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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  November 29, 2019 3:00am-4:00am PST

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thanksgiving? >> i did. your turkey was huge. it was terrifying. >> that was only one of them. we made two. online shopping a off to a very strong start, analysts say. bargain hunters spent a record $4 billion on thanksgiving day alone. and it takes more than a tryptophan hangover to keep the shoppers away. the rush is on to get the first crack at those sales this morning. today is traditionally one of the biggest shopping days of the holiday season. we'll tell you what some of the hottest deals are and how the strong economy will impact the sales. meanwhile, president trump is back on his way to florida after make iing -- reopening pe talks with the thereby less than three months after first breaking them off. and the president served meals to the troops still fugti infig
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america's longest wear. there is military tension on his decision to intervene in war crime cases. we begin with allisison kosik, calm the before the storm. how's it looking over there? >> reporter: good morning, john. this is a very calm before the storm you're talking about. we are the only ones here at this best buy in paramus. i'm sure that's going to change real soon when the doors open. black friday is still a thing. it's part of a five-day shopping event that goes from thanksgiving day all the way to cybermonday. it's when 165 million people are expected to get out there and shop. although the u.s./china trade war is kind of hanging over everything, it looks like it's not going to impact how consumers shop, but consumers admit they are still concerned about tariffs causing higher prices on their holiday gifts. >> three, two, one!
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>> reporter: black friday shopping is officially underway. >> it's the best day of the year. >> reporter: customers getting a jump start on holiday shopping with many stores opening their doors on thanksgiving day. >> we gnaw there wknew the deal early so we had to take advantage. >> reporter: but shoppers have the fewest possible days to tackle their christmas list which could be a billion-dollar hit on online revenue alone according to analytics. what is the hot ticket item this year? >> we're going to run inside, grab the tv. >> i'm in line for a tv. >> we're going to be worrying about one thing which is a tv too. >> reporter: tvs, electronics, appliances at the top of the list this holiday season. the national retail federation says most retailers pre-bought inren tour months ago partly due to uncertainty with the trade war with china. so because those purchases
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happened before the next round of tariffs expected in a few weeks, consumers will not see a major increase in prices this holiday season. the national retail federation also estimates this holiday season shoppers will spend between $728 and $731 billion. retail spending already topped $4 billion for online sales on thanksgiving day alone. a new record. and a huge chunk of those were made directly on smartphones. more than 38% higher than last year. but still some shoppers braved the long lines and crowds. >> we got to go ahead and put on some skates. then we'll skate to more stores so nobody will beat us to the items. >> and the line is here going through the curves. >> reporter: best buy's ceo cory barry. >> welcome. good luck. >> reporter: welcoming shoppers
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at a store in minneapolis. she says the store has been preparing for this black friday since last november. >> i like to be there and feel the excitement. because we put so much work into this, it's great. zp >> reporter: and best buy is one of the old school retailers defying expectations and killing it on earnings. best buy could be one that has a lot to lose if another round of tariffs goes into effect on december 13th because those would affect electronics. although best buy has been able to absorb the higher costs of any tariffs, it is expected that consumers will wind up paying more for electronics early next year. cell phones, those headphones, and other electronics like laptops. back to you. >> alison, thank you very much. alison is living my childhood dream of being alone in a new jersey mall. that was my dream. could i have my pick of everything? >> you could dream higher than
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that. but it's still fun. the tariffs despite that $4 billion on thanksgiving alone, that's extraordinary. >> alison, thank you very much. meanwhile, president trump is on his way back to florida this morning after surprising u.s. troops serving in afghanistan. the president announced he's reopened talks with the taliban but details are still thin at this hour. we're live in west balm beach awaiting president trump's arrival. >> reporter: good morning, john. president trump in addition to dolling out turkey and mashed potatoes with the troops, talking about the negotiations restarting. it was just about three months ago that he abruptly called them off after issuing and then canceling an invitation to taliban leaders to camp david for what seemed like could be the final stages of negotiations. president trump at that time citing a taliban attack in kabul that left one american soldier dead. now he says the two groups are
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coming back to the table. >> the taliban wants to make a deal and we're meeting with them. we're going to stay until such time as we have a deal. or we have total victory. and they want to make a deal very badly. >> reporter: so i want to talk about two things here. one is that we don't have any details about what these talks are actually going to look like and what has been done so far. just essentially they've been restarted. but two, i want to give a context here of this trip. this comes after a week of very high tension between the pentagon, the u.s. military, and president trump. after the president went against the advice of the pentagon and intervened in three war crime cases which eventually led to the ouster of his secretary of the navy richard spencer. as recently as tuesday. the president calling the pentagon a deep state at a rally. then you see president trump
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standing in front of the troops and the jouint chief of staff wo went to the white house to object to his involvement. clearly the administration sending a strong message. >> that backdrop is really important. thank you for giving us that context. so the taliban has yet to confirm or deny whether talks with the u.s. has restarted. so what has changed in the past three months since president trump canceled those talks? skin sin #17...
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president trump is expected to land back in the u.s. shortly after his surprise trip to visit u.s. troops in afghanistan. the president announcing the administration has reopened peace negotiations with the taliban. that's after calling them off less than three months ago. joining us now to talk about this and so much more, we have pentagon correspondent barbara starr and retired lieutenant general mark hertling. any time a u.s. commander in chief goes to visit the. tro troops, it is a big morale boost. in terms of the substance of what the president said in his speech and announced, what are your thoughts? >> well, i'll reinforce what you say first of all that the president going there, a 13-hour trip there and back. 26 hours in a plane, that's a
3:13 am
long run for a short shrewd as they say in baseball. but the troops love to see him. they always love to see the commander in chief in the field. it shows he cares. but the substance of the speech, the comments on deal making for those of us who have watched this play out over the last couple of months since the president ended the talks in september and actually asked the taliban to leave what was potentially connections in camp david, it's been critical. because the taliban and their key negotiator has been to russia, china, iran, and pakistan to try to get support. and they certainly hold some pretty good cards. so the deal making that the president talked about yesterday is going to continue to be challenging. because the taliban are in a very key position. the afghan government even though president ghani said they thought the forces were up to the task.
3:14 am
we don't quite know what the details of the deal and there are many that are going to be back on the table with u.s. ambassador as he works through this with the taliban. >> barbara, i want to press on that point, because certainly the president -- great to see him with the troops and he did make news. but i understand the real questions about whether the taliban are ready to go back to the negotiating table. >> that's right. and in fact, we are hearing this morning that everyone is expecting a statement from the taliban shortly. perhaps as soon as friday prayers are over in that part of the world. we will have to see what they have to say about all of this. but it's not even what they formally say in the statement, right? do they have a real commitment to it? will the afghan government be brought in? do the taliban feel that they themselves are just going to wait out the u.s., wait for u.s. troops to withdraw and then be
3:15 am
back out? the president wants a troop drawdown in afghanistan. he's already said he wants to brung the figure down to about 8600. and he wants an eventual withdrawal from afghanistan, an 18-year war, as he and many others see it. this would be another example of his tough relationship with top commanders right now. they feel, yes, they can draw down but they want to stay for some period of time. they want to help the afghan forces get on their feet fully. they want to be there to fight isis which is on the rise in some parts of afghanistan. we've seen a lot of behind the scenes tension in the last several days between the pe pentagon and the president. this may turn out to be another example of that. >> as you know, cnn has reporting about this. i'll read a portion of this. there's dismay in the pentagon building over president trump's
3:16 am
sporadic, impulsive decision making on a range of issues including the pullback of troops in syria. general, this week the president talked about the pentagon i guess in terms of the language he uses of the deep state. so listen to this. >> i stuck up for three great warriors against the deep state. people can sit there in air conditioned offices and complain, but you know what? doesn't matter to me whatsoever. >> what do you make of that, general? >> well, as i've said before, i don't know what defines the deep state. if it means the people who abide by the constitution who are looking for strong national security, who are looking at the rule of law and understanding rules and regulations in combat, then color me part of the deep state. i'm not sure what that means.
3:17 am
it's certainly not the kind of language you want to try to bring the government and all the institutions of the government to play in tough fwoernegotiati with foreign partners. it's tough for me to see him use that language. especially saying it's not such a good idea to pardon three war criminals, as i think, because it hurts the institution. again, this is just rhetoric that hasn't been well defined. and it's not very conducive to bringing our country together. >> general, barbara, thank you for joining us. up next, will president trump and his lawyers participate in the next phase of impeachment hearings? we're going to tell you about a deadline they are facing this weekend. that's up next.
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all right. democrats are moving forward with the next phase of the impeachment investigation. the house judiciary committee will hold their first public hearing next wednesday. the white house has until sunday night to inform if president trump or his lawyers will participate in the proceedings. joe lockhart and elie honig with us now. we've got a big week ahead. so there's this deadline from chairman nadler that the white house has to respond to if they're going to participate legally in the next phase of the impeachment inquiry. you're going to see a formal report of what the investigations have found to date. break this down for folks using your experience on being on the
3:23 am
other side. >> yeah. i think for news value, the intel report written by schiff and dan goldman and the committee is going to really pull all the things that happened together. the hearing will be just like in 1998. there'll be some constitutional scholars who argue what happened here is impeachable. it'll explain what a high crime and misdemeanor is. i don't expect the president's lawyers to participate in that. because this is a legal constitutional argument. their argument is political. they don't have evidence that helps them. they don't, you know, have a legal theory here that helps them. so i think when that's done, the house judiciary committee will begin to basically mark up articles of impeachment and go through and decide which ones they want to do. past that, past the house. then you move to the senate which is a whole different forum
3:24 am
for these things. >> then the lawyers on president trump's side will be represented. >> yeah. i would fully expect the president's lawyers to participate there. president clinton's did. you remember dale bumpers giving a stale winder at the end of it. the senators are the jurors. i think they'd be led by congressman nadler and congressman schiff and six or seven others. they will make the case and the case will be made for the president's side by whoever the president designates. could be his private lawyers. could be people from white house counsel. could be a mixture. the big question which was the big question in 1998, 1999 was will they have live witnesses. trent lott and tom daschle decided they would not have live witnesses because they just wanted to get through this. the big difference this time is the investigation's not over. between the house vote and the
3:25 am
senate trial have court rulings that compel john bolton to testify. so i think the senate trial could be much more dramatic as far as, you know, kind of the perry mason moment, you know. you know, this peace of information -- >> i love a good perry mason reference. >> yes. >> but that gets obviously dicey if you're going to have live witnesses. obviously the republicans have put out their laundry list of who they would like that are not necessarily connected as democrats think to this. what do you think? will there be? >> will there be live witnesses? >> yeah. >> i think there would be. in '98 you had a cause in a box. they took the ken starr report and the evidence and that was the case. hear it's a much more dynamic situation. during the impeachment hearings we heard this whole story about the july 26th, the restaurant phone call. right? that david holmes testified
3:26 am
about where trump talked about investigations and the three-letter words that shan't be repeated. that's become a key piece of evidence we learned about during the testimony. so this is still developing. adam schiff and his staff are still investigating. they're still finding new facts. you investigate up until the moment you get a jury verdict when we were prosecutors. and you never know. i found incredible pieces of evidence, game-breaking piece of evidence. >> given the amount of information that came out just during the last inquiry, are you surprised that according to cnn's polling that impeachment basically was steady, 50% from the previous month. what do you think of your colleague going to the white house to give advice to president trump? >> i'm not completely surprised about there being no real movement because, remember, there was a big move between late spring until ukraine story happened. this is an unusual case where
3:27 am
the confession came first, the transcript. with the president admitting he did it. we just built lots of evidence to prove yes he did it. even though he confessed. i don't expect mark penn as a partisan democrat, i'm glad he's advising the president. he will inject chaos into the process. >> oh, just what we need. elie, joe, thank you both very much. so there's this powerful winter storm that will pummel parts of the u.s. with snow and fraezing rain. chad myers with what you need to know for this weekend next. >> and the giant balloons did fly at the macy's thanksgiving day parade. but some including this nutcracker were shall we say unruly.
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zblmp all right so gusty winds did not ground the macy's thanksgiving day balloons as some had predicted, but handlers did struggle to rein in some of these balloons. did you just see what that
3:32 am
nutcracker did to that woman? watch what happens when a gust came and the nutcracker knocked over one of the marchers. >> oh. that's going to leave a mark. but she's fine. we should tell people that. >> yes. we're happy to report she immediately got back up and soldiered on continuing to march. >> i'll tell you, knocked down by the nutcracker and all i got was that viral video. that's a hell of a moment. that's amazing. meanwhile, there's another winter storm that will cause more travel trouble for people trying to get home on sunday. cnn meteorologist chad myers has our forecast. what now, chad? >> alisyn, it's causing flash flood warnings around phoenix right now. i don't get to say that very often with heavy rain in phoenix. temperatures outside aren't that cold. that's the good enthuse. you want to go shopping, it's not brutal out there. here's the next couple of days. we're going to go down. we're going to see this much colder air work into the forecast.
3:33 am
rainfall through the midwest. and into chicago and into ohio. the problem is these current temperatures that you have right now are going to slide enough to make significant cold air for snow and ice over the alleghenys and all of new england as we work our way into the weekend. there it is, it's out west. it's thousands of miles away, but it's on its way. the track takes it over ohio, into pennsylvania. by the time we work our way into sunday morning and sunday afternoon, it will be snowy and it will snow for a couple of days. so once you get stuck in new england with this and you can't get home, you're going to to be stuck for a couple of days. keep it in mind. try to get out early if you can. but tomorrow would be a good day to make some new plans as you work your way into sunday. it's going to keep snowing. this is going to snow all the way through monday afternoon. new england, all the models agree. somewhere between 6 and 12 inches of snow. we'll update you on phoenix in the coming hours.
3:34 am
there's a lot of rain out there. flash flood warnings all over the place out there. >> brutal. >> wow. keep an eye on that for us, chad. thank you. in the meantime, the dallas cowboys are in deep trouble after another tough loss to the buffalo bills. carolyn manno has more in the bleacher report. >> the cowboys didn't have it as bad as those people handling the nutcracker but it might have been close. a lot of people were also calling for jason garrett's job and that's not going to change after a thanksgiving dud. buffalo pulling out the turkey trick play. double reverse wide receiver brown to singletary. nobody in sight. 9-3 overall. dak dancing. stuffing their faces all the way to a win. the cowboys are 6-6. they still haven't beaten a team with a winning record this season. meantime, the saints are the first team to punch their tickets to the playoffs thanks to a big day from taysom hill. hill rumbling 30 yards through
3:35 am
the falcons defense for a touchdown. he also had a receiving touchdown and a blocked punt on the night. huge night for him. saints win by eight. nothing on the line but pride in detroit for the lions and bears. and oh, my. ♪ >> a power outage briefly interrupting the half-time performance. eventually after 60 painful seconds, the set went on. i guess it was an outside power failure. just another excuse if you're a fan to go back to the fridge. nothing much happening at half-time. nothing much happening during the game either. >> the bears though. how about it? >> thank you, carolyn. britain's conservative party not happy that prime minister boris johnson was replaced by a melting ice sculpture at a televised debate. we have a live report on that
3:36 am
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political party leaders in britain touting their climate credentials in the first-ever election debate entirely focused on the climate crisis. but notably absent from the stage was british prime minister borse ris johnson. so he was replaced with a melting ice sculpture. >> good morning to you. this was supposed to be a chance for the main leaders of the uk big parties before the general lex to lay out how they would tackle one of the most pressing issues of our age, climate change and how to curb or halt those carbon emissions. but instead it turned into a row over empty chairing in
3:41 am
spectacular fashion. boris johnson and nigel faris were no shows despite repeated requests to attend. then decided to symbolically replace them with these sculptures made of ice that started to melt as this one-hour-long debate got heated. that has prompted an official complaint by the conservative party to the uk's broadcasting regulator saying this was a clearly politicized stunt. something that channel 4 news through its editor has decided to refute emphatically. he said in a statement, these two ice sculpture represent the emergency of planet earth. they are a visual metaphor for the conservative and brexit parties after their leaders declined our repeated invitations to attend tonight's vital climate change debate. now, the big question i hear you asking will any of this really make a difference on boris johnson's chances of getting
3:42 am
back into downing street? the poll figures say probably not. the most accurate type of survey we saw in the last 2017 general election that correctly predicted that theresa may would lose her majority has also predicted that boris johnson is on track to win by a comfortable majority. that would mean that the conservatives if they do get to 10 downing street wouldn't have to govern with anybody else. something we haven't seen in a good couple of years here in the uk. >> thank you very much for all of that reporting. so it's been about a month since president trump abandoned america's kurdish allies on the syria/turkey border. a cease-fire is technically in place, but violations are frequent. and now the kurds claim turkey is targeting their medical infrastructure. we want to warn you some of the next images are disturbing. here's correspondent clarissa ward. >> reporter: doctors perform surgeries by head lamp. as the battle rages.
3:43 am
this was the scene at the hospital as the turkish military continued its fight. the medic was inside and quickly realized there was no way in or out. >> translator: it's a very difficult feeling when you know your hospital is going to be destroyed and the ambulances are going to be destroyed and there's just a few steps between you and the wounded but you can't go to save them. the screams of the children from rast al-ran are still in my ear. >> reporter: it was the first time targeting medical infrastructure. a charge that turkey strongly denies.
3:44 am
according to the information center, kurdish ambulances and clinics have regularly been hit and at least five medical workers killed. this paramedic tells us he was driving to the front lines when a rocket landed right in front of his ambulance. petrified, he and his coworkers jumped out of their vehicle and hid by the side of the road. then another rocket hit. >> translator: once i regained consciousness, i looked down and my leg was bleeding. i tried to move my arm and couldn't. i looked at all my colleagues with me, none of them were moving. they were lying still. some were screaming calling for help. >> reporter: one of them, a 23-year-old, was killed. but the threat is not just from munitions. three of the workers were kidnapped and murdered by turkish backed fighters. human rights groups have accused turkish proxies on the ground of
3:45 am
rampant abuses and even killings. officially there is now a cease-fire in place here. but violations are frequent. you can hear the sounds of those jets circling overhead. jamila was telling us it's like this all day every day. over the past few weeks, a steady stream of casualties has flowed into her hospital. many of them civilians. despite the risks, jamila says she has no intention of stopping her work. >> translator: everyone is afraid of the sound of a plane or a shell, but we have people who need us and we have to rescue them. >> reporter: as long as the violence continues, she fears there will be many more lives to save. clarissa ward, cnn, syria. >> thank you for that extraordinary reporting as
3:46 am
always. meanwhile, president trump announcing that he is cutting u.s. aid to nato just days before next week's summit. so how's that decision going to play with america's allies? that's next. he's finally here!
3:47 am
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everywhere. everywhere. everywhere. everywhere. everywhere. president trump heads to london on monday for the nato summit. the trip comes days after the secretary general announced the united states will give less money to the alliance. >> the u.s. will pay less. germany will pay more. so now the u.s. and germany will pay the same. roughly 16% of nato's amount. >> joining us now is susan glasser. good morning, susan. >> good morning. how are you in. >> i'm doing well. so tell us the significance of lowering the u.s. investment from i think 22% to 16%. something that president trump has long talked about wanting to do.
3:51 am
>> those words are magic to president trump's ears. the u.s. will now pay the same amount as germany. he's been obsessed as you know not only with the issue of nato spending since he came into office, but specifically with the role of germany and its chancellor angela merkel. by the way, this cut is purely symbolic. what we're talking about is to the overhead budget of nato which is a relatively small not even $3 billion. and so essentially it's a sosymc gesture to the president. they're calling it a leaders meeting. in part the anxiety is so notable among other nato leaders about president trump and what he's going to do when they get together. this year's the historic 70th anniversary of nato. it was celebrated here in washington in the spring. but they didn't have a formal leader summit in part because the other leaders are so concerned about president trump and what he's going to do to
3:52 am
blow up the alliance possibly. of course then the other big issue will be turkey and syria. and this rift within the alliance. >> as you say, other leaders seem nervous including close friend and ally prime minister boris johnson. here's what he has just said which seems to be a message correctly to president trump. listen. >> what we don't do traditionally as allies and friends, what we don't do traditionally is get involved in each other's elections. the best when you have close friends and allays like the u.s. and uk, is for neither side to get involved in each other's -- >> so election day is december 12th neither side should get involved as you heard the prime minister say there. how did you hear that? >> well, look. president trump is very unpopular if the uk. he actually is coming to this meeting in london right in the middle of the height of this
3:53 am
heated election campaign. and so i think johnson is worried in the past president trump has directly intervened. he went to london and his predecessor prime minister theresa may, trump insulted her in an interview. in the past trump has been complimentary of boris johnson but he's also phrased his even more pro-brexit rival nee jell farage. and not wanting either too much of an embrace or an insult. >> there's all sorts of tension for this london trip. you know, even with the royal family. you know, the duchess of sussex meghan markle has announced she will not be showing up. >> well, you know, trump seemed dazzled when he was accorded the honor of a state visit by the palace. he brought his family with him, a large number of his family. but of course also london's
3:54 am
crowded mob of protesters against the president. the famous baby trump balloon. it's volatile to have this meeting there both the nato alliance and with this crucial british prime minister's election happening at the exact same moment. december 12th is when it's happening. >> let's talk about what's happening with china and with the possible trade deal. so as you know, president trump signed this hong kong human rights act that congress had sent to his desk. now what? does china have much leverage in this -- whatever happens next in the next negotiations? >> well, it's interesting. you know, president trump had sort of played -- danced around whether he was going to support it or not. but it was produced by an overwhelming bipartisan majority in both the u.s. house and senate in a way that would have
3:55 am
made it veto proof. opted for the confrontation of china. however, it's not clear, you know, how much it means more than a symbolic way. there are sanctions that would be put on chinese officials and the like. china has said that it will retaliate. the timing here, obviously, is right in the midst of once again trying to produce an actual trade accord -- round one trade agreement is what they're calling it with the chinese ragt now. you know, that has been a very elusive deal with the president's re-election year of 2020 moving ever closer. you got to wonder whether trump sees this himself as some sort of leverage in his talks. but remember he's not exactly been a human rights president. i don't think anyone thinks this is trump's own foreign policy in this bill but reflective more of the u.s. political consensus. he himself reportedly told xi that he would not make too big of an issue. whenever he mentions hong kong, he said things supportive of
3:56 am
protesters but also said xi is a great man, strong leader. things like that which have been complimentary of the chinese leader. so, you know, it's hard to see this is trump's own policy in effect here. i don't know what his is, by the way. >> susan dplaglasser, thank you all the analysis. >> thank you. and the flu season arrived early this year. experts predict it could be a rough one. they're urging everyone to get a flu shot even though their effectiveness is coming under new scrutiny. elizabeth cohen here with more on the efforts to improve the vaccine. what's up? >> the flu shot we get every year may soon become a thing of the past as scientists work on a better flu shot. >> reporter: 2-year-old jude mcgee. 26-year-old newlywed katie mcquestion. a 4-year-old little girl. >> her heart stopped beating. >> reporter: they all dayed of the flu and they all had flu shots.
3:57 am
>> you're okay. done. >> reporter: there's no question you should get a flu shot. last flu season the flu killed at least 36,000 people. so this shot could literally save your life. but it's far from perfect. >> even on a good year, influenza effectiveness of the vaccine is about 60%. on a bad year, it's as low as 10%. >> reporter: do we need to make a better flu vaccine sp. >> we absolutely do. >> reporter: in september president trump signed an executive order noting there are critical shortcomings. the first step, stop using eggs to make flu vaccines. they grow the virus in the eggs like the eggs you eat for breakfast and then they kill the virus and put it in a vaccine. but sometimes the virus changes inside the egg, so it doesn't end up matching the flu that's out there spreading among
3:58 am
people. that's why some companies like this one have figured out ways to grow the flu virus without using eggs. >> right here we have cells growing the virus. the virus stays the same. when you make the vaccine, it looks closer to what's in the wild. >> reporter: so no eggs here anywhere? >> no eggs here anywhere. >> reporter: trump's executive order is designed to encourage more of this technology and something even bigger. something researchers have been working on for years. a flu vaccine you would get only once in your life instead of once every year. karen crany is one of the first people in the world to get the universal flu shot as part of a study at the national institutes of health. >> reporter: the shot is prepped and medical history is made. a universal flu shot is at least a decade away. >> it's complicated. it's not going to be easy, but we're starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. >> reporter: so for now get your regular flu shot to protect yourself and everyone around
3:59 am
you. while we wait for something even better. just to reiterate that point, even though the flu shot isn't perfect, you should still get it. it saves millions of people from getting the flu every year. it saves lives. it could save your life or your child's life. >> absolutely. universal flu shot. >> it would be a cool thing. >> thank you. all right. president trump has just arrived back in the united states after his surprise trip to afghanistan. and "new day" continues right now. okay. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. this is "new day." john berman is off this morning. john avalon is here. >> good morning. >> we're looking at a live shot. president trump has just arrived back in florida after making this surprise trip to visit the troops in afghanistan for thanksgiving. there's the plane right there on the tarmac. it has just landed in west palm
4:00 am
beach airport. the president says he is reopening peace talks with the taliban which you'll remember he broke off less than three months ago. >> president trump served thanksgiving meals to the traps when he was in afghanistan and made the trip despite unprecedented tensions with senior military officers over his decision to intervene in war crimes cases. kristen holmes is live in west palm beach. >> reporter: a lot to break down around this trip, but we'll start with this announcement they're going to reopen these negotiations with the taliban. essentially president trump abruptly ending them as alisyn said, roughly three months ago citing an attack in kabul that left an american soldier dead. now the taliban wants to come back to the table, he said. >> the taliban wants to make a deal and we're meeting with them. we're going to stay until such time as we have a deal or w


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