifies on capitol hill. and the house will vote on the rules for the impeachment inquiry. tim morrison, the top russia and europe adviser on president trump's national security council will be the second white house official who listened in on trump's phone call with ukraine's leader to testify. sources tell cnn that he's also expected to corroborate key elements of top u.s. diplomat to ukraine bill taylor's testimony last week, including president trump repeatedly pressuring ukraine to publicly announce investigations into former vice president joe biden and his son. and using military aid as leverage. trump has denied the two were explicitly linked. on the eve of the hearing, morrison has told colleagues that he is planning to leave the trump administration soon. house democrats have now summoned former national security adviser john bolton, to a closed door session. >> i'm hoping that he really wants to testify, to show the courage that the others have so
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far. >> reporter: but bolton's attorney says he won't appear without a subpoena. multiple administration officials have testified bolton was concerned about trump's perm attorney rudy giuliani, pushing ukraine for political favors. including lieutenant colonel alexander vindman who according to two sources at his deposition tuesday said bolton told him to prepare a memo to the president by august 15, saying military aid needed to be released to ukraine as soon as possible, but vindman testified the president refused to give up the money. even after meeting with billionton and other cabinet officials. >> we are going to continue to learn more about what mr., colonel vindman said, for instance, from mr. morrison. >> everything i've seen has been consistent with the whistle-blower's allegations. >> reporter: today's impeachment vote will formalize the next steps, including permission for public im pechlt peechlt hearings and transcripts and democrats gives the ability to
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subpoena witnesses only if the democratic chairman agreases, o approves. >> no one run force congress to impeach a president. but we are here today, because the facts compel us to be. >> house republicans are still not satisfied. >> it is shameful. and they will be punished for this by americans in the next election. >> we will continue to fight every step of the way. >> reporter: also happening today, a federal judge is going to take the case of deputy national security adviser charles kupperman, whether or not to determine if he has to testify. he has been subpoenaed by the impeachment inquiry committee. the white house has ordered him not to show up. he is now going to a federal judge who will make the determination and of course that is also important for his boss, the former national security adviser john bolton, that will determine whether or not very likely if he will cooperate as well. john. >> suzanne malveaux on capitol hill for us again, a lot happening this morning we will come back to you shortly. the washington nationals are world series champ force the
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first time in their history, after beating the astros in a classic game seven. andy scholes was at the champagne celebration and has more in the bleacher report. i'm sorry for your loss. >> he does look sad. >> you know, guys, it definitely is a disappointing moment here in houston for astros fans but if any team was going to win it and it is not the astros, i'm happy it is the nationals. they are an incredible team. they had their backs against the wall so many times this season. 19-31 to start to the season. down to the dodgers and the astros in the world series. and every time, they found a way. they stayed in the fight. which has been their post-season slogan all october long. and they stayed in the fight in game seven of the world series. they were 2-1 in the seventh inning. hendrick coming through for the team. two-run homerun to give washington the lead. and alonzo the dominican added
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to the lead. and soto one of the ten latino players on the nationals roster, he poured it on late. and road team wins all seven games in the series. first time it happened in pro sports in the u.s. of. after all of the post season failures for the nationals, this re champs for the first time. steven strasburg, the mvp, and i saw an awesome moment between strasburg and sherz ner the clubhouse after the game, and scherzer telling strasburg over and over again, we did it. >> we did it. we did it. yeah, there was some heart break in the past but nothing but love here and we're just enjoying the ride. >> what do you guys say to the fans waiting in dc for you? >> oh, man, i hope to see them loud and excited just like we are. >> i'm so happy for the organization. for the city, i hope they're ready for a party because we're coming home. >> we couldn't be happier. i think the fans have been
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behind us all year. and we showed them that we were going to continue to fight for them and give it our own, and just happy we got it done for them. >> this is amazing. >> this is amazing. >> it is amazing. >> it is amazing. >> amazing. >> amazing. >> yeah! >> and soto 21 now, so he can really party. check out the scene outside nationals park in dc. the fans there, just going bonkers after the final out. and then there was this guy. he would jump on the dugout. and rip off his shirt. and try to slide across the dugout. it looks like he's been waiting to do this for a long, long time. the team is going to return to the nation's capital later today. the party continues with a parade on saturday. here with the hat the players were wearing after the game. it is pretty nice here. i am going to send this to wolf blitzer. he has been a nationals team
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since they came to the city in 2005. big congrats to him. i know he is very happy. >> i like you were using champagne as hair products. it was really holding your hair in place. >> i kept doing this. >> yes. >> it was all over me. we were right in the thick of it. >> that was speck lar. >> andy, thank you very much for being there for us. appreciate it. >> much more on that. meanwhile, in a matter of hours, the house of representatives will vote in the impeachment inquiry. so we will preview this pivotal day ahead next. i'm bad. you're stronger than you know. so strong. you power through chronic migraine, 15 or more headache or migraine days a month. one tough mother. you're bad enough for botox®. botox® has been preventing headaches and migraines before they even start for almost 10 years, and is the #1 prescribed branded chronic migraine treatment. botox® is for adults with chronic migraine, 15 or more headache days a month, each lasting 4 hours or more. effects of botox® may spread hours to weeks after injection causing serious symptoms. alert your doctor right away, as difficulty swallowing, speaking,
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this morning, president trump's top national security council official for european, tim morrison, will testify behind closed doors, then later this morning, house democrats will hold their much-anticipated
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first impeachment vote. this is a crucial step of course towards moving the process forward. so let's bring in rachel, congressional reporter for the "washington post," and a cnn political analyst and joe lockhart, former white house press secretary under president clinton and a cnn political commentator. this is much demanded by republicans, this will be the first vote, it sounds as though nancy pelosi, who was, as we all remember, reluctant to do this at the beginning, has shored up support among her caucus, for doing this, and it also sounds like republicans are going to be aggravated by some of the stated rules. for instance, they will have to get permission from adam schiff on the intel community, committee, for the witnesses they want to call. is that commonplace? >> it is commonplace. as trump and allies like to say, elections have consequences and this sets the stage. he doesn't have to get adam schiff. he has to get the full committee. so he has to get, they have
3:16 am
about a six person majority. so i expect all of these to go on party lines. unless for some reason they have someone that adds something that the democrats want. that's just the rules. and you know, i think pelosi, as we've been talking about over the last month or so, has set this up very well. and it is almost like she's walked them into a couple of traps, and we are where we are. >> this is a big moment. >> it is going to play out on tv today where people see this first vote in the impeachment inquiry. it is not authorized in the inquiry, until democrats insist, but it is pushing it forward. and democrats say they're only going to lose somewhere between two to four votes. the republican side of it is interesting. because it isn't clear that a single republican will vote in favor of the inquiry process. and i know you've been reporting republicans are going over to the white house today. >> that's right. yes, so this is a big moment. i mean it's pretty much a test vote on impeachment. and regarding the pressure, republicans are very much feeling that they need to stay in line on this. i mean we've talked to a number
3:17 am
of republicans who have come out publicly and said what they're hearing and some of these depositions, they're disturbed by it, and they think it was wrong, but those republicans, which include frances rooney who is a retiring republican from florida, even don't know if they're willing to vote for this impeachment inquiry. and for these rules. so they are basically being called by the white house right now, my understanding is the white house legislative affairs team has been reaching out to them, since the day pelosi announced this vote, sort of preparing for this moment, and eager to show sort of a unified front with republicans. there will be a group of folks going over to the white house today, to talk with trump in person. and otherwise, the leadership is still with people behind the scenes. and republicans do think they can stay unified. at least that's what they're telling me right now. but we do think there are some democrats who will split off, democrats who think they will see political blowback and ultimately this will only embolden trump for his re-election in 2020.
3:18 am
>> let's talk about what is happening in the actual impeachment inquiry. another big day. tim morrison will be testifying behind closed doors, let's put up who he is for everybody. the top russia and europe adviser on the nsc. he has announced that he will be stepping down. apparently, this was already in the works not because he is testifying today, it is because he was john bolton and john bolton's people left, john bolton left, and he was on the july 25th phone call, he heard it with his own ears and he was mentioned 15 times in the opening statement. but what our reporting is, he is a bit of a wildcard, and some of the reporting is he may testify that he did hear that favor, that the president wanted, the deal that he wanted struck with ukraine, in terms of getting some dirt on the bidens, but that he wasn't necessarily, he didn't necessarily immediately hear it as wrong. so we just don't know what he will say behind closed doors. >> we don't know until actually
3:19 am
we see the deposition what his point of view is. but i think he remains a very valuable witness here. taking a step back, the nsc, the national security council, is in effect, a coordinating council. they work, it was created to coordinate between state, between defense, between the intelligence agencies, so he was in a unique position to know what everyone was doing. not only what bill taylor was doing and what mike pompeo was doing but what rudy giuliani was doing. so i think the democrats will be interested in his point of view about what went on in this call. but there will be much more anticipated, they will be much more interested in trying to fill in the gaps of who knew what when, what was the president's direct involvement. for instance, most of, you know, bill taylor wouldn't have been in a meeting with the president. he is in ukraine. sondland is in brussels. but morrison is actually in the white house. and he is coordinating and talking to all of these people and putting the meetings together, probably putting together the talking points for the phone call, so he's a very
3:20 am
valuable witness here. even if he says i didn't really have a problem with the president what he did. that's not, i don't think that is a big problem for the investigation. and again, cnn's initial reporting on this is he will corroborate bill taylor's testimony here and taylor's testimony has been among the most explosive so far. >> that's right. i think that that's why his testimony today is so significant. i mean if you remember back to bill taylor, he was the first state department official, the acting ambassador to ukraine, who actually said there was a quid pro quo for military aid. now, granted he doesn't use the phrase "quid pro quo" but he described what his understanding, was that the white house, the president wanted that $400 billion in military aid to ukraine to be held up, until president zelensky of ukraine made a public commitment to investigating his political foes and he testified that he learned that information from timothy morrison, the man who is going to be coming in today. timothy morrison will be a first-hand account. somebody who was listening in on
3:21 am
these conversations and has information that he was hearing from the president, and from ambassador sondland, and he is going to be able to talk about that, and one other thing to keep in mind, this is a guy who was very supportive of trump, working on years on capitol hill as a republican aide. this is not someone that republicans will be easily able to dismiss. >> it cuts both ways though. maybe he would be reluctant to be critical of trump because he is a lifelong republican. on the other hand, fe critical of him, it carries that much more wait, and i wouldn't dismiss the fact that he decided to announce his departure 24 hours before the testimony. but you choose when you announce to be leaving. one of the key players in the impeachment inquiry, of president trump, former deputy national security adviser charles kupperman, a hearing on that today and what does this mean for john bolton's potential testimony next.
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i can worry about it, or doe. something about it. garlique helps maintain healthy cholesterol naturally, and it's odor-free, and pharmacist recommended. garlique big questions this morning about whether impeachment investigators will get to hear from president trump's former national curious adviser john bolton. he was asked to appear next week. >> it would be impolite to turn down an invite. >> he was asked nicely. please come. but his lawyer says he will not show up without a subpoena, and to be clear, the lawyer wasn't making clear that he would show up even with a subpoena. later this afternoon, the federal judge will hear arguments from a different administration official who has already been subpoenaed and is asking the court to decide if he is required to testify. and that decision could determine if john bolton goes. follow the bouncing balling. joining us is cnn legal analyst, a former federal prosecutor. so three giant things happening
3:27 am
today. one the house floor vote on impeachment, and number two, tim morrison behind closed doors and in this courtroom, charles kupperman is asking if he has to comply with the subpoena, what will the judge say? >> i think the judge will say yes. and the stakes are so high here, john, because as kupperman goes, i think so too will go many of the other important witnesses at stake here, including bolton but potentially down the line mick mulvaney, mike pompeo, rick perry, maybe even rudy giuliani. ultimately, if this judge said, as i think he should, look the whole point of a subpoena, is allison was saying, this is not an optional invite. the whole reason a subpoena is more than a piece of paper is that it is mandatory. and so if a judge says kupperman, you need to get in there and testify, i don't see any way for bolton and the others to dodge subpoenas, either. >> there was something, when we were talking, i don't remember monday or tuesday, how well this will be tied up in the courts now and kupperman dodged this but because now it is in the court system and we know how
3:28 am
long it takes, this looks like it is being fast tracked. this is going before a judge today. >> this is a great example of how quickly courts can move if they want. but litigation takes time. but on the other hand, judges can move often as fast as they need to. they have resources. they can move cases up and down their docket. and they got this case on for kupperman real quick. it was a matter of maybe a week or a couple of days. so if and when this goes to the court of appeals, and i fully suspect that whichever side loses today will take it right to the court of appeals, i hope the court of appeals follows this example, and ordinarily court of appeals litigation takes months but if the court of appeals wants to, and they should, because they should understand the magnitude of this, they can get this done in a couple of weeks, and i think they need to. >> i think the bolton parlor game is fascinating, elie, and i can't figure out what he wants to do here. because if he wanted, he could walk in today. >> but it's better with a subpoena. >> he is not saying he will go with a subpoena. yes, it is better with a subpoena. key he could i don't that.
3:29 am
and if he waits for the judge to decide, that's a whole different thing. if he wanted to talk, if he really wanted to talk, he could do it now, he could do it after the subpoena. >> they're calling on him. >> my point is, he doesn't have to wait for the judge to decide. he doesn't. so why force a judge to make a decision here. i don't get it. >> it is legitimate for a subject to say, i understand you've asked me to come in voluntary, but i prefer to be served by a subpoena. that does happen fairly frequently. it is like a receipt. we officially want you to come in. and it gives the person an official vehicle to go into court and potentially challenge it. >> kupperman isn't even going with the subpoena. that's what i'm saying here. >> exactly. >> and take it to court. that's a choice. >> and that's my question. the big question for bolton is, mr. bolton, when we give you the subpoena, will you then obey it or turn around and take us to court. i don't know when subpoenas became optional. they're supposed to be mandatory. and that's sort of big picture. this is all about separation of
3:30 am
powers. this is all about checks and balances. thus far, house democrats have succeeded. they won these lawsuits. on the mueller grand jury materials. on the trump tax returns. thus far courts have been clear congress has the right within reasonable boundaries but generally has a broad right to exercise oversight over the executive branch and that is the big question today. >> we got to cut you short. we have breaking news. thank you. >> yes. there is a new wildfire and it is burning out of control in southern california. these are live pictures from ktla right now. you can see this home is engulfed in flames. we have all of the breaking details on where the wildfires are and what is happening next. there's my career... my cause... and creating my dream home. i'm a work in progress. so much goes into who i am. hiv medicine is one part of it. prescription dovato is for adults who are starting hiv-1 treatment and who aren't resistant to either of the medicines dolutegravir or lamivudine.
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. this is breaking news. live pictures of a new wildfire that has just broken out in san bernardino, california. several homes there engulfed in flames. mandatory evacuations are under way. you can see that fire spreading right there. 19 million people in the state are currently under a red flag warning. cnn's omar jiminez is live in moore park near the reagan national library, and these are the pictures we were glued to yesterday, as the fire moved so close to that beautiful facility. omar, what are you seeing today? >> reporter: well, john, we're in a neighborhood just next to the ronald reagan presidential library. a neighborhood that was affected by the easy fire, and in fact, you have to look no further than the ground to see the fire retardant that was dropped here
3:36 am
on the sidewalk, you can see the fire hydrant completely drenched in this retardant here, over the course of yesterday. right on the edge of mandatory evacuation zone, for this simi valley area. but evacuation zone or not, you may be able to tell, it is windy, and it is a huge part of what has been fueling these flames, and what brought these flames right to the doorstep of the ronald reagan presidential library. our crew is actually up there yesterday, as the flames began to rip up the hillside and got so intense, we actually had to abandon our setup and scramble for safety, through our escape route. and the fire officials told us, the fire burned on all sides of the library complex, good news, it never posed an imminent threat, to use their words to any of the actual buildings that are part of that complex. and then overall, when you talk about the factors that again, had been fueling this, are the winds. we've seen them hit high speeds, over the course of this week, that's why we're under an extreme red flag warning that is
3:37 am
described and that is continuing throughout the rest of the course of the day. and the fire in simi valley, 5% contained, burning 1500 acres is one of more than ten wildfires burning across the state. and of course, the latest one you mentioned right before coming to micro the hillside fire, burning in san bernardino, already up to 200 acres in the past hour or so, and already threatening homes, and forces mandatory evacuations. again, highlighting why these conditions are just so dangerous, and why they want officials, officials want residents to take the warnings seriously. >> so tough for the firefighters out there. every day. when a new one crops up. omar, thank you very much. i know you will keep an eye on it for us this morning. also breaking news. the pentagon confirms that north korea has launched another missile. south korea says two projectiles were launched, at least one of them landing in the sea between south korea and japan. the latest launch happening weeks after north korea said it successfully test-fired a new
3:38 am
type of submarine launched ballistic missile. pyongyang and washington had agreed to resume nuclear talks just the day before. north korea later broke those off. >> so we have new video of the raid that took down isis leader al baghdadi, and why did the pentagon release the video? we have a general to break it down, frame by frame, next. it's tough to quit smoking cold turkey. so chantix can help you quit slow turkey. along with support, chantix is proven to help you quit.
3:39 am
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the pentagon releasing declassified video, images of the daring two-hour-long raid that killed the leader of isis. u.s. forces here are seen closing in on al baghdadi's compound. military officials say he detonated a suicide vest and killed himself along with two of his children after special ops cornered him in an underground tunnel. joining us now to walk us through what we're seeing here is cnn's pentagon correspondent
3:43 am
barbara starr and military analyst, retired lieutenant general, mark, the former army commanding general in europe. great to have both of you. barbara, it is fascinating to watch and see all of this, and to see what the special ops forces were seeing, in the night sky, with this drone video. so just walk us through some of what we're seeing here on our screen. >> well, you know, what we now know is as the special forces approaches the compound, they came under fire. as the helicopters were trying to land the troops. those helicopters returning fire. killing those opposition forces. they actually don't think they were baghdadi protection forces, just militants in the area. they approached the compound. they breached. they get in. they find baghdadi in this tunnel. it's extraordinary to see this video, because this was a highly classified mission. nothing like this was ever declassified from the osama bin laden raid. so you might wonder what the motivation was by the white
3:44 am
house to want to have all of this out in public. it is good publicity for them. the mission was already a success. two u.s. troops and the military working dog wounded in the tunnel, when he detonated his suicide vest. it filled with water. there were electrical wires in. there and they suffered electrocution injuries. very thankfully, the two u.s. service members returned to duty, as was the dog. >> general, what we're watching right now are the troops, the u.s. troops approaching the compound, and we can see the little sort of black figures running up to the exterior wall. but that first shot that we showed of the little, the different little black figures, that are being shot at from overhead, how do commanders in the field, or generals like yourself know who those are? >> those videos are pretty standard, truthfully, i've seen multiple ones like that, whenever you go after a high value target, and we did that often in, when i was in northern
3:45 am
iraq, command forces, and you know where your forces are, you can track them, they're certainly, the capability, and i won't say how, but there is a capability to distinguish friendly forces from enemies, even in those videos. there are techniques that some folks wear on their uniforms to give indicators of that kind of, where the friendly forces are. but as you saw, the other thing that's pretty relevant about that photo you just mentioned was the precision of the aerial platform in killing those individuals that were attempting to interfere with the mission. whenever you have a raid like this going after a high value target, especially a strategic high value target, you're going to put aserial platforms aboves a and, aircraft was extremely precise. i can probably tell you what kind of aircraft that was, but i won't, but it was in support of those forces on the ground directing an incongress.
3:46 am
>> interesting. general, while we have you, i want to talk about the dog, the hero dog that helped during all of this. and then the president tweeted out the dog's name. i won't repeat it. but basically, that had been classified. and then it was i guess declassified because the president tweeted it out. maybe that was a mistake. so what do you make of the aftermath of this? >> well, of course, he did, because yesterday, general mackenzie, in his extremely professional briefing, giving just the facts, talked about how they weren't going to name it, so the next evening, the president tweets it out. here is the thing. i had a bunch of pushback on talking about why these names are classified. and the fact of the matter is, any information given about a unit in terms of those who participate in a raid can be harmful, not just to the unit, but to the family members. there is, there are family members that know that dog, and that handler back home. they don't know where their soldiers are that are part of delta force. so when you can connect
3:47 am
information like that, you put not only soldiers at risk, but family members at risk back home, because they talk about these kind of things. and whenever you give up information, the enemy can put pieces of a puzzle together. i've been threatened. my family has been threatened when i was in combat by terrorist organizations. and that's unfortunate. so you just don't declassify things like this on a whim. but the president did again last night. >> that's really helpful context for the rest of us civilians to understand. barbara, i know that you were struck by what general dunford said about alexander vindman. so here is what the quote was. vindman is a professional competent patriotic and loyal officer. he has made an extraordinary contribution to the security of our nation in both peacetime and combat. and of course, that was in, a result of after general vindman had testified behind closed doors and some in right wing circles, or even just republican circles, had sort of tried to denigrate his motives.
3:48 am
>> well, his patriotism was directly questioned. i was so surprised to hear back from general dunford when i emailed him yesterday. general dunford has vowed to stay out of politics but this was an officer who directly worked for him here in the pentagon, worked as a translator on general dunford's calls with his russian counterparts. this is important. it tells us against that lieutenant colonel vindman knows how these international calls worked. general dunford coming back and defending his officer, saying he is patriotic and loyal. >> really helpful. and barbara, thank you for getting that statement for us. barbara, thank you very much. great to talk to both of you. so a huge move in social media, overnight. twitter bans political ads. all of them. this is seen as a swipe at facebook. so how will facebook respond? next.
3:49 am
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at northwestern mutual, this is what our version of financial planning looks like. tomorrow is important, but you're ready to bet on yourself today. find an advisor at al. line line what a big move, what a power play in social media. twitter's ceo announced it will ban all political ads in an apparent and obvious swipe at facebook as facebook executives try to continue to defend their policy of allowing politicians to run false political ads. joining us now is cnn politics and technology reporter doni sullivan.
3:52 am
twitter's move is interesting. >> yes. this is an acknowledgment from a titan of silicon valley jack dorsey that online ads are different from ads in newspapers and on tv. the scale, the speed, and the way you can target the ads, he says, could have ramifications that today's democratic infrastructure may not be able to handle. facebook is saying, look, we're just doing what people do -- tv networks, newspapers -- as they accept ads. we're playing the game. jack is saying you can target people online in a way unlike any other. >> mark zuckerberg responded. we need to can -- be careful about adopting more and more rules surrounding political speech. i don't think it's right for private companies to censor politicians in the news. fact checking is what we are talking about and news
3:53 am
organizations do fact check. we don't always air ads that are blatantly wrong. >> zuckerberg is trying to conflate paid speech with free speech. nobody is saying donald trump or bernie sanders shouldn't post on facebook, but should they buy ad space to get into the news feeds of people who may not follow them and should they be allowed to lie? facebook says, yeah. >> it blows my mind that they defend lies. they defend the placement of lies on their platform. there is an example also overnight from your reporting where once again it's blown up in their face. explain that. >> new reporting overnight is we have found a facebook page which was posing as the trump campaign. it was trying to scam the trump supporters out of money. it was on facebook. it was running facebook ads and sending messages that they
3:54 am
literally ripped from the trump campaign website and saying, please donate. we spoke to paypal which was using the donation service. once cnn brought it to their attention they could see it was a scam and the trump campaign said we have nothing to do with this and we are disappointed the platform has allowed this to run. we caught this pretty early. facebook should have caught it. it didn't take in a massive amount of money. remember back to 2016, russia was running ads targeting american voters. facebook was supposed to bring in steps to verify that political advertisers in america are who they say they are. this really wasn't the case. there was a phone number tied to the account and it was an internet service. the u.s. mailing address tied to the fake account was for a grocery store in los angeles,
3:55 am
not a political campaign. >> i'm not sure how much more evidence we need that facebook cannot be trusted to be fact checkers. they don't have ain fact, they record, as you are pointing out. the idea that they think they can be good shepherds of real information is just not true. we keep seeing it time and again. thank you very much for your reporting. that's helpful to know. meanwhile voters in suburban pittsburgh, pennsylvania, helped president trump win the swing state in 2016. he may need more of them in 2020. so how is impeachment playing there? well, miguel marquez talked to voters in washington county about this. >> reporter: what they think of impeachment. >> he deserves to be impeached, absolutely. >> reporter: often tracks of what people think of donald trump. what do you think of impeachment? >> it's bull.
3:56 am
>> reporter: these are huge supporters of the president, proudly displaying trump flags like this one. they see impeachment as democrats trying to reverse the outcome of 2016. >> i think they're just head hunting. they're mad they lost and just trying to get-- >> the democrats are just grabbing at straws really. >> reporter: washington county has trended republican for years. trump beat clinton here by more than 25 points. >> aren't you excited for the first female president? >> no! >> i am. >> reporter: cnn was here in 2016. the couple then married 37 years and opposed on candidates. today? >> you voted for donald trump, you voted for hillary clinton. has anything changed? >> no! >> reporter: both of them now 90, they still lovingly bicker. >> i think he's a crook. >> none of that. >> i think he'll get us into a
3:57 am
war. >> you're not dead. we had wars before that. >> we're not done yet. >> reporter: jacquelyn couldn't be clearer on impeachment. >> well, that's ridiculous. >> reporter: bill, a life long republican is as opposed as ever to donald trump. but impeachment -- >> i don't know whether impeachment would solve anything or not. it just would create a lot of upheaval. i'm hoping to hell that he gets elected out of office. >> my health insurance alone -- >> reporter: cody spence, a registered democrat in 2016 was struggling to pay for health care. today his financial situation has improved. he credits donald trump. >> i don't think at this point that there is a reason to impeach him. you get some hard evidence that the people of the country can see, that's a different story. >> reporter: some moderates question the wisdom of an impeachment fight now. >> well, we have already gone pretty far into this presidency. do we really want to spend the last time of it impeaching someone who may or may not be
3:58 am
elected again? >> reporter: more progressive democrats say full steam ahead on impeachment, regardless of the outcome. >> it probably still favors the democrats. >> reporter: if he wins the election? >> that's going to be a rough four years. >> reporter: democratic officials in washington county say not only does dislike of donald trump help them. but impeachment does as well. they have an off-year election coming up in a few days. they say impeachment and the dislike of trump is driving voters and raising enthusiasm among democrats here. they expect the trend to continue through 2020. miguel marquez, cnn, washington county, pennsylvania. >> really cuts so many different ways. you know members of both parties are watching closely. overnight the comics took aim at a fake photo and a tweet from the president and details left out of the ukraine transcript. here are the late night laughs. >> president trump is coming to new york this weekend to go to a ufc match at madison square garden. trump said he's excited to see
3:59 am
how many different sporting events he can get booed at. the winner will be champion, the loser will be trump's chief of staff. >> president trump tweted an edited image that shows him presenting the dog that participated in the raid on a leader of isis with a medal with the caption, american hero. wait until you find out the dog is testifying in the impeachment inquiry. >> vindman dropped a bombshell. the official white house transcript of trump's ukraine call omitted crucial words and phrases. this is huge. the white house intentionally left things out. how do you edit the transcript and leave in "i'd like you to do us a favor though." it's like a mobster whacking a guy going, don't worry, cops got nothing, we got rid of some of his body. >> nothing like gruesome gallows humor for the morning.
4:00 am
it is a big day in washington. "new day" continues now. >> more srison is key. he was on the famous phone call on july 25. >> the republicans talked about wanting the resolution t vote. when it's offered they say it's not enough. >> only in nancy's house do we write new laws with no due process. >> we are here today because the facts compel us to be. >> 3-2. there it is! the washington nationals are world champions for the first time in franchise history. >> it's amazing. >> announcer: this is "new day" with alisyn camerota and john berman. >> welcome to our viewers in washington, the united states, and around the world. this is "new day." we have major developments in the impeachment investigation that will play out before our


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