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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  November 3, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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about him? >> well, fred, here in iowa, we're in the middle of a three hf day swing, a bus tour around the state and what buttigieg is trying to do here is solidify momentum here in iowa. they think this is really the crux of their campaign's ability to gain momentum elsewhere in some of these early primary states and the message you're hearing from pete buttigieg this weekend and on friday at the liberty and justice center is is that this campaign for him is about the day after president trump. he's talking a lot about who is the candidate who can unify the country once trump is out of office. and you're also hearing him draw some contrast with elizabeth warren, who is also near the top of the field here in iowa. he's been talking a lot about medicare for all. talking about whether it is actually affordable and he
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proposes something different. care for all who want it. we're seeing him talk about his ability to bring people together and talking about drawing sharper contrast with his competitors. he's talking about generational change, noting he's the young candidate in the race now, but saying to voters if there were looking for an alternative to joe biden or warren, he's the person who could potentially do that and one more thing, fred, here in iowa, we're hear iing a lot more from buttigieg about barack obama. he's drawing those comparisons, really leaning into them because in 2008, when barack obama won this state over hillary clinton who was then a better known, more politically seasoned candidate, that catapulted him into the top tier and the rest of the remaining contest. that's exactly the momentum b t buttigieg wants to tap into here in iowa, fred. >> let's go to layla santiago now follow iing the warren campaign. warren is hosting a pair of town halls today, right, and how are
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voters responding to her plan on how she will pay for medicare for all? >> listen, i spent the last few days in iowa talk uing to voters, asking that very question and i found a bit of a mixed bag. just about everyone i've talked so says i love that she has plans. that's a check for her. we like that. not everybody on board with the funding for this. a bit of a mixed bag in terms of who sees that as actually fe feasible. this morning, senator sanders in an interview said that his plan was more progressive. even said that warren's funding plan would hurt in the process of creating jobs antd remember, he's, he wrote the bill. that's what he likes to say. yes, this is what he likes to say and he is criticizing her funding plans for that. now she is fighting back here in iowa saying this is a plan that would not raise taxes for the middle class and she continues to say that it will put $11 trillion back into the pockets of americans because she will
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not have copays, deductibled and premiums, but there's a new t k talking point that's come out since she released her plans, which is she's saying where's everybody else's funding plan for their health care proposal. that is sofrt of where she's ben targeting her proponents who came after her in the last debate. that's what we've seen her do in iowa. in iowa and the latest poll from "new york times" and cnn college, she's actually topped the list. coming off as the number one candidate for now for caucus voters, caucusgoers. here's what she had to say. >> i don't do polls. we've still got a lot of days until the iowa caucuses. i'm just out here like i am right here on davenport, just trying to meet as many voters as i can face-to-face. do as many is selfies as i can. talk about why i'm running for president. what i believe we can do. what we can do.
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help encourage the elections. >> and senator warren is expected to arrive. they'll be opening the doors shortly and we're expgting her to continue to let voters know not only about her plans, but how she plans to pay for them. >> all right thank you so much. all right. let's look into this further now. joining me now, senior editor for the atlantic and cnn political analyst. also with us, political reporter for the washington examiner. good to see you. you first. you have been traveling across the country speaking with voters. when you look at these polls today showing top four. biden's still ahead, but warren and sanders are right on his heels. does that match with what you've been hearing from people? >> definitely. that's definitely what you see in iowa. nifs iowa a couple of weeks ago but also, what i see, the state
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i'm sort of focusing on a lot is south carolina. i think at this time, it might end up being the most important state in sort of sort iing thes things out. voters in south carolina love biden. in particular, the african-american voters. and i think that's a really important thing to look at. because iowa, new hampshire, tend to be lighter. are lighter than the national electorate where in south carolina, it's much moreflectiv of what a general election would look like. >> ron, we see these campaigns putting a lot of stock into iowa caucuses, but then you wrote in a new article on that maybe iowa isn't the best litmus test for the 2020 race. why? >> that's a paradox. candidates are e devoting more attention to iowa than ever before yet their odd sz of picking the winner may be lower. iowa has picked the winner the
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last four democratic nominations. every one in this century. the winner of iowa has gone on to win even when new hampshire preferred somebody else. iowa is a 90% white electorate. new hampshire is. the overall democratic primary electorate is only 60% white and what's happening this year is that to a greater extent than in the, white voters are diverging from african-american voters. you have a particularly warren and buttigieg are very strong among those college educated white voters and you can win them by being strong educated white voters but you can't win south carolina that way. you need to break into the african american community. you have the divergence and then if that happens, a long fight to the finish line. >> and you said that in south carolina, that could be really potentially pivotal. we talk about mayor buttigieg because he made headlines after
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that circus interview saying he saw it as two person race between himself and warren but then he kind of walked back those comments today on abc's this week. listen. >> look. there is a tremendous amount of energy for a range of candidates who are extremely capable. i'm proud to be part of the most diverse field i think ever in democratic presidential politics and some formidable competition. >> so at same time in an interview, he did admit there's a deficit when it comes to his appeal among african-american voters, you talk about how important they are particularly in south carolina. but he did pledge that he is going to be bolder and a unifier. will that be enough to you know, make up for the deficit that he's feeling among a certain electorate? >> well, i mean i think that's his big challenge and i think we're just going to have to wait and see. in my interview with him a
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couple of months ago, he portrayed himself as the midwest answer. sort of the intellectual's joe biden, but he doesn't have that cachet that relationship that biden has with the african african-american voters and he is much more to the left that african-american voters who tend to be within the scope of the democratic party tend to be more conservative than white intellectuals. >> ron, president trump was able to win states. you know in 2016, that were long thought to be democratic strongholds. talking about pennsylvania, michigan, wisconsin. so is it your feeling that he can feel just as confident going into 2020? >> not just as confident. no. i mean democrats can't be confident they're going definitely win those back, but trump is in a weakened position. look at the national polling out today. he did not exceed 42% of the vote against any democratic. in this polling. that came out from both fox and
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nbc "wall street journal." his approval rate iing is betwe 40 and 45%. the hikely hood is that his vote is going to match closely to what his approval rating is is and particularly for those -- the single most important thing that's happened in those three rust belt states is that he has lost ground among blue collar women. not so much the men. but u if you look at his polling numbers among the women, i think this started with the affordable care act, he's in the low 40s. i don't think if that's where he ends up on election day, i don't think he can make it up in those states, but it may not be where he ends up on election day. >> yeah and his approval ratings, there's a variation. nationally, the it's still somewhere in the 30% thing. not so great but then he himself was you know touting again today look at my approval ratings. they dipped a bit among republicans but still very high. is that enough for him? >> well, i mean i guess we're
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going to have to wait to see. i think there's two things here that we have to keep an eye on. i think ron might agree with me on that. as he said, suburban women and white women and sort of where they go and i think that depends on who the candidate ends up being for the democrats. now let's just take pennsylvania for example. if it's warren, that's going to be a problem. if democrats tell me here in my state, you can't win pennsylvania without western pennsylvania. and making policy statements, banning fracking on day one, not only hurts here in western pennsylvania but also hurts in the scranton area where there's an economic boom. but also on the insurance issue. we haven't talked about this enough, but there are a lot of people suburban voters who work in the insurance industry. and it gives them a sense of uncertainty and so that's what
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i'm watching in my state. >> all right. all fantastic. real quick. >> real quick. there are a lot of dials. that's the basic debate among democrats. is it turning out more minorities in young people? blue collar and whites who voted for trump and may have sauer son them. >> thank you so much. appreciate it. >> thank you. president trump and republicans demanding now that they be allowed to question the whistleblower and now the whitt l blow rer's lawyer is suggesting like that could happen. see whag the conditions could be, potentially. next. ♪ born to be wild... born to be wild...♪
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we make it easy to enroll, too. so call unitedhealthcare or go online today. [sfx: mnemonic] a new offer on the table. this morning, the whistleblower's own attorney said his client would be willing to answer written questions smith e submitted directly from republican lawmakers, but couldn't seek information or reveal the identity. meanwhile, president trump is sharpening his aing tacks and demanding to know who the whistleblower is. >> whistleblower should be revealed. because the whistleblower told stories. some people would call a fraud. i won't go that far, but when i read it closely -- the whistleblower should be revealed. >> president trump is also railing against two new polls
1:16 pm
out this morning showing where americans stand on the impeachment inquiry. both polls showing support for impeaching and removing president trump from office. cnn's jeremy diamond is is the white house, so what else do we know about this offer from the whistleblower's attorney? >> well, fred, republicans have been complaining about the process of this impeachment inquiry and about access to this whistle whistleblower. just a few days ago we're get f whistleblower is that they are offering to answer republican lawmaker's questions in writing under oath but directly from these republican members to try to address system of those concerns. that's not changing anything from the president who continued to attack the whistleblower and that he wants this identity to be revealed despite the protections this individual is afforded under u.s. law.
1:17 pm
and of course the focusing on this whistleblower despite the fact we have seen numerous current and numerous officials corroborate key aspects as it relates to this quid pro quo surrounding security aid to ukraine. the president though will face the potential testimony for more officials this week who could also corroborate those aspects of that whistleblower complaint. one of those is potentially the form er national security add virz, john bolton. democrats are seeking his testimony laettner the week. here's what the president said this morning when he was asked about bolton potentially testifying. >> it's up to him and the lawyers. it's really up to the lawyers. i like john bolton i always got a long with him. >> and that has been the president's answer when he's been asked about potential testimony by individuals. he keeps pointing to the lawyers, but we should note, fred tharks the president has already and his administration, have sought to block the testimony of current and former
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house investigators are gearing up r for another ambitious testimony. this week, they are also bracing for more witnesses to defy the subpoenas. with me now u, ross garber. is the white house running a potential risk of the president facing obstruction of justice charges you know in the articles impeachment, particularly if the white house continues to order witnesses to ignore house subpoenas? >> so sure. there is that risk. the house decides what to impeach the president for. and what to not impeach him for. i don't think any court is going to second guess what the white house does and back in nixon, the judiciary committee actually had articles they proposed for
1:23 pm
obstruction of justice. now those were never voted on by the white house and similar articles were proposed by the judiciary committee but rejected by the house and clinton. i think the big question is going to be whether the president makes the case for why these folks are refusing to show up. >> in what manner would he will making that case. >> yes, there are sort of interesting and potentially valid issues. the first is the issue of complete immunity. that's being argued in court right now with form er white house counsel don mcgahn. previous justice departments, both parties have said the president and his senior advisers are absolutely immune from having to sit down and testify before congress. the second issue is executive privilege. a little different. they have to show up, but they don't have to answer questions about certain issues and you know these issues actually -- >> that would be applicable to a classified type of information
1:24 pm
though. >> not just classified information. presidents of both parties dating back to really george washington made the argument that an executive privilege prevents senior administration officials from testifying about sensitive issues. national security. diplomacy. law enforcement. military issues. and the supreme courts ratify that notion. there's a big question about whether that applies here. >> i was going to ask. does this fall into that category? >> well, so -- >> especially when there's the language of the favor and going after a political opponent? >> yeah. it's very interest iing and we haven't really seen the white house kind of make this argument but let's, i think we're going to anticipate them doing it. i think what they'll say is the supreme court says it applies particularly in its height in national security, diplomacy and military affairs and could also say well obviously this affects all three. the relationship with the united
1:25 pm
states and ukraine involving the state department, involving diplomacy, military aid. you'll hear from the white house, sort of fits within that national security privilege exception. >> democrats also want to interview john bolton. his attorneys you know are saying bolton won't appear without a subpoena. so talk to me about the conditions in which a witness who is called can make. is he in a position where he can say you know, i'll be there, but only if you subpoena me? >> yeah, so it's a great question because technically, just like before, the house controls the impeach. process. they can issue a subpoena, tell them to show up. now whether he does is another mat rer and what we've seen is the white house had a hard time forcing people into the chair to testify because they've had to go through a long litigation process which wouldn't end anytime soon. so in this situation, a lot of
1:26 pm
them, the witness does have some potential ability to affect the conditions under which they might testify and i think that's what's going on here. i think what we're seeing is john bolton's lawyers trying to negotiate something with the house. >> ross, thank you so much. >> good to be here. all right. with the activity on the rise, cnn meets a woman drawn into a white supremacist group right here in the u.s. next, we'll hear her warnings about the so-called alt-right and why she calls it a cult of racism. is just like our original sandwiches...only we bought a little ad...on lil jon. little johns, yeah! $3, what?!
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and with renew active, enjoy a free gym membership and up to $115 in rewards for staying active. you can count on our guidance and support to help you get the most out of your plan. we can also help you schedule appointments or find a specialist. annual enrollment ends december 7th. start taking advantage of all the benefits... of the only medicare advantage plans with the aarp name. we make it easy to enroll, too. so call unitedhealthcare or go online today. [sfx: mnemonic] a major city in germany has declared a nazi emergency. they have passed a resolution warning of a growing far right movement. the city is where an anti muslim movement emerged in 2013 and regular rallies are still held there. a far right party known for stoking antiimmigrant sentiment
1:31 pm
also has a strong showing in this year's state election there. counselors say the declaration is symbolic and has no legal consequences. historically, dresden is known for being destroyed in one of the most devastating bombing campaigns of world war ii. the surge of hate isn't limbed to germany. right here in the u.s., one report says attacks by far right extremists have more than quadrupled since 2016. ellie reiff has the dramatic story of one woman who was drawn in to a far right group dominated by men. and she's talking now about why she got out. >> the face of america's white power movement is screaming young white men. but there are a very small number of women who joined. samantha was one of them. >> this i wore to the last
1:32 pm
alt-right party that i went to. >> the 29-year-old says she spent a year in a cult. a cult of racism. after she left, she feared being exposed for what she'd done. now she wants to come forward on her own terms and warn others about the power of online radicalization. she welcomes us into her home. we agreed not to share its surroundings or her last name. how important do you think that sense of alienation is in atrakts iing people? >> i think it's the number one reason people joined. i was seeing this guy and i was going through a lot of turbulent like emotional and just personal mental things where my sense of self was pretty damaged. it was just this emersion into the culture of it with someone that i so badly wanted the affection of and the approval of just it didn't take much. it's not as if this person was strapping me down. i was hungry to learn.
1:33 pm
hungry to figure this out. >> january 1st, 2017, you became a member. can you explain what that is? >> it was a white civil rights group or a white advocacy group i believe was the term. was trying to project this image of being, and a clean cut, law-abiding, nonracial slur using, polite, kind, handing out water bottles to old ladies on the street. just like a nice group of people. >> didn't want to look like the skin heads. >> no, absolutely not. the language use d was pro whit. never never anti anything else. so it made it really easy to ignore the parts that you don't want to see. violence or just blatant racism. >> today known as the american identity movement, identity europa was created in 2016 as a kind of fraternity to promote
1:34 pm
white power with a more clean cut face. >> it's old ideology just packaged in khakis and loafers. >> the alt-right is far more hostile to women than previous it rations of the white supremacist movement. an online subculture of men who are involuntary sell bat and blame women for it. she said there were only a handful of women in it when she joined. she kept her day job at a bar even when she interviewed up to 20 people a week to be new members. part of her job was to screen out jews. she was name d women's coordinator and she said she helped membership grow to about 50 pimwomen in a group of roughly 1,000 people. why did you do it so much? >> because it felt good to be helping. to be a part of something bigger than myself.
1:35 pm
>> in the spring of 2017, members of the movement were feeling emboldened. >> i will faithfully execute. >> donald trump had been sworn into office and protests like this one referred to as charlottesville 1.0, which samantha helped coordinate, were popping up across the country. then she started a new relationship and was welcomeded into the movement's inner circle. >> we took a weekend and went to a bunch of parties in new york. >> what kichnd? >> fancy parties. >> this is the type of awful tool -- >> i went to a book burning that was pretty scandalous. it's all so surreal. like you're standing there going, i'm at a book burning in someone's house.
1:36 pm
like there are families that live next door. there's probably a nice person who lives across the street and i'm burning books about jewish people. like it was just so, i don't know, just feels like it doesn't even feel like it's wrong or right. it just feels unreal. >> did you guys present yourself like a white power power couple? >> yeah. kind of. i think that's how people looked at us. that we would be like the next generation of you know, power couple within the white movement. >> so in public, you were a couple, but behind the scenes -- >> the misery was growing exponentially like every day. i had tried to break up with him several times. i had told him i couldn't do it anymore. i tried to do all these things, but i was so afraid. >> a name among the internet
1:37 pm
nazis was white sharia, it portrays women as subhuman! as a woman, you are secretary, mother, babysitter, but never equal. >> private messages to samantha show that while the women might have played along in public, in private, they found it disturbing, but at the same time, she says they felt trapped, afraid they'd been doxed. that means your identity and personal information is released online. samantha says she and her boyfriend broke up privately, but he wouldn't move out. she realized the only way to leave the relationship was to also leave the movement. the reaction was more degradation. >> i was told a lot that i would be really good, that i could probably hold a lot of nazi men and birth a lot of nazi babies whether i liked it or not. that they would break my legs that i couldn't run away. then i would just be killed afterwards. >> the threat scared her.
1:38 pm
but they were clairifying. in october of 2017, she quit ie. she eventually stopped making excuses and realized she had actively promoted racism. all the weird propaganda that i was buying into, all of the ideology and rhetoric, it just immediately hit me that it was all bull [ bleep ]. it just all hit me. how much of an idiot i was. >> the american identity movement tells cnn it is unaware of anyone being coerced to stay in the organization. today, samantha has joined a different kind of organization. one that helps people leave hate groups. she hopes coming forward with her story can make a difference. >> for a lot of people, i don't think it's about the politics. i don't think anyone wakeses up and says i want to make a poster about being racist. i just think that the alt-right really knew how to play on just like weird new form of nileism that people are feeling.
1:39 pm
>> she said she joined a fraternity based on hate because it gave her a new sense of meaning. she didn't realize how fast they could turn that hate on her. cnn, new york.
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in one year, r millions of americans head to the polls for the 2020 general election. the first voters must decide who will represent the democratic party, three new polls out today suggest we could be headed towards a near three person race for the nomination. here to dissect pothe polls is harry. what stands out to you when you look at these numbers? >> you know what, i love three polls in one day. it's like a polling christmas for me. look, i think these three polls tell a similar story. that's joe biden hanging out, high 20s around 30%. warren in second place. generally hanging on the low 20s then bernie sanders who despite haze his heart attack has been holding in the polls around you know high teens, maybe 20% in
1:44 pm
his best sort of poll and i think these three polls tell to consistent picture. biden still ahead nationally. warren sort soft closing and sanders hanging around in third place. one other thing i'll note from poll that came out from nbc "wall street journal," amy klobuchar clocked in with 5%, kamala harris with 4%. that counts towards qualifying polls for the december debate and i think that's important because that essentially means that kamala harris is qualified, while klobuchar is just one poll away. >> and iowa. what have you notice there had? >> iowa one thing nationally is a different thing what you see is warren's ahead, but not very far ahead. in fact, within the margin offer rory of biden. joe biden at 18%. bernie sanders at 16%. basically sort of the same place he is nationally, but the big difference between national and iowa in terms of someone jumping up is pete butt u butt, who
1:45 pm
buttigieg in the high teen, around 15 to 20% and on iowa, and it's different from the national picture and that of course is a big deal because obviously iowa leads off the primary calendar. but it's also an indication that buttigieg does well with white voters and they are plentiful in iowa versus nationally. >> what does history say about leaders in the iowa poll iing? >> yeah, i think this is rather important. so i went back and looked at all the polling leaders at this general point, late october, early november at this point on both the democratic and republican side. and i think there are two key points here. number one across all those races, warren's 22% at this point is the weak eest for any front-runner. and that's key because that means that this race is wide open. but also take a look at the furthest right hand column. who won the iowa caucuses. pretty much any of the front-runners who are polling
1:46 pm
below 49% went on to lose the iowa caucuses. they didn't win. didn't win the nomination. so warren's 22%, that's good. ahead right now, but the fact based upon history that's far from a guarantee you're going to go on to win iowa let alone the nomination. so all this sort of points to me. we have a wide open race. it's very, very messy. any of those top four, sanders, warren, biden or buttigieg could win iowa. i wouldn't be surprised if someone not in the top four, someone like klobuchar, actually goes on to win. so a very wide open picture with three months to go. >> all right. the numbers jackpot of the day. >> you know, i try my best. >> well it delivered. >> i try. >> it works. thanks so much, harry. >> thank you. speaking of polling, a pair of new national polls on impeachment have president trump pretty fired up. we'll tell you what he said at
1:47 pm
the white house this afternoon. and richard miles spent 15 years in prison for a crime he didn't commit. now he's one of our top ten cnn heroes for 2019. >> my mom would always tell me when you look at the window, don't look at the bars, look at the sky. i could change my perception within the place of incarceration. at the end of the day, be confident in your change. the idea really started from inside. people get out and they come right back in. i said if i ever get out, man, i'm going to start a program and we going to help people. acknowledgment, transparency and forgiveness. these are the three essential things we need when we coming back home. >> richard's program, miles of freedom, has helped about 1,000 people restart their lives after prison. go to to vote for your favorite cnn hero of the
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this just in. the ceo of mcdonlgd's is out after he allegedly violated company policy according to a
1:52 pm
statement frmcdonald's, he demonstrated poor judgment in a consensual relationship with an employee. he has been the ceo since 2015. mcdonald's forbids having romantic relationships with employees. declassified. untold stories of american spies is back tonight with a new episode and this week, we get a look inside the case to stop a would be spy from sell iing secrets to an enemy nation. turns out, that spy had buried the stolen documents all over the east coast. here now is a preview. >> i remember coming out here many times. you can see how rough and remote it is. no one here. and there's no one to see you.
1:53 pm
never in a million years would i expect to be in the woods digging holes to find declassified information. in a sense, we're digging for treasure. it was critical information buried out here that was important to the defense of the united states and we had to find it. >> joining me right now, gary walker, form er counterintelligence agent with the national reconnaissance office that worked this case. good to see you so this case begins with a letter mailed to some of the united states' biggest enemies. explain what that letter spelled out and who was considered the enemy. >> well the letter was sent, was provided to one of our adversaries and we actually had got access to that letter through fbi channels and what the individual was trying to do was sell classified information to an adversary in return for a large sum of money and what he
1:54 pm
was offered was really some of our most sensitive classified information that he had taken from our classified systems while basically internet surfing during the course of his day while working. >> how were you u led suspect? >> well the fbi actually had been conducting investigation for some time prior to come tog my organization, which is the national constance office, counterintelligence office and once we were briefed on the details of the investigation up to that point, i was actually initially little skeptical about what was going on and if it was a spy. however, after some time, i took a look at it, did an initial inquiry and then e we learned that more than likely, it was a spy and we had to actually conduct our own internal inquiry of ore employeur employees and
1:55 pm
used, standard counterintelligence investigative approach to take a large pool of individuals and weed it down to some likely suspects and doing so, we were able to identify brian riggien. >> so you did capture him before he actually left the country, right? and the plan was or his plan was to approach foreign leaders personally but then this operation, even trying to pursue him, was a national security risk. to what degree? >> it was a national security risk mainly because he had access to some of the most sensitive information and what we were try iing to do is limit not only his ability to capture that information from our systems, but to actually make contact with another adversary and what we had to do was closely watch him. at the time, the tools in place to do so weren't exact and they weren't perfect so we really had to do our best to ensure that we had to catch him in the act of
1:56 pm
collecting information and making sure that he never got that information to the adversary. >> it's certainly fascinating. i thank you so much and thanks for your service in all of this. in all of these endeavors. the all new episode of declassified untold stories of american spies airs tonight. 11:00 eastern and pacific only on cnn. thank you so much for being with me this whole weekend. news room continues after the break with anna cabrera. is that ireland...1953? how did you know? mom...that was taken at the farm. it was in this small little village. in connemara? right! connemara it is. honestly, we went there- oh, oh look at that! look at that.
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this sunday, you are live in the cnn newsroom. this is a milestone weekend on the road to election day 2020. it is now just one year away and we have brand-new sign posts showing us what direction american voters are learning and they think about the economy, national security and the wheels now turning that could lead to the president's impeachment. three new partinational opinions showing the same one, two, three lead iing the race for the democratic nomination. joe biden, elizabeth warren and senator bernie sanders. and while the election is a year away, more pressing for the democrats are the iowa caucuses. dpakt xaktly three months from now. that's why nearly every democratic candidate is cutting a path across that state this weekend. the new national opinion polls made public today


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