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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  November 2, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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crowds, trying to impress voters and hoping to do the one thing that none of them has managed to do yet, stand out. there is slightly more elbow room now in the once crowded field. former texas congressman beto o'rourke called it quits last night surprising supporters in iowa. the campaign ran out of money. also making big changes but still in the race, kamala harris mde deep cuts in her staff before heading to iowa and has focused nearly every resource she has on that early caucus state. let's get to leyla santiago. it is hangover and fundraiser -- which of the candidates brought their a-game? >> it does kind of feel like hangover day, ana. i think you're right on. listen, we are the fish fry where you can see senator amy
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klobuchar is speaking, she was just asked about child care. she is one of the names that came up. i spoke to a couple in cedar rapids they said buttigieg, warren as well as senator amy klobuchar, for very different reasons. but remember, the last iowa poll that came out showed that two-thirds of the likely caucus goers still have not made up their mind. they very much could change their mind as to who their pick will be. big night last night when they all took to the stage, had a ten-minute pitch, tried to distinguish themselves. one issue that is really coming up is medicare for all, and that's because senator elizabeth warren, right now in the polls in the top spot, put out a plan on how to fund it. and she says she'll do it without raising taxes for the middle class, something that biden calls mathematic
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gymnastics. said it yesterday and again this morning. today at this fish fry which by the way is on the menu, fried fish as well as cupcakes and tea, what these voters take away, 93 days from this iowa caucus that will be a big moment for these candidates as things really get going for the 2020 election. so right now a lot of folks here from unions that are asking questions about infrastructure and the economy, and quite a few exchanges. you're hearing an applause as senator klobuchar short of throws a jab at president trump. so you're seeing that they like the sound of that. but what will actually resonate over this weekend beyond the cattle calls an the celebrations late last night, beyond the fish fry and the town halls that many of these candidates will have, we'll have to wait and find out. one person who is not mere, was scheduled to be here, is
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congressman beto o'rourke who dropped out making that announcement just a few hours before that celebration last night in des moines of 13,000 people. my sources are telling me this was an issue of fund-raising. he was known to be a big fund raiser, raised $80 million in his run against ted cruz. had a very big day on fund-raising. but after that didn't see the numbers that they expected to see play out as a result fund-raising being a big factor in him dropping out of the race and saying he will continue to advocate for gun reform in his future and doesn't plan right now anyway according to my sources to make a run for the senate in texas. ana? >> i got to wonder if people are there showing up for this event because of the candidates or because of the fish and the menu item. that fish fry sure sounds good. this is a quintessential
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midwestern cuisine. >> it is a double. >> three months and countsing until the iowa caucus, that's the gachlk of who democrats want to run against president trump in 2020. it's basically a fourway tie or race that gets tighter and tighter. cnn political analyst says iowa is wide open right now. he joins us. harry, we can see in the latest polling it is tight at the top. there's some historical context to you. >> if you look at the latest polp you see elizabeth warren at 22% and joe biden at fourth place is at 17%. i went back over time since 2000. i looked at all the polls at this particular point see the front-runner was polling. elizabeth warren is the lowest of any front-runner since at least 2000. to me i understandcates this could be a volatile race.
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if you look at that graphic, you see the front-runners if they were polling under 50% they didn't go on to win the caucuses and nom nairkss. who knows what might happen. >> if the front-runner is typically, based on the past and, you know, if that is a predictor, if they're typically upset in high wau, who would you say in in a good or bad spot? >> this to me is a very wide open race. if you were looking at now at the top four, i think they have an equal shot. buttigieg seems to be coming on particularly very strong. he gave a good speech last night. he has favorable ratesings in the state. he's the one i'd keep an eye on. there are a slew of lower tier -- including amy klobuchar choz seen a little boost.
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4%, 5%, she's someone else. >> should joe biden be worried? >> i would absolutely think so. he started out in the lead in iowa, now he's at best in 20%. in this poll he's only at 17%. i would say he'd be worried. i think one of the most difficult things to recognize is sometimes momentum forwards or backwards, it doesn't necessarily keep on occurring. there's no such thing in my mind as momentum in politics. it could be possible that he repounds into the 20s and based upon how many candidates that may be good enough. >> he is winning the electability argument. i also want to ask about beto o'rourke dropping out. where do you see his support going? and could it have an impact? >> look, beto o'rourke entersed this race in the high single digits, low doubles. he was only at 1%. there's not a lot of ways to splice 1%. nationally he's at 2 or 3%.
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not a lot of support. the real question is going into the texas primary, down the road on supertuesday, i believe, that's a lot of pie that could be split up. his support tended to be among more moderates and younger. biden and sanders, that's where i'd expect the support to go. >> thank you. >> if you. i want to bring in white house correspondents and cnn correspondents. starting with congressman o'rourke dropping out we told money was a big factor. but he's far from the bottom in the latest lift st of cash on h. there are a lot with less money. are they being realistic about their ability to compete? >> how much money you need as a candidate depends on how big a campaign you're running. i would say the candidates who are not quite at the bottom, not
12:08 pm
a shoestring operation where it's sort of a guy, one staffer and a plane ticket, if you're trying to set up campaign offices, trying to build an organization, have a staff on the ground, you need money. a lot of candidates are going to be able to stay in the race nominally if they're not building much of an organization. but then when you get to the point where you want to be in contention and build something, that's where you need money. i think you will see more candidates be winnode forcefully out of the race by their lack of cash. as we proceed with this process. but i wouldn't be surprised to see most primaries aren't this big. this is the biggest primary field in history, and before that the biggest was the republicans back in 2016. a lot of this is a function of the different political and media inveermt goes where anything goes and candidates are able to catch fire without building that traditional organization. we could see a lot of dead ender
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candidates that are in it all the way to iowa. >> i was hoping we were going to be able to put up a graphic to show where the fund-raising stacks up. there are six candidates who had less cash on hand at least in the latest report compared to where beto o'rourke was. kamala harris wasn't one of them who was necessarily hurting in that department. however she is making a major change to her campaign signaling they feel a need for a change. she's cutting staff, going all in on iowa. but if you look at the polling she's been losing ground in that state. that 3% in the latest polling, how do you explain this strategy? >> this isn't good news for kamala harris to be honest about that. because her allin on iowa strategy, she's not in the top three. her campaign explained why it's yanking staff and redeploying them to iowa, it said that she
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had been there five times in the last month. it boasted about how she had been there ten more days than any other candidate. and then you get this poll that shows it has nts helped her whatsoever. so now her campaign is basically pulling out of new hampshire altogether in order to focus on iowa, on south carolina. what they're hoping for is what i call a slingshot effect. which is that if she can do well in iowa, it will really help her on supertuesday when her home state of california votes. on supertuesday there will be a lot of voters in california, but the vote by male begins on february 3rd. if she doesn't do very well in iowa, you might say to yourself, i don't know in i should support her in california because she may not get this far. in california, you have to get 15% of the vote to even get any
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delegates. so if you're one of those voters you might say if she doesn't hit the 15% threshold maybe i'm better off voting for one of my other favorites. >> molly, pete buttigieg is experiencing momentum in iowa and new hampshire. he's not at the top of the field. listen. >> i think this is getting to be a twoway. >> you see that it's coming into focus, you and warren? >> yeah. >> a two-way race snp reality check? >> he didn't say that. he said he saw that potentially down the road. he was not trying to say that he's already in that position. i agree with him. i don't think that's particularly hard to foresee. i think what warren and buttigieg have in common is they have not been trying to chase these singular moments trying to catch lightning in a bottle with a single debate. they have this these tortoise
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strategies where they're consistently proernling, impressing voters. they've got a message and seem to know what they stand for. so i think the candidates who have tried harder to have that one single, you know, viral line are o interaction haven't done that and i think what you see voters gravitating to are the candidates they feel they can see over and over again and feel comfortable with. so in a field where there are so much choices, what i hear all the time when i'm out on the campaign trail from democratic primary voters, we like everybody. maybe there's one or two they don't like. but the problem for so many voters is they do like everyone in the field. so they're waiting for someone to impress them on a consistent basis and them to be comfortable for somebody being on the top of the ticket, being the democratic nominee, potentially going up against donald trump in a debate. >> a lot of voters are
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undecided. they may have their favorites or leaning one way but it doesn't necessarily mean they're locked in. senator elizabeth warren released her plan to pay for medicare for all. this has been an area of vulnerability for her. do you think she's less vulnerable now in this area because she has a plan finally or did she just add more fuel for critics to pounce on the plan itself? >> both can be true. i think going back to the point that molly is making about consistency, bernie sanders, one of his best arguments he's been able to make is he's been saying the same thing for a number of years, that's one way he's distinguished himself from elizabeth warren. some of his supporters, his surrogates are sharpening their attacks a little bit more. not necessarily on elizabeth warren but by calling other people in the race without describing them directly, copy cats, and saying that senator sanders is the original is what
12:14 pm
nina surn turner said so why would you vote for a copycat? they've been preparing for her to not just put out this plan but other people in the race, to maybe even tact to the left as they try to pick up support from the undecided. the question is at this point whether or not bernie sanders can expand his support. iowa for instance is a state he did very very well in and almost beat hillary clinton last time around. he's not performing as well now. new hampshire is a place he's surging now. he won that last time around. it will depend on whether he can win there as to whether he can continue on. >> a lot of balls in the race. a lot can change. thank you for that discussion. please stick around. there's more to discuss. the information pipeline from top house republicans hearing the closed-door testimony to the white house. this as a trump cabinet member pushes back at the idea of testifying behind closed doors. why energy secretary rick perry says he'd only speak to the committees in public if he testifies at all.
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♪ only lexus asks questions like these, because we believe the most amazing machines are inspired by you. experience the rewards of our curiosity. impeachment inquiry advances into a new public phase, the president's defense is out of his usual playbook, himself. president trump continuing to be the sole architect. the president said, quote, he is the war room.
12:19 pm
he feels confident with the peep he has in place. we don't feel the need for a war rom. we'll see what happens. what's more, instead of avoiding the topic of impeachment, he's consumed.proceedings. he's brought up impeachment in meetings. his supporters have been hearing this in public. >> the media are continuing with the der ain jd pim impeachment. to me it's a dirty word, not a good word. totally phony deal. they know it. everybody knows it. >> well, now we're learning -- now we're learning the white house is getting some insider help on impeachment and it's coming from these two congressmanpmen who have been a part of the closed door deposition of witnesses. no white house counsel is allowed in. jeremy diamond joins me now.
12:20 pm
talk to us about what you've learned about jim jordan and mark meadows. >> jordan and meadows are among the president's closest al lies. they're among a small group of republican lawmakers have who have tended every one of these depositions that have taken place behind closed doors. now i'm also learning with my colleague pamela brown according to four administration officials that congressman jordan and congressman meadows have been quietly helping white house lawyers sift through some of these public reports about the testimonies. offering guidance about some of the testimony that has been given in these impeachment depositions, all of this to the extent they can. they cannot divulge the substance of these testimonies. congressman jordan and meadows insisted they are not violating house rules. they have not discussed the substance of these al gages. congressman meadows told me he has only offered broad
12:21 pm
characterizations. they have had assistance from some who have crafted the legal strategy. congressman jordon also told me he has never divulged dpogs to the white house that he is not allowed to. an interesting development as the white house grapples with trying to understand what these allegations will that the president is facing in these closed-door testimonies where they are not allowed to have an attorney present. >> one of those testimonies this week was from army lieutenant colon vindman. there are new details emerging about what he was told to do whether he voiced concerns about the administration pressuring ukraine. what are you learning about that? >> that's right. lieu tenlt kroernl vin manned was on the call that the president had with the ukrainian official. he immediately registered his
12:22 pm
concerns about the call and appropriateness of what the president was discussing with the national security attorney john eisenberg. we're also learn asoareding to a source that he testified behind closed doors earlier this week. that eisenberg also directed vindman not to discuss the call and his concerns about the call with anybody else. eisenberg is also the attorney who actually directed that the transcript, rough transcript of the call with the ukrainian president, be moved to the highly classified server that requires a code word classification. eisenberg is one of those trying to bring forward for a deposition. he has been subpoenaed and his testimony is scheduled for monday, still to be determined whether he's actually going to show up or if he's going to try and defy that subpoena. >> jeremy diamond at the white house. a lot more to talk about. thank you for that. let's open up the conversation.
12:23 pm
franchesca and molly back with us. and shan wu a former federal prosecutor. going back to this reporting about jordan and meadows going to the white house, helping them with strategy even though they've been in these secret haergds, is there anything illegal about this? >> it could be. it's possible they might be violating that, a little bit hard to tell. many people at the white house are authorized to receive information. parts of the white house are. i think the bigger damage for them is the credibility. the republicans can't argue they have no eyes and ears in the room when these two are there. the idea that they're only doing general characterizations about public statements is silly. do they tug on their ear if it's right or wrong? they're of no use if they're not giving specifics. i don't believe they're not
12:24 pm
giving specifics. >> let's listen to more of what the president had to say last night talking impeachment. >> it's all a phony deal, this whole impeachment scam, to try to undermine the 2020 election, and to delee jit mautize one of the greatest elections. let's give george washington credit. >> white house press secretary stephanie grisham says trump is the war room. how is that working out? >> well the president you heard him he was talking about impeachment, he's been tweeting himself about it a lot. he has been explicitly focused on that a lot of the times on his twitter accounted. the other day when he was in the meeting with evan jelcals, he brought up ukraine and his call, i was told by people in the room, and about how he again said it was a perfect call and
12:25 pm
he did nothing wrong. and then what happened in the loom is that other people who were participating mentioned impeachment to him. and they said that they were upset because it because they feel like democrats are trying to impeach them and their values. and you heard him make a very similar argument last night, which is that impeachment isn't just an attack on him. it's an attack on the 63 million people who voted for him in that election. and that is something similar to what evan jelcals told him in the meeting that took place tuesday. >> molly, the vote this week republicans stayed united voting against the resolution that is despite the dozens of republicans who have been part of these depositions and know what all exists as far as evidence. here is what bill crystal, who served both in bush senior and reagan administrations, tweeted this, having called around some, reassured in my judgment that those house republicans open to voting for impeachment simply
12:26 pm
decided to stick with the party yesterday and to save their dissent for the real vote. no point telegraphing the jailbreak to the prison guards ahead of time. molly, is he right? >> i have not heard that. and it could well be wishful thinking on the part of those who are hoping still against hope against everything we've seen these last couple of years, that at some point the rest of the republican party will decide to break with the president. i mean, looking with all of the stlaej that we see the president doing right now, the press secretary is quite clearly telling the truth 100%. he is the strategy, he is the messenger, he is the one who's going to go out there and decide what gets said in his own defense. and he is not at all going to leave this topic alone. it's 180 degrees the opposite of the strategy that president clinton practiced when he was staring down the barrel of impeachment and his advisers first of all set up a war room separate from the president and
12:27 pm
counseled the president not to talk about it so that the public would believe he was still doing the nation's business and not opsessed with his own impeachment. how did that work out for him? he lost a few dozen democratic votes on impeachment. was acquitted by the senate. what we see the president being able to do powerfully is keep his party behind him, whether through messaging, intimidation, whatever else. he has got the republican party solidly in his corner, until he doesn't. but we have yet to see that happening. so i would be very hesitant to forecast that such a thing might eventually happen. >> shan, what about white house stonewalling efforts? because deputy national security adviser charles kupperman says he is seeking judicial clarity following congress' subpoena or a white house order not to testify. now a judge has set a hearing for december. if the hearing isn't until december, is this an effective
12:28 pm
strategy, stall until it's too late? >> it is if the democrats allow themselves to have to wait on the courts. it's tine for them to pursue the court's strategy. but the far wiser thing to do is wrap up these attempts to delay and obstruct into articles of impeachment of obstruction, much like there were in the nixon case. and criminal law we call that charging the other crimes evidence, meaning if you want to bring in other bad abilities, you have to do litigation. but if you just charge them as crimes, that cuts through all that. >> we know kupperman shares an attorney with john bolton who's been asked to testify. we don't know if he will move forward and, you know, comply with a subpoena or if he'll pull a similar move as we've just seen with cupper man. but how crucial do you think their testimony is? >> i think they're both very critical. bolton particularly crucial. legally they're in slightly
12:29 pm
different positions, because one of the things that kupperman is asking for, as you pointed out, is this advisory opinion. and courts don't like to do that. judge leon is not going to tolerate any delays. but he may find it's not quite teed up right now because kupperman isn't defying the subpoena. bolton is asking, give me one. tee it up. i'll decide whether to comply. from a legal standpoint it makes a more sense the other way. >> i want to ask about this new book from donald trump jr. it's going to be coming out next week and criticizes robert mueller saying that democrats put mueller before congress, quote, so he could stutter and babble his way through five hours of testimony. this is according to an excerpt obtained by "the new york times." bottom line, public hearings didn't move the needle on public
12:30 pm
opinion after the mueller hearing. do you expect it would be different this time? >> polling on impeachment has been a mixed bag. my sources in the trump campaign say they think it's a good way. when house democrats had to vote on impeachment, brad pascal said they made $3 million. it was one of the biggest fund-raising days so far. as far as the polling itself goes, republicans they say are -- it's ginning up republicans. it's also upsetting democrats that don't support the president but already weren't. they feel there is not that much to lose. it's hard to say a year out from the 2020 election how much of an effect that's going to have on the president's chances for re-election. >> got to leave it there. franchesca, molly, shan, great to have you with us. make sure to tune in tomorrow night for a cnn
12:31 pm
special, the white house in crisis, hosted by anderson cooperer, at 8:00 p.m. eastern. we know washington is consumed by what's being said in these closed-door hearings. but what about outside the beltway is the president's support wavering? we check the mood in one important swing state next. towers, more more coverage. it's a network that gives you... with coverage from big cities, to small towns. introducing t-mobile's 600mhz signal. no signal reaches farther or is more reliable. and it's built 5g ready.
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12:43 pm
leave. the biggest fire right now, the kincade fire, it has destroyed f more than 77,000 acres. cnn athena jones is in ventura county in the southern part of the state. what is the situation there right now? >> hi, ana. the good news for the maria fire, it is 20% contained, progress since last night. we get updates about every 12 hours. that's a lot of progress, that's because there's a breeze off the sea which have helped with humidity levels. and also the winds died down. today we're seeing calm winds, not the kind of hurricane force winds that can spread these fires far and wide. with err in somas california, it's about 50 miles north. it's a small dmunt.
12:44 pm
the fire started on thursday night between here and santa paula. more good news, evacuation order, many of those lived of lifted. some of what's going on when it comes to making sure these fires are put out and ended. we've got dry conditions. that is why you see embers heading into this area. fire you fooirts do firefighters using axes to make sure the sparks ta fly off don't set new ones. many of the trees in this area are partially charred or burned down. we are in a very important agricultural corridor. citrus, avocado, these are things that the firefighters are working to protect in addition to people's homes. three structures have burned. 2,500 remain under threat.
12:45 pm
this ghifbz you a little bit of a sense of how they're working at this trying to put this out. one more thing i should tell you, that is about a possible cause. southern california edison has said that they had right before about 13 minutes before this fire started on thursday night, they had just reenergized a 16,000 volt line. it just been reenergized before this fire. that is something they reported to california public utility regulators and could be a possible cause of this fire. >> been in the hot seat regarding all the fires and power outages, thank you for that update. glad to see there's a little bit of relief happening right now. this is a taste of what it was like in washington, d.c. earlier. there are the world series kpoi champions, the washington nationals. we'll take you there live for the festivities next. like viola.
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sofi thank you, we love you. ♪ washington is as divided as ever, perhapings more than ever on politics but baseball is a subject for unity in the nation's capital this weekend.
12:50 pm
america's past time is d.c.'s pride with the city coming together to celebrate the national's first world series win in franchise history and nearly a century since the trophy was in washington. the senators won the title in 1924. victory rally for the nationals is under way having wrapped up the parade through the city streets. natasha chen is joining us now. what were the highlights today? >> reporter: ana, that parade wrapped up and people are ready to dance. this is where the activities will happen on the stage shortly. i think people really enjoyed that final bus where people hoisted the commissioner's trophy and something they waited nearly a century for. a woman today said she waited her lifetime for a moment like this. the people next to her got to here at 2:00 a.m. for a prime viewing spot and you can tell people most excited to see the
12:51 pm
favorite players as well as the budweiser clydesdale's and the mascot. you know that the mascots are former u.s. presidents so imagine george washington, abe lincoln, teddy roosevelt with giant heads. teddy was riding a bike through constitution avenue today and people for the most part pretty well behaved and throwing weird things like little bottles of whiskey and beer exploded in places and those questionable things to throw but for the people are excited this is a few hours, no politics. everyone having fun. >> natasha, a good break from the craziness. we appreciate that reporting. we'll be right back. i suffered with psoriasis for so long.
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>> be confident in your change. >> the idea really started from inside. people get out and they come right back in. i said, if i ever get out, man, we are going to start a program and we are going to help people. >> acknowledgement, transparency and forgiveness. these are the three essential things we need when we coming back home. >> richard's program miles of freedom helped approximately 1,000 people restart their lives go. to cnn to vote for him, for hero of the year, or if i of your favorite top ten heroes. coming up, the impeachment inquiry heats up and the trump team is grappling with how to craft a strategy. why the white house press secretary is dismissing the need for a war room. next. ng ] must be hot out there, huh? not especially. -[ slurping continues ] -what you drinking?
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