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tv   S.E. Cupp Unfiltered  CNN  November 16, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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and lower your ability to fight them. before treatment your doctor should check you for infections and tuberculosis. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms such as fevers, sweats, chills, muscle aches or coughs, or if you plan to or recently received a vaccine. ♪ nothing is everything ask your dermatologist about skyrizi. ♪ >> welcome to unfiltered. a tale of two realities. you know the saying, you get the government you deserve. it has never felt more true than this week in two different ways. we had four credible courageous witnesses testify this week in the first round of the impeachment hearings. they painted a picture of
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president trump trying to shake down the ukraine president to bring a probe. it was according to them a coordinated effort, not just a suggestion in a, quote, perfect call. the four told us what they knew. nothing more, nothing less, they provided a patriotic service to the american people at times to the debtment of their own careers, their family and safety. when ambassador finished, she got a standing ovation from the roam. that is a government we deserve. the others made the decision not to be members of congress, not to do their duties and get all the facts.
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instead they decided to be shuled for the president. trotting out fictitious time lines, anything that would disstrakt us from the facts. they claimed this was a mueller report redo. they bitched and wined about the hearsay instead of asking themselves lawmakers used to compete to become trump's favorite todayy. >> september 29 in the wal street journal, quote, the whistleblower will testify in the house very soon. >> i'd like to renew my request that hunter biden's testimony that has been requested. >> the gentleman has expired. >> today's show trial has come
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to an end. we are headed down now to the basement of the capitol to go until what time. we'll be back there hiding again behind closed doors. >> then this morning, congressman jim jordan is not interested in oversight but would rather be the president's press shop. >> i think frankly, things are going well for the president. >> that too, america, is the government we deserve. but things are not going well for the president. on wednesday, the top u.s. diplomat in ukraine bill taylor dropped this information supporting the narrative. >> the member of my staff could hear president trump on the phone asking ambassador sondland about the investigations. ambassador sondland told president trump the ukrainians were ready to move forward. the member of my staff asked
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ambassador sondland what president trump thought about ukraine and he responded that mr. cares more about the investigation of biden. >> the ambassador to ukraine's temperature supported that she was fired supporting the fact that she was smeared. she was originally a pointed by ronald reagan stood in the way. the president actually tweeted out in real time, more attacks on the ambassador who served this country in war zones as she sat in the witness chair because he has no shame. >> as we sit here testifying, the president is attacking you on twitter. i'd like to give you a chance to
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respond. everywhere yovanowoitch went bad. what effect do you think that has on other witnesses to come forward? >> it is very intimidating. >> the most significant investment in all of this came late yesterday behind closed doors. in his opening statement, he discusses being at a restaurant in kiev with ambassador sondland andover hearing the phone call with president trump. he said after the call if that was true that the president did not give a blank about ukraine. sondland stated the president only cares about big stuff. he replied big stuff that helps the president like the biden
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investigation. it may have gotten deeper today. budget official sandy testified five hours behind doors and two more transcripts have been released. the former tim more son official and advisor to vice president pence. both will testify publicly next week. three public witnesses. each telling the same story. each with nothing to gain and everything to lose. yet, two different realities. one side saying this is bad. there are clear abuses of you poer. none of this matters, i want to get the wording just right. a narsistic diplomatic snowflake, self-important nerds. you can decide what the
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president did wasn't impeachable. but three rich pund ant dudes who have not given a single day to devoted service. that is disgraceful. joining me now, former white house service. you actually served. >> you never feel more alive than when the president of the united states is calling you a nut job. it unnerves you. he knows he's doing that. he's got 150 million social media followers. when he's hitting you like that, it's the super bowl audience plus the half. it is disgusting and a form of
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fasism. that is right on the check list. his 5:0 owe lates are going to project. they know he's a nars issist so they project that stuff on the people really telling the truth. >> you know trump, do you think him going after her in real time, is that a signature calf his concern that she's a bad witness for him? >> it is impulse control, an inability to control the situation. he knows he's over the skis. that's the tip of the iceberg. the ukraine calls are the tip of the iceberg. he knows as this thing starts to cascade on him and people feel comfortable. if they are tweeted by him and live without fear, he knows
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there is some more things that will come out. not just the ukrainian stuff. there is 19 # 3 nations in the u.n., there is no way president trump had one or two calls like this. there has to be 25 or 30 messages. so stay strong is the message. don't be intimidated by this. he's supposed to be below the law. there is nobody above the law in our system let's call it for what it is and stick together as americans so we can move on past this guy. don't be intimidated by him. >> we all got to know maria. she did the hard work. people may not know much about david holmes because he testified behind closed doors. he has served since 2002 in places like moscow, kabul,
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moscow. he won an award for destructive dissent for officers that challenge from within. he won that in the obama administration. are republicans picking the wrong fights with these guys? >> i think so. if you just put a democrat in that saet. barack obama or hillary clinton had this kind of lawless behavior, they'd be going up like bottle rockets. what we really need is statesmanship to step back and look at this thing for exactly what it is and say, i don't want to be partisan. i don't care about my personal interest or power. he will likely lose the
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election. hets hope and pray. if he wins, it's game over for the republican party. it will be a man off the hook for four more years. voters will also get a say in 2020. despite all this, i think he's still going to win. do you? >> you have to del me who he's running against. if he's running against one of the socialists, like bernie sanders, he will likely win. >> who can beat him? >> barack obama is sending messaging. the message is hey, don't blow up the entire system. get somewhere in the middle. get somebody that is a moderate this they do that they'll crush
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president trump. he may win but he shouldn't win because you let this guy in the white house another four years with a bunch of yes people controlling that twitter feed. we know, he's turned the listen to what john bolton said. he's turned the foreign policy of the united states into an internal transaction. guys, is that what you really want for the country? it doesn't make any sense to me. i'm proud to speak out about it and against him and proud to let people know. don't be intimidated. we are americans. we are not living in russia or china. we should be able to speak our minds and build a coalition against this wreckless behavior. >> thank you. >> ending the week with a
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>> just hours after the first week came. the biggest news. an aid to the top diplomat described overhearing president trump's phone call with ambassador sondland of ukraine. the day after the call to ukraine's president. the day after, david holmes testified that they and others could clearly hear the call because sondland had to move the phone away from his ear because president trump was speaking to loudly. and said he would do anything including investigating a rival. when the ask came ukraine, it was said the president only cares about the big stuff or the
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biden investigation. a source tells cnn he testified he didn't know why the military aid to ukraine was with hild but the unusual step led him to raise the issue with the omb general council. two more transcripts aid to vice president spence and the head to morrison. testifying that ambassador to the eu. all three will be among the eight witnesses scheduled foretell advised hearings next week. ambassador sondland will be asked about that trump phone call. joining me is democratic congresswoman on the judiciary and foreign affairs committee. welcome. ambassador sondland has already testified. given sub squnt testimony that followed, do you believe he
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purgered himself? >> i think he did. he came across a little cavalier. after several other people testified to what he participated in, he rushed to clean it up. it is possible he didn't clean it up enough. it will be very interesting to see what he has to say this week. >> i hope he's getting some good legal advise. what are you hoping hear him clarify that he didn't already talk about the last time? >> the last time, he didn't say that witness wags actually happened, the quid pro quo. he cleaned it up to add that. he didn't tell us about that phone call. now this time, i would expect him to say and i'm sure his counsel will tell him this. that he needs to say that phone call took place, that call that
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was overheard in the restaurants and we know that the russians must have listened into. can you imagine picking up the phone in a public place and talking to the president of the united states. >> almost like they don't know what they are doing. >> or care. talking about the defense of hearsay when has led to the convictions of countless bad guys. david holmes heard him say it as well. your thoughts on that strategy. >> i think that they have been prepped in the president's method of responding, which is to deny. first they said, it was here say. then they said we were meeting behind secret doors and no one was allowed in. we've done all of this. they cannot deal with the
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substance of what they are learning. when they say it is hearsay and you have the ambassador come forward and say i was on the call. i think the next move will be to say, yes, all that happened but it wasn't that serious. it's the exact same method the president uses. they are performing for an audience of one. it is very sad to see my colleagues lower the standard so far to go along with what they know is criminal behavior. >> we heard a number of democrats shift from calling what the president did from quid pro quo to a crime, bribery. is that because you are worried the american people are confused? >> no. ithink it is because kwid prokboe. it might be complicated for some
3:22 pm
people. but it minimizes it. bribery is clear. it is a crime. he essentially told this new president whose country is under attack, i am going to withhold aid from you unless you do what i need you to do which is interfere in an upcoming election. you think about the mueller report telling us what the president had done in the past. this is the president in the middle of a new election attempting to interfere in an election and involved in criminal behavior. what he did to threaten the ambassador was witness intimidation. i think that even bigger than that, he was siending a message to anyone else thinking of coming forward. this is what i will do to you if you do speak up.
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>> congresswoman. thank you for your time tonight. another week, another latentry into the clown car. nearly 75% of democratic voters are happy with the primary field the way it is right now so what gives. iowa has held first vote status. why then are democrats becoming increasingly vocal about changing that? that and more still to come. r ee numbers to examine investment opportunities firsthand. like a biotech firm that engineers a patient's own cells to fight cancer. this is strategic investing. because your investments deserve the full story. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. there's a company that's talked than me: jd power.people
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>> over the past few months democrats have been traveling the country making the pitch to voters. made speeches, held rallies. the process has worked. the field is narrowing. voters are consolidating. the vote votes go down in iowa in less than three months. in election terms, that is right around the corner. now is a terrific time for most people we have never heard of to enter the race. who is duval patrick. up until this weekend, he held a post as medical director of ban capital, a close personal friend of barack obama and until recently sat on the board of the
3:28 pm
obama foundation. he made his first campaign speech today. >> i am not running, my friends, to be president of the democrats. i am running to be president of the united states. there's a difference. i'm not talking about a moderate agenda. this is no time for a moderate agenda. i'm talking about being woke while leaving room for the still waking. >> i said it last week. i'll say it again. have you guys lost your minds? nearly 75% of the democratic public is satisfied with the field. all this does is tell voters democrats are worried they cannot beat trump. they should be worried about
3:29 pm
these late entries. >> you can sense my skas peration. there are concerns among democratic elises that they don't think joe biden can bring it across the finish line. they are concerned with candidates like elizabeth warren. i thi i think deval patrick jumping in shows there is serious concern. >> this is the field. he should have run. >> i'm from massachusetts. i know who he is. our office is like next to a giant mall. i don't think you could find five people in that mall that know him. >> i don't think that's his problem. he has three problems. there is already a little bit of
3:30 pm
this reporting out here about him in 2014 interceding on behalf of his former brother in-law with state officials that is not a good look. can't believe he didn't do his own due diligence. >> so we have a skeleton. >> i don't know how he's going to get the individual donors and the polling up. by then the game could be over. finally, that was a great line about being woke but leaving room for the awakening. you have a situation where people are looking for someone who is a little bit of a fugilist. >> too nice. >> it's going to be tough going in cold. >> isn't trump loving this? >> of course he is.
3:31 pm
spending at least a billion dollars. showing that democrats are all over. it is clear there is a shift in the democratic country they are going to have a difficult time around one single message. >> they are providing money and donors of course. >> democrats are all over the place now. conservatives move from conservatism to trumpism. >> that should be a warning to democrats. it is not settled yet. i thinks that what gave room for deval patriotic and mayor
3:32 pm
bloomberg to get in the race. if klobuchar, bennett and others are not waved and people didn't think biden was waning, you wouldn't see them in the race. >> democrats need to figure out if they want to have these big grand ideaser saying how are we going to pay for any of these things. how are you going to stay home? >> it is messi. >> get your ish together. stay there. we'll be talking about something totally different next. the biden camp has been lowering expectations in iowa but not the only democrat concerned. we'll tackle that next.
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from accidentally visiting sites that aren't secure. and if someone trys we'll let you know. xfi advanced security. if it's connected, it's protected. call, click, or visit a store today. >> in the red file tonight, iowa or bust as we await the results from the latest cnn from the poll coming out tonight at 8:00. biden has been falling in the last few years. some wondering why the state
3:37 pm
gets such out sized importantance. it is 90% white. castro has been the first to speak out against it. his press secretary said he won't be held hostage to tactics that indefinitely prevent reform. the caucuses are held on a monday night in february which some believe is hard on working families. should iowa lose the status as the first in the country? going to our guests. iowa has been first since the '70s which means democrats have had 50 years to reconsider it. they've had years to prepare for iowa. it is not a secret it is coming
3:38 pm
first. these complaints seem to me a little whiney. >> it is whiney in this sense, you are running for president. you know the rules. it is preposterous that iowa and new hampshire get to go first because of the demographic analysis. you don't even have to get to the demographic analysis. any first grader should tell you people take turns. they will stay well the people of iowa and the people of new hampshire take it seriously. we turn out. we go to the diners. guess what, if oregon and tennessee were first, they would all go out. >> that's not even true, only a sliver of the iowa population turn out. in 2015, 15% turned out for the
3:39 pm
democratic caucus. they are involved but the turn out is not actually high. there are parts of the map and the calendar, for republicans as well. california moving up so early. that's not great for republicans. they can't gain the calendar and the map so either party gets advantage. this is the map, this is the calendar. >> both sides need to be mindful. the electoral map are changing. places like georgia and texas could very well become blue states and other places have become solidly red. that will change the map count. so i'm not particularly concerned with whether iowa or new hampshire is first. in the long run, the maps are going to change and the strategy
3:40 pm
you've designed, they will be different then. >> cough it up, iowa. cough it up. >> to play devil's advocate, do democrats worry that appearing to discount white voters in iowa sends the wrong message? >> because castro knows he doesn't have a chance here, he's in a situation where he can say what the more competitive candidates can't. we go back to, you got in the race, you knew the rules. you are not winning if you are not playing by process. all democrats should listen to pra president obama on this. in 2008, they were skeptical a black person could win iowa. he won iowa. they did everything according to the a, b question. you don't like that i don't wear a flag pin. flag pin on.
3:41 pm
you don't like me in my short sleeves, jacket on. they wanted to win. >> the maps are changing. it doesn't matter if those states remain number one or two 10 or 15 years from now. >> to me, it has always been silly. >> castio is looking for attention here s.e. >> the democrat who usually wins the iowa caucus usually wins. not the case for republicans. usually it does not brpredict t republican nominee. thank you. the president shot shouldn't come as a surprise.
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. >> manufacture mind donald trump the self-proclaimed billionaire certified member of the corporate establishment, part of the elite. he spent his first term speaking out against anyone who disagrees with him. whether that is folks in the intelligence community, any number of the long gone advisors people who he hired or a pointed
3:47 pm
got on his bad sides to the swamp seekers. establishment under trump really means critic. and a war on expertise. it is a blemish, a mark of out of touchness. that war on so-called eliteism is corroding our politics. people who care about things like decency, the truth are whim ps. real men, trump's kind of men don't have time for decency and honor. real men are crass and insult their enemies and lying is part of the job. that will likely be part of his appeal in 2020. joining me now, an elite himself, the author of the new
3:48 pm
book, in defense of eliteism, why i'm better than you. i want to get your thoughts on impeachment, joel. you wrote in the washington post that impeachment is an elitist trap. what do you mean by that? >> first of all, i'm not a real man. >> you are not. >> i fear the way a lot of trump supporters look at impeachment, they think it is something for the elite. people that don't want a yacht, they just want to give a ted talk. others think of it as trickery and loyally and playing games and not looking out for the people. this could easily backfire. if you are not getting trump out of office, what is the end result. i fear it is going to make a lot
3:49 pm
of people like trump more. >> it does seem we elitist are deeply bothered by things like lying and cheaping and trump defenders not so much. where does that come from. >> there is this believe there is a corrupt world and that the elite are really good at corruption and what you need is a leader probably equally corrupt but on your team. that's a dangerous view of the world. america is not as corrupt as everyone keeps saying. if you keep saying it is, it becomes that way. then we are in real trouble. >> you write about visiting the county in texas where the highest percentage of trump voters live. what would you tell someone like elizabeth warren about those people? >> i would say those people are scared of you and you should
3:50 pm
listen to their pain and not just sum it up economically. people who are going through these great changes who people like you and i who live in big cities don't think is a big deal like guy marriage and transsexual to just boil it down to economics is wrong. people are feeling like -- >> bigotry. >> all kinds of changes are happening. if you're a white christian in rural america, you feel acceleration more than you feel speed. even though you're still the most powerful group, you have less power than you used to and things have changed. to not realize those things are happening is a problem. >> just like i don't like to paint all trump voters with a broad brush, i'm wondering if we should be careful not to paint elitists with all the same brush too. i'm well educated, i went to ivy league schools, i went to a
3:51 pm
city, i'm comfortable financially. also i vote republican most of the time. >> oh, yeah. >> i hunt and fish. i know churchgoing folk. all of us elites are not all the same, right? >> there's republican elites and there's democrat elites but we all can get along and hang out together. we all basically live the same way, eat the same foods, believe in the basic things. but i do think this country, and europe too, this is not just america at all, india, all kind of places, are tearing apart from the old conservative sides to elite populist side. you and i wouldn't greed on that much six years ago, are agreeing on a lot more now. if we don't come together against populism, we're going to suffer if we have the old fight of how much communism, how much capitalism. >> joel stein, "in defense of elitism," thanks, joel. >> thanks, read it. erica.
3:52 pm
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"ana cabrera and cnn newsroom" is next.
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there's a company that's talked than me: jd power.people 448,134 to be exact. they answered 410 questions in 8 categories about vehicle quality. and when they were done, chevy earned more j.d. power quality awards across cars, trucks and suvs than any other brand over the last four years. so on behalf of chevrolet, i want to say "thank you, real people." you're welcome. we're gonna need a bigger room. good evening. i'm ana cabrera in new york. nearly 50 years after the phrase "follow the money" became part of our national lexicon, we are following the money again. $400 million to be exact. that was held up in aid to ukraine. tonight in new damning testimony just released, we have learned a former top


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