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tv   Cuomo Prime Time  CNN  November 27, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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off a miracle had a 34-point swing to win iowa and propelled him on super tuesday. b b >> let's have a happy thanksgiving. thank you very much for being with us tonight. time to hand it over to chris for "cuomo prime time." >> i'm chris cuomo. welcome to "prime time." we have new information that raises real new questions. a form are ukrainian prosecutor who is central to the impeachment story says money may have been in the mix with rudy. was he trying to get favors from rudy in return for paying giuliani and agreeing to help to take down joe biden? now, is this a chance for this president to step away from another ally in a time of crisis? will it work any better than it did with cohen? we also have a lot of tnt ready to blow apart the president's four main ukraine conspiracy theories.
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what do you say? let's get after it. we got to look at it as a trifecta of troubles for the president and certainly his lawyer. among tehem here's a quote. giuliani was in talks to be paid by ukraine's top prosecutor as they together sought damaging information on democrats. we need to look deeper. what actually happened? what was discussed in what were the boundaries at play legally, ethically, factually? remember this in context, over and over mr. giuliani has denied he's ever had any financial motives in the ukraine game. >> i have no financial interest in the ukraine. i'm not going to financially profit from anything that i know of in the ukraine. let me make clear real quick i have no business interest in the ukraine. >> look, he was very clear about that. but now "the new york times" broke this story that does cast doubt on that idea, reporting that mr. giuliani privately sought hundreds of thousands in
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business from ukrainian officials while trying to wage a public campaign for dirt on the bidens. among those officials, ukraine's former top prosecutor, a name that you're heard, lutsenko. did they have documents written up? is there a signature on one of them? we have jennifer granholm and shann wu. take me through from least to greatest. ethical, campaign finance, fara. where's the line on each? >> let's start with campaign finance. if he is seeking the help of a foreign country to help in a domestic issue, a thing of value, that's the campaign finance violation. with regard to fara, a little more nuanced. if he concluded these deals where he was trying to work for the ukrainian government, then
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he would have had to register as a foreign agent for them. possible even if he didn't conclude the deals themselves that other documents would show he really was working for them since he apparently likes to work for free. >> when do you have to register? let's role play it for people. i'm the ukraine guy. rudy, help me, i want to get meetings, i'm a big shot ukrainian, i'm big in ukrainian politics, i'm mr. lutsenko. go hook he up with bar and your friends. >> i need to register. >> what if they're not going to pay you? >> it's not necessarily the payment. it's your loyalty as a lawyer. who are you working for? and that can trigger the fara requirements as well. >> we have what this means for mr. giuliani, which is a little gray, we have to have more facts. the fact they had a signature on
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an agreement but did you act on that agreement. that would be the key fact. jennifer, what does this say about the situation? well, if nothing else, it makes it look shady, which is what it has looked all along. what does it mean for the politics of impeachment? >> well, first of all, let's be clear that this -- if this were consummated and we don't know, obviously these are documents we're not exactly sure if they were from the southern district of new york where he's under investigation, but we don't know exactly what it is. if it was, it would show a huge conflict of interest. >> help people understand, jennifer was attorney general and defense attorney. do i go to jail for that? where is the line that it becomes a problem with judy other than the bar association? >> clearly there is a bar association problem. who is your duty of loyalty to? if you have a loyalty to
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ukrainian officials, whether it's lutsenko or any ukrainian officials, you're supposed to are have loyalty to them, you're not supposed to be double dealing, you're not supposed to be doing something for the president whether you can have loyalty to them. it's an overall conflict. to me this issue of a conflict is less of an issue because we don't know that he signed it yet. but certainly it's a question about the southern district of new york. if in fact rudy giuliani is under investigation and if in fact, you know, depending on what the president does so he sends out these signals saying that he wants to -- that rudy is a warrior but he has other clients. i didn't send him out. i mean, he said that repeatedly. i didn't send him. but you can look in the phone call with zelensky to see that the president told zelensky to talk to giuliani. >> the president created a problem for both of them. give me your bottom line. >> the bottom line is what
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happens in the southern district of new york? what if he is indicted? what happens to bill barr, who is over -- obviously the department of justice is underneath bill barr. he's implicated in this, too, because he's been sent across the world to dig up dirt on the bidens. does he recuse himself? and what does rudy giuliani do? if indicted does he drop a dime on the president or take a bullet for the president? if the president throws him under a bus, you better believe rudy giuliani is going to be less inclined to take a bullet. >> the president created a problem for beau of them, shan because when he said i don't know what rudy was doing, i didn't send him over there. first of all, he created a problem for himself because that's not what ewhe said in th past, that's not what mr. sondland said, it's not the aggregate understanding from the testimony last week. it's not as jennifer referred us
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back to the perfect phone call, he had knowledge of what rudy was doing and instructed mr. skblemr. mr. zelensky to be in contact with rudy. not only does he create a situation of truth abuse himself but he puts rudy in trouble because what if the president is believed. so, wait a minute, you were the president's lawyer but you were over there doing things that he didn't know about? were you operating in the interest of your client or not? it's a problem both, isn't it? >> oh, absolutely. obviously trump is trying to distance himself from rudy. that creates big problems for him because what exactly is he doing? maybe he's just doing business for himself with the ukrainians. that's the ethics issue. if he is doing business with the ukrainians, he is right back in the hot seat on fara. if he was trying to get him to help with dirt on biden, he's back in the hot seat with the campaign finance situation. he's really in kind of a trick bobs there.
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>> it reveals the pred's haside hand a bit. the only reason the president had to change his story other than his obvious silliness with him is that we got the tape on this show of him talking to michael cohen about the deal. here similarly it becomes an impossibility he doesn't know, jeb i eve jennifer, and what does that do for his defense? >> like the impeachment hearing, all of his reasons are falling away. the women are looking at this from your poll today, the cnn poll that was released, women by 60% want donald trump impeached and removed. by 60%. that is a huge number. independents, which he needs desperately by two points they want him impeached and removed. i just think all of this,
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including the impeachment hearings that the judiciary committee will move on to next week, this is all -- you've got to play this. if i were donald trump, i would be playing this totally differently. but but if you don't show up and defend yourself, then you're allowing people like matt gates and jim jordan to defend you and they are the chest thumpers and the hand wavers and they are not going to be the people who will be persuading the audience that you need in the election to come your way. all -- >> you can't complain when you get two bites at the apple and you refuse to take it. thank you for spot analysis on breaking information. i'm thankful to you both. the best to you and your families for thanksgiving. >> a big part of the defense for the president is this ukraine thing, we got to look at it, even the secretary of state, pompeo, says if there's information about ukraine messing in the election, we have a duty to look at it.
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big facts first. republicans used the public impeachment hearings for two purposes, one to push conspiracy theories, two, rail about how the president wasn't represented. the president had a team of representatives in the form of these ten congressmen, but now we're hearing the white house may not send a lawyer to next week's hearing, even though he's been given basically two bites at the apple. why would he when he's got people like these guys who have made it their mission to cover, confuse and conflate? congress is doing the work tore
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h for him when they're supposed to be looking at hill. four conspiracy theories, which have all been debunked. >> the president brought this up, the notion is demonstrably false. every intel chief there is saying the same thing. it want ukraine. ditto for an investigation by senate republicans. it wasn't ukraine. mueller spent 30 pages detailing how russia did it. so who says ukraine? trump allies and this guy. >> do you know, for example, that in ukraine following the elections, some people and these were public officials sent congratulatory telegrams to hillary clinton, even though trump had won. what do we have to do with it?
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>> you have everything to do with it, except the president doesn't believe that. we'll get to that in the second. the server, where's the server? there never was a server. the dnc boous a clouused a clou system. the cloudstrike is based in california. one of the co-founders was born in russia, not ukraine, and he moved to the u.s. as a teen-ager. conspiracy theory number two, this idea that as vice president joe biden bribed ukraine into firing a prosecutor who was pursuing an investigation of his son by withholding aid money, basically what the president just did. but what hunter biden did, you can argue it was wrong, but he was never the subject of a criminal investigation. the v.p., along with the governments of most western nations and an overwhelming majority of the ukrainian
6:17 pm
parliament all wanted the prosecutor out. why? because he wasn't investigating enough corruption. conspiracy number three. the black ledger. the idea here is that ukrainians doctored some books to make trump's campaign chairman paul manafort look crooked and hurt donald trump. manafort is in jail. strike two, ukrainians don't believe it was real, where's the evidence it was forged? we haven't seen it. strike three, russia did far worse to help trump and he's never had any problem with anything they've done, not even when standing on the world stage. >> i have president putin. he just said it's not russia. i will say this, i don't see any reason why it would be. >> that was tough to watch. the fourth and final conspiracy, a woman named alexandra chalupa,
6:18 pm
accused of working with ukrainians to hurt manafort and trump. she started looking into manafort on her own before trump announced his run. while she may have later tried to get info on him from ukraine, nobody at the dnc seemed to care. as for the validity, ultimately she was right. manafort's activities were criminal and as trump himself points out -- >> manafort has nothing to do with our campaign. >> so then why does he care? these are four separate theories. but the president's supporters are counting on you not to be able to tell them apart or keep track of who worked for which ukrainian president and when. what's the goal? distraction, confusion, to kree doubt. that's the problem. that's why we have to check it. when it comes to something as serious as removing a president,
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ousted navy secretary richard spencer is not going quietly into that good night. he just wrote a scathing op-ed.
6:24 pm
the case is only part of his concern. he writes in part in "the washington post" this was a shocking and unprecedented intervention at a low-level review. it was also a reminder that the president has very little understanding of what it means to be in the military, to fight ethically or to be governed by a uniform set of rules and practices. our allies need to know that we remain a force for good, and to please bear with us as we move through this moment in time. let's bring in the president's former deputy assistant for reaction. thank you, fred, for joining us. >> good to be here. happy thanksgiving. >> to you as well and your family. why do you think it is that richard spencer seems to echo what we've heard implicitly or explicitly from general mattis, general kelly? why do military men seem to find
6:25 pm
this president so lacking in ethics and character? >> chris, i don't think these true of all military men. politics can get into the military just like any other element of government. let me tell you three things. first of all, i've known park e sper f -- esper for many years. he had gone behind the back of the navy secretary. that's a big deal. that's why esper let him go. >> he was the navy secretary. >> this is what the navy secretary said in his op-ed. if we had a general or admiral as a commander in chief, this would not have happened. but our founding fathers wanted us to have a civil commander in
6:26 pm
chief. >> the knowledge of military is only one aspect of it. fred, just to be clear, mattis, kelly, both guys i'm sure you respect and spencer, someone who is deserving of respect by both sides of the aisle before this, have all made the same kind of comment about the president, that he's ethically challenged, that he doesn't know how to lead. and these are people that we often refer to as the best leaders of our society. doesn't that concern you on any level? >> i watched admiral kirby in the previous hour saying there was obviously prosecutorial abuse in this case. there was a lot going on in this case that went wrong. i think it was fairly complicated. but this is an instance of a civilian commander in chief making a decision, bucking the multi-bureaucracy, they tried to get around what he wanted do.
6:27 pm
>> but your friend and former work colleague, john bolton, he left, insinuating the same kind of things, telling people he thought this was like a drug deal what was going on in ukraine with rudy and others and he didn't want to be a part of it and you got to tell the lawyers and get away from it. now he's sending these cryptic tweets about how national security is under attack from within. what is he getting at? >> i don't know. i haven't discussed it with him. but i haven't seen mr. bolton criticize the president. >> he has not done so yet, at least not outwardly. the question is why won't he testify? >> el witwell, i man, there'ean variety of reasons. my guess is he'd like to see the democrats subpoena him and it would go to the courts and the courts would say you can't force him to testify because of
6:28 pm
executive privilege. >> there is no absolute immunity. you're supposed to answer to a subpoena. >> that decision is going to be thrown out. >> really? >> that's a piece of political theater. it's going to be thrown out. >> wait, fred, that with all due respect right before thanksgiving, that opinion is completely consistent with every piece of jurisprudence on the subject. it is true this president and presidents past have tried to flex on executive immunity, but the law has always made it clear that congress is not a maybe, it's a must when it comes to oversighta president can't wave his hand and say forget the subpoena. >> of course that's true but presidents have to have the ability to confide in confidence with their closest advisers. i believe the supreme court is going to respect that. this was a piece of political theater, it was a 130-page report about an obama appointee, it's going to be thrown out. >> every legal expert i heard
6:29 pm
discuss the subject -- >> not every legal expert. >> i'm sure can you find some who want to play for the other side, but i'm saying the people who should be respected on this, with mr. mcgahn, what questions will he say are privileged or not in the idea of just protecting all your people because you a i so won't fly with this president or any other. the rudy giuliani headlines that came out, do they give you concern that there were things going out with rudy giuliani that may compromise the efforts here? >> yes, they do give me concern. i see the story and i think you covered it earlier fairly well. from what i read, looks like mr. giuliani was in discussions with the ukrainian government to investigate money that had been taken out of the country, maybe stolen, at the same time he was representing the president. now, from what i read, he has
6:30 pm
not necessarily done anything illegal or unethical but i think he has some serious questions to answ answer. >> now, the president, i argue, made a problem for himself and his lawyer when he said "i don't know what rudy was doing over there, you have to ask him." not only is that a problem for rudy because rudy's supposed to be acting in the interest of his client, that's his ethical obligation. so if the president didn't know what he was doing when rude see says he did, that's a problem if that comes to pass. but secondarily, we know from the telephone call, from sondland, from the collective conscience from people o testified that the president knew very well what rudy was doing there because he was the one who wanted him to do it. >> i can't speak for the president, i think the optics are very bad. >> do you think the president didn't know what ephs going on when he said to the ukrainian president "talk to rudy"? >> i don't know what that comment meant.
6:31 pm
it could mean he didn't know exactly what -- >> what else could it mean? >> you'll have to ask the preside president. >> i don't have to. he gave us the transcript. when when they're talking about what he wants, he says "talk to ru rudy," "talk to barr." zelensky says thanks to rudy, good to get the information from rudy. how can the president plausibly deny knowledge? >> look, it could be he does not know exactly what negotiations giuliani was involved in. chris, i don't know what the comment meant. >> but the call was perfect. how is it not perfectly clear to you, fred? >> i don't know. let's just move on. >> no way can we just move on, fred! you're an intelligence expert. this is what you looked at. the idea of somebody in an interview said, yeah, i really don't know what was going on. but you said you directed the activity in there. your guy who you spoke to on the phone about this said he was doing it at your direction through rudy. isn't this open and shut, he's not telling the truth, the only
6:32 pm
question is why? >> look, as i said, you'll have to ask the president what that comment meant. >> i can't ask the president. he won't come on the show. when we ask him, he calls us the enemy of the people and five not-so-clever nicknames and moves on. >> i haven't asked the president either. >> does it concern you that the president says he doesn't know that he doesn't know when all indications are he did know and wanted it done? >> i wanted to raise something with you, chris, the american cancer society. i would like you to send the $50 you owe me -- >> what $50? >> we bet when i was on the air before that the impeachment hearing, if there were public impeachment hearings, they would not be fair to the republicans. and they clearly weren't fair. >> you had half the room arguing the president's case when they were supposed to be there in an oversight capacity. >> untrue. the president didn't have his counsel. the republicans were limited in who they could subpoena. their questioning was strictly
6:33 pm
limited. >> i'll tell you what. i'll give money to the american cancer society every day, but as a matter of fact, the rules here were the rules that you guys passed in '98 plus two -- >> that's not true. >> dime for dime. >> it's not true. >> if the only way they're not true is the congress did the investigating here, not an independent body that did it in private. >> where was the president's counsel? >> here. he gets an opportunity in the judiciary committee, which clinton did not get the way recan and thr he can and then you get it in the trial. >> we don't know the rules the second hearing will have. about but the president's counsel wasn't there. >> does rudy giuliani get to go into d.o.j.'s office right now -- >> that's irrelevant here. i hope you'll send this check tomorrow to the american cancer society. >> i will do so in your name but did you not win that bet. >> i did win it. >> fred, have a very good
6:34 pm
thanksgiving. i'll talk to you soon. >> happy thanksgiving. >> he'll didn't win the bet. i'll argue it all day. we have new numbers on the state of play in the race to take on president trump and we have a democrat running to fill the house seat left open by katie hill, you know him as an ap list but now he has to be tested as a candidate next. have you ever worked with dr. francis? oh yeah, he's ok. just ok? guess who just got reinstated! well, not officially. nervous?
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ all right. we got a new poll.
6:38 pm
cnn conducted by ssrs. we see former v.p. biden leading the pack, senators sanders and warren vying for second and mayor pete buttigieg breaking into double digits. of course it's anyone's race. you got 60 something days until the first voting, but biden keeps staying up front even though people keep saying he shouldn't be up front. but he is. and it becomes about centrist versus progressive. let's talk progressive fire brand cenk uygur joins me now, running for katie hill's open house seat. but first, warren seeing a little bit of a slip, sanders pretty much stays in the same place, buttigieg moving up, biden stays solid. the analysis is that's because going too far left, not even close to where you are, by the way, is not the way to get this nomination. >> i don't think that makes any sense at all. the reason is you see sanders
6:39 pm
moving up and he's further left than warren. the main mistake that elizabeth warren made is she equivocated on medicare for all. when she said it's going to be two steps and it's going to be the public option first, that cost her a lot of activists. >> medicare for all -- >> you guys attack it all the tile. >> you guys? >> the main street media does, jack tapper does -- >> jake tapper is one of the most honorable men. >> he honorable -- >> do i want to lose my insurance? no. do i like medicare for all -- unh. >> when you guys say you'd lose your insurance, that is terribly wrong. you have your insurance -- >> you'd lose your private insurance. >> you have better insurance. >> maybe, maybe. >> senator michael bennett who
6:40 pm
does not like medicare for all, he said medicare for all would be the cadillac plan. you get better insurance, there's no question about that. >> maybe. maybe. it's about how you pay for it, how long it takes and what you can actually sell in congress. but i take your argument. now to you, big mouth. no. so you're running for katie hill's seat. first problem, it purple, that seat. you are not purple. how do you run for a seat where you're going to get hit with two sticks right away? you're not purple and, two, you're a carpet bagger, you're not from there. >> first of all, i'm going to prove this mythology that progressives can't win in purple districts is totally wrong. we represent the voters way better. strong progressives run uncorrupted. i'm going to run against bribery. all the corporate campaign contributions are bribes. that's what they are. democrats know that but republicans know that as well. that's part of reason that trump won. he said drain the swamp. people hate the corruption. and progressives are clearly
6:41 pm
against corruption. when the nancy pelosis say no, no, no, we've got to run as corporate democrats in corporate districts, the people in 25th district don't want big corporations running them. they've been screwed by them. >> what about you're not us? >> i'm going to move to the district. eight fair point. my wife's a saint. she's got a job near where we live now but she said, yes, we're willing to move. so i can't wait o go there. it a wonderful community, i've been all over the district, i love it, can't wait to move. you have to think about it this way, chris. who do you want? one who is going to move in a couple of months and agrees with you completely or someone who doesn't agree with you at all and happens to be there right now. >> now you're not a commentator, you're a candidate. you've written things in the past that were ugly, you said they were insensitive and stupid. people say you're doing it out of convenience now, you said
6:42 pm
misogynistic things, you want to run as a far-left candidate, they want to protect women's empowerment. you're the enemy. >> i wrote that stuff 18 years ago, i deleted it 15 years ago, not because i got caught, you deleted it because i didn't believe it anymore. i'm not one of those guys who found jesus on the way to oh my god, i got caught. i said this is not me. i was trying to be a stupid politically incorrect republican. i wrote things that i knew were offensive. when i saw it with my eyes again, i'm like, no, i'm getting rid of these. the alt-right found them and surfaced them two years ago. now a lot of the democrats who are part of the democratic machine say i want that, i'll resurface that. >> a lot of people have a problem with a man saying anything about women being
6:43 pm
inferior. >> chris, i've been on the air now 18 years with the young turks and would anybody argue i'm not progressive enough? i've fought for women's rights, minority rights, every kind of person you can find, i have fought for. that's why all of the top progressives back me. and it's because i've proven it. millions of progressives across the country, including millions of women support me if i was that guy? no. they support me because i'm a fire brand on the side of the left, on the side of rights for all of those folks. >> the questions will come, you'll have to address them. the other big stick, the name of your show, the young turks, there is a suggestion that until very recently you didn't believe in the armenian genocide and that it's a bias and the name of the show suggests where you are on it and that you are basically ignoring genocide. >> absolutely false. so is it true i was wrong about that again earlier in my life? yes. i wrote a college editorial about that. i have disavowed that over and
6:44 pm
over again. not just now, for year upon year upon year upon year so it just not true that it's recent at all. so why did i believe that when i was younger? because i grew up turkish and i only heard one side of the story. >> why did you change the name of the show? >> my two co-founders are jewish. when we got together, they weren't turk irk at all. the literal definition is young progressives looking to overthrow the establishment -- >> when you google the young turks, you're going to get a history of that term. now trump and his guys want to call themselves nationalists when you look at how nationalism has been used, very ugly. >> are you saying that rod stewart called the song young turks because it was an ode to the iranian genocide? of course not. >> why did you do it as someone who was saying the armenian genocide wasn't real? >> i already disavowed that.
6:45 pm
it was about literal definitions. you know our show a little bit. >> i know it a lot. >> isn't that nearly a perfect description of what we are? >> absolutely. >> so there you go. >> there's a convenience out it have now that's going to be criticized, you're a candidate, you got to answer for it. >> i don't come as the accused, i come as the accuser. all of these are distractions from the issues. they don't want to talk about medicare for all because i'm the only person for medicare for all in the race. they don't want to talk about corruption. my democratic opponent, her average contribution this year has been so far $2,700. my average bus is $28. her -- she's got about 130 or so people that contributed to her are organizations. only 22 of them appear to be real people. i've got 13,000 real people. >> i saw the numbers. i'm not questioning them. i'm just saying you're going to put yourself ot there aut there you're going to have continue to do so.
6:46 pm
>> we're going to win this race and show the progressives are super strong and we can win anywhere because everyone hates the bribery and everyone can't stand that corporations have taken over our government. i'm going to fight for those folks in that direct and we're going to win there. >> and you're welcome to make the case here, cenk uygur. thank you. >> thanksgiving means more to me than any other holy day on the calendar. why? next. to my sister's house. it's not like we're going to walk in with it. we'll bring it in as we need it. ...phase it in. phase it in? yeah, phase it in. a stampede unleashed 55 years ago. built for freedom, power and rebellion. and just when you think you know where they're going. they do something unexpected.
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go i, right? and this is the time of year that reminds us to be the way we should be every day, thankful. i want to show you the guys in the shadows. you see them there? i don't show them that much because they're all better-looking than i am. these are the people who bring me into the light. they make the show possible. i am thankful. you see these guys, the cpt team they make let's get after it more than words. they're the mind. they're the machine that allows me to do this job for you. they're the smallest team in prime time, and they deliver in the biggest way. and the tribute to their efforts are the moments that we've had on this show and the impact we've already made. most recently -- >> so you did ask ukraine to look into joe biden? >> of course i did. >> you just said you didn't. >> this interview was a surprise to a lot of people but not to us. we suspected that this was the president's play, and we hoped mr. giuliani would eventually express his true intentions along with his animus at the immediate dwra and the democrats, and he did.
6:52 pm
and it was a major catalyst in this process. i also thank mr. giuliani for choosing to come on here as often as he does and to all the people of consequence left and right that see this show as a relevant forum. the leading democrat in the field -- >> how do you beat him? >> i beat him by just pointing out who i am and who he is and what we're for and what he's again. this guy is a divider in chief. this guy is acting with racist polys. this guy is moving to foment hate, to split. that's the only way he can sustain himself. >> the man leading the impeachment inquiry. >> this is a president who feels he is above the law, that there is no accountability, and frankly i think there's little more dangerous to america than an unethical president who believes he is above the law. >> and they both came on at critical moments. that means everything in this business. but mainly the show is about testing power, and that means most often this president and his defenders. and i'm grateful for the chance to test arguments, to expose
6:53 pm
arguments, evasions, sometimes outright lies. but to disagree with decency. and i'm thankful that this show has become known by the president and his defenders as being a place for that, for people like this. >> i love you, brother. listen, i appreciate our debates. you know what? you can disagree and debate fervently, but you don't have to hate each other. >> i consider you a friend. i think you'd consider the same. we don't necessarily agree on everything, but we now how to take our political opinions and make that kind of business something we're passionate about but still like each other on the other side of that. >> i'm thankful that we're free here to talk and get after it even when the talk is tough. >> he doesn't lie. guess who lies? the press lies and -- >> you don't think this president has ever lied? >> take it from jim comey, who literally called out a new york -- >> you don't think this president has lied to the american people? he has never lied to the american people?
6:54 pm
>> no, i don't think the president has lied. >> like i said. and there are so many others who add to the stewing controversies and they bring clarity. they all deserve thanks. the investigators, the lawyers, the wiz, the wizard of oz. here's the point. gratitude is not just words. it's defined as a readiness to show appreciation and to return a kindness. being given this platform at cnn is an awesome opportunity, and i am thankful. so we do all we can to make the most of it even when it's far-flung places or fierce or just really hard to bear. >> look what one of the women here gave me. she saw me on tv. she thought we could use some help, that this was heavy, and she knew people that were lost at walmart. she painted our lady of guadalupe, the mother of mercy, on a rock and she came here and gave it to me. this is who these people are. >> she's scared to talk about what happened in honduras
6:55 pm
because she's afraid it will get back to the people over there. >> you know, this story is so common that they're leaving something at home, that they're afraid of so much that they'd rather live like this. >> i'm thankful to go there, to show you so we can all remember to be grateful for what we have and grateful for what we can give to others. and no one has given me more and gotten back less than my family. none of them signed up for this mail strom, this thunder dome that has become my reality on and off camera. i'm so thankful to our three jewels and to my wife. everything they bring into my life. i try every day to be worthy of it. i fall short too often, and i'm even thankful for that uncomfortable truth because it motivates me to keep trying. so as we head into thanksgiving, allow me to give thanks to all of you for giving us the incredible gift of your interest and attention. it means everything, and i and the team will do whatever we can to return that kindness.
6:56 pm
happy thanksgiving. the best to all of you. all right. that's it for us tonight. we're going to have a blessed thanksgiving. i hope you do as well. tonight we have special reporting. all the president's lies, next. we're carvana, the company who invented car vending machines and buying a car 100% online. now we've created a brand new way for you to sell your car. whether it's a year old or a few years old, we want to buy your car. so go to carvana and enter your license plate, answer a few questions, and our techno-wizardry calculates your car's value and gives you a real offer in seconds. when you're ready, we'll come to you, pay you on the spot, and pick up your car. that's it. so ditch the old way of selling your car, and say hello to the new way-- at carvana. [sneezing] ♪ you don't want to cancel your plans. [sneezing] cancel your cold. the 1-pill power of advil multi-symptom cold & flu knocks out your worst symptoms. cancel your cold, not your plans. advil multi-symptom cold & flu.
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>> announcer: the following is a cnn special report. this is a scam. it's a whole hoax. they've defeated isis. >> we all know he does it. >> the whistle-blower has been very inaccurate. >> he's the babe ruth of lies. >> windmill. they say the noise causes cancer. >> there is no president that lied as if it were a form of breathing except donald trump. >> nobody's been more transparent than me. >> this isn't a partisan thing. he just empirically says a tremendous number of things that are just completely wrong. >> yes, exactly. >> in recent months, it's been about


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