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tv   Cuomo Prime Time  CNN  November 8, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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have you ever heard of anything like this before? >> good lord, no. we were trying to get an interview with zelensky anyway. he's a fascinating character, amazing road to victory, then wins the parliament election, caught between russia and the
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west. so we've been trying for a while, had some encouraging signs. what i didn't know is just at the time i was in kiev and i was meeting with him to solidify the interview, this whole other story was unraveling because it was all around the time september 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 that this is all happening. and if the aid is stuck, then it gets released and then of course what happens is the whistle-blower story starts leaking. and that's when the ukrainians probably decided, a, we don't need to do the interview anymore to announce this investigation into the bidens because the money has been released but, more importantly, we don't need to -- we don't want to have anything to do with what is turning into a very big u.s. domestic story. but they were totally professional throughout. but, you know, as sometimes happens, they backed off at the e end. >> so help us understand some of the context of what was going on here. of course fareed understand
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world events and geo politics so well. the idea that ukraine, zelensky and his people were in a panic about this, they didn't know how to deal with rudy, were so afraid of being involved in american politics, does that square with your understanding of the rej gime and why? >> completely. the thing you have to remember about the ukraine and the us, when trump says zelensky says he was not pressured, the core reality here is the asymmetry of power. the u.s. totally dominates this relationship. zelensky needs -- any ukrainian president needs the american president's 110% support, not just for the military aid, not just for the political aid, for the diplomatic aid but because there is a real prospect of a russian invasion of the rest of ukraine, in which case washington becomes your savior. so there's no question that zelensky or any ukrainian president is going to try very
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hard to do whatever it takes to help the american president. he understood, however, because he's a savvy guy, i spent a while with him, he understood and now i'm guessing that this would cause problems if he were to choose a republican over a democrat. >> the testimony says that. >> or decide to investigate -- right, biden and the clintons, that would put him in an awkward position. what if trump didn't win? he was trying to play both sides and delay and punt and when it became absolutely clear he couldn't could do that anymore, he agreed to come on my show and he was going to announce it. the interview was sort of in the works for a while in the sense that we'd been trying, we had gotten encouraging noises but the key thing to remember is zelensky cannot say anything now, then, before and he won't from two weeks from now that in any way can annoy donald trump.
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needs the american president. any ukrainian president does. >> what do you make of the couple of defenses that have popped up to what seems to most to be obvious. the first one is, hey, look, it never happened. so there's no damage, there's no real threat here because they didn't get any dirt on the bidens and they got the aid so everything's fine. and the other one is, hey, it may have happened the way you guys say it did but the president may have known nothing about it and it was just the people around him. what do you think of those? >> well, you reported it out very well at the start. these last two days the testimony has been very important because the core defense of the president from republicans in congress has been, look, the phone call was ambiguous. it's not entirely clear that it was an actual quid pro quo. yeah, he says do us us a favor but it happens three lines after. there was all this parsing of that transcript. >> so everybody said it was who was involved with it at the
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time? >> right. so now what you have is four senior officials saying, a, that there was a quid pro quo, b, we were asked to deliver the same message very explicitly linking the aid to these investigations both essentially into the bidens and hillary clinton. 2016 and that company. so all of a sudden people like lindsey graham who had been saying if you can show me any, you have kent all saying it was a quid quo proand now they say of course it's a quid pro quo,y do that all the time but it not impeachable. they see what has happened in the last two days is really big. it's also really fascinating, to read the whole testimony.
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gordon sond lund's story is fascinating. he becomes ambassador to the eu, he stole ukraine is the prize here, we've got to get ukraine -- >> obviously not in the eu. >> right. but we have to, you know, that's why you're involved, gordon. he gets fired up. he and volker go to see trump and they say we met this flu president of ukraine, ukraine is crucial, this guy is great, you've got to meet him. and what they confront from trump is a barrage of conspiracy theories about burisma, about biden, about the 2016 election and i wonder where trump got the -- >> i wonder if that's what vladimir puttin told they did it and then they're blame being it on -- because it's so whack
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organization. and sond lund and volker have to deal with the fact that their hopes has and fareed, thank you so much. i'm glad you found your way into this story because it gave me the chance to tap into your great intellect on these issues. thank you for being with us. >> pleasure, chris. thank you. >> and you a all know you can catch fareed's show, sunday. >> randy: that's a vipgs of our president, by the wautor of the upcoming anonymous book frk.
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there's only one quicker picker upper. bounty, the quicker picker upper. only as anonymous, for now, isn't out for another 11 days but it's already making waves with its dark depictions inside the trump white house. of note, how senior officils often wake up in what is called a full-blown panic over the president's wild tweets. quote, it's like showing up at the nursing home at day break to find your elderly uncle running pantless across the court yard as worried attendants try to catch him. you're stunned, amused and embarrassed at the same time, only your uncle probably wouldn't do it every single day, his words aren't broadcast to the world and he doesn't have to
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lead the u.s. government once he puts his pants on. former trump white house communication director and now trump critic anthony scaramucci is here. thank you for joining us. >> hey, chris. yeah, that's a sobering assessment of what's going on. >> do you buy it? is it behinder b hyperbolic? hear anything like that since in. >> some of it is hyperbolic but some of it is prima facie. go to the president's clippings today on the south lawn. it's not normal. it's not even inside of a bell curve of what people would describe as mental health. he's repeating himself, he's lost a lot of the sharpness he had in '15 and '16. i haven't read the entire book. the point he made in the book is that the president cannot manage a process, which includes
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defining a problem, building a consensus with his team, understanding the roles that his team has and also embracing the processes of the government. whether it the national security founded by dwight eisenhower or element of the pentagon founded in the late 40s, none of this stuff is, you know, it's not easy for the president, it's not native to him and he has this free wheeling, independent swashbuckling that goes on and it's overconfidence. so all of that shows up as a perhaps somebody that's looking -- i hate to say it that way. i don't want to put down people living in a nursing home to be honest, but with the president, the big issue, chris, is that those 16 cabinet level positions, the 190 sub departments are in complete and total disarray. i think what the anonymous book is trying to warn people of is you have a system where the
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administrative process of the executive branch have completely broken down under president trump. >> i don't agree with it being anonymous. i'm thinking this will probably be another "primary colors" deal. if you want to say things like this, own them. come out and say it. if there's a ris risk to you, it's one thing. this isn't about passing on classified information. let me get to another topic to you with concern right now. what do you think bloomberg means to trump? >> so i think the president will be very intimidated by a guy like michael bloomberg. can you go back to some of the states that corey lewandowski has made about michael bloom ber bloomberg. people like cory, myself, who would be the number one person president trump would be the most worried about and it would be mike bloomberg. he's a new yorker, he can
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withstand the onslaught of the president's pulleying, he's worth probably five to eight times the president's net worth. he could spend a fortune defending himself to get those adds up across the country. if. >> it's clear to me that he would beat trump. the social, progressiveness, that kind of weaving, if you will -- the path for michael bloomberg to win that nomination, you'd have to ask a democrat about that. it seems like the party has lurched so far to the left. if elizabeth warren has the polling numbers that she has by proposing a socialist agenda, one would have to worry about the path that mayor blookberg would have to get that. no question he would be the number one threat. i do agree with you on the anonymous thing. someone said to me it's definitely not you because of
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course i would put my name on something and speak very declaratively about what is going on and i really wish more people who agree with anonymous, chris, i can't tell you the number of people that have left the administration that completely agree with anonymous as to what is going on and i really wish they would start speaking out so that the american people can hear it from the inside, the lack of competence and the disarray that's teak and you what's done or maybe it was rudy, mulvaney or sondland doing it on his own. it makes you cashes about goog food ba deowe teen goes quick. >> they what people do, they
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fighten them, intimidate them and the system is secure. what's made the country so pros prose and so successful loan. >> if you have here's a lawless guy doing lawless things inside the white house, how o ko could one of the lincoln's party ignore this level of lawlessness? >> well, obviously -- >> we're going to to keep working on it and stay in there. >> obviously bloom brg has rester vaegss. he's doing something now that he just said a couple of months ago he didn't think he could do. let me ask you to put your transactional finance hat on for a second. ant nip's a very sophisticated convention guy, he has his own company, not just wall street, a
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lot of high finance. what happened with rudy, his guys and the money? here's what created the keconce for rudy in terms of financesfi. number one, we assume it's firtash, arranged for two wires to be sent from overseas accounts to a seems to line up with what we understand about did rudy get pageddid rudy get mixed one with money from bad guys or a bad source? then it's in september 2018 mr. guchardo stepped in, paying mr. giuliani 250 grand on behalf
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of fraud guarantee. according to people familiar with the arrangeent, mr. gu is a company run are and in exchange he made a loan to parnas's company that gave him an option on equity like convertible debt. i mean, it's a really convoluted transaction. what do you mack of it? >> why the why so i liked him. i think if you talk to yourjists. i think he's a mark in this swag and got attacked to knock from he probably didn't do the due
6:23 pm
diligence necessary, but because the mayor was part of the business, he probably thought that that was vetting neff if certainly at skybridge we're not a court. everybody is guilty until skybridge proves them oun sent. we run really, really tough background checks on everything. you and i know him well -- >> as do i. >> but something there tempted him. why would he be involved with those guys and make the money that easily when things are that easy and too good to be true, they often are too good to be true and we're watching that unfold. but i do believe charles is innocent here based on my observation of him and what i know from the case. >> we have nothing that indicates differently.
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we have no reason to believe differently. but obviously there are two investigations going on of mr. giuliani. my other concern is that his biggest risk is going to come from his own and it's going to be a political attack, not a legal one. anthony scaramucci, thank you on a friday night. i know you're running around. the best to you, best to the family and be well. >> all right. hour left before the deadline. michael bloomberg officially filed the paperwork to enter the 2020 presidential primary in alabama. now, what's his plan? because he's ignoring those first hot play. can he even win or even get on the debate stage? the wizard of odd crunches the nuls. why he may be in or forced to get out next. dchg we're carvana, the company who invented
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. former mayor michael bloomberg today officially filed to be on the ballot in alabama. that means he's skipping the first four primaries. can you win with that strategy? the bigger question is why is he getting in in the first place? let's bring in the wizard of odds, harry enten. we never heard of this except rudy giuliani did this. he skipped the first few, showed up in florida, didn't turn out well for him. >> i should point out alabama has this very early deadline in which to file your paper. the real test is whether or not he files in new hampshire. that deadline is next week. you're right, you can't skip the first four primaries and hope to win it. there's no track record for it
6:30 pm
to work. >> obviously, he's seeing something unconventional. what do we believe mike bloomberg sees? >> he sees that biden, sanders and warren are all having trouble in the battleground states to beat donald trump. these were the six closest states in the 2016 election that donald trump won, michigan, pennsylvania, wisconsin, florida, arizona, north carolina, they're all within the margin of error of donald trump and he believes, michael bloomberg believes that electability is what is selling in this primary and he has good reason to believe that. so what is the one thing that will motivate you to vote in 2020? these are basically the same swing states, michigan, minnesota, wisconsin, you could name anything. 21 said to beat donald trump. medicare for all, which we've had so much attention to this primary season, my goodness gracious, just 1%, 1%. you and i in a poll together would be 1%. >> our mothers would hope so.
6:31 pm
now here's my question, what does bloomberg think that allows him to believe he can beat the other people in the field? what's he got that they ain't got? >> he's going to argue that of course he's an independent, right? he's a guy who was an independent mayor of new york city. he's crossed party lines before and he's going to sell it along elect ability and say i was an independent, these are in these swing states and we're talking about the swing states because that's where the election is decided. >> he was in low single digits -- >> that's the primary. he's going to pivot to an electability argument. he's seeing a hole in the elect the argument of biden, sanders and warren and you got to win the independents usually to win in an election. the three major democratic candidates are basically making even with trump.
6:32 pm
>> but is he as good as they are? when you look at the metrics of the strength of a warren, sanders, biden, buttigieg? >> bloomberg was popular enough here that they changed the city charter to get him a third term. but he did not do that great with the minority communities here here. >> you do have to have it as a democrat to win. we've been pointing out this gentleman who is running 40% to 50% among african-americans and they make up about 20% of the democratic electorate. these two have struggled in the primaries so far because they haven't been able to reach out to african-americans. people talk about, oh, he's the moderate, but the fact is what joe biden's bid is being propelled by is african-americans and i don't hear that spoken about enough in the press so far. >> that's why we're doing it so far. >> would you put your chalupa
6:33 pm
money ahead of -- >> i would put my pastrami money on this gentleman here. he knows how to build a -- we can both get art lessons. >> i didn't even have it on. >> oh, please. i would bet on joe biden versus michael bloomberg. joe biden has within a democrat for the last 50 years, michael bloomberg has been a democrat for the last five minutes. at the end of the day he can say, hey, i've been taking the fight to republicans my entire life. >> he thinks he's exposing weaknesses in this field and he may hurt biden but he may show the strength of who's already there as a comparison to him. thank you very, wiz. always a plesh. you know, this could be, maybe, the battle of billionaires. why? you got tom steyer already in the race. is he singing the classic from
6:34 pm
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sofi thank you, we love you. ♪ paperwork's in. michael bloomberg officially filed to run in alabama's democratic primary. he could face off with the likes
6:38 pm
of senator elizabeth warren, a front-runner who rails against billionaires like bloomberg, as does sanders. let's get some perspective from another billionaire in the race, tom steyer. welcome become to "primetime." i saw you lawiughing but it's a legit context. when you heard bloomberg is coming in, he's got his own money, he's got business savvy, were you like o"what's he got that i ain't got?" >> we're very different, chris. i'm running for president because i believe corporations have bought our government. we're not going to get any policies that the american people so desperately want until we break that corporate stranglehold and inequality is defining america right now. i don't think michael bloomberg should run for the democratic nomination unless he willing to commit to a wealth tax. i called for one over a year
6:39 pm
ago. i think he's against a wealth tax and i this i he should reconsider it. he's one of the people, like me, who has been incredibly lucky to have been in america, who has profited enormously. we need the money. he has a responsibility to give back. more than that, if he wants to be the nominee of the democratic party, he's got to understand he's got to commit to ending this inequality and he's got to commit to breaking this corporate stranglehold on our government. otherwise, he shouldn't run. >> fair advantage over you and some others in the field, he's had executive experience in government. new york city is one of the biggest economies in the world. they changed the charter to get him another term. is that impressive? >> look, don't get me wrong, chris, i think mike's an impressive guy but i think there's a question here about defining what the problem is.
6:40 pm
to me we've got to -- this election is about defining what it's going to be to get america going forward again. we have a broken government in washington, d.c. and the question is what are we going to do about it? i've been talking about things like term limits of 12 years for every congress person and senator, a national referendum to take away the monopoly congress has on passing laws. we're going to have to change and get back to government of, by and for the people. i want to see if mike bloomberg will commit to that and commit to breaking the corporation's ownership of our government. >> do you think he's a threat or do you think there's plenty in the world that he wouldn't make it through? >> i this mike's considering doing this or doing it reflects the fact that this election is wide own. >> i think he's right in thinking that it's going to to
6:41 pm
and so my attitude is as long as you're willing to commit to being a true democrat, to actually dealing with inequality, to breaking this corporate stranglehold, then i say welcome. >> do you think he's better than the people at the top of the polls right now? >> look, i think that's a question -- >> for you. what's the answer? >> if i didn't think i were the best person to tell the truth and to take action on that truth on behalf of the american people, i wouldn't be running. >> i hear you. >> no way. so obviously i think i'm saying something different. i think i'm different and. >> when might you change your mind and use your resources and the infrastructure to you've been able to put together to help someone who then has a better chance? >> let me say this, chris, all of the grass roots organizations
6:42 pm
that i've started are still going and i'm still supporting them, i'm just not running them. >> but i to deliver it to americans of this corporate sfranglehold of our need to take climate at priority one and that as an outsider i've been taking on and ba beating these corporations for ten years. i think that's a message that americans respond to. i'm going to and it can be a virtue with poet rot. >> you point out contrasts with trump, that he got a big head start. then money can also be a problem. your aide has apologized after a report that he offered money for endorsements in iowa, you guys ran away from from are in -- he
6:43 pm
actually resigned, chris. you should know. he put that out tonight that we're returning an organization, i've run, started and built businesses, started and run organizationsthings happen in those organizations and when they do, you have to assess what happened and deal with it with inc. teg rit. that's exactly what happened here. so in fact, look, something happened that wasn't authorized. we examined it andy he resigned. case closed. >> beyond the campaign, doesn't it kind of mabb a point that money and politics go together but shouldn't they really be blown apart? isn't it that money just corrupts everything it touches in politics? >> look, i'm in favor of public financing of campaigns, but, chris, i think this campaign is all about ideas and who can be trusted to bring them about.
6:44 pm
i think that's the case for every single person, including michael bloomberg and definitely including me pi think he has got to explain to democrats who he is and why he's running. and so do. people are going to respond to something they believe is true who will held the truth and take that's exactly high record on two yearsing a people in washington d krcht you are crazy to think there flower they're saying almost word for word what we said two years ago. >> except back then you didn't have the ukraine situation.
6:45 pm
tom steyer, thank you very much for making the argument for your campaign tonight, dealing with what happened with pun why are thank you forring in but here is what is and was and is fairly obvious. what happened in ukraine. we're seeing not one but two attempts to distract from from and demystify the issues afoot. next! at bayer, this is why we science. tell him we're flexible. don't worry. my dutch is ok. just ok? this man is very bendy.
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all right. ahead of impeachment hearings next week, to avoid what has become all too obvious, a fact pattern of wrongful behavior and arguable abuse of power, gopers have created two main distractions. let's call them thing one and thing two.
6:50 pm
thing one is the notion that unmasking the whistle-blower is the key to everything. the president pushes the idea. >> who is the whistle-blower? we have to know. is the whistle-blower a spy? >> and it rolls off the tongues of his allies on capitol hill. >> frankly i think the american people have a right to know who this whistle-blower is. >> one, there's a law that makes that not the case. but the intrigue is very intoxicating. but let's look at it with sober eyes and see it for what it is, a none troversy. not only is unmasking potentially illegal and/or proof of witness intimidation or even obstruction of a congressional investigation, it's irrelevant like the whistle-blower. why? practically everybody tidbit of information we learned about, those nine pages from the whistle-blower, they've been corroborated or improved upon from the white house call transcript, statements by officials, testimony, and good
6:51 pm
old-fashioned reporting. don't believe the hype. thing one ain't the thing at all. and as for thing two, the argument starts with a flashback. bolo. be on the lookout for a scapegoat. he's right, more than three times over than we suspected. giuliani, chief of staff mulvaney, and ambassador sondland are all being lined up to potentially take the fall. here's the play. okay, okay. what happened there is wrong. all right. maybe it's even obvious there was a shakedown. but the president didn't know about it. people were freelancing, going rogue, working their own agenda. now, what's the upside to this? well, a lot of people have testified and the texts show and there's a lot of coordinated proof that what was going on in ukraine was wrong and intentional to get the president what he asked for, no one has testified or shown the president
6:52 pm
told them directly, no aid until i get the bidens. everyone so far has heard it from someone, and all of the testimony so far ends with one of the three potential fall guys. start with rudy.ough, let's on the call, trump told ukraine's president specifically to speak to rudy twice. he's not some accidental player in this. the president knows he's there and connects him to the biden ask himself. now, skeptics will say, well, that doesn't tie trump to withholding the aid, but don't forget "the washington post" reported that trump himself gave the green light to suspending aid. and then what rudy says himself to us. i don't do anything that involves my client without speaking with my client. that's "the washington post." giuliani has some questions to answer about his associates and their dealings together, but he did this in ukraine for the president by all indications,
6:53 pm
not for himself. how about eu ambassador gordon sondland? republicans are banking on this part of his amended testimony. >> he says it was his presumption. >> yeah. that's -- >> not based on the fact. it was his presumption. >> that he offered the quid pro quo. but that ignores the rest of sondland's testimony, where he says he was doing what rudy told him to. and who was telling rudy what to do? and why else would sondland want the bidens, right? and why was this newbie eu ambassador, european union, so heavily involved in ukraine. they're not part of it, right? there's some reporting that he forced his way in over john bolton's objection. but why would bolton or the secretary of state or any of the other officials involved allow this newbie to just bull his way in if he was without portfolio from the president? now, something sondland himself said makes more sense.
6:54 pm
>> president trump has not only honored me with the job of being the u.s. ambassador to the eu, but he's also given me other special assignments, including ukraine. >> once again he ties to trump. the biggest concern for sondland, who was gifted an bardship for donating a million or so, might be this. >> let me just tell you i hardly know the gentleman. >> never a good sign. that takes us to acting chief of staff mick mulvaney. two big witnesses pointed directly to him today, saying that he coordinated with sondland on getting the message to ukraine's president, no meeting with trump unless the investigations come. the most damning thing that points to him as the reason this all happened was his own candor. >> to be clear, what you just described is a quid pro quo. it is funding will not flow unless the investigation into the democratic server happened as well. >> we do -- we do that all the time with foreign policy. >> all right.
6:55 pm
now, the key part is the fact that he was forced to walk it back. that's the hint that he ain't driving the bus. but he may get hit by it. as should soon become clear to your own eyes and ears next week with the hearings, this was an obvious wrong. it was part of a long and densely populated plot to leverage an access to get political ammo against biden for this president. the more the trump defenders fight the obvious, the more powerful it becomes. that's the argument. next, we've got a loco bolo or a bolo loco. is our president really about to go celebrate vladimir putin? the new invite he says he would love to accept. macramé! macramé! obviously. wanna go to the gym? uh, it's too expensive. actually, our unitedhealthcare medicare plans come with
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bolo. be on the lookout. potus confirmed today his interest in going to a parade at the behest of vladimir putin. he did, however, note one point of hesitation. >> so i appreciate the invitation. it is right in the middle of political season, so i'll see if i can do it. but i would love to go if i could. >> that's his only hesitation? and the victory day parade is outwardly about the soviet
7:00 pm
union's triumph in world war ii, but make no mistake. it's a celebration of russian military power. why? that's the question we keep asking when it comes to this president and putin. bolo! thank you for watching. "cnn tonight" with the man, d. lemon, now. >> that is a very good question, a very good question. so i got to show you something right here. this is what i'm going to be doing this weekend. are you going to -- are you going to be with me? >> oh, who do they play? 'bama? >> yeah. >> big game tomorrow. >> i know. i got my purple tie. i got my purple pen. >> what time's the game? >> game's at 3:30. >> where? >> on tv. i can't -- it's on another network. >> no. i'm saying where are you going to watch? >> oh, i'm going to watch at a sports bar. i called and i asked -- you know the president is going. i asked for a ride aboard air force one but i hadn't heard back yet. i don't know why? >> did you call the right number? >> i called the white house and i


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