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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  November 16, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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there's a company that's talked than me: jd power.people 448,134 to be exact. they answered 410 questions in 8 categories about vehicle quality. and when they were done, chevy earned more j.d. power quality awards across cars, trucks and suvs than any other brand over the last four years. so on behalf of chevrolet, i want to say "thank you, real people." you're welcome. we're gonna need a bigger room. good evening. i'm ana cabrera in new york. nearly 50 years after the phrase "follow the money" became part of our national lexicon, we are following the money again. $400 million to be exact. that was held up in aid to ukraine. tonight in new damning testimony just released, we have learned a former top white house national
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security aide told impeachment investigators that gordon sondland, the eu ambassador at the center of this european ukraine scandal, claimed to be acting on trump's orders when conveying demands, demands that democrats equate to a bribe, to get ukraine to investigate his political rival, joe biden. also backing that theory up, a state department witness who says he personally heard the president ask about investigations into the bidens. david holmes testified trump called this eu ambassador sondland and was talking so loudly the ambassador had to hold the phone away from his ear, and what he heard was ambassador sondland telling trump the president of ukraine loves your bleep, to which trump responded, so he's going to do the investigation? he's going to do it, sondland replied. let's get to cnn's lauren fox on capitol hill. this is going to be putting sondland in even more precarious position going into these hearings next week. >> that's right, and tim
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morrison's deposition transcript, just released a few minutes ago, essentially builds on the case that eu ambassador sondland was getting direction directly from president donald trump, who was pushing the ukrainians to announce these investigations. what morrison testified was that sondland quote was discussing these matters with the president, and he went on to say that he believed that gordon sondland and president trump had spoken approximately five times between july 25th, the date of that phone call between president trump and zelensky, and september 11th, when that nearly $400 million in u.s. military aid was finally released. what he said was on one of those calls on september 7th, he spoke with gordon sondland after sondland had gotten off the phone with trump. he said quote he told me he had just gotten off the phone with the president, he told me as it relates to ambassador taylor's statement there was to quid pro quo, but president zelensky must announce the opening of the investigations, and he should want to.
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ana? >> tim morrison provided new details about what happened with that july 25th phone call transcript being moved to that highly classified server, right? what did he say? >> that's obviously a key detail that was included in the whistle-blower complaint, but what morrison said was that he talked to the nsc's top lawyer, isenberg, who told him it had been placed there by miswake. "john eisenberg relayed he had not asked for it to be put in there but the executive secretary of staff misunderstood his recommendation for how to restrict access." now ana, next week is going to be a huge week because we'll hear publicly from gordon sondland, the eu ambassador, and tim morrison, whose transcript we're reading tonight. >> the plot thickens, thank you so much for all that. cnn political commentator and former special assistant to president george w. bush, scott jennings, and cnn political commentator, former democratic
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mayor of tallahassee, andrew galen. scott, you described the first impeachment hearing with diplomatic officials bill taylor, george kent, as a lost day for democrats because in your opinion nothing had happened to change public opinion. since then we've seen new transcripts, a state department official telling congress he personally heard trump demand investigations into the bidens. we've seen that emotional testimony from ukraine ambassador marie yovanovitch about the attacks on her by the president and his allies. do you still feel nothing has happened to move public opinion? >> well, i don't think public opinion has changed yet. let's be honest, folks are entrenched in their corners. i've been dubious anything could happen in american politics for the next year that would really change public opinion. donald trump's approval rating has existed in a narrow band since he took office. however, i do think that these people that overheard this phone call in this restaurant, which as new thing, does change the
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game a little bit. it ups the stakes for the sondland testimony. the only person here that i think at this point we really need to hear from is sondland. he talked to the president are, he knows what happened, he was in the middle of this. even yovanovitch on friday, who by the way i found very compelling and i'm a big fan of our career foreign service officers, she admitted she didn't have a lot of information jermaine to the actual inquiry. sondland's the key. if i were him, i'd be nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. he's on thin ice and he needs to tell the truth because there's a lot of folks that witnessed some of the activities he was involved in. >> i'd like to get your opinion, mayor galen, about whether you think enough has been shown to the american people to actually move public opinion. >> yeah, well first, i think we have to acknowledge that the presentation by ambassador yovanovitch was compelling from every single angle. most people don't really know the inner worrings of the state
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department. it's very aloof, what they do abroad on behalf of the united states. and frankly, our larger security, ambassador yovanovitch pulled back an important layer and showed the real human element and toll. and although that is not her goal while she gave testimony yesterday, if she were a recruiter, i believe she would have recruited a whole new generation of americans into the foreign services by showing the dedicated, committed work that was happening. to see all of that upended by giuliani, apparently at the direction of the president of the united states, was a deep offense, not just to her, not just to the foreign services and the career service officers, but to this country. and i think she made that argument very, very clear yesterday in a very compelling way. >> mayor, when the average person at home is watching this, i would imagine there are some people who were thinking, yeah,
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but that's in ukraine, that's thousands of miles away, how is this impacting me as an american? let me ask you this question, because the president tweeted this morning, dow hits 28,000, first time ever, highest ever, gee, pelosi and shift have a good idea, let's impeach the president, if something like that ever happened it would lead to the biggest fall in market history, it's called a depression, not a recession, so much for 401 ss and jobs. do you think the president has do -- the they've done a good enough job, this is about bribery and the constitution when the president boasts the dow jones is above 28,000? >> it's not just about those things, though those things are important, it's also about the safety and security of this country. the department of state and what happens abroad through our embassies, quite frankly, when they are effective at their work, we don't have to send our men and women abroad to put their lives on the line in defense of the national security
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interests of this country. when that goes awry, when people can no longer trust the united states and its word that we're going to act in the best interests of this country, also the historic role that we have played quite frankly for the world, all of that has been upended by this administration. what is up is now down. what is down is now up. this administration has turned it topsy-turvy. and that's the lightest phrase i could use to describe this. i believe that the american people are paying attention. i'll give you just one example. i was on a plane yesterday. rarely when i look around the plane do i see on every single screen the same thing playing. everyone was tuned in for the television stations that i could see from where i sat. that means we're paying attention. the more they see, the more they learn. i think the more deeply offended they'll become. >> scott, you talked about your respect for these career diplomats like marie yovanovitch. three career diplomats, people who have dedicated their life to
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service to this country, testified about things they thought were huge red flagged, yet they were quickly dismissed and even mocked by some of the president's defenders. >> we have here a bunch of professional nerds who wear their bowties and they have their proper diplo speak. >> we heard from two self important, uncompelling, seemingly more important than they are, bureaucrats. >> just like the geniuses who testified today, the two homeless guys. >> fish are not this hydrated, he's always taking -- throughout the hearing took slugs from this thing. >> is he on the treadmill with the water bottle? >> this endless parade of washed-up bureaucrats and foreign service officers. >> they look like people who sat by themselves at recess. >> scott, what's happening here? are these witnesses so credible the only thing left is to take cheap shots at their looks and the water bottle on the table? >> i think what's happening is that there are people who make a
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living defending the president at all costs, even if it means making a fool of themselves in the process. the fact is these people are career professionals. they have things to say. not everything they had to say was jermaine to the matter. but they had things to say, they said it, they did their professional duty, they've served their country. we ought to thank them and move on. that's what made the president's move on friday, to attack the ambassador with the tweets while she was testifying, frankly, strategically stupid. she was talking in a very heartfelt way about her service, about the things she thought should be happening. some of it wasn't in line with the timeline of the events that we're talking about. the white house could have easily let it go and frankly pointed out the places where she said she thought the trump administration had a better policy on ukraine than obama, they could have let it go. they couldn't let it go, he tweeted about it, which caused the republicans to have to walk on eggshells when they were questioning with it. these people serve our country.
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i believe in american soft power. they are the instruments of our soft power. it's how we project our goodness around the world. their jobs are not easy, we don't pay much. when we ask them to come answer our questions we should say thank you. i reject all this, i think there's a way to argue this without being hateful to the people who serve america. >> rudy giuliani's name came up in terms of pushing this investigation into the bidens and this smear campaign against ambassador yovanovitch. how congressman gordon has defended rudy giuliani. >> the president's allowed to have who he wants involved in diplomatic concerns. >> so you think it's fine for the president to basically get one of his personal attorneys to encourage the investigation of a u.s. citizen, to -- >> all i'm saying is presidents have had bono do diplomatic missions -- >> has bono investigated a political rival of a president
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that i don't know about? >> no, that's not what happened here. but the president was rightly concerned about what happened in 2016 -- >> mayor, he says it's no different than sending bono of u2 on a diplomatic mission. what do you think of that argument? >> i mean, it's flat ridiculous. jim jordan has been making olympic moves as he has sat through these public hearings. frankly because the news that has come from it has been extremely upsetting and there's no other defense than to sidetrack. listen, it is very clear that giuliani played a role, designated him by the president, that obfuscated the official chains of communication for diplomatic work. even ambassador yovanovitch gave the appropriate steps that would have been taken had the united states, as a part of our foreign policy, been interested in a deeper investigation into what has already been debunked by the
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u.s. intelligence community, which has said and stated quite plainly that it was the russians who attempted to impact the 2016 elections. not ukraine. yet they're chasing this personal prerogative of the president, which is inconsistent and not a part of the official u.s. foreign policy. >> scott, let me pivot. i have to ask you about the conviction of long-time trump associate roger stone yesterday on seven felonies, including lying to congress. a lot of people have gone to prison in service of this president. michael cohen, paul manafort, michael flynn, rick gates, george papadopoulos, roger stone is on his way. why do you do it? >> i don't know but there's a word in every column, lying, lying to somebody, lying to congress, lying somewhere. so my advice to people in this world, whether you're in politics or anything else, don't lie. don't lie, just tell the truth. most of the time -- >> that's what we teach our children. that's what i tell my
4:14 pm
3-year-olds. seems like an easy concept. >> completely. in these investigations lying gets you in trouble. the underlying issues often can be resolved by telling the truth and saying, i'm here to be honest, i'm here -- when ewe lie, you're in a whole world of trouble. don't lie. i don't know what else to tell people. it seems like an old lesson. i remember reading it in an old text we studied on sundays. don't lie, everything will be okay. >> can i add, the timing of this thing is quite interesting. we expect for ambassador sondland now to give testimony again, and this time it will be open. the fact that we have all just witnessed what happened this last week on friday, and obviously this chart you've shown, this should be a very, very, very clear signal to him that when he is before the congress of the united states and the american people, he best tell the truth. >> he's already revised his testimony that was behind closed doors, now he's seen what's been publicized in terms of the other
4:15 pm
transcripts, it will be a very interesting hearing. his testimony set for this wednesday, there will be additional testimony as well this week. scott jennings and mayor andrew gi gillem, thank you. colin kaepernick, the embattled quarterback out of the nfl over three years, attacked by president trump for his decision to kneel during the national anthem, the subject of a nike ad campaign, finally getting his chance to work out for nfl teams today. and then minutes before the most-anticipated job interview of his in years, everything changed. can my side be firm? and my side super soft? with the sleep number 360 smart bed you can both adjust your comfort with your sleep number setting. can it help keep me asleep? absolutely, it intelligently senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. and snoring? no problem...and done. will it help me keep up with him? yup. so, you can really promise better sleep? not promise. prove. don't miss the final days to save $1,000 on the new
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sources are talking about a secret men between the president, giuliani, and these shady characters at the white house. vicki is here with these exclusive details. what happened and why did this happen? >> so ana, it's december last year. hanukkah party at the white house. 500 donors packed into the room. lev, igor, the presidey slip ou private meeting with the president, where according to sources, right after the meeting the president tasks par nus and fruman to go to ukraine, to be his investigators. parnas called it a great
4:21 pm
crusade. he said it was like a james bond mission. he called trump "the big guy." and the idea ana, there was a sort of quid pro quo, a different quid pro quo from the july 25th phone call. the idea was that parnas would offer the then president of ukraine a u.s. state visit if the president and his prosecutor general announced investigations into the bidens. >> again, investigations into the bidens is what the president was requesting, trying tone list these two guys to help him get that. we have a photo of parnas that he shared on social media from that night. here you see it's with parnas, fruman, the president, vice president pence, giuliani. clearly he wanted people to see the level of access. >> well, he did. until he went to ukraine in february. my sources say, it's quite
4:22 pm
interesting that there are no more photographs on social media of lev parnas with the president, who remember, ana, came out and said, the day after lev parnas was arrested, that he did not know these gentlemen. so, you know, it might look like that the president wanted some plausible deniability, some distance between himself and lev parnas. >> as i understand it, a lot has happened since then. you say that parnas also has maybe had a change of heart about how he feels about the president? >> right, so lev parnas is, according to my sources, a very emotional man who really worshipped the big guy, the president. his lawyers confirmed to us that he really did believe he was working at the direction of donald trump and under him, rudy giuliani. so when the president said he didn't know him, this was extraordinarily upsetting.
4:23 pm
and that is why i think you do now see him turning, him wanting to cooperate, him wanting to tell his story. >> cnn has found at least eight times since 2014 where parnas and the president were with each other, but there's other reporting that shows they may have spoken even before this white house meeting, right? >> oh, for sure. yet another meeting that no one had known about or reported on in utica in august of 2018 where the president and lev parnas were in a very small group of about 20 mostly republican donors at a fund-raiser. and they had an exchange, actually thought about ukraine, about nafta, about the midterms. but my sources say that 11 partner that is was clearly pleased about the interaction,
4:24 pm
clearly proud to sort of call the president on one level a friend. >> quickly if you will, what are giuliani and the white house saying about this? >> so the white house did not respond to repeated requests for comment. giuliani through his lawyer, robert costello, denied that the meeting took place and said that lev parnas is no sean connery, which is interesting. >> referencing james bond. >> yes. it's interesting, because if he thought lev parnas was such a fan that cyst, why spend so much time hanging out with him? >> great question. thank you so much. ( ♪ ) ( ♪ )
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involving colin kaepernick. i've being off the field nearly three years, he practiced in front of representatives from several nfl teams in atlanta today. but the workout was abruptly moved to a high school football stadium south of the city at almost the last minute. it was supposed to be held at the atlanta falcons training facility in a northern suburb but the location was switched we're told so media could be present, so the process could be more transparent. kaepernick's football career took a hard turn after he began kneeling during the national anthem to protest social and racial injustice. that sparked arguably the biggest social justice movement in sports. a powerful nike campaign, nfl settlement, and even tweets from president trump. cnn's andy scholes joins us now. busy day, tell us more about this decision to move the practice and what came of it. >> reporter: it certainly was a wild day, ana. it wasn't the plan but colin
4:30 pm
kaepernick finally did take the field at this high school stadium south of atlanta. in what he hopes is the next step of getting back into the nfl. once he was on the field he did some stretching, he then threw many pats to the receivers he brought with him to this stadium, short passes, deep passes. after the workout was over kaepernick walked down the field and went and greeted and signed autographs for the hundreds of fans that just showed up to this stadium once it became public. kaepernick did not speak with the media and take questions, but he did give us a statement. >> i've been ready for three years. i've been denied for three years. we all know why i came out here, showed it today in front of everybody. we have nothing to hide. so we're waiting for the 32 owners, the 32 teams, roger goodell, all of them, to stop running, stop running from the truth, stop running from the people. we're out here, we're ready to play, we're ready to go
4:31 pm
anywhere. my agent jeff malley is ready to talk to any team, interview any team any time. i've been ready, i'll stay ready, i'll continue to be ready. >> reporter: as i said a moment ago, this stadium was not the plan today. the plan was to have this workout at the atlanta falcons practice facility. the nfl was going to hold the workout, it was going to be a closed session, the media was not going to be allowed. the media, myself and others, were outside the falcons practice facility, waiting for kaepernick to arrive. i watched many team personnel, scouts, arrive at the facility. other people were there, waiting for this workout to start. 45 minutes, right before it was to begin, kaepernick's representatives announced it was off. one of the reasons they announced it was off was because the nfl wanted kaepernick to sign a liability waiver that included some employment terms. i caught up with kaepernick's agent here at the field, jeff naturally, and asked him what went wrong today?
4:32 pm
>> colin worked out yesterday here at a university. they asked for an injury waiver as well. so colin and the four receivers here, they all signed it, no problem. we allowed them to sign it. we sent that form to the nfl league office. and they denied it. the one that they sent over was five or six pages, and his lawyers had problems with it. >> what was the biggest problem with it? >> i'll let the lawyers talk about that. but there were -- they wanted him to waive his right to certain claims and issues. again, the purpose for a waiver like that is to protect them if he gets hurt or his receivers get hurt, and that's not what that waiver was. >> reporter: nalley telling me in the end he feels that the nfl putting on this unprecedented workout for kaepernick was just a pr stunt. the nfl did release a very lengthy statement saying they were disappointed that kaepernick and his
4:33 pm
representatives decided to move and leave their scheduled workout to this stadium here, and they did say that they sent kaepernick just a standard waiver. now ana, when we were at the falcons' practice facility waiting for the workout to begin, i saw at least 20 scouts enter that facility to watch that workout. once we got to the stadium here, only eight scouts came to this workout. will one of those eight scouts end up signing colin kaepernick? we'll have to wait and see. president trump didn't tell anyone he was going to the hospital today. the white house says it was a quick, routine exam. he had nothing else on his schedule anyway. dr. sanjay gupta has questions. you'll hear from him. and we're live from the white house next. celebrating a successful business trip together is easy,
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and ask for it by name. president trump today made an unexpected and unannounced trip to the doctor's office. recorders covering the white house were asked to keep quiet about the president's visit to walter reed medical center until he arrived there. cnn's jeremy diamond is at the white house for us. why the hush-hush around this visit, and what is the official explanation for it? >> well, ana, president trump headed to walter reed national military medical center earlier today for what the white house says was the first part of his routine annual physical exam. it is early, considering that the president last got his physical exam about nine months ago. he typically gets it at the beginning of the new year. the white house press secretary, stephanie grisham, said the president was simply anticipating a busy 2020 and wanted to take advantage of some free time that he had in washington. but ana, it's the white house's handling of this trip to walter reed that is raising concerns
4:39 pm
and questions. unlike the last two years when the white house had announced the president's physical visit ahead of time, put it on the daily schedule, today it was an unannounced visit to walter reed medical center. in fact, the reporters traveling with the president today were not told where they were headed, they were not allowed to report that the president was leaving the white house, was making movements as we call it in town. and stephanie grisham, white house press secretary, has sought to dispel any notion there were other health concerns afoot that prompted this visit. she said in a statement after a quick exam and labs the president is headed back downtown, the president remains healthy and energetic without complaints as demonstrated by his repeated vigorous rallying performances in front of thousands of americans several times a week. the white house said the president did meet with the family of a special forces soldier who was recently injured in afghanistan while he was at walter reed. >> jeremy diamond at the white house, thank you. a short time ago i spoke to
4:40 pm
our chief medical correspondent, dr. sanjay gupta, who told me the reason could very well be routine, but as a physician he has some questions. >> it's definitely a bit curious. i would like to know, did the medical team at walter reed, had they been planning for this, planning for a presidential visit? the walter reed process, as jeremy mentioned did they know far ahead of time as they usually do, or were they sort of told about it today? that would be an important question to know. it's unusual in that it's early. typically it's a yearlies if. there's many routine tests that can be done at the white house. if he's going to walter reed what would the specific tests? things like scanning, those types of things can be done at walter reed that maybe can't be done at the white house. we know he has a common form of heart disease. was there a particular test that was being done for that? was he having some sort of symptoms? nobody is suggesting he had any
4:41 pm
kind of symptoms but if someone goes into the hospital a few months early, i think that would be a reasonable question to ask as well. when did the medical team at walter reed, who would usually spend a lot of time preparing for this sort of thing, when did they know about this? again, we don't have the answer to that question right now. >> we'll bring you any other updates to this story as we get them. coming up, a big governor's race tonight the president is casting as a referendum on impeachment. >> the republicans are coming. sir? our poll numbers are going through the roof, do you think we could keep this going? i said, do me a favor, let's get it ended. they said, let's keep it going, president, it's so great. most is the one you give to the person who believes in you...all year long. every best. gift. ever begins with kay.
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the latest candidate to officially join the 2020 race makes a pitch to california democrats, but how many democrats in california or elsewhere are open to supporting duvall patrick at this stage of the game? cnn's kim law said there was booing and some thumbs down when patrick took the stage today in long beach. he later asked patrick about that negative response about him getting into an already crowded race. is he hurting the democratic party? >> look, i -- i understand it. although i think, you know -- they'll -- i understand it because that's sort of a -- a narrative that some people want to pursue. look. i'm going to have to win everybody's confidence and everyone's vote, whether they have a first impression that's
4:47 pm
favorable or a first impression that's not. >> this is just one topic up for discussion with cnn senior political writer and analyst harry antin. this was duvall patrick's first major event on the campaign trail since he entered the campaign a few days ago. what does it do to the party to have a late entrant to a race like this? >> if it was a powerful late entrant like michelle obama, i think that would completely screw the field up and everything would be very strange. the fact is most voters don't know who duvall patrick is and most voters are satisfied with the field currently or before duvall. 69% of voters were satisfied with their choices, a little under 30% wanted more voices, so the question i am asking myself is, what is duvall patrick exactly seeing right now in the democratic electorate that makes him think he himself, who is not well known by voters nationwide, can go and shake up the field? so i just don't really get it, if i'm being honest with you.
4:48 pm
>> we've been following the field for months. all these candidates, all 18, except patrick, have been in places like iowa, new hampshire, early contests. they've been there for weeks, months, working the ground, meeting with voters. i mean, does patrick have a chance in a place like iowa, new hampshire? >> you know, the only polling that i've seen from any of those places is about a year old. it suggested that patrick was running well behind in new hampshire, despite the fact that he was from right next door in massachusetts, where he was governor. i should point out patrick does probably need to make a strong showing in iowa. if you look through history what you see is that if you're going to be the nominee, pretty much all of them finish in either first, second, or third. the one exception since 1972 was john mccain, he finished fourth. but the media spun that as a third place finish with fred thomps thompson. if duvall patrick is going to have to make up ground, he's going to have to make it up in iowa and quickly. >> a new iowa poll we're going to be debuting in about 12
4:49 pm
minutes, stay tuned for that. another developing gubernatorial election this evening in louisiana, the polls are still open there. this is a race that pits democratic incumbent john bell edwards against republican challenger eddie rispone. president trump was campaigning for rispone. what are you watching? >> another great example of pitting local factors versus national factors. john bell edwards a popular governor, approval rating above 50%. so is donald trump's approval rating in that state, above 50%. there are going to be a lot of voters who may like edwards as governor, also like trump as president, those are the voters i'm keep an eye on. do they go with the local factors? do they go with donald trump? if the voters go with trump, the republican wins. if they go with what they feel about governor edwards, he's going to win. i'm expecting a very, very close match, it's going to be a barn burner tonight. >> stay with for those
4:50 pm
results. thank you, good to see you. it is the kind of clientele that has gotten the president in trouble with watchdog groups. why is the trump organization touting that whoever buys their hotel in d.c. will get to keep the turnstile spinning for wealthy foreign leaders? " t-mobile makes the holidays easier... this. because right now when you buy one of the latest samsung phones you get one free. on that. so you can post this... ...score this... there like this... ...and share all of this... ...with that. so do this, on that, with us. now, buy a samsung galaxy s10 or note 10 and get one free.
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more rain is expected in the waterlogged city of venice in the next few days putting even more strain on as it struggles to clean up from high waters. that is tuesday. venice has seen some of the most devastating flooding in a half century. six-foot high tide levels
4:55 pm
engulfed some 85% of the streets and buildings in venice damaging huge parts of the city, soaking many of the most valuable cultural and historical sites including st. mark's basilica. forecasters say tides of more than 4 feet could still hit venice in the next few days. it is the cultural and financial center of the united states and also a big target for terrorists. on tomorrow's brand gnaw episode of "this is life" lisa ling embeds with the nypd to find out what it takes to keep the city safe. >> reporter: for everyone who sees something and says something, calls are routed to a quiet, cubicle lined office building in the financial district. it is here where a handful of detectives process all terrorism related tips across the five boroughs. so, sergeant, your team fields hundreds of calls week to week. can you give me examples of what kinds of calls would warrant further investigation? >> suspicious packages, something that sounds out of the
4:56 pm
ordinary. just based on a phone call. we have to determine whether or not it is something that has to be investigated further. >> most tips end without incident. today the city appears quiet. >> now, this substance, what was it in that it was found in? it was just thrown into the garbage bag? thank you. >> but when a call comes in -- the mood changes. be shaur to tune in. >> a brand gnaw episode of "this is life" with lisa ling airs tomorrow night at 10:00 on cnn. now a cnn exclusive. the trump organization is courting potential buyers for the glitzy downtown washington hotel with a very unusual sales pitch. cnn's brian todd has the story. >> reporter: for sale. a crown jewel in the trump real estate empire. >> with the notable exception of
4:57 pm
1600 pennsylvania avenue, this is the most coveted piece of real estate in washington, d.c. the best location. >> reporter: since its opening just before president trump was elected the trump international hotel a few blocks from the white house has been one of the places to be seen in the nation's capital. saudi officials, business eelites, political power brokers, constantly shuttling through the lobby. cnn has seen but can't show a glossy brochure for possible buyers of the hotel. it highlights the elegant architecture, the luxurious suites, the himalayan salt chamber spa. the brochure also says there is quote tremendous upside for a new owner to fully capitalize on government related business. trump's been skewered by ethics watch dogs for doing just that booking rooms to officials from foreign governments. >> every time they do that, it violates the constitutional prohibition, the president making profits from foreign
4:58 pm
governments. >> the new brochure says the trump organization has actually turned down a lot of foreign business at the hotel. more than $9 million worth. but it doesn't say how much of that business the hotel has accepted. several groups are suing trump for making money from foreign officials' visits to the hotel and legal experts say the new brochure won't help the president in court. >> it'll make it harder for the president to deny that foreign governments are a significant portion of his business there. >> reporter: trump's lawyers deny he is violating the constitution with the hotel bookings. trump turned over day-to-day operations of his hotels to his sons, put the properties in a trust, and the trump organization has promised to donate the profits from foreign governments spending at their hotels to the u.s. treasury. still, the president's son eric recently said that because people are objecting to us making so much money on the hotel in washington, we may be willing to sell. "the wall street journal" reports the trump organization is hoping to get more than $500
4:59 pm
million for the property. one of the highest prices ever paid for a hotel in washington. but there are questions about whether it will turn out to be worth it. >> if he sells the hotel does it lose its cache? >> it shouldn't at all. there are other hotel companies that have loyal followers and if the trump brand is to come off the hotel and another brand goes on the hotel the followers would be more than happy to stay in a hotel with this location with the recent renovations. >> reporter: trump previously reported on financial disclosure forms the trump international hotel pulled in just over $40 million in revenues each year in 2017 and 2018. but the trump family has never disclosed whether the hotel actually makes a profit. the trump organization did not respond to cnn's request for comments on the brochure and on the possible effort to sell off the lease. cnn, washington.
5:00 pm
this is cnn breaking news. >> hello. on this saturday evening you are live in the cnn newsroom. i'm ana cabrera in new york. topping this hour with breaking news in the 2020 race. a critical clue about how voters are feeling just 79 days out now from iowa's first in the nation caucuses. in just a moment we will reveal the results of the cnn/des moines register poll. in the last four presidential elections when no democratic incumbent was running the winner of the iowa democratic caucuses went on to become the nominee. keep in mind earlier polling this week showed pete buttigieg slightly ahead of joe biden, elizabeth warren, and bernie sanders in iowa. is the buttigieg bounce the real deal? for that we go live to cnn's senior washington correspondent jeff bellamy with our brand gnaw polling. what are the results? >> reporter: good evening. there is a new democratic front-runner in iowa tonight. his name is pete buttigieg. ber the first time the south


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