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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  November 28, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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welcome back. you're watching a special edition of "cnn news room." i'm brooke baldwin. we'll get straight to the big story. the breaking news this afternoon that the president has made a surprise visit to u.s. troops stationed in afghanistan. this is the first time he's traveled to this particular country where america has been at war for 18 years. the commander in chief said he has restarted talks with the taliban and is waiting to see if the taliban, quote,mentes to make a deal with the united states. he also said that a number of troops are coming home from this part of the world without specifying a number. here he was. >> weeks ago we also announced that the forces are coming back home. we're reducing overhere but because of technology and the things that we have, we're able to reduce in afghanistan very substantially, actually reduce and do even more devastating
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attacks on the enemy. >> with me cnn white house correspondent catlin colins in florida. let's talk specifically about what he discussed with regards to the taliban. what did he say? >> reporter: well, the president actually made some news while he was in afghanistan. he talked about how he said they restarted talks with the taliban. something that just three months ago we had declared dead. today he announced the talks are back on. >> the taliban wants to make a deal. we'll see if they want to make a deal. it has to be a real deal. we'll see. if they want to make a deal. you're doing a great job. so i want that thank you and i want to thank the afghan soldiers. >> reporter: now, brooke, you'll remember it was three months ago that the president said the talks with the taliban leaders was dead. after he announced on twitter
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that he invited the leaders of taliban to come to camp david but later called them off after an attack by the taliban left one person dead. and the president essentially hinlting there that he thinks that the taliban is more egger to come to the table this time. there will be questions about a cease-fire and that the talks will look like going forward. how secret the white house kept this trip, the president left last night. he flew to washington where he boarded another plane at that airport outside washington and a plane not out on the tarmac like it normally is when the president gets on. there are cameras there. instead, he went to a hanger and boarded the plane. that's when they went to afghanistan. to keep it a secret and to keep suspicions at bay, they went as far to schedule the twitter account when he didn't have access from the internet people would not grow suspicious about what was going on. >> wow. how about that. all the planning and
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choreography that goes into a surprise visit like this. they pulled it off. >> thank you, catlin collins. we talk about the president today north of kabul, it's important to recognize the backdrop to the trip. it's the first time that president trump addressed members of the military since her is convened in the case of eddie gallagher and the first time since the firing of richard spencer, who just wrote this scorching op-ed in the "washington post." let's have a bigger conversation with me now cnn pentagon correspondent barbara star and john kirby, who served as press secretary for the navy and pentagon. welcome to you. happy thanksgiving. and, barbara, we know that the president made a surprise trip to iraq last christmas. let me start with each view beginning with you, barbara, on the significance of today's trip >>well, look the troops always
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want to see a president of the united states. i think it's something that over the decades the american people have come quite rightly to expect that the commander in chief, if he'll send troops into harm's way. hopefully it will be a she who has that responsibility. but if a president is going to send troops into harm's way, as commander in chief, they need to demonstrate they are willing and able to go visit them. it's always a security nightmare. the secret service and the u.s. military go to extraordinary lengths to protect any president of the united states when they travel, especially when they travel to a war zone. very important signal to the military families that this president, any president is willing to come visit their troops overseas. especially on holidays. mr. trump talking about a taliban cease-fire. families they get excited about that. that's still maybe a very long road ahead. talking to the taliban about a cease-fire is not the same as
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the taliban agreeing to it and the taliban agreeing to keep that promise. still very tough going in afghanistan. tough road ahead before he can bring additional troops home. >> admiral kirby, listening to the bigger message. the president is there for the troops. had some turkey. he talked about, you know, also talked about how he, you know, cares so much about the military. talked about the, you know, fancy planes and helicopters that he was helping provide d.o.d. at the same time and boosting about the economy back home. what did you take away from his message? >> i was glad to see him go there. for the reasons barbara stated. hats off to him for going. frankly, i was actually pleased at his talk wasn't more political. typically what we've seen him do the phone calls or go in front of troops, it's more like a political rally. more energetic.
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he's lambasting his rivals and critics. he didn't do that today. so i was dwratful for that. that said, i think the afghan could be forgiven for maybe being a little bit uncomfortable when he said about pulling our troops out and the readiness to talk to the taliban. it's important they be a part of this and they are included in whatever talks going forward. barbara is right, it will take a long time. we're not there yet. if the taliban smells weakness, it's going to make the talk the harder. as for the economy, the troops don't really -- that's not their purview. i think that was probably inappropriate for him to bring up. he had to brag. it's the way he is. but at least he didn't get, as i saw, all that political. >> there are layers to this, barbara. we talk about the context of this trip. you have the great reporting today about some concerns the military officials have about the commander in chief's recent decision making. tell us about those concerns >>well, let's just, again, start with the point that the military
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reflects american society. absolutely. there are significant number of military troops that are supporters of this president, and that would be expected. that would be the right thing. people in america have a wide variety of political views. the military reflects that. that is actually a good thing, i would say. there were some that did not support him, but the difference this time is top commanders are dismayed and concerned and it's been building for quite awhile his discussions about, for example, keeping the oil in syria. that's not something that u.s. military troops do. they don't keep the natural resources. they enable other forces in a country overseas. they don't keep the oil. his discussions about exonerating these cases involving war crimes allegations, quite dismayed to
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top commanders. they want a uniformed set of rules. they want to be able to administer military justice and show the troops there's a system of accountability. that you just can't get the fox news, which factually, is what happened in these cases. and how fox news factually, which is what happened, get the presidents here and encourage hem to exonerate these people. that's really a poor outcome that something has top commanders very worried. they don't want to see this kind of military justice be administered by the president. >> it's been a huge story, especially in the last week. and admirable kirby, i can't help but think some of us get to be surrounded by loved ones. i'm sure you have been breaking bread with fellow sailors and airmen and soldiers and they have to be paying attention to what is going on back here. the tensions between the pentagon and the president. i'm wondering, do they feel like
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this country has their back? >> well, i believe they do. sure. but, look, they're not cut off from the news. as barbara said, some have different opposing views here about their commander in chief from a political perspective. they're focussed on the mission. when you're overseas, particularly in the holidays, you're right, i have spent several holidays away. that's your second family. that's the family you're breaking bread with. those are the men and women that you're serving with and that matter to you and you love them in your own way. you're focussed on making sure they're safe and the commissi commission -- mission is accomplished and your head is screwed on right and you're not being strakt distracted by what is going on back home. i'm not worried about them overseas in terms of the turmoil here. i think they know -- more importantly, brooke, i think they know that the american people are behind them 100%. no matter the political party. >> yes. yes. thank you. again, happy holiday to both of you. coming up next, rudy
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giuliani's rough week. we'll break down four key developments this week for the president's personal attorney. also ahead, michael bloomberg's campaign manager is arguing impeachment is more likely this president will be re-elected. and protesters in hong kong waiving u.s. flags after president trump signed a bill for their fight for typical-- democracy. the chinese government is none too pleased. four years ago. ...i felt awful...
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we're back. you're watching kcnn. this week the legal walls seemed to be closing in on rudy giuliani. after weeks of hearing american diplomats testify about how he's quote, unquote, a problem in the impeachment inquiry. there were even more headlines about how his work in ukraine and elsewhere may have crossed the line. we'll go to sarah murray. it's been a bit of a week for rudy giuliani. >> not a great week, brooke, to be rudy. they keep piling up this week. we know from reporting that prosecutors have been looking into rudy giuliani's business dealings. obviously not a great thing. we learned more from the
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"washington post" and the "new york times" about some of those business dealings. we learned that giuliani, while pushing the president's agenda in ukraine, with ukrainian officials he wanted to make nice with the u.s., he was pursuing business deals in ukraine. even though he denied he had any business to do with that country. there are some other questionable business deals. these were reported by the "washington post." this is one where rudy giuliani represented a venezuelan energy executive who was allegedly accused of money laundering and bribery. he was representing this gentleman, he decided to make the case with other lawyers they should not bring criminal charges for the president's personal law to be in. and last but not least, there is the awkward relationship between president trump and rudy giuliani. the president who was asked in an interview what was rudy giuliani doing on your behalf in ukraine anyway. the president said you have to
12:17 pm
talk to rudy. i don't know even though, of course, on the phone with the ukrainian president, donald trump said you should talk to rudy. >> as we pointed out, it sounds like talk to michael cohen. >> all of us said it. he had no idea what is going on. strange. >> sarah murray, happy thanksgiving. thank you. let's analyze what sarah reported out of the week of rudy giuliani. harry is back with us today. once serves as former u.s. attorney and happy turkey day to you, harry. >> hi, brooke. >> from what we know, where does rudy have the most legal exposure? >> sistit's sort of two big pot. he was doing two different things. he was trying to do trump's bidding. on the other end, he was influencing peddling on his own behalf f behalf. he would toggle back and forth
12:18 pm
and say no i'm his lawyer. no i'm not. so in the sort of silo of what trump, you know, running trump's business there, he's got what trump would be looking at if he weren't president. bribery, conspiracy, campaign finance violations. own the other side, on the influence peddling, he's looking at failure to register, false statements, obstruction, wire fraud. it's two big pots. talk to rudy is the one -- the prosecutors haven't talked to him, which he should know well. that's a bad sign. they're working their way up toward him. they sent subpoenas far and wide on the lawn i are list of offenses. he's in very, very hot water. >> so with the two, two big pots. how does his role affect the president in his impeachment defense. we here at cnn reported the prosecutors are a bit weary of the upcoming election and using
12:19 pm
that as a looming deadline. how do they feel about that? >> yeah, they try in these kinds of instants to be impervious to it. there's no way to really do it. but we've got enough -- the actual guidelines try to -- i don't think it'll keep the southern district from new york going after him aggressively. they already have his two sort of henchmen cooperating. so i think for now, it doesn't change things. if they actually indict him and there's a dynamic between the trump charges and giuliani charges since trump is trying to throw him under the train. that, then, could a effect things on both sides of the capitol. >> was it rudy giuliani doing allegedly exactly what he is accusing joe biden of doing? pressuring foreigners for person gable -- gain?
12:20 pm
>> yeah. i mean, he's actually said now they're trying to come after me because i was trying to ferret out the bidens. i think so much worse it's abroad and there's half of it he was trying to feather his own nest by claiming influence and access with the president, which lead to many different alleged criminal charges. so, yes, it's the pot calling the kettle black. we're making the same kinds of charges and then some. december 4th, right, is the house judiciary committee hearing number one. they hold their first impeachment hearing. the white house is considering not sending any lawyer, any representative. why would that -- is that a big deal or not? >> you know, it's a medium big deal. i think it's a big deal for the country in the sense that the white house ought to see some responsibility for actually giving their version and letting the american people judge. they're seeing it in sheer political partisan terms.
12:21 pm
why wouldn't they come forward? why wouldn't they have a witness there? i think they're thinking they don't want to validate the proceedings at all. they want to stand back and pick at the so-called, you know, fairness or due process issues and do anything but engage on the merits. and my best guess is they'll stay away on the 4th. even though it's an academic discussion so they can continue to say they'll whole proceedings are a witch hunt. >> okay. harry litman, a pleasure. thank you very much. >> like wise. thank you very much. coming up next, could impeachment actually help trump? michael bloomberg's campaign manager thinks so. we'll see if poll numbers bear that out. also, ahead. tens of thousands of people without power. hundreds of flights cancelled. we'll get an update on two major storm systems on this thanksgiving. joovp ever es and gentlemen, your attention please. -- moment to say thank you to our military service members at home and abroad
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they'll vote to bring articles of impeachment against trump. if that's their decision, it goes up for a full vote in the house. if that passes, it moves to hearings on the senate side it's highly unlikely they would move to convict the president and thus remove him. ho bloomberg's campaign manager is warning democrats should pump the brakes. >> there are about 31 districts that are swing districts. bloomberg spent money and his time. all republican. we elected 18 democrats and 15 women. if you're in one of those districts today and a moderate member of congress, almost all of them will tell you the impeachment hearings are threatening their re-election. when you think about that, those are the districts where we tilt the presidential election. by definition, the proceedings are making the president's re-election more likely. not less likely. >> let's go to cnn's senior
12:28 pm
political analyst rod brownseen. happy thanksgiving, my friend. >> happy thanksgiving. >> do you buy kevin sheekey's analysis? >> that's quite an argument to walk into a democratic primary with. i would say we, obviously, don't know how it's going to play out. but, yeah, polling and history don't really offer a lot of support for the argument that this is like some guaranteed political winner for republicans. first of all, we've only had two impeachments in modern times and richard nixon was on his second. after the house judiciary committee voted articles of impeachment and faced impeachment in 1998. each time, they won the next election. and they won it behind a candidate who presented themselves in essence as the
12:29 pm
abo antedote to the scandal. jimmy carter ran on honesty and george w. bush ran on restoring honor and decency so the oval office. there's not a lot of evidence. if you look at the position now, what impeachment is doing is confirming than confounding or changing the linings of division on trump. it's not changing opinion much in terms of job approval. but what it is doing, i think, is deepening the discontent among those who disapprove. over 90% who disapprove in trump said he doesn't believe in the rule of law and acted improperly in ukraine. that's a challenge for him. an opponent -- >> sure. >> and he ultimately needs some of those people to decide he's the lesser of two evils. is it obviously a vote for democrats. no. it a benefit for trump? i don't think. >> i think your point about the political pendulum swinging one way. it ends up on the other side.
12:30 pm
what about big picture elect rate. democrats are making gains in the suburbs. is that enough beat trump? where is he most vulnerable? >> well, i mean, generally speaking, the biggest move we've seen in the electorate since trump's emergence is 2016 the white collar suburbs around the country. even dallas, attendant, charleston that was not democratic. in 2019 we saw the movement. that's going to be a change for trump in 2020. no question about that. is it enough? not guaranteed enough to win the electoral college. there the reality is the same persons that pulling the white
12:31 pm
collar suburbs away from him are also causing him problems with other votes. particularly young people and minority. it's not just a question of the suburbs, the same things that are moving the suburbs are also threatening him with big turn out and big margins for democrats. >> what about women? >> yeah. so women, you know, look, the gender gap is fascinating. it's very large. and it's true across racial groups. if you look at white women, there's a critical distinction. college educate the white women have become negative on trump. he has a disapproval rating of basically two-thirds. he faces the prospect of the largest vote against him. but the key to the whole election, maybe the other group, is the white women without a
12:32 pm
college degree. these are blue collar white women. by every data source we have trump won by at least 20 points in 2016. they were critical to his victories in pennsylvania, michigan, wisconsin that tipped the elections. look where it is now. essentially an even split. that may not be enough for him in the states on this side of the election. >> i just think the gender gap story is fascinating. for the people that dare talk politics over turkey can talk about that. >> yeah. >> the other thing is, you know, the conversation about my gosh all the democratic candidates and who is going to get the nomination and, you know, i come back to the former vice president. despite, ron, floods, gas, unnairvel moments in whatever debate. this is a man who is still at the top. i'm wondering why do you think he's the guy?
12:33 pm
>> well, the one thing that happened so far two things. one, even no matter what et. cetera is going on. he holds a significant lead over any other democrat when the party voters are asked who has the best chance of beating trump. that has remained consistent among older voters and particularly among nonwhite voters. it's in iowa and new hampshire. they're 90% plus white elect rates. it seems possible. is that or not going to dislodge his african-american support in
12:34 pm
south carolina? if it does, he'll essentially, i think, will be almost impossible to win the nomination. if he doesn't, if he holds his support in south carolina and goes into the march states where the diversity of the democratic party is really remitted and it is tough out the nomination despite losing iowa and new hampshire. >> we'll have answers to those questions in a matter of months. thank you, you're the best. thank you so much. >> yeah. feon that hill's testimony won a lot of praise from women because how she stood up to men who quoted her -- doubted her. orlando isn't just the theme park capital of the world,
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and see how shopping small adds up. all right. on this thanksgiving, as you're there. breaking bread with your loved ones. you may be hoping this month's impeachment hearing will have faded from memories. we're holding one witness left an unforgettable legacy and not for the reasons you may think. happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving. >> and you wrote this great piece about fiona hill. let's revisit the standout moment you referenced in the piece detailing why she got irritated and angry with gordon
12:40 pm
sonland. >> i was angry with him. you know, to be, you know, i hate to say it but women -- it's not fully appreciated. it's often pushed on to the emotional issues, perhaps or deflected ton to other people. what i was angry about he wasn't coordinating with us. i've realized having this deposition he was obviously right. he wasn't coordinating with us because we weren't doing the same thing. i was upset with him he wasn't fully telling us about the things he was having. and he said when i'm briefing the president, i'm briefing of chaff mulvaney, i'm briefing secretary pompeo and talked to ambassador bolton. he was being involved in a domestic political errant. we were being involved in national security foreign policy. those two things diverged.
12:41 pm
i did say i think this is going to blow up. here we are. >> and here we are. it's when she says when women show anger, it's not fully appreciated. it's often pushed on to emotional issues. do you think a woman of her caliber confronting such a ubiquitous problem may have made a difference? >> i do. i thought that moment was just so striking because it was this woman who has so much authority and credibility and she took that moment in front of this dais of powerful men to say, you know, you are so quick when women are angry to just push that aside, whether it's, you know, saying it's hormones or they're emotional or, you know, having a panic attack. maybe you should pay attention and listen. because what fiona hill was saying in that, her anger was about the fact that the u.s./ukraine policy had gone off the rails. perhaps if more people had been listening to her earlier on, this history could have been
12:42 pm
very different for president trump, brooke. >> you think if perhaps someone had hadn't waived her off, perhaps we wouldn't be having this conversation and a lot of what we've been discussing over the last few weeks may not have been a thing. >>well, totally possible. and i think this such a legacy, you know, not only of the me too movement, which got people to pay attention to women in a different way, but, also the 2016 campaign. remember that famous moment when president trump called hillary clinton a nasty woman and women around the country rallied around that and imbrace -- embraced it. we're seeing it again in the 2020 campaign now. where elizabeth warren, when joe biden suggested her rhetoric sounds angry, she's calling it out and saying, you know, i am angry. and you should pay attention. and i just think it's this moment, this cultural shift we're seeing that is exciting. and i do think that's what fiona
12:43 pm
hill's legacy will be. that keen observation that maybe made all of them think a little differently. >> i think it's exciting and good on you for highlighting it. maeve reston, thank you. a look at the forecast next. plus, the chinese government is furious with president trump after he signed a bill supporting the pro democracy protest in hong kong. details how it can impact ongoing trade talks. to the outside world, you look good, but you don't feel good. with polycythemia vera, pv, symptoms can change so slowly over time you might not notice. but new or changing symptoms can mean your pv is changing. let's change the way we see pv. you track and discuss blood counts with your doctor. but it's just as vital to discuss changing symptoms as well. take notice and take action. discuss counts and symptoms with your doctor. visit
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thank goodness the show carried on in new york city. the balloons in the macy's thanksgiving day parade were flying after all. all though not quite as high as normal. that did not matter for the tens of thousands watching snoopy kick off the annual holiday tradition. the handlers were keeping sop of the giant balloons closer to the ground making. cnn meteorologist ivan cabrera has an update for us. happy thanksgiving, ivan. what is the big story today? >> yeah, happy thanksgiving.
12:49 pm
i was going to say, we just squeezed in the balloons. the winds were 35 to 40 miles per hour. you cannot cancel the balloons. it's like cancelling santa claus, which would never happen. >> never ever. >> unless you've been naughty. that's a different story. >> we can keep going. >> yeah, we could. we have one storm. goodbye storm one. we'll focus on storm two. i think this will be a mess for sunday. it's getting going. it's snowing in new mexico and arizona. it's been snowing in southern california! the snow levels have plummeted and this continues to move to the north and east that direction. we have winter storm warnings all over the place here. i think it will be a big deal. if you're traveling, the winter warnings, by the way, extend over 16 50 miles. now heading into saturday that's going to be a problem for the midwest. and then, of course, along the busy corridor along i-95 looking at a wintery mix for the big return home on sunday from
12:50 pm
boston it could be some accumulating snowfall. especially north and west of 120 and 459 and showers and storms across the rest of the southeast. just in time for the trek back home. it looks to be a mess. >> i've already had other big news today. china is furious with president trump. activists gathered today in hong kong to thank president trump, but china is threatening consequences for the u.s. amid already strange relations over trade. will ripley has more reaction from hong kong. >> reporter: the competing images we saw within hours of each other here in hong kong illustrates the deep division that exists in the city. between the vast majority of citizens and the hong kong government and of course the beijing government as well. you had thousands of people out in central hong kong waving
12:51 pm
american flags, thanking the united states and president trump for pasing the hong kong human rights and democracy act. which could potentially result in not only sanctions on chinese and hong kong officials in human rights abuses, but it requires the state department to review hong kong's highly coveted and special trade status. that would be devastating for this territory's economy and hurt the united states, frankly. so some of the people who were out there were thanking the u.s. for the bill could some day actually be hurt by it. yet that doesn't stop them from thanking the united states for supporting the pro-democracy movement. it's the second time in a week that the pro-democracy movement has scored a victory. because there was that landslide win in the district council elections where more than 90% of the votes and a record high turnout went to anti-establishment candidates. but despite all that, despite the overwhelming public opinion. you have carrie lamb the chief
12:52 pm
executive and establishment lawmakers in line with beijing's view that the protesters are rioters. they allowed the press to join police where they went in to take away the weapons that they say were stormiing at that university. including petrol bombs thrown at the police used in these confrontations. the police claim protesters were inciting the violence. the protesters say the police were used excessive force. beijing asking the united states why would they support a movement that engages in regular violence. and that's the big debate. and the big divide here in hong kong. and for the moment, it really doesn't show any sign of bringing these two sides closer together. on top of all of it, of course, you have the highly sensitive trade talks happening. and now the big question is will any deal be in jeopardy, potentially because of these new
12:53 pm
developments? will ripley, cnn, hong kong. >> will, thank you. coming up next, drama at "america's got talent" after gabrielle union was fired from her job as a judge. she's now speaking out about why she thinks it happened. tremfya® helps adults with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis uncover clearer skin that can last. in fact, tremfya® was proven superior to humira® in providing significantly clearer skin. tremfya® may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms or if you had a vaccine or plan to. serious allergic reactions may occur. tremfya®. uncover clearer skin that can last. janssen can help you explore cost support options. dana-farber cancer institute discovered the pd-l1 pathway. pd-l1. they changed how the world fights cancer. blocking the pd-l1 protein, lets the immune system attack, attack, attack cancer. pd-l1 transformed, revolutionized,
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when the reality show "america's got talent" returns in january, two of the popular judges will not be there and includes actress gabrielle union who's gone very public about her exit. we have more. first and foremost, happy thanksgiving. great to have you on. >> thank you. >> what happened here. >> well, dwyane wade has tweeted he's still waiting to find out exactly why his wife got fired. as soon as he tweeted in support of her, she tweeted to thank fans for their support in the wake of what's happening. there was a report from "variety" that said she had gotten into some trouble because she spoke up following a racist joke on the show. she was asking the producers to take it to human resources. and also that she had gotten a lot of criticism from producers that her hair styles on the show were, quote, unquote, too black
12:59 pm
nor the audience. now, nbc sent a statement saying they take diversity very seriously and the rotation of judges and hosts on the show is part of what makes the show so successful. but lots of people are not buying that including organizations like time's up which have come out in support of union. also ellen pompeo who sent out some scathing tweets saying that nbc is the home that had issues with matt lauer and they basically need to do better. >> ouch. >> yeah. really. so she says she supports gabrielle union's commitment to speaking up for injustice and talk about how courageous it was. >> wow. so if she could have her -- so she's gone. so new judges, but it's interesting how, you know, her husband has jumped in also in her defense. we'll watch to see where it goes. but thanks for explaining a bit of it. >> absolutely. >> people were wondering what happened to her. thank you. lisa france in atlanta. and that's it for me. it's been a blast the last two
1:00 pm
hours here in new york city. thanks for being with me on your holiday. i hope it's happy and healthy and safe with all your loved ones. back-to-back episodes coming up of our dear anthony bourdain. "parts unknown" starts now. >> anthony: i have a block of cheese in my colon the size of a grapefruit. >> eric: tony, come on, don't be grumpy. >> anthony: son of a bitch. >> eric: sometimes i don't understand you. >> anthony: i'm so hung-over i just want to crawl into the bushes and die. >> eric: seriously? >> anthony: no, i hate this. are we there yet? >> eric: no, the chalet is maybe, like, i don't know, a half hour, okay. it's amazing.