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tv   CNN Newsroom With Victor Blackwell and Christi Paul  CNN  November 30, 2019 7:00am-8:00am PST

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pair with retinol oil for 2x the wrinkle fighting power. neutrogena® good morning. saturday, november 30th. tomorrow, the 1st. i'm christi paul. glad to have you here. >> i'm martin savidge. you are in the cnn newsroom. video that you have to see in order to believe. bystanders tackling the london bridge terrorist with a fire extinguisheren and a whale tusk. plus, new details about the terrorist and his plot to blow up the london stock exchange. and the impeachment inquiry moous to a new phase. the president facing a deadline on whether he wants to lawyer to represent him in these hearings.
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the democrats are trying to convince a skeptical public that the president deserves to lose his job. also ahead, because surviving dinner, thanksgiving at least, wasn't hard enough, the weather threatening to tospl travel home for tens of thousands across the country. we begin with the latest developments out of london. the scene of a deadly terror attack. >> this is the moment a group of london residents confronted the man suspected of carrying out the attacks. do you see the one man there? remember the suspect is armed with a knife, but these others, they grabbed whatever they could. one man used a fire extingui extinguisher, but do you see the other man with the nar wall tusk there. >> at times, it may have seemed comical, but it was a life and death struggle that was playing out before the yois of not on londoners, but many tourists. >> the suspect did have links
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now to a radical islamist group that's banned in britain. phil black, talk to us about the new information you're learning regarding the suspect's background? >> christie and martin, good morning. what we understand is that the suspect was a quibted terrorist. someone who back in 2012 had been b convicted of terror offenses, planning, financing, supporting terrorism. someone who wanted to establish a terror training camp overseas who was released on license as they describe here. essentially a form of probation. he was still being tracked and monitored with an electronic tag, but that was not enough to stop him from carrying out that attack. through his actions, killing two people, hurting three others, he has created a lot of headlines, obviously, but there's a great deal of interest in the members of the public who acted very quickly and decisively to stop him seemingly without any great concern for their own safety.
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and as you touched on some of those people who were incredibly quick thinking, improvising with whatever they had, one person used a fire extinguisher, blasting the attacker in the face with that, while another took from a whale, a tusk. the long single tusk of a small arctic whale and used that to drive him, to force him up against a wall where other bystanders were then able to rush in again with little regard for their own safety and together, they worked to disarm him and pin him down. and then it was some minutes later that armed police finally arrived. and the it was at that time that the police noticed he was wearing something that resembled and explosive vest. at that point, they took the decision to neutralize him as a threat and he was shot dead so tremendous regard for those members of the public who rush ed in. the prime minister visited the crime scene earlier today. this is what he said.
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>> the scene in four minutes, the assailant was tackled within five minutes. quite incredible response by police. also want to pay tribute again. the whole country is, to the sheer bravery of those members of the public who went to deal with him spontaneously, putting their own lives at risk. >> so, a statement from the queen as well. give iing her enduring thanks t police, emergency services and again, those members of the public who risked their own lives to save, to help protect others. tremendous regard for those people here today and the commissioner of the metropolitian police put it very well when she visited the scene here earlier. she said that yesterday, we saw on that bridge behind me the worst of human kind, but also the best of human spirit. back to you.
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>> yep. expressed extremely well. thank you very much. >> thank you, phil. tom gray is a lond tour guide. he was on lond bridge as this whole thing was happening. here's how he describes it. >> me and my colleague, stevie were driving northbound on the bridge and we sort of came up behind a double decker bus and we noticed several people sort of jumping from the left side of the bridge sort of out to the right. and sort of just bent our heads around and saw there was one chap running away from five guys, a fire extinguisher. we just thought what to do and just kind of ran towards it. left the cars where they were and then tried to do our to apprehend the suspect. so when we got there, he was wielding two knives. one duct taped to his hand. so all i could do after the guys held him down was sort of pinning him to the ground.
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just stamped on his wrist to release the knife as it were. get the knife away, went to the northbound london bridge and then after that, the police got there almost instantaneously and yeah, at that point, we were told he had a bomb vest on so we kind of cleared house and got out the way. . congress is returning from thanksgiving break this week. impeeachment hearings will resue in the house. the judiciary committee is holding the first of several scheduled for this month. the first on wednesday. >> these hearings may be the democrats last chance to boost support for impeachment. a vote could happen before christmas. >> the trump administration does have permission, they've been invited in fact, to participate in these hearings. we don't know if they'll accept that offer. >> alex reports on the two
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deadlines that are now facing the white house. >> house judiciary committee chairman jerry nadler telling president trump in a letter he has now until next friday to determine whether or not he'll participate in the next round of impeachment proceedings. that's in addition to a sunday deadline the white house was given to say if it will take part in the first hearing set for next wednesday. stephanie grisham first responded saying nadler's offer is being reviewed, but the president has done nothing wrong and the democrats know it. >> when you complain and complain then have an opportunity to put your story to the american public and don't want to do it and you don't want to be subject to cross-examination yourself, it e shows you don't have a very good story and defense. >> this coming week, the house intelligence committee is expected to submit its report detailing the findings of its eight week long investigation which included historic public witness testimony with current and former officials with roles
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related to the ukraine scandals. >> i think there's a mountain range of evidence that has come to light through public testimony, through the private depositions that i've had an opportunity to listen to. >> nadler will use the intelligence committee's report as a guide to help write the articles of impeachment on those ukraine related charges. the allegation being the president traded a white house meeting for aid in change for dirt on the bidens. democrats are also considering additional articles, including obstruction of justice based on the mueller probe. this as most republicans continue to bash the process and stand by the president. >> this will be the first partisan impeachment in the history of our country. i think chairman schiff and speaker pelosi knew from the beginning how they would vote and what they were going to try to prove. >> amid all of this, ukrainian officials are trying to improve the tattered relations with the white house. sources telling cnn that ukraine
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still could announce new investigations. ukraine of course got that security aid money in the end, but they are still very reliant on the u.s. for political and financial support as they fight russia. they're very much in need of the trump administration's help going forward, cnn, washington. >> next up, joe biden revs up the bus. what the next eight days will tell us about his chances in iowa. >> and there's a search going on now for three children who are believed to have been swept away by flash flooding in anthonrizo. >> plus, a storm bringing rain and snow is threatening the weekend rush and it's doing that from coast to coast. (people talking) for every dollar you spend at a small business, an average of 67 cents stays local. today is small business saturday by american express. shop small and watch it add up. ♪ spread a little love today ♪ spread a little love my-y way ♪
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for every dollar you spend at a small business, an average of 67 cents stays local. today is small business saturday by american express. shop small and watch it add up. a a massive search is underway for three children in arizona there was a torrential rainstorm last night. police say two adults and seven children were in the vehicle when driver attempted to cross a creek. the water was too swift, too high and the car was swept away. >> four children and one adult were able to get out of the vehicle. they were stranded on an island in the middle of the creek until a helicopter was able to get to them. officials haven't released the names or ages of the three children still missing though. this weekend, are you one of the millions in the path of the storm that's sweeping? from the west coast to the east
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coast? snow and rain and we know what that's going to do to this weekend's rush home for those of you who went home for the holiday and now need to get back. >> it's perfect ingredients for nightmare travel. iv ivan, what can people expect? >> i think it's going to be hard for you not to be one of the millions in the path of the storm because it's not only going to be a snow event, but we're talking severe weather down to the gulf coast. we'll get out of the way as you can see the crews getting to open up again. arizona's snow bowl. boy, did they have incredible amounts of snow. gorgeous day for skiing. 14 right now. 7 degree windchill, but the winds have subsided. the storm has moved out so we're good in the four corners, but now it's cranking up in the midwest. combine the snow with wind. we've got blizzard warnings out. the storm so powerful we're talk
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ing about dry conditions further south, but still looking at 60 mile an hour wind gusts even though we'll have sunshine out this afternoon. further north where we have the precipitation. it's going to be falling in the form of snowfall and it's going to come down heavily. 12 to 18 inches likely here across portions of minnesota and wisconsin as well. but notice a sharp cut off. so further south, not snow, but rain and even severe weather this afternoon across the gulf coast so we'll watch that. but i want to fast forward to sunday because that's when a lot of you are going to try to head home across the northeast and mid-atlantic and what do we have? a wintry mix. we're going to have icing, the potential even for a quarter or plus of ice caking on the roadways and powerlines and on top of that, we have wind, snow, power outages. they're going to be widespread and the airports are going to be a mess from the northeast into the south. in anticipation of that, the airlines are already issuing
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waivers for patsz gjeres traveling on sunday u and monday because they're likely not going to get much further than where you are probably right now. cross your fingers. heading west, looking good. guys? >> we'll do our best. thank you very much. >> you bet. joe biden is no longer the iowa front-runner. so consider this. the campaign's way to try to recapture momentum. >> and biden kicks off an eight day, 18 county bus tour. his campaign officials say the tour will give voters a close up view of the candidate. >> also branding the trip as the no malarky tour and for those unfamiliar, malarky is a classic bidenism meaning insincere or foolish talk. >> mayor buttigieg gaining traction in polls nationally and
7:17 am
in polls in iowa and new hampshire. in fact in the latest cnn poll, he broke double digits with 11%, fourth behind joe biden, bernie sanders and warren. >> while he's broken into the top tier, he still faces challenges fighting support with a key constituency, african-americans, some comments why they don't see him as a viable democratic nominee for president. for example, he said being gay helps him relate to experiences of african-americans. critics call ed it nay eve at best. buttigieg supporter and austin mayer steve adler told me those comments were misunderstood. >> he recognizes the systemic inequities that are involved in the racial issue. i think what he was saying and the way he described what he said was to recognize that he has seen the benefit of having allies, of having people from all walks of life join together
7:18 am
to lift those that are margin marginaliz marginalized. >> meanwhile, a new ad from a superpac highlights the resume crossover between two candidates and raises big questions about why one is at the front of the 2020 pack and the other isn't. >> united we win, that's cory booker. if you haven't seen it, here's the new ad. >> he's a road psychological r lar. a successful mayor. a uniter. no. not that guy. it's cory booker. he doesn't just talk. he brings people together to make things happen. this mayor has what it takes to beat donald trump. >> that's part of a $1 million last ditch plan to help him qualify for next month's democratic debate. he was asked about the ad yesterday on cnn and said he's not really comfortable attacking his rivals. take a look. >> that attack ad make you uncomfortable going after buttigieg like that? >> again, i only saw the clip you did.
7:19 am
i don't know if it was done tongue and cheek or funny. i have a philosophy, which is i will do nothing to tear down the character of anybody in this race. >> meanwhile in news from overseas, a major announcement from iraq's prime minister has violent protests continue to claim lives. the embattled leader says change is coming. also, an outlandish accusation and threat gets omar kicked off twitter permanently. they changed how the world fights cancer. blocking the pd-l1 protein, lets the immune system attack, attack, attack cancer. pd-l1 transformed, revolutionized, immunotherapy. pd-l1 saved my life. saved my life. saved my life. what we do here at dana-faber, changes lives everywhere. everywhere. everywhere. everywhere. everywhere.
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[ dramatic music ]ing ] ahhhh! -ahhhh! elliott. you came back!
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the prime minister of iraq says he's resigns of nearly two months of protests. people have been killed and injured since these demonstrations began in april. news sparked celebrations yesterday as well as some questions really about what's next for the country and its relationship with the u.s. and iran. >> so let's discuss that with cnn national security analyst, samantha. she also served on former president obama's national security counsel in several roles including in iraq and we know you've served in iraq, sam,
7:24 am
so let me ask you this first. what do you think the impact is going to be of the resignation? >> well, the impact is going to be short lived at best. the resignation is likely not going to placate protester's demands. he's become the focus of eyre based upon what's viewed as rampant corruption within the iraqi government as well as iranian influence. he's been long backed by iran and in close communication with iran, but while this may be a short-term victory for p protestors for f his resignation goes through tomorrow, it is not going to address the underlying factors that have led to the protests which are corruption in the government more broadly and iranian influence. addressing those demands is going to require a complete overhaul of the system currently governing iraqi politics and the commitment by apoliticians to govern without interference from
7:25 am
iran and to take a deep, hard look at how iraq's revenues and economy are being distributed. >> how likely is it that any of those modifications are implemented and if not, do we know how long these protestors are willing to keep going? >> i think that iraq's history and the history of the middle east has shown that these protests will likely keep going for a long period of time. keep in mind, this is just one set of protests. there were others in lebanon, which led to the ouster of the prime minister. there are protests in iran as well and in iraq, i think these protests will continue. it is highly unlikely that the strategic changes that are needed are going to take place anytime soon. for one, iran is not going to give up iraq easily. we've seen iran really buckle down in other theatres. countries where it has an influence. it does not want to lose territory or impact in another county and in overhaul, the
7:26 am
government's system, i know this from having work ed in iraq man years ago, but in overhaul, the government's system will take a lot of time and the current president has introduced a bill to try to reform some of the political system in iraq but that's just a drop in the bucket and i think it is unlikely that we'll see the strategic changes anytime soon. >> we want to pivot here to north korea because we know that this week, north korea fired off more missiles. kim jong-un said he would give the trump administration to the end of the year to change its negotiating strategy so are we headed for a crisis now on the korean peninsula? >> i think unfortunately we're already in crisis mode. this deadline, let's keep in mind what it is. this is a deadline that kim has set for the united states agr agreeing to lift all sanctions on north korea. we have not been talking to the north koreans. we have not been talking about what north korea is prepared to do so the end of the year, if we have not agreed to kim's
7:27 am
demands, kim is trying to extort us, what we are loick ikely goi see is an increase in activity on a number of fronts. he's had a significant amount of time to increase his capabilities, whether it's his rocket lawner, missile, intercontinental missiles and other capabilities. at the same time, kim has been advancing his cyber capabilities and kek cal and biological weapons. so if what we're seeing now is kim restrain ed, we should expet to see lot of activity if kim takes off the training wheels starting january 1st. >> samantha, always appreciate you. thank you. still to come, why the republican challenger to freshman democrat omar got a lifetime ban from twitter. our experts are discussing that. also, how to deal with politics at your holiday get togethers. in one week...
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31 minutes past the hour. the republican challenger, o r mar, has been banned from twitter. danielle stella suggested on twitter that omar be tried for treason and hanged. >> several posted a baseless smear about her that she passed sensitive information to iran. there is no evidence to support that claim. but that didn't stop stella from saying that omar should be put to death if the accusation could be confirmed. joining us to discuss this is democratic strategist and cnn political commentator, maria and former ted cruz communicator. alice, the minnesota congresswoman responded on twitter saying quote violent rhetoric inevitably leads to violent threats and acts, unquote.
7:33 am
violation of free speech? the right to give that to her opponent. >> she went too r far. this republican challenger, by making such a vaeiled threat against the congresswoman. certainly everyone's entitled to free speech, but it shouldn't rise to the level that this specific tweet did and i think twitter was right to speak out. at the same time, it's also important to, to criticize and condemn thes and the words that the congresswoman omar has said. look, she has been very vocal in her opposition and speaking out ill towards people of israel. anti-semitic statements, saying that jewish americans are all b about the benjamins. she's also been critical with regard to 9/11 saying that it was some people did something. look, she is not innocent herself in saying des parnispar- >> the threat of saying someone should die. >> exactly. this is why the house took action in condemning
7:34 am
anti-semitic and antiisrael and antimuslim statements and take ing action. all across the board, people need to be more mindful of the hateful rhetoric they use and the consequences of that. we can't let this go on the republican side or the democratic side. we certainly need to be more mindful and more r respectful of people that have different political persuasions. >> maria, i want to ask you b about house democrats because they're going to ramp up the investigation again this week. jerry nadler has invited president trump to give essentially to be part of this and the president has until next friday to determine whether his lawyers or he will participate in the hearings. do you think he should do so? >> i certainly think he should do so. but we know that he won't, christie, but time and time again, you know, the president says something, but he never follows u. and it's so interesting because the criticism from the president as well as from republicans has always been you know, democrats
7:35 am
process is unfair. democrats are not letting the president defend himself. democrats are not letting any of the witnesses that republicans want to come and testify. here, we have an opportunity for the president to come and make his case publicly to the american people groaned about. this is now his opportunity for him and his lawyers to come and defend himself and to offer any kind of exculpatory evidence in there is any. we know nthat's not going to happen because time and again, this president, the only thing he likes to do is to rev up his base by saying that democrats process is unfair by insult iin the democrats themselves then when push comes to shove and the opportunity really comes to light for him to come and defend himself with truth and evidence and facts, he is not able to do so. so i don't expect him to.
7:36 am
he shou he should, but i doubt he will. >> wanted to bring up the subject of how u you were able to deal with politics at the dinner table. this is something every american family in some way had to make some kind of adjustment. alice, i believe you just finished teaching a course at harvard university on civility in american politics. i'm wondering how did you deal with this in your own home? was it a problem that you have to deal with? >> sometimes, you just agree to disagree and i come from the mind set of i'm not really concerned what you're true north is. just that you have one. and let's have the conversation from there. but when you look at, you boil it down, whether you're in a university setting or you're at your family dinner table, you have to recognize some people just don't want to talk about it. my family is virtually 99% conservative. we do have a few holdouts. out of the respect for them and
7:37 am
the fact they don't want to talk about it, we don't talk about it. we agree we have a lot of turkey and dressing on the table, but politics is off the table. we have pitched around the table of having a politics free zone and if you want to not talk about politics, we set up a as you call a smoking section in the airport if you want to not talk about politics, you are, you're banned to the basement bathroom and that's our politics free zone in our home. >> i don't know if i can see you being quiet about this. with the family. >> that's right. but here's i think i completely agree with what alex said, but here's i think the profb the trump era. in many thanksgivings past, i have had many robust and passionate conversations with conservatives, republicans, when other republican presidents have been at the white house and even under democrat presidents because we were always able to focus on the policies and have
7:38 am
discussions about the merits of each policy and what we reach believe would be best for the country. here's the problem with what's going on now. this is not about policy. this has become personal and when trump was elected to the white house, he opened up even a bigger divide within the american voting public because he is the one who generously gives to that divide every single time he opens up his mouth and every single time he tweets. because he makes it personal. so you know, alice, i understand that you have conservatives in your family and i'm sure i would be able to have a political, a decent, civil political conversation with people in your family. but where the problem becomes is when i have conversations and i try not to have them with ardent, unapologetic trump supporters who no matter what this man does and says, they are coming to his aid saying that he is right. time and again.
7:39 am
alice is not one of those people because she actually calls him out when ever he does indecent, inhumane, ridiculous, stupid things, but for the people who are unapologetically going to support him no matter what he does, which are so many republicans in congress right now, it is very difficult to have a civil conversation, so it is better to not have them. >> let me say, maria is invited to my house for thanksgiving dinner anytime. we'd love to have you. >> wait a minute, i want to be there. >> and christie in atlanta, martin, y'all are welcome to come for christmas. >> send the invitation here to atlanta, ladies. thanks so much. always good to have you. happy holidays. >> you, too. >> when we come back, caught on camerament. the chicago police officer's actions under investigation as video of a violent arrest surfaces. >> what the [ bleep ]? oh!
7:40 am
>> we'll talk about that, but first in this week's mission ahead, linkedin has found a unique way to fight against climate change by using eco freiend ly concrete to help construct its buildings. >> this is a site of linkedin's new headquarters in mountain view, california, and this concrete is helping the tech company reduce its carbon footprifoo footpri footprint. >> there is no material that will do the same thing as this. >> it is the second most consumed substance on the planet after water. >> concrete is a mixture of rocks, sand water and most importantly, cement to bind it all together. but one pound of cement releases one pound of co 2 emissions. a company called carbon cure has developed technology to reduce concrete's carbon footprint by using co 2 in the mixing process. >> this is kind of the brains. >> after capturing co 2 off site, it's brought to companies like thomas concrete, the car
7:41 am
dock side is directly injected into the concrete as it's mixed b, which makes it stronger. when it harden, those otherwise harmful emissions are sequestered forever. >> ultimate ly, if this technology was deployed across the globe, we could reduce about 700 megatons of co 2 every year. that's the same as taking 150 million cars off the road. >> but those lofty goals are still far from reality. today, carbon cure says about 200 plants across the u.s. use its technology. that's a fraction of the 5500 concrete plants. but back in california, linkedin ses build wg this concrete will prevent 240,000 pounds of co 2 emissions. just one of the many innovations the tech company is using to meet its sustainability goals. >> i'm at the point now where anytime i see concrete being made i see it as a missed opportunity to save co 2 emissions. i'm finding it hard to stay on top of things
7:42 am
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45 minutes past the hour. a chicago police officer has been stripped of his gun and badge after being caught op video slamming a man on to the sidewalk during an arrest. now that officer is on desk duty at the chicago police department. >> ryan young has a look t the shocking video. >> an arrest in chicago is under investigation after caught on video by a passer by on cell phone. in fact, take a look at this video that lasts less than a minute and in it, you can see what's so troubling. we have to warn you, some of it is kind of graphic. >> oh, what the [ bleep ]? oh. what the [ bleep ] blp that just did to this boy. >> oh. oh. >> look what the [ bleep ] they just do to this [ bleep ] boy, bro? slammed his head on the [ bleep ] floor.
7:47 am
>> he picking his phone up. make him put the man phone down. >> nothing. >> i'm going to go around traffic for real. >> he just slammed this boy on the [ bleep ] floor. hit his [ bleep ] head on the concrete, bro. >> now the police department has seen this video as well and they say this incident is under investigation as the actions of the video are concerning. the specifics of what transpired prior to officers executing an emergency takedown. if wrong doing is discovered, aurss already held accountable. what we've learned so far from police department is according to that officer when he went to try to make an arrest of the man who was apparently drinking there at the bus stop, he became combative and during that arrest, he lickeded his face and apparently spit in his face. at that point, he did that emergency takedown then you see
7:48 am
him sort of lying on the ground. we've been told the man has been release fd from the hospital. he hasn't been charged yet, but charges could be pend iing. the mayor says there will be a thor reinvestigation into what happened. also something you should note is that most police officers in chicago wear body cameras so as investigators are going through this, we might be able to see what transpired before people pass aing by in a car were able to shoot this video, but this video circulating on the internet has applied pressure to the police department. ryan young, cnn, chicago. zpl thank you, ryan. a u.s. customs officer is facing a murder charge after police found his wife shot to death at the front door of their home on thanksgiving. police tell ktrk that the couple along with their two young sons were inside celebrating thanksgiving with family. dudley bernard shot his wife, 42-year-old chantelle bernard, multiple times. both work for cvp.
7:49 am
bernard gave himself up without a fight. he's being held on a 200,000 bond. still to come, nearly 200 troops in wisconsin, they're back home for the holidays and there wasn't a dry eye in the house. we've got the homecoming for you. (man sneezes) what's the time? device: a dime is ten cents. severe cold or flu? take control with theraflu. powerful, soothing relief to defeat your worst cold and flu symptoms fast. device: (sneezes) theraflu. the power is in your hands.
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more possible wildfires this season and thousands of people in california are still trying to recover from last year's historic deadly fire. and like many of us, one of this year's top ten cnn heroes saw news of the fire and he wanted to do something and he was really inspired to help. take a look. >> as news of the fires broke and we saw what happened to people and the fire and how many people were impacted, that's when it really hit home that wow, this is a really big deal. >> tens of thousands lost their homes. entire families were sleeping in their cars in parking lots. it was total chaos. today, the majority are still displaced. when we actually hand over the
7:52 am
title and the keys of an rv to someone who doesn't have a home, such a powerful thing to provide such a basic human need. how can we not help if we're in a position to help? >> he's donated more than 65 rvs to people who lost their homes to the fire. go to to vote for him or any of your favorite top cnn heroes. and thank you for doing so. when we were looking for a roommate, he wanted someone super quiet. yeah, and he wanted someone to help out with chores. so, we got jean-pierre. but one thing we could both agree on was getting geico
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7:55 am
the demonstrations are happening just days before a united nations climate conference begins in madrid on monday. >> from the u.s. to france to india, protestors are calling on world leaders to step up their efforts against carbon gas emissions and some protestors n entered stores, blocked shopping malls, they were chanting with their signs. >> in washington, actress jane fonda led another protest as part of the series she has called fire drill fridays. 38 people were arrested during those demonstrations. we'll tell you about six people in a van who were rescued yesterday after driving down a flooded road. this happened in san diego on a popular road that left a nearby mall, which was closed due to rising water levels. >> police say the car was driven by a ride share driver who picked up the group from the
7:56 am
mall. they were visiting from outside the country. and finally, 190 soldiers from wisconsin, they got to come home yesterday after being away for nearly a year. >> i'm so happy. my heart is just overfilled. i need nothing for christmas. i have my christmas present. >> oh, look at this. this was the first deployment to afghanistan for the red arrow soldiers of the second bah tall on, 147th infantry. the families say at times, they had no idea where they were or what r they were doing, but the unit commander thanked the families there for staying strong and we thank you. we thank you for your service, we thank your families because we know you serve, too. >> we do. >> go make some good memories today. >> have a great day. for every dollar you spend at a small business, an average of 67 cents stays local. today is small business saturday by american express. shop small and watch it add up.
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hello, everyone, thank you so much for joining me. we begin this hour with new developments in the london terror attack and the heroic acts of bystanders who likely prevented further carnage. this is video of the surreal moment brave witnesses confronted the armed suspect who had already b stabbed two people to death. one man is spraying the suspect. did you see there with the fire extinguisher. another is warmed with a narwal tusk. a popular market. you're hearing the voices there. at first, they thought this was a joke until they realized this was a real deal. moments after tackle iing the moment and shot the suspect to death. meanwhile, we're learning more about that suspect. 28-year-old


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