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tv   New Day Weekend With Victor Blackwell and Christi Paul  CNN  November 17, 2019 3:00am-4:00am PST

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there is a new democratic front-runner in iowa tonight. his name is pete buttigieg. >> how about that? >> he nearly beat out his republican challenger who was backed by president donald trump. >> you didn't just vote for me. you voted to put louisiana first. and as for the president, god bless his heart.
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>> reporters were asked to keep quiet about the president's visit to walter reed medical center. >> the president decided to go to walter reed to get a head-start with some routine checkups. that's all it was. >> announcer: this is "new day weekend" with victor blackwell and christi paul. >> good sunday morning to you! guess what. there is a new front-runner in iowa. oh, yes for the first time mayor pete buttigieg is sitting on top of the latest democratic poll there. joe biden and bernie sanders and elizabeth warren fighting for second place in that state. >> john bell edwards won a second term ending republicans attempt to flip that state. >> back in washington. the president made an unannounced visit to walter reed medical center to to get part of his annual physical completed, we are told. >> white house said he took
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advantage of free time yesteray to get the process started. so glad fto have you with u here. the new poll showing pete buttigieg surging ahead in iowa. >> reporter: there is a new front-runner in the democratic race in iowa and his name is pete buttigieg. for the first time the south bend indiana mayor holds a clear lead. he climbs to 25% in a new cnn des moines registered iowa poll. warren, biden and sander locked in a three-way race with second place and take a look how the race has changed since only september. buttigieg rising 16 points and warren and biden slipped and sanders and klobuchar in
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increased. some say they could still choose another candidate and gives a sense of hope to more than a dozen other democrats in the race here. this is why second choice is so important. elizabeth warren is the second choice of 20% of likelily caucus goers followed by buttigieg at 16%. electability is a critical question for democrats and biden's strength of the four top candidates tested, majority, 52% say biden could beat trump and the rest don't meet the majority point. there is a sense of practicigma hanging over iowa voters. 63% prefer a candidate with a strong chance to beat trump compared to 32% with someone who shares their views. the race is 80 days before the voting in 2020 begins.
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now the question for pete buttigieg, how does he handle the pressure of being a front-runner? jeff zeleny, cnn. >> we just released a poll one minute ago that shows in iowa, with the des moines register, you, in iowa, are in the lead at 25%. >> how about that? >> what is your reaction? >> sthat is extremely encouraging. we have felt a lot of momentum on the ground with the work we have been doing and not in terms of my visit to the state but a hundred organizers there building relationships and getting our message put. we know we are not as well known as some of my competitors. so it's very encouraging and, at the same time, there is a long way to go and there are a lot of states in this process so i recognize the work that we have got to do both to consolidate our gains and make sure i'm earning every vote as we head into the caucuses in the
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primaries. >> let's head to louisiana. cnn projects democratic governor john bell edwards has narrowly won the election beating out a republican businessman backed by the president. >> diane gallagher is in baton rouge, louisiana. good morning. what is the reaction there? >> reporter: good morning. here is the thing. john bell edwards, democratic governor in louisiana, re-elected and i'm looking at two different things here. we spoke with voters yesterday. we started to notice this split. those who were trump voters who also were john bell edwards votes. i did ask a couple of people how they were okay with the fact that the president had had two rallies in just the past ten days at that time trying to get the vote out for eddie rispone yet still voting for the democrat. they said trump was wrong with louisiana. they still plan to vote for him in 2020 but he wasn't right in this case. also it's turn out.
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when you look at pariirishes ann new orleans, the african-american vote heavily african-american cities started to increase in that area. perhaps donald trump's visits to louisiana may have impacted the vote in a way he didn't expect. edwards eluded to something like that in his victory speech. >> our shared left field for louisiana is always more important than the partisan differences that sometimes divide us. and as for the president, god bless his heart. >> reporter: bless his heart, never quite the good thing in the soum whth when you hear they that. john bel edwards was a popular
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governor. he is a very conservative democrat and a lot of the voters here did elude to the fact that he, in their words, pro gun and his views on abortion, and the fact they believe he is getting the state's finances in order after the gendel administration. washington bureau lynn sweet is with us this morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: i want to talk about mayor pete buttigieg in the lead 1225. what this means to iowa in the bigger picture. >> as big the store is of mayor pete, which jeff covered so well, i think the slow implosion of former vice president joe biden is as dramatic a story. the biden front-runner mime or
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momentum story is gting questiongoing to be in question and puts more pressure on him in new hampshire. back to pete. this shows in my analysis there is a search for something different, a candidate of the future which is not what -- and -- and a candidate that is not too far left. the other interesting thing about the poll is how far away from the march of error he is in this. so this is truly a significant finding here on this, that is clearly -- there is something happening and it also shows as much as the unsettled part of the presidential race as anything else, even though a large percentage of the -- of those polled showed they are happy with their first choice and locked in, but there is still a lot of people who are undecided. but even a poll like this is
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going to give pete momentum far ahead to what further this week, we have a big democratic debate coming up. >> we do. so you think that what mayor pete does in iowa will bleed in other states? >> well, he has done terrific in fund-raising any way, both small dollar donor and traditional big donor and bundlers. he is the only one who is able to wok both sides of that street opinion sanders and warren and joe biden has not and no one else has. a poll like this makes his fund-raising even better and more robust, which gives him the ability to get -- to get organized, get delegates. >> i want to move on real quickly to the louisiana governor's race that we just heard diane gal lettne gallaghe
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talked to trump supporters who voted for bel edwards in this case because they said trump doesn't know louisiana. this, however, off of kentucky's republican loss also this month, what does that say to you about the p the potency of this? >> i wonder what president trump will do this morning with the loss and how he will try to plain it away or maybe he'll say it would have been a bit bigger loss if he wasn't there. but what this says is that trump, alone, cannot force an election and the implication of that may not lead into the presidential race where people do know how to split their tickets. >> lynn sweet, always appreciate seeing you.
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thank you. >> and thank you. >> absolutely. breaking overnight. u.s. and south korea are postponing military training competitors. this is an attempt to make some progress with north korea. >> we have jointly decided to postpone this month's flying training event and made this as an act of goodwill. we encourage the dprk to demonstrate the same goodwill as it considers decision on conducting training and exercising and testing. we urge the dprk to return to the negotiation table without precondition or hesitation. >> that announcement is after north korea's warning on wednesday that it considers military drills a breach of the agreement that king jom jong-un
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in singapore last month. president trump makes a last-minute trip to the hospital on a head-start to his exam for 2020. the question people had going on on. >> in the impeachment investigation, more transcripts and more people with more testimony about what they heard and saw as president trump dealt with his ukrainian counterpart.
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new details regarding president trump's phone call with ukraine's leader last july. >> one white house official proposes the possibility that that transcript of that call or at least the rough transcript ended up on that highly classified serve r by mistake. >> reporter: on saturday we got new details about tim morrison who testified to congressional investigators last month that he came to understand that eu ambassador gordon sondland was getting direction from president donald trump when he was pushing the ukrainians to announce investigations into the president's political rivals. morrison testified behind closed doors that he believed that sondland and president trump had spoken approximately five times between july 25th the date of that phone call between president zelensky and president trump and september 11th when nearly 400 million was released
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to kraukraine. he spoke with president trump after he got off the phone. here is what he testified, quote. now tim morrison also providing details about the 25th phone call, especially the fact that that was put in a secure server. there are questions, of course, why it was put in that server but morrison said he came to understand from the top lawyer that it had been put there by mistake. here is what he told investigators. quote. now this is a reminder next week both morrison and sondland will testify publicly in fronted of
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the congressional investigators and the american public. lauren fox on capitol hill. a source telling cnn president's medical exam was on schedule but the white house denies the president has any health issues. >> kristen holmes is following this from washington. there had been peculiarities in the past with the president's releases and these exams. what is going on with this one? >> reporter: good morning. well, there is a lot of strange circumstances surrounding this. so just to go back. president trump, yesterday, unannounced going to walter reed which is where he has his annual physical. he was there about two hours. now, according to the white house, he was just having some quick exams and labs as part of his routine annual physical. but let's talk about the circumstances here. he's had two other physicals while in office. they really followed the same plan here. they were announced ahead of time and they were noted on his
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daily schedule and the president took marine one to walter reed. this was a completely different kind of trip. not only was it not aprnnounced but sources say it wasn't on his schedule as of friday and he took the motorcade which means less exposure to cameras. president trump tweeted he began phase one of my yearly physical. everything good, great. will complete next year. so this is the white house saying he was having part of his annual physical. keep that in mind his last physical was in february. so this would be very, very early and here is how press secretary explained this time frame. >> we have got a really busy year ahead, as you can imagine. and so the president decided to go to walter reed and kind of get a head-start with some
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routine checkups as part of his annual exam. that's all it was. it was very routine. we had a down day today. so he made the decision to head there. >> there is no truth to the rumors it was something else? the rumors are flying. >> oh, the rumors are always flying. absolutely not. he is healthy as can be. i put a statement out about that. he's got more energy than anybody in the white house. that man works from 6:00 a.m. until, you know, very, very late at night. he is doing just fine. >> as you said, victory, always been some questions here about what they released and what they don't within this administration when it comes to his annual physical. and the press secretary was asked whether or not they were going to release details from this routine annual physical and she said, no, they were not going to release any details until the intirp physical had been done. >> kristen holmes, thank you. the white house says there is nothing to see here, there is a former secret service agent
3:21 am
and cnn law enforcement officer that had this perspective on twitter. he writes this. this doesn't add up. the white house medical unit has competitive facilities at the white house complex and can accommodate most of what is needed in an annual physical. i have never seen the annual formality occur in stages. let's bring in historian and professor at princeton university, julian zeleny. >> thank you for having me. >> i machining the peculiarities in the past with the president. you'll remember during the campaign the letter in the doctor that says every test is positive, which is actually a bad thing. dr. ronny jackson said with a few tweaks he could live to 200. what do you see when we see the president getting phase one of a physical, phase two, a couple of months later? what do you see? >> well, it's trumpian intrigue.
3:22 am
annual exams are notoriously unreliable from presidents. presidents have a long history of hiding what is going on and not telling the public the full results. but then you add to that, president trump's tendency not to tell us what is going on and to manipulate these kinds of traditions and why there is so much suspicion and questioning about what happens. that is where this is. that's why the phases are happening. and it's all in the context of the impeachment. so every act by the president becomes a source of question. >> you'll remember all of the accusations that donald trump candidate made about others' health. imagine what he would have made with somebody making a unscheduled phase one to a physical. you write the backlash that some democrats were concerned about that it likely won't materialize. what supports that? >> the private hearings and now
3:23 am
the first week of public hearings have been incredibly damaging. it's just the consistent story about what was going on on in the white house and this very clear picture about an effort to sway foreign policy for the purposes of helping the president's re-election bid. we are getting testimony from a number of people that keep confirming the story. so i don't think anything that is happening is going to undermine democratic support or cause some kind of political backlash against democrats from independent voters. this is an important part of the political story. it's allowing democrats to move forward on a pretty solid base, based on what they are revealing to the public. >> we have two major political parallel stories this weekend. both what has come out from the impeachment depositions and this this victory for the now re-elected governor, democrat john bel edwards in louisiana.
3:24 am
where is the overlap, if you see one? >> it's a little like the health exam. everything it happens, we see how does it connect to this big story of impeachment? the republicans are trying to look at the electoral tea leaves. therapy going all out to help their candidate and it looks like trump didn't help and that state went democratic. that will skacare a lot of republicans as they look ahead to 2020 what is the fallout on their party. >> does the president start the second week of these public hearings of the impeachment inquiry on different footing he ended last week? >> oh, absolutely. he starts watching the hearings with mountains of evidence at this point and testimony about
3:25 am
this rogue group of foreign policy makers with nobody failing to confirm the basic story that came out of the whistleblower's report. and so now the president and his team, they are on the defense and i suspect that this week will be even more damaging. and the president has added to the whole thing with that tweet the other day where he took the kind of action that is actually at the heart of the investigation. so he's not in go on shape and the president supporters have every reason to be worried about how this week unfolds. >> week two includes gordon sondland, u.s. ambassador to the european union, who is increasingly a crucial witness here in the inquiry. julian zeleny, good to have you. we have to wrap it there. >> thanks for having me. one of president trump's main complaints about the impeachment hearings is that he has been denied due process. house speaker nancy pelosi says that is simply not true.
3:26 am
>> he wants to take the oath of office where he could do it in writing. he has every opportunity to present his case. but it's really a sad thing. what the president did was so much worse than even what richard nixon did. at some point, richard nixon cared about the country enough to recognize that this could not continue. the intelligence committee is leading this part of the inquiry. there are other depositions that are being taken by more committees. >> the president continues to argue that he should be allowed to confront the whistleblower who wrote the initial complaint about the july 25th phobe capho call. prince andrew pushes back on one of his own accuser's claim. >> are you saying you don't believe she is lying? >> that's a very difficult thing
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>> i'm not your charity case. >> i am not your excuse to buy a new dress for the annual fundraiser. >> i am not the poster child for your big donation. >> i am out of debts and in my own home. >> i am off opioids. >> i'm graduating on time and on my way to a great job. >> i am. >> we are. >> what it means to live united. 30 minutes past the hour. for the first time prince andrew
3:31 am
is publicly defending his relationship with convicted sex offender jeffrey epstein. in a sit-down with the bbc that aired in full last night, queen elizabeth's son addresses allegations of sexual abuse he, himself, is facing. >> hadas is here to walk us through this. how is he defending his ties to jeffrey epstein? >> reporter: prince andrew hoped sitting down for this interview that took place in buckingham palace would quell but only fanned the flames even further. one thing i found astonishing from the interview he said he and jeffrey epstein were not that great of friends but he went to visit him in 2010 after epstein had been convicted of sex crimes. prince andrew said he went to meet with him to break up the friendship in person. take a listen to what he had to say. >> i'm just trying to work this up.
3:32 am
you said you went to break up the relationship yet you stayed at that new york mansion several days. i'm wondering -- easement i was doing a number of other things while i was there. >> but you were staying at the house of a convicted sex offender. >> it was a convenient place to stay. i've gone through this in my mind so many times. tep end of the day, with the benefit of all hindsight that one could have, it was definitely the wrong thing to do. but, at the time, i felt it was the honorable and right thing to do. i admit fully that my judgment was probably colored by my tendency to be too honorable, but that is just the way it is. >> reporter: interesting answer there. prince andrew also addressed the allegations leveled him by virginia roberts dufray who said in a court filing she was forced
3:33 am
to engage in sexual acts with prince andrew and detailed she went dancing with him at a club and noticed he got very sweaty. in an interesting response, prince andrew told the bbc he had a medical condition that he could not sweat properly and why one of the alibis he could not have been with this woman. he says there appears to be a photo of them allegedly taken together in 2001. another issue addressed in this interview that she has called on the prn to testify and talk under oath in the united states saying if he is so willing to sit for this interview, why won't he talk to an investigator? prince andrew would do so only if the legal advice told him it was a good thing to do. >> any indication he chose this moment to have this conversation? >> it's interesting. actually in the interview, they talk about how it took them about six months to even get
3:34 am
this interview arranged because of schedules, because of other issues. a lot of questions about the wisdom of doing this both pr and legal wise why he was willing to sit down for this because a lot of people are finding these answers unsatisfactory and find them incomplete. if he thought this would solve the issue or fix this problem and get him over this controversy, the papers this morning in the uk are all focused on prince andrew and the further questions they have about his relationship with jeffrey epstein and the allegations against him by virginia dufray. >> we so appreciate the reporting today. thank you. we are getting new details about a boston marathon bomber's link to a triple homicide. that was several years ago. during the investigation of the bombings back in 2013. a friend of tsarnaev claimed she had the killings two years before the bombings. court documents filed last week included details about the incident including that tsarnaev
3:35 am
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colin kaepernick had his much-anticipated workout yesterday but it didn't go exactly as was scheduled or as anybody really planned. >> right. carolyn manno tells us why. what happened? >> the weekend was three years in the making for colin
3:40 am
kaepernick. 25 nfl teams showed up to the atlanta falcons practice facility on saturday to see if the quarterback that they remembered from 2016 would show up too. but at the very last minute, kaepernick told league officials he would not be attending. he abruptly arranged a workout at a high school football stadium about an hour away. register for kaeperni representatives for kaepernick said they felt the media should be granted access to the session and in addition to that the quarterback's camp was dissatisfied with the liability waiver that the nfl wanted him to sign. after the workout, kaepernick had a message for the league. >> i've been ready three years and i've been denied three years. we showed to everybody today we have nothing to hide. we are waiting for the 32 owners, the 32 teams and roger goodell to stop running. stop running from the truth and stop running from the people. we are out here and we are ready
3:41 am
to play and we are ready to go anywhere. my agent is ready to talk to any team and interview with any team at any time. i've been ready. i'm staying ready. and i'll continue to be ready. >> reporter: the nfl expressed disappointment in kaepernick's decision but they say he is still a free agent and is able to sign with any team. at least six team representatives did watch the workout at the high school. in the meantime, a pair of superstar quarterbacks taking the stage in baltimore later today as lamar jackson and the ravens host deshaun watson and the houston texans. the mvp candidates did meet three years ago in college. watson's clemson tigers beat lamar's louisville cardinals. the duo combined for eight touchdowns that day. a lot of college football fans remember that game. alabama quarterback tua is out for the year. the top pick in april in the draft dislocated his right hip during a lopsided win over
3:42 am
mississippi state over the weekend. jones is the next man up. the changes of making the college football playoffs are a more of a question mark after a devastating injury to their team. >> carolyn, we appreciate it. thank you. so leaked emails show that senior trump adviser stephen miller was promoting white nationalist stories. we will talk about this next. there's a company that's talked to even more real people
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here. disastrous, fake, nothing impeachable here the messages from fox time prime time host to president trump about the impeachment hearings. >> several hosts and people on the network are saying the republicans are winning, democrats are losing. you're probably saying why does this matter? cnn chief correspondent brian stelter says he thinks he knows why. >> i think the president is hearing this every hour of every day and then repeating these talking points back to his fans. i think it's a good reality check for all of us after a few days of these public impeachment hearings where we have seen damming evidence about the president and about his inner circle. we are seeing more and more
3:47 am
evidence of this alleged extortion plot. yet, the message on fox news in prime time there nothing there and this is a joke and a plot to take down the president because democrats don't like him. all of of this rhetoric, sometimes contradictory is coming out every hour of every day. if you thought maybe some of the president's supporters were going to have second thoughts or were going to be moved by the evidence? having watched several days, i can tell you no crack of his support on radio or television among his loyal supporters. >> let's go to another taupg here. we learned we learned this week emails leaked that stephen miller at the center of the immigration fight for the white house and promoted stories from white nationalists. are we hearing anything about the white house about this reporting? >> the white house has mostly defended and supported stephen miller despite the new
3:48 am
revelations but were first published by the southern poverty law center. there is no -- there is no argument whether these emails are real or not. these are real emails that stephen miller was sending several years ago where he was sending articles and links to breitbart to get them to publish antiimmigration stories and some of the stores he was accepteding were from hazel websites that would spread anti-immigrant lies and he would share these with breitbart to get them to share the stories. the point is that stephen miller was sharing this content and it was clearly influencing him because he wanted to promote it more widely. the defense from the white house has been twofold. the white house said they have
3:49 am
not read the article and have not read the emails and don't know what it's about. later in the week, an argument because miller is jewish is an antisemitic attack against him and another argument from the white house. i don't think that holds up. i think that is hog wash but so far no indication the white house is going to take action against stephen miller even though everybody can go to the southern poverty website for themselves and read some of this disturbing content. >> brian stelter, thanks so much. >> thanks. >> remember, you'll see him today at 11:00 on "reliable sources." listen. this is no tv show. two chemistry professors accused of cooking meth in their lab. it's time for the veterans day sale on the sleep number 360 smart bed. can it help keep us asleep? yes, it senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. don't miss the final days to save $1,000 on the new
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3:55 am
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there is a new democratic front-runner in iowa tonight. his name is pete buttigieg. >> how about that? >> incumbent democratic john bel edwards nearly beat out his republican challenger who was backed by president donald trump. >> you didn't just vote for me. you voted four more years of putting louisiana first. and as for the president, god bless his heart. >> we are learning more about president trump's visit to the doctor today. reporters were asked to keep quiet about the president's visit to walter reed medical center. >> the president decided to go to walter reed to get a head-start with some routine checkups. that's all it was. >> announcer: this is "new day weekend" with victor blackwell and christi paul.
4:00 am
just almost 7:00 here. president trump is waking up realizing he didn't get the big win he was looking ffor in louisiana. >> democratic governor john bel edwards wonder for a second term. beating out eddie rispone in louisiana. diane gallagher is there. what does this mean when the governor is split when it comes to the governor's office? joot way this is looked at on a national level might not be the same as people here in louisiana see these results. look. president trump did come to try to push a republican over the finish line. the president said this would be rude as a loss for him if rispone didn't win. he didn't win. when i spoke to


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