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tv   Impeachment Inquiry Special Coverage  CNN  November 14, 2019 11:00am-1:00pm PST

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california. i'm jake tapper in washington. that tragic school shooting just north of los angeles in santa clarita has turned deadly. a female victim has been killed according to a hospital spokesperson. she was among six victims taken to the hospital after the school shooting. her identity has not yet been released. the gunman is believed to be a 15-year-old male student. the l.a. county sheriff's office se says the student is in custody and also in the hospital. a lockdown at all surrounding schools was just lifted a short time ago. we expect an update from authorities any moment now on the latest. the shooting happened at saugus high school just before classes were supposed to start. students inside described the moments they heard gunfire. >> we were waiting outside of the locker room because it wasn't open yet, and all of a sudden, like, we were with all of our friends and
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heardgunshots, let's go. let's run. we ran through the field. >> as law enforcement headed into saugus, students and staff could be seen rushing out evacuating the school in a now familiar single-file image. right to cnn's stephanie elam in los angeles just southwest of santa clarita. what do we know about the victims at this point? >> reporter: one thing we are learning from a statement put out from the school district where saugus high school is, they put out a press release and in it said in there that several of the students had been taken to the hospital. so that points to the idea that the people in these hospitals we know right now, there is one female has died at henry mayo hospital in valencia, california, and be two males in critical, one male in good condition there and another hospital holy providence in mission hills.
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they were students and they were speakingwhat this implies is all of the people shot may have been saints based and what we're seeing from the school district and the statement they're putting out there. also there's a lot of reports that there was social media posts made by this shooter as recently as yesterday about something happening, and at this point the l.a. county sheriff's department saying they're going to investigate all of this and reminding people, if you see something like that, to say something, because when stuff like this has happened before they've been able to go in and thwart any sort of violence happening on a campus, and a massive campus of some 3,000 students or so there in santa clarita, about 30 minutes depending on traffic to get there from where we are in l.a. information coming out and things we look for when he hear from the presser delay and delayed but something we want to learn more about. >> stephanie elam. going northwest about a half hour nick watt on the scene right outside saugus high school
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in santa clarita. nick, tell us the latest information you're getting there. >> reporter: well, jake, the actual details we are hoping to get confirmation from this press conference which just keeps on getting pushed back, perhaps as the authorities are trying to nail down exactly what they do know at this time. what i can tell you, 7:25 this morning shots were heard by among other people an off-duty sheriff's deputy dropping a kid off at the school. we've heard reports from numerous students here to say that they heard five shots in total. we've spoken to students on their way to school who were getting calls and texts from friends who were hiding inside closets within the school campus. warning their friends not to come to school. now, interestingly, pretty early on, authorities put out a description of the suspect saying he was 15-year-old male wearing a black shirt, black hat, blue jeans, and that he was armed and was not detained.
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they believe he was on foot. they were scared that perhaps he was running to other schools. there are two other elementary schools in this area behind me. so over the past few hours, what they've been doing here is trying to get all of those schools locked down, get the students to safety and eventually get the students reunited with their obviously extremely anxious parents. that has been going on behind me for the past fur hours, and you know speaking to students here over the past 20 minutes as they've walked past in shock some crying, they say, yes, school shootings do happen. always known this could be a reality, but it's never happened here. take a listen. >> we heard from our friends who were still stuck in school that they're hiding in closets, trying to find anything -- >> texting ut they're scared to die and hiding in closets. it's very sad. >> still hiding in closets right now? >> yes. >> because they're not sure of the suspect --
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>> they don't know if they're safe and desperate to know any information. we're frying to help them out best we k. texting our friends making sure they were safe. telling us conditions they're in. hiding, they were scared and it cass scaring us. those are our friends and we dwaunt anything to happen to them. >> you won't let go of your daughter. >> no. >> very scary. we heard the shots and then four after and we started running and i heard kids running, screaming, calling their parents, and it was just very sad. >> reporter: so the shooter has been neutralized. we are still waiting on the exact details of how that happened. the lockdowns in all of these schools have been lifted, but, of course, one female student confirmed dead and two others, at least two others we know of right now, still in critical condition. so the initial panic is over,
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but the shock and dread lives on here. jake? >> nick watt right outside the school there in saugus, saugus high school in santa clarita, california, and it is impossible to watch that tape of children crying and talking about how their friends are still hiding in closets and not come to the conclusion that the adults of this country are failing the children of this country. this is not something that we all had to deal with when we were children, but we are failing the current children of this country. i want to bring in to talk about this former fbi agent and cnn national security analyst is with us. let me start with you. what do you want to hear from authorities when they finally have this press conference? >> so just basically we want to confirm the fact that we're reporting, only one dead, the condition of the others, who is the perpetrator, willing to announce that yet. i'm assuming the delay is because they might not have
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reached the parents yet of the dead student. that is, who is it? the motivation side and why might they have done it? and the second part is means. how did he do it? how does a 15-year-old get a gun, whose gun is it and the issue we talk about every two months about this, jake, what is the access? what kind of weapon it was. add one more issue. we talk a lot about school drills, school drilling, preparing or kids. it's a horrible thing to talk about. what we're finding now, saw if in virginia beach with workplace violence and seeing it now in the schools, these kids know perpetrators know the security sort of positioning of these schools. what we call insider threats for a better word. what's going on in the educational system in the security experts like myself is a rethinking of a lot of this stuff, because if it's the kid that is the perpetrator, we're seeing, he's going to know where to go. he's going to know the facility. it's not like newtown, sandy
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hook, a stranger walks in. that's a real challenge for particularly these high schools where you're going to get that combination of someone who may have access to guns, who also has access to the building. the only solution is you're checking kids at every door. a very bad solution. or we address the issue we ought to address every single time, which is how are these kids getting access to this weaponry? and we'll say it ten minutes after the incident because it has to be said every single time. >> james, ask you as a former fbi official, what's the first thing law enforcement starts doing in a situation like this after the suspect, of course, has been either shot or arrested? do you talk to witnesses? do you talk to the shooter? do you start roaping off the crime scene? where do you begin? >> these things are conducted in phrases. number one is to neutralize the threat. once that's done, then you worry
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about preserving evidence. then you worry about witness statements. then you worry about putting together the evidence to put this person or people behind bars. look, number one is going after the shooter. number two, to juliette's point, making sure no accompliaccompli anybody direct or inspire this person to do what he did? no surprise, jake. we are three months out from gilroy, california, el paso, texas, and dayton, ohio and similar mass shootings. schools in this country are still considered soft targets. yes, some have armed guards, but still considered to be soft targets where somebody could go in and in a matter of minutes cause this kind of havoc. it's no surprise this is a male. 96% of these shootings as the fbi determined are done by males. i believe the reason that the press conference is pushed back is that they are mining the intelligence from either talking to this individual or obviously
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doing evidence exploration at a house or residence or at the school. >> josh campbell, cnn reported that the suspect is believed to be a student at this school. >> that's right. a lot of questions early on, why did this person choose this particular target? still a lot of unanswered questions. we don't know if his goal target a particular person or try to cause mass loss of life nap will be answered if authorities are able to presumably interview this person, if he's willing to speak with them. tushs o turns out he's in a state of injury or is deceased that makes their job more difficult. multiple threats they're looking at and want to talk to school administrators, people who may have known this person and just as important, why it's taken so long to get the students reunited back with their families, every one of those students at that school near that area is a potential witness. in fact, the undersheriff tim murakami tweeted out asking parents to, please, be patient.
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they have to interview each student to figure out what they knew and, again, key information you want to glean is, if the person uttered something before that he opened fire. obviously that's key for investigators. >> thanks so much. everyone stick around. we have much more on our breaking news coming up. the school shooting in santa clarita, california, and expect to hear from authorities at any moment. stay with us. hello mom. amanda's mom's appointment just got rescheduled - for today. amanda needs right at home. our customized care plans provide as much - or as little help - as her mom requires. whether it's a ride to the doctor or help around the house. oh, of course! tom, i am really sorry. i've gotta go. look, call right at home. get the right care. right at home. for all of the heroes who serve us, t-mobile is here to help serve them. that's why we're offering 50% off family lines for military, veterans and first responders.
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quarks we're back with breaking news. horrible news. one student confirmed dead and at least five injured after a shooting at a southern california high school. former president bill clinton joins me now on the phone. president clinton, thanks for joining us. you're on your way to d.c. right now to receive an award from the brady center for your work on gun control signing the brady bill requiring background checks, assault weapons ban yet here we are with another school shooting tragedy. >> yes. it's a terrible -- inappropriate -- i mean we haven't really passed any meaningful gun safety regulation in 25 years. that was a long time ago when i was there, but we know that the background check law, let's just
11:17 am
take that. we don't know the facts of this case yet. but apparently there's a young student at the school who's in custody, but we know that the background check law when it passed, passed at a time when information technology convinced the congress not to include gun show sales and when there were no online gun sales. so it's needed updating all this time, and i think it's important to remember, jake, when that thing passed, and i signed it, it was a big priority for me, but we had 16 republican senators and 56 republican house members voting for the brady law. >> hmm. >> and, you know, then in '94 we had a big, sharp turn to the right and the congressional
11:18 am
elections, and you know, we never recovered from it, but there are now a number of republicans in the house at least who worry about their suburban votes and i think if they got any support in the house some of the senators might vote to modernize the background check law, too. i think they should do the same thing with the assault weapons ban and the ammunition limit. if you look at it, we had, if you define a man shooting later killed, there were two during the time the assault weapons ban was in mace. seven in the ten years before. 13 in the ten years after it expired and 13 in the last five years when the mass marketing of these things has taken off. so, you know, we ought to try to put this beyond politics and think about these kids' lives. i mean, you know, we can all
11:19 am
talk about sympathy and talk about mental health, although mental health in americans is no worse than other major countries, but this is an opportunity for us to do something responsible, and to do it together. >> and what are you saying to people who might argue, you know, with all due respect, president clinton, democrats supported the brady bill, democrats controlled the house and the senate in 1992 through '94 and then you lost control of it, because at least in part, because of your support for gun control. the argument being, you know, voters don't want it, even though obviously polling contradicts it. the people who vote don't want it, maybe. what would your argument be to somebody, obviously there have been years democrats have been completely awol on this issue. >> there have been and that's what happened in '94. what happened in '94 was that
11:20 am
our people didn't understand, i think, and i didn't understand fully, that a poll is meaningless on this because intensity governs it and intensity tells you whether it's a voting issue. so basically, a lot of these things, the brady bill, the background check law has 70, 30 or more, but of the 30 against it, 20-some percent would vote against if you disagreed and only 10% or so are for you if you agreed with them. or would vote against you if you didn't agree with them, but that's all changed now. beginning with this last spate of shootings of kids in schools, and i think tohe passion and
11:21 am
determination of the kids at kirkland in florida and in chicago and new york and other places around the country. it is a voting issue now for our side. if you look at these's recent elections in swing districts in virginia. just had an election where gun safety was an issue, it worked for us not against us. and now a lot of republicans represent districts with a substantial suburban population and i think they understand that a lot of their supporters believe strongly it's time to update this background check law and make it truly comprehensive. support for that is around 90%. not going to beat anybody. >> and we heard president trump say a couple times after a couple horrific shootings, parkland in 2018, i think, and i'd think this year after dayton and el paso we've heard president trump talk about doing something on background checks, expanding the background checks
11:22 am
to cover all gun sales. obviously, the nra is against it. i want you to take a's listen to attorney general bill barr yesterday talking about why the efforts to introduce some reforms on gun legislation have stalled. take a listen. >> unfortunately our discussions on the legislative aspects of this have been sidetracked because of the impeachment process on the hill. >> now, there is nobody in the world who is more of an expert on the need and ability to work with congress at the same time that they're impeaching you. i wonder, what is your reaction to barr saying, well, the house democrats decided to impeach, therefore we can't do anything on guns? >> well, my answer is, look at how much we got done in 1998-1999. and even in '97. we had very productive actions
11:23 am
in all three years. the only really tough year we had, after the republicans won the congress, was '95, beginning of '96 when they shut down this twice. once they thought it should be done i kept working with them. that's just an excuse. >> what would your message to president trump be? what would your message to president trump be about when he says i can't work with these people. they're impeaching me? >> my message was, would be, look, you got hired to do a job. you don't get to -- every day's an opportunity to make something good happen. and i would say i've got lawyers and staff people handling the impeachment inquiry and they should just have at it, meanwhile, i'm going to work for
11:24 am
the american people. that's when i would do. he did indicate a couple times he would go along with this and obviously the gun law got ahold of him and pulled him back, but at some point denial is no loaninger an option and the congress is basically in denial of the consequences of doing nothing. whereas, at least the people opposed to it. the easiest thing to do if they don't want to pass the assault weapon ban and ammunition limit, which i strongly believe they should, just look at the staggering increase in mass shootings since the assault weapon ban skyred. expired. if they don't want to do this at least give a clean background check law. one that works in the modern world. take advantage of our information technology. and basically doesn't bend over backwards to make it easy for
11:25 am
people who have no business getting these guns. >> lastly, sir, we haven't heard from the current president after this school shooting. these school shootings happened, it feels, at least, more often than they did in the '90s. i'm wondering for any american parent out there or child who is today scared what your message to them would be. >> my message is, first of all, your school should do everything they possibly can to minimize this, but they did gun safety drills in the school where the shooting occurred, and that you deserve an environment which minimizes your risks. we can minimize your risk without doing anything to the right that having arms for hunting, sport shooting or self-protection. nothing, zero, nada.
11:26 am
it doesn't affect that at all to have a good, comprehensive background check law and from my point of view it does nothing to man military-style assault weapons and ammunition clips over a certain size. when we did it, no one missed any time hunting or sport shooting and no one complained they couldn't really protect their homes if they didn't have, you know, an assault weapon. but if you continue to pretend that you can deal with all this by violations of existing law without trying to prevent it, you're going to continue to have these things happen. and we don't know what the facts are here now. i don't know what kind of weapons this young man used. i don't know -- >> right. >> -- what went on there. but i do know this. in most of these cases, if we had an aggressive preventive
11:27 am
program, it doesn't interfere, with second amendment rights, the supreme court specified, we could have prevented or minimized the damage. i remember at one point in the '90s when i was president a study came out saying that if you got shot with an assault weapon, you were three times likely to die from the wound than if you got one bullet in you from a robber. or from another kind of handgun. so we just need to calm down and take this out of politics, and give more of our kids a better future. i mean, it's just -- it doesn't make any sense, and it's -- the political argument that you raised at the beginning is absolutely right. there were people who lost their careers in congress because of that. and one reason we lost the
11:28 am
majority in congress in '94 was because of that. but it's not that way anymore. it's now a voting issue for the people that agree with us. so if you're just worried about the naked politics, it's at least a wash and people should insist rights for the children. >> former president bill clinton thank you so much for your time. appreciate you calling in and congratulations on your award. >> thank you, jake. bye-bye. >> bye-bye. waiting to hear an update from law enforcement on in a school shooting any moment and we bring you to you live when it comes. other top stories, impeachment hearings from house speaker pelosi is ahead. stay with us. devices are like doorways that could allow hackers into your home. and like all doors, they're safer when locked. that's why you need xfinity xfi.
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so call now. we're going to take a listen
11:33 am
to the l.a. county sheriff. let's listen in. >> -- this morning santa clarita sheriff's station received a 911 skull of of a shooting within saugus high school. within two minutes 7:40 first united nations units arrived on scene and encounter the in the quad area multiple victims gunshot wounds. 0 tot a total of six victims prompt promptlitpromptly t try -- triaged and sent to the hospital for treatment. a male asian 16 years of age and a student of the school. the other five students i'll have the captain provide their demographics. the school was locked down. they did partial evacuation and
11:34 am
we shaeeltered in place a porti of the school until we established who was responsible for this tragic shooting. the surrounding schools in the area were also placed on lockdown as a precaution. we did identify who the shooter was through firsthand witnesses, video surveillance. we confirmed it and then executed a search warrant at the residence of the suspect, and now we're going through the very lengthy process of connecting a thorough investigation to figure out what happened and why. at the same time we're busy now doing the reunification with students and their parents and all respective students and parents, families notified and with them currently. i turn it now over to the captain. >> thank you, sheriff. aye maim is captain kent wegenor, captain of the homicide bureau. this morning at 7:38 santa clarita station received a call
11:35 am
of a 240 occurred, assault with a deadly weapon. a shooting that just occurred at 21900 centurion way at saugus high school. upon arrival within two minutes santa clarita deputies recognized it was an active chuter situation and conducted a rapid deployment on to the school premises. when they reached the quad area they discovered six persons who were suffering from gunshot wounds. these were all students of the high school. all of thet triaged and transported to a local hospital. the suspects later identified as one of the victims found in the quad. he is identified as a 16-year-old male whose birthday is today. the weapon that he used was recovered at the scene. it's a .45 caliber semiautomatic
11:36 am
pistol, which had no more rounds in it. had no more bullets in it. he is a resident in the 22900 block of sycamore creek drive in santa clarita. location was contained by sheriffs deputies and a cursory southern done to identify potential vick themes who may be at the location. there were none there. it is mnow being contained and search warrant to process that scene for evidence. we are in the process of interviewing students who were witnesses to this incident. some of those students are being taken, are still at the high school in a multipurpose room, and other students are at grace baptist church where they will be interviewed by sheriff's homicide detectives. additionally we have scenes at the quad at the school to process the crime secene there.
11:37 am
a team at the suspect's house, a team at two different local hospitals. and we have another team that's working with our tech crew to process any video which we may be able to get from the surveillance system at the high school. the fbi is here and they are collaborating with us to preserve and capture any cell phone video which the students may have captured of this incident at the time that it happened. the suspect's girlfriend and his mother are at santa clarita station with detectives currently. detectives reviewed the video at the scene, which clearly show the subject in the quad withdraw a hand gugawn from his backpack shoot five people and then shoot himself in the head. no other suspects in this incident or who took part in this assault. the victims hospitalized i
11:38 am
regret to say at 9:23 this morning one of the fae meemale victims age 16 passed away. her parents are at the hospital. another victim age 14, another female victim, another age 15 and two male victims each 14 years of age. again, this is preliminary information. i know there are rumors out there about social media posts, and different videos that may have been posted from the scene. we will be looking into that at this point i don't have any information about that. i can tell you that we have checked for recent threats involving saugus high school. we identified two which were both investigated and had no nexus to this subject. at this point i -- thank you.
11:39 am
>> next i'd like to introduce -- yeah. los angeles county fire department chief daryl ogby. >> thank you. hello. fire chief for los angeles county fire department and as mentioned today the saugus incident is a pretty sobering incident for those involved including first responders. on batch of t on behalf of the los angeles foundy fire department our sympathy and prayers go out to everyone mentioned. as mentioned previously along with the sheriff's department the los angeles county fire department got a call at 7:38 this morning for a shooting at saugus high school. our resources arrived on-scene with the sheriffs already on scene. we train with the sheriff's department for these types of
11:40 am
incidents. our personnel went in with force protection, which means protection from the sheriffs to go in and as the scene. at the height of the incident the los angeles county fire department had ten fire engines, seven paramedic squads, 24 ambulances, one helicopter and appropriate overhead on scene. our objectives during these types of incidents is life safety intervention, triage treatment and transportation to the hospital. as mentioned earlier there were a total of six victims that were inflicted with gunshots. considered critical on scene. the most critical unfortunately, one was a head shot, to the head, and the other was in cardiac full arrest. four victims were transported to henry mayo hospital. two other critical can transported to holy cross hospital, and then we had a
11:41 am
non-critical that was transported to olive view for a total of seven incidents. as we conclude from the fire department's perspective working with the sheriffs and investigators, also there were several members of my department and this is a very close-knit community, that had kids also at the school, and some of those members have already been relieved to get the proper parent support and mental support on behalf of the department and on batch of the county of los angeles. so our department will continue to support our personnel as appropriate mental, spiritual behavioral support along with their families and keep everyone else involved in our deepest thoughts. >> now from the los angeles field office of the federal bureau of investigation, assistant director in charge paul dellcore.
11:42 am
>> good morning. paul delacorte in charge of the field office. another somber and sobering press statement talking about something no parent should ever have to go through. no high school student should ever have to worry about and yet we're here to talk about it again. the fbi rolled crisis response resources. we are here in support of the l.a. county sheriffs department at this time. we are collaborating on victim and witness interviews, and digital media exploitation. we have begun a social media scrub and have our evidence response team and our victim witness services teams on standby ready to assist. we have resources available from cyber division and our laboratory division if necessary to assist the l.a. county sheriff's department in this investigation. i can report to you at this time
11:43 am
we have no known additional threats. we have no threats to this or any other school or no threats to this or any other area, and we're here at this point as a police cooperation matter, we will run all the leads to ground, but at this point we have no indication of any motivation or ideology. early on in this investigation. i'm pleased with collaboration with partners proud of response but once again sad we have had to bring those resources to bay in another situation like this. thank you. >> next, los angeles county supervisor katherine barger. >> i first want to thank l.a. county sheriff's department who responded within two minutes of the call that came in regarding this horrific act. we have department of mental health, they have support teams
11:44 am
on site right now working with the students as well as the family members. as you can imagine, the impact this is going to have not only on the school but on this community is tremendous. and the departmental health scans is ready to support the community in its entirety. i want to thank christy smith for being here. we have the state, federal and local officials all here working together. many people are asking why nap will come with time, but right now our focus is on supporting the community, and you heard the chief say many of the sheriffs and fire officials that work here live here. either have children that attend this school or attend a school. this has hit very, very, very close to home. my heart aches but i stand ready to support this community and lead and make sure that we provide the resources necessary to help. thank you. >> next we have assembly member
11:45 am
christy smith. >> thank you. this a very tragic day for our communities and i stand with the soup vi supervisor for al immediate response and providing further loss of life. and stand with the committee and saying the state will bring all necessary resources to bear helping victims of this senseless tragedy to recover, as we help our community to recover as hopefully we learn something from this tragedy how we move on and hopefully prevent future tragedies like this but we appreciate your cooperation and sensitivity and what this community is going through. we are close-knit and will survive. we cannot afford another tragedy lice like this. thank you. >> thank you, ma'am. santa clarita mayor marsha
11:46 am
mcclee. >> thank you. we may be the third largest city in l.a. county, but we are a close-knit family-oriented community. and our family sticks together. i have a granddaughter who was at saugus high school this morning, and when i heard about it, the feeling that went over me was indescribable. so i felt the same thing that our families are feeling about theirs kids here in the community. and i just want to say that we as a city are going to be working with all agencies together to try and get through this terrible, terrible experience including making our activity center available for this evening between 5:00 and 7:00. the school district will tell you more about that. i just want every single family member to know that we are with you, our heart is with you, and
11:47 am
that's all i can say as to this horrible thing. there's no words to describe it. thank you. >> from hart school district, colin nielsen. >> thank you. i'd like to first thank our first responders and the city of santa clarita for their tremendous response. first and foremost our hearts go out to the families. words are insufficient in times like these. give you the facts available regarding the incident this morning. there was a shooting at saugus high school before the start of classes. authority responded immediately and came on campus in massive presence. several transported to local hospital you ladder. all schools in the hart district initially placed on lockdown as precaution and aid lllow law
11:48 am
enforcement to deal with the situation. once locked down saugus students transported to park city and district buses to be reunited with their families. we're in the process of formulating a plan for our school and community and will continue sharing updates as we learn more including a plan for the days ahead. tonight at the santa clarita activity center from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. we'll have grief counselors and mental health officials available for our community. we will work together with law enforcement, santa clarita the city and our partners. encourage the hart district to check our website for regular updates. thank you. >> we're going to do one more speaker and then spanish. santa clarita share station captain. >> good morning, everyone, and thank you for coming. to get the message out to the
11:49 am
community. robert lewisened i captain for santa clarita sheriff's station. >> this is a tough day for santa clarita. i've been a 52 year resident here and grew up in the saugus area. it's a very, very strong community and i appreciate everyone surrounding themselves around us this morning and hedging as much as possible from the community. we are working through this event over the course of the next few hours and the next few days. currently a reunification center here at the central park making sure everyone flew that was a reunification center for all parents and children to go to, went to saugus high school. as well as i want to make sure that the community is aware that we as cal wegener spoke, several witnesses and speaking with them and in contact with them and their parents making sure they know they are safe. getting information out to the public as quickly as possible. getting the information out to
11:50 am
everyone and all residents. as you move forward over the course of the next few days, i'd reich to look at every camera's eye and every resident of santa clarita and surrounding area and everyone else. santa clarita is the a very, very, very strong community. i ask the parents and i ask everybody in the community, in the days ahead and in the years ahead the main thing we need to do wrap our arms around each other, keep in contact with our kids, with each other and in our relationships and families so we know what our family members are going through so we know what's happening in everyone's lives. as a strong community between santa clarita and unincorporated area, 294,000 residents. all 294 residents need to gather around this incident, tragic, and tragedy struck. how do we come out of a tragedy? we come out it surrounding each other, holding hands, saying prayers, and spending time together.
11:51 am
to see and, to see what's going on, see what's happening and then my last thing is we need to say, no more. as the fbi special agent said, this is a tragic event that happens too frequently. across the nation i hear frequently, no more, no more, no more. when are we going to come together as a community of scientist asanta clarita and the rest of communities to say, no more. it has to be put out by you the media to get that information out. thank you for being here. take a few questions in a few minutes and we have one more speaker. one more speaker that's coming up from henry mayo hospital. patrick moody. okay. >> all right. thank you very much for coming. i appreciate it. >> okay. now the sheriff is going to do a
11:52 am
spanish interview. this is homicide captain. we're going to take a brief break away as they address the press in spanish, and we'll go back when they start to take questions from the reporters there. i want to talk to right now democratic congressman eric swalwell of california, and congressman, you just heard a plea to do something about this. to make schools safer. what do you want to do other than -- let me put it this way. what can you offer that house republicans might support and that senate republicans at least enough would be willing to pass? >> good afternoon, jake and it's heartbreaking to hear about santa clarita and morning for victims there and you're a parent, i'm a parent and we're parents in a generation where when you get a call from your
11:53 am
kids and in my case preschool, it's not just worrying whether something happened at school and they were bad, now you have that sinking feeling there could be an active shooter. a new reality. to house republicans colleagues in the house, do we have to live this way anymore or a way to shoot for sport, go hunting with your kids and protect your house if an intruder came in but still keep the most dangerous weapons out of the hands of dangerous people? to me as president clinton said before, first and foremost background checks and hardening school safety with resources put in there particularly with mental health counselors and also just infrastructure at the schools. i also believe holding gun manufacturers liable as the supreme court is allowing to move forward in the sandy hook case is going to be important. having licensing, having insurance requirements and, of
11:54 am
course, banning assault weapons. a lot to look at from what's made and who's liable who can purchase them to how we intervene when people have events in their lives they should have firearms to making sure we know more who is actually purchasing them. a lot we can do, but i don't think any parents wall the call they're getting together republican or democrats. >> how do you respond california has some of the strongest control measures on the books and violence like this continues to happen? we don't know how th this 16-ye student, this boy got always of the .45 semiautomatic pistol the police officers said he used to shoot five of his schoolmates and then shoot himself in the head's we don't know hue he gow it but obviously the strict ruling in your state hasn't stopped gun violence? >> a fair question.
11:55 am
our dow jones industrial in alameda county sought to answer this question and she found in a study just released that half the firearms and the gun crimes used homicides in alameda county came from out of state. you're only as safe as the laws of the states around you. particularly for california it's very loose laws in arizona. our neighbor nevada for a long time was a big part of the problem but legislators there have gone democratic, have put in place background checks and other restrictions. we expect to see fewer firearms coming in, but that's why you need across the board federal laws here. otherwise illinois is only as safe as the laws and indiana and as safe as the laws in california. >> what do you say when you hear attorney general barr by all accounts was actually trying to put together a proposal that, he was going to present to president trump that would try to address some of these gun safety issues in terms of
11:56 am
keeping guns out of the hands of individuals that pose a danger to society, and then he said, but house impeachment has put that on hold. what would your response to attorney general barr be? >> the kids' lives are more important than politics, and, jake, the president was able to oversee the al baghdadi read. he's capable of going through the impeachment inquiry and protecting the country in that fashion. i would ask why can't he work with congress to protect the children in the united states? and parents are going to demand that. >> all right. congressman swalwell, thank so much. going back to the l.a. county sheriff's department where we were told tragically another student has died. let's listen in. >> -- that was a non-critical. >> not a gunshot. >> not a gunshot. >> i interviewed a girl who was
11:57 am
huddled, sheltering for about 20 minutes herself was shot. discovered she was shot and she was taken out i guess when police arrived. i wondered if she had gone to the hospital later? >> probably one of those six. we'll sort through all of that as time goes on. no. it's a male student. that we're still working to develop that. okay. >> evidence of bullying might have been -- >> that's where -- way too early in the investigation to be able to figure that out but we'll be able to get to that. sir? >> and many -- parents with children at school also able to be among the first responders. >> yes. true? as the fire chief said this school a lot of our local, from our department, from the fire department, from other police departments, this area has an awful lot of law enforcement
11:58 am
presence there. so we're not surprised if they were available and did respond. >> and do you know -- [ inaudible ]. >> i've not seen him personally. >> and whether the suspect was one of those critically injured or whether he is [ inaudible ] verify that? >> he's one, critically. he shot himself in the head so is in grave condition and not one of the ones that has passed away. >> can you clarify. [ inaudible ] are you saying that another male -- >> yes. yes. 16-year-old female and a 14-year-old male. >> [ inaudible ]. >> the information we have is that they're not in critical condition. the ones in critical are the ones that have passed away and outside of the suspect himself, the other ones, i won't comment further. leave that up to a representative from the hospital. >> from henry mayo hospital
11:59 am
public information officer patrick moody. m-double o-d-y. >> sorry to be here today. 80% live in the santa clarita valley and we are touched by this and our hearts go toout to the victims and their families. we train for this and hope today never comes and it came today. immediately called the code triage and were prepare to receive patients. we had four patients at the hospital. two are decease the. fwhun critical condition, one in good condition. the question you're all going to ask me is the suspects at henry mayo is a question i can't answer. i'm going to defer that kwep to the sheriff's department. thank you very much. >> okay. without further ado that's it for this evening's press
12:00 pm
conference. updates put out later. follow social media, please, and los angeles county sheriff's department facebook and internet pages. we'll try to get updated information out as soons we can. thank you? >> a lot of information from that press conference from the l.a. county sheriff's department and other first responders and bad news as we learned that a second student, a 14-year-old male, has also succumbed to the injuries that he suffered in the school shooting earlier today at saugus high school. my law enforcement panel is back with me. catching our breath hearing about yore young person taken from this earth after another school shooting in the united states, what other information did you hear from the first responders from the authorities that you think is important for our viewers to understand and hear? >> chilling, the apparent planning that went into this. think what we heard from
12:01 pm
officials. a .45 caliber semiautomatic pistol. the firearm was empty, saving the last one for himself. tells me he was counting shots as he was killing victims. >> six shooter. saved a round for himself. >> that's right. obviously what we don't know, still questions i have. i want to know were these victims chosen randomly or did he show up on that day trying to target someone? last that stands out is a whole body of scholarship on this. looks at motivation of the shooters and how they look to anniversaries. in particular dates. learning today that today was the subject's birthday. we may not know unless he had a manifesto of some sort or recovers and is able to talk to law enforcement officers what role that played, but it's chilling. >> awful. and what did you hear in that press conference other than what josh just talked about that you think is important for viewers to hear and to understand?
12:02 pm
>> well i just think obviously murder/suicides are a unique kind of mass murder. and so there's a big motivation question i have. they did mention not just the birthday, josh said, but a girlfriend. the kinds of questions you ask. is this a response to something that happened? more important thing, though, at 7:38 the police get the phone call. at 7:40 at the school and by then already have two dead presumably, four or five more down and then the suspect has killed himself. you do not get response times like this. in public safety. two minutes is almost perfection. still you're seeing what josh described as sort of a perfectly ex-ecuted murder/suicide, the last bullet going to the shooter. raises the question, these students have no ability to the respond to this gun violence, even if you did the most perfect
12:03 pm
active shooter case. two minutes is really fast for police to get there. then secondly, obviously, a lot of damage in a short period of time. so what president clinton and others were talking about, the issue, how does a 16-year-old, just turned 16, both not just get the weapon but clearly know how to use it in a way that let's him be the last bullet. that's my takeaways from a real tragedy that we'll learn more if it could have been avoided. >> to clarify the point you refer to a murder/suicide, we have been told by law enforcement he shot four people and himself in the head. he is still alive. >> sorry. thank you. >> he attempted suicide, what we can say. we want to bring you in here, james, as a, you're a parent i believe also a grandparent at this point. we don't know enough about saugus high school to be speck, but are we as a society doing enough to protect our students? already talked about gun laws
12:04 pm
and sure we'll continue to do so in the coming days and weeks, but are we doing enough to keep schools safe and what comes to my mind is i know that i go through much more security when i go to a football game or when i go to a concert than i do when, than the average person does when they walk into a high school? >> you're 100% right, jake. i have kids between 29 years old and 9 years old. kids in graduate school, we talk about it all the time and i drop my 9-year-old off at elementary school this morning. there's a lot of things to look at. schools definitely have started to hardened themselves. what do i mean by that? single point entry. having an armed security guard at the school where my daughter goes to, there's an armed sheriff deputy there. nos a panacea. jake, look at the weapon. colt .45, carried in 2011 in the
12:05 pm
fbi. generally speaking seven rounds maybe eight if one in the barrel. the shooter went in not with an extended magazine, carefully planned this knowing how many rounds he xwsqueezed off before attempting to take his own life. fbi came out with a report on lone shooters. the way to 2015 of all shootings 83% of shooters xzibexhibited p or hostile action. 96% either write a manifesto or social media screen or put together a video. ja jake, chilling one. one in four have somebody that saw something done during the research and preparation stage and the people don't come forward. we'll get a lot of those details, jake, in the next couple of days. >> james, for the gun novices out there, people who don't know anything about guns. when you hear the shooter used
12:06 pm
a .45 caliber semiautomatic pistol. does it look like a handgun? >> described it as a pistol. i carried a colt 1911. the united states military used that weapon for 74 years of its history. they changed i think in 1985 or 1986 to a .9 millimeter. reliable weapon. people use them for home defense or target practice. the general and again speaking in generalities for the gun folks out there that will criticize me, generally speaking only seven rounds in the magazine. one can be in the barrel. now, they do make versions, i think glock and others that have double stack magazines maybe 10, 12, 13 rounds, but this is generally a weapon people carry because of the high stopping power. the .45 caliber acp round which has great stopping power. not usually a weapon somebody carries if they want to carry a lot of rounds, jake.
12:07 pm
>> stick around. back to santa clarita where cnn's nick watt is. he joins me live. nick what have you learned about the investor gatien in-- invest into the suspected shooter? >> reporter: the investigation quick and we learned from the fbi they don't have a motivation yet but are working on it. partly why it's been so quick is first responders got tolt sce t scene able to interview witnesses and watched surveillance video of the shooting take place. they saw this young man pull that pistol out of his backpack, shoot five other students and then shoot himself in the head. so they got an i.d. pretty early but saw six injured on the ground when they first got there and did not realize among them was the shooter. he was taken to the hospital and we're told in grave condition. it's unclear if investigators will ever be able to speak with him, but we do know that the
12:08 pm
shooter's girlfriend and mother are in the sheriff's station as i speak being interviewed by investigators. now we also have been told there has been a lot of investigation of social media already. they have found two other alleged threats to the school that never took place, didn't have any nexus to this guy and we're hearing a lot from students in there and who heard. heard this happen. >> okay. nick watt, thank you so much. and everyone thought it was a balloon and it got really quiet, and then -- two more shots when, and then -- everyone just started running out of school. my mom came running to the door that i -- at the house i was staying at. i ran to her. >> reporter: when that initial i.d. came out we were told the suspect is 15 years old.
12:09 pm
we've learned today was that shooter's 16th birthday. jake? >> all right. nick watt, thank you so much. a busy day. more on the breaking news on the school shooting and then take a look at the white house's response to the impeachment hearings plus talk to the very newest 2020 presidential candidate former massachusetts governor deval patrick joins us live. that's ahead as were el. stay with us. at fidelity, we help you prepare for the unexpected with retirement planning and advice for what you need today and tomorrow. because when you're with fidelity, there's nothing to stop you from moving forward. get the perfectly grilled flavors of an outdoor grill indoors, and because it's a ninja foodi, it can do even more, like transform into an air fryer. the ninja foodi grill, the grill that sears, sizzles, and air fry crisps. doprevagen is the number oneild mempharmacist-recommendeding? memory support brand.
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back with politics lead in impeachment hearings the president trump and the ukraine scandal. president trump insisting he knows nothing about the phone call with gordon sondland in which mr. trump inquired about investigations into the bidens july 26th, a day after that infamous call with ukraine's president according to an aide to the head diplomat in ukraine bill taylor. the conversation revealed yesterday in testimony by bill taylor. cnn's pamela brown is with us. was the white house aware that this call even happened? and that information about it would be brought to light? >> reporter: jake, the white house was caught off guard by this information. officials here were immediately put on the defensive having to come up with pushback to it, and
12:15 pm
officials are saying that if this aide who told bill taylor just last week was so concerned about that call between the president and gordon sondland why did the aide just bring it up recently? others saying it's an sample of hearsay. the potential problem with that argument, jake, is that, that aide one of the aides who told bill taylor about this is going to be testifying on capitol hill tomorrow behind closed doors, and then gordon sondland, the eu ambassador, who took that call with the president is going to be testifying in a public hearing next week. so this only raises the stakes for that hearing with gordon sondland. now, behind closed doors according to the transcript, sondland addressed this phone call, or talking to the president the day after the zelensky call and said his conversation with trump was non-substantive. of course, now, a lot more questions about that phone call,
12:16 pm
jake, with this renewed scrutiny only giving ammunition to democrats now saying that this information shows in their view that the information, the instructions were coming from the very top on what to do with ukraine and these investigations the president wanted. >> the whole idea that the testimony is secondhand only lasts as long as it's secondhand and then you start to hear from people who heard it firsthand. thank you. today democrats and republicans working overtime trying to put partisan spins on the impeachment hearings. what are you hearing, phil mattingly? >> reporter: almost like they're in completely different universes after the hearing. listen to the top democrat and the top house republican. >> i thought it was a successful day for truths. truth coming from the president's men. devastating testimony corroborated evidence of bribery, uncovered in the inquiry and the president abused
12:17 pm
power. >> after the hearing yesterday, i think democrats are really reeling back that this is the best they have? they don't have something that's impeachable and continue just to drive something for a political basis. >> reporter: jake, heard one key word from speaker pelosi. the word "bribery." specifically mentioned in the constitution as an impeachable offense saying what she believes the hearings showed yesterday makes the president set up for at least one article of impeach money. democrats clearly moving in that direction. both democrats and republicans viewing this from two very different perspectives. democrats laying groundwork. tomorrow another hearing and the hearings next week. they believe they accomplished that goal. republicans, try and poke holing in the witness testimonies and keep their members today. all 188 republicans voted against the house impeachment resolution last month and want to try do to it again if a house floor impeachment vote on the floor they believe nothing they
12:18 pm
heard yesterday will change where their members are. see if that stayed so in the weeks ahead. >> discuss. elliott williams former justice department prosecutor, and historian and jeffrey angle start with you. republicans honed in on the fact none of the witness ever have spoken to the president much less about this impeachable offense. we'll begin to hear from people who have had conversations including ambassador sondland and those testifies behind cloe closed doors who heard a conversation wean sondland and the president. is that important as opposed to what the republicans call hearsay? >> the facts and implementation of a policy or effort contrary to american policy. at the same time as you build that record with very reliable
12:19 pm
witnesses such as those yesterday you're going to build a stronger case that there's a real significant need to hear from people closer to the president who apparently do know things like john bolton and the chief of staff. >> mick mulvaney if he actually comes to testify. elliott listen to republican lindsey graham of south carolina one of the president's movie stalwart defenders in the senate judiciary committee. >> we're not going to let the president of the united states be tried based on an anonymous accusation or convicted in the senate based on a bunch of hearsay. basically destroy the presidency over time if you continue this. >> what do you think? >> a lot wrong with that. one, talk about anonymous, they're poking at the whistle-blower. say it again. there is a federal statute protecting whistle-blowers against things like this, which out the names of people. we want to incentivize, give people a reason to come forward and bring evidence and alleges of wrongdoing. it's dangerous what he's doing when they flirt with mentioning
12:20 pm
the whistle-blower's name. and key back to michael's point. the use of the world hearsay is a tricky one as well because hearsay is still evidence. it is itself less reliable than other forms of evidence but that's why you corroborate it, call other people. you call gordon sondland, you call the individual who had heard, claims to have heard or believe they heard, overahead a phone call. that's how evidence is built. the idea that the mere fact that it is hearsay means that it's, cannot be brought in or cannot be considered, that's not true and not our trials or evidence cases work as well. >> or previous examples of scandal and oversight by the house people now decrying whistle-blowers were defending whistle-blowers and a lot of benghazi people had secondhand information. >> speak about hearsay, it's under federal rules of evidence, what governs what happens in trials. federal rules of evidence don't
12:21 pm
apply in an impeachment trial. they don't. congress sets how impeachment works. >> listen to nancy pelosi earlier today. >> what president trump has done on the record in terms of acting to advantage his power to help him in his own election and of the obstruction of information about that, a cover-up, makes what nixon did look also small. >> two points. first of all i think speaker pelosi is saying the accusation of president trump that he's pushing a foreign power to help in his own election is the central question. all of the other stuff we hear about whistle-blowers and hearsay is almost noise compared to, that is what congress needs to find out. as an impeachment historian, is speaker pelosi right? this makes what nixon did look almost small? >> it does. important reason, dealing with a
12:22 pm
foreign power. all other impeachments, johnson in 1860, clinton, nixon, domestic affairs. this foreign power dealings is exactly what the founders were concerned about when they went through the constitutional convention the hypothetical reasons you might want to impeach a president. on top of the list, if a president lies to get elected or if a president deals with a foreign power. essentially placing the needs of himself or the foreign power above those of the american people. exactly the language used by the people at the constitutional convention when he thought what would be the reason make a-oto president leave office? >> when you hear matters such as devin nunes basically listing every conspiracy theory we've read on infowars and fox news in the last year, reciting it in his opening statement? i demand to see the kwhb w
12:23 pm
whistle-blower. have the whistle-blower testify. is it relevant? not reasonable for republicans to say we want to meet the whistle-blower saying they had firsthand information? >> almost all is irrelevant. the whistle-blower properly ish ured a report. it has been corroborated by all. evidence we've seen so far. it's as if somebody who reported a bank robbery and the police show up, find it in progress. then say, we want to ask you about the person that gave you the tip. no. a crime is happening in front of you. there's a transcript, for example, from the president, that shows he may have committed a very serious impeachable offense? asking for a foreign leader to interfere in our election. >> people at home to pay attention to. central question in all of this, did president trump abuse his office by asking ukraine to investigation and announce investigation into his political rivals? that's the central question. thanks to our panel. appreciate it. did the legal opinions change the minds of any voters?
12:24 pm
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we're copting to follow the breaking news out of california
12:29 pm
where two students were killed in a school shooting but while we wait for new information from there let's turn to our other top story, impeachment. washington politicos glued to the first impeachment hearing but how did the rest of the country watch? what did the public hear? did what they hear change their minds? cnn's ken law went to the suburbs of phoenix, arizona. arizona being a potential swing state to find out. >> reporter: rising in phoenix -- >> this historic moment. this is true history unfolding. >> reporter: the sentiment of a possible impeachment. >> smoke this fire. >> reporter: amid the breakfast rush. >> i would say it doesn't pass the sniff test. and i say that as an independent middle of the road guy who could vote for republican or a democrat. >> reporter: that middle ground, independents, make up about one-third of arizona voters. >> my entire life i voted republican. >> reporter: every single time? >> every single time up until
12:30 pm
the last election. >> reporter: until donald trump, says this man, watching to see if it's a party he will return to. >> i am so disappointed in the republican party. it's embarrassing to me to be affiliated with it at this point. my hope they'll finally develop a backbone and stand up for what's right. >> reporter: while there are plenty who have made up their minds from the right -- >> getting other people, other people getting? >> prior to sure i'm going to vote for him again. >> reporter: to the left -- >> hey! ho, ho. >> all: donald trump has got to go! >> bingo. >> reporter: it is those in the middle is places like the phoenix suburbs who represent the battleground. >> they insulate him. he doesn't hear any of this. >> reporter: this woman grew up a mccain republican. >> meghan mccain is here. >> reporter: switching parties after trump's election.
12:31 pm
life-long political identity gone with the maverick senator who left a mark. >> made me feel proud to be an arizonan, a former republican to see him do that was just -- it meant a lot. >> this i can't believe and you're their star witness. >> i don't recognize the republican party as it is now. >> reporter: wearing her sentiment. >> changing the world. >> reporter: she watches the impeachment hearings with friends. >> actually says, no party. >> your card says no party? >> no party. >> reporter: as the day begins to wrap. >> i haven't heard anything yet to make me think that this president is innocent. >> this concludes this portion of the hearings. >> reporter: so -- >> if you can show me that i might change my mind. >> reporter: independents who we spoke with say that they were glad to watch these public hearings happening before their eyes, seeing this testimony without any sort of filtering from a newspaper or a talking
12:32 pm
head. that's what they appreciated about this, but just as many independents we spoke with, jake, spent the day with, said, you know, they were grab breakfast and head home because they didn't have the time and interest to devote and entire day to watch this hearing. >> thanks for that report. add another name to the list. the democratic field is growing again instead of shrinking. what does that say about the current candidates? stay with us's. - [spokeswoman] meet the ninja foodi grill. get the perfectly grilled flavors of an outdoor grill indoors, and because it's a ninja foodi, it can do even more, like transform into an air fryer. the ninja foodi grill, the grill that sears, sizzles, and air fry crisps. i'm max, i was diagnosed with aplastic anemia
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in our 2020 lead today former massachusetts governor deval patrick announced he's running for president just 80 days before the primaries begin. patrick filing for the new hampshire primary today and cnn's jeff zeleny reports with former new york mayor michael bloomberg also considering a run, the democratic candidates are getting more jammed up. >> reporter: beginning in 80 days, the democratic field suddenly growing. former massachusetts governor deval patrick jumping into the 2020 race today in new hampshire after saying no to a run nearly a year ago. he's been watching the campaign from the sidelines and believes there's an opening right down the middle. >> it has felt to me watching the race unfold that we are beginning to break into sort of camps of nostalgia on one hand and big ideas sort of my way or no way on the other.
12:38 pm
>> reporter: talking about two friends now rivals, joe biden and elizabeth warren. >> is joe biden's nostalgic campaign not, working in your view? >> look, i'm a big, big fan of joe biden but i think that the instinct that his campaign seems to have to say, you know, to project in effect if we just, if we just get rid, if you will, of the incumbent we can go back to doing what we used to do and tis is the moment. >> reporter: he praised warren, too, but said he plans aren't unifying. >> i think if we want solutions that last, they can't be solutions that feel to the voting public as if they are just democratic solutions. >> reporter: with former new york city mayor michael bloomberg teasing a run of his own the unsettled nature of the race is coming into sharper view as democrats weigh what kind of candidate and message stands the
12:39 pm
best chance of defeating president trump. hardly a household name even among many democrats patrick began with an introductory video. >> i grew up on the south side of chicago and lived in a two deadroom tenement while on welfare. >> reporter: and invest for a department has could cause grief add warren and sanders rail against big business. patrick acknowledged the steep road ahead offering criticism of the debates that helped shape the campaign. >> watching the debates. not sure it's something to aspire to. >> reporter: saying you don't want to be on the debate stage? >> no, no. i'm saying it's a, just a -- a painful thing to aspire to for the reasons i said. >> reporter: now, perhaps painful, jake, but that is the reality of the race he's facing now. all candidates, of course, want to qualify for the debates. he'll miss next week's debate in georgia, but could qualify for
12:40 pm
the december debate only if he gets donors on his side now. jake, we did hear similar strains to pete buttigieg and joe biden in his message of trying to unify the country. now the challenge, of course, for the former governor, try to carve out his own path. flying to california tomorrow then on to iowa and south carolina. jake, the clock is ticking. >> jeff zephany in beautiful new hampshire. thanks so much. chew over with with my political canal. nia, start with you. governor patrick told the "boston globe" i recognize running for president is a hail mary under any circumstances. this is a hail mary from two stud yum stadiums over. so why do it? >> why do it. a sense among the charity and donor class i think that maybe joe biden isn't as strong as people thought he would be, and maybe somebody like pete buttigieg, two people in the centrist lane, might be a little too young to actually carry this
12:41 pm
thing through. there you have somebody like deval patrick going fon the centrist lane, putting his name in contingent in new hampshire and that might be the path, right, from 9 snthe next state maybe does well there. get some african-american votes if he proves himself in other states. he has a compelling story, right? south side of chicago. grew up poor. went to harvard law and undergrad as well. we've seen that before. getting in late. thinking the great savior. fred thompson as well. media candidates who don't necessarily have a constituency. there might be room for him given that the field is so, so unsettled. in voters, somewhat undecided, too. might look at the same thing with joe biden saying that he might not be as strong as they thought he was. >> jeffrey toobin, listen to governor patrick asked back in 2018 if he was planning to run for president? >> hard to imagine how you even
12:42 pm
get noticed in such a big, broad field without being -- you know, shrill sensational or a celebrity and i'm none of those things and never going to be any of those things. i'm not sure there is a place for me in that mix. >> he's still not shrill sensational or a celebrity. >> notwithstanding being on your program now. >> he will become a celebrity at 4:00. >> immediately. >> exactly. i wrote a long profile of him in "the new yorker" end of last year when it looked he would run. the reason could be summed up in fro words. barack obama. he is personally close to obama. he is a political profile like obama. his wife denise is close to michelle obama. michelle obama tried to talk denise into joining, into being an enthusiastic backer of a patrick candidacy. his great political skill is his ability to control a small room.
12:43 pm
he's great in a living room. it's sort of late to do living rooms now. i mean, if he had been traveling in iowa, been traveling the living many radios of new hampshire. maybe. his biggest skill, i think, is almost irrelevant at this point. >> what is it saying the fact both governor patrick and mayor bloomberg are entering the race or looking like they're enters the race? what does it say about the crop of candidates easy special he those in the center left lane, joe biden, amy klobuchar, pete bt and buttigieg and on and on? >> majority of people are satisfied with the poll of candidates they have. moderate, progressive, whatever their backing is. i think mayor bloomberg and patrick heard from financial centers concerned about biden's candidacy and the strength of it going all the way, and they're
12:44 pm
concerned they're not fans of warren. some outspoken about that and looking for an alternative. to deval patrick's credit, has he has done, i've heard, quality with -- quality wiconsult with a tet people and maybe an opportunity because people are willing to change their vote. what he's looking at. people are not settle on their candidate and might be willing to shift. a different category than mayor bloomberg. patrick is compelling when he speaks. yes, small room. may be way too late, yes, but if people get to know him they might like him. i'm not sure mayor bloomberg has the same quality. >> bring in the congressman. >> enjoying the debate. >> what do you think somebody not a member of the democratic party as you see all of this happen? >> think is spelling trouble for the candidate and where the democratic party is today. reason bloomberg got in, he
12:45 pm
makes it fairly public, the drift left. this notion that, you know, if you listen to the policies of elizabeth warren, they are an economic train wreck. he knows that. he has $52 billion reasons probably to throw up against this problem. i think you're seeing that. they're losing confidence that biden can win and they're seeing a drift left. look at all the numbers for all the candidates, clearly energy in the democratic primary is left of center by far. >> i just called his wife denise. it's diane. wanted to correct that. >> glad you kreshcorrected that >> everyone stick around. take a break. talking to deval patrick at 4:00 p.m. eastern, 1:00 p.m. pacific on "the lead." stay with us to hear that. a community on edge after a school shooting in california leaves two students dead. the search for the suspect over but the hunt for a motive just beginning. stay with us. america's most loved pizza. hot and fresh, and right to your door.
12:46 pm
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12:51 pm
>> wow. we're back with the breaking news. two students are dead. a 16-year-old girl and a 14-year-old boy and several others have been wounded after a different student, a 16-year-old male, opened fire at a southern california school. joining me now to discuss, cnn national security analyst, juliette kayyem, and james gagliano. so juliette, let me start with you. the shooter's in custody, in grave condition. we're told that he walked into the school, shot five students, and then shot himself in the head, but he's still alive. two of the students are dead. what are the first question you would ask if you were able to speak to the shooter. what would you want to know? >> it goes to the two basic questions, motive and means. get a sense of his mental state, what triggered it. today is his birthday. was there a precipitating event. how long had he planned it? was he going after specific suspects? how long had he planned it for. and of course, the means issue. which is, his access to the weapon. he was only 15.
12:52 pm
and while not a semiautomatic or anything, he still should not have had access to that gun. how did he get it? was it a family member? so if you can figure those two pieces out, there's a bigger question about gun violence here, but if you could talk to the suspect, that's what i would be most interested in. this does appear, because it's a murder and attempted suicide, that there's probably not a co-conspirators or others that were involved with it, although others may have known of his interest in guns and/or violence. >> and james, what would you speak to next? authorities mentioned that they are talking to the shooter's mother and girlfriend. >> well, authorities have already used a blend of old school law enforcement tactics, meaning, going out and speaking to witnesses, as well as surveillance video. they received some cctv video and that led them to who the suspect was. ultimately, somebody was transported with the victims, with his victims, to the hospital. jake, number one for me, and i understand that he's in a bad way right now, the subject, and
12:53 pm
they're not able to speak to them just yet. were there any other accomplices? and to juliette's point, not just someone who provided material support or provided a 16-year-old with a weapon that he wasn't allowed to own. and number two, did anybody inspire or direct this individual to do that? look, there's a whole host of mental health issues i'm sure that will be explored. we'll know more as we go forward. number one thing here to leave with the viewer, jake, is this. in these situations, have to remember situational awareness. we simply cannot walk around anymore. you've got to be attuned to your surroundings, run, hide, fight, and tell in that order is what we've got let people know, especially in schools. >> juliette -- >> can i just say? >> go ahead. >> i want to pick up on james' point. this is obviously such a challenge. there are so many kinds of mass shootings now. but this just raises two sort of new data points that the audience should know. the first is just the familiarity that the suspect has with where they're shooting.
12:54 pm
so you know, we sometimes think of newtown or sandy hook, you know, that the guy just walks in and starts shooting. these are students or employees, as we saw in virginia beach, who know the area, so that they have as much knowledge of the security planning as the students that we've trained. so that's the first thing. the second, as we have learned from the press conference, two minutes. that's all it took for police to get there and you still have two dead. several more injured, some severely, and an attempted suicide. so, while we put a lot of emphasis on first responders and that's fantastic, look, nothing -- two minutes is a fantastic response time, and still we're having these killings. >> tragic. juliette and james, thanks so much. appreciate it. turning to our other top stories, the impeachment hearings. how the white house is preparing for the next witness. stay with us. (employee) enterprise car sales has access to over half a million preowned vehicles, most with tech features like blind spot detection, back up camera... [kristen gasps] (employee) because you never know what might be behind you. (kristen bell) does the sloth come standard?
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now president trump has to answer questions about two phone calls. "the lead" starts right now. a new round of impeachment hearings just hours away after a top diplomat lays out new possible proof that president trump cared more about getting to joe biden than helping ukraine. better late than never. a new 2020 contender throws his hat into the ring. deval patrick.
1:00 pm
and breaking news. yet another tragic school shooting, two kids killed at school. the latest on the victims and the stories of terror and confusion classmates. welcome to the lead. i'm jake tapper. president trump today after claiming he did not watch a single minute of the impeachment hearings is now attacking the first witnesses, tweeting, quote, congressman ratcliffe asked the two star witnesses, where is the impeachable event in that call. both stared straight ahead with a blank look on their face, remained silent and were unable to answer the question. that would be the end of a case run by normal people, but not shifty. a reference to the chairman of the committee democrat, adam schiff. and it's true that both witnesses initially remained silent before giving an answer to congressman ratcliffe's question. but it's something of a nonsensical argument, because neither witness was there to advocate for impeachment or even to provide legal analysis. take a listen. >> are either of you here today


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