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tv   CNN Right Now With Brianna Keilar  CNN  November 27, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PST

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perplexed feeling because of that. >> we will see how this story develops. anna cabrera starts right now. have a wonderful afternoon and thanksgiving. ♪ i'm anna cabrera on this wednesday. confirmation he got caught. why the president's knowledge of the whistleblower before he released the ukraine aid blows up his entire defense. >> and did the president just throw rudy giuliani under the bus? the ominous comments we've seen many times before. also, why has fox news host j janine pirro been at the white house todays inwo days in a row. and powerful storms stand in the
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way of millions heading home. we start with the ukraine scandal. we know that president trump has made a habit of attacking the whistleblower who brought this scandal to light. now we're learning according to the "new york times" the president knew about the whistleblower and the report long before the rest of us, also before congress and before the white house finally relented and released the military aid to ukraine. our jeremy diamond is in west palm beach where the president is spending the holiday at his mar-a-lago resort. how does this change the picture? >> well, this revelation that the president was briefed on this whistleblower complaint in late august is extremely significant. until this "new york times" report yesterday, we did not know whether or not the president had been briefed on it at all before that aid to ukraine was released. indeed thisrevelation does shed light on the president's decision on september 10th to
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release the hold on aid to ukraine. that happened on september 11th. we did not previously know whether or not the president knew about the whistleblower complaint when he made that decision. now we know that he did indeed have that knowledge. also two days before that on september 9th is when the president spoke with the u.s. ambassador to the european union gordon sondland and unprompted told sondland no quid pro quo, that he wanted nothing from the ukrainians. there was a question as to how the president could say no quid pro quo when he had not even been accused of committing a quid pro quo. now we know perhaps it was because that whistleblower complaint made that allegation and there was a connection between the security aid to ukraine and the president's desire for these politically motivated investigations. while we do have these public intelligence committee hearings on this impeachment process, in the rear-view mirror there's still a lot more to be uncovered about exactly what happened. >> let me ask you about this
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breaking news from the "new york times." reports that rudy giuliani was pursuing business deals with ukrainian officials as he was pushing for investigations into the president's political rivals. what do we know? >> reporter: rudy giuliani has previously denied having any financial interests in ukraine, but now the new york times is reporting that he at least pursued hundreds of thousands of dollars in business from ukrainian government officials, some of those same ukrainian government officials that giuliani was meeting with and pressuring to carry out these investigations that the president was so keen on. now, giuliani said that he ultimately did not pursue these agreements because they were too complicated and he told the "new york times" that he never received a penny. it is significant because we already know that the southern district of new york is already investigating giuliani over whether or not he may have violated foreign lobbying laws. this certainly raises more questions about rudy giuliani's
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involvement in all of these activities in ukraine. >> indeed. rudy giuliani says he was joking when he said he had insurance if the president threw him under the bus over ukraine. now we may find out what he really meant because the president just tossed his personal attorney into the middle of pennsylvania with the bus heading straight for him. bill o'reilly asked the president about whether he directed giuliani's efforts to dig up dirt in ukraine. here's his answer. >> touyou have to ask that to r. i know he was going to go to ukraine and i think he cancelled a trip. rudy has other clients other than me. no, i didn't direct him. but he is a warrior. rudy is a warrior. rudy went, he possibly saw -- you have to understand rudy has other people that he represented. >> this isn't the first time we've seen president trump use this tactic. trump also uses the ask someone
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else defense early and often. >> you have to ask michael cohen. michael is my attorney and you'll have to ask michael. >> how much of your legal work was handled by michael cohen? >> tiny tiny little fraction. >> we know that's not true. michael cohen told us as much in his lengthy congressional testimony in february. cohen also talked about how he followed orders from trump on the stormy daniels payment. >> did you know about the $130,000 payment to stormy daniels? >> no, no. >> that also is not true. in fact, cohen testified that trump instructed him to pay daniels during the 2016 campaign in exchange for her silence about an alleged affair with trump, which the president denies. >> manafort has nothing to do with our campaign. he was with the campaign for a very short period of time. mr. bannon came on very late. >> steve bannon was a key part of the trump victory. he joined the campaign as chief executive in august 2016 and was
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instrumental in energizing the base, which was a game changer. and paul manafort, his short period of time was actually five incredibly important months in 2016. manafort helped trump clench the gop nomination and fight back a mutiny at the republican national convention. that's a big deal. >> let me just say i hardly know the gentleman. >> now we've moved into the impeachment inquiry. the president called gordon sondland a great american. sondland gave a million dollars to the trump inauguration. the president nominated him as ambassador to the european union. he called the president from a restaurant in ukraine and the president took the call. they spoke several times, according to sondland's testimony. but the president now says he hardly knew sondland, just like these guys. >> i don't know those gentlemen. >> no equivocation on this one. he doesn't know them. lev parnas and igor fruman.
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the president says he takes a lot of pictures with a lot of people, but this many could fill an album. here with me is congressman greg r gregory meeks. the president saying he did not direct rudy giuliani to go on this mission to ukraine to dig up dirt. >> we've got clear testimony from strong diplomats, patriots who are there just because they want to help their country that contradict that, that said that they worked with rudy giuliani because it was at the direction of the president of the united states of america. and what the president is doing just as you just showed, he lies, he lies and he lies and then he throws people under the bus. it's who he was. it's who he was before he was president. and now they go back and they
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try to protect this guy. but the camera of history is rolling and the lies that they're saying and how they're trying to protect this guy right now is going to be refuted in that history simply by bringing up the videotape and listening to these witnesses who are just distinguished diplomats and american patriots, compared to this president who says he wants to get his side out or others that were involved. well, who's stopping them from testifying? this president. so he has abused his power clearly and he's obstructing. any other person in america, no matter what position you have, would be indicted already for obstruction if in fact they were trying to cover up as this president is. >> it sounds like you're ready to impeach? >> look, i want mr. bolton and mulvaney and giuliani. we're trying to do the right thing in the search for the truth. >> you want them to all come in
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and testify. >> absolutely. >> should the democrats hold off on moving forward? >> what has to happen and what folks need to understand who is obstructing justice. the one that's obstructing it and hold that person accountable. he's like a mob boss. that's really what he's acting like. if a mob boss is acting one way and he's preventing the federal government from doing their investigation, then they get indicted for obstruction of justice. he tried to intimidate a witness. it seems to me that everybody other than this president would be investigated for other things right now. >> let me ask you about rudy giuliani in this new reporting that he was working on business deals in ukraine at the same time he was pursuing this shadow foreign policy with ukraine at the president's behest. here's what the "new york times" is writing today. the documents indicate that while he was pushing mr. trump's agenda with ukrainian officials
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eeg tore gager to get support f united states, mr. giuliani also explored financial agreements with members of the same government. >> my reaction is that clearly giuliani is the agent of the president of the united states. he was there for not any other client. he was there for the president. he was part of the shadow government, so much so that -- >> was he there for himself, trying to get business? >> he might have been trying to do both. the main reason he was there and the business he was trying to get was that he was the president's attorney. the president directed him to be there and told our diplomats to work through rudy. that's why you see so many stepping up and are appalled at what took place, because they know what diplomacy is all about and what was in the best interest of their country. others will step up. those who are anonymous who wrote the op-ed in the "new york times" before and others in the
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government, it's time. it's time to step up and come out and make sure that you are known, because the camera is rolling. whether you're general kelly, listen to all the individuals with integrity that used to work for him. they come back now and tell you how he wanted to do what he wanted to do in a reckless manner and warned him he could get impeached. >> now we're learning another big report from the "new york times" that the president knew about this whistleblower and this report from the whistleblower before releasing the withheld ukraine aid. what does that tell you? does that change anything? >> it tells you that what the president is engaged in is a coverup. he knew why to use the words quid pro quo after he got word of the whistleblower and the investigation that was taking place. he's trying to cover up the
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crimes that he was committing and his abuse of power and his failing to do what his oath of office was not to spend taxpayer dollars or hold up taxpayer dollars for his personal gain which was trying to get the president of ukraine to do. he knew what he was doing. he got caught doing it and trying to cover it up now. and then he had a report on earlier where he only spent $20,000 before but now that the impeachment inquiry started he's spent over 2 million to try to fool the american people with more propaganda and propping up his lies. but his lies will be uncovered. i would hope that my republican colleagues realize that quickly, because the camera of history is indeed, i repeat, running. i would not want to be the ones so that if you got grandkids that they go back and look at this history and see the coverup that this president is doing and that these individuals who many of them in the beginning told
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you who this president was. they were accurate. lindsey graham, ted cruz, mitt romney. they told you who he was when he was running. >> they're all supporting him now and they are doing so with incredible loyalty. in fact you had lindsey graham the other day saying he doesn't want to look at this evidence until they hear from the whistleblower, that this is basically a baseless investigation. if it weren't impeachment, what about the idea of censure? would you support going that route to hold this president accountable? >> no. i am a patriot. i have a responsibility irrespective of office. i don't care if i lose the office for it. the history will record where i was and what i did when this guy was president of the united states. and i want it to be clear. i want the record to reflect
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very much what my position was and why and what i did during this process. and if this clear obstruction and abuse of power that's unrefuted, the president has a chance to bring forward his witnesses. the chair of the judiciary committee has said he wants the president to participate in it. so he has his opportunity. i want the president to let the witnesses testify. let's really talk about a drive for the truth. the american people should say to the president and the pressure should be on him, let everyone testify. because if it was anyone else, they would be compelled to testify or take the fifth. >> it's interesting you feel so opposite what you felt during bill clinton's impeachment. you were there. you did not support impeachment at that time but here you are saying adamantly that you must, you know, uphold your oath of office and impeach this president. >> because of what's at stake.
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what's at stake is our democracy. you've got individuals, russia, that try and played into our democracy. it's the essence of who we are as a country. bill clinton was more of a personal matter, personal scenario that did not jeopardize the democracy. >> he lied under oath. >> this guy has lied several times. it did not jeopardize our democrac democracy, the fabric of who we are, the leadership of who we are around the world. we tell everyone that they must be diplomatic and we must have democracy and honestly moving forward in our documengovernmen institutions. this guy is corrupting our institutions. that's what's on the line here. she is one of the president's loudest defenders on television, but why has fox host ja neen piro been at the white house the last two days? plus, why the 2020 race just
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welcome back. if you're traveling in the next 24 hours or so, it could be a doozy. kn snow, rain and strong winds. more than 19 million people are under some kind of winter weather warning or advisory that could impact thanksgiving travel plans. from oregon to new york, two massive storms are pounding the u.s. causing delays and cancellations at airports. we're tracking everything you need to know. ryan young in minneapolis for us. looks like the roads are starting to clear a little bit. tell us what you've been experiencing there. >> reporter: they are just a little bit but we still have to watch them. the snow came fast. we're talking about 9 inches. you can still see some of that impact from the overnight snow. the real focus is on that slush which we know turns to ice.
10:22 am
overnight we saw nearly 200 accidents and 300 spin-outs. folks in minnesota know how to deal with these conditions. they still had trouble driving this morning. it's been improving so far. because of the snow mostly falling overnight, what we have figured out that is impact on the airport has been minimized. very minor cancellations and about 100 delays. that's good news so far. but the real talk is how much locker before this starts to freeze again because it's very cold. the wind has been up to about 30 miles an hour. that's the bone chill that you've been feeling throughout this area. not super cold but cold enough to create more conditions on the road. as we look forward to folks traveling home, they're hoping it remains like this and we don't have a second impact of snow so they can get home and be safe. >> i see that wind whipping,
10:23 am
ryan. go get warm. take your mind to miami or to tampa or somewhere in florida right now because they're in the 70s and 80s. >> reporter: absolutely. >> happy thanksgiving, my friend. strong winds are threatening to ground the balloons at the macy's thanksgiving day parade. the floats and the band will march tomorrow of course but will the 16 large character balloons fly? what are the officials saying? >> reporter: the nypd is the one who gets to make this final call and the official word is it's a game time decision. you'll hear that over and over again when it comes to these balloons. it's always a thanksgiving day decision. but we just have to wait for tomorrow. there are some factors that come into play. i want to give you a look at
10:24 am
what we're seeing here because my inner child is freaking out right now. this is autotrstronaut snoopy. you can see we've got a whole street full of balloons that are still going to be inflated for tomorrow's parade. doesn't matter what the wind s e are, they're still going to be inflated tonight. the nypd tracks the wind gusts as they look to believe it or not these balloons need to come down because of a safety issue. there have been issues in the past. that's why they track this. but there is a backup plan to a backup plan to a backup plan. some of these balloons can fly as high as 55 feet in the air. they just lower them down to about 10 feet and have helpers walk them on the ground to make it safer. there are nypd officers that
10:25 am
walk with balloon handlers on the parade tomorrow and will have machines on their hands tracking wind gusts. there's a lot of factors that go into that big question that 1 million people are asking. we'll know more tomorrow and we'll certainly be tracking a that tomorrow for you guys. >> we'll keep an eye on that one. let's bring in ivan. fill us in on who could get hit the hardest and how long these storms are going to impact people. >> you and i could be late to grandma cabrera's house. hit's che we're in the clear for minneapolis. storm number one, the worst of it is going to be the wind not so much the snow or the rain. here are the winds, anywhere from 50 to 55 miles an hour, gusts to 65. although right now that has not
10:26 am
materialized so the airports are doing pretty well across the midwest and even into the east coast. i want to focus on storm number two. that is the one i think is going to be wreaking havoc because it's going to be happening on sunday as we ail tll try to getk from grandma or grandpa. wherever you're going, you're probably going to be late because this storm has the potential to impact a good chunk of the country. we're talking torrential rain, cold enough for snow in new mexico, in colorado. and heading up to the north, the north central plains and eventually the midwest. by sunday afternoon we could be looking at significant rain across all the airports in the east, intense winds as well. look at this. i'll leave you with this big question mark. will the snow get close enough to boston to start accumulating here? that's something we're going to have to fine tune over the next few days. all in all, i think black friday
10:27 am
and saturday look good. it's way back that's going to be an issue on sunday. >> thank you. we know you'll keep an eye on that. fox host and one of the president's biggse ebiggest def showing up at the white house the past two days. the question is why. plus breaking news. rudy giuliani reportedly pursued business contracts with ukrainian officials as he pushed investigations into the president's rivals. only tylenol® rapid release gels have laser drilled holes. they release medicine fast, for fast pain relief. tylenol®. for fast pain relief. there's a company that's talked than me: jd power.people
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in the last two days, the white house has had a frequent visitor, fox news host jeanine pirro. oliver darcy is here with us. is it odd pirro has been there two days in a row? >> it certainly raises some eyebrows that she's been at the white house the past couple days. we spotted her there yesterday and she was there earlier this week for this conan war hero event. we asked the white house and they're not commenting. fox news isn't commenting on what she's doing there. that said, she has a very good relationship with the president. this goes back decades.
10:33 am
they've both known each other in new york circles. she's a huge trump supporter on cable news and he's a big supporter of hers. in return he'll tweet out her clips and promote her show. he came to her aid when she was briefly suspended from fox. it raises the possibility of perhaps maybe he's interested in bringing her into the white house. >> that's been something he's thought about in the past, right? >> right. according to reports he's dangled positions, talked about possibly bringing her into the white house, into his administration, perhaps some sort of federal judgeship. it's really unclear. but this is really just another example, another page in this long book of examples showing the very close relationship between fox and the white house. you know, they talk about a revolving door. at this point it seems there's no door perhaps. it's just the same room. this is just another example in that. >> an additional mystery to see where this could be headed.
10:34 am
thank you. we are one week away now from the next set of impeachment hearings. democrats say the white house is welcome to send its own defense team. will they? and joe biden proves he's got staying power, topping yet another 2020 poll as another candidate makes big gains. ♪ ♪ everything your trip needs, for everyone you love. expedia. for everyone you love. at bayer, we're into the golden years. with better heart treatments, advanced brain disease research, and better ways to age gracefully. at bayer, this is why we science.
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newly released impeachment interview transcripts reveal two people working in the office of management and budget quit their jobs at least in part over concerns of withholding ukraine aid. this is interesting especially in light of what acting chief of staff and head of omb mick mulvaney said back in october. >> no one raised any difficulty with me on the call at all. i understand in fact no one on the call in here thought there was now difficulty with it. >> joining me now is julian epstein, former chief counsel for house democrats during the clinton impeachment and amy stoddard, the associate editor for real clear politics. mulvaney acknowledged there was a quid pro quo in the july 25th phone call and there is political influence in foreign policy so get of it. do these resignations at omb, the expression of concern at that time completely undermine
10:40 am
the narrative the white house has been pushing about this ukraine aid? >> i think it undermines the narrative, but i think the narrative has already been undermined. you've had testimony over a dozen witnesses from the state department, the diplomatic corps, the national security agency inside the white house, white house staff, e-mails, phone calls. i mean, the evidence here is just overwhelming. there just is no longer much of a question that there was a prescri bribery scheme at hand where the president was holding up foreign aid in exchange for political dirt on his rival that would be found by the ukrainians. you kind of have to be the most loyalist flaunky at this point o be sticking your head in the sand and denying this. i sort of think the fat lady has sung on the factual questions here. i think the evidence, as i say, is just overwhelming. and the question is, you know, will the republicans be able to kick up enough smoke in an era
10:41 am
where we're constantly digitally distracted on our telephones. there really isn't the kind of public square there was in 1998 and 1974. people might not be paying attention. how much of the public will really be engaged in this. but on the facts there really is no serious debate anymore. >> every single day, sometimes by the hour, we're learning more information that seems to point this story in the same direction. now we have according to the "new york times" president trump releasing the hold on this aid only after he learned of the whistleblower's report. the president we know also knew the whistleblower's report was coming when he suddenly said he wanted no quid pro quo on that phone call that we've heard mention with eu ambassador gordon sondland. isn't this just more evidence that trump knew withholding the aid was wrong? >> oh yes. i mean, i think that's the more powerful reporting, is that not only were the people involved in the process on the interior very concerned. we knew about that before the
10:42 am
impeachment hearings started. there was reporting that officials at omb were asking questions about why this was happening and how long it had gone on. but this notion that somehow this is all a coincidence, that he's trying to give gordon sondland his talking points after he learns that a whistleblower complaint has been filed and congress has started an investigation, that the whistleblower's complaint was deemed credible and urgent by the inspector general of the intelligence community. i think that to julian's point, though, republicans continue to tell us even the most loyalist flunkies that this really is all fine with them, it's not impeachable behavior. they mostly try to talk about process and how americans are concerned with the cost of drugs and everything else and they don't want the democrats to do this. but i don't really find anyone still pretending on the republican side that this didn't happen. it points to the fact that the
10:43 am
revelations just keep coming. there are new ones about rudy giuliani today. this is what senate republicans fear the most, if they're held as jurors to a vote in the trial about articles of impeachment, how much more will they learn about this by the time that date comes around. that's the big anxiety. >> we are going to perhaps learn more as we move into this next phase. there's a new date for hearings in the judiciary committee as they prepare the potential articles of impeachment. the first hearing is scheduled for one week from today, december 4th. this time under these rules the president's lawyer will be allowed to participate. we have new reporting today the president likely won't send anyone. is that smart? and if the president did send someone, what could his attorney do? >> i think that's a mistake. what the judiciary committee hearing will be next week on december 4th is a hearing on the constitutional standards of impeachment. they will bring in law professors and other legal
10:44 am
experts who will explain why this was in fact a bribery scheme, why any prosecutor would be able to get an indictment on a bribery charge under this set of facts and why under the constitution it's impeachable conduct. this is very important, because i don't think the case about why this is impeachable, why these set of facts in fact constitute bribery, i don't think that kind of case has effectively been made yet by the democrats. the factual case has been made very, very well. that's going to be very important. it's going to be very important for the democrats to prosecute that effectively. if i were the white house, i would be challenging it. i think they are missing an opportunity. after those hearings you'll get a report from the intelligence committee. probably dan goldman will testify as to what the jen
10:45 am
intelligence committee found. as for next week, i think the white house is missing an opportunity here. >> a.b., you'll recall several witnesses testified they were told to talk to rudy when it came to ukraine. now we have the president denying giuliani was acting on his behalf. is that relationship starting to crack? is that what we're seeing? >> i think the president is trying to give himself a little cover on rudy, but i actually don't think he's going to technically as everyone keeps anticipating throw him under the bus. i don't think he can. it's not only in the transcript of the july 25th call, but we know from witnesses talking about a meeting in may with the president, he told top officials to talk to rudy. it's not possible rudy giuliani was on fox over the weekend saying that he speaks to the president early and often. but it is this deep, broad investigation by the sdny which rudy once ran many years ago that is of such concern. as we uncover more about what rudy giuliani has been up to as
10:46 am
an unaccountable private citizen working a rogue national security policy outside the official channels of the state department and the nsc, it's a really dangerous line that the president has crossed here. that's, again, what republicans are going to be forced to defend if we learn more about the investigation or his, quote, business dealings with the ukrainians. >> great to have you both here. thank you and happy thanksgiving. >> thank you. mayor pete buttigieg getting a bounce in the national polls, surging as some of his democratic rivals slip a bit. what his rise tells us about the state of the race, next. $9.95 at my age?
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as we head into this thanksgiving holiday a new cnn poll may have given democratic presidential joe biden another reason to be thankful showing biden maintaining a double-digit lead over democratic challengers with 28% of support. senators bernie sanders, elizabeth warren next with 17% and 14% respectively and mayor pete buttigieg showing double-digit support first time in cnn polling with 11%. no other candidate reaches 4%.
10:52 am
our cnn reporter joins, arlette, 342 days until the 2020 election. compared to october, biden and warren a slight decline. bernie sanders holding steady, but pete buttigieg at his highest standing in a national poll so far at 11%. what does this tell you? >> reporter: ana, shows pete buttigieg has been gaining when it comes to polls nationally and it's also showing joe biden's resilience as he continues to lead the democratic field. you have joe biden cominging in at 28%. followed by bernie sanders at 17%. elizabeth warren at 14%. the two battling it out for second place there and then pete buttigieg at 11%. if you look at those numbers compared to october, you are seeing biden and warren with a slight decline in their support nationally. for warren, seen this indicated in other polls as were el. then look at pete buttigieg. he's gained five points on the national level. also you've seen him rising in
10:53 am
early state polls. he was recently leading in iowa. a much closer race in both iowa and new hampshire when, compared to the national polls but one other thing that's interesting about this poll is that it still shows how fluid the race is. the majority of voters haven't decided who they are going to be voting for come this democratic primary on the national level. 42% say definitely decided. there's a lot of room for movement for these candidates. >> even if you whittle down the field between four candidates who are voters leaning towards? >> reporter: actually showing now on a national level a pretty similar trend. look at those numbers. joe biden is still leading with 35%. then bernie sanders at 23% and warren at 20% and pete buttigieg at 17%. we're pretty far away from this becoming a four-person race. we still have 18 democratic candidates in the field, but this could turn into a very long
10:54 am
primary fight where you could have different winners coming out of iowa, new hampshire, heading into nevada and south carolina. it could continue later on in the process to be ap mu much smr field. >> when it comes to what matters most especially policy what are voters looking for? do they want big changes? >> reporter: a few things. health care and action on guns are two very important issues. top issues for democratic primary voters. an interesting thing in this poll is that voters were asked, what kind of approach they want to see when it comes to policy? do they want something that's going to become a good chance of becoming law? or do they want larger change? a majority of those polled here said they want a candidate that has -- that approaches policy that has a good chance of becoming law even if it's smaller change. that kind of falls in line with what joe biden and pete buttigieg have been arguing out on the campaign trail while 36% say they want big change.
10:55 am
that's something elizabeth warren, you hear hers often talk about big, structural change. certainly there's a debate playing out about the best approach to policy and the majority of folks now in the democratic field, primary voters, saying they want something that has the best chance of actually becoming law. ana? >> thanks for breaking it down for us. back to the breaking news. the "new york times" reporting that rudy giuliani sought payment from ukraine even as he worked to dig up dirt on the bidens. there's a company that's talked to even more real people than me: jd power. 448,134 to be exact. they answered 410 questions in 8 categories about vehicle quality. and when they were done, chevy earned more j.d. power quality awards across cars, trucks and suvs than any other brand over the last four years. so on behalf of chevrolet, i want to say "thank you, real people." you're welcome. we're gonna need a bigger room.
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welcome back. you're watching cnn i'm brooke baldwin brate to baldwin. great to be with you on this day before thanksgiving. rudy giuliani rand deand dealin ukraine at the heart of the impeachment inquiry. the "new york times" reporting as giuliani was pressuring the yn yn governme ukraine government to investigate the bidens, he was seeking hundreds of thousands of dollars in business. giuliani pursuing an employment contract with yuri poroshenko known for cor


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