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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  November 23, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PST

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hello there. thanks for joining me. i'm martin savidge in for fredricka whitfield. we are learning the lawyer for one of rudy giuliani's indicted associates says his client's now willing to testify to congress about meetings he says happened between ranking member of the house intelligence committee, that's devin nunes, and a disgraced ukrainian prosecutor. the topic of discussion, digging up dirt on joe biden and his son. we're also getting new details about how involved the white house was in facilitating rudy giuliani's shadow diplomacy in ukraine. according to newly released documents, the white house helped arrange a phone call between giuliani and secretary of state mike pompeo. their phone call happened in march right after giuliani
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delivered a packet of information including unproven claims against the bidens. cnn's marshall conan has detail from indicted associate le lev parnas. marshal, what do we know about the claims he was making. >> this was a story broken by our colleague vicky ward. we're hearing that the lawyer for this man, lev parnas, an associate, businessman connected to rudy giuliani, they are claiming that they will testify under oath in front of congress if they're invited and they'll say that devin nunes, the ranking member of the house intelligence cumulative committee, traveled to meet with victor shoken who was the former top prosecutor of ukraine who has been dangling alleged dirt about the bidens for about a year now, although many of his allegations have been discred discredit discredited. now nunes is not exactly a
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stranger to this topic. he has been ramping up the alarm, repeating claims about the bidens over and over at these congressional hearings this past week. let's take a listen to what he's been saying at the house intel committee. >> no conspiracy theory is too outlandish for the democrats. you'd think they would take some interest in barisma and you would think they would be interested in joe biden. we need to subpoena hunter biden. i think one of the mothers of all conspiracy theories is that somehow the president of the united states would like a country that he doesn't like, doesn't want to give foreign aid to to have the ukrainians start an investigation into bidens. >> so, martin, you hear there that he's accusing joe biden of wrongdoing, he's accused the democrats of trying to collude with ukraine, but it's possible now, it's possible that he was trying to do some digging of his own over there. >> right. have we heard from congressman
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nunes about all of this? >> well, congressman nunes was not willing to give a comment to cnn. he rebuffed all of our requests. he did give denial overnight to the right wing publication breitbart which is very friendly with the trump white house. now, martin, i want to make it clear, these allegations are coming from lev parnas, he's indicted. he's looking for a way out of those criminal charges. he's now dangling this as a possibility of some testimony that he could provide. we did check congressional records of devin nunes's travel and it indicates that he was in europe around the time of when he was said to be in vienna. it doesn't list the country, but it does say he was in europe so there's still a long way to go on this, martin. we'll see where it all ends up. this is what we know right now. >> interesting. marshall cohen, thanks. then we have this. last hour president trump's personal attorney has now responded to the alleged
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meetings between congressman nunes and former ukraine prosecutor victor shoken. here's what rudy giuliani said about the situation. >> devin nunes said he didn't meet with shoken. i have no reason to believe he did. in fact, if he did, there would have been nothing wrong with it. he should have met with shoken. shoken had relative evidence of massive corruption in the ukraine that was being covered up by the ambassador, being covered up by the state department and not being investigated by the fbi or the justice department. >> >> okay. >> joining me is jackie and david roe, the executive editor of the new yorker website and kahne analyst. welcome to you both. >> thanks. >> jackie, let me start with you. rudy giuliani is saying he never heard of this apparent meeting and i'm wondering, do you buy it? >> well, as we've seen over the past really six months now, rudy giuliani, the president's personal attorney, is not the
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most credible witness right now. his stories have been all over the place. his various hits on fox news and house investigators are still -- you know, haven't even really made a push to have him come in and testify but the cnn reporting that your colleague vicky ward did appears to be pretty bullet proof. you know, especially with u guys checking the record -- nunes' congressional records that he did make a trip where he did not disclose the actual details but it did align with the timing that vicky ward reported. nunes response as well was pretty telling saying that he would never talk to cnn or answer any questions in this lifetime or the next lifetime and, you know, giuliani at the end of the day wouldn't necessarily have had knowledge of this. nunes seemed to have been running his own parallel shadow investigation into the bidens
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so, you know, i think we need to take everything that rudy says, especially on fox news, with a grain of salt. >> david, giuliani did say that nunes should have met with shoken. is that how these investigations should have worked? should the ranking member really get involved with foreign figures like this? >> well, what's unusual is that if i understand this correctly, this is a taxpayer funded trip to europe and if he's trying to investigate and sort of smear joe biden, that's a political activity. so, again, you have, you know, the president and be his allies seeming to use american government resources to, you know, pursue these conspiracy theories. again, the broad issue here is that all the witnesses, all this week said that what rudy giuliani said in that clip was false that, you know, there isn't this massive amount of corruption involving joe biden going on in ukraine and this was simply an editor -- i'm sorry, an effort to, you know, spread and traffic a conspiracy theory about joe biden.
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so, again, i'm not sure on the leelt t legalities here but i don't think this is a taxpayer funded trip to dig up dirt on the bidens for the 2020 election. >> speaking of theories and debunked ones, that is that ukraine may have interfered in the 2016 elections, not russia. it has been pervasive narrative during the impeachment hearings, but now we're learning that the u.s. intelligence officials are actually briefing senators, or were earlier this fall, about that conspiracy theory and how it was propagated by russia to sort of pass on the blame. jackie, i'm wondering, if that's the case, why are so many in the republican party still pushing this idea? >> at the end of the day i do think this is about sort of making an attempt to hold on to power. you know, what was interesting about vicky's reporting is that
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nunes has planned this trip to meet with victor shoken after republicans lost in the house and wiped out during mid terms and decided that going after biden would be helpful going forward. i think that if we look at dr. fiona hill's testimony this week, she did the best job of really cutting through a lot of the conspiracy theories saying that it is in russia's interest to have the u.s. believe this disinformation that ukraine was meddling in the election. she also went even further after nunes sort of pushed back against her opening statement and said, yes, you know, there were diplomats around the world who questioned trump, who had bet on the wrong horse, who thought -- assumed hillary clinton was going to be the president and were sort of, you know, placing their bets on her so, you know, pointing to negative tweets didn't indicate
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anything against donald trump by the ukrainians to medal in the election. that, you know, what russia was doing was a top down effort mandated by putin to interfere in the u.s. elections and nothing ukraine did amounted to anywhere close to that. >> i'm glad you have brought her up because i just want to play some of the sound of the testimony she gave. let's listen. >> some of you on this committee appear to believe that russia and its security services did not conduct a campaign against our country and that perhaps somehow for some reason ukraine did. this is a fictional narrative that is being perpetrated and propagated by the russian security services themselves. >> explain how damaging can the -- or is it to repeat this propaganda, this narrative over and over. how damaging can it be to our democracy? >> this is a victory to russia. they did aid trump in the election but their goal is divisiveness and confusion and
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americans not being sure, you know, what really happened. and that kind of undermines the quality of american democracy here, it undermines the u.s. abroad and aids russia. i completely agree there was a massive russian effort to aid trump. there was a sporadic thing where they raised op eds. they are embracing this. the sad breakdown is they don't believe the assessment or appear to believe american intelligence agencies, and that's very dangerous for american democracy because there are threats to this country. there needs to be a certain level of trust, you know, between the intelligence agencies and career officials and republican politicians. so -- >> right. it could be they believe this. >> yes. >> it could be that they believe the information but it's politically expedient to ignore it. >> yes. it helps putin. it helps them politically and the american, you know, public i worry just kind of tunes out. an apathetic american public
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that doubts that politics matters and they don't vote as much, that's what russia wants also. >> all right. david roe and jackie alemeny, thanks for joining me today. >> thanks, martin. >> thank you. coming up, inside a smear campaign. what new documents reveal about rudy giuliani's conversations with mike pompeo and the president's lawyers' efforts to dig up dirt on the bidens. plus, what will john bolton do next? the former trump official makes big announcements on twitter while leaving one key question unanswered. it's time to sell or trade in your car.
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one day after he said his twitter account was liberated, john bolton started a political action committee on twitter. moments before he posted that promotion he tweeted this which is somewhat cryptic. let's get back to discussing critical national security issues confronting america. the threats are grave and growing. the presidency in control of the house and senate will all be decided in less than one year. it is time to speak up again. cnn national correspondent kristin holm joins me from outside the white house. what should we take from bolton's tweets over the past 24 hours? >> reporter: well, martin, bolton knows that everyone is watching him very closely. he's clearly seizing this moment and really trying to control the narrative. here's why. for the past two weeks we have
10:16 am
heard witness after witness in these public hearings really put john bolton at the center of this impeachment inquiry and making him a critical witness. he was in meetings with ukrainian officials. he ended meetings early with ukrainian officials because he was uncomfortable. one aide saying he met privately with president trump to get him to release this aid clearly with information that no one else could possibly have. bolton has not testified. the reason being that his lawyer says he'll only testify if a court orders him to. democrats essentially choosing time over information. they said that taking it to court would just take too long. remember, we've been talking about the fact that they want their side of this impeachment inquiry, that vote to be over hopefully by christmas. they know if it got tied up in courts it would take a very long time, probably much longer than that, than christmas time. so when we look at this here, bolton is kind of teasing himself.
10:17 am
he's putting himself out there and this reemergence might actually change democrats' minds. a lot of these messages, they are incredibly cryptic. i want to know one thing that could also change his mind. it might be democrats who are looking at this but also the former national security advisor, that was fiona hill's security advisor. she was an aide to bolton. it appears from their testimony that they were fairly close. at one point during her testimony she seemed to imply that bolton should testify. she said that anyone who had any knowledge or anything that was considered important here had a legal and a moral obligation to testify. clearly bolton would fall into that category. >> i remember her saying that. kristin holmes, thank you very much for joining us. and still ahead, 12 witnesses testified in the impeachment hearing. now it's time for lawmakers to take the very next step. find out what is in the works now. orlando isn't just the theme park capital of the world,
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first on cnn, an indicted associate of rudy giuliani says he's willing to testify that congressman devin nunes, the top republican on the house intel committee went to vienna to dig up dirt on vice president joe biden and to push a conspiracy theory that ukraine meddled in the 2016 presidential election. that theory is categorically false. a key witness in the impeachment hearings dismissed that as russian propaganda. >> some of you on this committee appear to believe that russia and its security services did not conduct a campaign against our country and that perhaps somehow for some reason ukraine did. this is a fictional narrative that is being perpetrated and propagated by the russian security services themselves. >> joining me now to discuss is kim whaley. she is a former u.s. attorney, law professor and constitutional scholar. she as also the author of the book "how to read the
10:23 am
constitution and why." i have been reading the constitution a lot these days. kim, thank you very much for joining us. >> happy to be here. >> so you believe that there is enough evidence to move forward with the articles of impeachment. i'm wondering how might this new revelation perhaps impact at a senate trial? >> well, it impacts it because it's certainly suggests that devin nunes has not been forthcoming with the inquiry, the process in terms of his apparent potential conflict of interest. in addition, he's been making speeches at the beginning of every day of the impeachment hearings for falsehoods, for positing suggestions that there's some kind of conspiracy theory with the whistle-blower, et cetera. this really suggests that he's actually potentially the one that's in the hypocrite particular call seat. it's really more of a political problem than it is a legal problem for the republicans, in particular because the republicans so far don't have a counter narrative on the facts
10:24 am
of what happened. the defense essentially is, sure, this happened. it doesn't matter. and perhaps that's what mr. nunes -- this revelation suggests as well. they just don't care. >> the attorney for lev parnas says his client is willing to comply with a congressional subpoena and testimony in a manner that would allow him to protect his fifth amendment rights against self-incrimination. do you see that happening? >> it's interesting that his wlaur would make that statement publicly. generally that happens behind closed doors. so it's difficult to speculate as to what the lawyer's strategy would be here. clearly he needs to protect or she needs to protect the fifth amendment interests. they may be looking for a deal with the government. we will co-operate with this broader investigation or inquiry in exchange for some kind of
10:25 am
leniency. the criminal arm of it is handled by the justice department under basically the management of bill barr, whereas, congress is in this moment in the house is managed by the democrats. it's really difficult, i think, to parse out where -- what could be going on behind the scenes. >> doesn't, you know, if this witness were to ask for some sort of favor in return legally, doesn't that make it kind of skeptical then, potentially, the information? >> that's a pretty typical thing in the criminal context that, listen, i've got -- i, meaning criminal defendant, have some sort of jeopardy but i will cooperate. this happens a lot. of course, if mr. parnas were to testify given that he was under indictment, there would be cross examination on his credibility. but if that were the case, if witnesses who, so to speak, flipped or cooperated with the government were not categorically -- were categorically perceived as not credible, we would not have a functioning criminal justice
10:26 am
system because it happens so often. >> right. i see your point. rudy giuliani is making his rounds on television. moments ago he made a veiled threat when asked if he's worried about the president turning on him. let's listen. >> have you talked to president trump in the last week or two? have you met with him? are you still his counsel? >> i do not discuss my conversations with my client. you can assume that i talk to him early and often. >> yeah. >> and have a very, very good relationship with him and all of these comments, which are totally insulting -- >> yeah. >> -- i've seen things written like he's going to throw me under the bus. >> right. >> when i say that, he isn't but i have insurance. >> okay. >> ridiculous. we are very good friends. he knows what i did was in order to defend him, not to dig up dirt on biden. this goes back a year ago before biden hadn't even decided to run for president. >> now when rudy giuliani says he has insurance, i presume here he's talking about health insurance but could it imply something else? >> i -- you could -- it could
10:27 am
imply that he has insurance that is he has some leverage in his relationship with mr. trump. the one piece of information that we did not see out of the 12 witnesses was someone who said i spoke directly with the president of the united states and the president told me to tell zelensky or to pressure the ukrainians to make an announcement on an investigation into the bidens or else they will not get the $400 million in aid. no one testified to that particular conversation with the president. what they did testify to was that rutd jie giuliani was the conduit to the president. the president directed them to speak through rudy 2k3w50u8. this is in the july 25th call summary. the president said talk to mr. giuliani. mr. giuliani knows what the president's intent was, what the directive was from the president. so he is a liability for the president if it turns out he cooperates. we know there is a criminal
10:28 am
investigation of mr. giuliani. this is something we need to stay tuntd to to see how this progresses. >> kim, thank you very much. good to talk to you. >> thank you. for more on this week's developments on capitol hill, join anderson cooper for the impeachment inquiry. still ahead, bernie sanders on the attack. a move by a potential opponent that has him disgusted. when i need it. with licensed agents available 24-7, it's not just easy. it's having-jerome-bettis- on-your-flag-football-team easy. go get 'em, bus! ohhhh! [laughing] c'mon bus, c'mon! hey, wait, wait, wait! hey man, i got your flag! i got your flag, man! i got your flag! it's geico easy. with licensed agents available 24/7. 49 - nothing! woo!
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right now senator bernie sanders is in new hampshire where he's continuing his attacks against billionaire and potential presidential candidate michael bloomberg. you're looking at live pictures from the city of franklin where sanders is going after the former new york city mayor for placing over 30 million dollars in tv ads. what is the senator saying about all of this?
10:33 am
>> in many ways, martin, this crystallizes the argument that bernie sanders has been making about the influence of money in politics. he's been railing for a long time about corporations funding big super pacs, getting together bundlers and pouring together money into presidential campaigns. with michael bloomberg's entry into the race he is railing against one billionaire with a lot of money throwing all of his money into the race and trying to have an outsized influence on the process. he equates bloomberg using his own money to money having too big of a role in politics. listen to what sanders said a few minutes ago in franklin, new hampshire. >> mr. bloomberg to the best of my knowledge has very little grassroots support but he has decided because he's worth $55 billion that he can run for president of the united states and spend more money on tv ads, i suspect, than any candidate in the history of the united states. so what our job is is to fight
10:34 am
for democracy. democracy means that billionaires cannot buy elections. democracy means we move to public funding of elections. >> reporter: so what sanders is trying to point out here is that the economic inequality problem he views as being a big problem in american poll tigs h particulars has its root here. if he can throw money at it, that will only exacerbate that problem. sanders coming here to a place like new hampshire where the poverty rate is high, where they see the economic inequality, sanders is saying you need to elect someone like me and put someone like me in the white house if we have any hope in turning that around. we have to see if that has an impact. >> it could resonate. thank you very much, brian. meantime, we're hearing more from former vice president joe
10:35 am
biden in his exclusive and wide-ranging interview with cnn's don lemon. in it biden welcomes new candidates to the race including billionaire michael bloomberg. >> there are some folks who have recently gotten this and they say they don't think you're in shape. one is mayor bloomberg. >> come on. come on. >> go on. >> i welcome a competition. >> someone in his campaign says specifically, he has specific concerns about your ability to carry this through to the finish line. what do you say about that? >> watch me. watch me. the idea that i'm not in better shape than mayor bloomberg physically and otherwise? look, this -- trump is so bad as a president and so corrupt as a president that everybody in
10:36 am
america who's ever been involved in politics, especially if they have a billion dollars, thinks they could beat trump. maybe they could. what do you have to do? i'm the guy sitting on top of the pyramid. i get it. never complain, never explain. >> deval patrick is there. he doesn't have a billion dollars -- >> he went down to moorehouse and had all of these hundreds of seats and no one showed up. >> yeah. >> i like deval, i really do, he's a good guy. he's a solid guy. i think this is about deciding who is ready on day one to unite this country and demonstrate if they could and number two who, in fact, can go in day one and be commander in chief. >> if you want to see it all, cnn's full exclusive interview airs today starting at 2 p.m. eastern time. and up next, a teenager accused of plotting an attack on a historically black church here in georgia. how state lawmakers are fighting back against hate. we call it the mother standard of care.
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black lawmakers in georgia say they want hate crime legislation after police foiled an attack on a black church. a 16-year-old girl had taken significant steps including obtaining knives, researching black churches and visiting a church she was targeting. one church member described it. >> what caused her to have such hatred. i wish she would have walked through the door and asked for help and then we would have received her with open arms. >> with me now, adrian freedman and richard her man, a criminal defense attorney and law professor. it is wonderful to see you both although not on this topic. abrey, i was surprised to learn that georgia is only one of four states in the country without hate crime legislation. tell us why that's significant. >> it's powerful because there's
10:42 am
a federal law. the federal law says if the state can't handle a race hate crime, marty, then they're going to come in. 46 of the 50 states do have it so when a legislature gets together and says, do we support race hate crimes? georgia says, we haven't made a decision yet. that's outrageous. good for the legislators in atlanta that are getting together and saying, it's time to come into the 21st century to make those laws stronger. and that's what it's going to take. if this young woman is tried as an adult, that's a big if, marty, there will be no georgia law, the federal agents may be coming in to handle this case and with an institution like bethel ame, that's 118 year institution in georgia and, believe me, the congress grey gants are very, very upset. >> richard, here's the question. does have separate hate crime legislation at the state level
10:43 am
actually make a difference? >> i don't think it does, marty. i think it's an embarrassment, by the way, for the state of georgia not to have state hate crime bill or statute. that's just -- it's -- i don't know what their functioning or reasoning is but it's ridiculous and embarrassing. in the end, i don't think that's a preventive measure. this is a 16-year-old girl who is racist, who decided that, you know, she's going to try to attack black people in a church. i don't think she would ever have stopped and paused and say, oh, there's a state hate crime bill. i better not do this. no, she's mentally ill. there's definitely problems here with her. look, she was going to do it with kitchen knives. it wasn't like she had explosives, bombs, guns, shotguns, or a.k.-47s, she was taking kitchen knives. the take away from all of this, marty, is awareness. she told someone in school. they reported it. it went to law enforcement. >> that's right. >> they arrested. >> right. >> they did a search warrant, they found her manifesto type
10:44 am
notebook and they found her plans and that's how it got uncovered. that's the only way to prevent these things, public awareness of suspicious activity. that's the only way. not state hate crime bills. >> it should have been brought forward from the very beginning as we tell the story that what happened was she was discovered because of someone who did see something and said something. let me ask you this, the church member that wondered where she got this whole message, this feeling of hate, and yet we've been seeing a rise of hate crimes across the country. how do we reverse that trend? no doubt she was in part informed through the internet, i'm sure. >> no doubt. she's replicating the dillon ruuf matter from south carolina. very, very sick. coming from the internet. you're exactly right, hate crimes have increased in america, especially murders. you have increase in hate crime groups also. how do you change that to get rid of a permissive environment where this is permitted?
10:45 am
and that's going to require tough strong law enforcement but on the other hand as you've heard that church woman say, sometimes you can battle this with love and that means education and awareness and, believe it or not, i've seen it work, marty. you combine tough law enforcement and serious caring for other people. that's how you minimize it. >> richard, do you see this as an issue of free speech versus hate speech? >> oh, no. this is not free speech. this is -- she's being charged with attempted murder. it's pretty serious. you can't -- you want to do all the free speech you want, but if it's in the occurrence of a crime or the planning to commit a crime, murder in this case and a hate crime, you know, you don't have that free speech. there's going to be consequences for it. to answer your question you just asked avery, maybe a new president who will bring together this country and stop the -- >> that's a political argument. >> maybe that's a way to start this, marty. maybe that's a way. not state hate crime bills. that's not going to do anything.
10:46 am
>> richard, this is a 16-year-old as we mentioned. >> right. >> what happens to someone of that age when they are convicted of something, as you pointed out, so serious as this? >> well, it depends if they try her as an adult or as a minor. >> right. exactly. >> here she's being charged as a minor. the sentencing is much less and in some cases the record can be expunged or it can be set aside. so there's a lot of benefits to be tried as a minor. you may very well see the prosecution try to change this and try her as an adult so the penalties are much harsher and stick to her life. >> i always enjoy talking to you. >> miss you, marty. >> happy thanksgiving, man. >> happy thanksgiving. >> take care. up next, we'll visit the battleground state of florida where voters are sounding off on the impeachment hearing. >> it's just a political show. >> it's just a waste of time.
10:47 am
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hi, i'm joan lunden. when my mother began forgetting things, we didn't know where to turn for more information. that's why i recommend a free service called a place for mom. we have local senior living advisors who can answer your questions about dementia or memory care and, if necessary, help you find the right place for your mom or dad. we all want what's best for our parents, so call today.
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another week of public appeals hearing. most trump supporters in the swing state tell me their interest in what's happening in washington is pretty low. critics of president trump may see the publish impeachment hearings as damning and
10:51 am
devastating for the president, but trump supporters not so much. this is the deeply red panhandle of the key battleground state of florida. trump voters we talked to say either they don't care or they aren't watching. have you been following the proceedings at all? >> no, sir, i have not. >> by choice? >> by choice. >> news radio 92.3 and a.m. 1620. >> you won't find conservatives angrily venting on local talk radio, not even matt gates. >> the trained helicopter issue -- >> he takes calls for half an hour and he only gets two on impeachment. >> i want to see congress get back to work on the people's business. >> in pensacola, pro and antitrump protests draw 30 people total. >> one more year. >> what is history to others elsewhere is political ho hum here. >> i did watch it the first day, a little bit. >> she wasn't impressed. >> instead jane wilkinson was
10:52 am
frustrated. >> it's hard to watch it. i'm not watching it anymore. >> i just think they're not going to change my mind, how i feel about him. >> whether it's an ak cue say of quid pro quo or bribery, no amount of witnesses or testimony will change their mind. >> it's just a political show. he hasn't done anything wrong. we've read all the information. we've looked at all of the things that have occurred. >> but democrat bill caplinger is confident trump voters will come around to what he sees as the president's crime. >> not all of them, some of them. >> jane says democrats shouldn't hold their breath. >> for me, it's not going to change my opinion but i feel like that is what they are thinking. >> steven ennis puts it in a nutshell why trump supporters are so casual about impeachment. it's because they believe for all the political sound and fury in the end, none of it matters.
10:53 am
>> democrats are obviously hell bent to impeach the president. it's probably going to happen. it will never go through in the senate. the senate will never vote that way. it's just a waste of time. >> instead of being angry about the impeachment hearings, trump supporters i talked to seemed resigned to them like the mueller investigation. they say impeachment is something that they are forced to endure simply because they elected a president that others don't agree with. on the heels of the impeachment hearings this week, cnn is taking a closer look at all of the president's lies. our jake tapper talks with fact checkers, historians, scientists, pundants to explore the national impact of trump's many falsehoods. >> it's a whole hoax. >> they're defeating isis. >> reporter: we all know he does it. >> the whistle-blower is very inaccurate. >> he's the babe ruth of lies. >> windmill. they say the noise causes
10:54 am
cancer. >> this is a drug for him. >> there is no president that lied as if it were a form of breathing except donald trump. >> nobody's been more transparent than me. >> this isn't a partisan thing. he empirically says a tremendous number of things that are completely wrong. >> yes, exactly. >> in recent months it's been about 22 a day. >> trump lies about every conceivable topic, from the weather, to sharpygate. you can't make this stuff up. >> stronger, bigger, cheaper. >> to immigration and trade. >> we're not paying for the tariffs. china is paying for the tariffs with the -- >> it's wrong. >> so we wanted to know. what is the impact of all of these lies. >> in the u.s. -- >> research shows that repetition increases the belief in false news. >> on capitol hill. >> the president was a factor in
10:55 am
my decision not to run again. >> in science. >> what's at stake? lives. >> and the world. >> the president stands up and basically says. >> what a great outcome. congratulations. >> well, no, that's not the case. >> american credibility has been shredded. >> most of what he says should probably be presumed to be false until it's proven to be true. >> i am a conservative republican. never did i imagine i would be pointing out the gross flaws of a republican president. >> people say to me all the time, what am i supposed to believe? >> what should we believe? who can we trust? >> just remember what you're seeing and what you're reading is not what's happening. >> don't miss this special report. all the president's lies airing sunday at 9 p.m. eastern right here on cnn. t-mobile makes the holidays easier... this. because right now when you buy one of the latest
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10:59 am
hello. thanks for joining me. i'm martin savidge in for fredricka whitfield. we'll begin with new impeachment inquiry information. lev parnas's attorney says his client is willing to testify about meetings that happened between republican congressman devin nunes and victor shoken. parnas is saying the meetings took place in vienna last year.
11:00 am
vicky ward is here. you broke this story and you spoke with lev parnas, his lawyer at least. i'm wondering what more they told you? >> reporter: they told me that last december devin nunes, senior republican presiding over these impeachment hearings, made a secret visit in december to meet with victor shoken to basically find out what shoken had on joe biden and any information he might have about this theory that seemed debunked that ukraine meddled in the u.s. election and that on his return he had an aide reach out to lev parnas that was working on an investigation to also try and find dirt on the bidens and election interference for giuliani and that basically the two groups merged and that


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