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tv   Cuomo Prime Time  CNN  November 26, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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american people. max booth, thanks so much. have a happy thanksgiving. >> you, too, john. >> the news continues. it's time to hand it over to chris for "cuomo prime time." >> welcome to "prime time." why did they release the ukraine aid to them when they did? more than ever the answer seems to be that the people involved knew that congress was on to the scam. by "they" we can definitely include president trump. why? reported the president was briefed about the whistle-blower complaint before he released the ukraine aide, you know, right when he started saying no quid pro quo, no quid pro quo, i want nothing when he had just said the opposite before that. we have two other pieces of the puzzle that make the picture of potential impeachment even more clear. so what do you say, let's get after it. >> this comes from the "new york times," just tonight.
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sources say president trump already knew about the whistle-blower complaint when he released the hold on military aid to ukraine on september 11th. the "times" reports lawyers from the white house counsel's office briefed the president in late august. remember, i'm going to lay out the whole timeline for you in detail in the next segment. july 25th is the call. august he finds out about the whistle-blower, they release the aid out of nowhere. to develop the truth of why the aid was suddenly released. remember why that matters. if this wasn't about leveraging ukraine, well, they can -- what's their defense? well, we gave them the aid. but why did they do it then? if they did it then because they thought everybody was about to be exposed, they're in trouble. let's bring in tennessee congressman steve cohen. he sits on the house judiciary committee, which is of course going to be the next instrument of a potential impeachment.
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this is where it really becomes a serious confrontation. congressman, we'll talk about the process in the second. let's start with the headline. what does it mean to you that the president, not just the white house, was well aware of the whistle-blower complaint to some degree of detail just weeks before they released the aid? >> it's obviously why he did it. if the whistle-blower didn't file his report, the president of ukraine would have gone on television, on your network at trump's request and announced the investigation of the bidens so he would get the military aid. he was scheduled to do it because he didn't know different. trump had it, he loved him, according to sondland, would do anything for him, but trump found out about the whistle-blower, the fact that it was going to become public, he knew what he did was wrong so he released the aid. you can't put the genie back in the bottle. >> there are other pieces, mark
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sandy, senior official hearse about the hold the aid and says this doesn't sound right. he said this might be illegal, i think we should look at it. he winds up resigning over it. significance in. >> people ion the inside knew i was not about corruption in ukraine or other countries you give foreign aid to like afghanistan and iraq, it was about political, it was about using the powers of the presidency and the funds authorized by congress to benefit yourself with political dirt on your opponent that is a danger to national security. it abuse of power. they knew it and it was recognized. >> congressman, if i could get your take on this, this president had given aid to ukraine in two budgetary cycles before now. he never raised the issue of
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biden in those to our knowledge. the only thing that changed ostensibly is the former v.p. decided to run for office. >> in previous times the aid was given, there was no connection at all to quote, unquote, corruption. ukraine was a corrupt company but they didn't have a president elected who was a corruption fighter. they had a president who was corrupt. all of a sudden it became important about corruption. they don't care about corruption. the fact is they wrote the book. >> the idea of corrupt intent, the constructive analogy for you guys in terms of what the wrong was seems to be this was basically a bribe or at least an attempted bribe, even though a bribe in and of itself can only be a slolicitation but that's lawyer talk. you have to make the proof against counsel now that this was a scam all along to lever ukraine. one of the major defenses will be, but he believed it,
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congressman, he believed ukraine was involved in the 2016 interference. and he believed that the bidens were up to no good. so he had a good faith interest in doing it, therefore, he could not form corrupt intent. >> i don't think that that could be seen. you have to have a willing suspension of disbelief, not even aristotle would buy that argument that he really all of a sudden found that to be true and that ukraine was involved. comes right out of moscow and not that the president hasn't agreed with moscow on other things. when he was in helsinki, he said putin says he didn't interfere with our election, i don't see why he would and basically agreed with putin. tr trump is a man of shifting alliance. it clear he wanted dirt on the bidens and was fearful of joe
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biden being his opponent. >> second defense, i didn't know what rudy was doing. rudy said in the past i was doing it for my client, i was working as his attorneyis there any credence to that theory? does it give any clearance to the president if this was about what rudy did, not what the president knew about what he did? >> i think there's information that's come out that pompeo had talked to rudy -- >> yes. >> unfortunately pompeo won't testify, nor will giuliani to our committee, but pompeo and giuliani have talked, giuliani and sondland talked. he had giuliani, pompeo and mulvaney and the whole cast of characters as totally in the loop and plotting it. there's no question that's what's going on. all of a sudden mulvaney tries to find a way to say how can we rationalize this when they found
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out the gig was up. >> if you could get one guy, who would be the one guy you would want to come in, and may i give the suggestion of bolton given what he tweeted today. what does mae mean saying policy aims were being subverted from within? >> bolton encouraged people working underneath him and i this i it was fiona hill and another person to go testify and to take action, which they did and they did testify, but bolton won't do it because bolton wants to sell his book. you don't know why bolton's doing these things. i suspect selling his book. one on a previous guest was saying bolton is such a strong republican and he is and that's his strong social ties. mcgaughan is tied into the federalist society and that's where their bread is buttered. they don't care about america, they care about their future and contacts and sell what they've learned from government, either
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in a book deal or as clients of jones today. >> this is been the investigatory phase up until now. it was by clinton with ken starr and nixon with a couple of people running a grand jury. you guys did it yourselves here. they kept saying this so unfair, the president doesn't get any representation. you never get representation in the investigative phase. they had half the room in the intel committee was fighting for them tooth and nail, they did nothing but the republicans except try to find clearance for the preds. b -- president. but now in the judiciary committee, that changes, counsel can be there and they can call witnesses. >> resolution 660 gives the republican president more rights in the judiciary committee than either nixon was given or clinton was given.
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>> why? >> because we're bending over backwards. the democrats do that. speaker pelosi wanted to do that and make it clear that we're giving due process and trying to minimize the argument. no matter what we'd have done, they'd have said it wasn't enough. i'd like to see donald trump appear. he claims there's nothing to it. today he called it b. svlgts s. rally. he likes to use vulgar terms and they love it. if he really didn't have malevolent attempt, come and tell the american people. if you don't, you're a coward, donald trump. >> congressman steve cohen, me y -- heavy word just before
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thanksgiving. >> steve cohen basically calling the president a turkey just before thanksgiving. will that move him? looking at what happened with mueller, i doubt it. what the president says is a taunt. what he does is play is safe. this new reporting, though, shows just how important the timeline is here, just like in all investigations. when did things happen and in what sequence? one big ugly face image on your tv but millions of pixelations. now we can lay out a timeline that can give us a much better sense of why things happened and when. next. [sneeze and sniffles] are you ok? yah, it's just a cold. it's not just a cold if you have high blood pressure. most cold medicines may raise blood pressure. coricidin hbp is the... ...#1 brand that gives... powerful cold relief without raising your blood pressure.
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while new olay retinol24 provides visibly smoother, brighter skin. for dramatic skincare results, try olay. and complete your routine with the olay eye collection. brand power. helping you buy better. tonight's "new york times" is helpful. it forces to us take a fresh look at what the president knew and when he knew it. this is not a cliche.
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it is a key to understanding what matters here. so let's lay it out in a simple timeline, and you'll see reality come into focus. the call with the ukrainian president, around 9 in the morning, not so interesting, july 25th. that's when the president specifically asked for a favor of ukraine's president. to look into a conspiracy theory, which has been dismissed by that by everybody, to look into ukraine's role in any interference in 2016 and the bidens he said bidens, okay? some of you want to imagine that didn't happen. look at the transcript. he also tells him talk to rudy, showing he knows what rudy is doing. that same day an official at the budget office, omb, signed the first documents officially putting d.o.d., department of defense money for ukraine on hold. that official is named mark sandy. he spoke with impeachment
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investigators. why? we'll get into that in just a bit. but the timeline is what matters. tonight the "times" is reporting in late august, july 25th, now we're into late august, before it was known to the public, that's key, white house lawyers told the president about the whistle-blower complaint. now, we had heard there had been communication interagency about the whistle-blower and what do and what they had but not this far, that the president himself knew. they didn't yet know what the information would come to, whether it would go to congress or not. it wasn't until september 9th when congress launched the investigation. that same day trump's million dollar donor turned eu ambassador called the president. remember this? >> i believe i just asked him an open-ended question, mr. chairman. what do you want from ukraine? i keep hearing all these different ideas and theories and this and that, what do you want? it was a very short, abrupt
6:17 pm
conversation, he was not in a good mood and he just said i want nothing, i want nothing, i want no quid pro quo. tell zelensky to do the right thing. >> does donald trump seem to be the kind of man to you that throws around the term quid pro quo? think about that for a second. why? there's the call. he hears about the whistle-blower complaint. what does the whistle-blower talk about? concerns of a quid pro quo. then what happens? congress starts asking questions. then mr. sondland who said everybody knew what was going on, everybody knew, all of a sudden sondland doesn't know anymore so he calls the president, i don't know what to do. and the president says exactly what he needs do to see cya. interesting when you look at this this way. it's a whole other story if the president already knew the
6:18 pm
whistle had been blown when he took that call from sondland. two days later the military aid is release. why? no one can tell us. you'd think you had a story for why you were going to do something like this when you knew it was would be the critical move, right? because releasing the aid is the only clarity for this president to get past the con see tceit o scam. back to the omb. let's rewind the timeline and look at what else we learned today about the freezing of aid. so sandy says even before the call with zelensky, okay, he was telling his bosses what's up with this money being withheld? i'm sure he didn't sound like that but he's suggesting maybe it illegal. then on july 30th, his boss, very important here, not a deep stater, which means a conscientious person who
6:19 pm
sacrificed years and years for their duties but a political appointee of trump, he took immediate control of the aid process. during all this two people left their jobs with the omb. one did leave because they had another job somewhere else to the government. put mim him to the side. i'm giving you the benefit of the doubt on that one, but both sandy and that person expressed concerns about how the money was being withheld and why. now, when you take all this together, any question of what was in the president's mind is gone. why? because you know what you can show. they can't say why the aid was released. they've offered no other someplace. he knew there were questions about the call. he knew congress was on to it, he knew what the whistle-blower had and was using the operative phrase. it means these questions are getting harder and harder to answer, facts first. now tonight the president is
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also facing a new round of impeachment hearings. that's what we were talking to cohen about. the judiciary is where the game gets real. and he has to deal with yet another recent conviction of one of himself trusted advisers and why roger stone got convicted matters. michael caputo and i, we share a teary about roger stone. he is a friend and he is next. the holidays are here and so is t-mobile's newest, most powerful signal. and we want to keep you connected to those you love,
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we're doing all we can to make moving simple, easy, awesome. go to to get started. i'm just looking over that timeline we went through. there are big problems with when things happened. they're going to have to answer those questions. that's what the next part of the impeachment process will be
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about. i shouldn't really say that. this in the i tell committee, that was pretty combative but it's not supposed to be by design. it's supposed about be about congress fact finding, but it was about right defending the president and left going after him. so before all this began, republicans complained that the process was unfair, that he should have been able to be in there cross-examining, which is just b.s. that never happens in the investigatory phase. you think giuliani's lawyers are going to get a chance to get involved in the investigation right now? no. but now in the judiciary committee, they will do just that. they'll start on december 4th. the president and his legal team are invited to take part, to question and to argue. the president says maybe i'll testify. i'm taking the under on that. let's talk about some things that make sense and some that don't. former trump adviser michael
6:26 pm
caputo is here right now. he signed an nda saying he won't defame trump and his businesses. welcome back to "prime time." happy thanksgiving to you and the family. >> happy thanksgiving to you, chris. >> let's go to what makes no sense to what should make a lot of sense. starting at the outer pole. michael spent a lot of time in russia, worked in that part of the world. did you ever hear of parnas? everybody who i can find who knew about him was like that was a stay-away guy. >> i never heard of parnas. the first time i heard of him was when reporter were calling me and asking if i heard him. i think you know i'm married to a ukrainian woman, we have family there. i'm very close with my family in ukraine. i spent time there, i never heard about parnas. that doesn't mean a great deal. it just means we run in different circles.
6:27 pm
>> i hear you. it's just for rudy giuliani, i've known him forever. i have tremendous respect for him, i don't want to see him forever but for him to associate with this guy and his parter with all their connections, doesn't seem like them, does it? >> i don't think rudy knew a lot about these guys and perhaps he should have checked them out a little bit more but at the same time we don't know a lot about him ourselves, do we? >> not yet. >> we're going to find out more and more about these folks but rudy giuliani comes from new york, mayor of the toughest city in the world and was a u.s. attorney for that same area. >> prosecutor. >> prosecuting mafia. he's been around a lot of different kinds of people, people you and i probably wouldn't want to spend any time with either. >> now we move down the spectrum. this ukraine did it, everybody debunks this theory.
6:28 pm
people invested time and money into trying to figure it out. the crowdstrike thing has been debunked. they have part of their ownership as ukraine but they're a california company. do you really believe that ukraine, not russia, was to blame for the 2016 interference? >> i believe, as you know, when the democrat emails were leaked before the convention, i came out immediately and warned the obama administration that this is russia and something had to be done about it stat. i've always thought it was russia. i'd love to see the fbi prove it was russia and prove that i was right, but just because russia did it doesn't mean ukraine didn't do it. i don't believe ukraine was messing around on the internet or doing cyber warfare like the russians were. i know for a fact that the leadership of the ukraine government at the time, the poroshenko government, was working through their embassy with hillary clinton and dnc operative alexander chalupa and
6:29 pm
a member of the parliament close to poroshenko was messing around with that black ledger. >> i know you know a lot of stuff but the federal prosecutors felt pretty confident about the information with manafort. again, tom bossert who worked -- >> they didn't use the ledger. >> they didn't need it. they had their own sufficient eviden evidence. >> that's not why they didn't use it. >> it's what they said in their papers. >> in ukraine they don't believe the ledger is real. the top law enforcement officer is those who have a law and order background and a corrupt system and tend to get to the bottom. burisma scams and poroshenko regime, meddling in the u.s. election. there's going to be investigations in -- >> what meddling exactly? the dnc says it never happened,
6:30 pm
cha lupa says it never happened, the intel community says it never happened, the senate intel community -- >> that's not true. that's not true. >> what's not view? >> a lot of people are very curious about alexander chalupa. >> let's just agree on one thing. there's more afoot with chalupa and with the mp that released that fake black ledger than was ever afoot with the trump team. if we investigate the trump team, let's investigate this team. >> i don't believe -- >> it will be really funny in the end when ukraine, this uber corrupt organization on the planet is more willing to investigate allegations of corruption than the united
6:31 pm
states it -- >> we've been investigating stuff all over the police. >> but the evidence is there. >> the evidence is not there. >> yes, there are members of the staff of the ukrainian embassy that say it happened. >> for all of you, tom bossert was one of the head security analysts for this president. he's a friend of the president. here's what he said. >> not only a conspiracy theory, it is completely debunked. let me just again repeat that it has no validity. >> why? why would the senate intel committee run by a republican say the same thing? he was talking about the crowdstrike rumors and having the server. >> i don't believe crowdstrike had anything to do with it. >> that's what the president wanted investigated. >> then let's debunk that. i'm talking about the real in plain sight evidence that
6:32 pm
poroshenko ordered his people to meddle in the united states elections. has nothing to do with crowdstrike. >> that matters and here's why. we'll see what they do did the other thing, that's ukraine as business. two, the president has 100 times more reason than you to know that the crowdstrike thing is b.s. because these people all work for him, the intelligence community -- committee. they all came to the same conclusion. he knows it, he was briefed on it, they were briefed on it. he says, no, i think it happened. how is that not all by itself an abuse of power. if you're so confident all these people telling you something that isn't true except putin and you believe putin? >> chris, i can tell you i believe the president would like to see proof that crowdstrike laid out there that the russians -- >> he has proof.
6:33 pm
>> nobody's seen it. >> they can't give them prove that they didn't take a server when the server wasn't taken. the dnc people said no server was taken. >> that's not what i'm talking about. >> but that's what he's he's talking about. >> i believe the president, like many of us, would like to see the proof that the fbi has that russia hacked the dnc. >> they had the proof. they indicted 12 different people and entities. >> i understand what you're saying but crowdstrike's proof has not been made public. >> i'm out of time. i have to ask this, i'm sorry if it makes you uncomfortable. you and i believe share a theory. roger stone is too smart a guy to not know that they were going to get his communications. in is a savvy guy. it's a little different when you're in the crosshairs but he knows the game. for him to play the game out the
6:34 pm
way he did to me suggests taking one for the team. he had to know this was going to go bad on him. now he's facing all of these convictions and the president is silent about it. are you surprised that a guy who arguably has been his longest adviser, who arguably took convictions out of some misplaced sense of loyalty is getting the silent treatment? >> i think you know roger stone is by court order still not allowed to talk to me. we haven't spoken in ten months. he's not allowed to talk at all. >> i know. >> i don't know what's going on his head or what his defense is talking about. that's one thing the prosecution got right when they opened and closed this trial. i was there every day. and they said roger stone did what he did because he was
6:35 pm
afraid to embarrass the president. i believe that's true. i believe the prosecution got that right. i think there's room for an appeal here. i don't really understand it because i'm not an attorney but the president needs to look at this. i don't expect the president to do anything about it right now but i got to believe he's thinking about it. >> so much for loyalty. michael caputo, thank you for coming on the show. the best to you and your family for thanksgiving. we don't always agree but we agree you always have a place here to make your argument. be well. >> thanks, chris. >> the president is relying on a strategy that includes making you believe he's a victim. now, there are a couple of things that are said all the time and we're going to play them out in the closing, but first where are we in terms of the plusses and minuses? beautiful legal representatives on that next.
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♪ ♪ ♪ he has given the president a chance to offer up a defense at next week's hearings. it's unclear the president wants do that but they have the ability. by the way, that's more than clinton was given. if the president's claim of a perfect call is to be sustained and no wrongdoing, then the question becomes well why aren't you coming in? we know why the president's not
6:40 pm
going to come in, that's hot talk. why not come in and mount a defense if given the opportunity in cuomo's court is in session. harry, i'm saying two bites at the apple because president's counsel can come in if there's a trial in the senate. so they're giving him one for free here. what is your take on the strategy? >> that's exactly right. they haven't given it before. my best guess is he's going to stay away. it's a sort of interesting question for him. i think he doesn't want to validate the proceedings at all. but it really takes away a talking point from him, right? you've just railroaded me, no due process, et cetera. why not have a lawyer or representatives on the different points to make his claims. it should only be to the good. it's something that clinton and nixon didn't have a chance to do but it means he is integrated in a process that he wants to pretend is completely corrupt and i think that's why he winds you staying away. i'll be interested on what jim thinks on that.
6:41 pm
>> jimmy, what's up on the poker fa face? you're not thinking about going back and taking a job, are you? i need you on the show? >> this started on the judiciary committee with nadler and nadler got embarrassed by corey lewandowski. then they started leaking information and releasing transcripts and now the transcripts are released, everything is out in the open and now we're going to have another hearing in judiciary when the cake is already baked and they're saying come in and help us with the icing at the end. if i'm the president's legal team, i'm saying no way to that. this was not a fair process from the beginning we're going to continue to fight this fight the way we've been doing it. we're going to get to the senate where the rules of evidence apply and you're going to get a hearing that's managed much like a court of law. >> they may apply. we have to see what the --
6:42 pm
>> you're judge mitch mcconnell doing whatever you want. >> i want you to respond in order here. lu lewandowski who -- >> chris, they couldn't even ask a question. >> let me talk about lewandowski. >> this is my court, i'm the judge, jimmy. you got lewandowski, you got ken starr, he got to do his whole report. is this fair or is this not compared to them? >> oh, yeah, more so. starr did it all in secret and then went to the senate. lewandowski was high-handed and arrogant when he was talking to the congressmen but when barry burke, a good lawyer, questioned him, he was quickly reduced to showing he was a liar. that's what it would be like in the house. you'd have competent, professional counsel questioning, that makes a big
6:43 pm
difference. that is what we had in watergate. >> well, in this case all we have is a rant in the first hearing. it's a democratic rant. >> you see no evidence? you see this as just a rant, jim? >> no, i'm talking about the judiciary committee. that first judiciary committee hearing was a joke. flat out. >> i'm not sure what you mean but here we have a real one. >> they couldn't ask a question. they couldn't ask a question. now we're going to come back after they've done all their work in the basement in secret -- >> it wasn't in secret. >> come to the party, now you can ask questions. >> and why wouldn't they try to -- try to -- >> i would say we're not playing in this one. >> because you don't like how it was before? here's your chance to tell the american people and participate in a process where everyone's looking and you want to say we don't like how it was before? >> there's not going to be 218 democrats that are going to vote for impeachment here. we have to look at the 31 seats where the president won and we have democrats sitting in those congressional seats.
6:44 pm
those are the ones that everybody's going to be watching in these votes. folks like jeff van drew in new jersey, connor lamm here in pennsylvania. those are going to be the ones people will be watching. >> what about the american people and their ability to know what's going on? >> hold on, hold on, i can't understand. jimmy, hold on a second. let's get some context. jimmy, let's get some context. hold on a second, i got something on the screen. can you see it? there's a poll that says 50% say impeach and remove. so you're worried about people sitting in red districts, fair point. what about this statistic? you worried about that? >> look, there are other polls that are showing this thing's going backwards on the democrats at this point in time and i this i it is, especially in those districts. you have people like van drew in new jersey who said i don't want any part of this impeachment to begin with. he's paying attention to his
6:45 pm
constituency. connor lamm silent in western pennsylvania on this issue. he's taking a look and saying i might take a pass, i could take a hit on this. you know why? his constituents aren't for it, chris. the swing districts, constituents aren't for it. >> harry, last point. >> quick point. politics fine. what about the american people and actually finding out what happened here? what about trump and his -- and pompeo and the rest actually letting us know what happened. it's not just politician. >> harold, jimmy, appreciate you ever making the arguments. if i don't speak to you, i'm thankful to you both, have a great thanksgiving. now, a lot of this is politics, a lot of this is persuasion. some stuff is going to be fine, some of it is not. we have a situation that must be addressed on two frontfronts. when you can't fight the facts, you fight the person stating the
6:46 pm
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the argument. two things need to stop tonight like now. first the idea that anyone who disagrees with the president hates him. >> i think they hate this president more than they love their country. >> i know you hate trump. >> do they love america more than they hate this president? >> this is cheap. this is destructive, and they know it and do it anyway. a "washington post" count in april found 21 of the judges who have ruled against this administration were put on the bench by republicans. big cases, daca, mueller's special counsel appointment, family separation, sanctuary cities -- all handed down by republican-appointed judges, okay? why? the problem is not the judge. it's the constant violation of
6:51 pm
the law by this president. in fact, the only person in this mix who uses animus in place of any legitimate dispute is our president. >> shifty schiff. little pencil neck adam schiff. elizabeth pocahontas warren. sleepy joe. crazy bernie. cryin' chuck. crazy nancy. these are maniacs. >> not just politicians. they made fun of my mother last week. i would laugh if it wasn't so embarrassing. the second thing that needs to stop is the idea that this president is a victim of anything other than his mouth, his motives, and his moves. the last almost three years have been filled with investigations. they are right about that. but why? his mouth, his motives, his moves, and those around him.
6:52 pm
examples. the taxes, wouldn't put them out. he says he's under audit, but he won't prove it. he keeps sheltering putin in a way that raises questions about being compromised. the russia probe started by what his people said and what his people did. and by this president's constant solicitation of, ep help to, an denial of the obvious russian interference to this day. and this whole ukraine mess, it's about what he and his personal lawyer planned to do. >> so you did ask ukraine to look into joe biden? >> of course i did. >> that's fine. again, i don't think this is about rudy. i think this is about rudy doing what his client wanted him to do, the way he allowed him to do it. this president is making his own mess. further to the point, mueller outlined instance after instance of obstruction by the president himself. so why didn't they move on it?
6:53 pm
democratic leadership chose not to move on impeachment. you can say it was a political thing. they didn't think they had the votes, whatever. but they didn't do it. add them. now all of a sudden if you look everything that has happened, there's no need to make it up. they're all of his own making. he plays the system, and when caught, this president plays the victim. >> it's a shame that your president has had to go through this. no president should ever have to go through this again. >> i hope he's right. god willing we will never have a president who causes this much chaos again. and you know what? the chances of that may be better if the man responsible for the chaos right now does get impeached. why? look, i think you can argue it either way. i have on this show. some of you like that, some of you don't. that's the show. it's for people with open minds. but if he gets impeached, that is a permanent stain. it will be the first thing people will know about his
6:54 pm
presidency forever. trump said in a tweet, he never imagined his name connected to the word, but i believe that. and it may be his worst fear, and it will be realized. his name will be glued to being impeached for eternity. now, he can complain to the red hat rallies of thousands who agree with him no matter what he says. but the country has made their sympathies clear. a majority doesn't just say this is a good process, doesn't just say he should be accused or impeached. they say he should be removed. i don't see that as being likely politically. as for those who support him most, you see how he is already making any loss that happens here about you, not him. >> and if you lose, they're going to say trump suffered the greatest defeat in the history of the world. this was the greatest. you can't let that happen to me! >> he created the mess, but you will take the loss. and yet you are not the victim
6:55 pm
if that happens. he is. and you must help him when he has done nothing but help himself. and in doing so, he has gotten himself exactly where he is. this is not about hate for the president, god protect him and keep him and his family well. but we must love the presidency more than any president. our loyalty and that of our lawmakers is not to him but to the country and the countrymen that our politicians serve. they are servants for you, not s serfs for the president. whatever happens next, know this. this president can blame the person who is always apparently foremost in his mind. himself. >> that's the argue. the tonight's bolo, a democratic presidential front-runner's numbers suddenly running low. could it shake up the race? bolo.
6:56 pm
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bolo. be on the lookout.
7:00 pm
joe biden remaining steady at the top in the latest polls from quinnipiac. but look at warren, 28% to 14%. why this drop in this moment? electability. 10% say she's the one to beat trump. same number for sanders by the way. biden much higher than that. it's 69 days from the first votes in the iowa caucuses but this isn't what warren wants to see, especially with bloomberg now in the race and looking to make a lane. so be on the lookout. thank you for watching. want to get you quickly to "cnn tonight" with laura coates, the upgrade for d. lemon. tonight especially, laura, this time line, you cannot like it, and it's one reason that the president may keep his defenders out of this judiciary proceeding because they have to have an answer. why did you release the aid when you did because it looks like you released the aid because you knew you had to. >> if it looks like a green cheetah print blouse, it is in fact a green cheetah print blouse. if it looks like


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