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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  November 18, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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they're the top aids, ambassadors and security officials. several are currently on the job in the trump administration. this week, eight men and women will be heading out of their respective offices and over to capitol hill to testify into this impeachment inquiry. it all kicks off tomorrow. also lieutenant colonel vin man, the ukraine expert who sat in on that july 25th phone call between president trump and his counterpart president zielinski. it wraps up with the president's top adviser fiona hill. smack dab in between is a hearing that will have lawmakers and pundits and even the president himself glued to their screens. that is because on wednesday we
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will hear from the trump downer and eu ambassador who recently revised his closed door testimony to admit there was a quid pro quo. sundland has been in conversations with everyone from president trump to ukraine's president is emerging as a key player in the inquiry. we will dive into all of that in a moment. first, as the president says he would consider testifying before congress in this impeachment hearing, it turns out his answers in the russia investigation led by robert mueller are drawing new scrutiny today. cnn has learned that the house is now investigating whether the president lied to the special counsel. the russia probe ended 8 months ago, robert mueller testified 4 months ago. why is this coming up now? >> i'll tell you, why because
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the house democrats, they want to see the grand jury information in the mueller probe as part of their oversight investigations that are ongoing along with this impeachment probe. the house lawyer basically told the judges today that it needs to see that under lying information from the grand jury. it believes that there's reason to believe that the president lied. this is what the council said. did the president lie, was the president not truthful in his responses to the mueller investigation. there are questions in this in the wake of the roger stone trial. as you know, rick gates testified he was there when the president got off the phone with roger stone and said more wiki leaks information would be coming. in the mueller report it 11said that manafort was giving information about president trump and where he believed the
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wikileaks situation was going. and he was updating the president. he said he didn't recall anything about roger stone communicating with campaign officials about wikileaks. he didn't know about it coming out or anything to that recall. he said i don't recall more than two dozen times. basically, this is just adding more urgency to the democrats argument that they believe the president lied in his written answers. as you know, the president's legal team has denied that. basically the written answers speak for themselves and defended the president. >> everyone hold this thought. we'll come back to that in a second. we have another layer to the story today. >> the president's lawyers asked the court to step in ahead of wednesday's deadline, trump's long time accounting firm had been ordered to turn over the
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final records to the house oversite committee. >> the supreme court said today it stopped donald trump's financial records from going to the house by wednesday. you'll remember there was a program appeals court last week that ruled against the president. said the subpoena could be enforced and it could be enforced on wednesday. the supreme court stepped in today and it said, look, until further notice these documents won't go to the house, and it's asking for further briefs in the case. this case arises from the house investigation into the president's finances. and they sent a subpoena to his third party long time accounting firm. and trump's personal lawyers raced to court to block that.
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they said that could not go forward. but lost in the lower court. then they came to the sbreek, they asked the supreme court to step in and block it and right now things are on hold. keep in mind this case is really interesting, because it does trigger a significant separation of powers dispute. there is another similar case in front of the supreme court. this is brought by the house, so the justices could very well be interested in stepping in here down the road, to decide this important question. >> that's where we're going to start the discussion. don is here, she's a former federal prosecutor. nick akerman was a special prosecutor during watergate. he's a former u.s. attorney for the southern district of new york. >> let's dive in on all things scotus. on the supreme court temporarily blocking the release of trump's taxes. if the oversite committee gets the record, intrusions will become the new normal.
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no matter which party is in power. is that true? >> that's absurd. there's a statute that allows congressional committees, the house weighs and means committee, to get any tax record of any taxpayer in the united states. it's by statute. there's nothing unusual about this. the other case related to trump's taxes with respect to his accounting firm, all of that is related to a third party and not to donald trump. the odds of the supreme court actually granting this, meaning they would consider the merits of the case are not that great. this is not as big an issue as us versus nixon was in terms of turning over the tapes. this is completely different. every president since nixon has turninged over his tax returns. >> quick follow-up. do you think eventually they will have to come out.
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>> i think so. this is really a sleeping giant in the sense that this is absolutely something that could bring down the president. once you see that, you'll see he's committed. multiple years of tax fraud which is going to blow him out of the water. >> let's talk about the mueller investigation. it all may be germane to potential articles of impeachment is my interpretation of this. tell me why this is relevant from a legal perspective. >> he's taken on a new sense of urgency given the testimony in the roger stoin trial. certainly the facts have been out there for many months. we had manafort's testimony, we had other testimony. right now, rick gates has testified in the roger stone trial, and he gain a new piece of information that i think
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brings to the front the questions that came up with the mueller report. and that is, specifically what did donald trump know, when did he know it, but how would they ever -- how would they ever prove, because it sounds like trump said in his written answers, i don't recall, yadda, yadda, yadda. how do you prove that's a lie, given that it's rick gates' word versus anyone else. >> that's a fair point. and it will be a serious obstacle. it's an old trick and it's a tactic to say i don't know, i don't remember. that's a hedge for sure. the question will be the plausibility or the implausibility of that complete failure of president trump's memory. so is it possible, is it plausible that he could have forgotten that he personally had heard this information about wikileaks and he heard any of the buzz that has been well documented among his campaign staffers?
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>> nick, let's move on to wednesday. the republicans defense last week was hearsay, they can't go there this week, and especially with him, he has direct knowledge, direct information with regard to trump's involvement in all this. what does he do? does he show up, toss the president under the bus? i don't remember, let's remember that he said one thing and that other people testified and he had to come back andry fresh -- >> i think he has no choice here. he has to come clean. you. >> think so. >> otherwise, he's going to wind up like roger stoning in federal prison with roger stone as his roommate. he does not want that to happen. his lawyer is going to prevail upon him. i'm sure he has his cell phone records. you've probably seen lots of calls between him and president trump. you probably have that one call that david holmes testified to. >> the day after the call -- >> i'm sure there's a phone
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record of that that's going to corroborate him, you have bill taylor's testimony, i mean, i don't think he's got much of a choice, it seems like that and those text messages, the evidence here is overwhelming. if he wants to avoid winding up in prison like roger stone, he's got to come clean, otherwise he's going to be charged with obstructing congress, he's going to be charged with perjury. and if i were his lawyer, i would be sitting on him pretty hard and make sure he told everything he knew. every truthful bit of evidence. just to make sure that he doesn't go down for donald trump. >> same question to you. what is ambassador sunday land do. >> i agree with nick, he's likely to come clean. i think there's a reasonable debate that could be had as to whether or not he could claim his 5th amendment claim. there's an argument this will be
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expanded areas for testimony. he could, in fact claim it. but it doesn't seem like i he will. but he's going to be subject to all kinds of crossfire, it's not clear who's going to be doing direct examination, the cross-examination. but he would be well advised i think by his attorneys to come clean, to give a truthful account of what he knows, given all the corroboration we have heard, all the witness testimony. phone call records and the like, and contemporaneous notes. i think he is likely to come clean. and i think it will be explosive as everyone is anticipating. >> let me add to this. the wall street journal is reporting he has the receipts. the emails where he kept mulvaney and perry in the loop on all things ukraine, including that zelinsky was prepared to open an investigation into the bidens.
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we now have a paper trail. good that force sundland's hand? >> absolutely. that's going to corroborate everyone across the board. if he takes the further, according to donald trump, he's guilty. either way, donald trump is toast. sundland is going to come out and tell the whole story, he's going to detail it, he's going to have documents to detail it, there's no question but that they were trying to get the ukrainian government to announce an investigation into joe biden so that donald trump. and using money as appropriated by the u.s. congress to do that. pure bribery, throughout the campaign, you could do the same thing you did to hillary clinton. donald trump must be guilty of something. there's investigation by the ukrainian government. >> you say he's toast, if congress says he's toast, this is a massive week to be watching this testimony. thank you so much for all of
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that. >> and it does not add up. president trump makes a sudden trip to walter reid for a medical exam over the weekend. the explanation from trump and the white house doesn't make much sense. republican congressman calls new impeachment allegations alarming. is the republican party losing patience with this president? and president trump mocks joe biden to kim jong-un and says he will see the dictator soon. north korea says, there won't be any more summits.
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we're back, you're watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin. let's talk about the president's unscheduled hospital visit over the weekend. those who know, the president went to walter reed with no notification to the staff. he underwent a quick exam, labs. usually the staff get a heads up. the last two times the president had a checkup, they didn't.
11:19 am
now they're saying the results are abnormal. but the president looked to be in good health late friday. when it comes to this president's health, he has a track record of inaccuracy as a candidate. saying, president trump will be the healthiest individual ele elected to the presidency. >> then there was the miraculous growth spurt of 2012 where he added an inch to his height. let's discuss. a doctor from george washington university hospital who treated former vice president dick cheney. given your obvious connections to the white house over the years, you have spoken with
11:20 am
folks, what are you hearing? >> yeah, i reached out to some contacts inside the white house a little earlier. i wanted to let them know i was actually going to come on the air today and talk a little bit about how unusual the saturday visit to walter reed was. and they were eager to share a little bit of data with me. >> what can you share with us? >> a person at the white house authorized us to talk about the president's medical condition, said this had been something they had been thinking about for a while, the president had some down time, he went over to walter reed to get some of this done. according to this source, there
11:21 am
was no sophisticated testing done. it's a little bit unusual. almost everything that is usually done in a presidential physical like this, can be done in the white house at the white house medical unit. so it doesn't really make a lot of sense why the president would travel to walter reed on a saturday afternoon for this kind of testing. >> yes, why wouldn't the tests be performed at the house. >> i've been involved in planning a lot of these for the former vice president, and these kinds of days are planned out over weeks. and often multiple consultants are brought in, the day is highly choreographed. planned down to the minute. so a spontaneous medical exam is
11:22 am
un common. raising the question whether there was something specifically at issue on saturday. the source that the white house -- no. >> historically seeking, what would reasons be not to follow protocol. if they're telling you this had been planned for a while, why show up un announced? >> it doesn't make a lot of sense. the white house medical unit on the grounds of the white house compound located in t the eisenhower executive office building as well as the executive mansion has a very extensive capability. so a routine yearly annual physical exam can be handled there, you go to a hospital like walter reed for testing that is
11:23 am
not available in the white house. that would include things like cat scans, a test like a stress test. those things are detailed procedures that would need to be done in a place like walter reed. and a routine exam for us, just sort of check the president's height and weight can be done on the ground floor of the white house. >> would there be anything other -- could there be advanced testing that would require the president to go to walter reed? did the white house mention anything like that? >> the source at the white house told me they had drawn quite a bit of blood. last year when the president had his physical exam in february, the president's cholesterol was significantly high, and the president's physicians
11:24 am
appropriately increased his staten medication. and the lipid panel shows there's a significant impro improvement in the numbers. they also expressed to me that the president was vitamin d deficient and they're planning on starting him on vitamin d therapy. a lot of attention to downplay the events of saturday afternoon. >> are you at all suspicious that perhaps there was something that led to this event other than normal procedure? >> i'm skeptical. i think skeptical is the right word. think about this, the president of the united states has access to multiple physicians on site, on saturday afternoon goes unannounced to a medical center. it's worrisome. it's worrisome. >> given the fact that you have never treated the president, but
11:25 am
your incredible expertise given the fact that as you mentioned, what we know about the president's health, he has had cholesterol, he has had -- clinically obese. would this lead you to believe this could be something serious? >> yeah. in some ways the question is less what did they do on saturday afternoon. what kind of testing did they do? >> the more important question was, why was it done? why did the president and his staff feel at 2:30 on saturday afternoon it was necessary to travel up to walter reed for an evaluation? it's concerning to me. it doesn't make a lot of sense to do that kind of testing at walter reed really without provocation. >> last question. this is the most powerful person
11:26 am
in the world. do you think the american public deserves the truth? trans parentscy? >> now it's not just understanding the health of the president, but understanding the health of the candidate. as we look toward the next election, i think it is important for the american public to understand the health of candidates on both sides. so this is important data, it's concerning that there hasn't been any transparency on what occurred on saturday. and hopefully over the next few days we'll have a little more data to inform our understanding of the events of saturday. >> hopefully so. i appreciate your key word, skeptical. dr. reiner, thank you very much. >> my pleasure. >> thank you. the president is at it again, attacking another impeachment witness. this time it is jennifer
11:27 am
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go to to get started. breaking news. the trump administration is set to reverse a longstanding policy on the israeli settlement. mike pompeo is expected to make the announcement this hour, which will reject a 1978 state
11:32 am
department legal opinion which deemed the settlement inconsistent with international law. give us a little more as far as what the secretary of state is said to announce, and why now? >> it looks like mike pompeo is already speaking, up ending decades of foreign policy, which at this point isn't surprising. the trump administrate has guided the territory for decades now. israeli settlements inquiry illegal. and that's what pompeo is reversing. saying the administration doesn't accept his ruling from 1978 in a move that's sure to make israelis happy. which the trump administration has done repeatedly. this is what we've seen from the
11:33 am
trump administration for years. they refer if to it as disputed. the former leader of the peace team said he didn't want to call them settlements, he wanted to call them towns and certificateties. this is a continuation of that. two things worth noting. the administration says this has been in the works for the past year. it comes after last week ruled that product and goods from israeli settlements must be labelled as such. it was intended as short -- this was an issue for netanyahu. he is a perilous political
11:34 am
situation. this is a boost for netanyahu. he's very much in danger of not being israel as prime minister. this is what he was looking for. and it is worth pointing out we've seen a response from israel's arab leaders. this doesn't change the fact that israeli settlements are built on occupied territory. >> orrin lieberman, thank you very much. as the meantime, president interrupt blocks his inner circle. he's slammed witnesses who already have or still plan to testify. mike pennsylvania was on the july 25th phone call. she says that this call, the president had with ukraine's leader was unusual williams is a
11:35 am
never trumper, it's what the vice president is not saying that is speaking volumes here. his office said williams is a state department employee. let's go to carl bernstein with more. what do you make of that statement. >> he's trying to distance himself between the vice president and someone who is his key adviser who is going to give testimony apparent ly quite damaging for the white house and president trump himself. she is his rile adviser. >> what about the president.
11:36 am
between his tweet, and now you have the president's tweet. is the president trying to send a clear message to witnesses, carl? >> i don't want to be inside the president's head certainly he seems intent on intimidating future witnesses. he's making it clear, has made it clear throughout these hearings and even before. he's dangerously close to being looked at for intimidation of witnesses, we know about the justice apartment opinion. but this could be part of an article of impeachment, particularly what the president did with ambassador yovanovich.
11:37 am
we can talk about this later, they're deeply disturbed, republican senators about what they have seen in this impeachment situation so far. >> there's a whole menu of options for him. he could plead the fifth. he could not shoip. he could testify and spill the beans, which do you think it would be. >> i would not make a prediction. this is a time for all of us to see what develops. if we have the abilities to
11:38 am
advance the story, we should be doing it. i don't think there's any expectation the president can be well served by sundland's actions. it all comes in context in his conspiracy. a conspiracy to undermine our free electoral process by seeking the intervention of a foreign power, ukraine and its president in our elections. he is crucial to that conspiracy. i think one of the interesting things we're going to see and further testimony in the next week or so, is who else might be touched by this conspiracy who is one or two of trump's top aids.
11:39 am
who else was involved in these discussions. i'm not suggesting it was necessarily criminal. what was pompeo's role about what the president was up to here in this apparent conspiracy. >> as we keep all those points in mind, final point from you say there is an underlying subtext to these impeachment hearings and it involves vladimir putin. tell me what you mean. >> i don't think there is any question. as we have seen throughout the mueller investigation, and the idea that there is no collusion. the president claims that is not necessarily the case. what we have seen through these impeachment investigations is what has so many republican senators. and i talked to a few, quite a
11:40 am
few and so have other reporters, they are deeply disturbed at what they have learned again about the president of the united states' willingness to serve the interest of russia and vladimir putin. throughout his dealings with ukraine. here is ukraine. the only country that has been directly attacked aside from georgia by soviet forces or proxies this is a real war in which 13,000 i believe? 13,000 have died. reporters of europe after world war ii have been immutable. and when we have a president in the united states who not only has excused it but has sat by passively and gone along with what putin has wanted him to do. the larger question of trump's
11:41 am
obescence as we saw in helsinki, the great mystery is why does he continue to do vladimir putin's bidding as we saw most recently by the invasion of turkey and syria. shoving the kurds into mortgageal danger and ending the role of the kurds that have been so crucial to the security. of what we were speaking to aspire in syria. >> it is applicable. it's a question i've asked of you -- >> the question is, senators are asking. this president wittingly going along with the president serving -- he has served the interest of what this impeachment investigation is about, we see now how he has
11:42 am
continued to serve the interest of putin in the most important hotspot in the world in which the russians are involved. and we have a role to play that he seems unwilling to play. >> something for all of us to keep in mind. carl bernstein, as always, thank you very much for coming on. >> thank you. two words, not okay. that's what republican congressman says about the president's dealings with ukraine. is the gop starting to lose patience with president trump? do you have concerns about mild memory loss related to aging? prevagen is the number one pharmacist-recommended memory support brand. you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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i'm proud of what we've done. the state department is fully supportive of what we've done, but our ukraine policy moving forward. >> no defense of your employees? >> i always defend state -- greatest diplomatic court in the history of the world. >> second of state mike pompeo responding to questions about the campaign, at the heart of this impeachment inquiry, pompeo accused of not defending the former ukraine ambassador in what's been described as a smear campaign against her. on the heels of another week in the impeachment inquiry, a few miner cracks are starting to appear. mike turner, a member of the house committee involved in the impeachment investigation is voicing some concerns, but the president's actions with regard to the ukraine after hearing
11:48 am
from a number of these witnesses. >> all of that is alarming. as i said from the beginning, this is not okay. the president of the united states shouldn't even in the original phone call be on the phone with the president of another country and raise his political opponent. no, this is not okay. >> jamie is with me from washington. jamie, you talked to so many republicans. you have sao many sources. is this an indication that the seeds of doubt are creeping into the minds of people. >> more than the seeds of doubt. i'm laughing at the word not okay. because they really do speak volumes about what's going on. republicans are, i am told, over and over again inning creacreas concerned and uncomfortable. whatever the substance of whether this is up to impeachment is yet to be
11:49 am
decided. these have been such impressive witnesses. from the state department, these career officials, and when the president goes on twitter and starts to attack them. it makes republicans very uncomfortable. they've said to me over and over again, if there's one thing we could do, it would be to get them off twitter, as we know. there's a political problem. when he attacks them. the republicans were concerned about the political fallout. what does this do to independent voters. what does this do to those critical suburban women? and the last thing i'm hearing is, we've heard the president say he wants the republicans to defend him on substance. he wants them to come out there and say, just say i didn't do it, but republicans tell me they don't know what's coming next.
11:50 am
they don't know what gordon sundland is going to say on wednesday. they don't know what the other witnesses are. so not okay is a way of saying it. yes. >> jamie, i'm out of time, i'm afraid, but thank you so much. we're getting new word from north korea, kim jong-un says he's no longer interested in another summit with president trump after a weekend twitter tiff, we'll talk about what's next. $9.95? that's impossible. hi, i'm jonathan, a manager here at colonial penn life insurance company, to tell you it is possible. if you're age 50 to 85, you can get life insurance with options starting at just $9.95 a month. okay, jonathan, i'm listening. tell me more. just $9.95 a month
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11:53 am
a defiant north korea
11:54 am
saying, no. the timing is pretty remarkable. yesterday the u.s. called off joint military exercises calling it an act of good will. president trump mocked joe biden after north korea called the former vice presidential candidate a rabid dog who should be beaten to death with a stick. trump tweeting to kim jong-un, biden may be sleepy and slow, but he's not a rabid dog, adding, you should act quickly, get the deal done, see ya soon. north korea's response, we are no longer interested in these meetings that are useless to us. we will no longer give the u.s. president something to boast about for nothing in return. >> north korea takes on the world. did president trump just get played.
11:55 am
>> trump let off the gas on sanctions and he tried to entice kim jong-un into good behavior. no one in the history of the world has been able to do that. he's been played for a long time on this. they think it's an honor for the president of the united states. whoever it is to meet with the north korean leader. that's growing a little too far. >> he's not -- he may be sleepy and slow, but he's not this and mock mocking him. >> i think that's the leader of the united states needs to defend an american states man when he's been attacked by a north korean. we can argue about the way this was done, i wouldn't have done it this particular way. trump needed to say something to respongd to that. north korea, when they start
11:56 am
attacking americans, especially a former vice president, this goes across the line. if you don't stop the north koreans from doing this, they'll go after everyone else. >> just the fact that north korea is saying now, no more summits for you is certainly note worthy. >> the house is investigating whether president trump lied to mueller. and president trump's mysterious medical exam. >> why the lack of transparency. 448,134 to be exact. they answered 410 questions in 8 categories about vehicle quality. and when they were done, chevy earned more j.d. power quality awards across cars, trucks and suvs than any other brand
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you are watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for being with me. by tomorrow, the impeachment hearings will be in full swing. the decorated war veteran who sat in on that july 25th phone call, between president trump and zelinsky. but it's the hearing scheduled for wednesday that will likely have lawmakers and pundits and even the president of the united states himself glued to their