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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  November 24, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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hello there. thanks for joining me. i'm martin savidge. we're beginning with breaking news in the 2020 race for president. today former new york city mayor and businessman michael bloomberg is announcing he is running for president. a late entry in the crowded field of democratic candidates that now numbers 18. in his campaign announcing his candidacy his campaign ad, i should say, bloomberg highlights his business and political back found. he's been flirting with a run for several weeks now. just last week he apologized for supporting new york city stop and frisk policy during his time as mayor. the controversial policing tact tactic had a disproportionate effect on black and latino communities. >> i got something important really wrong. i didn't understand that back then, the full impact the stops were having on black and are
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latino communities. hindsight is 2020, but as crime continued to come down as we reduced stops and as it continued to come down during the next administration, to it credit, i now see that we could and should have acted sooner. and acted faster to cut the stops. i wish we had. i'm sorry that we didn't. >> an analyst is following this. what are we winning? >> bloomberg is trying to beat the odds making a late entry into an already packed race for the nomination. he hopes his personal life story and track record as mayor of new york and his role as a leading political donor will help him win. in a letter on his website bloomberg describes himself as a doer and problem solver, not a
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talker. his letter frames the 2020 election as an existential crisis for the country and suggestions he's the only candidate with the capability to meet the challenge. here's what he has to say about why he's entering the race. i'm running for president to defeat donald trump and rebuild america. we cannot afford four more years of president trump's unethical actions. if he wins another term in office, we may never recover from the damage. the stakes would not be higher. we must win this election. look, bloomberg has many accomplishments to talk about, but he faces serious head winds. it's late in the primary cycle to launch a campaign. and political analysts say no one who has entered the presidential race this late has ever clenched the nomination in modern u.s. history. there are hurdles to clear for one, he's a billionaire at a time when the term is almost being used as an insult. rising income equality is a
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source of frustration, and progressive candidates, bernie sanders and elizabeth warren, are trying to capitalize off of those frustrations, suggesting that billionaires and their wealth should essentially disqualify them from running. now, bloomberg will also struggle to your point, potentially to win support among black voters. blacks and latinos were the primary targets of a police tactic called stop and frisk which the new york city police department employed when he was mayor. it was only last week he apologized for not stopping the use of the tactic sooner. it's unclear if voters believe it's a sincere apology. >> even though we touched on this, bloomberg has a vast fortune. that really can put both ways with democrats. do you believe it's going to help him more than hurt? >> it's a blessing and a curse. look, he's worth an estimated $50 billion according to forbes. and it's hard to overstate that kind of advantage. he is self-funding his campaign,
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and the sources close to him have told me that there's no budget. he'll spend whatever it takes to beat president trump, and bloomberg himself will spin this as a positive. he can't be bought by special interests and will make decisions based on whether he thinks it's the right thing to do free of outside influence. >> all right. we'll see. kristina, thank you very much. the impeachment inquiry is moving forward. house democratic aides are spending this holiday week preparing a report, spelling out the case for impeachment. that report is expected to be a guide to further proceedings in the house judiciary committee. this after two weeks of public hearings in the intelligence committee featuring a dozen witnesses. this morning jake tapper spoke with adam schiff who said he sees overwhelming evidence against the president and did not rule out the possibility of having more hearings. >> we don't fore close the possibility of more depositions, more hearings. we're in the process of getting
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more documents all the time. so that investigation is going to go on. what we're not prepared to do is wait months and months while the administration plays a game of rope adope in an effort to try to stall. we're not willing to go down that road, and what's more, the evidence is already overwhelming. the remarkable thing about this, and we've done this with literally no documentary -- it's not contested what the president did. what's open to question is whether members of congress are going to do their duty. >> here with me now, a cnn national security analyst, mathen rosenberg and olivia. welcome. >> thank you. >> matthew, what do you make of what congressman schiff said right there, leaving the door open for the possibility of further testimony and investigation? we know that there are several key players we haven't heard from and also the republicans i believe had a few folks they
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want to hear from. do you think we'll get anymore open testimony? >> i suspect hunter biden, people like that, they're not going to get that. the democrats have decided that's going down the rabbit whole of a conspiracy theory and they're not going to allow. there are other people the democrats would love to hear from. top of the list john bolton, the national security adviser until recently. he clearly knows a lot potentially was in on a lot and doesn't seem inclined to be favorable to the white house. that said, he's waiting for the outcome of another lawsuit to find out if the white house came of immunity covers him of presidential immunity. his deputy is currently in court trying to weigh a congressional subpoena versus this white house claim of immunity. they probably would like to hear from bolton's deputy. i'd imagine they'd like to get the acting chief of staff and maybe even other people. there's a lot of characters inside this house and outside in
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the trump circle who potentially do have information and i think in an ideal world they'd be lining up. it's a question of can they get him? >> right. one of the reasons the democrats said they didn't want to go to people is they didn't want to interrupt their timeline. they say they hope to get it finished up before christmas. do you think that's realistic or given chairman schiff's statement today, could it stretch to 2020? >> certainly as you said, there's a lot of effort for them to charge into getting the impeachment wrapped up. so you saw about a week and a half, there were 12 public hearings and as we speak, there's probably staffers where they're doing the closed door preparations for what they're going to pass from the intelligence to judiciary committee. schiff doesn't want to box himself in. there's another court case with mcgahn that might help them in their efforts to get bolton to
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testify. are they going to give up an on opportunity for bolton? i don't see that happening. if it pushes back the timeline, then maybe they're going into the new year, but the one thing they do not want to do is look like they are trying to impeach a president going into 2020, the optics look bad, and it would hurt them with republicans saying well, you're going after the president at a time when we're also running for 2020. >> right. i understand the complications that come with all of this. let's turn to another issue. that's involving the ranking member of the house intelligence committee, that's nunes. the attorney said his client could testify about an alleged meeting between nunes. >> how worry someare they for republicans and for nunes? >> i mean, look. it does raise questions about
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nunes's disclosure of veracity. he's been busy accusing adam schiff of somehow doing something underhanded, meeting with the whistleblower which schiff says never happened. the whistleblower met with a member of schiff's staff before the process started. if it turns out he's been talking to the ukrainian prosecutor, the center of all this, who joe biden allegedly according to this idea had removed to help his son out to stop an investigation, would be a huge kind of potentially troubling development. there's also talk that nunes was part of a group that would meet with giuliani and others to talk about the bidens going back a while. they're supposed to be holding a hearing on this. he's looking partisan like a big part of the push to kind of make a decision and get the theory spread. >> yeah. there's no question that he was talking a lot about the bidens when he had his opportunity during the open hearings there. olivia, congressman schiff seemed to echo support for an
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ethics investigation into nunes. do you think that could happen? if so, what would be the result of that? >> well, the ethics committee would have to investigate whether there were any violations of him going and meeting as they are claiming. but you know, i reached out to several sources on both sides of the aisle. one republican source told me they believed it was more than likely an investigation would take place, but it doesn't touch on whether he would be found guilty of doing something inappropriate with the ethics committee. but democrats are saying they want answers, and at the moment, the ranking member does not appear to be giving them. that's something you could definitely see as developing as we move along. and as you might remember, martin, there was an investigation ethics investigation that happened back in 2017 when nunes did a white house visit and then made claims about surveillance of trump
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transition officials. and so that is something that when there is an ethics investigation into you, members will tell you that that being included in every news story and every television segment, that hurts them. so this could also just have a huge impact on ranking member nunes going forward. >> yeah. >> i think it's worth pointing out that nunes had to recuse himself from overseeing the russia investigation because of the prior ethics investigation. and i got my lawsuits mixed up in. . thank you for correcting that. >> it is complicated here. if you add an ethics investigation on top of an impeachment inquiry, keeping it straight is difficult. matthew and olivia, thank you. >> thank you. be sure to join anderson cooper for a look at the impeachment inquiry in the words of the witnesses. that's continue at 8:00 only on
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justice ruth bader ginsberg is recovering at home following another health care scare. the 86-year-old was admitted to john's hopkins hospital after she experienced chills and fever on friday. it is just about a year since she was hospitalized at least four times in the year including having two cancerous nodules removed from her lung last december. for more on the implications of all of this, i'm joined by supreme court analyst joan biskupic. it's been a challenging year for the justice and her health. how concerned are democrats about her ability to continue to serve on the court? >> well, yes, democrats are nervous. first of all, i have to say martin, she's a hero to them. they want her to stay alive and well. she's the senior liberal on the bench. if she were to fill the need to step down, it would transform
12:17 pm
this supreme court. but you know, they've been an t anxious about it. she took a bit of a chance when she declined to step down during president obama's tenure which would have given him an opportunity to appoint someone younger while he was in office. but she has felt a mission in her work, and democrats have just had to live with that, and what she's said is that back in the -- even in the obama era, that he was never going to be able to get someone through the senate who was as liberal as she was, and right now she's essentially living for her work. she says that that energizes her. it helps her get better after the health scares. so she's hanging in there. she will not go -- she will not leave without a fight. >> and we wish her well in that, of course. but just on the possibility that she would need to step down, i mean, as you alluded to, the legal and political
12:18 pm
ramifications are huge here. >> they really are, and i have to say we always talk about these confirmation battles as if they're epic, but this one would be unprecedented for modern times. consider this. that we would have as i said, this liberal bollwork on the court succeeded by a trump appointee. you'd have to go back to essentially 1991 whence carolinas thomas succeeded thurgood marshall to have that kind of swap. this would be the most significant. and it would play out, i am certain on issues such as abortion rights, affirmative action, gay rights, and then let's just add one other piece to where we're at right now in our country. you know, obviously we've got all the turmoil over the impeachment inquiry, but we're also headed into this election year. and back in 2016, the last time we had an election year change at the court and again, i'm just
12:19 pm
speaking hypothetically here, because we hope we don't have a new change, but that was when justice scalia died suddenly, and president obama named merrick garland, and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell blocked all action on that nomination for more than a year. so, you know, that's what happened then. but let me tell you that mitch mcconnell has said if it comes to it this time around and president trump names a third appointment for the supreme court, that he will help that person get through and get through even if we're right there in an election year. >> it would be epic. all right. >> it would be. >> joan, thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you, martin. house intelligence chairman adam schiff is talking about the next step in the impeachment inquiry. is he willing to go to court to force john bolton to testify? we'll talk about how the investigation moves forward. ♪
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the already crowded democratic field for president just added a new member.
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today former new york mayor michael bloomberg announced he's running for the democratic nomination. bloomberg is now one of 18 democratic candidates in the race and he's already getting a pretty rough welcome from senator bernie sanders. >> we do not believe that billionaires have the right to buy elections. and that is why we are going to overturn citizens united. that is why multibillionaires like mr. bloomberg are not going to get very far in this election. >> ryan nobles is in new hampshire where bernie sanders made the comments. how seriously is the campaign taking bloomberg's addition to the 2020 race? >> honestly, martin, in terms of
12:25 pm
whether or not they think bloomberg can win the democratic nomination, they're not taking him seriously at all. in fact, the sanders campaign doesn't believe that bloomberg has a constituency from which to draw enough support to win the nomination. instead, they're attacking what they believe he represents. and that is the corporate influence and politics and how that's a big problem. i got the chance to sit down one on one today with the sanders campaign manager, and he crystallized that belief. they don't think bloomberg can win, but they want to make sure people understand what his entry into the race means. >> everyone who wants to run, come on in, the water's warm. throw your hat in the ring. if you can demonstrate you have grass roots support, hustle and get votes inspect don't sit in a chair in some manhattan sky rise and decide you're going to be a
12:26 pm
president because you just put a bunch of tv ads out. that's not the way to win the support of the american public. >> what you see there is a common theme with the campaign. what their campaign is about, building a big grass roots army, a number of volunteers on the ground in new hampshire and in iowa, nevada, south carolina, early states. and a huge base of donors. the sanders campaign has more individual donors than any other campaign. that means that sanders like bloomberg does have a lot of money to use, but they believe the way they've raised their money symbolizes the type of presidency bernie sanders will undertake if he enters the white house. martin, they welcome this distinction, and even though they're hammering michael bloomberg, you can tell by the way the campaigners are responding, they don't mind. it helps them drive home the key issues of economic inequality and money in politics they think are ultimately things that democratic primary voters care
12:27 pm
about. >> i get it. they see him as an opportunity rather than real opportunity. thank you. appreciate it. new developments in the case of navy s.e.a.l. eddie gallagher. president trump is backing down from his threat to get involved. what we've just heard from the navy. ♪
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call 866-285-1912 or visit get started today, and for a limited time, get up to $800 when you open and fund an account. that's 866-285-1912, or ♪ navy official is confirming to cnn they've been told the white house will not intervene in the review of navy s.e.a.l. eddie gallagher. on thursday trump tweeted a warning not to expel gallagher from the s.e.a.l.s. top navy officials said they didn't consider the tweet a direct order and would move ahead with the review. gallagher told fox news today he didn't buy the argument that he was review was about discipline. >> this is all about ego and
12:32 pm
retaliation. this has nothing to do with good order and discipline. they could have taken my trident at any time. now they're trying to take it after the president restored my rank. jeremy diamond is at the white house. what do we know? >> reporter: what we're learning is according to a navy official and a military official, the navy has been informed that the white house will not intervene to stop the process from moving forward. that could see eddie gallagher kicked out from the navy s.e.a.l.s. that is despite as you mentioned, the president's tweet that he would block such an effort, block an effort to kick eddie gallagher out of the s.e.a.l.s, remove his trident pin which shows his membership in that elite unit. pentagon officials have urged the president not to intervene. yesterday an administration official told me and my colleague that the the defense
12:33 pm
secretary and the joint chairman of the joint chiefs of staff had warned the white house, expressed serious concerns to the white house about the potential by the president to intervene in this case. there have also been, of course, rumors that the secretary of the navy might have threatened to resign over this case. he has denied that. listen to what he said just yesterday. >> there seems to be rumors that i threatened to resign. i have not threatened to resign. i am here. i work at the pleasure of the president. the president of the united states is the commander in chief. he is involved in every aspect of government. he can make decisions and do things and give orders as he deems appropriate. >> if the president requests to stop the process, it stops. good discipline is also obeying orders from the president of the united states. >> the navy secretary made clear he would need a direct order from the president, not just a tweet, signaling a potential order, but an order from the president in order to stop any proceedings against gallagher.
12:34 pm
but it seems that those tensions have been diffused at least for the moment. again, the guidance the navy got from the white house is it should go ahead and proceed with the process for potentially ejecting gallagher from the navy s.e.a.l.s. the question is if they go that far and eject gallagher from the s.e.a.l.s, what will we see from the president? >> interesting. jeremy, thank you at the white house. i want to bring in julia, here to talk things over. she's a former homeland security official in the administration. now a cnn national security analyst. let me ask you, you know, the showdown between president trump and the navy leadership has been escalating. are you surprised out appears the president essentially backed down? >> yeah. for now. until this hearing goes on. but i'm not surprised only because he really did have no options. it was clear whether the navy secretary was going to resign or not, it was clear that he was hearing from the navy. and military possibly civilians
12:35 pm
within the military that this was going to be a disaster. i want to remind the viewers what gallagher was found guilty of. because we talk about him being pardoned without remembering what a monster he was. i mean, he shot into civilian neighborhoods. he boasted himself of killing 200 people. he shot four women. he killed an isis prisoner who was wounded. he killed him with a knife. gallagher is a monster. i mean, i think -- in uniform or not. and the president tends to sort of applaud this sadistic behavior. we've seen it -- he tells urban police officers to bang the heads of suspects in police vans. he tells border patrol agents to shoot at the legs of immigrants crossing the borders and he'll pardon them. the president likes that sadism that exists at the underbelly of some law enforcement agencies rather than condemning it.
12:36 pm
i think he bumped up against a navy that said if we get gallagher go, we are applauding his behavior. you can't run a military with that kind of person with a gun. >> i believe that it was interesting. members of gallagher's unit that testified against him. >> that's right. i mean, that's really rare. just to remind people, the s.e.a.l.s are the most elite but also they drive on the insulation. we don't know who is in them for the most part. i think close to eight of them testified against gallagher. that never happens. and so they themselves testified to having to distract gallagher so that he wouldn't shoot into unarmed civilian groups. so that takes away from their mission. right? that they're worried about this crazy guy over here. you have to remember when the s.e.a.l.s turn against someone, we should probably take notice of that. >> this is more than just -- i mean, one case. the admiral overseeing the navy
12:37 pm
has broader disciplinary issues to worry about. >> that's right. the discipline issue is clear here that when a group of navy s.e.a.l.s turned against gallagher, rightfully and testified against him, they basically are saying we cannot sustain unit cohesion or focus if someone like gallagher is in that, but then it also gets to what are we -- what -- how are we sort of -- i don't know the right words, training or teaching people who are in the military? right? this is a sophisticated group of smart men and women who are out there trying to protect u.s. interests. when a sadist like gallagher, a monster, comes in, he undermines their erveffectiveness but alsoe united states sort of authority as a military that can behave by the rules of engagement. and once we applaud people who go outside the rules of engagement, our men and women abroad are susceptible to the same sort of behavior by enemy
12:38 pm
forces. >> julia, appreciate you giving us perspective. thank you. >> thank you. after two weeks of dramatic public testimony in the impeachment inquiry, the action this week is behind the scenes. we'll break down the next steps for possible impeachment by the end of the year. 1200 watts of power. easy twist design. optimum control. introducing the all-new nutribullet blender combo. one blender
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we've got breaking news. a washington post report uncovers hundreds of documents showing the white house developing an after the fact justification for why president trump decided to withhold military aid to ukraine. the white house counsel's review of documents was triggered by the ongoing house impeachment inquiry. according to the post, the documents include early august email exchanges between acting chief of staff mulvaney and white house budget officials after trump already ordered the hold in mid july. the report also says, quote, white house lawyers are expressing concern that the review has turned up some unflattering exchanges and facts that could at a minimum embarrass the president, unquote. i want to bring in shane harris and intelligence and national
12:43 pm
security correspondent for the washington post, and cnn national security analyst and guy smith who advised president clinton during his impeachment in the late 12990s. shane, give us more about what the washington post is reporting. >> what we're finding from my colleagues' reporting we know when president trump made this decision in early july to freeze this aid, there was no clear rationale in place for doing so. and it looks like what the documents are telling us is this fairly frantic effort, frankly, led by the white house chief of staff mulvaney to try to come up after the fact with a legal rationale and justification for freezing the aid. it's important to emphasize the emails seam to indicate everyone felt they had a legal basis for doing so. but there was no stated rationale at the time that the decision was made. so sort of having to kind of come in and do a legal cleanup after the president froze the aid to ukraine. >> the question is first, let me ask you your reaction, and
12:44 pm
second, is this going to change anything regarding the impeachment inquiry? >> well, look at it like this. back at the end of august, nobody had even heard of ukraine. and now all of a sudden six, seven weeks later, every day there's another revelation. yesterday we learned pompeo was implicated. today change story, it's showing that we -- they really did hold this money up, and now they're trying to jeff it which demonstrates that it was really held up. what are we going to know tomorrow? i mean, it's more and more, and to your specific question, will it change the inquiry? i think we're liable to have more hearings, another hearing on this. >> and shane, i guess, you know, it would seem that this bolsters the argument from democrats that the information has not been forthcoming from the white house. they've not only been holding back but they're trying to reorchestrate the narrative. >> yes. this will help the democrats'
12:45 pm
case. they have a long standing complaint as well that some of the key individuals who do have firsthand information to provide including ambassador john bolton or mulvaney, the white house is blocking them from testifying. it's not going to help the white house's case, i think maybe in the public opinion war when they are seen as having held back emails that clearly have material information that is at the heart of the impeachment inquiry. >> guy, today the counselor to the president, kellyanne conway, as you know, said that it is still not clear if the house will vote to impeach president trump. but added that the white house is still preparing a defense if the senate holds an impeachment trial. let's listen. >> i think defense will go on offense if there is a senate trial, and we'll be able to call witnesses. we'll be able to challenge their witnesses, produce other evidence. and those witnesses may include the whistleblower, and i would say his attorney. >> so the strategy, obviously, has to change, because the senate is a whole different kind
12:46 pm
of animal in this proceeding. right? >> that's exactly right. the senate, there will be less bombast. the 100 senators sit as jurors. they have to sit. they can't talk. they have to be quiet. they have to listen. rules of the senate trial are set by the senate. the constitution says the senate will hold a trial and it leaves to the senate to set the rules. there may or may not be witnesses. i don't think this report about the chief justice being able to rule on the bench during the trial, there's no -- i don't think that will come to pass. but i think what we're going to see is suddenly kelly ann who generally lives in an alternative reality, they're talking about she's saying well, maybe they won't vote. but what she's also saying is they're preparing a defense. they haven't been preparing a defense for months and months and i think now they're starting to see oh my god, what are we going to do? they still can't do anything about the president's twitter feed.
12:47 pm
until they do something about that, it continues to pile up damaging statements and damaging witness intimidation. i mean it's on an on. >> well, just like the stuff that's coming out right now for the washington post. shane, this coming holiday while many of us are going to be sitting down with our families and enjoying a meal, i can see democratic aides in the house intelligence committee are going to be writing a report, making the case for impeachment. and then it heads to the house jush di judiciary committee. what do you think the report needs to say? >> it's interesting. i wonder if the report will try and make the case in a concise manner that the president committed impeachable offenses. we saw case of hearing, hours of testimony. there's literally thousands of pages of deposition. it's not clear to me whether the democrats think it's best to sort of write a thick maybe hundreds of pages of report, or whether they'll take frankly a lesson from the mueller report that was 400 plus pages and it seems very few people read it in
12:48 pm
the entirety. i would imagine they'll try to make the case as concisely but as thoroughly as they can and leave a lot of the maybe the details and a lot of the evidence as well for the drafting of those articles of impeachment. but this report, very importantly has a public education and persuasion deponent. and people have a fairly limited attention span for this. >> it's kind of a reset after being away for the holiday, and they'll be reminded oh, yeah, an impeachment inquiry has been going on. >> thank you both. >> thanks for having us. for a lot of americans, thanksgiving is a time of celebration, family, and feast, and yeah, football. but for many native americans, it's a day of mourning. look at the holiday from a very different perspective next. finish quantum's three-chamber detergent works with bosch's precisionwash technology to clean, degrease and shine every dish, every load. for a sparkling clean, from bosch to finish.
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millions of us across the country will gather with family and friends to celebrate thanksgiving this week, but many native americans will be observing the holiday inn a much more somber way. >> reporter: for most americans, thanksgiving is a day to count blessings, spend time with family, but for many native americans, the day has a different connotation. >> most of american history picked a hospitable thanksgiving, pilgrims offered a warm welcome to the tribe. but the chairman calls that depiction a myth. >> we sent 90 men over to see why they were shooting guns and practicing arms to say, hey, what are you preparing for, and they were preparing for some kind of war to take our people
12:53 pm
down. so we sat down with them to have a discussion and there led a feast. >> reporter: some elders say the so-called first thanksgiving is not worth celebrating. >> it's the one day out of the year when all of america bows their head and gives thanks for everything that was taken from us. >> reporter: 83-year-old tall oak's home is an archive of american history including a copy of an 1870s speech by a man sbraltd celebrating the arrival of the mayflower. >> when he presented the speech to them, they said, we can't allow you to read that because 90% of the people would walk out. >> we welcomed you, the white man, with open arms, little knowing that it was the beginning of the end. >> he said he wasn't going to change it so he withdrew from
12:54 pm
that. >> and activists created their own event for the following thanksgiving day. >> we decided that we would declare it a national day of mourning for native people. >> reporter: and every fourth thursday of november since, native americans had gathered at the statue on cole's hill in plymouth to tell the truth that wam sut ta could not. >> many more nonnative people are interested in listening to contemporary indigenous voices and the messages that we bring that are important to everyone. >> there's a monument every few feet here on cole's hill. so the pilgrim's first burial ground, the plymouth rock, but this stone commemorating the national day of mourning honors, as the plaque reads, the struggles of native peoples to survive today. not just a statement of history but an acknowledgment of the present.
12:55 pm
>> we're still fighting with our very own trusty who we agreed to have a relationship with back in the 1700s and still fighting that fight to have our land. >> this thanksgiving, tall oak, the only surviving co-creator of the national day of mourning, hopes that you think less about the natives' contribution to a meal and more about, as the plaque on the monument reads, the genocide of millions of native people, the theft of their land and the relentless assault on their culture. >> it was a terrible way to show your gratitude after you've been given everything to make it possible for you to survive. >> in the fight over land, the trump administration's bureau of indian affairs reversed an obama era recognition of the tribal land trust, and on the eve of the house vote in may, the two reaffirmed the recognition of those tribal lands. president trump tweeted that republicans should vote against that bill because it was
12:56 pm
supported by elizabeth pocahontas warren. the bill passed with bipartisan support. it has not yet been taken up by the senate. >> victor blackwell, thank you very much. our breaking news coverage continues with more on "the washington post" report that the white house was developing an after the fact justification for withholding military aid to ukraine.
12:57 pm
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>> hello, thank you for joining me. i'm martin savidge and welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i am in for fredricka whitfield. we've got breaking news. "the washington post" now reporting that a confidential white house review has uncovered hundreds of documents showing an extensive effort to come up with an after the fact justification for why president trump decided to withhold military aid to ukraine. the white house counsel's review of documents was triggered by the ongoing house impeachment inquiry. according to the "post" the documents include early email ex changes between acting chief of staff mick mulvaney and budget officials after trump already ordered the hold in july. the report says white house lawyers are expressing concern that the review has turned up some unflattering exchanges and facts that could, at


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