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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  November 1, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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don lemon. there's a lot going on tonight we're going to catch you up on five big headlines. sources tell us that tim morrison president trumps top adviser on russia testified he tried to find out if the u.s. ambassador to the european union went rogue or acted at the president's direction to get ukraine to investigate joe
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biden. and a source saying that vindman testified he was told by a white house lawyer not to discuss president trumps phone call where he pressured ukraine president to look into biden. also a big night for the democratic candidates in iowa. a new poll is released. who is leading. we have news on the race for the nomination. time magazine labeling rudy giuliani secretary of offense. the president's personal attorney who was supposed to protect him may now be one of the main reasons president trump might be impeached. one of the authors of the article, here tonight. with the impeachment inquiry intensifying president trump announces he's officially changes his residency from new york to florida. tweets a fake photograph of awarding a metal to a dog. and rudy giuliani locking himself out of his smart phone. are these news or meant to
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distract or deflect or both. i want to bring in senior editor at the atlantic. reporter fort "washington post." cnn new reporting trumps top russia adviser testified that he wanted to find out if sondland was going rogue on wanting ukraine to investigate bideens. but finding out he was having conversations with president trump. for one thing it shows a level of concern about what was going on at the white house? >> absolutely. you noted what maybe the most important point. according to the reporting he testified every time he tried to find out if sondland was talking to trump. the over all story this week after the testimony the over all story is being pulled tighter and tighter. earlier this week we interviewed speaker nancy pelosi. and she said we have enough.
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enough information about what he did. also she plooefed they have enough support in polls. "washington post" poll 49% supporting removal. they can move forward. along the way this week the most important thing that happened is the 29 of the 31 democrats in house democrats in districts that trump carried who earlier had been the brake on impeachment voted to authorize the next stage. and likely signal where they're heading on the vote itself. >> two defected. two of the 31. morrison wens as far as asking president trump executive secretary if the president talked with ambassador sondland. the claims checked out. sondland tried to down play the president's involvement. during testimony. he'll have to come back to clarify. don't you think? >> there's a lot about his testimony in hindsight is looking for suspect. now that we have heard from other witnesses who in some
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cases directly contradict what sondland said. about trying to protect the president and say the president was noft that much involved and there was no quid pro quo. we have heard from other witnesses under oath that corroborate each other but contradict sondland. they want to clarify the record and give another chance to say what actually happened. he was the one that texted with ambassador taylor and talked to the president and responded with another text that was very legalistic. saying the president has involved himself in quid pro quo. he didn't want to puto put a lo in writing. he's a donor to the president. trying to protect the president and some cases if he tried to carry the protection into the hall of congress and testify under oath he may have run a foul of the facts and he's been contradicted by witnesses he may have to clarify. >> there's also this.
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the president lawyer told lieutenant vindman not to talk about trumps ukraine call. don't talk about it. what does this mean as democrats continue to build their case? >> first it is one of many indications of how many people in this inside the administration recognize that this was explosive what the president did. and there was concern about it. getting out. it raises the possibility that in addition to any articles of impeachment that are drawn up about the actual substance here. the mornts long campaign. really the most important point of the depositions the phone call in july was not a one time event or off the cuff. it was a sustained effort by the president. to force ukraine to do something to benefit him in 2020. that's one thing. this language and this indication they're told not talk about it could be another. obstruction. and the refusal it respond to
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many of the subpoenas can be part of that. that's the direction. speaker pelosi suggests it will be narrower than broader. just because relieve something out of the impeachment doesn't mean we're sanctioning it. everything we have believe is wrong about the way he conducted the presidency doesn't have to be included in what they do. >> there's new reporting from colleagues at the "washington post." that a group of senate republicans are ready to acknowledge a quid pro quo. that it happened on the ukraine call. but doesn't rise to the level of impeachment. isn't this the definition of moving the goal post? >> yes. the goal posts have shifted so much over the past five week it's hard to see where the republicans will go next. they started saying no quid pro quo. the president did nothing wrong. and you have people saying maybe it was a quid pro quo. but it's okay because he wasn't trying to do anything illegal. now it seems like some senate
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republicans are distancing themselves from the defense and goij for the more practical defense saying there was quid pro quo. the president did leverage a meeting at the white house and $400 million in aid for the investigations beneficial to him politically. but it wasn't illegal. he didn't have corrupt intent. maybe some say he was following the advice of his lawyer rudy giuliani. chasing the conspiracy theories. if the president didn't have corrupt intent it's not impeachable. they are moving because there's been so much evidence it's hard to stick ot president's line which is in contradiction to the evidence the president saying i did nothing wrong. no quid pro quo. i didn't put pressure on the ukrainians. we have seen evidence from member of his administration who contradicted him. some senate republicans start to shift and say yes, we believe some of this testimony that's been done under oath. we don't think it's impeachable. there was a quid pro quo we
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don't think it was illegal and we'll stick with the president. >> i have to run. if you can do it in five seconds. >> the half the country saying he should be impeached. what he did is wrong is always higher. 60% or more. in almost all polls. that is the risk for the senate republicans. yeah he did it so what. >> i appreciate it. the impeachment inquiry has taken on a new sense of urgency now the house voted to formalize procedures setting the stage for public hearings and release of deposition transcripts. an intense week in the expanding investigation. more tonight from cnn alex. >> a roller coaster o of a week. that took the impeachment inquiry to new heights and set the stage for a historic show down on capitol hill. democrats and republicans in lock step with the parties. the deeply divided house of representatives voted on thursday to make the inquiry
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official. two democrats joined the republican minority in voting against it. which the gop claimed as a bipartisan victory. >> the only bipartisan vote on that floor was against. >> democrats who won the vote struck a somber tone. argued they had no choice. >> this is a solemn day in the history of the country. when the president misconduct has compelled us to continue to move forward with impeachment inquiry. >> that will mean open televised hearings and transcripts from the dozen closed door testimony released to the public. beginning next week. one person ready to testify in public is the most senior u.s. diplomat in ukraine. ambassador taylor. taylor has already told lawmakers he understood u.s. military aid for ukraine was tied to so called investigations. told in an order for the ukrainian president to get a meeting with trump, president zelensky would have to go to a microphone and say he's opening
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investigations of biden and 2016 election interference. that was confirmed on thursday. by top national security counsel official morrison. on the july 25th kale call between the two presidents. in which trump asked for a favor. he was told by his boss to stay away from the parallel ukraine policy led in part by rudy giuliani. however he told lawmakers that nothing was wrong with the call. saying i want to be clear. i want not concerned that anything illegal was discussed. the white house is already looking ahead. saying impeachment by the house is all by a foregone conclusion. >> this has been set up to make the impeach the president. >> democrats are more fired up than ever after a parade of long time career officials have given damming testimony. lieutenant top white house expert on ukraine on the call saying he was so convinced the
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president was blocking $400 million in aid for political reasons. vindman went to the national security counsel lawyers twice. the top lawyer who has been called in to testify. quickly ordered the transcript of the call be placed in a highly classified server. restricting access. and vindman testified he was told not to talk to anyone about the call. >> it was vindman along with ambassador taylor who contradicted the president's main envoys to ukraine. sondland. appointed to be ambassador to the european union. he denied pushing investigations into joe biden and his son. in a july 10 meeting with ukrainian officials. vindman and his boss hill both understood that he was. vindman said hill shut down a meeting over it. witness after witness compounding the evidence that the president had linked aid for ukraine. to investigations into his political opponent.
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>> all right. appreciate that. 13 democrats vying to run against the president making their cases at a big event in iowa. hoping to super-charge the campaign. you'll here what they had to say next. lioness ♪ ♪ tough as a knot ♪ rocking the stage ♪ and we never gonna stop ♪ all strength, no sweat. ♪ just in case you forgot ♪ all strength. ♪ no sweat secret. all strength. no sweat. asbut when your team is always dealing with device setups, app updates, and support calls... you can never seem to get anywhere. that's why dell technologies created unified workspace, powered by vmware. ♪ a revolutionary solution that lets you deploy, manage, support and secure all your devices from the cloud. so you can stop going in circles, and start moving forward.
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8:16 pm remove stuck-on food. . . for sparkling-clean dishes, the first time. choose the detergent that lets your dishwasher do the dishes! cascade platinum. the number one recommended brand in north america. 2020 democratic presidential candidates setting sights tonight on the critical first in the nation state in the race for the white house. that's iowa. more than a dozen of the candidates giving speeches at a dinner that had historic implications. joining me now. hello to both of you. it is an empbt known for historic moments that super-charged campaigns. you were in the crowd. you seem to get the best -- you were there. who seemed to get the best reception? >> there was certainly a number of candidates who got warm rowdy
8:17 pm
receptions from the crowd here. as you can see julian castro is still on stage. we have a few more candidates who will be speaking here tonight. you had elizabeth warren. sanders and joe biden. pete buttigieg in the top tier right now. here in iowa. and take a listen to the message they had for the iowa democrats. >> tonight all of us no matter what candidate we are supporting are in agreement we must defeat the most dangerous president in the history of our country. the first thing we have to do is get rid of donald trump. get him out of office and once that happens, the road is clear. for significant change. >> i'm not running some consultant driven campaign. with some vague ideas that are designed not to offend anyone. i'm running a campaign based on
8:18 pm
a lifetime of fighting for working families. >> if talking about hope and belonging sounds optimistic to you for a time like this. fine. call it optimistic. do not call it naive. i believe these things not based on my age but my experience. >> it's not just of the message that was important at this empbt. but this event is an opportunity for the candidates to show off their organizing strength. how many people they can turn out. how loud they can get here. at the dinner. elizabeth warren and buttigieg. all giving the chance for the candidates to not only show off the messages but organizing strength as we are 94 days from the caucus. >> we can hear the applause and cheers. president obama speech in 2007 at that iowa dinner helped to catapult him to the white house.
8:19 pm
did any candidate tonight have a moment like that? >> no. that's because there's no candidate with the rhetorical gift of obama. you can think he was a good president or bad. he's a gifted naturally talented candidate. and speaker. i think the most important thing that happened tonight is in that package that you played, elizabeth warren adding a line to her normal stump speech. about i'm not a consultant driven candidate with vague ideas designed not to offend anyone. she didn't say buttigieg's name. but doesn't have to. that's who it's aimed at. >> when that sound bite played i looked at the guys and said is she talking about buttigieg? yeah. >> you can -- it's a not so subtle vailed hit. the key there in why that's important is because i think she is the favorite right now. she probably sees her main
8:20 pm
threat -- she's probably right. at pete buttigieg. those two may wind up weirdly because the race started you thought biden sanders. it maybe warren buttigieg. and throw sanders in there and biden too because of the name id and money. who are fighting for this thing. that's the keechlt warren thinks buttigieg is her biggest threat. >> beto o'rourke announced he's dropping out hours before the dinner. who benefits from him dropping out? >> it was a huge surprise. to the o'rourke supporters here in iowa. they were yard signs that were outside of the event. a concession stand was still displaying his advertisement. it still remains to be seen who will benefit from him dropping
8:21 pm
out. he occupied a moderate centerist lane. could they go to biden or buttigieg. or klobuchar. that's something the candidates will be hoping for. >> thank you. >> quickly. let's not over estimate it. the reason o'rourke dropped out is because he couldn't raise money and couldn't get support. the 2% will probably get split around. this is not a 20% candidate dropping out. >> i appreciate it. we have much more on the candidate candidate storming iowa tonight. is this buttigiegs moment? full of- woo! full of good. so you can be too. try our new warm grain bowls today. panera. food as it should be. - [woman] with my shark, i deep clean messes like this, this, and even this. but i don't have to clean this, because the self-cleaning brush roll removes hair while i clean.
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democratic president hopefuls descending on iowa tonight to make the case to caucus goers there. let's discuss now. keith and hilary. i know this will be a fiery conversation. i can feel it. keith, i'll start with you. mayor buttigieg had a big day. that new poll puts him in the top tier in iowa. a big reception. should other candidates be worried? >> i think he's doing well. having a surge moment. this happens in cycle like this. candidates go through periods when they go up and down. i don't think that he's over come the biggest obstacle. he has polling above 1% with black voters. you cannot win the democratic primary with 0 or 1% of black voters. the priest panel said he thought it might be a race between buttigieg and warren. i don't see that being anywhere
8:27 pm
plausible. at this point. anything would change. where the in your opinionumberss impossible. neither are double digits in the black community. i don't see either one at that place. they have to reach out to black voters if you want to win the nomination. they're in iowa and it's not a large black community. you have to be able to do it if you want to win the nomination. >> you want to weigh in? we had a similar discussion off air. earlier. and he's parodying what people are saying. >> pete had an amazing night. amazing closing tonight. keith is right. the fact of the matter is you have elizabeth, pete and sanders have the same problem. my mom and her friends. until you can show you can sustain a portion larger than 0,
8:28 pm
5% of the african american vote. you're not going to be the democratic nominee. that's the fact. pete has to learn he has to meet black voters where they are. until this point his campaign hasn't done that. i have said that to pete and the campaign. it's one thing to have a rally on a hbcu campus in south carolina. you cannot assume black folk will show up at the rally. he has rallies at hbcus and many have seen that many white people on the campus. he has to meet people where they are. if i didn't mention tonight not only was it great night for buttigieg. harris had ha great night. and as you can hear a lot of people in iowa who are betting on klobuchar. and she's having a great night. >> listen, we know you support harris. and you mention klobuchar. to you now, i spoke with mark.
8:29 pm
he said klobuchar is getting buzz. she's well organized on the ground there in iowa. she is only polling at 4%. but pushing a more moderate message. >> she is. i frame what keith and baa carry said in a different way. iowa is the only place pete buttigieg can move his presidential campaign. when you look at the first four primary sates. iowa is the place with the best chance. under the theory that he says she would be for biden. because he has more african american support than any of the candidates in including the leader in kamala and cory. i think when we look at what pete buttigieg can do in iowa, that is the place he haez to surge. if he doesn't succeed there he falters in the next two states. and the other thing is we're
8:30 pm
going to have this top tier with a lot of money for several months. so they're all going to split delegates. that's something we haven't had in the party for a long time. winning those first two states and keep going with momentum. and crash everybody else down. i don't think so. i think these top four candidates will split votes for a long time. whether klobuchar can get into the top tier. the jury is out. she's got the best shot at it. >> to his point he said people like his mom and his friends decide who the democratic nominee is going to be. the same thing. she's still with joe biden. regardless of the polls. what happens if you never had in a listening time haven't had a sort of split this way. someone within person can take
8:31 pm
it all away. what happens? >> let's remember what happened in iowa. a lot of african americans were with clinton until say say obama could wane. we can hope and dream. we can be with this guy and it shifted. i don't know we'll see that with kamala harris or booker. in iowa. or new hampshire. >> quickly. >> let me say this. if kamala harris does well in iowa the game changes. people will tell you this. i believe she'll agree. because joe biden has regulation ships with the black community in the south. he hz a chance to be the nominee. the only one who can challenge that is harris. everybody is having a good night tonight and i'm enjoying des moines iowa. >> i agree.
8:32 pm
i just think the important part is that iowa is not representative of the rest of the country. of the democratic party. yes it's an important state it's the first state. and good opportunity for klobuchar. and buttigieg. you have to be able to expand your base beyond that. in order to win the primary and the democratic party. >> thank you all. i appreciate it. >> i have to leave iowa before you say that. >> have a great weekend. don't enjoy yourself too much. >> what's going on with rudy giuliani? my next guest talked to people close to the former new york city mayor about what's behind the erratic behavior. myles udland: morning! - what are you doing? myles udland: isn't it obvious? - nah. alexis christofouros: we're delivering live market coverage and offering expert analysis completely free. myles udland: we're helping you make sense of the markets without cable or a subscription from anywhere you are. - i get that. but what are you doing here?
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we believe that it takes a village of over 200-thousand dedicated, passionate, driven medical and non-medical professionals to deliver on our belief in total health for all. we are kaiser permanente. thrive. the parade of testimony from multiple trump administration officials shedding light on rudy giuliani role in the pressure campaign against ukraine. the personal attorney find himself under a mike scope as prosecutors leek at possible financial crimes connected to giuliani ukraine work. joining me to discuss. who cowrote time magazine cover story about the former mayor. the secretary of offense. and also joining us. a former federal prosecutor in the southern district of new york. good evening. so glad to have you on. this is an important
8:38 pm
conversation considering how rudy giuliani is involved in so many things when it comes to the president. you first. all the trump administration roads to ukraine seem to pass through giuliani. he pushed this unfounded story about the bidens and corruption to the president. his associates are under indictment for being middlemen between the mayor and ukraine officials. and giuliani back channel with ukraine government that keeps coming up in the impeachment inquiry. is he in more trouble than the president of the united states? >> well, we have been reporting it's possible the southern district of new york and in their case against the two other associates of rudy are looking at him and some of the other activities. it's possible there's some legal vulnerable there. we'll have to wait and see what the -- it's early on in the investigation. and we'll wait and see what the
8:39 pm
prosecutors decide to make public about that. certainly rudy giuliani has created liability for president trump. and it goes back to his work last year when he was a vocal defender of trump against the mueller information and started to dig into ukraine to offer a counter theory to the russian involvement in the 2016 election. it was through that that many people in the white house around trump believe that he established a direct line to trump and feeding president trump all of the theories about the ukraine, what happened in 2016 election. and eventually this year started to get more information that he felt was worth telling the president about about the bidens. that took the president down the trail and fast forward to the july 25 call. you have the president on the phone with the ukraine president. asking for a favor. he wants him to investigate the
8:40 pm
2016 elections and the bidens. and all of that goes back to rudy and the things he has been doing for rudy giuliani and for the president. and in the president's defense. what concerns the people around trump is that they're not sure the president knows about his other business interests and other things rudy giuliani was working on. >> if he doesn't, he should now. and somebody should inform him about it. >> when you tell me that he should testify because he's going to tell the truth and shouldn't worry, that's so silly. it's somebody's version of truth. not the truth. he didn't have a conversation. >> truth is truth. >> it isn't. truth isn't truth. the reality is lt president of the united states whoever he is has every right to tell the president of the another country straighten out the corruption in your country if you want money.
8:41 pm
>> shut up, moron. >> you don't know what you're talking about idiot. >> i do. >> that behavior from the -- the cont contradicting and insults. does it benefit the president to be tied to rudy giuliani? >> he didn't do a good job as the president's mouthpiece. >> great television. >> we have him seeming to get the president involved in what's very clearly abuse of power and likely to lead to impeachment. worse than that, the thing about this is he's not a public official. he doesn't file disclosure forms and not limited in income. he doesn't have to comply with ethics rules. we don't know where he gets his money or how much he's getting paid. or what the people want for the money. he's not acting in the best interest of the american people out there with the conspiracy
8:42 pm
theories trying to get the president reelected in the face of what's totally contradictory u.s. policy. we don't know what he's doing with respect to acting contrary to american interest on behalf of people in foreign countries. it gets worse and worse for rudy giuliani. by extension for the president. >> you write about mayor giuliani two main jobs. in the 18 months since trump hired him. he's a kind of shadow secretary of state. everyone maintaining foreign consulting business. hees a de facto envoy of the government. at the same time receiving consulting and speaking fees from foreign initials and businessmen. if you can in a short time, who are some of his foreign clients? do you have a sense of what money he's earning? >> he represented an iranian turkey gold trader.
8:43 pm
and raised facing legal trouble in new york. for sanctions. he raised that with administration officials while he was representing trump as personal lawyer. and that telegraphing his influence in that situation. he went to ar men ya for a speech. he gets paid $100,000 for speeches. they had an official meeting with the secretary of defense and did a formal read out. treated like an emissary of the president even though he was there on personal business. this is the core of the problem. he's representing the president as personal lawyer while at the same time keeping the consultanting business going. and told me when i talked to him for the story he never mixes the two. but his clients seem to mick x two. and the foreign countries mix the two. that's the issue. with ruld giuliani and the president and whether giuliani
8:44 pm
was using access to the president to enrich himself and make the president vulnerable to the accusations. >> this wouldn't be stood for in any other administration. i don't know why the american people are standing for it in this administration. thank you. we'll be right back. ♪ (dramatic orchestra) performance comes in lots of flavors. there's the amped-up, over-tuned, feeding-frenzy-of sheet-metal-kind. and then there's performance that just leaves you feeling better as a result. that's the kind lincoln's about. ♪
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lots of challenges covering the news in the trurp era especially with the impeachment heating up. president trump is making florida his permanent residence. complained the dog got more attention than he did. and commented his wife wouldn't cry if he got shot. let's hope that doesn't happen by the way. with all the stories fly lg by, sometimes you have to ask yourself is it news or not? hoo here to discuss. good evening. there's a lot to talk about this week. the hero dog. al-baghdadi. her name is conen. trump tweeted a photograph of her getting a medal of honor and bringing her to the white house. continuing to make up details
8:50 pm
about the actual raid. and talked about the dog tonight at his rally. >> with me, they don't even want -- they played it down. and actually i'm happy about this. conen the dog got more publicity than me. i'm happy about that. >> at one point the dog's name was classified and he's known for not known for liking dogs. he likes this one. that was photoshopped, the photo. >> i mean it was funny. it obviously wasn't even -- it was a fake medal. >> is it news that trump is afraid to be in the same room with a dog given that he uses a dog as an epithet for anyone he dislikes? probably not. is it news that the most powerful man in the world can't find a decent photo shop editor? i guess that's significant. but in the grand seem of things -- >> are we making too much of
8:51 pm
this? i think it was actually kind of funny and whatever. >> yeah. >> except if the dog's name wasn't supposed to be out there. but the whole medal thing was -- you know, who cares really. >> the medal thing, i think donald trump has seized upon this dog because he recognizes people like dogs. i think that he recognizes that he has something that is marketable. >> he announced that he has plans to make palm beach, florida, his permanent residence after leaving the white house instead of returning to trump tower in new york city. he complains that -- trump complains that he has been -- this is a quote -- treated very badly by the political leaders of both the city and the state. what's that about, philip? >> that's in part about the investigations that have been opened by prosecutors in new york and in new york state that are looking at president trump and looking at the trump organization. but i think it's sort of fascinating that he's going to go and make mar-a-lago his permanent home. he has spent almost one out of
8:52 pm
every ten days of his presidency, he has been at mar-a-lago for some portion of that. he's spent a lot of time at mar-a-lago even as president. >> i think that's an excuse. did he talk about taxes or something? >> yeah. he complained about -- >> he changed the tax code. >> he did change the tax code to make it less favorable to him if you think he's even paying any taxes, which we'd love to see his tax returns so i could fact check that myself and we can't at the moment. he also complained about how the governor of new york is weaponizing his prosecutors to go over political enemies, which sounds a little bit like projection to me. >> so he moved to -- >> to flee the jurisdiction? i don't know. i mean we have extradition from florida, so if that's the strategy, i don't think it's going to work. >> "the washington post" has a piece out that is called "trump's exit from new york for florida highlights america's growing urban-rural divide." it says among the various culture wars dividing the country, one that has become increasingly visible under the trump presidency is the
8:53 pm
urban-rural divide. perhaps no election in recent history has shed more light than the 2016 race on how different people in america's more remote areas see issues from residents of metropolitan areas. and despite having been born and raised in arguably america's most iconic city, the president's world view is most often associated with those far from his urban core. he used to present himself as the ultimate new yorker. i wouldn't say it's arguably america's most iconic city. it is america's most iconic city. so not anymore. what's going on? >> well, i mean, look, i mean this is a guy who is well into his 70s. i think all of us who live in and around new york are familiar with new yorkers in their 70s that move to florida. >> i've been down there. i can confirm a lot of old people, a lot of old new yorkers. >> listen, everybody wants to live here. even those who say they don't want to live here, they want to
8:54 pm
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northern new mexico's rio areba county has long struggled with the opioid epidemic. earlier this year it receive aid $2 million federal grant to help reduce the region's drug overdose death rates, which are nearly four times the current national average. in this rural area where almost a third of the population lives in poverty, children don't have a lot of options, and that's where roger montoya steps in. his community arts center gives young people a safe haven where they can find their talents and a sense of hope. meet one of this year's top ten cnn heroes. >> many of our kids come to us traumatized. we create a healthy environment where young people can discover themselves and a way to contribute. long neck. just find the length. >> when i see a child's face and spirit come to life, i don't need any more evidence. i know that that kind of joy is what will save them.
9:00 pm
>> roger's program, moving arts espanola, has helped more than 5,000 children and youth. go to right now to vote for him for cnn hero of the year or any of your favorite top ten heroes. you can vote now at thanks for watching. our coverage continues. there is breaking news tonight up and down the impeachment story. john berman here in for anderson. in just the last few hours, we've learned far more on one key front and one thing we didn't know at all. cnn reporting has uncovered an information pipeline running from that secure house hearing room where so many witnesses have testified straight to the oval office. so there's that. it takes the story in a whole new direction and there's more. new reporting on efforts to silence white house ukraine expert alexander vindman after he raised concerns about the july 25th phone call with ukraine's president,


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