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tv   S.E. Cupp Unfiltered  CNN  November 9, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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welcome wilmington to unfiltered. here is tonight's head lime. collision course. two giant freight trains were bearing down on president trump all week. first you had the fast-moving impeachment inquiry, eight transcripts of closed-door testimony totally 2677 pages have been released. all of them to varying degrees blowing up republican talking points. and all of them supporting the underlying thrust of the whole thing. that the president tried to shakedown a foreign lead tore publicly anuns an investigation into his 2020 rival. or in the parlance of our time, a quid pro quo. the testimony from two officials
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fiona hill and alexander vindman both allege that effort was coordinated by acting chief of staff mick mulvaney. bringing the conspiracy one degree closer to the president himself. and next week the public will hear some of the damning testimony with their own ears and with each passing day republicans are shifting their defense of trump. cob torting themselves into logic pretzels to explain it all away. >> if you could show me that trump actually was engaging in a quid pro quo, outside of the phone call, that would be very disturbing. >> did you read the transcripts that were released? >> no. i'm not even interested in the whole concept here. >> what i could tell you about the trump policy toward ukraine, it was incoherent. it appears of who you talk to. they seem incapable of forming a quid pro quo. so i find the whole process to be a sham. >> well, listen, that train doesn't appear to be stopping
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before it hits impeachment station. then on our separate but parallel track you have another freight train barreling down on republicans, elections. republicans lost in places they shouldn't have. democrats won in places they shouldn't have. that train appears to be headed for a blue wave junction in 2020. in both scenarios this is bad for republicans. the commandner chief may well be impeached and bruised in the process and the party may lose huge in state houses down the ballot on 20 but a word of warning for democrats this does not mean they could coast. the president may very well walk away from impeachment unscathed and impeached in all likelihood but just as more popular. won't likely be removed from office unless senate republicans grow in serious testicular
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fortitude in the near future and he'll use that in advantage for his election bid. and this shows not any democrat can win in trump territory. look at kentucky with andy beshear beat matt bevin as trump's own campaign manager said the democrats nominated a moderate whose dad was a nominate and who didn't talk about the impeachment and acts like a republican. were anybody listening to that or only listen to the ghosts? are they reading the polls? this week's polls found that 55% prefer a moderate candidate. 62% want someone who could compromise with republicans. the data and the recent election results make a case for a moderate to beat trump. well there happen to be a couple of running. joe biden, amy cloklobuchar and
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pete buttigieg fill that degree. and but for michael bloomberg, none of the democrats running against donald trump are good enough. on friday bloomberg filed for the alabama prime minutes before the deadline laying a groundwork for a run. the reasoning according to his adviser, we now need to finish the job and ensure that trump is defeating but mike is concerned that the current field of candidates is not well positioned to do that. well sorry, democrats who have been running for two years, visiting all 99 iowa counties, eating fried butter at state fairs, sending staffers to burrow down in new hampshire and south carolina and everywhere in between. sorry democrats debating, fundraising and answering reporter and video questions and twitter questions and replease plan after plan and explains over and over how you fix health care, sorry you guys just
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haven't performed up to michael bloomberg's standards so here he comes to save the day. here is the deal. bloomberg is not the answer. not now. probably not ever. he has no constituency ever and if you could believe it, despite the dozens of candidates vying for the democratic nominee, others are still considering jumping in this late in the game. some names being floated include former massachusetts governor duval patrick and eric holder and former secretary of state john kerry, and even hillary clinton. okay. i just -- i have one question. how guys lost your minds? iowa is less than three months away. democrats have spent the last year introducing us to their candidates all 200 of them. and the field is finally consolidating behind a handful
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of candidates. qualified candidates. with voter bases. that anyone would think getting in now would help democrats instead of hurting them blows my mind. except oprah. oprah could still get in. here to discuss is mitch landrieu. mr. mayor, i hope you enjoyed that. >> hey. >> what is going on in your party. >> how are you doing? >> are you worried that michael bloomberg thinks the field is insufficiently capable of beating trump. >> first of all, two things. i'm definitely for oprah and i'm excited that alabama is cleaning the clock right now and getting those two important things out of mind. there is a lot going on right now. we're in an unprecedented time. thinks change from day-to-day. we have the impeachment moving forward that congress is working on and it appears there is evidence from people inside of the trump administration, many of wlom appointed by trump that the president abused his power
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to hurt our country. that is not a big surprise. but i think the depth and the breadth of it will surprise the american public and of course congress has to do its job and they're going to do that. while that is happening, you have these election that's took place that are pretty compelling. in virginia, i think virginia spoke very, very loudly and clearly about what direction they want the country to go in and independents sided with the democratic view of the world at least in that state election. in kentucky, which is a -- i mean really a bell weather for the republican party you had a democrat beat an incumbent in a red state. >> right. >> and then next week we have louisiana where we have an incumbent democrat -- >> right. i understand why you don't want to answer my question, but my question is -- >> no, i'm coming -- i'm coming to it. >> are you worried ma michael bloomberg doesn't think y'all have your acts together in the primary? >> i'm coming to your question. and then john bell edwards is likely to win it. so you have a lot of stuff going
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on. i don't share the view that mayor bloomberg has that our party is upside down and we don't have candidates that could win. joe biden i think has been doing very, very well and you have a lot of other people that can. but be that as it may, he has decided to get into the race and what impact will it have on the race. he's well qualified to be president and more money than anybody else in the country. he's got a record to run on and because elections are like roller skating derby, it is going to have an impact that we don't really understand at this point. so we'll see. but it is hard to predict at the moment. >> so monmouth polling found this week, brand-new poll, 74% of voters are satisfied with the current field. that is among democrats. shouldn't that be definitive enough for anybody considering getting in this late. >> i think that is probably true. that is the way i read the polls. i think the people are happy with the candidates that we have
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and 21 good candidates that have been through the gill. but be that as it may michael bloomberg has every right to run. he would take up a fairly significant space in the lanes and now he'll have to go perform so we'll see. i don't think we know. it is very hard to predict given howl volatile the political world is and what the heck will happen in the next three months. you've never seen anything like this, right. >> no. for sure. >> and look on the republican or the democratic side. >> that is true. let's talk more about joe biden. he spent much of the week sparring with elizabeth warren about medicare for all and what he called an elitism. warren returned fire accusing joe biden of sexism for not allowing women to be angry. i'm a woman. i didn't hear his comments that way and that is just me. but here is biden's response yesterday to that. >> it is not anything that i did or was intending to do.
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it had nothing to do with that. it had to do with the fact that it starts off and she said biden is running on the wrong primary. because i disagreed with her medicare for all proposal that cost trillion dollars to pay for and there is no way to pay for it without raising the taxes on middle class people. >> mr. mayor, i thought it was a low blow for elizabeth warren to say that was sexist, to say what joe biden said which was look it is either her way or the highway and if you dare question her plan, you're somehow either a coward or insufficiently democratic. what did you think? >> well the person who made that charge most eloquently was senator amy klobuchar in the last debate as you may recall. so obviously it is not a sexist comment. it is okay for senator warren to be angry or passionate and not okay for her to be wrong. and think what she's trying to do is evil knievel the grand canyon on the medicare for all
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plan and i think what vice president biden and senator klobuchar and mayor pete is that listen there is a way to get to universal health care without taking private insurance away from 160 million americans and raising taxes on the middle class. the democrats are the ones that are in favor of giving people health care. not taking it away. and think what the realistic wing of the democratic party is saying is don't give the republicans the health care issue back again. >> right. >> be thoughtful and smart about how you propose something that actually works that you can pay for that doesn't raise taxes on the middle class and gives people health care and i think people have legitimately said to senator warren because we don't agree with you, doesn't make us weak or not ambitious, we're just thoughtful of building a bridge to get you to the other side. >> or sexist. >> and this is all primary stuff. it is to be expected. they're big boys and girls. they can take it. they're throwing elbows at each other and that is the way primaries go. >> and more to come.
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we'll have you back former new orleans mayor mitch landrieu. >> happy to come back. >> thanks. up next, the path michael bloomberg would take to the white house. well it has never been a successful one. i'm sure he's different though. and later house republicans want to call hunter biden and the whistle-blower to testify at next week's public impeachment hearing. i'm talking to a congressman about whether they'll get their wish. month after month, the clock is ticking on irreversible joint damage. ongoing pain and stiffness are signs of joint erosion. humira can help stop the clock. prescribed for 15 years, humira targets and blocks a source of inflammation that contributes to joint pain and irreversible damage. humira can lower your ability to fight infections. serious and sometimes fatal infections including tuberculosis, and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure.
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with regard to michael bloomberg, welcome him into the race. michael is a solid guy and let's see where it goes. i have no problem with him getting in the race. and in -- if terms of he's running because of me, in polls i've seen, i've been ahead. >> he's became a nothing. he's not doing well. there is nobody i would rather run against than little michael. >> welcome to the race mr. bloomberg. one thing president trump and joe biden have in common, they both seem unfazed by a potential michael bloomberg run. but bernie sanders and elizabeth warren who have railed against the billionaire class seem giddy
3:17 pm
of taking on the billionaire, former mayor of new york city. warren invited blmberg to try out her billionaire tax calculator that showed he would pay $3 billion under the wealth tax and sanders posted the billionaire class is scared and they should be scared. but that is all campaign bluster. what do the hard numbers say? as two of my cnn colleagues put it yesterday, michael bloomberg the ultimate data guy is ignoring the data. a fox news poll showed that 32% of democratic primary voters would never vote for bloomberg and his advisers saying if he'll run he'll skip the first four primary states and instead focus on super-tuesday. so why run when the numbers are against you? why run if you're skipping the early states which has never worked? and if you're goal is for democrats to nominate a moderate why run if your candidacy weakens the moderate and boosts the two left flanking
3:18 pm
nonmoderates. here to figure it out aisha moodie-mills and john brabender. and skipping the early caucus and primary states and hedging his bets on super-tuesday. >> and i don't even live in those states and i feel disrespected. >> totes. >> i'm going to snub and compete on super-tuesday but the realist is he has no path to victory with regards to the delegates. who is bloomberg's base? i don't know. i don't think that he knows. i'm not sure how -- >> i don't know -- >> -- countsing this out here. >> but if he's going to do this. you could say it is unfair but it is smart strategically if he does this. he's saying this is not going the way democrats thought. they thought we would play nice. >> said who. 74% are satisfied? >> you're talking about the billionaire boys club class. >> they're saying biden was
3:19 pm
supposed to be the pick. >> still the front-runner, okay. >> but now he's fourth in iowa. >> okay. >> and what a lot of people believe he's falling, falling. and he'll lose iowa and new hampshire and a lot of people get excited about elizabeth warren when she probably wins both of those and then all of a sudden there is no centrist. and that is why he doesn't want to get in the early ones. >> but how will he explain the optics of getting in this late, parachuting in just becaus he's a billionaire. he can only do that because he's a billionaire. how does he explain that? to democrats. >> he with the gold makes the electoral rules. >> it is massive air quotes around this "they." massive air quotes around the mysterious they. that they think biden is tanking and the "they" are not the people. we're talking about a donor class that is condemned a moderate donor class concerned that elizabeth warren will take mir money and they want to prop
3:20 pm
up joe biden and that is not the people -- >> hillary clinton is making phone calls to potential donors about potentially getting in this race. so if it was go so well for biden, do you think even hillary clinton would be thinking about getting into this race. >> i think that said more about hillary clinton than the state of the race. john, i heard it nonstop over the past two days, michael bloomberg is central and he could appeal to republicans. i don't know a single republican including this one who likes michael bloomberg. it feels like a fantasy. who is his base. >> but be fearful of the democrats on the left because they can't get elected in the november and i can. i'm a real democrat. but i'm a centrist one sand a reasonable one. >> and who is he telling that to? the democrats? here is the problem with the enti entire conversation is that we're not talking about the people. and we look at the polls and the national polls, people are clearly saying the democratic
3:21 pm
base, the voters are saying, look, sure we want somebody who could beat donald trump but we think that most of these candidates in the field already can beat donald trump. number one. so we don't need somebody else to be an alternative. and two, the narrative of the democratic base now is to figure equity of the condition of - america. we're not about propping up billionaires and making their our saviors. >> tell that to michael bloomberg. and i have one more. aisha, duval patrick, no one outside of donors knows who that is, and eric holder was held in contempt of congress by some democrats even and john kerry couldn't beat george w. bush and hillary clinton couldn't beat donald trump. should any of these people consider getting into the race right now? >> no. i just don't think -- i think that this old school philosophy and frankly it is politics that said the middle of the road person is the only person that
3:22 pm
could galvanize america is proven to be false. all of the people that you mentioned are winners and the folks exciting the democrats are the people who principle and stand for something. >> john, i'll give you the last word in the next block because you're sitting tight. after the president humiliated jeff sessions repeatedly he's crawling into a campaign for senate by pledging fealty to his abuser. and a loyal attack dog assigned just in time for impeachment inquiry next week and how will that go for democrats? i'll ask one. stick around. biopharmaceutical researchers.
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[sfx: mnemonic] president trump called him weak, confused, ineffective and allegedly called him a dumb southerner and acoring to "the new york times" an idiot to his face. how has he responded to the humiliating insults. take a look. >> i left president trump's cabinet did i write a tell-all book? no. did i ago on cnn and attack the president? nope. have i said a crossword about our president? not one time. that is session's new ad for his bid to reclaim his old alabama senate seat and it is in a word pathetic. here is what the groveling and preening got him from the president. >> well, i haven't gotten involved. i saw he said very nice things about me last night but we'll have to see. i'll have to --
3:27 pm
>> sessions joins a long line of gop heavy weights who have groveled at the feet of the president despite being personally insulted and humiliated by him. trump wauns called rand paul a delusional narcissist and gave out graham's personal cell phone number and insulted ted cruz's wife and accused his dad of being involved in the kennedy assassination and all three have lined up behind trump to shield him from oversight and defend his regular abuses of power. and for what? we'll have to see what this grand bargain gets them in the end. back with me aisha moodie-mills and john brabender. and i want to say have you no balls, sir. where are your balls? that ad was pathetic. >> i understand what he's trying to -- >> you would never make an ad like that for a candidate. >> i would not have executed
3:28 pm
that way. but i understand what he's trying to do. but nobody fought harder for the trump agenda than jeff sessions. he was the first senator to come out and endorse donald trump. he has all of these things that if he wants to tie himself to donald trump, he can do that. and he can say, look, i'm sorry, i had to take a principled position as attorney general but that is what we in alabama do. >> why apologize. >> and then everybody could move on. and then i didn't think the other candidates that looked after sessions looked any better quite frankly. >> what did you make of the ad? >> well i think he was completely immaculated. ip don't want my lead to-- lead to be a punk. stand up and have conviction. in your opening you reminded us how much of a jerk the president is and how horrible of a person he is nnd in this week miniature
3:29 pm
trump they said we don't want someone who say bully and a nasty person and a jerk. >> devin. >> bevin in kennedtucky. when it comes to the general -- >> we'll see. >> we'll find out in louisiana in a week. >> well that is true. john, as you know, trump wants to flip that seat back to red. that seat in alabama. >> i think he'll stay out of it unless roy moore starts to but he's running last. i think you got really good candidates there. you have the secretary of state john merrill and sessions and tommy tuberville. there are good candidates. no reason for trump to get involved unless somehow moore starts to rise and i don't think anybody believes that will happen. >> so let's just go back for a second. someone insults my spouse, my father, my faith, and my
3:30 pm
ethnicity and i'm pretty sure we're not going to be friends any more. what happened to ted cruz? >> the thing you find in trump world is if you remember crews hijacked the night of the convention -- >> i was there. >> before mike pence -- >> he has been just as vicious in attacking trump before they became best friends. i don't understand. >> but what you do find is there is always seats on the trump train if you're willing eventually to get on and that is how this president is. >> i used him as an effective insulter but he's effective at it. >> and universal at it. >> oh, yeah. spares no one. but is it worth the humiliation to keep your job? >> every quote/unquote good republican i speak to and i have friends who were republicans and we're talking about michael steel talking about how embarrassed they are with this president and his behavior and i'm confused as why the republicans aren't lining up and getting rid of this guy and
3:31 pm
saying these are not our values even when it comes to the vice president mike pence who is a christian man of faith who talks about leading with his values and they are running behind this guy that they would not want their children to emulate. >> welcome to 2019. this is where we've been. >> and they compartmentalize it between the attacker and the donald trump agenda. and they're shocked how conservative he is and how muchchmuc much -- and how much of a republican he is and saying go get them and every now and then they're wincing and twitter in the morning and -- >> i've never bought the compartmentalization idea. you bought him. you got all of him. you can't take this and leave that. any way, aisha moodie-mills and john brabender, thank you for spending time with me. if over 2500 pages of transcript were enough transparency, next week is the most critical.
3:32 pm
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in the red file tonight the impeachment inquiry is going public. this morning republicans submitted their own impeachment witness requests to house intelligence chairman adam schiff. not shockingly, topping that list the anonymous whistle-blower and hunter biden. chairman schiff said the committee is evaluating requests and will give them due consideration. although it is doubtful those two will make the cut. and just in time for a public hearing gop congressman one of trump's closest alleys jim jordan has been temporarily appointed to the intelligence committee seeming to all but guarantee a televised circus so how will democrats strategize the new face impeachment
3:37 pm
inquiry? with me is dan kildee. congressman, starting with the gop witness list, which also includes former ambassador kurt volker, fusion gps staffer nelly orr and staffer alexander chapula, what do you think democrats will do with these requests? will any of them be approved? >> well certainly chairman schiff will have to take a close look at this but i think the idea of outing the whistle-blower for example is preposterous. it is called the whistle-blower protection act. the whole idea is that we want to protect people who are willing to speak truth to power without any retribution toward them. >> right. >> and rather than dealing with the facts that the whistle-blower brought forward, of course which have been corroborated by the other witnesses, they want to impugn the whistle-blower's integrity somehow and we set that aside. bringing hunter biden in to allow the republicans to pursue
3:38 pm
their ridiculous conspiracy theories about the bidens is -- is what some of my friends would call a goat rodeo. they may want engage in it, we're not going to be a party to it. >> what are your thoughts on jim jordan joining the intel committee? >> well, it is just another example that the republicans have decided that the best way to protect the president is to turn this whole thing into a gong show. and to try to make it a theater of chaos with antics rather than dig in and get to the facts. they have an intelligence committee. it is been functioning for a long time. the idea they want to bring one of the tv players from the republican party conference into this is a pretty strong signal they're not going to take the facts seriously. >> look, just to be fair, democrats are not above antics. adam schiff is on television all of the time. and if i recall in one of the hearings he read a not factual
3:39 pm
reading of what actually happened on the call. so let's be -- politicians politic but i understand. i think i understand your point. that republicans are planning to use this hearing as these distractions because it is their only play. >> yeah. >> those hearings begin this wednesday. what is the goal here for democrats as far as this week's testimony? is it swaying public opinion or are you guys targeting potential senate jurors? >> well, i think one will effect the other. public opinion will clearly have an impact on the senate. public opinion and public sentiment is everything. this will be a chance for the american people to hear directly from these witnesses, these people who have dedicated their lives to serving the country and i think it is very difficult to refute the stories that they tell, the characterization they'll bring forward about this president. and it also will help make the point that this is not just about one phone call.
3:40 pm
this is about a concerted coordinated organized effort by this administration -- >> right. >> -- at the direction of the president to solicit political intrusion by ukraine into our election in order to benefit the president. >> well and to your exact point president trump is boasting about releasing another transcript from another ukraine call. that one from april. he's boasting about giving it over to democrats. do you know anything about that transcript? >> i don't. and i hate to speculate about it. but this president, he does have a bit of a habit of using what you would call a controlled burn. maybe there is something in that transcript that is bad but he will sort of point out that he's the one who brought it forward so it must be -- it must exonerate him. >> redeeming. >> no matter what is in it. so he does tend to lead with bad news as if somehow he reveals it then it is like he's committed
3:41 pm
some sort of a sacrament. >> yeah. quickly before we go, i know you want to hear from mick mulvaney. he is stalling of course and i know democrats don't want to drag this outin terminably but he's a relevant witness so how long will you wait to get him? >> they're obviously going to use stall tactics. we feel we have the witnesses and the information that we need. we still need to pursue all of the witnesses that we can. but if they're going to just simply stall, i think we have to take action. i hope mr. mulvaney comes forward. he is at the center of all of this. >> yeah, he is. >> he sort of slipped and had a moment of truth standing before reporters a couple of weeks ago. he has some questions to answer. >> congressman dan kildee thank you for coming on. >> thank you, se. >> the right wing media out late have made a concerted and dangerous effort to out the whistle-blower including a
3:42 pm
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as more and more evidence mounts that a political quid pro quo did exist between president trump and ukraine, some congressional republicans are sharpening the line of attack. expose the whistle-blower. most publicly that charge came on monday from senator rand paul at a trump rally in kentucky. >> i say tonight to the media, do your job and print his name. >> he then went further tuesday by sag he could reveal the whistle-blower's name himself. well that was the rand paul who is pretending to be a trump suck-up but the one pretending to be a libertarian back in 2013 he won an aword for his work protecting whistle-blowers. that rand paul pushed for protections for whistle-blowers
3:47 pm
to extend to government contractors such as edward snowden. that rand paul was outraged, outraged by the nsa bulk data collection collected by snowden and a violation of privacy rights but the rand paul pretending to be a trump suck-up doesn't care not when it comes to the whistle-blower. lindsey graham is also saying now he needs to know who this person is. republicans put him on the list of people they want to testify publicly in the impeachment inquiry. and no surprise, trump wants him outed too. >> the whistle-blower is a disgrace to our country. a disgrace. and the whistle-blower, because of that, should be revealed. >> let's make something clear. the whistle-blower is protected by law. he is also kind of unnecessary to this investigation now that officials have corroborated all of the complaints he laid out. with me now is cnn's chief media
3:48 pm
correspondent brian stelter. brian, as you know, every major news outlet has refused to publish the name of the whistle-blower. even fox news as you reported told their hosts and personalities do not identify the whistle-blower. here the media is refusing to aid and abet republicans who seem to just be out for blood. >> and that is partly because it is very, very hard, if not almost impossible, to confirm the name of whoever this was. look, news outlets may think they know what the whistle-blower was or may have some evidence. i certainly don't know. i don't think most journalists know who it is. but the sean hannity of the world claim they know who the whistle-blower is. if the lawyers won't confirm it and the whistle-blower couldn't confirm it then how do you know for sure? that is number one. and number two, it doesn't matter any more. if i'm the first person to spot a fire on the horizon, then everybody notices the fire and the firefighters show up and it is being fought, what is the
3:49 pm
point of identifying the fire witness. it is irrelevant. i understand though why for political reasons it making for an interesting argument. i get that. but i hope people and i think most people do see through the smoke. >> so sticking with the media on this, if president trump or any other elected official chooses to expose the whistle-blower, how should the media handle that. >> it is striking that facebook and youtube have said we're going to make schauer that posts that are claiming to identify this person don't show up in your feed and facebook said any mention of the name, the potential person's name violated our coordinated harm policy which is outing an informant or activist and that is remarkable position for the big tech companies to take. i don't think they would take that way a couple of years ago. so a number of different institutions are trying to be responsible however being responsible feeds into the gop -- the right wing narrative that there is a cover-up going on and the whistle-blower must be a democratic spy, right.
3:50 pm
>> and the media is with him. >> and a guest on one fox news show named a person he thought was the whistle-blower on air. do you think hosts should be held accountable for what their guests say. >> he didn't say anything. and you're the host and you don't catch it and embarrassed by it later and maybe that is what hatched. but we reported this week that we're not in this game and we don't know who it is or who this person is. even though the sean hannity of the world do want to blurt out whatever name they think applies. ip guess at the heart of this it is an attempt to deflect and distract and it could seem like a petty became but i think there is a layer where this is dangerous because it is ultimately about disinformation campaign going away from the core of the story. i want to talk more with you about that. don't go anywhere. we'll be right back.
3:51 pm
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i'm back with brian stelter. we're talking about the whistle-blower and the media's responsibility here now.
3:55 pm
the person who said his name on a fox news show, the guest, was a radio host, a right-wing radio host lars larsen and he is complaining he's getting death threats and people cursing at him. ironic considering, you know, what the whistle-blower's own attorney is saying that he's urging people, notably, members of congress to reflect on the important report of whistle-blowers and the danger that they are put in if revealed. >> right. this whistle-blower should be non-partisan. it used to be non-partisan. there's a value in a democratic society to create forums and channels where government staffers can come forward with allegations of wrongdoing. i get we're in an incredible situation here with the allegations are against the president, but we don't have to throw away all of the rules in this situation just because of that. you know, the president's still out there demanding to know who this whistle-blower is, but lars larsen doesn't actually know.
3:56 pm
the people claiming to know, they don't actually know. only his lawyers really opinion. >> and we'll have to wait for that confirmation. >> if it even matters at all. >> ryan, thank you so much and make sure to catch ryan on "reliable sources" ". next up, a do not miss hour of "the axe files." he speaks to cindy mccain on "the axe files." it's powerful. stick around. there's a company that's talked to even more real people than me: jd power. 448,134 to be exact. they answered 410 questions in 8 categories about vehicle quality. and when they were done, chevy earned more j.d. power quality awards across cars, trucks and suvs than any other brand
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4:00 pm
tonight on "the axe files," one-on-one with cindy mccain. >> i think he'd be disgusted with some of the stuff that's going on. >> on president trump and the republican party. >> you said recently that this isn't the party of ronald reagan and john mccain. this is the party of cindy mccain. >> her activism. >> take to heart when people say no, they're not the finest people. i disagree. >> and the fight to protect her late husband's legacy. >> i wish he were here. we need him more than ever. we really do. ♪ ♪ welcome to "the axe files." mrs. mccain, it's great to be with you


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