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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  November 11, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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you are watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin, thank you for being here. for weeks now, congressional republicans blasted the impeachment inquiry, demanding the closed door depositions be brought out in the open. all state department employees will move from behind the scenes to center stage in the first public hearing. so just a heads up for you. wednesday we will hear from bill taylor, the top u.s. diplomat in ukraine, it was his clear
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understanding that the u.s. wouldn't give ukraine military aid unless it announced an investigation into president trump's political rivals. that same day, george kent will also be up on capitol hill. remember, kent told congress that rudy giuliani launcheds his campaign of lies, against former campaign ambassador. she testified that unfounded and false claims led to her ouster, adding that trump pressured the state 2ke79 to get rid of us. they will try to thread the needle in their defense of president trump. but not his actions on the ukraine. here is retiring texas congressman max thorng bury. >> i believe that it is inappropriate for a president to ask a foreign leader to investigate political rival. now, it leads to a question, if
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there's a political rival with a family member who's involved in questionable activity, who do you do? >> set that aside. i do not believe it was impeachable. >> congressman thorn bury was probably pleased with his answer, the president watt not. taking to twitter so say this. republicans don't be led into the fools trap saying it was not perfect, but it's not impeachable. nothing was done wrong. kaitlan collins is the cnn white house correspondent. let's dive in. obviously, republicans we talked about republicans, their strategy moving forward. maybe the call was -- but not impeachable. what do you think of the president tweeting there and is that their best defense? >> he's tweeting there, and they're ignoring it. the president can say that to republicans all day long, what
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we've heard is they want to have something more to say than just the call was perfect, a lot of them behind closed doors have been conceding that they don't think what he did was appropriate. they're just maintaining they don't think he should be impeached over it. now, that comes as they struggle to mount a defense, even though we're just days away from these public hearings, that's why you're seeing the discrepancy here, the president is telling them to say that, because he truly thinks he didn't do anything wrong. that's not a plan, he doesn't think he messed up here. >> that's the republican side, paul, what about democrats. this is a massive, massive week for them. their star white house out of the gate is bill taylor who we talked so much about in all of his notes and notebooks, he has the receipts, right? how important is he for the democrats, and what's going on the line for them? >> i think he's going to set the tone for the impeachment proceedings. if this starts out weak and
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unpersuasive for the democrats they're going to lose interest just like that, they can impeach, but he's only going to be removed from office, if you pick up at least another 12 or 13 senators, republican senators, and that means you have to have a huge shift in public opinion against trump. this is really an important week for the democrats. >> let's just take a step back obviously in history and think about where we are. so this is for the third time in modern u.s. history, the house has voted to do something like this. i'm curious how much you think the public will be swayed by this. and we'll get to this later, but you think it will be millions who watch the hearings for water gate. are people going to stop and watch all this? >> that's why the white house is bracing, because they know how effe effective public testimony on camera is.
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they've seen bill taylor as the most formidable. the person with the most damaging testimony, but then the former ukraine u.s. ambassador to ukraine, that's someone the president has really zeroed in on behind closed doors, that's why it's effective. you're going out on camera, talking about this, talking about how they didn't know who to listen to on what was going to be the policy in ukraine, a lot of it confirms what the white house has been denied saying these things weren't true. it's a whistle blower who they claim is biassed. they won't be able to make the same defense once those people are on camera, and they don't have someone in the room from the white house. they'll have republicans being aggressive. they want someone from their point of view, cross examining this person. >> do you think this will be must see tv in the way it was in the '70s? >> i don't know, it depends how schiff conducts himself as the chair. during watergate, you had sam r
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irvin, there was a sense of confidence that skeweded from him. i expect there's a partisan split that i think we're going to see a lot of speech making by both sides. i think that turns the public off. >> that's what soez interesting about the format of this hearing. it's not going to be what people are used to seeing. in the beginning, adam chef is going down 90 minutes and then the ranking republican is going toe have 90 minutes to question these people. >> if they hold that off and make it a compared presentation, compelling. it could be must see tv. >> of course we will, and you will all be watching us covering
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this. let me pivot to what's happening this afternoon at 5:00, the federal judge will decide if the acting chief of staff can join a case that will decide whether the white house wins or congress wins when it comes to subpoenas. they want all these folks to talk. mulvaney's trying to joining the lawsuit with a former deputy national security adviser. can you walk me through legally what's going on? >> the subpoenas that have been issued of white house personnel are being contested by the white house, and they're claiming something -- they call it constitutional immunity, in no case can you in congress subpoena someone who works for the president. most legal experts think that's a ridiculous concept. there's a limited amount of privilege that may prevent a witness from testifying. there's no such thing as a general constitutional privilege. that's what's being asserted by the trump administration. we'll have to see how the courts rule on this. >> and this official impeachment
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inquiry tells us the trump's chief of staff, if he had nothing to hide, he should be eager to testify. this is back to you on the legal piece. his job as acting chief of staff put him in a unique roll and could executive privilege actually apply to him? >> normally executive privilege would apply to him. he's chief of staff and executive privilege is there to protect the president with his confidential advisers. mulvaney's got one big problem. >> what's that? >> he had that press conference when he said get over it. this happens in politics all the time lawyers have a term called waiver of the privilege that occurs when you openly talk about something that's confidential. i think mulvaney waived executive privilege.
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and he doesn't have a leg to stand on with respect to that. >> why is john bolton's lawyer dangling this nugget of information or conversation that he's privy to, they haven't listened to on capitol hill and all this testimony, well, but we are fighting the good fight in court. >> it's notable because there's a delay tactic happening. they know the court is not going to speed into this. he was in all of these meetings, that pertain to this, that all these lawmakers don't know about yet. there's more there than you already know, even from these witnesses you've spoken with. >> will with, we're not going to tell you yet. it's notable that mulvaney is part of this lawsuit. and he's trying to -- they were
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barely on speaking terms when bolton left. bolton wanted the aid released, mulvaney was pushing back against it. >> is mulvaney trying to get in on -- >> he's using a private attorney here, not the white house council. but it's notable, just a few weeks ago, he said he didn't feel like he needed an attorney. >> before i let you go today, a federal judge decided trump cannot sue new york state officials in a washington, d.c., courtroom. this was an intent by trump to stop the release of his tax returns. what happens now and could they file the suit? >> well, they can certainly try to do that to file it in another court. i think he's on weak ground, the president with respect to the tax returns, they're being sought in connection with a grand jury investigation in new york, a criminal investigation, and the courts generally say in a criminal case, the grand jury has the right to information. it's not like a congressional committee or something else. i think in the end the tax -- we
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may finally -- we won't get to see them. grand jury proceedings are secret. unless they're leaked. the grand jury will see them. >> thank you very much. new revelations today from nikki haley. she says president trump's top aids try to get her to undermine the president, what her new book revealed about potentially her next moves. and a cnn investigation into rudy giuliani's globetrotting. was he abilitying as a shadow secretary of state. we'll be right back. they answered 410 questions in 8 categories about vehicle quality. and when they were done, chevy earned more j.d. power quality awards across cars, trucks and suvs than any other brand over the last four years. so on behalf of chevrolet, i want to say "thank you, real people." you're welcome. we're gonna need a bigger room.
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it's a pretty remarkable revolution from nikki haley. her upcoming memoir. rex tillerson and john kelly attempted to recruit her to undermine president trump and an early copy of this book she writes, kelly and tillerson confided in me, when they resisted the president, they weren't being inning subordinate, they were trying to save the country. it was their decisions not the presidents that were in the best interest of america. the president didn't know what he was doing. tillerson warned people would die if trump went unchecked.
11:17 am
>> instead of saying that to me, they should have been saying that to the president, not asking me to join them on their sidebar plan. it should have been, tell your president what your differences are. but to undermine a president is really a very dangerous thing. and it goes against the constitution and what the american people want. as for kelly, he declined to comment in detail, but did say if providing the president with the best and most ethical legal staffing advice from the government. it's working against trump, then guilty as charged. ron is the washington desk senior editor for npr, he has read an add vanced copy of the book, and also with us is abby
11:18 am
phillip. let me turn to you. what is she up to? why is she writing this book right now? >> she's known for a long time to be a savvy political operator. this is just another example of that, nikki haley has done what seems to be impossible. she has managed to kind of exert some degree of independence while she was a cabinet secretary in trump's administration. >> even being willing to be somewhat critical of him at times. but she left in relatively good graces, she's written this book that has put her firmly into a protrump camp by exposing some of the president's top aides who were working behind the vines to undermine him. and she got a presidential tweet on it. the president who endorsed his book said everyone should go out and buy it, and go on tour. this is what nikki haley needs
11:19 am
to survive. she knows she has a long political future ahead, she cannot do that without being on trump's side. she's solidified her place by doing this. it's extraordinary. >> to piggyback on your point. you wrote about -- you're still reading this book, and you wrote this. with varying degrees of subtlety, his loyalty is less to trump the man than to the voters who made him president. why do you say that. how does she make that point? >> she makes that point by talking about her hometown where her parents moved as immigrants from india in 1969. she was born there, she understands the people, a town of about 2500 at that time. the real america is what she calls them. people who have been forgotten by washington, new york, and los angeles and the media, and people who have been left behind. which is what we heard from president trump. reminiscent of another figure from the populous republican
11:20 am
ranks. sarah palin who in 2010 endorsed nikki haley as a candidate at that time for governor in south carolina in the primary. and she leaked the front of the pack and was nominated by the republican party. >> sarah palin doesn't come up in the book, but there is a legacy there. >> let me stay with you, she also claims she was honest with the president when she said things that, he said things that she didn't agree with, and specifically she's referring to what happened in smartings have and drawing from her own personal experience. also with regard to what he said in helsinki. can you walk us through those points? >> she makes it clear that she spoke to the president disapprovingly after his first round of reaction to the charlotte riot. this was something she did not feel good about, because she had come to national attention for taking down the confederate flag
11:21 am
in the state capitol in south carolina after the shooting of the mother emmanuel a&e church there, she really had her finest hour in the public eye. all that seems a heroic figure for a time. she went at the president, he altered his rhetoric for a time. he went back to the original rhetoric. with respect to the putin meeting in helsinki. the president shouldn't have seemed so conservative to russian leaders. >> so still as you point out, he the president tweets this endorsement of nikki haley and her book, why do you think he holds her in such good gragss, a. and b, what are the chances for a trump haley ticket in 2020. >> i think this is one of those mutually beneficial relationships, the president understands that by keeping nikki haley close, he has access
11:22 am
to a certain part of the republican party that thought she was at the time the biggest threat. nikki haley is a young conservative woman, a minority, the president needs more of those allies and he knows it. and i think that's one of the main reasons he keeps her close. he keeps everyone -- it would only take nikki haley saying a bad thing about president trump publicly for him to decide to turn on her, she's not done that, he's tried to maintain that relationship. do i think that somehow mike pence is going to go away, and nikki haley is going to replace him? probably not. mike pence has been a loyal soldier to president trump it's such a huge part of his political constituency. i don't think there's really -- unless something dramatically changes, anything is going to change that. i think even the president acknowledges, nikki haley is a figure of the future of a
11:23 am
republican party that he wants to keep close to him. the confederate flag, i was down in south carolina when nikki haley decided to do that, she's used to balancing on this narrow political line. in a conservative state of south carolina, the interest of moving the party forward in certain ways. a very republican state, and that's what she's doing now. >> maybe not 2020, but perhaps 2024. we'll continue the conversation, thank you both so much. cnn investigation reveals new details today about rudy giuliani's role in the whole ukraine scandal. what we've learned about giuliani acting as this shadow secretary of state and sometimes against u.s. policy. his father and so many others hailing him as a hero.
11:24 am
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as the impeachment hearings are before to begin, rudy giuliani is coming under scrutiny even more. he acted as a shadow secretary of state. he went against official u.s.
11:29 am
policy. cnn's senior investigative correspondent drew griffin reports. >> the president attended the u.n. general assembly late september, he reportedly didn't meet with any heads of state, he did, however meet with rudy giuliani. it's a prime example of how giuliani's position as president trump's pro bono lawyer has given him unprecedented access to foreign leaders and how those leaders treat him as a representative of the president. a cnn review finds giuliani has met or communicated with top government officials of at least seven countries since becoming trump's attorney. his actions so troubling, sources inside the u.s. state department tells cnn, they track giuliani's comments which sometimes contradict the state. >> there are some who view
11:30 am
giuliani as a shadow secretary of state. >> he left public office in 2001, since then he's made millions in speaking fees and security and safety consulting contracts all over the globe, but being associated with donald trump has opened new doors at the top levels. he travels to uruguay he got rare access to the king of bahrain and the crowned prince and sat down with the defense secretary of armenia, usually introduced or referred to as president trump's advicer, in almost every case, there is something else. the president's unpaid trusted adviser is seeking to cash in. security contracts in bahrain. andrew miller says it's dangerous. >> it is dangerous when you have
11:31 am
someone whose ingts are not aligned with the u.s. government that makes it a possibility that there's going to be of top interest. giuliani was paid $500,000 by a shady businessman who wanted the u.s. ambassador ousted. he convinced president trump to get rid of her and push for a ukrainian adviser. this is not the only time giuliani contradicted or misdirected information. he was in direct contrast of romania cracking down on
11:32 am
corruption. >> asked this week about cashing in on the trump presidency, giuliani became defensive. >> the reality is, everything i've done is totally legal. >> tom udall is one of a half dozen democrats in the senate asking the department of justice if giuliani's actions and failure to register under the foreign agent's act is breaking the law. >> with what we see out there and the multiple clients around the world, his meetings with the trump administration, with various administration officials, there's no doubt that i think there's a real issue here. >> giuliani insists he's only guilty of one thing, defending the president. >> i am in private law practice, i practice law honorably, haven't had a complaint, an
11:33 am
issue, in 50 years of. and i am being targeted of cnn, i'm proving you're corrupt in your coverage of the president all throughout his presidency. >> it's not just democrats who are concerned about what rudy giuliani is doing in ukraine. fiona hill testified she had concerns about what giuliani was doing, telling investigators, i was extremely concerned that whatever it was, mr. giuliani was doing might not be legal. >> speaking of giuliani, public hearings two days away pamela brown and senior correspondent michael warren are with me now. you're hearing that rudy giuliani may be starting a pod cast about impeachment? >> that's right. it looks like giuliani is about to re-enter the impeachment fray
11:34 am
after laying low for several weeks. basically we're told he's discussing analysis, provide his side of the story. and basically provide what he views as a counter balance to the public hearings that are kicking off this week. now, the way we came about this story, a couple people overheard giuliani talking about these pod cast plans, at a crowded new york city upper east side restaurant on saturday. they decided to make a recording of it, and they reached out to me and mike because we did a story friday about how giuliani continues to talk to the president because he's keeping a low profile. giuliani has emerged as a key figure. one of the people heavily involved with pushing ukraine, being a part of that pressure campaign. now it appears he wants to
11:35 am
re-enter and have a pod cast where he can provide his own perspective of how things are going, brooke. >> you get this scoop, and as we're reporting it out, you have since reached out to giuliani's team, what are they saying in response? >> of course, and this is not a done deal in this pod cast, this is what a spokeswoman told me, they did confirm talks are being had, but said this is a quote many americans want to hear directly from rudy giuliani, he's considering several options. regarding the best way to move forward. as of now, they have not decided on the strategy, but are getting very close, these conversations seem to be very much the details, in the planning stages of when they may launch. the pod casts may be uploaded to the internet, this had is very much in an advanced stage to try to figure out exactly how
11:36 am
giuliani can combat what americans are going to be hearing in a lot of these hearings, a lot of these open door hearings for the first time at which giuliani is a essential player in all this. >> i guess what i'm hearing, a counter move as each network will certainly be covering these televised impeachment hearings, how are they seeing it? who are they investigating? >> that's a good point, brooke. it may be a counter move for him. it is a risky move, it could be seen as a risky move. as we know, our reporting from my colleagues, he is under investigation, rudy giuliani is, in addition, two of his associates are as we know they have been indicted. and these are associates that he worked closely with, they weren't guided on campaign finance violations, but they
11:37 am
also had interactions with ukraine that we're learning more about, it could potentially be something that could pose a risk to him, clearly giuliani is moving ahead with these plans, brooke to launch this impeachment pod cast. it's not a done deal as mike said, they are clearly focused on it now. >> all right, pamela brown and michael warren. keep us posted. one 2020 candidate doesn't think iowa and new hampshire should get to vote first. they're not diverse enough, is it time for a change? i'm leah. and that's me, long before i had moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. i've always been the ringleader. had a zest for life. flash forward: then ra kept me from
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julian castro says it's well pastime to shake up how the nation votes, he's calling for new hampshire and iowa to lose their leadoff rolls in this whole nomination process. >> i believe that we do need to change the order of the states, because i don't believe that we're the same country we were in 1972. that's when iowa first held it's caucus first, at the same time, demographically, it's not reflective of the united states as a whole. certainly not reflective of the democratic party. >> castro also tweeted. it's time for a primary to reflect our nation's diversity. >> keep in mind he's barely
11:43 am
polling at 1% in iowa. he has actually shut down his new hampshire campaign operations. so let's go straight to iowa, a columnist for the des moines register. >> thank you for having me. >> the iowa democratic party chair says this is surprises. and castro is blaming his own campaign's challenges on the voters. you're there in iowa, what do you think of the point he's making, that it's not diverse enough? >> it's not the first time i've heard this argument. and i used to make it myself, that it was not diverse enough. questions about specifically minorities and their status and affairs and future were not being asked enough. i think their organizations that have been formed since then like
11:44 am
lulac, the naacp has taken a stronger voice. there are a lot of organizations that are actually holding candidates feet to the fire, that are organizing blocks of voters of color, and are asking the tough questions, i participated in an naacp town hall a week ago, with most of the candidates, they were being asked tough questions. >> your own mind has changed? >> my mind has changed. the argument to be made for keeping iowa in this roll is that it's such a small state, that every voter has had a chance to see each candidate live and in person about five times. and too ask tough questions to see them in asked, and they vote
11:45 am
accordingly, i think iowa voters have a pretty good finger on the pulse of who's got the momentum and who doesn't. julian castro has not shown the kind of energy that people are looking for. >> what about michael bloomberg, the former new york mayor. he's not announced he's running yet, but he's planning to skip iowa, skip new hampshire and go straight to super tuesday, how much of a mistake do you think it is to write off those -- >> i think it's a mistake. i really think it's a mistake, in part because he gets in too late, and the nation has not seen that much of him, if you come to iowa, you're on tv all the time, you're being interviewed. the national press is swarming around here, if bloomberg doesn't step in -- he's really missing out on the attention and the chance to hold himself side by side with the other candidates, and quite frankly, aside from that, my take on this year's electric is that they are really looking for someone who
11:46 am
will electrify them, and that means standing up in front of them and getting them charged up and fired up, and bloomberg, if he doesn't come to iowa to do that, whether or not can he do that is another question at all, if he's not coming to iowa and making himself seen, felt or heard, i don't see where he picks up the momentum. >> again, he's not in it, everyone's wondering, will he, won't he? we'll watch, but iowa is and always has been a key start in this massive process. always great to have you on, thank you very much. and a quick reminder to all of you, joe biden takes questions from voters live from iowa, less than 100 days before the pivotal iowa acaucuses, erin burnett moderates, tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern. their feud is no secret, well, just in, john bolton's
11:47 am
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a michigan conservation officer has made saving lives part of the job, ryan young tells us how he goes beyond the call of duty. >> this officer controls the michigan department of natural resources. which covers hundreds of square miles. the officer who let times be the only peace officer has a knack of being in the right place at the right time. >> finding the girl was pure luck. and that's okay. i'd rather be lucky than not. >> he's humbled during the last 12 years, he saved five lives while on duty.
11:53 am
>> most recently, helping save the life of a 75-year-old man suffering a heart attack. within minutes of the 911 call, he was on the scene. >> i started cpr, shocked him. firefighters arrived, they hooked him up their their advanced equipment and we went from there. he was breathing on his own, and i was like, holy cow, this stuff works. >> the father of two was part of a two-day old search. he spotted something moving he'll never forget. >> i saw her, i had to like almost tell myself, that's who you're looking for. >> walked right over to her, and she reached her arms up to me and i gave her a big hug.
11:54 am
>> he saved two voters from the fast rising river. >> the river was so high, we couldn't run our boats under this railroad tressel. >> a man and his son were caught in fast moving currents. >> we continued upriver for the child. >> and you find the kid in. >> we get the kid. they had a little reunion on the bolt, you know. there were some tears, they were pretty emotional. >> i feel exceptionally proud. to be able to talk with jeff, the steps he takes to be prepared. it's exceptionally proud for me knowing i have officers that are as passionate as he is. >> my assignment is fantastic, i love where i work. we have so much to do. >> ryan young, cnn, michigan. >> well done, ryan young, thank you for the story. as we gear up for these historic public impeachment hearings,
11:55 am
we'll talk about what to watch and who may be the x factor in the proceedings. nikki haley confirms what the anonymous trump officials have been warning. they undermined him on purpose because of his behavior, what's haley's strategy here? we'll be right back. some farms grow food. this one grows fuel. ♪ exxonmobil is growing algae for biofuels. that could one day power planes, propel ships, and fuel trucks... and cut their greenhouse gas emissions in half. algae. its potential just keeps growing. ♪ its potential just keeps growing. for all of the heroes who serve us, t-mobile is here to help serve them.
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i'm brooke baldwin, thank you for being here. in a week, house democrats take their case for impeaching president trump directly to the public. his name is mick mulvaney. he's trying to get his name added to this federal lawsuit that would force the courts to decide whether mulvaney should listen to congress or his boss when it comes to answering a subpoena for his testimony. he may have his answer as a judge hears arguments about mulvaney's request. mulvaney's decision comes as his name is popped up multiple times now, in these depositions about president trump to investigate joe biden for that