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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  November 14, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PST

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president himself to get a foreign country to investigate his rivals. the top diplomat in ukraine, bill taylor, testified that a day after president trump asked ukraine to investigate the bidens, a staffer overheard a call where the president was asking about the investigations. the staffer could hear the president's voice from gordon sondland's phone in the middle of a restaurant. this shows a level of follow-up that has not been depicted before. members of the committee did not know about all this until they saw the statement from taylor yesterday morning. cnn has learned that the white house was caught off-guard, as well. president trump claimed he had no recollection of this call. >> this aide that heard that call will testify behind closed doors tomorrow. and ambassador sondland will be asked about this during his
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testimony next week. sondland is one of four witnesses to testify with firsthand knowledge of the president's involvement. republicans were critical of the second-hand information, as they called it, provided by taylor and kent. former former ambassador marie yovanovitch will testify about the smear campaign against her, she says engineered by rudy giuliani. there's a lot to get to. let's start with jessica schneider live in washington for us. >> reporter: good morning, alisyn. it was a day of impeachment disclosures. bill taylor's testimony that the president could be heard talking about the investigations. and he said that he cared about an investigation more than joe biden himself. with adam schiff asked if this isn't impeachment conduct, what is? republicans continued their line of attack this was all just
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hearsay and nothing connected to the president. >> the committee will come to order. >> reporter: the first day of public impeachment hearings, beginning with a startling revolution for house investigators. bill taylor describing a phone call between president trump and the u.s. ambassador to the european union, gordon sondland, overheard by his aide one day after jump's july 25th phone call with if ukrainian president. >> mr. sondland told president trump the ukrainians were ready to move forward. the member of my staff asked ambassador sondland what the president thought about ukraine. he said that president trump cares more about the investigations of biden, that rudy giuliani was pressing for. >> reporter: trump knows nothing about that call. but house democrats say the latest information helps make the case that trump abused his oath of office even stronger. >> as other testimony has
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likewise indicated, is instructions are coming from the president on down. >> reporter: taylor and deputy assistant secretary of state, george kent, described what they encountered as there was a meeting at the white house for leverage for ukraine for investigations for the president's political gain. >> to withhold that assistance for no good reason, other than help with the political campaign, made no sense. it was illogical. it could not be explained. it was crazy. >> reporter: kent expressing his concerns about trump's personal attorney, rudy giuliani's, involvement in his looking into ukraine, including a smear campaign on ambassador to ukraine marie yovanovitch. >> i was alarmed as it bore fruit. it led to the ouster of plea yovanovitch. >> reporter: house democrats asking about giuliani's intent.
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>> what interest to you think he was promoting, mr. kent? >> i believe he was looking to dig up political dirt against a potential rival in the next election cycle. >> ambassador taylor? what interests do you think he was promoting? >> i agree with abassador kent. >> the main performance, the russia hoax has ended. and you have been cast in the low-rent ukrainian sequel. >> i've seen church prayer chains easier to understand than this. >> no threats, no demands. no blackmail, nothing corrupt. >> reporter: but house democrats standing firm. >> is this what we want a president to do, to leverage their power? i think for most americans, that's sinking in. >> reporter: and bill taylor and george kent defended ousted
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ambassador to ukraine, marie yovanovitch. she will testify in round two tomorrow, that will wrap up with eight witnesses testifying. and sources tell us who the aide tell us who taylor said told him about the president to sondland, that aide will testify behind closed doors. alisyn? >> jessica, thank you for all of that. how will the newly disclosed phone call with president trump change the course of the impeachment inquiry. more of what we learned from day one and what happens tomorrow. i'm ládeia, and there's more to me than hiv.
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welcome back. this is cnn's special coverage of the public impeachment hearings into president trump. and there's a new revelation that's drawing the president to the closer of the center of the alleged ukraine scheme. >> i thought he was the center. >> william taylor testified that one day after ukraine's call with the president, taylor's aide overheard a phone call between president trump and jordan sondland. during that call, the president asked about the investigations into the bidens in the 2016 election. that aide, david holmes, will testify behind closed doors tomorrow. we heard the president give a denial that he didn't know anything about that call. i'm sure he will be pressed on
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that. let's bring in abby phillips and jennifer rogers. explain to me why this is important. a member of my staff could hear ambassador on the phone asking about sondland about the investigations. >> i think it's two thing s. that's putting trump in the middle of the scheme. and republicans were saying, everyone is talking about this stuff, but no one is in the room with trump. this puts him front and center. and in notion that he cares about the investigators more than he cares about the war-torn country of ukraine on the front lines of russian aggression. he doesn't care about people over there. he doesn't care about u.s. policies and national security. he wants his public announcement about an investigation.
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>> there would be no surprises because they have been vetted. they've spent hours with any of these witnesses. we've seen their testimony how could there be surprises? ambassador bill taylor didn't know from his aide until friday about this phone call. that seemed to surprise everybody in the room. >> it surprised a lot of people in the room and at the white house, who were also not prepared to hear about a new call between the president and gordon sondland. it creates new challenges because if you're a democrat on that committee, you're going to say to gordon sondland, what else haven't you told us? what else did you omit from your testimony? it will put pressure on his contacts. we know of two contacts, two calls, between him and the president on the issue of ukraine. were there any more? >> he had to amend his testimony
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to disclose -- to disclose another conversation he had in which he basically executed the quid pro quo. for democrats, this is as good a sign as any, if they continue to dig, they might unveil some more information. that some of the witnesses might have forgotten or new witnesses they didn't know about, might have more come the ex. and all of this adding pressure to the people that haven't testified that do have conversations with president trump. if mick mulvaney wanted to say something that would be exculpatory to president trump, now is the time. >> you mentioned this was a surprise. sources familiar with the inquiry tell me that the members in the committee did not know about this until they read ambassador taylor's opening statement yesterday morning. that's how much of a surprise it was to all of them. you can see them trying to process the information in
2:14 am
real-time. and this gets to another idea. they keep on setting the bars. well, this is all second-hand information. none of you talked to the president. but there will be people who have firsthand information, who did talk to the president, that are on the schedule to testify. >> that's right. they are counting on the short news cycle, right? and the fact that people turn their channels so quickly these days. if they can contest something in the moment, that's a lot to go on. they hope by attacking whoever is in front of them, they will get the win in the moment. a lot of people coming with fist-hand information, firsthand contacts with the president. they have to deal with those before the committee. >> what a security breach. the fact this was on the cell phone at a restaurant, so loudly, someone sitting at the table could hear.
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president trump, we have evidence of him being careless with national security all the time. here's another example of it. >> his cell phone use has always been a potential problem. he's an avid caller. he likes to call people on his cell phone. having personal conversations with his friends, who he has known for a long time. this is different. he's having a policy conversation with his e.u. ambassador, who is sitting in the capital of ukraine, discussing, basically, critical foreign policy issues. these are issues you would have over a secure channel, in a secure space. and certainly, you would not be having it out in the public, with the president talking so loudly, that someone sitting next to gordon sondland, could hear the words out of his mouth. i know the time when republicans were losing their mind over the possibility, that hillary clinton might have sent, accidentally or intentionally, classified information on a
2:16 am
private server. this is the exact same thing, except the president itself is having a conversation over an insecure channel, in a place that is definitely being intercepted by foreign governments. >> bingo. that's what national security experts say, it's almost 100% the russians are listening. >> you know who eavesdrops in ki kiev? >> who? >> russia. witnesses say she was the target of a smear campaign by rudy giuliani. so, what will marie yovanovitch say during her public testimony tomorrow? that's next. .♪ ♪when you pine for the sunshine of a friendly gaze.♪ ♪for the holidays you can't beat home sweet home.♪
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♪ democrats and republicans went into the public impeachment hearings with very different strategies. one side was trying to tell a story about abuse of power. the other side saying there is nothing wrong with what unfolded. there's a moment that captures, jen, the republicans' strategy. that's to put a lot of distance between these witnesses and president trump.
2:22 am
so, listen to how congressman turner interrogated george tent. listen to this moment. >> mr. kent, have you had contact with the president of the united states? >> i have not. >> no conversations with the president of the united states about ukraine. you've not had contact with the president of the united states? >> that is correct. >> you know this impeachment inquiry is about the president of the united states, don't you? >> they were saying -- this is all hearsay. does hearsay weaken the argument for the democrats? >> it does a little bit. at the end of the day, it's not a conspiracy case in court. it's an impeachment proceeding about the president. the other witnesses are coming. but they are making a secondary point with this. if these are the witnesses the democrats have chosen to start with, they must be the strongest
2:23 am
witnesses. and we're not hearing about from someone who says, i heard the president say this to me. this came out of his mouth. if this is the best they got, this isn't much of a case. they're making that broader point in there, as well. if the witnesses are a portion as compelling, the republicans are in a lot of trouble. >> this is the first time for people to see ambassador william taylor and secretary george kent. what image did they portray? when you hear them tell the story about why they were so deeply concerned, what message did that convey? >> these are two people that are career foreign servants. their job is to execute foreign policy regardless who the president was. it struck me when the taylor was asked, have you ever in your 50 years of service, at all levels of government, seen a scenario
2:24 am
like this, aid being withheld for a reason like this? and he said no. no, i have never seen this. and there's no justification in his view, for aid to be withhold, for political purposes, that serve just the president of the united states. so, there -- it was clear they were there to not only lay out the facts as they remembered them and had memorialized them in writing, in various memos that are being withheld by the state department, but they were there to put it into bigger context. why were they concerned? as career foreign servants who were charged with executing the president's own foreign policy, they were observing a scenario that went against that same policy. it wasn't that president trump changed the policy. he didn't. he decided to go in a background path, using rudy giuliani to pursue something that's in his political interest and in giuliani's potentially, a
2:25 am
personal financial interest. >> that's one of the lines of logic that the democrats were following. what the heck was rudy giuliani doing? here's a moment when they ask the requewitnesses about that. >> what interest to you think he was promoting, mr. kent? >> i believe he was looking to dig up political dirt about a potential rival in the next election cycle. >> ambassador taylor? what interest do you believe he was promoting? >> i agree with mr. kent. >> they couldn't have put a finer point on that one. >> they were certainly doing that. the unanswered question, and i hope that some of what marie yovanovitch will have to say and shed a little bit of light on this, there is probably a bigger picture here with rudy giuliani, that financial picture that he and associates were frying to do over in ukraine. that's an area where we don't have a lot of information because we don't have access to
2:26 am
rudy giuliani's witnesses. he's not a government employee. he's a private citizen. but there may have been other reasons for giuliani over there, in addition to the rogue extortion investigation for the president. >> and the people that giuliani was dealing with were corrupt people. he said that unambiguously. abby, we hear from marie yovanovitch tomorrow. where is she in the story? >> she is an expert of ukraine. she can talk a lot about what her understanding of who giuliani was working on behalf of. also, where this derogatory information about ukraine and about joe biden seemed to be coming from. it becomes increasingly important, as the republicans are driving into the cul-de-sac
2:27 am
of conspiracies about joe biden is where did this come from? and does it have merit? the person who would know a lot about that is marie yovanovitch. she's an expert of the ins and outs of ukrainian politics. and the cloak and dagger story about how she came to learn about the rumors spread around her, will be interesting. it will explain an irregular and unusual pattern of activity around trying to oust a sitting u.s. ambassador. that will be from a television perspective. it will be a fascinating retelling. >> you will hear from impeachment lawyers later in the broadcast, that suggests that the issue of rudy giuliani in general, is an untapped resource for democrats. they didn't lean into how sketchy everything he is doing is. and maybe that will come out tomorrow. jennifer, abby, thank you for being here. we're going to talk much more about the first day of testimony. the cases made by the two
2:28 am
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- [narrator] forget aboutr vacuuming for up to a month. shark iq robot deep-cleans and empties itself into a base you can empty once a month. and unlike standard robots that bounce around, it cleans row by row. if it's not a shark, it's just a robot. make family-sized meals fast, and because it's a ninja foodi, it can do things no other oven can, like flip away. the ninja foodi air fry oven, the oven that crisps and flips away. welcome back to cnn's special coverage of the public impeachment inquiry. two state department witnesses laid out their stories. what were the big takeaways from a prosecutor's eyes. this was interesting to watch. riveting, in fact.
2:33 am
tell us what you saw in these witnesses. >> i thought it was remarkable, that a hearing where the stakes are so high, so politically k j charged, we saw two witnesses that went unchallenged. nobody challenged their credibility. nobody challenged their motives. even the facts they testified to were undisputed. that's in contrast to the president. the real questions that we were left with, did the witnesses know enough? two, is trump's conduct, as the witnesses testified, serious and corrupt enough to merit impeachment? those are the big takeaways from yesterday. >> why was this bad or how bad? talk about the evidence that came out. >> the first battleground we see emerging, the quid pro quo was a
2:34 am
corrupt deal. and both witnesses had strong and compelling testimony on that count. it was clear that the presidenting that president zelensky wanted was on the investigation. politically motivated investigations were not infecting u.s. engagement of ukraine. the republicans had a response to that. the main response, this is all second-hand information. and i thought they made some compelling points. jim jordan made the point in a glib or obnoxious way. so and so said such and such. neither of the witnesses spoke directly with trump about any of the relevant issues.
2:35 am
>> we will look at president trump. and if you want to criticize the fact there's no firsthand witnesses, don't keep the firsthand witnesses from speaking to congress like mick mulvaney and john bolton. why is it that you think the actions the president took are bad? >> this is something i think the democrats did a great job, the witnesses. it's one thing to say it harms our foreign policy. bill taylor told a story about ukraine being on the front line of the conflict in a newly aggressive russia. the russians are attacking ukrainian soldiers in their own country. i saw this last week. the day i was there, a ukrainian soldier were killed and four wounded. that drives home why this matters. and 1,300 yukraine ons have die.
2:36 am
person support in the de facto war has been critical. this is why this matters. >> and george kent says, asking for this undermines the rule of law, not just in the united states but elsewhere. >> i thought devin knnunes dropd the ball. no whistleblower. the idea of ukrainian meddling in 2016. and schiff got back on point and the effort to condition aid for performance and political favors, which was deeply contrary to u.s. interests. >> in terms of what's missing. >> missing pieces to adam schiff. david holmes, a legitimate bombshell that overheard conversations in the restaurant. bill taylor, where are his notes? he gave them to the state department. state department is holding the notes.
2:37 am
that's inexcusable by the state department. we'll hear from two witnesses that had firsthand conversations with trump, sondland and volker, and mick mulvaney is still missing in action. is another democrat jumping into the presidential race? the big announcement from former massachusetts above governor, d patrick. with pronamel repair toothpaste, more minerals enter deep into the enamel's surface. you have an opportunity to repair what's already been damaged-it's amazing. you have an opportunity to repair what's already been my body is truly powerful. i have the power to lower
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make way for another democratic candidate for president. deval patrick is set to jump into the field. abbe phillips is back with more. >> we're expecting for him to
2:42 am
get in the race this morning and go to new hampshire, to get on that ballot. the deadline is coming up this week. that's forced patrick to make a quick decision on this. a couple days ago, he was expected to be speaking at a conference, and pulled out of that conference, as the rumors start to swirl. less than 24 hours after that, the position was made. he was calling friends and allies yesterday. telling friends he would file in new hampshire. unlike michael bloomberg, he is not planning to skip the early four states. he knows his odds are long but expects he will be able to push through in a middle lane. perhaps a weakened joe biden and other moderate candidates not doing as well as some democrats hoped, that he can be right in the middle for the voters looking for a modern alternative. >> our polls suggests that
2:43 am
there's not clamoring for this. so, are you satisfied with the field? 74% say yes. would you like to see someone else? 16%. what is his motivation? >> it's pretty stark. democrats are dissatisfied. they're deciding on the candidates that exist in the field. but for someone like deval patrick, there is a lot of anxiety of democratic elites that some of the candidates are not strong enough. they see weaknesses in all of them, particularly the ones that are more moderate. there's a lot of anxiety about elizabeth warren. and many testimodemocrats think too far to the left. someone like deval patrick, he's close to president obama. he is aiming to run in that mode, not as an ideological
2:44 am
candidate. but a conceptual candidate in hope and moving the country forward. it's going to be damachallengino doubt. the middle lane is getting extremely crowded. >> extremely interesting. abby, thank you very much. new this morning, fresh reaction to this unusual picture we saw at the white house yesterday. a group of republican senators warning the turkish president about potential sanctions as they sat in this tense meeting. joe johns in washington this morning with the latest. joe? >> reporter: you can almost call it extraordinary, john. president trump said he's a big fan of turkey, which is, frankly, something we already knew. but members of both parties on capitol hill are angry over erdogan's invision of syria. the president inviting five
2:45 am
outspoken critics of erdogan, including lindsey graham, for the sitdown with the turkish president. turkey's plan to purchase an air missile defense system from russia. turkey is a member of nato. yes. the most is an instrigs of syria. president trump said he was moving troops out of harm's way. he breaks down the kurdish forces. cnn said that graham was aggressive and direct with erdogan. members of both sides of congress have threatened sanctions if he doesn't back off. they invited the senators in to
2:46 am
demonstrate to erdogan the force on capitol hill. the president has been complimentary of erdogan in the past. but the relationship has become strained. >> joe johns, thank you for explaining all of that. day one of the public impeachment hearings had viewers glued to their tvs. what did swing voters in one key swing state think? that's next. blood to the body. don't take entresto if pregnant; it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. ♪la-di-la-di-dah don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren, or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto. ♪the beat goes on yeah! ♪ even though ♪ i find you so captivating ♪ and i'm done with hesitating
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this is cnn's special coverage of the impeachment inquiry. and so many americans were glued to their televisions yesterday. moments of high drama.
2:51 am
what did voters think about this? we went out to the swing states to ask. edwin mora santoro watched the hearings in wisconsin. >> you think you know what the outcome is. why do you want to watch it? >> it's like person watching the soap operas. i'm kicue curious to see what happens. >> reporter: like a lot of americans, randy and terry have their opinions about the impeachment. and like many americans, they will watch every minute anyway. terry is the chair of the republican party. randy is a republican, too. but he suspect as much of a supporter of the president as his wife is. terry attends a lot of gop events around her state.
2:52 am
and she spreads her message around social media. >> i will tell you the truth. yesterday on my facebook page, i said, quid pro quo for dummies, go. >> reporter: what did you learn? >> i learned that, throughout history, presidents make deals. they twist arms. kind of like, i'll scratch your back if you scratch mine. >> reporter: terry is convinced the president did nothing wrong. you don't think he opened himself up today, put himself in hot water, creating the reasons for this hearing? >> no. i really don't. that's trump. do we want trump not to be trump? no. >> reporter: outside, it was
2:53 am
cold and snowy. a few hours in, and randy wasn't as convinced of trump's total innocence as terry was. >> would it be possible if donald trump did not know what he did was wrong? and he was the natural dealmaker that he is. >> reporter: later in the afternoon, the impeachment watch party showed up. mike showed up. he is friends with terry and randy and he owns the local newspaper. terry and mike have very different takes on the man of the hour. what doesn't mike get about president trump? >> president trump is not a politician. he is not politically correct. you know, he, basically, plays to his own drummer. >> you don't know where he's going to be. >> reporter: mike didn't vote for him in 2016 and won't vote
2:54 am
for him in 2020, either. it's the first day of the hearings. what do you think they mean for the country? >> this is speculative right now. >> he works for us. he is not royalty. >> if he is found guilty or not guilty, or impeached or not, i don't see it having a dramatic effect. most working people are never going to see the hearings. they're going to turn on the news show that supports whatever party they like and read their spin on it. >> >> our thanks to evan for that glimpse. we have joe lockhart, former commentator. so helpful to go to swing states. i love talking to people like
2:55 am
that. i love the candor of people like terry to explain her thinking right now. let's test that theory. most working people cannot be bl glued to their televisions. is there a way that it moves the needle for some? >> moving the needle, the way you design that is important. to remove the president, you have to split his base. yesterday didn't do that. i don't expect absent some of the more senior people from the white house going in and telling dramatic testimony, that that will happen. the democrats put on a strong case. and democrats and independents will all vote in november of next year. it does matter. i think republicans did what they thought they needed to do. they need to give their base something to hold on to.
2:56 am
i think the best argument was, the simplest argument, that the aid went through and there's no more investigations. it falls apart with one more piece of information. they're not going to get that from fax fox news, or rush limbau limbaugh. >> i want to make the point that there's a lot of voters that don't necessarily live in swing states. >> you're always sticking up for the coasts. >> not the coast, necessarily. the states that are solidly blue and red in the middle of the country, as well. the facts that are being learned here, looking at the prism of the electoral college, might give you a different view. it's interesting to hear from the voters. but we heard from a voter that is a republican party chair than
2:57 am
we did from the other two people in the room. i was interested yesterday, by what i saw on the panel. might being open to the notion. the republicans on the committee and the elected republicans are solidly defensive of the president. >> you know. i think stefanik and those in the hosts for her had a bright star. she comes out of the rnc out of a political background. she was hitching her wagon to jim yajordan and the kricrazy conspiracy theory. i thought will hurd was not
2:58 am
trying to expose the president. at the end of the day, can you reach the maga -- the voter said there, i'm a maga voter. can you reach them with anything? it's hard to see that. but this all does matter as far as what next year looks like. it's not trump space and it's crucial to impeachment. it's important to the next election but they won't decide the next election. >> "the washington post" had reporting this morning that republicans may try to prolong the process and the hearings. stretch it out and stretch it further into the presidential race. why would that work? >> i don't think they're going to do that. i think they were trying to mess around with elizabeth warren, bernie standers, amy klobuchar and kamala harris, saying you
2:59 am
will be stuck in bauwashington. the person that will hurt the most is donald trump. if you take six to eight weeks of every day being in trial, six days a week, that's not good for him. that's not going to happen. >> joe lockhart, thank you for being here with us. a major revolution shaking up the impeachment hearings. "new day's" special coverage continues right now. >> impeachment inquiry to donald j. trump the president of the united states. >> a member of my staff could hear trump on the phone. >> he did speak to me and i said no quid pro quo under any circumstances. >> that's the guy that started it all. the reason we're sitting here today. and we will never get a chance to question that individual. >> president trump is welcome to take a seat right there. we want to welcome our
3:00 am
viewers in the united states and around the world. it is thursday, november 14th, 6:00 in new york. this is a special edition of "new day" and cnn's coverage of the impeachment hearings. day one of testimony is in the books and there was a major disclosure in the opening minutes. bill taylor revealed a call between president trump and eu ambassador gordon sondland that was overheard by taylor's staffer. this took place one day after the infamous july 25th phone call between president trump and president zelensky. during that july 26th call with sondland, the staffer said mr. trump explicitly asked about the status of investigations into the bidens and the aide said he overheard this call. well, he is set to now testify behind closed doors tomorrow. >> sources tell me that members of the committee did not know about this revelation until they saw


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