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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  November 22, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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>> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. here we go on this friday afternoon. good to be here. i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for joining me. two months since he left the white house john bolton silent on twitter. that ended today way string of tweets teasing for followers to stay tuned, his back story with more to come moments ago the biggest bombshell. he just wrote, we have liberated the twitter account previously suppressed unfairly in the aftermath of my run at national security adviser and blame the white house for keeping it under wraps. he's on twitter but not talking
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on capitol hill specifically where after two weeks of testimony, partisan sniping and clear signs republicans will not budge in their defense of president trump, two key words for house democrats in their impeachment inquiry. "what's next?" phil mattingly live on capitol hill, kaitlan collins at the white house. kaitlan, start with you on this john bolton tweeting. how's the white house responding? >> reporter: or not tweeting. asked the white house for comment and they haven't gotten back to us. a fascinating accusation from the former national security adviser tweeting again repeatedly today accusing the white house of blocking his personal tweeter account after he resigned as the national security adviser and left the white house about two months ago. he just tweeted again moments ago saying that they blocked his personal account. look at this tweet here he said essentially laying out what he believed it was the white house did saying that they are not letting him tweet or use his personal account. i believe we have that tweet from john bolton saying they
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refused to return access to his personal twitter account. "out of fear of what i might say to those who speculate i'd went into hiding, sorry to disappoint." adding to the dramas president did a nearly hour-long interview asked about a former tweet john bolton and asked if bolton blocked the account. the president said, of course not. bolton went further with accusations and more questions the white house is not answering. interest not because not answering the tweets and not speaking on capitol hill. his attorney teased has explosive information the democratic investigators on capitol hill do not know kwlaab what is at the pressure of the ukraine and carrying out the investigations that the president and his personal attorney rudy giuliani warranted. something to see if bolton will be a witness to that, come
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forward and speak. so far we do not believe so. while fiona hill testified, he was spotted by john berman walking down fifth avenue in new york not keeping a close eye on the hearings by any means. >> back to john bolton in a second. picture this, phil mattingly. looking ahead and what's happened in the last couple of days, not only keep republicans together, he may get support from some democrats when the full house votes on impeachment. you tell me. nervousness on behalf of speaker pelosi? her team? as they plot their next steps? >> short answer, no. they probably wouldn't appreciate kevin mccarthy trying to give his own accounts of the democratic caucus at this point in time. i say the answer is no because, one, public comments from the speaker, house committee chairman adam schiff. they're too far down the path. there's no turning back given the fact they had closed door depositions and public hearings.
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along those lines, they believe the evidence is there. talked to democrats um and down the board. for the most part believe they have enough evidence to move forward, don't have to wait for people like john bolton to win court cases and get people mike mick mulvaney in and his testimony. they believe the time is now and have enough to move forward and comfortable where they are. two democrats voted against the house impeachment resolution last month. there is a chance those two democrats from moderate districts in tough re-election races may vote against it again but for the most part democrats feel good where they are or acknowledge where they are now, no place to go but forward. >> what about looking forward to what happens with the senate? we know trump's allies on capitol hill are working with the white house to prepare for that likely senate impeachment trial. what would that even look like, phil? >> so something really important happened yesterday while everybody was watching the
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hearings. rightfully so. everybody watching the hearings. senate republicans for the last couple weeks had a lot of conversations in closed door lunches inside their conference what it would actually look like pap core group of them, five, met with the white house counsel pat cipollone working through what they would like to see about the senate trial going forward. to be clear no technical rules how a senate trial looks. with the clinton impeachment both republican and democratic leader got together worked on a bipartisan resolution and laid out the structure that way. what's they want to do. republicans doing with the would you, getting a sense what does the president want? willing to accept? what can they bring to the table as those negotiations start? things starting to happen in the senate. underscores the entire point of all of it. the house is going to impeach president trump likely before christmas. >> phil mattingly, thank you very much. kaitlan back with me from the white house and bring in two other voices in new york. cnn national security analyst and a former senior official for
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president obama's security council and a former u.s. attorney for the southern district of new york. kaitlan, set this up. talk to you two. john bolton. i get it, saying white house kept me from tweeting my personal account. what about talking on capitol hill? talking on tv? writing an opinion piece? what's going on? >> brooke, such a lame excuse. john bolton knows better than anybody that there are so many other platforms to speak up or speak out. previous officials when they leave any administration, restroertrevet to revet-of- -- revert to a different account. spoken with lawmakers. pretending he didn't speak up because his twitter account was blocked is frankly lame. speaking to an audience of one. made clear he resigned. something that the president has discounted. it really feels like he's taunting trump and trying to trigger him into launching into some kind of twitter tirade.
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john bolton has been the subject of a lot of witness testimony, he now has something to respond to. witnesses like fiona hill, and lieutenant colonel vindman made allegations about john bolton's behavior. both with respect to telling them to speak with lawyers and now has something again to respond to. this timing is interesting. we'll see if he chooses to speak up in other areas as well. >> interesting. just in my office talking about john bolton. despite all of the white house folks, former white house folks subpoenaed, he has yet to be subpoenaed. do you think -- >> something's going on. >> what's up? >> he wants -- seems he wants to talk. it seems he's also waiting for something. as was said, a million different ways to get the word out there. what he has to say could be so important. i come back to tim morrison testifying earlier in the proceeding saying there came a point where bolton had a one-on-one with donald trump, because bolton was trying to convince him to release the foreign aid and morrison doesn't
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know what happened inside the room but when bolton came out basically the reaction was, he, trump, is not ready yet. i want to know what happened in that room. that is crucial. >> it is. worth noting, john bolton is a hard-liner. he's a hawk. not a criminal. so his testimony or him speaking up in whatever phora could be interesting, because number one, speak about the security impacts of what president trump did, how dangerous from a national security perspective and also one of the potential direct links between president trump and these activities. finally, brooke, remember, he went to kyiv. he met with ukrainian officials and also has firsthand evidence or testimony about how the ukrainians felt. >> a key player. kaitlan, obviously, could he still testify? >> that's a big question. someone who's going to surprise everyone? come testify before democrats wrap up their part of this? what they're doing before this moves on to the senate trial? of course, right now it has not been likely. tied up in the courts.
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the white house essentially believing that is something that's not going to happen. it's not something they're going to worry about, because essentially what john bolton is putting at risk is john bolton's future and his ties with the republican party that is obviously very closely aligned with the president and so if he's going to be the person to bring the president down, it's not something the white house is counting on right now given that he does know a lot but they say they don't believe that's something he's going to risk to help democrats out essentially. >> okay. let's move past john bolton and, ellie, for everyone paying attention, people wondering, so the testimony's finished. what now? how do you get from point a to point z? z being the full house vote? >> impeachment in 45 seconds. >> go. >> house judiciary committee puts out a public report. do a presentation as well. schiff would be smart to do that. the report goes ober to the house judiciary committee. jerry nadler. that committee considers which articles of impeachment to put out for the whole house.
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full house votes. need majority of the full house. 233 democrats, can lose 15 and still have majority. then the president impeached. to the senate. senate holds a trial. phil gave insight what the trial looks like. need two-thirds of the senator, 67 out of 100 senators to vote to convict. convict, the president immediately removed from office and the vice president moves up. >> now, kaitlan, well done by the way. >> 45 seconds. >> less than 45. kaitlan, the president says he wants a senate trial? his deputy press secretary says the mood inside the white house his words, jubilant. sounding confident publicly. what really are things like behind the scenes? >> really no option but to welcome this trial. they're looking forward to it. it's time. they're ready to mount this aggressive defense. brooke, literally there is no other option. house democrats move forward with the impeachment there will be a trial. like driving down a one-way street. one direction the white house can go in. what does seem to be changing,
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coming to terms with the fact likely there will be a trial. they want to mount this robust defense. that's something that's a change. for a while people said they thought the president was in denial what was actually happened. didn't think democrats would impeach him. that's changed as far as looking ahead to what's happening. >> thank you all so much. kaitlan, hear that voice. rest it this weekend. working around the clock. everyone has this past week in all things impeachment. thank you all so much. the dire warning over a dedunked conspiracy theory. the president's forrer top russia expert fiona hill says fake ukraine stories are aiding america's enemies. why are republicans still spreading them? and president trump gets in the way of the u.s. navy as it considers disciplining a navy s.e.a.l. who posed with the corpse of an isis fighter. talk about that. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. we will be right back.
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so why treat your mouth any differently? listerine® completes the job by preventing plaque, early gum disease, and killing up to 99.9% of germs. try listerine®. need stocking stuffers? try listerine® ready! tabs™. we are back. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. impeachment witness fiona hill
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hired by the white house for expertise on russia. showing years of studying the country and eurasia and even though has publicly testified under oath it was russia not ukraine that interfered in the 2016 presidential election, some republican lawmakers are still resisting that including texas congressman roy who took part in the closed door members as the house oversight committee. >> there is ample evidence of ukraine having engagement and involvement with things talking about our 2016 election so far. poor than enough. >> reporter: that kind of theory helps russia. the kind of theory that bolsters russia and is what russia wants you to say. >> what do you have -- >> testified to. >> that's her opinion. >> meantime what fiona hill testified under oath. >> the cost of this investigation, i ask please don't promote false interests as republicans and democrats
11:18 am
another for decades ukraine is a valuable part of the united states and playing an important part in our national security. i refuse to be part of afternoon effort lit mizing an r a narrative the ukrainian government is adversary and ukraine not russia attacked us in 2016. these fictions are harmful even if deployed for purely domestic political purposes. >> congressman anthony brown represents maryland's fourth district and helped lead a bipartisan sell gration to ukraine last year. congressman brown, welcome. >> great to be on with you, brooke. >> when you hear certain republicans including the president still pushing this conspiracy it was ukraine that interfered in our 2016 ease lechs, given dr. hill's warning yesterday, what's your reaction to that? >> let me say dr. hill is a very credible witness and accurately portrayed conditions on the ground in ukraine. she knows better than anyone. i participated in a bipartisan
11:19 am
codell in 2018. clear to me ukraine is not just a threat of russian aggression. i mean, russia invaded and now occupies ukraine. 13,000 ukrainians, military and civilian were killed by russians. this is a real threat. when the president subscribes to and promotes a conspiracy theory -- >> and other members of congress. >> i'm sorry? >> and other members of congress. >> and other members of congress absolutely. the president and republicans do that, it undermines ukraine. it creates a divide, at least as perceived around the world, there is a divide between the u.s. and the ukraine, or ukraine can't afford to have that today. they are occupied by russia. and that is why congress authorized $400 million in foreign military sales including the javelin missile and communications equipment, night vision goggles. when the administration holds that up and subscribe to these conspiracy theories that harms
11:20 am
ukraine, it harms our interests in the region and it can be devastating for that country and our interests. >> devastating for that country and also for our interests because, congressman, as we go into 2020, tell me why conspiracies like this are so dangerous? what message does this send vladimir putin? >> right. first of all, the american public understands congress understands, the president doesn't seem to get it, that russia has engaged in a continual information warfare campaign in ukraine. and it shows distrust among ukrainians. when you see the president engage in this conspiracy theory that somehow ukraine was operating against the united states, russia takes that, and their services, intelligence services take that and they propagate that in ukraine in the region and it suggests ukraine son its own and they are more vulnerable and susceptible to russian aggression. that's the real harm and the real threat. >> as a member of congress who
11:21 am
will ultimately be voting on presumably these articles of impeachment, when you hear from folks like texas congressman will hurd, a republican who has stood up to president trump, who is not seeking re-election, when he said this yesterday, watch this -- >> the use of phrase "do us a favor, though" in reference to a 2016 presidential election an mention of the word biden. i believe both statements were misappropriate misguided foreign policy and certainly not how the executive current or in the future should handle such a call. an impeachable offense should be compelling overwhelmingly clear and unambiguous, and it's not something to be rushed or taken lightly. i've not heard evidence proving the president committed bribery or extortion. >> just to underscore, congressman hurd says he doesn't like what the president did but it's not impeachable. if your democratic colleagues can't get a republican lawmaker
11:22 am
lice will hurd onboard, what does that tell you, congressman brown? >> sure. it is an uphill battle but our job in congress on behalf of the american people is to uncover the truth. i agree with everything that will hurd said in terms of, we shouldn't take it lightly but disagree that we have not yet seen enough evidence to suggest that or democrat the president has engaged in bribery. he's engaged in abuse of power. he betrayed his oath of office. he held up military aid as we talk about how important that is to ukraine, a partner of ours. he held it up as well as a white house visit, also important to the ukrainian president, until the ukrainian president publicly announced that he would investigate president trump's political opponent, joe biden. >> you see that evidence but will hurd doesn't see that evidence. if will hurd doesn't see the evidence it leaves folks wondering where this is going. let me jump in and ask about
11:23 am
that former national security adviser john bolton made news all of a sudden. jumped back on twitter first time since leaving the white house accusing the white house blocking his twitter account, that being the reason he hasn't said much. obviously, he could use other means to speak out. right? he could testify on capitol hill, talk to us on tv. write a piece in the "wall street journal," for example. what do you make of his sudden appearance on twitter? >> well, let me say more important what i would like to see and of course, up to adam schiff and the intelligence committee. i'd like to see the former national security adviser testify before congress. ambassador sondland stated clearly that mr. bolton knew of this sort of domestic political errand being run on behalf of president trump, fiona hill, dr. hill corroborated that. mr. bolton knows a lot, and i think he can even draw a closer tie between the president and
11:24 am
this, you know, effort to investigate joe biden. >> last question for you, sir. just as a retired colonel in the u.s. army reserve, vice chair of the armed services committee i want to ask you about navy s.e.a.l. eddie gallagher. acquitted by a military court of the majority of war crimes charges including charges of murdering a militant captive but convicted and demoted on a lesser charge of posing for a photo with this man's corpse. president trump has pushed back on the military's plan to strip him of his navy s.e.a.l. status and now saying, from the president, the navy will not be taking away war fighter and navy s.e.a.l. eddie gallagher's trident pin, sig nighing him being a s.e.a.l. this case handled badly from the beginning. get back to business. it appears, congressman brown, that the pentagon will follow this directive? first your thoughts on the commander in chief inserting himself here? >> sure. first of all, i think this is
11:25 am
tantamount to unlawful command influence. the president has a right to overturn a court-martial conviction, the right to overturn and administrative proceeding in this case one that could strip chief gallagher of his s.e.a.l. trident. the president ought to wait until after the administrative meetings take place. it's unlawful command influence. i was an army jag officer in the early days of my career. we have to let the system work. in these particular cases the system does work. mr. gallagher was acquitted on a number of offenses but found guilty of basically a violation of uniform code of military justice as well as the law of war. and what the president's actions do, undermines discipline and morale, and calls into question the fairness of the uniformed code of military justice. it's wrong for the president do
11:26 am
it, irresponsible as a kpacommar in chief and i ask, implore to the president, please defer to the service components, in this case, the navy to do the right thing. >> congressman anthony brown. thank you so much. nice to have you on. >> thank you. coming um, the very real impact of president trump's lies. cnn explores the affect on foreign policy, business, and national culture. plus, first on cnn, the alleged misconduct of a former fbi lawyer uncovered in a justice department review of the 2016 russia investigation. to the outside world, you look good, but you don't feel good. with polycythemia vera, pv, symptoms can change so slowly over time you might not notice. but new or changing symptoms can mean your pv is changing.
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as members of congress and the american public take time to digest what was revealed in the last two weeks of impeachment hearings also deciding how much president trump said about ukraine was actually truthful. this upcoming sunday night, jake tapper explores spontaneity and reserve lens of president trump's lies in a new cnn special report. so here's a look. >> it's a scam. it's a whole hoax. >> defeated isis. >> we all know he does it. >> the whistle-blower has been very inaccurate. >> mees the babe ruth of lies. >> aaargh-aaargh. >> say the noise causes cancer.
11:32 am
>> there is no president that lied as if it were a form of breathing, except donald trump. >> nobody's been more transparent pan me. >> than me. >> empirically says a number of things that are completely wrong. >> yes, exactly. >> in recent months it's been about 22 a day. >> trump lies about every conceivable topic, from the weather, to the infamous shark bite. you can't make this up. >> stronger, cheaper. >> trade. >> we're not paying for the tariffs. china is paying for the tariffs. >> that's wrong. >> we wanted to know what is the impact of all of these lies? in the u.s. -- >> research shows that repetition increases the belief in false news. >> on capitol hill -- >> the president a factor in my decision not to run again. >> in science. >> what's at stake? >> lives. >> and the world. >> the president stands up and
11:33 am
basically says -- >> what a great outcome. congratulations. >> well, no. that's not the kags. >> american credibility has sbhn re has been shredded. >> most of what he says false until proven to be true. >> i am a conservative republican. never did i imagine i would be pointing out the gross flaws of a republican president. >> people say to me all the time what am i supposed to believe? >> what should we believe? who can we trust? >> just remember what you're seeing and what you're reading is not what's happening. >> ooh-ooh. looks good, tapper. jake tapper's with me know host of "the lead," chief washington correspondent. these various people you talk to, experts, scientists, economists, right? all about the impact of all of the president's lies. what's the through-line? what's the thing most of them said to you?
11:34 am
>> has an impact. it's not just a harmless thing for president trump's lies to have been such a part to become -- to become such of part of our nation right now. there are people at the national oceanic atmospheric right now worried because of what happened with sharpiegate and what might have been a harmless mistake, alabama in the path of a hurricane, worried what about the next time the national weather service give as warning? are trump supporters not going to believe it or trump haters not going to believe it? there is a value in impusempiri fact and empirical truth. because of this president and his team, it's eroding that. >> you said it. it's the president, also his team. right? not just the man himself? it is the white house as a
11:35 am
whole? >> funny, politico did a story about our special. and noted, called the white house, because we reached out to the white house and we told them we were doing this documentary about president trump's relationship with the truth. if they wanted to participate, reached out a number of times, and the white house statement to the politico reporter michael calderone contain add lie saying he never told them what the documentary was about. >> we have an email showing that we said it's about the president's relationship with facts. so, yes, obviously not just the president. it takes hold and look what happened when noaa put out a statement basically undermining their own scientists at the national weather service during sharkygate. >> you got -- so politico, it's a lie from the white house about obviously a truth you told. what about the republican party? what about, there's, what republicans say publicly and obviously what republican sources tell us privately. what are you hearing about all of these lies, and where the
11:36 am
republican party is going? >> we have a number of republicans in this documentary as you saw. former congressman charlie dent if pennsylvania, former governor john kasich of ohio, amanda cappanter and others talking about what it does to them. there is a lot of concern among some republicans about what the president does in terms of, again, i'm not talking about his policies or tax cuts or building the wall. i'm just talking about the fact that he lies and says so many things that are not true all the time. there are people who are concerned about it, but a lot of people on capitol hill learned the lesson they really just need to get in line and just do what the president says, and not talk about the things that they don't like even if they know what the facts are. >> okay. we're all going to tune in sunday night for this. let me ask you, last question. which is, when you, jake tapper, sitting across here, your thanksgiving meal carving your turkey, eating stuffing, having
11:37 am
a little wine and a little more wine and some asking, jake, you've been in the leads of all of these impeachment hearings, hosted all of the hours of all these various witnesses. what is your biggest takeaway? what's your response? >> first, my family knows, not to bring up politics. at my house. because that's not what i want to talk about when i get home. just to go along with your premise, there are three facts that i see, as i see them. one, we know president trump asked the president of ukraine to investigate the bidens. period. that's a fact. it's in the rough transcript. president trump came out and said that. on the lawn of the white house, on october 3rd i believe it was. two, then the question becomes, okay. what was the extent to which the trump administration was willing to push ukraine to do this? two, according to gordon sondland sill the u.s. ambassador to the eu, it was a quid pro quo, if ukraine wanted a white house meeting, they needed to announce these
11:38 am
investigations. three, according to mick mulvaney, acting white house chief of staff, it was a quid pro quo, at least one of the reasons why the military aid was held up according to mulvaney, one of the reasons was, because they wanted to push the ukrainians to announce this investigation into 2016 and the ukrainians, what president trump made very clear he thinks is a conspiracy of the ukrainians to hack into the dnc server and on and on. it's been, you know, described as debunked by his own form are top adviser tom bossert. so you know, it's not for me to say whether it's criminal. not for me to say whether it's impeachable, but those are three facts about this case. >> okay. fact number four, jake tapper isn't talking politics over his turkey. got it. >> nope. no way. got the wine part right, though. >> all the way around. jake tapper thank you. don't forget to join jake as he investigate the cnn special report, "all the president's
11:39 am
lies" airs this sunday at 9:00 eastern here on cnn. new evidence in. behind a bedunked conspiracy that ukraine meddled in a 2016 election. we'll be right back. ♪
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11:44 am
hill vehemently tobt that. >> based on questions and statements i've heard some on this committee appear to believe that russia and its security services did not conduct a campaign against our country, and that perhaps somehow for some reason ukraine did. this is a fictional narrative perpetrated and propagated by the russian security services themselves. >> and now the "new york times" has a fresh new reporting that russia may have nobt only pushe that theory but created it. max rosenberg is a reporter breaking this and about national security expert. tell me what you found. >> we found that you know, in the days, weeks, months, after the election in 2016 as american officials and intelligence services concluded it was russia that ran abroad interference campaign, that the russians came back and became eager to deflect responsibility and shift it to
11:45 am
ukraine. this not through social media posts and what we assume is russia interference. more subtle. used oligarchs, prominent russians, funneled through them and may its way to prominent americans in politics, and journalists. the americans unwitting, didn't know they were receiving disinformation. the idea, get into the blood stream of american life it was ukraine who did the interference not russia and mr. putin himself, president putin, began talking about it as early as february 2017 raising this prospect in a press conference in moscow. >> there are a number of republicans who have acknowledged that russia interfered in our election, but still pushing this ukraine conspiracy theory. is it possible that both could be true? that both russia and ukraine meddled? >> now, look, ukraine, there were individual ukrainians,
11:46 am
ukraine m.p. and some other s wo made their preferences well known and tried to get information out there to help impact our election, but there was no kind of large ukrainian campaign akin to what the russians were doing. the russians engaged in an incredibly broad campaign involved hacking emails, democratic party emails, distributing those emails, a vast large social media push to sow dissension and raise doubts among americans. no ukrainian effort of any size anywhere near that. >> we read your views in the "times." thank you. appreciate it very much. >> thank you. coming up, a former fbi lawyer is under investigation for alleged wrongdoing in connection to the agency's handling of the russia
11:47 am
investigation, particularly as relates to a former trump campaign official.
11:48 am
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in philadelphia, going beyond the call of duty using care oak toy break down barriers in their community. cnn alexander field tells the story. ♪ >> reporter: west philadelphia has always looked like this. ♪ let's part on >> reporter: but it's a good look for one of the test sports in the city and the police behind it. >> the day i carry with, as cop. >> i suggested that maybe we should do karaoke. and the vest pretty much history. ♪ brother, brother, brother >> reporter: on friday afternoons a block party at a busy intersection with, yes, karaoke. ♪ what's going on what's going on ♪ >> reporter: and dancing. but more to it. >> i grew up in west philadelphia where we are now and i i've seen so many people get hurt by violence.
11:53 am
so i wanted to kind of be the answer and solution, be that local neighborhood hero, and that was my goal. >> reporter: the party is the brainchild of two beat cops from the neighborhood trying to stop violence. ♪ do you believe in love and all that it can do for you ♪ >> reporter: they believe the police need more people on their side to do it. >> we always think police officers use too much force or abusing their power but rarely incidents seeing police officers in a positive light. >> reporter: how they're changing that. a deejay volunteered time. people keep showing up. >> we need to scratch. >> reporter: and often they really are surprised by what they see. >> one time i was like, getting nervous around the cops. >> reporter: seeing signs it's make a real difference? >> yes. people feel more comfortable
11:54 am
approaching us. they feel a little more comfortable giving us information. because they know we're going to do the right thing with it. >> sing with us? >> reporter: the hope, working on this corner could work on more streets even in more cities. >> reporter: seems so simple. >> yes. it sounds simple, but you have to start simple. to get the attention of the folks, because this is something that has never been done. and i guarantee you, once it gets out there, they'll be doing it in north philly, germantown, frankford and the other areas. a new model. a new approach. >> reporter: these officers say it's just their way of breaking barriers. >> awe we need is a conversation. a conversation can change a lot. >> reporter: the language everyone here seems to speak. alexandra fields, cnn, west philadelphia. >> breaking barriers one karaoke song at a time. alex, thank you.
11:55 am
of course, staying on top of breaking news. a mysterious return to twitter by former official john bolton. claiming the state department tried to silence his twitter account. some farms grow food. this one grows fuel. ♪ exxonmobil is growing algae for biofuels. that could one day power planes, propel ships, and fuel trucks... and cut their greenhouse gas emissions in half. algae. its potential just keeps growing. ♪
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we continue on. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for being here. it's no secret john bolton clashed with president trump while working in the white house. but is the president's former national security adviser getting ready to dish on his time at 1600 pennsylvania avenue? the answer to the question might lie in one of the president's favorite forms of communication. twitter, bolton, with twitter fingers jumped boongt social media platform today after a two-month absence he claims took place after the white house blocked him from using his own account. cnn political an vist gloria borger is with me. tick through these quickly. bolton says his twitter account was suppressed unfairl in the aftermath of his resignation. wasn't hiding. hit followers should stay tuned for the fact story. da, da, da, da, da, more to come. so when you first saw this today, what did you think? what is he up to? >> well, the first thing